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Jacksonville News.
hHtln Sohuniof. of Yroka, has
, been visiting his brother, "John
Sobumpf. , ' , '
Chas. Messerre, who is 'now living
la'.Urants Fass,spent Sunday, visiting
Jacksonville friends.
We bare been informed by Uounty
Clerk Orth that he baB issued op to
date 385 banter's license.
John Butler and Frank Wilson tar
ried a few moments In town on their
way to Cinnabar springs. They ex
pect to be gone ten days.
A lady attendant from the asylum
oauie to Jacksonville and took Mrs.
Jane Stanley, an iimuue putiout, to
that institution, l'our wonion from
this county have boon tukou to the
asylum this mouth.
In an issue of recent date tho Jack
sonville Times printed the gume laws
of Oregon in whioh was stated that
dovcB wero protected. This is an
error, as tboru 1b no law piotooting
Wm. Colvig chaperoned a party of
young boys on a cumpiug trip to
Squaw lake. They loft early Sunday
morning. Tho party consisted of
Colvig, Don and Vance Colvig, Charles
Dunford, David Crouomillor and Joss
Clarence Roamos, John Wilkinson
. and EUu Orth visited Colostln Satur
day and Sunday. Quite a number of
Jacksonville people are at that favor
ite resort. Cub Newbury uud family,
Mrs. J. KuesoU, l''ranoes and Charles
Nunan, Mrs. Clarence ltoamos, John
Orth and wife.
The county clerk has issued the fol
lowing marriage licenses: Hurry J.
Everett and Erinu Noble; John 1C.
Day and Maud 10. Wilson ; M. K
Pence and Osa 1.. Middlebushor;
Uoorge Uilbert Kerr and Mary Helen
Silsby; Fred D. Wagnor and Stella
M. Case; J .R. Cameron and Veda L.
$ioo Reward, $ioo
The roatlera f thlH pnpar will bo pleased to
learn luttl luero IB hi UJasi two ureatieu um
esse tbat uolcnco Iiub beco ablo to cure In all
Its BlaKes. and tlial 18 Catarrh, llall'a Catarrh
Cure la tho only ponltlvu euro now known to
the medical fraternity. Catarrh being- a oon
Htltutlonal iIIhobho required a ooiiHtllutlonal
Ircattnent. Hall'H Cntnnli Cure la takou In
lernnllv, acting directly non tho blood and
mueouH surfaces of tho ayHtont, thereby dea
IroylnK tbo foundation of tho dlHunBU, and
Klvinir the patient NtreiiKth by building up the
conntltutlnn and nahlHlhiK naturo In JoIiik Kb
work. The proprietors have an inueh fault in
Ita uralivo powers thut they offer One Hun
drcd Dollars for any ouho that 11 falls to oure.
Send for Hat of tcBttmontnlH.
Addrcra: F. J. CHENEY, & CO .Toledo
Sold byall drilBlrlHD,7ric
Take llall'e Family PUlBforconBtlpatloo.
Table Ruck 1 tenia'
BY J. c. .p
Richard Jennings and family linvo
-moved to the Washburn pluoo.
Tho hay that wnu baled on tho Kay
plaoo is being hanled to Tolo.
8; K. Adams 1b busy those days,
ntarkoting wood at Central Poiut at
good prioeB.
Mr. Miller, representing a St. Louis
buggy factory, was doing bUBincsB in
thiB sootiou lnat woek.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Vinoont havo re
turned from their eamping trip and
are at homo iiguin at the Mucdouald
fcTed Weeks, of Modford, and a par
ty of friondB drovo ontiroly around
Upper Table Hook Sunday. While
thoy onjoyod seoiug tho country tlioy
found the trip a hot and dusty ono.
Work on the Washburn rosidonoe Ib
moving along nieoly. Tho frame
work is all in place, tho rustic on mid
now tho roof is being lnid. Wlton
eoutplotod this will be ouo of tho most
comfortable homos in .the valley.
11. R. Porter and family Bturtou for
Portland lust Thursday by prlvato oou
veyanco. They propose to soo tho big
wobfoot country rightaud not bo hur
ried by any one. It will take them
sovonU weeks to makotho trip, Includ
ing tho time spent at tho fuir.
