The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, January 24, 1890, Image 1

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( 12.00 PER YI?AR. )
NO. 12.
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Sis Months '
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, DR. J, K.-1'-.
siciaii airO,on.
Btien.' Vsl"0- ' . .
!J i DAVII M. D.
PhUcian aSurgeon
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, Aliork ar-i ji he best
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L .JbrneytMit.1;
ui (U..UW Coort no.. j
;jAttorney,andat Law.
' J. 8. COOPER
Cwahlwr .
llet,tsiHt'ibotlnesj. Buys
MM wi to ehe ' n
OlSps hov to 4 P. U.
bargUr eet'4 hT Yal
ational suthority.)
1 ' f i - t,
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V Vie President,
I'iERT, Csihlsr. y ,r:f
1 MADE...
snd Either tserelianUbl
r la tlorcsltbsrlo private
t oo New York, Chlesko,
nd, London, Paris, Berlin,
r Ve
m - JHIt
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- ruAtm in,
JJ.u"'1!' ' Vil rk, Hsms IU.n,
H twJs 4Url Itn ul hkr.
S. P. Irvin. cutter. Choir met
coii.uutlv ou html. Davidson' Brk-k,
' I AM) 444
mn mmmm on rum.
Utllhsll isMsaiaiHI m at bitWUsa. mi W Ik
mif torn iiiwnni tl IlkwaH mt UMt W
vwMw Wrtow. as cwnt a .
Willamette Real Estate Co.,
' J Of Independence, Oregon.
TrtnMCtt general Real Estate Business
buy and sell Property, fleets
Insurane and does general
r , - Cenveyanee BusitteM.
Parties htrlng Land for sal will find
it to their advantage to : ; A
With this Company, as they arc daily
1 (ending lists of land east, thus plac
ing desirable property brlor the resi
dent of the East
JAMKS ttillvSON,
J. W. KIRKLAN1), Presidenl.
Secretary. .
Hduii, Sign & Dmimintil
Paoer lUniiinit. Graining, FrecoliiB,
Ktc. Paint room oir.ite Johnson'
Stables, Independence, Oregon.
Mnufactttrer' of :
And Dealer in
All kind! of Harnew it SwJdtery God.
Carriage Trimming nd RepslH'B
Of Aberdeen, DKota.
CAPITAL, $f,000.000.
This Association dr business In all
Parts of tbe'ited SUte. , '
FortJ Investor, and
Low rates interest for Borrowers
For furthrrticular Inquire of
C';-i.'HOAOi Agent,
i .
J. It. COOPER, Proprietor.
les; Liquors anil Cigars;
InApegdeQGe, Oregor;.
Incorppnsted under the taws of Oregon.
Doe. ssenertl bsnklng bnalnen. BlKbtdrxfts
on New Vnrk, gsn Prsnclaoo sud Portland lor
njr nmouiit. Receive. ilfxmlu mbjent to
check or on o.rtlf)etea of Cnllentlnns
receive prompt Attention 'iuarded by double
chronometer Vsl time lock. , .
Miss. Ada Judson, ,.,.,v,,Mni,5v'illlam.
Esmond :-: jiotel,
; Front and Morrison Sts.,
TH08. 0U1NEAN, Propr.
lilwSi Al SADDLES:
rcade Saloon
E. E. Krengel,
Mftiiufactiiftr of the
.;' ' '-And;-'' '
Kr8ng8.'s Iron Fence.
Mr. Thomas Fennel, late of Chi
cago, an experienced hone- ;
ahoer, make a specialty
of that 'line.
Circular and Crosscut
Saw Gumming
J. A. Bowtiun.
W.J. KirkUnd.
Proprietor' of iht-'" ,i
C StneC' Oppon'ti Po$t-OfHc$,
City Drug Store.
A fall line of !
Druggists' Sundries,
C. W. Oruwell, a competent prescrip.
tion clerk, will b In charge. Price
ii nil i ii i in in
WM. JONES, Proprietor. :
-ikry u now . operation, .d
prepared to transfer passenger and wsg-
on to or from the City.
It will pay persoQ uiaotlQ a
View of Polk Count
To cross the Perry and go to the
top of Prospect Hill.
