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    Tho MAMMOTH STOCK of SPRING GOODS Juot Rocolvcd ot Sholly & Vanduyn's Must Ccnvlnco Anyone That They oro tho Leading Dealers (n Pcft Co.
Ums.SoiiiUu ago Mr. Btack,
. ot Monmouth, kt two lions ho by
drowning. Thto wk th turn of on
( huiidrmi and Ally dollars u mM
and olfcretl him, but h rwfUKSj to
MMtt f It, isvyliif hit hurt wre
worth mora than tb um oAwvd.' Intitits.-Iu Hot III
column will be found the program of
tu rVtiwra' Institute to b hM m In
dviwrnltmcn, March lsth mt 14th. Hit
Mtvtloo of topkw ami the iimiim of tho
pri-son who wo to pnmut them I a
f urnte of au lutermttiig stswkin.
Mtmm Usu.-Tho Polk County
lml eomoany h HireliiwiM) U OulT
jUMjwrtjf on eonwr of lUllrvwit ami L)
tnvU, r half a blw of laud HfuH
ttMstrwet. It to wll known tlwt um
motor lliw railway will nwd dVpo
facilltka, and what mora ustursJ than
that thl should bo what tlM bind to to
Stanusy's Uook. Mr.T. H. BcudoVr
of thto city hM rwlvd Um agmy Ibr
the nw bonk Just uubltolwd. Tho
plumtkm ami ttlwutarv of Hwiry M
fctUnley In Afrk. Thto to a bunk of
ovr tight bumlrvtl page ami two hun
dred engravings, to bound In cloth and
gold, and sell far iW a copy. With
It to a life slw engraving of II. M. Stan-
Iry, Ui90 Inches In site on lirvy puper
ulUble Ibr framing. Mr, 8cuddr will
mil on tho rwsMonU of thto vlnlnlty
aollcltlng onWrs, nud run also be found
at hto home In North Itufependeum.
Rkturnko IIuMK.-On Wednesday
Ut Mr. Jhm Sharp, a former typo In
tho Wwr 8ll ufflee, who hat two
aiok for lh part alx wwks at th rt
tWuce of the publtolier of thto paper
wm utflrieotljr recovered to that ht
father could take htm to hto home In
Vancouver. Mr. Bharp wtohw to thank
Ut many people who have been ao
kind tojaurn during hto lllnss, and
nwunrs them that they ahall bt held lu
grateful reuiemberance.
Vv Bi'iusiac Ijut week A. B. At
kins bought 108 acre of farming land
north of town two uillxa, paying l-W an
acre, It to known aa the Pag place.
The Polk County Land company bought
two KU on the corner, near the uVpot,
fur ftWu. Other an lee have been matte
but the oVetto are not yet pawed. In
every Instance salea have been made at
an advnnoe lu prkva over taut year. In
one Instance two young hulk' pur
chased each a town lot paying 1 100
aplere aud sold them thto week for H20
or t-10 each, an advauce aluce but
December over 100 per cent. Thl to a
good allowing.
Plkaoamt Pakty The party given
In honor of Mtoa F.mnia Itall, of Ohio,
at the rwMenoeof Ml Alice William
ou Tueeday nlKht, waa the tuccve of
the aeaiton. During the eveulng gamea
and anmiicinent were In order, In
which the gwat partook with delight j
aud pleasure. At the hewr of 10 JO the ,
panica ayMirneo w me uining mom i
wnere a iyxui waa ptrvw iu wuii-n an
took a prominent part. The following
were noted among the guiwui: MImc
Anole 8Ucktou, Marth Hill. Ota
Itobcrtmn, Nellie Hill, Alia ItolierUon,
May (Jrcen, Ella Khupp Minnie Hhupp,
Ada Juditon, May Hhupp, Kiuma Ball,
Fred I)uty and wife, Memra. Haa ley,
Creany, Drnmreat, Whlteaker, Ken
nedy, Tuck, Craven, Pattenon, Hlb
bard and Ovlwlck.
Hc iiooi. Mkcti.vo. On but Monday
the voter of the two diKtricta, No. 29
and 38, met and elected their roo
tive director and clerk. L. W. Itobt-rt-anu
being elected director In tbto part
of town aud N. O. Cloilfvlter In North
Indepenilcnce while M. L. White wa
el.i-tHl clerk In; re and A. NeUon
i:i North Indcpendeuve. The meet
ing were largely attended on account
of tho proponed coiMolldatlon of the
two dUtricta Into one. At a prevkwa
meeting In January it wm decided to
unite aud thl meeting waa expected to
agaia deckle It, The dlncumlon were
animated and after much talk It waa
agreed that a union of the dtotrlvta
abould be made and a achool houae
built at aome point north of Citreet.
On Tueaday evening a meeting waa
held In North Independence and by a
Urge vote It wu decided to unite pro
vided the achnol houae lie located north
of C atreet. On Wednesday tvenlng
at a meeting here a five mill tax waa
almoxt unanimouwly voted, and di
rector Inntruetcd to confer with direc
tor In North Independence and aelect
a aite for a new achool houw large
enough to accommodate all the vhnoI
children and a achnol houM of which
we may feel proud. Tbia to the feeling
of the great majority of our citizen,
and will be a benefit to our town in all
time to come.
How Pgoplk Talk! The confidence
ahown by the people of Independence
over the future to one of the best indi
cation of what the future will really
be. Public confidence I now at a high
ebb. The Improvement contemplated
here are uch Unit within a few week
the result will be very apparent. You
aak a rcHldent why he fell n, aud be
will amwer that the location of Inde
pendence haalway been In it fuvor
That the truffle on the Willuinettte
river I Increiulng each year, that the
traffic over the Southern Pacific ha
Increased. That a better feeling extota
anionic tne leading Dusiiietw men to
ward building up the town. That the
purchase of a large body of land be
tween thl town and Monmouth meun
the completion of a motor line and the
unity of the town. That a Hint-clan
ytem of water work and eletrlc
light l to be built and thl will be on
a scale large enough to tupply all the
towns between the two railroad. That
the increaie in the popoulation of the
town will demand many new build
ings, and theae will require labor and
hence the population will rapidly in
creoae the coming u turner, A popu
lation of three thousand will make a
olid town from Monmouth to the
river. The plan being laid for future
development will give employment to
a large number of men, and employ
ment of labor I what make prosperity.
