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    Ti 1DF0H1) MIL
FwUUhed Everr STlaay Mornina.
HnroRD, Friday:, May lii, 1902
tie la ot taw Uy; but quits plasty.
Msred in the Piwt.'iice at Motlford, Oroitoo
aa Roe--w ''.s MMI
That Railroad Assessment.
T.T.OKBR, of Marlon
HTIU.IAM 1. KirUXlSH, ot I'tnatlllR
roa sri'KKMK ji'dok:
It. a MKAK, 0( !.auo
'. I. DUNBAR, ot Clatsop
roit tkkasurkk:
C. & MOOItK, ot Klamalh
A. M. CRAWFORD, of PouitlaJ
J. II. ACKKRMAK, ot Multnomah
J. R. WIUTNKY, ot Unu
THOS. H. TOSOTK, ot HlUsboro
J. H. IIAX8RK0VGH, of Rosoburg
C. V. CARTER, of Ashland
W; A. PARTKt, ot Oold Hill
CLINT E. STEW ART, of Medford
FOR sheriff:
Al.EX OitME, ot Fools Creek
FOR ci.krk:
11. L. ALFORD. of Medtord
for rbcobdkk:.
ntTER A PPLBU ATE, of Central Point
UAX MUIXER, of Jacksonville
fok assessor:
IOYAI. BROWS, ot Eagle Point
for commissioner:
for coroner:
M. F. SHAW, of Ashland
tiARL T. JONES, of Medtord
Thk good, honest and substantial
work which Congressman Tongue
has done for Oregon is too well
- litfiwn to admit of a thought of de-
eat. It not.- written that way
he hsmlwriting 00 the wall pro
claims his th election as a fitting
"tiibule to his pnergy and ever
watchful care of Orgon's interest.
7&T. Tongue is acknowledged to be
- -ooeof the most capable and influ
ential representative in the halls
roi congress. Democrats as wll as
Republicans will vote for him and
"that is but right it if? no more
than fair and honorahl he has
-- Berwd Oregon faithfully and well
sod be deserves a bigger vote than
--be eer received before. The Crater
; lafre national park bill whs framed
sod advocated by iMr. Tongue. It
has become a law and Southern
' Oregon will have set apart a portion
of be territory which will be for
all time to come a feature that will
'direct attention this way. and in
many ways be of material advan
tage to as.
The Enquirer persists through its
"editorial writer to misstate I ho touts
relative to tho railroad Resu.'auiout,
The Mail stated Hint In years previous
to 1SWG the railroiul company had mUI
taxes 011 an assessment of MOO par mile
on ll romllH'd. This uilemnt is mrii"
out liy I ho liiots 011-ily within roach of
everyone who wishes to leai n the trull)
and state it to tho public. Till-: AS
menton thoir lauds (or iho year 1S03,
tho roll mado next preceding Iho one
011 which the litigation over Iho a posh
ment arose, was us follows: IKIO.OIS.OS
aoros valued on tho roll at $272,5),
tnnktug an assessment of a Uulo in ex
cess o( soventy-tlvu cents per aero.
The Mail staled that luut the county
placed the asesmeiit 011 the roadbed
lor the year 18SKI at toOOO per niilo tho
company would have paid ou thoso II g
ures it Is said thuy even lntimutud
that thev would pay on u figure in ex
cess o( that sum rather than have any
litigation with the county over tho as
sessment. Thov had paid on an assess
ment of $5000 per mile in 18!):! and IS!).!,
and would pay on that figure saln.
But the ooard ulae'ed tho assessment at
ilO.lXW per mile and on this assessment
tney retusoa to pay ami went into 1110
courts. They then paid on an assess
uiont of $;!500 per m!lo the courts de
cided that they should pity on toOOO per
mile, aud the couuty quit just where It
oegan the company would navo paid
ou a foOOO assessment without litigation
they did pay on a foOOO assessment
aftor three vears 01 litigation, and dur
ing that time the county lost the inter
est on the money, and in excess ot $2600
in attorney's fees, and court costs lu
the lower court.
Had the board of equalization matte
the assessment ot their lands seventy
five cents per acre the company would
nave paid on that sum they did pay
on that sum the year previous to the
litltration. After three years of litic-a
tion the courts decided that they should
pay on seventy-rive cents per acre
Will the Enquirer please calculate for
the putjllo the train that lias rcoi-uqci to
the public by these three years of 11 ti
gation? We collect from the railroad
company taxes on no greater assessment
than we din before toy nutation arose
and The Mail Is unaliln to compute
any earn that has resulted to the lax
payers of the county, for there was no
Realizing the excellent showing
which the present officials of the county
have made In the management 01 thoi
respective offices, the Democrat party
through the agency of the tnouirer.