Elkins & Co.,
Hauling of all Kinds Done at
Reasonable Rates.
mill Feed, OaH, f 61 0 Fir Uood
For 5al?. ;f!
waTCollectlons Made Monthly.!
C Street,. Independence, Or.
A. W. HOWELL, Prop.
Fiwt olass In every respect. Special
attention given transient customer. A
sample room for cotnutercial . traveler.
Mitchell & Bohannoi
-:- Maaufacturert of -
Mftin Street, Independence! Oregon.
rr r, ,r,
:Ar si.HI t the front wlth-
They are ready to
and Clothing.
Plan and Speviflcatiou furnUhttton
application. Kstimate nisdo.
Office: Cor. Railroad and C fit
fleu; peed 5tore.
H. M. LINES & CO..
lav opened up a First ! Feed S
on the east siile of Main street.Jan
, wilt keep constantly on band
Ikilcd Hay and Straw, Oats, Chi),
; .-Shorts, Bran, 1
nd Wheat for chicken feed, or any 4-1
all other kinds of feed that the trade lift
demand, utv n call. I
Indipindinci! Drega
F. J. MORRIS, Prop.
Fine Wines, Liquor:
IVhiteabr Brick. Independent
:Dealer in:-
TA j ir j
Urucfsand Medicine
Having purchased the tock of Drugt
lonncny ownea oy u. Konensou,
am prtpureu a men an me om cimoi
mer,ndmny more new one. I iahouse them with genuine tendeme.
snd courteous treatment to all.
E. BUNCE, Manager.
Is now prepared to make any kiln
ol Casting in
On short notice. Is now at works
manufacturing 1 :
Bunce's Improved Gra'.n Cruslv,
. Aeknowlntilton the beat rrnln cru.hliK
Amrrlcs trongMt, chrspest and mo.t durst).
A full l or the c ol wort done at Ihl. in
dry will he publl.hcd In this paper. Any pr
IB want mm'' . .
Csa be supplini here. Rrpalrlna 4on for)i
aulas ol niBcninvry. jasia siren, inucpiiuci
The Persian Stltoh for Prayer-Mat
Th Persian stltoh Is used exUinsf
lyfor working Hie prayer-mats, ,
oriental idea whloh has found Its wail
m m wail
me mod
has the I
Is vcall
into our homes., A handsome
of Ivory-white ooarse linen baa I
tire Surface oulltod In what
the flsh-soale pattorn, with palo-yello ,.
sua, ana over tins cmu.uiuuiwn
llorlatod design .with , richly , colon
silks. The position of the prayer-il
u usually m iruiib ui m iuw-o
able upon which rests the family bl
mm nun. .., T"
Fire In New York. :
The average number of fires In
Tork I 2,800 a year, or abimt sevift
day. Of those, one-half are due
beating ' apparatus, chlmneysste!,
and boilers, and the other half aref
to eleotrlo lights, gas, matches, and
UN of kerosene. The number 1 of .
eendlary fires In New York ' is afct
fifty. - 1
A 000 Rsppr a4 tatarlaas PmI wtsk
MelUiar , atruaaa, km Traaa.
I.svlnir lWtwn Asum and Bnrmah
Is the rmot l!u! hill iUtof Man-
lirtir. laloly VUItad by ludlaa ofuaer.
on of whom, writing on tli forest of
tlMitnt in Indian fowl, rive
xtrurdlunry acoountot Imphall, th
capital. It I situated la what apprs
a dens foreel "Neither snlrw nor
chimneys out tha blu iky, nor l smok
obMrreti to aaeena from tn ayivao
Ntnt ot lit capital. Nothing, ia fact,
bespeaks the busy bom ot 80.000 to
40,000 peotile. and yet hidden away
among these tree is th palao ot th
ttajah and hard by art lb bvusns ot
hi farotitos, each family having a larg
luelosur arouud th homesUd. Iniu
hall may thus b dcrlbed a a city-of
viiugw, or enthrsni)uriJturoiuwo,
arouud tha ialo. ' Biraiffh. wki
roads llusxt with (re, freiuantly lu
let-swung oaub other at right ugla,
afford thw mean of ouniinMaloatto,
but nelthf shop,' artisan, nor wheeled
ouTeyancw eUi In th city. Indus
try and skill occur" ouly ia tha distant
rural home." i''
The jMHijil ot ths espital art tha
Ommoted favorite of th ralet.'wbo
bar had assigned to theuT'ploUof
ground near the pslsoe, and mt br
presaing utton the persecuted MjrluuJ-,
turlst of th Mat. -Th
caultal of Mstilnur is Twyal
rctldenoa dodlrated to luiuryandj
amusement, aii ar omy. ioe
itreeUaro crowded with siiillWheal thy
(ace, ot whlob few bear th mark of
toil or labor. Tber ar no school itvi
th stale, and Court favor ttnd promo
tion ar' MMHired " bt" sitdbln Polo.