X. C. Gunii and family returuod
from l't. Klamath Saturday, whore
Mr. tl. has been ongaged in putting
up hay. In twenty days ho haudlnd
nearly llvo htuidrod tons. Thoy say
that that 1" a uioo country to oamp
tn, hut for a homo they will stand by
tho Rogue river vnlloy.
We were showed some oulons a few
days since that were grown on the
Hyboo place, just above tho bridgo,
which will compare favorably with
any growu In any oouutiy. Thoy
woro as largo as Baucers and very ilrm.
11 is a good Bhowing, as thoy wore
raised tvithottt irrigation.
Sams Valley Items.
liy M. II.
Mr. ami Mrs. 10. 10 Hall, of Hlg
Stloky, woro visiting rolutlvt s In tho
valley last Sunday.
Mrs. Nowniun Moon la attonding
tho Portland exposition and and vis
iting ber parents at that pluoo.
Mrs. Morris Case and daughter,
Mrs. Thus. Uliiss, have returned homo
from slght-scolng ul the Portland fair
uud othoi points of Interest.
Mr. p. .). Van Ilanlenberg and
son. Will, and daughter, Mrs. Aiinio
Clift, anil children, of Central Point,
parsed through tho valley last wtok,
on route lo tho Evans crook moun
tains for a two nocks' sojourn.
(lonrgo Hngledow arrived from Now
Mexico via Portland Tuosduy, for an
xnntletl visit with his Blstor, Mrs.
Kirmnii Kami, llrother and;sluter had
not mot for ovor twelve years until
tho hnppy mooting Tuosdny.
Miss Lulu liodaors has rottirned to
Iiit home nt Antioch after sovoral
months cast at the Ish farm, near
Modford. Miss Bodgors leaves with
in a few days for Portland to visit ber
sister, Mrs. fred Carter, and to take
in the fair.
Est) Medford lleras.
J. II. Butler is rusticating in the
Cinnabar ooantry.
Miss Dora Margueriter, of Sterling,
1b spending a few days with Mrs. J.
H. liutler.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Taylor and
Miss Qoldle are In Grants Pass for a
fow days.
Lewis Qerber, cattle king of Horse
Fly valley, passed through this sec
tion Monday.
J. A. Cocbrun and family returned
this woek from their summer's outing
nour Woodville.
Hon. Oar' T. Jones iB moving from
the Rawllugs the Barnuni
house on D streot, west Medford.
Mrs. James Morton, of Phoenix, is
tho guest of Mr. und Mrs. Gus bam-
uoIb at tho MoDonoiigh residence.
Mr. and Mrs. Silas J. Day and Mrs.
Mamie Dox aud duughter, of Jackson
ville, woro visitors in East Modford
on Tuesday.
Mr mwl Mrs. W. O. Daniolsou and
Mr. aud Mrs. Kolund Shearer return
od Monduy from tlioir outing at Mo-
Allistor spriugs.
Mr. und Mrs. Charlie Shoro, of Sac
ramento, uro viBitiug T. Collins uud
wifo thiB week. Mrs. Shoro is a cou
sin of Mr. Collins.
The orook is rapidly becoming dry
und the mid-sumiuur ulght" outliers
might do well to look for other quar
ters. A hint to tho wise, etc.
Mr. aud Mrs. W. Wright and son,
uud Mr. und Mrs. I. C. Robuot, of
Coutntl Point, woro Sunday guostB of
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Johnson.
Mrs. Juliii Furgorsou and daughter,
Lizzlo, returned Wednesday from Sa
lem, where MIbb Lizzio has boon in
tending tho summer normal for sever
al weeks.
Mrs. 11. E. Lemiug arrived Satur
day from Crawford, Nob., for a visit
of soverul wookB with old time fr'ouds
and relatives of Jackson county.
Mrs. Lomlng is a duughter of F. W.
KnowleB, of Jacksonville, uud sistor to
MeBdnmoB Wallace Wood, A. C. llubb
and M. P. Parker, of our city.
U. P. aud O. R. Liudley and fam
ilies, together with Mrs. King, a sis
ter of O. P. Liudley, nnd Mr. Ulrioh,
father of Mrs. O. It. Liudley, oom
prisod u party of Crutorloke and Poli
can bay tourists, who havo just re
Frod Jordan, of Ashland, hos found
a cfunrte lodgo on his fruit farm near
that olty, which prospeots well.
