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fablUbcx) Ever? Frldj Mormn.
MauKoim, OitRooM 'Auu. M9G5
He Is of few dra; bat quw plenty.
4uascRiprioN si.go per year
aimd iq the Pontottiw at Medford, Oregon
m Sooona otMB Mall Matter.
Thb Mail and PortlandOre-
gonian $2 00
Thk Mail and Portlaud
Twlce-a-weuk Journal 00
Tub Mail and Baa Franoleoo
Kxiimlnor 2 35
TiikMail and San FranoiBco
Call a 00
Thk Mail and San Francis
co (Ihroniolo 2 26"
TlIB Mail und Cosmopolitan 2 00
We oan make our subscribers
aaluubi g rate with nearly ovory
prominent newspaper or maga
zine published in the United
States at a price much less than
the two papcrB would cost if
taken singly. This does not
apply to county newspapers.
Natbaniol Hoggs, a young meohuulo
of Rosoburg, is the inventor of a
threo-horso powor, gasoline engiuo,
wolghing only eight pounds. The
machine is built on a rotary princi
ple. A patout will bo scoured as soon
as possible.
S. P. Sbutt, formerly publisher of
the Olondale Nows, bus purchased the
Drain Nonpariol from A. T. Fetter.
Mr. Slmtt Is a newspaperman of ex
perience and ability and will exert
every olfortto make tho "Nonpariol"
-worthy of its namo.
It la estimated that thero aro about
319,000,000 bond of cattlo in the world.
The greatest producing oouutrios per
apita aro Uruguay, Paraguuy and Ar
gentina. These countries have 7, (S'A
and i'A oattlo por oapltn in tho ordor
named. Tho United Stntos is credited
with about threo-iuurtors of an ani
mal por capita.
Misfortuno eooms to follow the U.
S. S. Bennington. In tow of tho
Chioago she was boiug oonvoyod to
Mare lalaud navy yurds, when Mm
tow lino broko and tho Chicago took
a shoer that throw he nahnro, Whon
the cruiser was pullod olf sho collided
with the Bennington and both vossols
wore budly damagod. The strong
ourronts in tho harbor wnro partial
ly responsible, but tho sailors on both
vessels are sura of tho prosouevi of a
largo slzod "hoodoo."
The biggost gold briok ovor oast,
noarly aa largo ns two building briok
plaood end to end, which oontnlus
125,000 worth of gold that is purer'
tliau tho gold In a $20 coin, has Just
arrlvod at tho Lowts and Olark Expo
sllon and Is boing oxhibltod by tho
Nomo distriot of Alaska as ovidouco
that Nomo la still a groat gold-pro-duotng
rogion. Tho gold brick is a
foot long, four inches doop und flvo
inches wido, and wolghs approximate
ly ninety pounds.
Tho Portluud Orogoniati correspond
ont from Wnshlugtou, lu oommoncing
an articlo upon uopotiHin, among sen
ators aud oongressinou in tho capltol
oity, paruphasos Jjougl'ollow'a linos
SonB of groat moil oft1 remind nH
Wo oan muko our lives Hiiblimo,
And with father's push behind us
Wo oan gut tuoro ovory time.
Why not follow with tho next stanza:
"Let iih then bo up and doing.
Whllo our duda are In the 'kuow. '
Still a grafting, still a holding
Out our eagur hands for dough."
It is olaimod Mint ohlckouB fattened
by maohinory compriso swootor and
tenderor moat Mmu those fattonod In
tho ordinary way. Fowls aro fed in
thlB mnnuor for two or throo woeka
prior to killing, nud in that time in
orouso In wolght from two to throo
ponnds. Tho ohiokons aro uot allow
od oxerolso in Mils timo, and arc at
lowed no othor food than that whioh
1b reooivod from tho maohino. Tho
foeding Is done twloe a day, and ono
man can food throo huudrod ohlckona
In a dny. It is a patout liquid food
that is fod in this mannor, tho iugred
ionts of which, of oourso, aro known
only to to the mnknr.