Colnsgo Is utikiiown, ud thf Mtmkf
not allowed to trad. ' Imports tad'
iporta, eicept in certain arHjle'th;
ytein a myai revenue, ar praouoauy
brtihlliltatl. 1 '' I
l'h women frrirh thii distant VHlat
repair on a eerUln dnf W to esnltal
op Iii iiibnr iaeaa 'oiinti'ni. . "Eaalf
carries on ber bead a DaU' Wda
ttira basket. In which bas bn plac
th surplu stock ot th homtad; th
labor of her Induttrikl skill or of her
bushaod's agriuultural kuowledf. X)a
resclilnif the market nlac th eouteut
of these basket ar uponod and bar
tered, when each return again to net
fartilly, carrying oil th proceed.
Ou market days th lonr'dralght
rod from lllshennur to Iini)iri
crowded by grouti of women hurry
Ing to and fro. Kaoh wear aa la-
gautly striped dress In bright oolora;
nisueorsim ana cotton, jnannpe
run along tha length, and the lop and.
bottom are neatlv embroidered. A lonsr
piece of cloth Is cleverly carried aero
th breast and just under the srmtiltr,
instead of rounu the waist, sud la firm
ly looked up, so that th (op mbrold
rod edtra tall forward, adding ad
ditional fold to th garment, whlltth
bottom edir reache a lime oeiow tna
knee. The leg and arm are left
posm. The women ar the only trad
rs In th whole state.
Ono-tjegKtKl and One-Armed H. Ca.
Senator Berry lost hi leg t Corlntht
Senator liutle.- of South Carolina lost
hi at Brandy station, and over In th
house are three one-legged men, or
were during the last ennuressr Kcpre-
tentative Henderson of low I on of
them, though you'd nsrer suspect It to
see him moving about lie I as spry
as a boy with hi cork leg. Congress
men iirowo and jiootntnan oi unio
used to lay they were In hard luck be
cause each had lost a left lug. It one
hd lost a right tber could make one
pair of shoe do for both. Senator
Uampton hud bard luck, too. II
fouL'ht Ilka a tiimr on the confederal
lido and came out without a scratch,
ouly to bo thrown from a mule a few
. . . s s . a
yean alter ma war ana have a leg so
badly hurt that It had to be amputated.
Amulet Wasn't that hard InckP The
only one-armed men lu the last eon
press. 1 believe, wtire Gen. Hooker of
Mississippi and Congressman Oate of
Alabama. They were both mighty
brave men In battle, but I've heard
) they never ahook handi ' but one, re
fusing to do so again because It is th
Clrri 1 1 TV hoodoo or luft-hauded shake. .Bkia
,... ... A SI mule Book-Caaw.
rllA0tll Lot
KUU.j " sjamfsssj as v avvv a"A' "
, granv-M on th insui to f i tn
slielv , the fronts of whloh are eitkar
ltmuL ?r finished with itrip of
pinki 1 1-uther, and tha h"lvei.Hem-
elves ' be mad by aa ordinary ear
pouter, i.ot it oil in we space between
ins ommooy ana ena or ina room or
u.. ntrm?o doowy nd th id.
vsrnishK or atain and varnUh and
t'"" Pedto arrsng tha treasnrea
of many a llfo-tlme. Do we realise
that these host worki of good men and
the eliimnoy and end of tha room or
women are the epltomei of tiwt labor,
research ana thoughtr Thea let u
It Is a good plan to have th bottom
'iiholf broad enough to hold atlases
'snd books of reference Ilka heavy
cyoiopeaias wnen laia on tneirsiaes,
'unions wo have for them special rests
I or tables. Large, heavy leaves are ia-
onnea to nreatc swity sna arag aown
from the back, and thon a book soon
goes to ruin. That is the reason why
children should be tatight.never to pick
up a book by one oovvr only. It tears
the cover loose from the back. For no
reason ought a child to be taken by tha
ear except to show It how a book feels,
or to a book lover seems to fool, when
dragged about by a single oover.