The school ccnu show thi town to
have Increased over one-fifth lnce hut
year an A alike increase for the next
two year iu Monmouth and Indepen
dence will bring the population to over
Haw mill)
Big sawmill!
rtoveral new fWrnllhw came Into town
hwt week,
An endives Una of hata at J. L.
"Knock Arden" at the opera houw
thto Friday evening.
8uhecrihe Ibr the Whit 8inn and be
happy tor 19 a year.
II. Hlravhhug returned Holiday from
a bualueat trip to Portlaud.
Itev. I Aye, of Monmouth, took
Tuesday' train fur Amity.
"HaMtKlrke"at Monmouth by John
cL Uiidaay, Haturday evening.
Mtoa Allot Macttulay leaNta Air Han
Franctaco to buy gooita, Monday.
Geo. l Kelly aud Wm. Nwnilth and
F. QuoiuU were In town Thurtday.
Itev, Wm. tlyde will preach at Zona
nest Habbath the 8th I ut at 11 a m.
W, V. Price and wife, of McMInn
vllleare vtoltlng Mr. IVterCuok In thto
Henkto, Waller and J. R. Cooper,
each point with pride to their new
Meu'a, boy and children' clothing
In all thelateat atyKat J. L. 8tm k.
F. Ooodall, the Naeby of Itlokerall,
waa In town Thureday, atoo Mr. J, W.
Mm. K. C. lVntland to vtoltlng In
Linn county at Hatoey where her
mother Uvea.
Mtoa Emma Itall from Ohio It a guent
of the tluwea Bhupp, having arrived on
but Monday.
Mr. L Lemon wanta to move to In
dependence from hto form, but cannot
Dud dwelling houae.
Mniara. Cooper Broa. have receh ed a
flue line of guna. The public to Invited
to rail and lnpeot.
Moawa. Preaoott A Venea have the
office for their eaw mill lu the up ulra
of the Cooper brick.
Five car loatto of wagna and buirglea
art due our mervhaut In a few daya.
Let everybody ride.
Mr. C. Memlnger, of Monmouth,
left on Tueaday to end a ftw month
with relative In Tacoiiia.
The old Kaleitt warehoua near the
depot ba been autd to the lUchardeon
brother, and haa been lorn dewn.
Ourefflcentjobikrinter, Mr. Wltoon,
haa turned out aomejob In color work
that excite very favorable comment.
A. N. Ilalleck, of Monmouth, who
ha been akk alnct htat Heptemlier waa
een on our atreeta for the Drat time
thla week.
Mr. IUty Cooper had a n of black
laat week, but old ou of them on Tuea
day to Mr. Ommena, of Port land, for
the euiu of 1400.
Meears. Mcltoulel and White art eon
(,n,,iat(ng placing a dyuamo In the
lchrwJ, fluuring mm w,a furaalaal
k ,ric u ,(t for tl)( ,owu
Meaara. Burn, Dal ton A Co. hevt
purchased the Iingtret and a!o the
Isirmlfe property paying the win of
twelve hundred dollar.
A certain young lady In Independence
waa presented on Tueaday with tlOtiO
In bank stock by her father. It wa her
birthday. O! la have a father like that I
Mr. K. J. Katea haa opened a litem
making shop oppoalte the opera bouse.
Ml Lota Fluke will awtot her. Hht
Invite her old friend to call aud art
If a law to made, It abould be enforced.
It to hinted that liquor to being fur
nUhedto oue person In Independence,
when It to a penitentiary offence for
doing to.
Ml Otne McDanlel, of Oakvllle,
Linn county, to visiting friend at Mon
mouth and Haturday will go to McCoy
to visit ber sister Bertha, who to teach
ing near there.
Mr. Maggie N. Howell died at Dalla
Ui laat Saturday. Deceaned wa the
wife of T. 11. Ilowatl and sister of Mr.
C. O., F. O. and Mtoa Ihtti Coad, of
Dallas, and Mr. J. B. Btump, of Mon
mouth. On Friday evening at the opera house
the Dindsay Dramatic company will
give a farewell perforniauoe and Mr.
Lindsay will appear as Knoch Arden
In that Interesting play ,
Burn, Del on k Co. have traded
their old hack and horse off and will
come out next week with a bran new
horse and delivery wagon and will de
liver good In thl town and Mon
mouth free of charge.
Burn, DAlton A Co., the grocer,
have Just received the shipping receipt
for fiOO of those gilt framed oil paintings,
22 x SO, which tbey give to each cus
tomer buying flK.OO worth of good.
These picture retail at flO.OOeach.
Half dollar dated 1808, 1H12, 1814,
1817, 1819, 18i(), 1824, 1827, 1828, I82U,
1830 and Wa have premium offered
for them. The price range from one
dollar to one dollar and fifty cent.
The one dated 1830 1 worth Ave dollars,
Cooper, Patterson A Co. the real estate
agent, are h iving a very fine map
mudeof Independence, Monmouth and
all the addition lying between. It
will be about four feet wide and seven
or eight feet long. It will be the only
official map In town
r(toom! ta wllJ over the ftt0t that Quo
Francis Train, a noted "crank" i
going to make a tour of the world t irt
Ing and ending at Tacoraa. TheTacoma
Ledger pay the bill and will publish
the travel.
Mr. U. 8. Laugbary to doing a good
work in selling hi Excelsior gate since
he not only provide the farmer with
a convenient opening and closing gate,
but also It It an ornament to the farm.