Retting ready to appropriate the results
to the oenelit of the Democracy, and Is
paving the way by a lulse showing of
gain to the county through the railroad
suit of $14,000, but it wont work. There
was do euoh sum paid into court for the
use and benefit of the county, and the
editorial stall of the tnouirer should,
and probably does know It.
We trust that this Is the lost time
The Mail will be called upoo to refute
these false statements relative to the
results accruing to the county by the
railroad assessment and railroad litlga
tion .
Horace Mann, Democratic caudl
duto for jjutul roprusontullvo, ouuned
his campaign at Rone's hull, on Applu
gttto, on the 7th. The posters amiounueil
that "IToi-aou Mann, Miles Ounlrall and
John 1). Olwell" would address the
oitmens ot Applogate, and extended a
special invitation to Kuptiblienns. When
llie tlinu came only lloi-nco showed tin,
us the story was tuld Tim Mail, umt
ho constituted the wholu crowd up to
I) o'clock in the evening, when by dill
gunt rustling, twenty persons, inun and
boys, were collected in the hull. Twelve
ot these weru known to be Ueptililiouus,
Ihrco were boy, under age, nnd the
other five were supposedly Democrats.
Mortice unloaded his carefully preimred
speech on this audience and then
everybody went home. Dutnooi'iiiio
enthtisiitsiu was conspicuous by Its ab
sence at that meeting.
The two Democratic (?) papers printed
in Medtord worked themselves up Into
a "line frenzy" last week over an article
In The Mail of tho week before, which
they claimed anst rellcctions on the
character ot J. S. Orth, the Democratic
candidate for county clerk. The pus
sago which aroused the Ira of Messrs.
Xickoll aud Mann, occurred lu an Item
complimentary to M, L. Alford, lu
which it was stated thnt Mr. Alford J
had "no bad habits; there Is not the I
least danger in tho world of his ever
becoming Bloomerlzed and wasting his
own and the county's funds in riotous
living." Those words aru construed to
be a reflection on Mr. Orth ; but noth
ing was farther from the iutouliou of
that article than to cast such a re flee
tion, and anyone who will read It with
unprejudiced mind will say the same.
There was no comparison made be
twoen the candidates. Mr. Orth's name
was nowhere mentloaed and there is
not tho least implication that he would
do the things which are tliore stated
that Mr. Alford would not do. It was
a simple statement ot fact with nolthor
innuendo nor direct statement against
Mr. Orth, nor any Intention or thought
in the mind of tho writer that such an
Inference would bo drawn. The Mail
has been congratulating Itself and tho
people of Jackson County that this was
going to be a campaign freo from scur
rilous personalities, and it intends, as
Mar as it Is concerned, to keep It going
on that line as muoh as lies within Its
power. We would take no notice of tho
fuming of tho two sheets above men
tioned did we not feel it duo to our
selves and to the men we are endeavor
ing to elect to remove whatever false
Impression the accusation against tbis
paper has given rise to.
Another Rumar Denied.
Letter From Prof. E. H. Smith.
The following letter has been
ceived by The Mail from Prof. E.
Smith, formerly a resident of Jackson
County. When Mr. Smith left here he
was in very poor health but it appears
that the change of climate has worked
a change, and he is now on the road to
entire recovery which tidings will be
welcome news to his many friends in
this county. Here Is the letter:
Capkll, Calif., May 4, 190:
Mr. A. S. Blito.V,
Medford, Ore.
Dear Friend: The Mail comes every
week to ns like "a letter from home,"
and we eagerly devour its contents.
We are healthfully and happily lo
cated in a most charming place in the
mountains, at an altitude of some 1100
feet, eighteen miles distant from Napa.
TPe rented a small fruit farm, and grow
grapes several varieties figs, apri
cots, nectarines, almonds, peaches,
quinces, cherries, oranges and lemons.
but only grapes, figs and almonds in
sufficient quantity for market. We are
rooting some 60,000 Tokay grapn cut
tings (or a nurseryman in Napa, which
we will deliver next winter at tlO per
thousand. We have put out over 600
tomato plants, expecting to grow some
tomatoes for early market. We are
comparatively free from frosts np here.