After the book are arranged in tha
ease there 1 loft the upper shelf for a
couple of piotures on easols, with a
central flower vase ot bronze. But to
dedicate the space to an Indiscriminate
lot of brio-a-brno Is a desecration. Nor
should it bo usod for an old-paper shelf i
let paper be relegated to their proper
receptacle. It Is, though, a place for
current magazines and a book or two
subject to daily perusal. ? '
But the book-ease Is not yet finished.
In front, dnpondlng from a brass rod,
let us hang a curtain of India silk, tha.
color of which shall harmonize with
the prevailing tint of th room. This
curtain should be drawn only when the
room is dusted. On swsoping day a
muslin oover,. kept tor this purpose, is1
thrown over the top and reaches to the
a T:1 .. i i. i j
..... j.,.. on. .
WwMtptng -
on their volumes. Good
The Transvaal. ,5" f 1
i The TradSvaAl rmnalni In the'eJtoltj
slve polltlotvl possession of the bores,
to whom it was handed over in
but the dominant class are already out
numbered by the new settlers who have
thronged, ofilollv within Vie last two or
three years, to tho districts or rather
to a few of them In whloh gold" has
been found. The wiowth of this
young gold-prod ncliig oommunltios has
been so rapid as to leave bohind ven
the amazing rooords of Amorioan or
Australian progress.
Ticorui Post-Office Mide i Gov era
. nent Depository.
:'Assesssn' Cisrestlsit.
Tli fteituhllcan aavs the Vresno Conn
ty lluaeital physklan I paid more than
any otiier on tn coast,
A pottofnc will u HUbllalMHl on
sioont Hamilton ' a soon aa arranm-
menu can be made tor carrying tit mall.
Two lnauranc oomunnle are " Said ' to
have withdrawn from Tacoma on account
of tli lack of fauilitia for tfgbliitg Uroa,
Th - Wvooiutu leuislalur bmran lu
regular aion at Cbyenn, Th event
wae Mgnalised ly the opening ol th new
SISJU.OWmipHOI. i , r
Hult has been eomoieneed In Mexleo
against Mars. (irrort A sieWood fur re
turn oi tn coiH'nivn araniedio um ma
aloa A Durango railroad. :
Thbtnaa N. HibUni a atatiooer. who
was In Kan J,'rancico In IMU and went to
Victoria in ISM. died suddenly in th
hitler city of heart disease, ,
Th retail Erocery More of William P.
(aui. one of tn lameat in i acorn, was
closed on attachment nd esecution
amounting in the aggreiiat to f 760J,
A lante gang of counterfeiters were ar
rested at Tepeaca, Meiioo. Heveral
member had been taken into custody a
lew day twiore. uverKMi.utn in couu
terfell money w a eel ted.
It has iuat transnlred that Ina davs
after HuperinlandkOt ralterson of the
Calico mine wa roblwd ot 15000 h
killed the robber, whose pam wa II.
DoaVn, and recovered liis money.
A water wheel ha been nut in Mor-
mon-chatinel at tiUx kton, and turnishea
from twenty to nfty bone-power. It
run lloult A Hon' harvest machine
woiks, and I said to be Uie first water
wheel uaed at th Klough City.
A local paper publisties a detailed esti
mate of th orange crop of Houthern Cal
ifornia urn season, based on report.
Kathered from aiaty-ven ot the princi
pal orange grower and many orange
I'Uvliin linn in that part of tit tte,
TheeatiiuateamouuUilo teJO.OVO botes,
or wwoO carloao.