The first class farmer want a first class
gate. "; , " ,
Baahlant of Spring valley are anxl"
ou for a bridge to Balcm. Dallas want
a court bouse. In either case (he people
pay the bill. If tho county court should
consider the matter from an economical
standpoint It would build the bridge
and let the court house go.
E. W. Starr a young gentleman from
Docantur, Illinois, wa a guest at the
home of M. Beamer this week. Mr,
Starr's father Is a very wealth wholesale
harness dealer and ha established a
branch store In Spokane Fall, and Is
looking at other point In the West.
The whooping rough I In thl pises.
Mr, Logan and family have moved to
Mr, Baldwin who baa been tick to
Mis Mary Mhrtvea very sick with
typhoid fcver.
Mia Joey MeDuvItt, of Dull, to
vtoltlng friend her,
Tht toliool here gave a very pleasing
entertainment tost Friday evening,
Mr. Miranda Frankliu.uf Lewlsvllle,
waa visiting friend at thto place last
Sunday. , .
The scholar of thto sclustl pnwenled
their teacher with a Uwutlful watch
charm last week.
Mtoa Ma Nlchnll, of Houeer, whs In
Hatcl Dell ou Monday Inst,
Mtoa F.lla Pewit, of (unper Hollow,
to topilng at Mr. Hardens.
Mr. Martin, of near Dalla, attended
tht achool meeting lu Ilaavl Dell to
day. Johu Teal and Mr. Juuea, of Oak-
dale, art busily engaged making shake
thto week.
Our wirveyor Frank Duller uf Oak-
hunt, made the aurvey of the new
town amiih of Fall City thto week.
Ocntley spring I approaching, the
political pot Is beginning to boll. Home
of our worthy politician will no doubt
up Halt river go,
Our achool meeting panacd off very
quietly. It. titoae and KI1J Martin are
director. Mr. tlreen waa elected clerk
of dtotrlot No M.
The talk to of mllnswl from Inikpeu-
dene to Falls City. In mum w get the
road your city of Independence will be
greatly heurllted by It, ao let It come.
A few more vote Independence will lie
gainer, Jut what the writer uf ttum
Item desire.
W. K. Itollou and family were vUit
lug In our suburb Sunday.
Jasper Bagley wa elected director
and J. O. rttaats dtotrlot clerk at the
annual achool meeting Monday,
A new school district ha bceti orgsn-
toed Just west of us In Ileutuu county.
Mrs, It L. William has leen engagt?d
aa teacher.
T. B. Wllllauw to circulating a
petition with the object of opculng a
public naul from thto place througli to
King valley.
Mr. W. C. Hwann to didug cxivKent
work In our school. Out of au eumll-
nient of twenty scholar leu were
neither absent nor lardy during the last
John C. Iwl haa sold hto farm to
an emigrant and will axon move bit
family to Yaqulua bay. We are sorry to
Its John a h to one of our old stand
bys. May wealth, health and h)
nea attend him.
Another entertainment to on the
tapis to be gived by the Cleatheau
aociety on Saturday March 15th, From
the number of actor who will take
part wt are led to say that It will far
excel! all former occasion of the kind
that have ever taken placet here. I-ct
every Issly turn out ami what they
shall . Admission 23 cents, chil
dren 10 cents.
One of our young boxer ba a varl
gated rye ou Recount of ton much slugging-
Cliff say Its a mistake about hi bust
girl going buck ou him, aa he never
bad any,
The new Move for the school house
ha been purchased and will stsxi be
placed In position.
The athletes entertainment at Inde
pendence was well attended by the
youpg folk of this place.
Miss Cora I.uey, of Albany, who ha
been visiting friend here for the last
week left for her homo Monday.
At the school meeting Monday Jay
Powell and C. E. Huff were elected
directors, and M F. lVrclval re-elected
C. A. Bull Attended the teachers In
state at Dixie, and Mlxm Whlteaker
and Brldwoll vUlted the Normal last
Hugh Mulkcy's children are taking
music lessons of Prof. H. P. Powell, (he
Toulo Hoi- Fa system teacher of Mon
mouth. Itev. Hhupp preached a very Interest
ing sermon here Huudny. His next
crmon will lie the annual missionary
Mis Nan tile Sluipp,"f Independence,
has Iweti engaged to tench the sclio il
thl spring and will commence next
W. K. Bridwull, ns the farm of Hull,
Brldwell A Co., BullHton Or., and Miss
Drusillle Ikiwmnn were vlaltlng friends
and relative hero Saturday and Sunday.
The Sunday school will be held nt
ten o'clock hereafter, Instead of two
except when servlctM are held In the
afternoon, then school wilt he held at
two a usuul.
Wm. Fuqua has lost his "lngrlppc" for
the second time,
School opens at this place the first
Monday In April.
Billy Veaux went to Katem Monday
to pay tuxes on property.
Helmlck Brn, have all spare labor
engaged In helping thorn ship grain
this week.
3. D. Wood, our enterprising school
master, has departed for hto home uetr
The Hootch company has soul the
Newt Davidson farm to Oco, Scott
who has taken pOHsessloii.
The formers of this section are slili-
plug their egg to Portland as the mer
chants do not pay satlsfuctory prices.
Farmer report that their crops were
not extensively ligured by the lute fnwt,
but O. C. Bolter will have alinut 26
acre to re-sow.
Wt are expecting Eastern capital to
toon build an electric motor line from
thl place to llueua Vista, aa staging I
too common place,
Miss Alltei (Irouiid, of thl place, and
Mlaa Aiiitl Hall, of Ihiena Vista, were
coniimnkiu on a visit to the future
county (stvt, (Namely IndeK,iidnr),
Wa cannot stretch the snb-nisrinc
telegraph cable acMa tht I.ucklaniutc,
owing to tht water being ao high, so
we will have to leave the new front
Syver out for another wr'tlng.