Dowlo has issued an odlot to Ills
(ollowors that oaoh married oouplo
shall bring ono ohlld to the baptismal
altar overy twolvo months. Thero is
not a groat deal of opposition anion?
the Dowioltoa as to tho above provl
slon ; but somo of the young pooplo
do not look with favor upon tho in
terdlotion of hugging and kissing
both beforo aud aftor marriage. Sooma
to us that Dowio Is "up agalnat It'
when ho undertakes to prohibit tho
things which ninko courtship onjoy
ablo. Thero Is likoly to bo Btriko
among tho youngor followers of "Kit
Jan" if ho undertakes to mako bis
followora an "unkisBod sot, "
Tho fight tor suprtmaoy In tho con
trol of tbo salmon Ashing buslnoes lit
the mouh of ltogue rlvor still goes
merrily on botwoon K. 1). Ilntne, the
"king of the river" and B. 1). Burns.
Barns has rooently Mod damngo suits
aggregating 1125,000 against tho Wed
derbnrn eanneryman and a fight to a
finish in the oourta Is oxpootod, Por
twenty yoara llumo has hold absolute
sway at the mouth of tho ltoguo.
About nine yonis ago Hums settled at
Gold llonoll aud oomnieneod business
ia opposition to Hume. Sinoo thon,
be claims, llumo has peraooutod ho
nd his wif eln various nays, and this
WM. 6. CKOWBLL. Pre.ld.nt
First National Bank,
Paid Up Capital, $25,000 Stockholders' Liability $50,000
Will do a canervarlvu banking business.
luri-mi, vquuuy win, uur own
aulta are tho outuouio
of tho eontro
Two Souttio womou ettKBffed n a
Qtfht and one of them wan budly beat
en. The victor In tuo scrap applied
for a warrant for the other's arroet,
aud while she was iu the district at
torney's 0 ill 09 her victim was led in
covered with blood aud both ojos
blackoued. Tho official thereupon
uot 1 11 wi tho first "lady" that he
would have her arrested, whoreupon
tihe promptly faiuted. The Hoft
heurted ofilcialH then decided that the
assailant hud been suflloiently pun
ished and advised the other woman to
apply beofsteuk to her eyoB. Even
Solomon couldn't have dodged the
issue in bolter ehupo.
Unless the rest of the nations of the
world intervouo to force a cessation
of hostilities it appears as if tho Jap-
unuse-Hussiau war must drag on until
one or the other of the contestants is
exhausted. Japau's demands are re
garded as excoaaive, inasmuch as sho
requires the rotiromeut of Russia
from Asiatio coast, boside an idt mui
ty covering the cost of the war.
Jupau feels that she is in positiou to
compel com pi la 11 co with her requiro
mouts, as she lias possession of Fort
Arthur, bus annihilated the Kussiau
fleet, is ready to capture Vladivostok
at any timo and Oyamu has the Rus
sian army in Manchuria in his grasp.
Tho permaneut solution of tho prob
lem would porhaps bo to allow tho
war to go oil. With Kuan in rolled
back to Blboria. the rival nations
would be so far upurt that they
wouldn't get at euch other and there
would be no necessity of any one
holding them,
Ro member, my sou, you have to
work. Whether you buiidle a pick or
pen, whool burrow or a set of books,
digging ditches or editing a paper,
ringing an auction bell or writiug
fuuuy thiugs, you must work. Don't
bo afraid of killing yourself by over
work on tho shady sido of thirty.
Men die sometimes, but it's bocauso
thoy quit at 6 p. in. and don' get
home until 2 a. m. It's the inter vol
that kills, my son. Tho work giveB
you au appotito for meuls ; it lends
solidity to your slumbers; it givus
you 'a perfect, grateful appreciation
ot a holiday. Thoro are young men
to-ho do uot work, but the world is not
proud of them. It does not ovon
kuow their names; it only speaks
of them us "Old So und So'b boys."
Nobody Ukos thorn ; tho great busy
world doos uot kuow that thoy are
hero. So Hud out just what you want
to bo nud do, take off your coat and
mako dust in tho world. Tho busier
you aro the less harm you will got
into, tho Bweeter will bo your sloop,
the brightor und happier your holi
days, and the better satisfied tho old
world will bo with you. Hurt! otto.