Tli charm of manslsuiditer again!
joung Dennis McCarthy, uf han r'ran
Cisco, wa dwmuaatd In court. . A wek
or two ago a young hid named Hmitii,
with aevorai others, among mem Mc
Carthy, were playins ball, and Hinlth
was killed ty tn tccidentai Blow irom a
bat In the liartds of McCarthy.
' The Taooma bostoffice has Iuat been
made a governinent depository for the
gnneral poatofDo fund. Hereafter the
mailer poatotilce in th vicinity of Ta
coma will remit their surplus money to
this ollloe St the and of every quarter,
instead of sending it to 1'ortland. ' After
the 11 of next July the Ttcoma'oitlc
will be made a fimt-elas postoflic.
J. 11. lU-tliel, who live in th northern
part of Krt'ano county. Cel.. In the Itethel
school IHetrH-t, heard a California lion
prowling about his premises one morn
ing recently at daybreak. Ile put hi
dogs on the trail and the lion climbed a
tree. Mr.'lMhel killed him wiUi a nHe
shot, 'lite lion measured I feet 1 inch
from tip to tip and wa the largest that
has been een there for yean.
A letter with an incloeure of a draft for
t3,00U for the building fund of the fo
mona Congregational College, wa re
ceived from 1'oBtonastcr-Ueneral Wan
maker, He baa been a person) friend
of Kev. C. H. r-umner, president of the
college, for year, and the gift has been
made becaurn of the particular Interest
Mr. Wauamakir ha In the growth ol
thl new college nd ' hi friendship ' for
Mr. Humner.
The flraf annual itatement of the con
dition of the ett ol tb late Hen Hoi
lady, under the imiw administration ol
Jame Hteel, wa filed. Th indebted
ness still remaining against it will reach
about 1100,000, which, according to the
estimate made, will be covered by un
disposed property in the custody ot the
administrator. There still remains con
siderable appraised property and aleo a
balance ot nearly $10,000 in the hands of
the Court.
Wince the flrt day oi the year W. M.
White, the forger, under fourteen year'
sentence and awaiting a new trial in the
comity tail at (Seattle, has relaxed to par
Ukeof food, hoping thereby to get in
inch a condition physically a to be sent
and w bent. ".wenTpt SSfiSSSSX!
nourishment down his throat he set his absolutely and riiFTrft-r ny. m
;h thihtlv toewther snd
it out.
HnallfWtiiiolufJon'to starve '
him. 'and be partou of broth and other
.tood " 1 ....
A railroad wreck In Uenlral Washing
ton resulted in the Hcalding ot Engineer
Meiuhor and one'nreman. The accident
occurred near Almira and was caneed by
a snowdrift. Two big rotary anowplow
wlieh they Struck an' unusually bV7d;i
with such force that the rear engine was
orceti completely on top or the forward
one. The enormous load was too much
mr ine unqef , engine, and both were
completely demolished. , The escape ' of
the engineers and firemen was miracu
Governor Pennnvar haa Ismail a irii.
far addressed td the1 various Cotfnty As
sessors bf Oregoii rerf)et'Hng 1ho holding
oi a convention or Hie Assessors Of ()r-
firi 'fdr the purpose Wf secnrlngJ if poset
Ic, a mord equitable issoWment of prop
erty tliroiiffltout the state, The Governor
suggests that such S convention be held
In Portland, on Tuesday, February 11th.
and requests the presence of the various,
Assessors, ii is claimed mat such a con
ference would undoubtedly result in se
curing more uniform and equitable tax-,
ation oi property within the State.
:'t K.' Richards presented a 'petition
sighed by 100 citiiens to the Santa Clara
Board of tinpervisors asking for the in
corporation of College Park as a town,
provided a majority of College Park vo
ters agree. 8. F. Leib opposed the rtl.
tlon in a speech before the board, saving
that th ' proposed incorporation would
ruin llenter school district, The mntter
was In'd over oue month, during which
time decidedly hot contest Is expected.
A number of dan Jos eitisens are in fa
vor of enlarging the limits of the city, so
aaani'ntilv tl innlllrlft IIIaim .Puvb K...
slso East Han Jose ahd the town of Santa
Clara. .. '.'.".