School meeting osned Moinlny
promptly at to'cks'k with Wm, Fuqua
In the chair. D. M, Culhreulh wa re
elected clerk aud Wm. Fuqua wu also
elected director for hi second term.
A great deal ol Interest to taken In
tht W kkt Mum at thl place aud many i
fnriner have hi come a great way to
get their weekly mull, and when the
Wiwt Sidk dissi not hapism to get here
on Friday they say they that th' fod
like tbey hud missed tliulr dinner, and
U la unnecessary to aay more: a the
editor will see tht point.
Mr, L. It. Fmxur to Improving In
Mr. (loo. Kelty visited at McMInn-
vlllo Sunday,
Charhei and Pink Frair started to
Oltllam county on Motulay.
Mr. Hamucl Holctmih has lately
moved to a farm lu Holme gap.
Aaliigtng circle which meet each
Huuduy evening ha Uvn organised,
oungand okl have lvn Invited to
attend. ,
A reading circle ha been lately
oi2.ku!Aod here for (he purissw of
literary culture. Such move are
oomimmdsbte. ,
A JovetiHi) debate wsi held here
Friday evening lu which It wa de
cided that Independence to the pror
placo fur the omiity public building,
Mr. ("ba llurges has lutely returned
from an exteudetl visit to the Sound
country jud nqsirta much buslucai
activity amouug the pooplo of that
Mis Nancy Chupumu, of Kilcin, has
been tngugiil to teach the Itydcrvllle
The Mlsac Minnie, Drvyman Rtid
Nellie Boise, of Salem, Mundayed with
frle litis here. -
lUv. Win. Clyde will preach here
next Hotnlsy at II o'chsk a.m. All
are Invited to attend,
We are Informed that coiisldernlile
w heat ha been fru-u out here, J, D.
Walling ha I'M all of hut.
Mr. and Mre.U. W. Cbtggi'tt, of H
letii, were visiting friends and ndatlvim
here the latter part of last wek.
The nftleo svkr grippe to the in t
dangoriHi of any other contagious ills-
ease of to-d.iy. I is like big head, then-s
no cure for It.
I loo, (I. Itluglmm, out uf Salein's
brlghtcwt knllit of lllackstono, s
here ou legal bulnw before Justice
Clark's court last Veduislay.
The cindlddtx gripis to iu vogue ouce
more, ami ones hand fairly ache after
one of their shakes, but many of tlieui
will get the Sail river ague ere long.
D. (1. Henry wa elected school di
rector and Jap Hkalfo wa elected clerk
last Monday. Otirchsd board now I
comssMH of W. A. Pike, (I, T. Walte,
D. (I. Henry and J. N. Skalfo, clerk.
tjuite a gathering of young folks
went to a neighbor house to have a
sttrprlso arty, but were surprised
lliem-telves by not Mug Invltixl iu the
house histThursd iy evening, hence no
John (1 Toner, of Lincoln, w.nlu
our oily lust Monday circulating a
petition requesting our lioiioralilv
county court to confer with tho county
court of Marlon county In regard h
replacing the old bridge, or the build
ing of a new one. Kverylsidy signed
the petition. It will be prtwntiHl to
our honorable c unity court this week.
Mr. Ueo. C. ('iH)pcr had the misfor
tune to lose a line Jersey cow last
Saturday by dmwuliig. Hho had gone
down tlie stitqi Isiuk uf a creek HI
supposed that she llpHi and fell Into
the at ream It being U-cy and sllpicry she
could not regain her fivt liemw she
drowned Mr. C. Islng n poor man
can't nffird to lose such a valuable
List of letter remaining lu this
offlro March , 181)0, If not called for
In 30 day they will lie sent to the dead
letter office. Person culling for these
letter will please say advertised:
Allen, Davl Bertrnn, Henry
Elliott, Hani Kdson, A J
(llllsirt, Frank Hardy, W1I
Kirk, Harry McAllister, Oco
McCrlstlan, Geo Murray, F
Thomas, J A Co Ttttum, Oco
Mcllatily, Mis Cruveii, Subrlnu
Swtiun, Molllu ZurchcX Huslo
M. A C. ItonwtTHoN, P. M.
IsnW'KNtiKNCK, Or., March 3, 18IH1,
John Wakensteluto M M Kills, 87
acii's near Dallas, unit claim; $:)imi,
Tho P Pago to A II Atlklns, 107
acres in tp 8 , r 4 w; 11.174.
J I) Lee to P II Carpenter, lots lu
Dal laa; $m.
The Dundee Mortgage and Trust In
vestment Co. to (leo Scott. 113 acre lu
tpils, r4 witUMO.
H D HI ants to J M Statta, quit claim
to west half of d I o of Ismic Htuats, In
tpI0,r4w; IrtiK).
Oregon Lnnd Co. to It U Willis, 17
acres, tpt, r wjl400.
U 8 A to Lewi Itltuer, lu tp 9 s, r 6
w 77 licrcH
'lluena Vtolu I 0 O V to P W Prather,
lot 111 cemetery, So; also to Mlrandii
Franklin, lot In cemetery, $'; ntoo to M
N Pratlier, lot In cemetury, $10.
HHUwynn to Sarah L Bean, 8fil
acres In tp e Is, r 5 w: f 1.
A P IJoiwiey Ui Wlllard P Brown,
tract of land near Huena Vista; $5700
A M Miller to Tho Elliott, lot In Dal
las; $120.
M Ii Bobbins to K T Miller, lot In
Dalla; $000.
Athleths. On Inst Saturday even
ing a large audience greeted the boy of
the Oregon HUito Normal school. The
program wnsexoeedlngly well rendered
and tho audience wu generous lu show
ing It appreciation of the very clever
performances. The receipts were quite
subatnntlul and will be used by the
association for a good purpose.