Three proprietors of "blind pigs"
wore brought boforo the city reoordor
of ABlilnnd last week aud lined ?200
Miss Juno Stauloy, agod forly-llvo
years, of Prospeot, wsb adjudged In
sane Saturduy and sont to tho asylum
at Salem.
Tho annual reunion of tho South
orn Oregon Pioneer Sooiety will be
hold at Ashland, ou Thursday, Sop
tombor 7th.
O. F. Slildllevo, formerly of Wood
villo, has romoved to Vancouver,
Wash., whero he has purchnsod 100
nuroB of land.
J. II. Tarbell, formorly ol Trull,
died ut Ashland hint woek, of heart
failure! aged sixty-two yearn. Ho
loitvos a wifo and two ohildron.
K. P. Noll hiiB puroliBBed tho stook
of tho Ashland Hardware Co., and
will oonduct tbo buainons personally
horonftor in oonnoctiou with his son,
Frod R. Neil.
Mrs. Snlllo Scott, wifo of Kngiuoor
O. C. Soott, died nt Ashland last
wnnlr. Sim was the mothor of four
ohildron, ono of thorn a baby of sov
euteon days old.
The Jordan Flue Block Co., of
Ashland, hnB boon incorporated with
a capitalization of 5000. Tho objoot
Ib tho mnuufttoturo of a commit tltto
roooutly pntoutod by Frnnk Jordan,
ono of tho incorporators.
Tho Ashland Lodgo of Elks uttraot
od attention In the big pnradri at
Portland last wook. It Is tho "baby"
lodgo of tho B. P. O. R, iu Oregon,
and its roprosontntivo8 rodo in an au
tomobile bearing a bannor setting
forth this fact lu npproprlato words.
Tho city outinoll of Ashland agreed
to givo O. 11. llouloy 20-horso powor
for ton years in consideration of n
Iced to a tract of land uonr tho in-
tako of the olty ditch nnd tho Tid
ings doesn't think the trndo a good
ono. 1' roni n tiisinnco u iooks its it
tho paper wub correct.
Tho city council of Ashland and tho
olootrlo light company arc deadlocked
ovor tho niatlers in controversy be
tween tlioiu. Tho company wants to
bring juice from tho Kay dam. which
tho olty will not permit unless brought
iu ovor n lino owued by tho oltr.j The
oompany won't consent to that and
there you nro.
According to tho Cold Hill News,
Section Foreman Witt and his Creek
orew ha'vo dissolved partnership, nnd
Mr. Witt lias a orew of Atuotionns.
Ho says that tho Creeks liccamo so
indolent and arrogant that ho could
get but very llttlo work out of thoui,
bo ho had to let them go.
W. H. Newton, while picking scrap
lumber at tho old Stansoll mill on
Sartlino oreek, fell from a high trcs
tlo and sustained some severe bruises.
A plank struck him on the head, rou
doring him unconscious for a timo.
He was alone, but managed after
awhile to get on bis wagon and return
S. E, Wright, of Ashland, deputy
game warden, has been pretty busy
lately. lie was oalled to Ulendale hurt
week, where be found three Los An
geles men fitting ont for a hunting
trip. With some difficulty he per
auaded thoui to give up the neoessary
$10 eaob, as license to hunt, but they
paid it.
Will Van Dyke, of Ashland, narrow
ly esoapod sorlous injury one day last
weok, by the overturning of a load of
hay. He was caught underneath the
load and severely bruised, beside be
ing knooked senseless. His young
Bon, who was on the wagon with him,
escaped without a soratoh.
Clyde D. Smith, of Ashland,
Southern Faoifio brakemun, received
injuries at Woodville Monday morn
ing from which be died while being
oonvoyod to tho railroad hospital at
Portland. His leg was caught by the
wheel of a freight car and badly lacer
ated, beside which other injuries wore
P. S. Cueey loft Sunday for Pitts
burg, Peuu. , where ho goes to close a
deal with eaBtorn oapitaiists for a sale
of nearly half tho stock in the Jold
Standard mine, near tho Opp mine
in tho Jacksonville section. Tbo suc
cessful close of tho deal moans tho
pluoiug ot a modern plunt, including
a 20-stump mill aud tram ways, all
cojipleto, representlug an expenditure
of S.12,000.