Xt Olympia, Wash., the house ' doeS
not seem to be in favor ot an early ad
journment, Kuhn offered a concurrent
resolution fixing February 23 at noon as
the time of final adjournment, and pro
viding that no new business be received
after January 31. Geotrheaan 'orTnriwi a
substitute' that the legislature N adionrn
wlthbnt day on February 20i and shut
ting off new business after February 10,
Both were laid on the table by a large
vote, Grant's resolution providing ' that
no new business be Introduced aftor Febr
ruarv 1. except by unanltnoni ennmnt '
nareu ine ame laie.
w to
II j-ru parly aad How to
It em a simple thing enough, says
th London 'JtUgrapk, yet of th
million who use this refreshing and
agreeable beverage a rery small pro
portion understand how to prepare It.
But if not properly made tea is deprived
of a great deal of its value and some
time rendered absolutely Injurious.
Tbs water to be used should boil, and
It should be poured on the tea Im
mediately it boil; if allowed to over
boll tha peculiar property of boiling
water which ants upon tea evaporate
and ventually dlsni.twtrt. Tea ahould
not be a decoction, but an Infusion, if
allowed to stew It becomes little better
than a decoction of tannic acid. Tea
that Is overdrawn Is hurtful to the
nerves and to the digestion. As to the
precis number ' of minute which
should b devoted to th process ot
drawing, soma people will say five
minute, some seven, soma will per-
bps go ss far as ten, but our ex perl-
not is in favor or six; tin sumces to
bring out the flavor, quality, and
stnugth. Just as much tea a is
wanted should be made no more
Malt fresh tea as often it Is required,
Tb replenishing of the teapot with
freih but water T very objectionable.
As tb thorough beating of th reoep-
taol Is of the lint lmortsnce, the tea
pot should be made thoroughly hot be
fore the tea Is put in it. 'trie earthen
ware teapot Is preferred to all other
by mny connoisseurs, snd It is super
fluous to say that whatever utensil is
used for this purpose should be im
maculately clean.
Tea Is an extremely delicate article,
Its susceptibility to the odor of com.
modltles near it ia a source of danger
and deterioration, at it readily take up
tb smell of coffe. cocoa, spice,
eheese, bacon, or other articles of pro
nounced odor. 1 he complaints some
time msde about tea would probably
not arts if always kept In places free
from icoh contagion. Tea should be
stored in a warm dry place: unneces
sary exposure to the ir should be
avoided. Even when securely packed
In th leaden chests In which it arrives
In England the change from the glow
ing heat of eastern skies to the damn
snd humid atmosphere uf this climate
deprive tea of much of lis beautiful
fragrance. J ea or much better quality
than Is generally dispensed at our rail
way station and refreshment-rooms
can be bought at SI shillings per pound.
A pound often would make 12tt cups.
This is considerable less than a farth
ing per cup. 1 ou may well ask why it
la that we should be still charged 4
penee and 6 pence "for a little hot milk
and water slightly flavored with uude
sirabls tannin."
Science That Need Study.
Wilt. .It ttij. Alttlm tf wl
for th conveynco of tTie voice In thea
ters which no other form of auditorium
fiords, still we have never discovered
th prlnciple applicable to the propor
tion of a great halt by which the voice
is spread and conveyed evenly and in
tne most perfect manner to an pans.
After the building is completed it is
confessedly and notoriously a matter
of accident and a question to be solved
by experiment whether it is "good for
sound." When It proves to be defect
ive no oue can explain why it is so, or
where the defect lies, or prescribe a
remedy. Echoc will be found nest
ling In one ipot; reverlieratlons confut
ing tho voices will he found in another;
a person seated thirty feet from the
ipoakcr will hear with difficulty while
it voice reaches one seated seventy
feet away distlctlv. Tho hail contain
ing 800,000 cubic feet is easily tilled by
th voice while in this smaller ono, not
containing 200.000 feet, tha speaker Is
at great trouble to make himself heard.