If tho oxpnriniouts being conducted
by the Chicago A Alton railway com
pany with a viow to porfoctlug n Big
mil system whereby ovory engineer
willbo warned of nil trains within two
miles of him proves a huccohs, the
country will be able to exist without
airships for a fow years. This system
will uso wireless telegraphing nnd It
Is cluimod all tho details of tho sumo
havo boon tested und found to work
admirably. A doscriptiou of the
workings Is as follows: "Near tho ou-
gino cub Is an indicator which keeps
tho ongiuoer informed of tho condi
tion of the blocks of which ho Is tho
center. A trnlu approaches within
two miles to tho rear, a groon light
shows ou the Indicator and a warning
bell calls the attontlon t)f tho ongi
uoer. If tho train Is lu tho front, a
red light shows and tho bell rings.
Tho signals are rociprootd and tho
ougiuoors on both trains rooolvo
them at the same instant." Were all
the railroads equipped with this ap
paratus,tho saving of life in collisions
in ono year would amount to ovor ono
thousaud. A person could then trav
el with oompnratlvo safety, for tho
losa of Hfo in collisions when com
parod with that can Bed by derniled
traitiB or bnruod bridges la about
throo times aa grout
Solontlats of lato havo joined In
doleful ohorns in regard to tho doom
of (Jhloago. They do not, like ovnn
Kollsts in tho doldrums, assort that
the olty will one day be sub
morgod booauso of Its wlckodiiPBS.
Their observations aro made in tho
moat oold-bloodod matior possible
and than oonuluslons are worked out
with ninthomatloal preolalou. Aud
this la what they Bay:
Tho levol of Lnko Michigan has nils
ed a foot within tho last year and at
this rnto not moio than ton yours will
olupso beforo all tho low-lying soot Ion
of tho oity will bo submorgod. Pro
fossor Cox, of tho lliiroau of Meteor
olngy of tho National tlovorniuont,
has glvou epoolnl attention to tho ro
mnrkuulo phonomoou pnisentod by
the gradual deration ot tho hike and
P. K. DEUEL, Vla-Prcsldent
Always sare.guardlnif our customer1!' In
m, L. ALFOKU, Cashier
agrees with Professor Maury, of the
Columbia College, aud otherB thut
the lake region is tipping toward the
Mississippi valley. lio thinks, more
over, that if tho process noted is not
oh eo bed by some counter movement
of nature man of courso being pow
orloss only a few years will elapse
beforo all tho prosout oity of Chicago
will be added to the floor of the lake
that now washes its shores.
How far eastward this tipping pro
cess extends, scientists have not. de
finitely determined. If Lake Erie be
Included, the list of Us waters west-
ward will inevitably affect the flow at I
Niagara lutls, and Buffalo, if that
olty is soulless enough to exult in the
menace that is over Chicago, will en
joy a short-lived triumph over its
great shipping rival, since Lake Erie,
being deprived of its source of sup
ply would beoomo but a shallow pond
or swamp, and iu the course of natur
al process, dry land.
This situation is not a matter for
humor, though ghastly
jokes have
In Every Department
of Banking the
Jackson County Bank
CAPITAL and SURPLUS, 75.00 0
(Seventeen continuous years under one m
W. I. VAWTKK. 1'raililunl
B. K. ADKINS, Vlco l'rosldont
boon bused upon It. It is u piiysioal
fnot whioh may, ut no distant timo,
rovolutionizo the physical and oom
nioroiiil conditions of a vest rogion.
Chicago, it is said, takes the matter
philosophically, resolved to out, drink
und be merry toduy and though pos
sibly submorgod tomorrow.
The tippiug of the ourth toward tho
Mississippi valley Is a muttor of tro
mondous import to a vuut rogion out
side of Chicago. Whllo it Is idle to
attempt to ussoss the ngrioulturul,
:ommerolul and Industrial niagiiitudo
of suoh a dlsustor, it may be well to
givo oar to tho fucts as disolosod by
tbo obsorvution of scientists and ro
gurd the oomluslions submitted by
thorn, at least us possibilities. Tho
prudent mini, says Soolmou, forsooth
tho ovil und hidoth himself. Tho
prudent mini, boing onlightoned by
tho nifithomatlcut calculations of tho
solontist, nmy reudily forsoo the
ovil thut moiiucos a greet city and a
vast region by u movomont that would
drain tho great hikes into tho gulf
through tho Mississippi rivor. Hut
how ho ohu oscapo the cousuqueuces
or ns tho wise mun has It, "hide
himself 1 ' from tho ovil It is hard to
The Middle Course.