Miss Motile Mcrriman hits resigned
her position in the Indcpcndcnco pub
lic school.
Large? ana Lstett mtrtvtg100
Hart Ptwer EnglnaWark will
kt Puh"Te bt Running
In tl Wttkt.
Mr. J. A. Vencs to an busy Unit
scarcely can one get to we hlui much
less have a talk ulsiutthe new saw mill.
lloweviir It d'Nn not iutt horcsuy to
convince anyone tlmt we are to have a
uw mill, which will bo uf great ad-
vunbigo to the town for the engine and
boiler to already here, It come ou Wed
nesday' freight and can be wen. Two
large boiler am to bo plnml side by
side, a smoke slack fifty-four fect high
wlh tower alsive them. Sawdust will
ls principally used s fuel and this will
t fed automatically, The fly wheel of
the engine to twelve foot lu dlumetcr,
twenty-rlvt Indie across tho fu.w aud
weighs four ton. The crank shaft I
eight luetic In diameter. The ismur
uf the englmt will teone iiundml horse
power, which I alsait three tluii-s (hat
of tho old mill, A loud of mind wa
limited to the site of tho new mill,
which will I a few feet Mow the old
one, aud lu a few day active) opera I km i
will he under way, If! proposed lo
rush matter ami front forty to fifty
men will Ut put at work. The frauu
wilt I o heavy and securely futciicl
and I high enough so tlmt another
high wutcr may not Interfere with It.
Wllliltt sixty days at most, the mill
will la? lu oierutloii, .
The inw-hinery for the Pn-m-ott 4
Vencas saw mill will couilnue to arrive
ou each freight trultl until all the order
bus been filled Ou Friday the heavy
tluilsT for flaming the mill will lie
here amlH, A.Parker, the contractor,
will toko charge of tli" building and
riih t ho work through hi completion,
The saw mill will b built solisiautl
ally ami be 32 feel wide aud l id feci
long. Tho roof will be of corrupted
Inm. Tho mill will have a capacity of
UO.imio feel a day, and wheii running at
It full ctpai-lty the losing camp ou
the Lucklumuteaud mill here together
will employ alsait sixty iiu'ti. The ma
chinery will couW of two sixty Inch
j saws, a KaugedKer, two cut-off suw.
one larger planer for flooring ami
j another for surfacing aud sUlug one
I now for cutting dimension lowlier,
besklo automatic carrier, etc., to
eeonoii.lMt the work. Thl mill
wilt combine all !hu late lin
proveuicuts and not only he the pride
of Its owners, but a great factor lu the
future prs.sTity of the town.
A uumU r of the lending minister
sad Sunday sclustl worker of the
county have Joined lua fall fur u I'nlou
Sunday isiesd convention to be held
In Monmouth on Tuclay and Vv.
ucsdity uf the last wts-k In March.
Among (hose who have interested
tliemselvea In tin) matter are llcv. V.
V, Wells, of the I'resliyterlati church,
Independence; Itev, N. Hhupp, of the
Kvungetlcal church, Iiiilepcudence;
Ilev, II. A. Lye, of the 'Christian
chure'i, Moumonthj lhv. Johu j
(Msirue, of the Baptist church, Dallas; j
itev, T. F. Ilnyal, of tho MetlnHllst
church, iMtlas; lHldi a iniinU r of
Suuduy aclnsil iiisrluteudcuts anil
workers. Bcv. Jiss-ph Hols-rg, .Mo
Mlunvllle, also take a deep lutch-st lu
the sum's of the convention, and has
promised hi Im present and assist in Um
As It has not Im-n ismmIIiIo to w mt
soiially all the mlnltcrs and stqicrln
teiideut of the county, this method Is
taken of extending to each of them
hearty Invitation to co-operate In the
work of orKunUliitf the convention timl
to assist lu carrying Its pro-am into
cllis t, aid ungestloin! will ta welcom
ed aud carefully suggott cd.
As fur as uamis can lc learned, per
sonal Invitation together with pro
grams will lie sent. With a hearty
general eo-nH'ntlon, this convention,
the first of Its kind lu tho county, can
lie made a brilliant success and pro
ductlou of much good. By a vote of
the Monmouth Sunday school, ench
Sunday achisil lu the county Is In
vited to scud at least two delegate to
the convention. All who cmiui miy
di'iiend upon being hospitably enter
tallied by the icoplc of Monmouth,
Iki not forget the d.ito, Tuesday and
Wednesday, March 24th and 2Hli.
Make your arrangement to come.
P. L. Cami'HM.i,, Supt. Mon. S. S.
Com ultte,
H. A. Imtk,
K M. SMiTit,
Mih Mii.i.ik Dtiwii v,
Mnw Anna Puwki.i.,
Mimm Kt.t.a F.MMKrr.
KnrniK WkhtMiik: I was pleuscd
to notice In a recent Issue of your imper,
mention of the Interest felt In a rending
room at your city. Ily all means let It
be encouraged and tuny It not Inngulsli
for lack of funds. A giHid Vt holcsome
collection of hooUs lu a public library
I a credit to any town, It I a power
ful educator, To make It a success,
steady, persistent effort I newwsury,
but effort cannot. better sjamt then In
creating a bright cheerful pluoo where
young ami old may drop In and puss
a ipilut ten minutes or half hour In
pure, elevating association. It will
bo mi itttrucllou to the stranger within
your gate. Many who toko niuKutnes
or any other Htandard periodicals will
bo willing to place them, after a first
muling, on the table of tho reading
room. I huvc now lu mind one
library which to-day number hun
dreds upon hundred of volume of
well selected literature,, wIiomo lower
shelves ure tilled with book of refer
ence, and wlusic long tables arc cover
ed with all the latest uud best icrlo
dlottls; and moreover) the building de
vote to tho library Is u hnuilHometoiic
structure recently built for tlie purpose.