In our door yard are roses, calla lillios,
geraniums, China lillies, having lived,
grown and bloomed all winter, except
! the call as, of course, which did not
Tho new Medford cigar two (or 2T
- eenta. Tbis ie unquestionably the bp-t
bit cigar ever put on the mark-t. It's
a Medford Droduct made bv the Pulm -
Whitman Co., and for sale at the IMnlto. j bloom until early in the spring the
' . I last of March. '
I have constantly improved in health,
having b;en busy most of the time in
out-of-door work plowing, cultivating,
prunirg, chopping wood, etc.
Thanking you for your many kind
neeBeB to us, I remain,
Your friend,
E. E. Smith.
wouldn't b R very pleasant death for
nvon.-. J 11 -t the idea of a bug In the
h i) i-.f m rv lined person would keep
li.em awake nil night. There is no ex
;cu 'or it wh-n the Strang's bed bug
xtf rifriator will absolutely clear your
: -v(). ihI fti'-tiiture of the pesta. We
i w have the beBt .
' aris Green and London Purple
. jr fruit trees. Try it
j Medford, Oregon
Candidates' Ball.
There will be a candidates' ball given
at Ruch hall, on Forest creek, on Fri
day, May 23d. This will be one of the
best parties ever given in Jackson
County and everbybody is invited to at
tend. The dance tickets will cost $1.60,
including supper, which will be fur
nished by Mrs. Venerable and it will
be a good one. It is expected that the
candidates will all be there. Music will
be furnished by Kay and Cameron or
chestra. -
ISditok okMau.: Will you
do mo the kindness to state
through the ooluinns of Thk
Mail that the busy-bodies
who tire circulating the report
that in tho event of the elec
tion of Mr. Alford I am to
be his deputy, are manufac
turing that yarn out of whole
cloth. Mr. Alford has never
requested mo to become his
deputy in the event of his
oleetion and if ho should do
so would refuso tho offer.
You will therefore please
state that I WILL NOT JHO
MR. ALKOlM). I urn using
my best efforts for Mr. Al-
ford's election bocauso 1 know
him to bo well qualified to
fill the position, but tho
deputy position has not
boon promised nor is it ex
Very truly yours,
Gl'S NiSW'lll'RY.
n ii 1
Congressman Thomas H. Tongue's
bill creating Crater Lake National Park
wbioh passed the House of Representa
tives over two weeks ago, and was In
troduced in the Senate by Senator John
H. Mitchell, passed the upper house ot
Republican Speaking.
The Republican Candidates for
Legislature nnd County Offices,
accompanied by Hon. Que Newbury
and other speakers will nddreBS the
citizens of Juck.ion Cuunty on the
issues of the day at the following
places and limet,: Winter May 19
1 p, tu
A Ten Dollar Suit
Wo menu
the man
wants to
10 for auit shall have the biggest Ten Dollars
worth he ever had. Wo know that it may result
in lots of inon buying these Suits who intondod
to pay more, lint that doesn't tleler us when we
can increase the values wo offer. Our $10 Suits
have always equaled the 12 griulo anywhere else
$18.f0 or $15 would bo nearer their compara
tive worth. There's no more style in any gar
ments than you'll Hud in these Suits. The styles
are now patterned Cheviots ami Cassimeres tho
right Spring cut, but it's tho value in them that
niakos thorn remarkablo at the price. Take 11
F. K. DEUEL, & CO.,
Scraps of Early history.
Mrs. Elizabeth Kminov. now liv
Woodville May 19 7:30 p. in8 Jacksonville, came to the
m. bams Valley May 20 1 p. m.
Gold Hill May 20 7:30 p. m. An
tiocb May 21 1 p. m. Meadows
May 21 7:30 p. m. Mound May 22
1 p. m. Central Point May 22 730
p. m. Roxy May 23 1 p. m. Med
ford May 23 7 :30 p. in. Ruob May
24 1 p. 111. Jucksonvil le May 2-1 7:
30 p. tu. Luke Creek May 2l 1 p.m
Big Butte May 27 1 p. ni. Eagle
Point May 28 7:30 p. m. Phoenix
May 29 7:30 p. m. Talent May 30
7:30 p. m. Neil School House
May 31 1 p. m. Ashland May 31
7:30 p. m.