Tho Portluud Oregoniua, in uu odi-
toriul u few luys ago, nttaoked the
stnudpnttors" on tho tariff rjuostion
iu a nmiiner in which tho able editor
nil stulf of thut pnpor is alono cnpablo
in tho northwost. Thoroupou tho
Snlom Statesman tukoB up tho gauntlet
aud nbly roplios to tho Origouinu's
article. Tho thlukiug render, how
ovor, uftor giving duo weight to the
nrgumonts on both sides, will look for
a medium botwoon tho two extremos,
aa thero prosoutod.
It ia ovideut that the timo has como
whon, in ordor to lurlhor the bust
internets of tho nation ut large to
bring about "tho greatest good to the
greatest uumhor" that tho turitf
should bo rovisud. Not iu tho way
of a "tarilf for revouuo only," of tho
oporatlon of which wo hnvo had ox
perlenco not yot forgotton ; but in i
reduction whero tho roduotion would
bo to tho good of tbo poople. Tho
tlrogouian aaya tho tarilf is
"fotioh."1 Tho Kopubllcau party
novor had a "fotioh." It's caroor is
murkod by tho bones of discarded
Issnes, aa tho way across tho plains
was marked by tho bonos of horsos and
oattlo that had fidlon by the way side.
Measures havo been usod as long as
thoy were usoful to tho nation, thon
discarded, aud something olso as the
ueeds of tho nation domandod taken
up. This great nation oannot be oar
rtod on llko tho original thlitoon ool
onlos could havo boon. Tho nation 1b
growing and tho Republican party 1b
growing with It. Thoro 1b a menn
botwoou the oxtrrniea of tho oloniout
whioh would tonr down tho polioy
which has helped to build the nation
H overV
hm srmsssl
up, and thut which would build a tar
iff wall around the nation, shutting
out the products of tho world. In a
word between the fanaticism of the
"standpatters" on the one baud and
the low tariff advocates ou the other,
there is a middle ground The protec
tive tariff haB stimulated industry,
built up trade and furnished an in
come to the nation for many years.
Home of the Industries thus fostered
have now become self-supporting
they do not need to be protected from
competition with the outside world.
Those Industries are no louger en
titled to a full protection. Others are
Btill oompeting with other nations.
Those should be if found worthy-protected.
A New Directory.
W, J. Lloyd, representing It. L.
Polk & Co., directory publishers, is in
our city gathering data for tho forth
coming Jackson and Josephine Couu
ty Directory, two counties in one
volume. This book will contain the
names of residents of the towus, giv
ing their business, occupation or pro
reunion ; also a complete list of tax
navers with the assessed valuation of
thoir property and postoflJco address.
K. L. Polk & Co. maintain directory
libraries in ail the principle cities of
the United States, where a copy of
this work will be sent for the free use
of the public. This is the first direc
tory of the kind ever put out for
these counties, and as it is put out
by a firm with the reputation which
R. L. Polk & Co. has, there is no rea
son to doubt its correctness and be-
iuK correct it will be of great value
to our poople.
Is Prepared to Serve Ynu
in a Satisfactory Manner
O. II. LIN 111. KY, Cashier
L. L- JACOH3, Asst. CUHtllor
Unite to Fight Big Beef Trust.
CHICAGO, HI., Aug. 21. Carefully
luid opposition to tho beef trust.
which, it is asserted, will reach gi-
guntiu proportions shortly, began op
erations at the partially oomnleted
packing plant owned by the Indepen
dent Paoking Company this morning.
With ttie utmost soorecy two compan
ioa the other the Western Packing
& Provision Company have organized
in Chicago, and their plants will cost
nearly J500.000 when complotod.