Real Estate Transfers.
Elizbatoth 1 Whiteman to H C Sto
vous; laud iu seu 10, tp .'10, i w, If-'lOU
Wm Keefor to W P Powell lots i.
5, 0, Wollon add. ABliland. 810.
W P Powoll to Marcea 1 and J E
Mitchell: lots 4. li. i. Woolen add.
ABhland, $10.
C F Smith to Glade Creek Minim-
Co; mining claim in Anoleftuto min
ing district, 81,
M u MacLeod to C W Ka niev : sw'
of boo 2, tp dO, 2 w, UK) acres, 81800,
O T Payne to J T Wilder; lotfl 3, 1,
Phoenix Culver plat, t.
J as Morton to J T Wilder; lots 5, 0,
blk 4, Culver plat, Phoenix, $100.
Stonheu Longfellow tn .1 T Wilder!
hind in soo 10, tp 118, 1 w, U125.
Hnlda Culver to J T Wilder; lots 5,
(i, Ibk !, Colver plat, Phocuix, 300.
J x wuuor to Elvira hi Wilder ;will.
S C Humaker to First National
Bank; property in Ashland, JllnOO.
Aiurtuii M urown to A E Austin ;
laud in soo 4, tp :0, 1 e, $1000.
Enoch Wheolor to W W Fnrdnev:
land in li I o 45, sec 116, tp DO, 1 e,
W W Fordnev to Frank Willlnma:
land In d 1 o 45, p III), 1 e, soo 15, $750.
Frank Williams to Enoch Wheeler;
laud in d 1 o 45,tp iffl.seo 15, 1 e, 750.
ueipuia uryunc ot ni to Kiohard
Beswiok ; government lot II, sec 14, tp
38. 1 e. $10.
SuBio L Allen et nl tn Knht Tweed '
HUB if. 10. noo 1111 BUtl. Aafilnnrl.
$547. '
MrB A A Kellofftf to O E (innron nnd
W J Mahoney ; lots 11, 12, and
of lot 10, blk 12, Medford, $1500.
EB Plokol to Carrie K (innro-p!
lota 1, 2, , and part of lot 4, lbk 2,
Park add,- $050.
Blnnoho M Whiteman to Hugh C
Stevens ; land in seu 10, tp 3(i, 4 w,
F R Noil to R P Noil -'undivided 1-3
iut, 1808.77 aores in tp 38,1 o, fOOOO.
Ashland Iron Works to city of Ash
laud : wiltor right on ABhland creek.
Laura Hugh to John 10 Lasnor:
part of lot 14, Hurgndtne tract, Ash
land, $10.
T W Tnomus to J E lsen ; Ml acres
in soc 25, tp 37, 2 w, $350.
Clara !M Brown to M Scott nnd
Mary Wilcox : lots 1. 2. 3. hlk 7(1.
Modford, $1000.
Geo W Lanao, Jr. ndmr, to F M
Lnnoo; H hit in los 1, 12, blk 2.1,Uold
Hill, $161.
A J Slooiim to Sndio J Rholce: lots
13 and 14, blk F, ABhland, $1700.
G U HiiBkius et ux to L B Ilaskins;
nV, of lot 2. b!4 of lot 3. blk 11. Mod
ford, $1.
ClillCotoFW Bradley: aW of
uwK, n of soW, wW of so1'. wK of
soo 25, tp 35, 4 w $2'(iOO.
Meeting ol City Council.
Modford city coiincilnien met Au
gust 20th iu adjourned meeting. Those
present wore : Mnyor Pickel ; Council
men, Kuruos, Soott, Pottengor, White
head, Willoko; absent, Hnfor.
A pormit was givou Karnes ,t Ritter
and J. F.KoUy to ioroot a two-story
brick building on Seventh street, bo
twoen C aud D streets.
Permit was given J. R. Wilson to
build an oxtonsion at the rear of bis
brick building, occupied by Crystal A
In tho matter of the petition of
Southern Pacific railroad, asking for
pormit to extend spur on South E
streot, its consideration was deferred
until sonto future meeting or until
reply to pstition from council to rail
road ollicials asking for the opening
of Sixth stroot had boon received.
