The Ashland advertiser. (Ashland, Or.) 1893-1898, October 16, 1895, Image 1

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Honarch of the Amateurs.
! - .
Vol. III.
Mo. 22.
iì. i
“IN • IT.”
JuAtlce la at Last Being Rendered to Peaceable
The city authorities have at last awak­
ened to their duty as protectors of the
rights of our citizens and are makingex-
ampies of some of the law-defyiug boys
of our town, especially those boys who
amuse*! themselves bv throwing eggs and
tomatoes at the members of God’s Regu­
lar Armv when they were holding meet­
ing <»n the streets some time ago.
Two of the boys have been fined five
dollars each, ami the examination of
others, whose implication is doubtful,
has l»een postponed for a few days.
Two or three of the boys who did the
throwing took a trip to the mountains
for their health, the first of the week,
ami have not vet l*een caught.
Since matters have come to legal p > ro­
ceedidgs, the l»oys. not wishing to Is tear
all the blame, have “let the cat out of
the bag,” ami as a result, a warrant has
been issued for the arrest of night-
watchman, G i II mt I. The warrant was
issue«I upon the «worn statement of
some of the I m » vs that Gilbert encour­
aged them to throw at the army bv tell­
ing them that he would l>e particular not
to l>e around w hen it was «lone and for
them to simply “look” out for the other
When a man decides upon improving
hisshop, factory or farm, by the addition
of power, he naturally looks for some­
thing entirely up to date. He investi-
Eates, considers, and finally decides to
>uy an Ajax Coal Oil Gas Engine as
meeting his requirements more fullv.and
lieing safer, than any other power obtain­
able. Palmer A Rev, San Francisco,Cal.,
the manufacturers of this engine, have
gained the gratitude of the public by
placing within its reach a reliable, econ­
omical power, that defies the restrictions
of the insurance companies. It is the
latest and liest.
The County Fair is over, and the man­
agement can justly congratulate itself
upon the success of its efforts, for, if
this year’s Fair was not generally con­
sidered equal to the first one, it was a
vast improvement upon last year’s, and
a decide«! success in every respect.
There were a great many people in at­
tendance throughout the whole week,
itcrhafis a larger attendance than could
la* Isjasted of by any previous Fair of
this county.
The greatest attraction of the Fair was
the racing, and, for a County Fair, the
track was travelled bv * some fast horses.
truly lioast of the display of as fine a lot
of animals aa has ever I »ven the oppor­
tunity of any District Fair to exhibit.
The exhibits in the Pavilion were verv
good, and in many instances, the judges
were somewhat puzzled in deriding the
premium awards. The display of fruits
ami vvgetabler was a representative one
and of whi»’h Southern Oregon might
well l»e promt.
It was pleasing tn note that many of
the blue ribliona were placet) upon ex­
hibits from Ashland, which shows that
Ashland is “in it with any of them.”
A Fatal Deer Hunt.
Evans Creek was the scene of a fatal
mistake last Friday.
Francis Ammon and J. H. Carter were
out hunting deer in the mountains along
Evans Creek, and the hunt terminated in
the killing of Carter.
The men started upon the hunt to­
gether, but afaerwards separated, tnink-
fug that in this way they would be more
liable to find game. Ammon, having
started a deer, was in pursuit, and, hear­
ing a noise in the brush before him, fired
at what he supposed to be the deer, but
upon investigation, he found that he had
shot dead, his fellow huntsman.