Whilo the paakera of the beef trust
oircle wore warding off tho attacks
of the Iutorstuto Commorco Commis
sion bb to private car lines aud the
t'odornl grand jury as to combination
nnd condnot of their businoss, tho
whole snlo butchers, liotol men and
restaurant mou, us woll as othor largo
consumers of niout wore socrotly or
ganizing with a determination to sno
cood so strongly in thoir minds that
no word ronohod tho public till this
wook. Mon interested in tho now
ooncerns Bay tho railroads hnvo priv
ately given assuraucos that they will
aid tho iudopendentB to nlmost any
extent, as thoy have tired of what thoy
term tho puckors' manipulations nud
snmetiinoB trenohory.
llutohors.meut dealers, hotel and ros
tnurant mon hnvoorngnized In twenty
citios of tho oountry, nnd aro getting
roady to build packing pluuts. Nego
tiations nto partially completed with
organizations having capital, ouergy
nnd light In Now York City, whore
two packing plants hnvo already boon
quietly oroctod, ono nt a ooat of (1,.
r00,000 In San Frnncisoo, one in Mo
bile, Ala., ono in Crauvillo, Mich,.
and two othors in Inrgo oltios of that
atntoj one in iluffnlo and several
others scattered through the south,
wost nnd north in cities of 100,000 to
inn. nut) population.
Tho stylo of paoking plants being
built and to be built is an exact rep
lica of tho modol plants of tho big
pneking oompnnlos reoontly put up
in wostorn oitiea. Tho independents
now will bo able to oonvort all by
products, thereby solving their ono
groat problem, aside from railroad
rateB, which haB oonfrontod tho indo
pondont pnokors In the! att empt to
wriggle out of the grasp of the com
binod paokora and to compete with
thorn. For tho UrBt time, it appears,
the ldon huB oconrrod to the Indepen
dent competitors that thoy may also
luuuufaoturo by-produots, and in this
way be on oxaotly the sauio economi
cal footing for prodnotion as the big
Farly Reception at Mcdford.
A oouplo or throo woeka ago a news
paper trtend of W. V. Kifort and
family passed through Mod ford on the
early morning train and was met at
tbo station by Mr. Ki fort and his fam
ily. This frloud of thoir'e Is Agoow
Welsh, editor and publisher of the
Ada, Ohio, Kecord, aud below Is what
ho has to eay of Mod ford and bis brief
stop hero:
We wero duo at Mod ford. Oregon,
at 4 :0G a. in., but our tralu wns thirty
minutes late, uore ib wnero w. w
fort loeatod about two yuars auo
and ho aud his family got up at 3
o'clcok to uet down to the train,
They were all licking splendidly aud
loaded us down with bags of fruits
and nuts and the bis hearted mil Blip
pod into my hsnd a neat littlo box
containing fragrant well, they're alt
burned up anyhow, so I needn't tell
yon what they woro. It waa a grtnt
pleasure to us to navo tuis two turn
ute beforo sunrlso reunion.
Med ford is quite a prospermia look
ina placo, aitnatvd in a valley of tho
ooant range. It Is about Ifclfi miles
fouth of Portland and la the best
town for a long distance.
Hon. .). W, dwell bft Tuesday for
Chaa. Kiiifj returned from Portland ;
M. li. Glover, of Climax, was iu the
oity Sunday.
Win. Zimmerloe was dowu from
Trail Wednesday.
Mrs. J, M. Keene visited Ashland
friends Wednesday.
Miss Mary Davidson is ia Portluud,
attending the fair.
Miss Maggie Dorn left Weduesday
evening for Pendleton.
Capt T. J. West, of Urowusboro,
was in Medford Tuesday
Jake Huger left Tuesday eveuing
for Portland for medical troatmeut.
C. A. Neustrom, of Lake creek, was
in the city Saturday, upon business.
Mr. aud Mrs. Harry Foster, of
Grants Pass, were Medford visitors
Wm, Muller and his mother, Mrs.
M. Mulller, are in Portland this week,
seeing the iair.
Frank Loder left this week for Port
land, where be will take a good, loug
look at the fair.
Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Carpenter re
turned Saturday from a viBit to the
Portland fair.
Fred Tice and family returned Sun
day from a week's outing at the Dead
Indian springs.
Mrs. C. D. Porter, of San Francis
co, is in Medford upon a visit to Mr.
and Mrs. E. J. DeHart. ,
Miss Doss MeCrary, of Center,
Williams county, Ohio, is visiting ber
sister, Mrs. B. I. Stouer.