A stdownlk wns ordoted put In ou
tho North sido of Seventh street, from
F streot (C. W. Palm's cornor) to I
street ( Dr. Picket's corner).
Hope is in Technicalities.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 21. Ex-Senn-tor
John M. Thurston, counsel for
Soiuitor Mitchell, reached New York
yesterday. In un interview hearing
on tho Mitchell case ho virtually ad
mits Mitchell's guilt, but oxpresses a
hope that tho Senator uiay ultlmately
esoape on technical grounds. Here
Is what Thurston says:
"1 feel quite hopeful of obtaining
a reversal of tho vol diet against Sena
tor Mitchell when tho ouso, which has
been appealed lo tno United States
supreme court, is opened ngnln next
spring. There are several points on
which I believe we can obtain this re
versal. Cue of these is Iho wording
of tho indictment against Senator
Mitchell, which should specify tho par
ticular crime with '.which he is
charged. This it does not do."
Another technical point which Sen
ator Thurston says may galu a rever
sal of tho verdict is the fact that under
the stattito for limitations the alleged
crime was outlawed before tho Indict-:
mout wns returned,
Prom Portland Telegram:
That the desert of Crook county Is
to give up its secret and the crime of
years ago be unoovered by tbo Feder
al grand jury, just oalled, Is the be
lief of those conversant with the
work of the present session Thelown
er of the grinning skull of at least
one viotlm of deadline hostilitiy be
tween sheep and cattlemen, now lying
on tbo interior sagebrush range, is to
be revongod, and no longer lie with
empty eyesookots upturned to the
stars, as If asking why the murderer
goeB unpunished..
The murdorer of "Shorty" Davis, a
former sheopman of the Crooked river
country, who owned a ranch sixteen
miles southoust of Prineville, and who
suddenly "dropped out""ahout three
years ugo, is said to havo beeu dis
covered uud the subject will be taken
up by District Attorney Fraucis J.
lleney, und an iudiotment returned.
charging an interior Oregon cattleman
with tho foul murder, it iB alleged.
Ihis case has mystified the Prineville
district for yoars. It attracted tin
usual attention from the fact that al
though uo proof of a crime could be
produced, there wub every reusou to
beliove thut Davis has been the vic
tim of foul play, because of frequeut
luurrols with cattlemen, who disputed
with him tho range alongside his
Crooked river ranch. Men have hunt
ed long for his romuius, but so fur his
body has not boon discovered, not
withstanding tbo fuct that there is a
standing rewurd of $3000 offered for
information leading to its recovery,
91000 of which was offered by Crook
oounty and $2000 by the estate of the
missing man.
The finding of tho corpse, with
whatever clew that discovery might
furnish, bus never yet occurred, aud
friends of "Shorty" Davis have al
ways believed that so carefully wub
the orimo covered up thut it would
never bo punished, uud tho murderer
brought to justice. Later develop
ments itidioute that tho whereabouts
of the body is knowu, and that before
the piosont grand jury bands in its
findings the blood of the murdered
man, whioh orieB to Heaven for jus
tice, will be satisfied.
The theory of the crime is that
Davis waaoniioed to eoine lonely, uu
froquented spot along Crooked river,
wnore rank growth of cottouwoods
covOrs the ground, and tborewas shot
down, lbat tbo unfnrtunnto sheep
man was. left .lying where he fell and
never given the consideration of a
hasty burial is shown by the report
that a lone sboepberder knows the
spot whero he lies and wiirdireot the
olllcers of the law to the scene of the
orimo of tho desert.
ThUB murder will out aud tne secret
so preyed upon tho mind of the lone
ly sheephorder, who in the long days
whou no tended his sheep brooded
ovor tho matter, he finally made up his
mind to confess bis knowledgo of the
crime, lie will bo a witness for the
government before tho grand jury and
will tell all ho knows.
PORTSMOUTH, Aug. 23-1 1 is now
kuown that the line of compromise
Bttggoatod by President Roosevelt in
his efforts to suvo tho Ponce Confer
ence from failure was that Japan
should forego her demand for indem
nity and pormit Russia to buy baok
tbe Island of Sakhalin at a pricn op
proximating the cost of the war. This
plan was accepted by Japan, but a
cablegram from tho Czar to Count
Wltte lust night showed that the Rus
sian Emporor will not consent to the
payment of one ruble to Japan on ac
count of tho war.
