The Ashland advertiser. (Ashland, Or.) 1893-1898, January 01, 1896, Image 1

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    The Ashland Advertiser.
flonarch of the Amateurs.
The Prospects of the New Year are as Bright as
those of the Old Year were.
team) would show them how to play foot
I ni 11. Owing to lack of time, the invi­
tation was not accepted.
l»aMMed through Ashland, Sunday, on
their return from Han Francisco, when»
they played and lost a game with a team
of San Francisco boys. They attributed
their defeat to the fact that the mud on
the field was too deep, their sin* and
weight serving them at a disadvantage,
while their opponents,living small,played
all around them, defeating them badly.
During the thirty minutes that the
train stopped here, the Isiys 'of the
team bad quite a little sport at the ex­
pense of our city marshal.
The players of the Ashland Normal
requested the Montana team to side­
track their car and they (the Normal
A Musical Treat.
The Aramenti Concert Company, of
New York, will give an entertainment in
Gan bird’s Opera House next Saturday
evening, January' 4th, for the benefit of
the Southern Oregon Chautauqua As­
The company contains three most ex­
’Twas the “speaking of mid-summer,”
cellent musical artists, Mme. Julia Ara­
the Gold-god’s hour;
When great Ta Ilan sat enthrone« I in her menti, Mias Celia Schiller and Mr. Victor
Kuxdo, all of w hom have won the admir­
pride ami her |»ow’r;
Where the plain of the Madroe swept ation an<l complimentary' comment of
both press and public.
Imld to the wall,
Every one should come out to hear
Which sqrrounded great Tallan and Mal-
almuti Hall.
them. Bear in mind that the benefits
The Hall Malabaun and the Temple of remain at home.
Whose art-splendor and richness in story
Money in Farming.
is told.
With the compliments of the season, I
we place before the appreciative public
the enlarged edition of the Ai>VKKTtsiu<
with the assurance that its success and
prosperity during the coming year will
la* even greater than that of the past.
It has been just seven months since
the weekly A dvkrtimkk made its debut,
and throughout that time we have bail
all the eucceea than any one but an edi­
tor could desire. Our advertising pat­
ronage has been of the I »eat, all available
space living taken, and to afford more
to the live public is our princijsd object
in enlarging. Hitherto, our paper has Then Init recent the idol, with rumble
been too small to admit of the puldica-
and flame,
tion of details, a brief form of w hich is To repletion had fed on Umbita’s fair
just what is wanted by up-to-date ¡Hoo­
ple, and just what we are now ¡»repared Tall Umbita, a queen from Barbado’s
to give to the public at the nominal ¡»rice
long line»
of fifty cents per year.
Who drank warm human blood as strong
With live reporter» on the track of all
men sip good wine:
local news items, ami modern office fa- I And whose radiant beauty was shame to
cililies, we shall turn out the best, most
her cause
attractive ami most serviceable paper of Of serving < Insitas, and Malabaun *s jaws.
its size pul dished. We will not l»e satis­
fied with an appearance like that pre­ When, all heartless and willing, she
plunged her keen sword
sented by some country sheets,—poorly
printed, ads. poorly set, pertniacuous ar­ To the heart of the maid, who had sinned
rangement of reading matter, etc.,—but
■r no word.
it shall be our aim to produce a paper Only thoughtlessly then», with warm
that will be a model for others. We al­
• vouth in their blood, *
ways lead, let those follow who art» com- Had so carelessly broken the laws of
their god.
|M»tent to do so.
Thus, before Malabaun they kneel in
their shame;
Montana’• Defeated Team.
Till from Umbita’s hand the harsh
stroke of death came.
The Butte, Montana, foot l»all team
■' ■■
NO. 33.
It is a notable fact that all farming in­
terests improve where it is possible to
utilize the water that the wells on the
place will produce. How few people
think of the value of water for irrigation,
and what could be produced at a mini­
mum cost if it were used. The question
has been heretofore how to get the water
to the surface economically, and this has
been accomplished by the use of Gaso­
line or Kerosene Oil Gas Engine, manu­
facture«! by l’almer A Key Type Found-
ery, 405 Sansome street, San Francisco,
Demand for Apples.
List Fall, the supposition was preva­
lent that to dispose of apples at any price
this Winter would be no easy matter.
’ In reality, however, it is quite the re-
verm», apples being in great demand by
San Francisco merchants, a numlær of
Ashland shippers having received com­
Now w hen all had been slaughtered, the munications to that effect.
Choice apples are quoted on the San
chalice was fill’d
With the blood of the fairest, in sacri­ Francisco market at $1.25 to $1.75 per
fice kill’d;
Which the Queen of the Stranglers must
Flore Foot Bail.
raise then on high,
Then quaff it, and bending to Malabaun
! The Butte Creek foot Imll team has
Thus our service is rendered this day to sent a second challenge to the Normal
School team to play a match game of
our god;
When Malaluiun bellows, the people are ball. Mindful of their own conduct on
the day set for the last game, the chal­
For full well do they know till its hun­ lenge was accompanied by the suggestion
ger’s supplied,
that a forfeit of fifty dollars be paid by
Ne’er does the Aztec god relent the crim­
the side that fails to respond when
son tide.
time is called.