Mr. and Mrs. K. O. Hart returned
to Medford last week from California.
They will reside in Medford.
Rev. and Mrs. H. C. Urown left
Monday morning for Portland. They
will be abseut about ten days.
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Stine, of Log
an sport, Indiana, are in Medford vis
iting J. A. Cochran and family.
Mrs. Thos. Purdy and sou, of Walla
Wulla, Wash., are in Medford, upon a
visit to S. P. Purdy aud family.
Aif. Weeks and Dr. H P. ilargrave
left Tuesday evening for Portland to
spend a few days at the exposition.
Dr. J. O. Goble and E. W. (Tobe)
Broua left Tuesday morning for a cou
ple of weeks trip to Crescent City.
Jack Lour returned to Medford
Monday from a sevoral months' trip
into Southorn California and Mexico.
Crystal (Mb Talent,
Leading Grocers.
C Street,
Mrs. B. P. Adkins roturuod this
week from Portland. '
Mr. and Mrs. Eduiood Bidwell, of
Portland, woro in Medford yesterday,
on route to Orator lnko.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. O'Harra, of
Tolo, woro in Medford this week,
guests of Mr. and Mrd. R. H. Ualloy.
Rev. S. Jouos, formerly pastor of
tho Prosbyterian ohnroh at Jackson
ville, was visitlug Rev. P. W. Shiolds
in Modford this weok.
Judge and Mrs. P. M. Stowart re
turned Wednesday from a live weeks'
outing in the Big Butte creek coun
try. Cashior Q. L. Davis returned Wed
nesday from his visit to Portland.
Mrs. Davis aud liazol will return next
J. P. True and Mr. and Mrs. Flank
True returned this week from a twen
ty days' Btay at the Dead Indian soda
Attorney Rlddell, of Portland, of
the firm of Dufur A Riddell, was in
Modford this week, opon professional
I. Thompson, of Grants Pass, one of
the prominent lumber dealers of that
place, was In Modford on business
Osoar Williams, formerly of Central
Point, bnt lately of Portland, has
taken a position in Bates Bios, ton
sorial parlors.
Mrs E. M. LnmBdon, Mrs. 11. U.
Lnmedon nnd daotshtor, Miss Ruth,
loft Wednesday morning for a visit to
Portland and the fair.
Mrs. Eva Uockenyoa nnd daughters,
Misses Rose nnd Freda, left Wednes
day morning for Portland. Thoy will
bo absent about ten days. j
Mrs. Julia Miles and eon, Claud, i
roturuod Tuesday from a several !
mouths' Btay at Mrs. Miles' homo- j
stead, on Bntto oreok.
Mr. and Mrs. M. P.. Jones, of Mon
tavlllo, Oregon, and J. E. Jones, of
Codarvllle, Calif., are In Medlord up
on a visit to J. Jones, the shooting i
Peaches and Pears
Are now in their
Prime for Canning.
Always a nice supply at
L. B. Brown's
gallery man.
remain here.
They may decide to
Mr. and Mrs. W. . Coleman, Mr.
aud Mrs. F. E. Furry and Miss Minnie
Town, of Phoenix, uro enjoying a cou
ple of weekB of a good time at the fair.
Samuel Rose, of Igerna, Calif., was
lu Medford this week, upon a visit to
the King boys. Mr. Hose is an engi
neer for a large lumber company at
A. M. Cherry, of Spokane, Wash.,
a prominent mining man, who is in
terested in the Lucky Queen mine in
Jump-off -Joe district,speuta few days
In Medford this week.
Miss Beulah Warner left Thursday
for Berkeley, Calif., where she will
take a post-graduate course in the
University of California. The young
lady graduatod from that institution
last spring.
Mr. and Mrs. R. IT. Whitehead and
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Fitch, of Broad
heud. Wis., loft Sunday evening for
Portland, where Mr. Whitehead will
atteud the meeting of the irrigation
cougress held there this week. Mrs.
Medford, Oregon
Pitch is a sister of Mr. Whitehead
and she aud her husband will likely
return to Medford to locate lator on,
as they have become very favorably
impressed with tho oountry during
thoir visit of soveral weeks here.