Examination for Rangers.
Following is a list of those taking
tho civil service examination at
Grants Pass this weok for the position
of forost ranger: John McConnel,
Merlin ; Georgo A, Ronebrake, Rose
burg; C. V. Odeu. Rose burg; T. K
Neal, Rosoburg; K. V. Poldor, Grants
Pass; O. D. Rrowu, Fort Klamath;
C. K. Kycs, MolroHe; F. L. Karhart,
Modford; R. L. Taylor, Modford;
Georgo W. Wooloy, Drain ; Charles
Crow, Grants Pass; C. E. Hilchett,
rants Pass; A. L. Adgertou, Grants
Pass; J. W. Hnmon, Uryden ; A. F.
Krno, Fort Jones, Calif. ; M. W. Mor
gan, Oak liur; is. A. Sratt, Oak liar;
F. E. Lichens, Oak Har; F. R. Cur-
Ufl, Walker, Oregon.
Wants to Consult Moody.
WASHINGTON', Aug. 21. Otlicials
of tbo Department of Justice have
heard nothing from Oyster Ray rela
tive to tbo appointment of a Fedeal
judge for Oregon, but believe tho de
lay is due to tho desire of the Presi
dent to personally consult Attorney
Gonorul Moody before making tbe ap
pointment. Tho Attorney-General is
in Xew England with Host on as head
quarters and, as far as known here,
has uot seen the President since he
startod to pick a successor to Judge
Cotton several weeks ago.
" Tmonu iThehukches.
51. K. CHURrit SOl'Tll.
Owing to tho Absence of tbe pastor
there will bo no preaching services In
tho M. R. Church, South, jext Sun-
Sbe Wtals to "Meander on tbe Farm." !
From tho American Farmer. j
We are in receipt of one of those
gushing letters which are oharacteris-
tio of sentimental girls just leaving
high school, with their beads full of
the kind of notions about life obtain
ed from trashy novels. She says she
has beard a great deal about the de
lights of country life, occasionally
reads a copy of the Amerloan Farm
er, whioh be father takes, and longs
for a romatio experience with a young
farmer at one end of the story and
herself at tbe other. This girl, who
lives in a oity, informs us tbat "it Is
a fond dream of mine to become a
farmer's wife and meander with him
down life's pathway. " Of course our
natural desire .to please the young
ladies would incline us to help thiB
one secure what sbe wants, but some
insuperable ditiicultiea present them
selves, Tbe othor sido must ne con
sulted aud we fear tbe average young
farmer does not tuke so romatio a
view of life as our correspondent,
Farmers are practicalpeoplo and when
they murr? insist above all things up
on a pruclicul wife. So wo fear Miss
Meander might not suit any of our1
farmer aqcuaintances even if aftor j
trial, he should suit her as well as she (
now fondly BUpposes. Our gushing
correspondent will lcnrujsoine day, es
pecially if she marries a working man
either in country or city, that there '
something to do beside going
downJ4ifes pathway" locked arm in
arm, singing lullabies aud eating
cream tarts. Rofore the honeymoon
is over our meandering friend is aure
to be painfully disillusionized. Her
hubby is liable to mo tin dor off uud
leave ber without wood which will
necessitate her meandering up aud
down the lane peeling splinters off
the fence to cook dinner. Of course
this will cause a rude shock to be
added to when tbo young wife is com
pelled to meaudor along in the wet
grass in search of the cows until her
shoes are tbe color of rawhide and
her stockings soaked. About tbat
time there's apt to be 'some display
of temper as "life's pathway" looms
up in the distance as a rocky and
thorny road.