The work necessary for the success of
such mi enterprise lias beeii largely
done lu tho past six or eight year by
our noble woman! Hhe lias been tireless
lu her effort to nwuken tho Interest
and secure the co-operation of every
citizen of tho place ho that thoy might
feel that It wiw "our library." Hhe hits
herself workod curly and Into and has
hud tlie hoiirtly assistance ut lust of
many who were at flint Indifferent.
Kurncst, contlnutKi clfort rntiMt ever be
crowned with the success It deserves,
and to-diiy slie Is llhmrlun of one of the
finest publlu libraries In bur sttito. Lot
tho faithful fewbe encouragtul, aud In
dependence shall ono day tmve a li
brary of which she may well bo proud.
Eleetrle Light nd Water Work far
That City.
Alliauy Hentlit.
IttliM'KdUKNi'H, Feb. l.-The organ!
willou of a company with a enpliul
stis'k of $4ii,00ti for the purtiosc of
furulshlng thto part of Polk county
with water and light, mean a great
ilcwl in advancing the material pros
perity of the town. The incorporators
iiiiniea give the tiompany astandliig,
aside from tho urgent need of such
cuterprlso, H, Hlmchberg to presi
dent of tho Indcsiiideuoo National
bank; A, Nelsou Is a wealthy laud
owner; A. J. (loudinunu to a large
dealer In hardware; II, II. JuMporson
own the wish and door factory here,
and J. Donislfo to a tucoewful st.s k
grower. Just a soon as (he wealher
will jwrmlt II. Thlelson, tho well
known civil engineer, has Inhui engugid
lo survey thoMuto of the motor lino
rullwny to Monmouth, distant two
When Iieflulshc tliut work he will
survey a water ditch from Bumia Vista
lo Ilidi'S'lidcnee, 110(1 if It 1m found,
suited, 14 fevt fullcau be obtalud some
men of ubutidaut mean stand ready to
assist the tximiMiny recently orgaulml
ami build the ditch, Previous survey
have given I I feet full at Independence,
.ilr, Tliifliton' known exjiericiice will
prevent any exHiuslve mistake. If
Mr, Thtelsoii think the water ditch
Is practical. le U wilt Is? built at otiev
and a flrNda electric light plant be
onlered, not only to IIkIU Iiides'ii
deiieo and Mouiiioulh, but also furuisb
siwer for Hie railway and tight ma
chinery. Should the water dluii prove
to lie uuuiaiiugtabki,a water wheel will
Ui plaetnl lu the LuekiainuUi, five milt
from Iiidiqioudeuee, and tower and
llht oonveywl to tuwu ou wirt-a, aud
It to Hslde that water supply for the
town wilt be obtained from the same
souau Whatever may be tho reault it
Is certain that thto company will lu
augurato somo iiUMirtaut liuprove
msnl lu the slut of tho water and
light supply of Independence. Al
present the town hits au lusuftlcieut
watr supply by linens of a small
pump front a w ell, raising w au-r lulo a
tank 50 feet aliove the Main street.
J. A. Vwuicsa, of the firm of l'nntt
A Wuens, whoowiMthesuw mill here,
finds (hut even when high water comes
iu the Luckhimute river there to a
great deal of XeuM attuchtHl to
(Celling out tlie kgs that way, ami he
! more favorably Inclined than ever to
wards a hwgiug railroad up the Lticklu
niiilc. Till firm Is mtcl nt Brad
stnvt's aireiiey at $i0,0iK), so thut their
favor moan somctlilng, The distance
to tlmis-r to only 14 mile at most, and
as the fall from timber is gradually to
wards the river, a light stwer will
otsrate the roul. Au electrical xsrl
here reoeiitly tlaled that with a plant
of dynamo t Iudvs-ndcm-e aud
neither at Lucklamute falls, tMioiigh
swer could be obtained to oiwrate
rtftei-n care ksuled with loirs, ou aooount
of the fttvornbk' grade. The exiw-tisc of
ojratlng such a road, w hen water Is
the motive power would be very llrht.
Mr. VaiiMeler, no ex(crt lu cruising
timls-r hinds, make tbe assertion that
as flue lliuUr can lie found In the
mountains Hack of Indcendcnce as In
uy part of Oregon, aud this log lug
mllnuul would tap It,
Messrs, C'wiNr, Patterson & Co., the
real estate ngeiits, have a large frame
iu their show window which coiituins
twenty lino photograph. The tub
Jivls are such that would interest a new
comer. Tho artists are Crawford A
Paxton, of Alhauy. The first one to a
field hcimio on Maple farm In Linn
county allowing the oS'rallon of hay
ing. The ncoond Is a view of Luckia
niuto fall,Jtwelvc miles from Indepen
dence, showing the water fulling Its
forty feet Into a large ptsil. The third
uud fourth are view of Waterloo falls
on the Sontlani, wlicre Is a fine atsbi
stirlng. The fifth view Is of the Allxiny
railroad bridge .with the largo draw
oK'U nml the steamer Ihsig jtassing
through. The sixth view Is of eleven
nmmmotli strawberries, and must be
seen to be appreciated. Thete U-rrlcs
wcrcrulsi'd near the Polk county line
lu Benton county View number
seven and fourteen arc of Lucklamute
fulls from tlllferent points. Number
eight, Oregon Pacific railroad bridge uud
Hantlani water power.
No. fi. lulling hay ou farm of Mr.
McFarlund in Linn county.
No, 10. Tlie wrecked tral n at Lelmu
on Junct ion, taken the morning after
the disaster.
No. 11. Branch of Silver prunes
from Tangent nursery.
No. 12. HU-ain threshing out lit muf
Shedds, showing the cngltio, thrvahcr,
cook wagon and the work hands, some
thirty in ail
No. 13. A shciifofonts seven feet
high ralswT by Mr. Huiiburt ncarAI
buny. No. M. A harvest field with the
sheafs of gniln standing two feet higher
than tho family of the proprietor of the
farm, Mr, McFurlnnd.