Where will We get Water?'
Right at the present timo there is
nothing more important to the well
being of the city of Medford than its
water supply. The Commercial Club
of this city has deolded to take this
matter up and ascertain if it be pos
sible to devise means for securing a
supply of good, pure mountain water
for the city's use. When the Com
mercial Club acta as a nuit npon
any improvement or enterprise it al
ways accomplishes its end. Knowing
this to be true and desiring an ex
pression of all the olub members and
the oitizens generally, President
Hutohlson and Secretary Purdln have
asked The Mail to call a meeting of
club members and oitizens for Tues
day evening, August 29th, at 8
o'clock, at the club rooms. Aside
from the matters above referreJ to
there will be other questions discussed.
The Mail gives the News.
LEON B. HASKINS, Ph. G Proprietor
A Scientific Toilet Preparation
for Cleansing and Beautifying
the Teeth. Prevents decolora
tion and decay. Price 25cts.
Land Office Not Yel Opened.
The Mail has had a number of let
ters of inquiry as to when the Rose
burg laud office will be opened for
business. There is no information to
give out more than that the offioe is
still olosed. That is, no receipts are
being issued; no filings placed of re
cord and no proofs ordered made, but
filings may be mado at any time.
Special Agent H. F. Higby is in
charge of the oiiico and filings made
are acknowledged by him and the
papers are filed with the date when
When finally the. register and re
ceiver are appointed and the office 1b
opeu for business these filings will be
taken up and passed upon in their
regular ordor. Until the office is
opened persons who have made filings
have nothing to do but wait. They
will be notified when their filings
j have been reached, and if theirs be
homestead filings they will be asked
to return to the laud office the filing
fees which were returned to thorn
when tho filing was made.
Circuit Court Jurors.
The following is a list of jurors
drawn to serve at the next term of
: the circuit oourt, which conveues ou
Sept. 5th:
j North Jacksonville Henry Maury.
I Medford H. U. Lumsden, P. Hub
: bard, Oeo. li. Lindley, B. h Adkins,
John Arnold.
I Phoenix Clinton Gary, J. HarSJry.
1 Winior Chas. Owens.
Gold Hill Isaac Householder, W.
, L. McCluro.
I Tnlout W. Beosou, J. M. Casoboer,
i N. D. lirophy, G. N. Anderson,
jj Ashland J. Keoler, Chas. Grubb,
D. D. Good, D. li. Grant, Wm. Myer,
I Ed. Sutton.
South Jacksonville John Marsh, C.
; W. Conklin.
I Eagle Point D. Cingoado, J. W.
Gcrovor, C. E. Bellows.
Antioch Perry Poster.
Central Point M. S. Welch, Ben
Union W. W. Cameron.
Sams Valley C. C. Gilohrsit
New Principal Elected.
At a mooting of the sohool board,
hold Suturday night, Prof. 0. A.
Schots, of Pokin, Illinois, was oleotod
aa priuoipal of our schools. Prof.
Berry, of North Yakima, who was
previously eleoted, having resigned.
Prof. Sohots has some of the best rec
ommendations which it is possible to
bestow upon man nnd these from
known and worthy educators. School
will oommence on September 11th.
At this same meeting Jasen Ottiuger
waa elected janitor.
Secure Rooms New.
To the people of Medford and vi
cinity: If you should want roqms
during the Lewis and Clark fair call
on Mrs. L. T. Pirce, . formerly of
Modord. Terms, ?1.00 and $1,50 per
day ; residence 504 East Oak street
orner 10th, Portland Oregon. 20-t
Advertised Letter List.
Following is u 1191 ot lotters romalns on.
16 1905 F attlc Medrord postofflce on ADf,
I renna. Mrs H A Orlnet, Miss Idn lee
Ginet. Joseph Houston. MlFnrrnee
Howard I W Kinney, Miss Krsnkls
Mndd, Mr Harvey S MrDonald, Mr Honold
Mure, ueo W O'Brien, Jsmos
Taylor, BB Webb, Mr Alex
A charge of one oent will be moue upon d
llvory of each of tl e above loners.
Persons calling tor any of the above teller!
will ploaso say " Advertised."
A. M WOODFOHD. Hostmastsr