Still other trials await, when it be
comes necessary to meander out
across twenty acres of plowed ground
with a club to drive the bogs out of
the cornfield aud tear your dress on
the barbed wire fence. If, in this
mood, you meaudor back home to the
house and find that the Billy gat has
butted the stuffiu" out of your child
or iiudthe old hen with forty ohick-
ens in the parlor, we venture to say
tbat you will put your bauds ou your
hips and admit that meandering is
not what it is cracked up to be. Of
course all this is presuming that you
have secured a husband of - average
good sense and habits. If, however,
he 1b in tbe habit of meandering over
to the saloon too oftou or when want
ed for work is found to have mean
dered off with evil companions, tbe
case will be much worse for the young
wife who expected to find "life's
pathway" all roses and sunbeams. Al
together, wo are inclined to think
that it will notbe safe for our fair
correspondent to meander to tho
country in search of a busband. Sbe
had better try to oatch on to some
rich young fool or some old one who
wants a "darling," so that tbe mean
dering business may be over roads
less rooky than those usually lying
before the hard working wife of an
industrious farmer.
Books Required for Central
Point School.
The following is a list of books aud
supplies required iu the Ceutral Poiut
public school :
Chart olass- Slate aud peuoil.
First grade Wheeler's primer, tab
let, pencil, writing book and draw
ing book No. 1.
Second grade First reader, tablet.
pencil, Elementaiy arithmetic, writ
ing book aud drawing book No. 2.
Third grade Third reader, Elemen
tary arithmetic tablot, peuoil, writ
ing book and drawing book No. 3.
Fourtb grade Fourth reader, Ele
mentary arithmetic, Momentary geog
raphy, Reed's Language Lessonstab
lot, pencil, Primer of Health, writing
Hook No. 4, drawiug book No. 5, spel
Fifth grade Fourth reader, Reed's
Language Lessons, Elementary geog
raphy, practical arithmetic, speller,
mental arithmetic, a Healthy Body,
writing book No. 5,drawlng book No.
Sixth grade Fifth reader, advanced
arithmetic, mental arithmetic, Grad-
edLessous in English, advanced geog
raphy, A Healthy Body, writing book
No. 0, spoiler.
SoYouth Grade Fifth reader, spell
', advanced geography, advanced
arithmetic, mental arithmetic, U. S.
history, Graded Lessons iu -English,
oivil govorumout, writing book No. 7.
F.igth grade Fifth reader, advanc
ed arithmetic Higher Lessons iu Eng
lish, LI. S. history, mental arithmetic,
speller, civil government, writing
book No. 8, high school text book an
nounced at opening of school.
School will open September ll'h.
1 will bo at the public school build
ing during tho forenoous of Septem
ber 7th and 8th, for tho purpose of
xamiuing and classifying pupils.
A. J. HAN BY, Principal.
Farm for Sale.
U acres sixty acres of line sub
irrigated bottom land under fence nnd
cultivation. A million feet of Hno
timber. Hundreds of conia of hard
wood. Near town and all down grade
and a line road. Good, two-story
dwelling with L, well of splendid
; th. nt frn it ui.,1
berries of nil kinds. County rond and I to have Eastern people visit their sec
dnily mail at tho door. A splendid j turn.
pIbco for health nnd a pleasant homo.
Address Uox 117,. Woodville, Oregon. ' Subscribe lor The Mail. ,
About Those Shoes
The Question is Solved.
Our Shoes are what yon want, they are wait
ing at our Store to give you comfort, and to
prove to you, that tiiey are Shoes made in
these days, which combine good looks, dura
bility and reasonable price.
Let Us Please Your Feet
With a Pair of Our Shoes,
you through life easy.
Come and See Our Red Box Plan
...It may be worth $20 to you. . . .
SMITH & 1W0L0NY, Proprietors
K. of 1'. Building, 7th Street
Some People
the Earth
tVV are now taking ordors for Fall Shipment Will you let us quote you prices on
the BKSJT KENCIE MAOEI Does not matter when you want to fence.
Page Coyote Fence
Is tho LtiluBt, and la Adapted U all Purposes.
Page Farm and Stock Fence
Will nop the Hogs; PAGE lO0LTRY and RABBIT PENCE will protect the gardens
and orchard. We fully guarantee and assist In erecting all Pape Fence. For further
particulars or prices, call on or write, Volney Dixon, Southern Oregon Repre
sentative P. W. W. P. or NICHOLSON & PLATT, City Selling Agents,
Medford, Oregon.
Smoke "Murphy's Best"
This is the best Nickel Cigar
ever put on the Medford Market.
La Cinceridad and Gorabanas -
Are bit goods known the world over as a prime article.
Tobaccos and Cigars to suit all tastes, at the
W. Q. MURPHY, Proprietor
New Suits Filed.