Everybody Is invited, regardless
of politics, to attend these meetings
and learn how the business affairs
of the county have been obanged
congress, Friday afternoon, and will be j from a lo8inK t0 B payirig bagia by
bill withdraws from settlement, entry
or occupancy, a tract of 249 square
miles, including and surrounding Crater
lake. Control of the nark Is to rest
ith the secretary of interior, who
shall provide rnles (or the protection
and preservation of the natural objects,
game and fish, and properly guard
against trespassers, and, with an ade- j
quaie lorce 01 wardens, prevent and
extinguish forest Ares. Settlement Is
not to be allowed in the park, nor can
lumbering or other business be therein
conducted, although tourists, pleasure
seekers and scientists will at all times
have (ree access. Authority la irrantod
for issuing permits (or the erection and
maintenance of restaurants and hotels
(or the accommodation of visitors.
For Sale.
Havine renlaced mv nnrtahla twnltm.
horse power boilor with a boiler of
larger capacity, I offer my twelve-borae
power portable boiler with all fixtures
complete for sale. Will tak lumber
or the same. Cuius. Ulkich,
Jacksonville, Oregon.
The Medford Feed Store wholesales
and retails (ced.
Republican officials.
By order of the Reuublican
County Central Comm ittee, A. E,
Kellogg, chairman.
Memorial Day Exercises,
The Medtord Post, O. A. It., has ar
ranged (or tho usual Memorial day ex
ercises. The memorial services will be
held in the opera house on Sunday, May
2otb, and decoration services on Friday,
May .30th. The program is not as yet
made out In full, but will appear In
these columns next week.
Tho Odd Fellows will undoubtedly
observe May 30th as their decoration
day, as will also the Knights of Pythias.
Full particulars in our text issue.
Barred Plymouth Ltock ogga for
sale $1 (or setting of 16. Incubator
lots at reduced price. Mall your or
ders to me at Medford or Eagle Point.
Will deliver at F. K. Deuel U Co. 'a
store, Medford. J. W. Smith.
With the new facilities that B. N.
Butler put in bis shop, he turns out a
good work In repairing watches and
jewelry as any one in Southern Oregon.
Superior job printing, Mail ffico
x: lAy g' s -1 vn
Carries everytHin
in tne line of t
Fine Domestic and
Imported Key Nest Cigars
Rogue river valley May 12. 1852
Qfty years ago. Jler father, Col.
W. O. T'Vault, who had been
through here beforo, en mo through
the valley in the spring of '61 as
guide to the Dragoons, en route
from Vancouver to Hi-nioia, Calif ,
and was present whon dipt. Stuart
was killed, a short distance above
Phoenix. In order to obliterate the
place of burial tho cavalry horses
were corralled about the gravo and
next morning tho ground was so
out up by the fresh shod horses
that no trace of the grave could bo
bearings from the adjacent trees, so
in case it was desirable to find tho
grave he could do so Soma time
in '53 Capt. Stuart's mother, who
lived in the east, sent for tha body
of her sun to have it shipped home.
Col. T'Vault was called upon and
pointed out the place of burial, and
the remains wore exhumed and sent
east. But for this foresight and
oritioal marking by tho oolonel the
remains could never have bojn
found. The colonel located tho old
Dardenells placo under the Dona
tion Act, unci brought his family
out from Oregon City in May, 18.r2.
Here the fumtly lived for three
years when the colonel sold the
place, moved to Jacksonville and
started the Table Rook Sentinel,
and engaged also in the practice of
law. There wero few people living
in the upper end of tbo Willamette
valley at that time. Tho town of
Eugene had not been thought of.
Aaron Rose had taken up a dona
tion claim, covering the present
site of Rosehurg, but there was no
Koseburg. There was a ferrv nt
Winchester, on North Umrxiu. and
old man Riddle hid taken un a'
claim on South Umpqua and built
a small log cabin on it. There was
a ferry on Rogue river, established
by Perkins, and Rills and his son
were mining on Big bar, above the
present railroad bridge. So far as
known, there was not a fence rail in
Rogue river vallev at that time.
There were a few shake shacks and
log bouses in Jacksonville and prob '
nlily not a half doen houses of any j
tind in the valley. Col, T'Vault I
was postmaster at Dardenells and j
Mrs. ICenney was doputv. She is
tiD-rftfore no doubt Mm first woman
poKmaster. in Oregon, nnd as her
father was absent most of the tirno
at jHt'kHonville on business, she
h,id tlie wnol responsibility of the
biiidi i!-. And it should be under-
Htooil unu it was muoh more difll-l
cult Ui conduct the business of a
postollicu nt that time than at pres
ent, for tnero were few printed
forms ut that time, and each Dost-
jifi master was under the necessity of
County Commissioners' Court.