11 acoustics were sn exact science
would there be, could there be any
doubt or error in these matters? By
experiment we are led to boliove that
the domed, the arched, tho groined
roof is bad for sound, aud therefore in
cathedral churches, where It has been
found, chanting was used and a musi
cal service became ossontial; the long,
open, sonorous note. which character
is sacred music were, I autcct, an
architectural consequence. Those who
have listened to a preacher holding
forth in a sermon after an anthem may
nave noticed how unlit such an audi
torium is for speech. Dion Duuoicaull
u JPorfA American Review.
v The StVstetlo Philosophy. . . .. .
doubt that earth is a plane ana no
planet, has In it no theories, but estab
lishes its couolusions upon facta Alone.
Many of these facts are of such, a na
ture that not to know all about them
will soon be deemed a sign of Ignor
ance. The pcoplo should know that
the surface of standing water is level,
whether it be in tho form of a pond, a
lake, a canal, a sea, or au ocean, and
that It makes no difference at all how
many people, in consequence of false
teachings, believe it to be curved; that
in no surveyors' operations in tho con
struction oi railroads, tunnuls, or ca
nals Is any '-allowauco" made for the
curvatuse" of tho earth's surface, al
though the books tell us that it is ne
cessary! that the view from a balloon
in th air is that of aflat earth and not
of a globe; that the river Paraguay in
800 miles does not fall a foot that tor
th last 600 miles the Amazon falls but
10 feet 0 Inohos and that the JS ile in
1,000 miles falls but a foot.
Sailors can see the light At Cape Hat
ters forty miles out at sea, whereas
on the globe theory it onght to be more
than 900 foot below the level line ot
sight; strain your eyes as you please,
you cn never see a slijp coming "up,"
for at the farthest distance that you can
by any means see a ship it is on a level
with the eye; the horizon always rises
00 and on Just as you rise on; if the
mariner were to take a "globo" with
him with whloh to navigate tho ocean
b would wreck his ship; meridians are
straight lines diverging from the cen
tral north toward the south In all di
rections horizontally "parallels of lat
itude" . only are olrolos, and on a
globe the pointing of a compass north
and south is clearly impossible; sailing
westerly is sailing round horizontally
with the north star on your right hand,
and sailing easterly is sailing in .the
same horizontal mode with the north
star on your left and all tho money In
th United States treasury would not
buy a proof of so much as the bare pos
sibility ot sailing down a globe, under
a globe, and up the othor sider C'ar-
petifer's i'offy. '
An Equine Climber.
A horse woighliig 1,100 noumls,owned
by a man in Dover, N. H., got hungry
in tne mgnt, loic nts stnu, ana cumoou
a long, steep, and narrow pair of stairs
Into the hay-loft, where he was found
th next morning. V
Nev York Supreme 'Judges Dcxa
With the Influenza.
(ia Wrkt Eisl.
, I'iilladelpliia printer hav decided not
to strike, though tbelr demands have not
bsen mot. - -- ' -, '. :
Tbs pope baa finally : approved ' the
nomination ot lr. O'lMieity a bishop
ol iXJiiOurnlw, y. ; ,
Tir recently renewed' be vy rain
playing havoc aitri tome oi the r
hees m outrai tllinot.
H. 1). Caldwell of Bulfalo wa elected
president of Uie Lake Carrier' aaeocia
tion in session at Buffalo, .
The German National Bank of Osh
kosh, Wis., baa been authorised to do
buaines with a capital of 1100,000.
At Festimog, in Wales, th gas work
exploded. The manager wa blown to
atoms and many person Injured.
Busines of the New York supreme
c wt is nended, every one of the
judges being down with the intitienxa.
A Chicago paper report that 30,000
S :hool children of Chicago are suffering
Ir mi Influenza or complication thereof. '
Witnesses in the West End (London)
ncanrial testified that they aero offered .
large sum of money to leav the coun
try. Near Bunnell, Kan.. John Boler. aoed
eighteen, in order to obtain a few dollars,
killed bl father aud threw hi body into
a well. ,
Joe Bryant, a prominent cattle king of
Northern Texas, has been arrested for
murdering a man in the Chickasaw na-.ft,
tion. , ...... 4
It is stated that (Jen. Byng Harm'
will succeed Print Edward of Bai,
Weimar in command of the forces In Irev
land. ,
The Eriitefubriken hi Pretoria, the
largest structure in the Transvaal, ha
been destroyed by fire. The loea is
The Austrian ship Providence, bound
from Constantinople to Marseilles, Coun
tered l sea in a heavy gale. All on
ouard were lout.
i eo many representative coai men are
rick o( the grip that th proposed con
ference in ISew York was adjourned
A general assignment for the benefit of
the tits morgan Iron company ha been
tiled in Philadelphia. Liabilities, 200,-
000; assets, fAiO.OOO.