Nunan, Taylor & Co. vs. A. J. Ste
vens ; action for money. S. S. Pentz
attorney for plaintiff.
Zelma Good sell va.Evtirt Go ode ell ;
suit for divorce. W. i. Vawter at
torney forf plain tiff.
Q The Modern Confeotionory Co. vs.
13. E. Lester; action for money.
Reames & Keames attorneys for plain
tiff. Wm. Somlchson et'al vs. tbe oity of
ABhland ; petition for writof review.
H.ID. Norton attorney for plaintiffs.
Fred Million et al vs. the oity of Ash
land; petition for writ of review.
H. D. Norton attorney for plaintiffs.
For Sale.
Four full blooded Poland Chinas,
two boars and two Kilts, all April far
row. Cou'd be registered. Nine dol
lars each. Two miles southwest of
33-2t-pd E. E. MORRISON.
Probate Co art.
Estate of Alice R. Gibson. Inven
tory and appraisement Hied and ap
proved, showing real property ap
praised at $2350.
Estate of Hugh F.tiarrou, deceased.
Order to make deed.
Articles of incorporation tbe Jor
don Flue Block Co. Sum" of $5000.
Frank Jordon, E. C. Payne, G. S.
liutler nnd C. W.Evans incorporators.
Changed His Mind.
Last Monday Boo Swindeu took a
notion he could make more money as
a trick bicycle ridor for Buruum &
Bailey, so he triod fancy riding down
the hill, with tho result that Lon Ap
plegate carried him home. Bob says
he don't think circuses are any good
any way. Gold iiill .News.
Reduced Rate to Visiting Easterners.
The Southern Pncitlc Co. will make
a rate of one faro for tho round trip
from Portland to all points iu Oregon.
Ashland and north for visitors from
the oast to the Exposition at Portland,
to enable them to look over Western
Oregon with tho view of settling or
investing. Theso tickets will be good
for 15 days limit with stop over at all
intermediate points, and will be sold
to holders of the Exposition round
trip tickets from points east of the
Rocky mountains.
This will atir-ru the various counties
and communities that will
maintain n,l .l,-.,i.. li IW nn
f i -
at me exposition, every
They will take
We Want
Fence It.
Veterinary Surgeon
Graduate S. F.
Veterinary College
All Classes of Veterinary
Work. Calls answered day
or night
Phone 441 Medford, '
Dropped Dead While Hunting.
Tbe fonrteen-year-od son of Mr. and
Mi& J. JacobB, of Hornbrook, mot
death in a peculiar manner on l'Yi
day. The boy nnd Koy Jonos were
ont deer hnnting and toward oronlnic
bad plaoed themselves at a lick await
ing the appearance of game. Frank:
Jaoobs aimed at a fine deer when it
came in sight and missed. He put
down biB gnn, tnrned to his compan
ion and said: "There, he's gone"'
and dropped dead of heart failnre be
side his friend, who ran to a minor's
oabin for help. His parents had a
similar shock some winters ago.when,
during a sadden jflurry of snow,
Frank's sister passed away just as un-
i expeotedly while snowballing with a
' friend. Ashland Tidings.
To Hold Farmers' Institutes.
Or. James Witbycombe and Profs.
Kent and Cordley, of the Agricultural
College Experiment station, will bold
a series of farmers' institutes in
Southern Oregon iu Septomber as fol
lows: Gravel Kord, Sept. 1, ; Myrtle
Point, Sept. 2; Coquille, Sept. 4;
Mivrshlleld, Sopt. 5; Grants Pass,
Sept, 9; Eagle Point, Sept. 11; Jack
sonville, Sept. 12 j Provolt, Sept, 14 :
Kerby, Sept. 10.
Dissolution of Partnership.
Notice is hereby given that the co
partnership heretofore existing by
and between J. W. Kinney and W. T.
i Kinner. encaged in thn alnnlr hnai.
. i. u ,,.!,, ,.l nt ,i.i .i
. I' i T, ,7,. . , vu.oun,
laissoiveu, j. u.mnuey naving pur-
phnaeil the interesta nf ' T. Kinnev
Dated at Lake creek, Oregon, this
1st of day of August, 11X15.
33-3t W. T. KINNEY.