Ordered that tleorge Kldllngor be
allowed tho sum of $.fi for plana and
peelllentlons furnished county court
(or steel bridge auroaa Hear creek at
Medio, d.
In the matter o( hlda (or construction
of a bridge ueroas Dear creek at Mod
lord; the court having carefully exam
net! plans and peuilleatlona au'hmlikid
(or the conmruutlon of said brldtfe, to
gether with tho various bids fur th.,
construction of saiuo, and deeming all
of aaid bid exuoamve, rejected each
and all of said bids. It was ftirthor
ordered by the court that the plana
and spoulflontlona auhtulllod by Oeorgo
Kldllngor for a alee) bridge bo adopted,
and that bids (or tha oonstrmHlon of
tame In aooordanoo with sold plans anil
8Micilli-tlona bo advertised tor In TllK
Mkokoiii) Mak. and Medtord Kiiqulrer
for two ooiisuentlvit wui.Ua ...i.i i.Vi. ...
Col. T'Vault. however, took W'' :'
. ... Un,Dli i.,i B ,JIU ,Ta
nor o"iil of the a nounf of auiih bit:,
which ahull bo forfeited to the oountv
n oaae the award la maclo to him anil
ho fnlla, neglects or rcdinoa (or the
period o( two dnya after aueh award
la mode, to outer Into a contract nnd
lllu ina bond In the manner requlrm! by
and to the aaliafuctiun o( the county
lleduced raim on photo Ml the
Elite Studio in Medtord. In order to
thoroughly Introduce our work to the
public, wo will lor a lime make cabinet
(or $1.60 per dozen. Sallifiiulloti guar
anteed or no pay. Voura (or Una work,
hi I to Photo Company.
Chii-kens wanted at the Central
market highest market prloo paid,
Krveais a (treat Secret.
Itlsofum nked how auch slartllng
euroa, that prxrje the boat uhyaluluna,
ro offectcd by Dr. Klng'a Now Dineov
ery for Consumption, lleru'a the secret.
It en In out the phlegm anil germ-!n(octed
mucin, nnd lots IKcirlving oxygon en
rich nnd vltaliio tho Mood. It heals
the Inllninetl, uniufh-worn thront nnd
luuga. Hard aolda and aiubbnrn coughs
soon yield to Dr. Klnu'aNew Discovery,
tlld most lllfallihlu rmmnlv for all Ihrnnr
and lung iIIicum-. Guiirunu-od bottles
Me and 1.00. Trial botllea freo at
Chas. Strain;'.
Our Line is Complete
in All Kinds of
preparing his own forms
EXPtklnciN UNO
ilooan't alwnys pay, unless vou have
the Medford mills -'printed on tho
oar. It Is always n guarantee of
white anil dollcinus cakes and pas
try. It gives a sweet, nutty flavor
to your Vend that can't bo ob
tained from any other flour milled
aud Ib wholcsomo and nutritious
After testing It you will never use
any other
Meilfonl, Oreitnn
Few good men, accustomed to rock
work, can get employment at too t'lmi
Lake ditch camp, three miles above
Brownsboro. Wages $1.75 per day;
board t.i.zo per weeK. m
Holds Up a Congressman.
"At tho end of the CHinnalirn." wi-lt,.a
?f; Chump Clark, Missouri's brill lunt nnn-
gruesinini, ''from overwork, tiorvotm ten
jt; bton, Iobb of sleop und constant speak.
(J) Ing J had snout utterly collapsed. It
Beomed that all the oriruns In mv hmlv I
T TfiTT TTGS a I "'"""" ""tor, out uiree l)0llle of
.iSw 1 HjI,. fV ; i Klecti-lc Bitters mudu mo all right, It's
9l i tho bcBt all-around mcdlui no over Hnhl
JL I over a druggist's countor." Ovor worked,
r run-down inon nnd weak, Bitskly women
gain Aplmidld heulth untl vitality from
Electric Hitlers. Try them. Only 60o.
?p Guaranteed by Chas. Strung. . .'
Coal Bust over put on -Medford
TIT .market. (Jnrloiul removed direct from
West Side
Medford, - - - Oregon
I liavo 'Dried' Fruit,
Applo Buttor and Vin
egar for snlo
L. F. LOZ1E3. Proo
Superintendent of Construction, j a$jj
ti'.. . u u.v. :. ..:. ... .