"Black tongue," a fatal disease, is ep
idemic in the mountain district of West
Virginia. Many deaths have occurred
titiiiii tlie part few days.t
The funeral of Airs. Knificn took nlac
at Trenton, N. J. . Ur. Kniffen and Miss
ruroait --nuin taiteiKani. out .wre tn
harge of detectives. v ;( . . . , f
Among the bills presented and reierred-
in the senate was one by Mr. Faulkner,
to provide for a world' exposition at Uie
national caiitol in 1892, ,
The north wall of the old matdiine
shops in the yard of the Long Island
railroad depot in Long Island City. L. I..
fell, killing three workmen. ,
While suffering ' of influenza Henry
Klein, a Franco l'rusgian veteran, Bought
his wife's grave in a Long Island ceme
tery, and blew his bead olTwith a gun.
A hot spring, wboee water has valua
ble medicinal properties, has been dis
covered oh the shore of Lake Uarda, one
of the meet popular of Italian resorts.
The Bohemian conference met again
in Vienna aud adjourned. Count von
Taafe gave a banquet to the delegates.
the emperor will give them a banquet.
The railway workmen of Scotland have
taken s plebiscite on the ten-honr queg- s
tion. The majority are against a strike,
and express a desire to confer with the
Bv a midden gorging of ice In the Mis
souri river above St, Joseph the stage of
liter at Kansas l ity has fallen two leet
below the average and a water famine ia
The London Daily News corresondeiit
at Constantinople says it ib reported that
the sultan, on the intervention ot the
German ambassador, has ordered a new
trial for Moses Boy,
Ex-President Cleveland has written a
letter ib which he denies having taken a
hand in the Ohio eenatonhip conteti'
e. and that , ne baa tot
bean asked to do bo,
The sub-committee of the committee
on foreign affairs, which will .hear area-
tnents on the location of the w'orld'a fair,
stands two for Chicago and one each for '
New York, Washington and St. Loui.
A St. Louis paper contains another ex
pose of "InxKlliiig" in the city govern
ment, This time tha claim is made that
$4,000 was paid for passing the union
market arcade bill through the house of
George Martin, Washington 'corres- .
pondent of the l'itteburg Times and of
other western Journals, died in Wash- j
tngton of paralysis lie leaves a widow-, '
the daughter ot Congressman James of
The members of the international
American conference are actively at J
work, several committees meeting daily, j
hearing arguments from merchants and A
others intereHted in the subject under
onsiderntion. ,
More fighting is reported in Crete. It
iB said that a Turkish force was recently
routed by the insurgents; that a large
(liiiintity of ammunition was seised by
the latter and that many ot the Turks
were killed;
William W. Wilson, a prominent and
prosperous citizen of Spottsylyania
ionnty, Va., and for many year justice
of tho peace, committed suicide by shoot- .
ie .u. i...... ii.
irig iiniiwii in me iicaii,, .iq ... diadjt-
flve years of age. ,
The Russian government is displeased
with the restrictions of the Turkish gov
ernment's tir min in regard to Crete, and
has requested the porte to extend amnesty
to every one in the Island and to abolibh
the state of siege. ; ;v
Floods are reported in ' the northwest
portion of Queensland. A part of the
town of Normanton is submerged, the
water in many places being twenty feet
deep. All the adjacent territory is under
water, The Hoods cover sn area of WO
miles. , .
Several uuiaware capitalists have or
ve or-
gnnised a company with $1 ,250,000,
tmid in, to build , an nmusirial civ
I'iedinont, Ala., with Preston Le
Wi mington. IHI.. president. Two
ilrnit tlinnuunil dnllara worth of P
were sold within an hour from "m
inning of the sale.