No. 10. View of a farm and fanr
No. 17. View In Cooper & Williams
hop yard, here nt Independence taken
lust summer when sonic seventy pick
ers were nt work,
No. 19. Mammoth wheat landing
eight feet high all over field on farm
of Mr. McFnrland In Linn county.
No. 20. Old style tread horse power
and threshing outfit on furin of J.
Gelsentnnncr in Linn county.
The pictures attract a great deal of de
tention. Duplicates can he proenrred
of Alcssra. Crawford AlJaston, Albany.
Ta i.m ACiK. TliVtowniTof Monmouth
and Independence are nlKiutono mile
distnnt from ouch other, rind the laud
lying between has been purchased by u
syndicate called tho Polk County Lund
company and hist week forty blocks
were platted. As flir ctuitns the present
county road tbe lots are au addition to
Monmouth. 81 nee the land from the
county road east docs not reach to
Independence It cannot bo called an
uddltlon to tho town, so a new name hns
been given the tract, and It Is mimed
after that eminent divine, 1'. DeWitt
Tiilumgo, of Brooklyn, New York. A
lot will bo selected, the deed recorded
und sent to the Itev. Tulmago us a gift
from the company. May the Talniage
of Polk county grow and prosper.
IXm r..hnH tislih. withmit
roitu.lir l wntilull nutUrik. lists lb snO.Urt
rtsillsnii Mt luwlili mi'l ruih! lit Ui li.s
b lll nt Vt ilit 'la.ll A dub I urn, uld
li llinlof 4 Ia k. sbtl llwiry l'ltw,
IIWKi I MKIIHir ot on syKif.
Is giving splendid ssiisfuetkm to tht
Irade ud the sales r positively roarv
tons, which can bs ac.'ouiiled for lo do
other wny except tliut it is without doubt
tbe best ou the msrket. Ask tor and bt
lire yon i-t tlie genuine. Wt keep it
Jli!Tu k LiK.'ia, DrtKglsta.
I'HKI.KHH-T.i lunw II.- bU In selit itjr ljr
In. mm vslliartiiw, lit W niilit's I SMars I
tllMtkm lloinul, Slid And lmlisui lif,
Nt Imim Ui -II gurs. Hld I' liustor 4
bvuksaud I It'll i 1'aiU.fwm.
a I'Uiii in rLAni 3oLi vtmm i,u.h
Stmp lulallibls lur sll thrust sad luns
tlllls.M 1'ur fi.ifitmui'Ot tmusLs. thnb)
irs lliril. 1 17 ll, Hi,id Uf Muwh1 4 lik
tilt 1st Ann if Wilklnr un l ('altraiiii ku
ikwi Uiaw.itnl hf nuuisl eouwat, W, L. 1 ul-Miiins-
from tl, Arm, W. U Wilkins
lUeuiitiau buainnsst Uxssnis ettitw, is
llio .tiwrs hijUMi bl.M!k. Itirllu. nrMuit miu! l,
ilir. Ui hLbI timl hit Is ttm) u mil Uutm tot
sll kllHlr Ifftftll bltHlOMMI, Oitl tills S 1311,
Kur iwrllruUrt muir ui Vuuiw, 1'stlMauu A
W AM'l li ItarKmiuim Iiiwii stul gilt ur-
irl oi snll Ui IIiimhi ilMiruis Ui tnHm Ii'Wimi iu
l.l"einb. ( li um 'isitHV, Hmtwsun 4( o.,
Il mil fatal bruksrs, ff imruoulsn.
WRHiHKD IS THK ItAUN ! K-And furnd
'A I'wIkpI Dvulilrio. ' WruHii's Mftrb TmtUi
S.i. frnairtM Ui Umth, urlli ,bs bmnii, twMn nt tlw mimili. Ihild b
liuaivta Uu sad ll. urj 1'nllsnus.
TIIK ltl.c IM tilt W'v1,!,0 K1mmiT
fl lissr si UmiMtr llrtsi.
AU ku .wins taaniMti tuiWbbsl to i. D.
Irtiits Hum lart tmr will Iiwmm Mil la aud
itteum mm liuiflilit!), ss iumumii i snuat
Hats. taur Irulr,
t. U, Isnas.
limd Ilia kuaeltsl rfrla, nwd th owrtuary
p-fria, rtaul u.wuii-deral iiubbualmua. natd Uia
daO jtMWMe'ra, mtiti Jw.'U liuw widiMipfattd tM
uuart iluaiaaa, liuar aoliuli ut Uata.iuiu U la m
ut.aa, ,nw lutuif aud tinar MMiOitu ara
iltaitlul ll vauawB. 1 ltu tvui i It, If lull's irvat
aat t.s llaari liaMaaa, s.,d imia sritai it ta, wnsl
istuwaiit. ttliMi uims il situ rlatw u, wina iu
airtuitUtiua am, and tut it may ba soatikial. It
)utt Jittd Oiat oa Mats uaan Uiaaaaw, aak four
tlnuwial it s Ixaua ul Or. Irlml a Uouinlir.
liw uaaitaa at a b, uaii uu aniluailuD lu Max's
Orugi,n,,a. 1.
All Day Pnaatwa- Vmrl Wtilts Tiwth, nar
bmitb aud baaJOiy fuja, by sail) Wtisltl'a
Myf ib 1'tatib Suap, Utuuttai iarur atjd piaaar.
t. Uta aualUfl. buld Uj lluatat aud lawk aud
I1mii 1'aiu.raon,
h.MALl. I KA I rt. t ,.t,-r. pattnHin It '.,
ilia raal tolata lirttkara, bsta Kviital m Uud
whb'ti Ott-r tutu n puri.tiar mi nua, two sua
Sva a-rw Uaeta, iWaia raaatuialda. Call sud
Is good healthy .pcorlly skin. Few ar
auro of tbe short tune It take for a dis
ordered liver to cause blotcbeon tbe face
and a uurk reiisy skill. Ooe bottle of
tiltOOD will rwlore tbisorgan
to its tat u nil and Lenity statc.snd cleaost
tbe blood uf all impurities. It Is meet
ing with wonderful snoot. We guaran
tee tvery bottle,
Bcstm i Locxc Drogitists.
Tlia taaHtls sc-capt, Whtflit'a t'albartio Litar
ltivUiirsU.r, sa ilia bl kitttwn rainly fur lur
pitl livar. :l)!a, tMmat I vwiiaa, auur auiinaeh
and kttttlrv.1 ailmcitta, Hnld Uf lluator and
laa'ka, autl It.nrj I'aJh'rauu.
Tliere to nothing a pareut abould be so
careful about as seleolioit cougb syrup.
l ik-L'if'i L'berry Couili Svrnti eost no more
j lUltn lLe cheap al)J illfprior
tbrowo on tlie market The best it none
Uhi itmid, be stir aud get BEGC1S
It n IiuikI all tne time.
Bi'ktkh A Lock. DrneKist.
A IIKKAT t AWtt-Tratara-a avary part of
llio human holy, and ia ti I teat with bluo.1. (1 wal
bUaat la uidikM.iiaali)a l ha ilth. In aaorw
Una una Wnahra t'lttniMHina- Kxlnift tit Saraa
itarllU. tiiild by lluattu ft Ltaka and Uourj
J. W, SlMirklln, teaehar of ilano ami nrean.
Turnw, J p muntli of two 1nkm pr week.
Atlitraaa I', U. Iku 31, Inilfpauilanoa, Or,
AwM Ktrtiua, whnaa rvalaurant in rtalrm
una u( Uia beat, Itaaaittto atnrt traunal allan
linn to tha wntita id hia ouatcmara and hanna
haa luiill up a Innta tratb.. lit. gitm a fud
uit'al lor '.
ITE at J WW ,XnT J"nr tlfkaata Ke of
LSttklMi. - C l-autland. Lowoal
rsiaa anil fsvar grsntrd. Call at tha
Waal Sltla wlrlno.
dny, Feb, 2", 1800, lu North Indepen
dence, Miss Jessie Put ton to Mr.
Junto Cuagrove, all of this county.
dtty evening, March 5th, 1800, at tbe
brides iNtrenta, Mis Anlclla Nelson,
only daughter of A. Nelson, to Dr.
4 0. 1). Butler, both of Independence.
Rev. W. W. Wells, of the Prcsby
toriaii church, olllclatlng.
The wedding was witnessed by only
the two families aud a very few Inti
mate frieuds. Br. Butler to a promi
nent physician, a partner of Dr. T. J
Lee, und is one of a family very promi
nent In Polk county; while Miss Nel
son, nn only daughter, has been given
the best of advantages and to her many
accomplishments to added a most fasci
nating manner. The future looks bright
uud we with tho ninny friends wish
that their pathway may bestrewn with
roses. The brass band serenaded the
brltle und groom and were invited Into
tho house and refreshments served to
Following Is I lie inmni of the Pnrairra'
Iimllmte to ba held la thtu city ut tha city hull
on Mats h 11th im.l ilth,
Opt'iilng address Pres. I T. Stanley,
UiwiHtnai",. .Pina. tl. I.. Arnold, Corvnllls,
Mliile liirnrd of borllettltiu-ul nud Its work,
Hon. H. . Woltts, Hnlem.
Wlicr w miss lt,..llon, fi, T. Ituteh. MvOny.
KltlKAY, tIA.M.
Tlu!ftttuipiissllillltlis of tho Aiiifflcktl far
mer...., J. II. Iluwluy, McCoy.
TlledmluiHte Ueo. Hovers, ludepeuilenee,
roultry ..-..... J'rof. K. Herchtohl, tvirvnllis,
I UI11AY, 2 P.M.
Whuu to fll fni'in products,.. -K. A. Putlsi'son,
Mixed fininlitif,,.. .F, S, Powull, Monmouth.
Bi-kiplng. l'rol, W.JSf. Uristow,(7rvulll.
FHtDAY, 7:15 P.M.
ItortlcuHuri' In Oregon ,'..llr. O. P. S, riummer,
Our boys und Klfls vs. our stock,
Prof. W . N. Hull, Ciirvutlls.
Silos mid imisIIhm,. .11, T. French, Oorvullts;
as-ahnrt discussions will follow etv.ti pir
or talk.' This Is usually tin best pint of the
meeting, und well eomlucted, furntshw the
pith ot much experience. The .papers are only
theoutllun, the lisiusstons uiiiku the body,
Come prepared to usk nud answer quest Ions
on the above topics.
' Tlio Uiust line of men, iiwkware at
! L. rto;ktou'a.
t t "i f ? f
Cc:;:r, hWuv.i t j.
Invite Your Attention
-TO Tilt
You Should Invost
1st. Without being the COUN
TY SEAT-Withont being the
TERMINOUS of any railroad, it ,
is now the LARGEST CITY in Polk
County, cither in population or
2nd. It is surrounded by a fine
farming country Is a shipping
pointthe only one in the county,
on the Willamette river Is also on
the Southern Pacific line of Rail
road. 3d. Property during the past
year has advanced in value, and
the coming year promises to see
values advance faster than ever,
and the reasons why this is to be
true, are based upon the following
projected enterprises;
The extension of
the West Side Rail
road to Junction.
The building of a
Motor line to Mon
mouth. The building of the
Albany and Astoria
The building of a
Railroad from New
port to Salem.
The rebuilding of
the Prescott & Ve
ness Saw Mill on a
larger scale and
with a more com
plete plant.
The erection of
AND . '.;
Now is the time to
Call at the office of
and examine their list
aTNo trouble to show Property.
Office, second door south of C,
' on Main st.