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''veft Ftttey Borstal."
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. MSN WU tORN TO MUSTl.,- I " '
' , . , .- It la ol low Ouynrbul nulla a plonlj.
. ,.r, . f -i s
, Mired In the loainic at Hcdford, UroffVO
. Scooiijlaa Well Mniuir. ... . .
1 , '.T-t: : :
211, 18B9.
Lyjrttsln(t o
?KV Our. Clubbing List. i. .
Thb MAIL and Weekly S. P. Call M 00
:. ' "" " Examiner 2 35
Chrouiclo. 2 S
" 5 OrogouiauvS 00
Cosmopolitan .... 2 00
Sunday BulUUn.,.' 8 00
N. YiTcibuua.... ; V 86
' v.'eoklyClnolux ?
Enquirer,. a . ! 75
tidrtg lyg&iBy,' heilLmir(,Hiwr
reeignatioMB immeaiat.' ""ling to
Nuure whicn lie wil? hare them
Those of our readers who Lave
not paid their sabscripiions, and
who intend doini bo before January
1st, have only couple of days left
"We are anxious to have you fix up
before that date and you are or
onght to be more anxious than
we are.
Will Net Convene Until January 8th.
The January term of the county
board will not convene for business
until Monday, January 8, 1900.
Wm. S. Cbowkll,
County Judge.
December 28, 1899.
The Methodlet church was beauti
fully decorated with evergreens, and
the two trees ablaze with liphta and
loaded with sifts was indeed a pleasant
sight. The literary programme con
sisted of an exeroise entitled "Spreead
Wide the News," which was well ren
dered and received many compliments
from those who were qualified to judge
f Its merits. A duet by D. T. Lawton
and Miss Myrtle Lawton was worthy of
especial mention, being well received
by the large congregation. The gifts
were appropriate and the little ones
seemed to be universally remembered
by Santa Claus.
Christmas tree exercises at the Bap
tist Church opened with a song by the
audience and prayer by Rev. J. Merley.
The program was a very pleaaing one
and was presented entirely by the chil
dren of the Sunday school. The main
feature of the whole program was to
bring to the minds ol the little ones
the reasons for celebrating the day.
There were over 200 children who re
ceived presents double the usual num
ber. Many poor families were also
kindly remembered. A well filled puree
was a gift to the pastor. About 300
people were present and many went
away, being unable to find seals. The
church was beautifully decorated, while
at one Bide stood the large Christmas
tree, loaded to its fullest capacity with
Oa ChriBtmas evening at the Christ
ian Church, the children of the Sunday
school rendered their program, "The
Prince of Peace," to the delight of an
audience which thoroughly filled the
house. So well acquainted was each
ne with his part that no prompting
was needed. Perhaps the most amus
ing feature of the exercises, especially
to the juvenile part of the audience,
was Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus at home
and afterwards before the children. It
seems that this famous couple are of
small stature, corresponding with the
average child of ten or twelve years.
After the fruit waa clucked from two
very beautiful trees and distributed,
in wnicn aiBtriDution each child and
young person of the school was hand
somely remembered, with arms full
of presents and faces beaming with joy
the children sang "Glory to God in t he
siignest." lruly tbe evening's enter
winmeot was an exhibition ol "peace
SDU 000 Will,"
The Christmas exerciaes at this
church drew a crowded house, some
being turned away for want of standing
room. The program was opened with
a brief devotional Bervice and then the
Santa Olaus Cantata consisting of three
scenes was rendered as follows:
Scene First. The children were en
gaged in a lively snowball match as the
curtain arose. Then they sang about
ChristmaB and holidays and about Santa
Claus. Some were doubtful, others be
lieved that "Old St. Nick" would come,
and just then they did see him coming
down the road. They all hid except
little "Tottle," who bravely asked if
the intruder was Santa Claus. Then all
the children rushed out and asked for
-all" sorts of presents and for a song.
Kunta Glaus sang a song and mentioned
his workshop under tho ground. Then
the children wanted to see it and were
liromiscd the privilege us soon us Santa
bad visited a poor family in unothor
Jiart of town.
ceno Second. The poor family wore ,
THIS lUPKIU shafts
.-' vorUBiua Agency, 64 and v Merchants h'x
. ,; " 1 ' . ; )iani;e, bm Kniuclsco; Calttoroin. wnorocou-
v...!v .' inuri lor Advertising osu be tnihlo for lu
grouped around tflwita plane onChrftl
mat eve relating tho oUl) stores the
birth oiunnsi, ana ioiiiiino"k,viirii
mit and Its Joys, In oB tory. A
eholrof AngulB chimed In kith several
Christmas anlhoms, andAsheti before
retiring the ohlluron bcjA-d leavo to
hang up their stuck tngs rThe mother
ponnluod thU IhriUBtt, sbe-igfeubted
whether 8nU would biweaii) tfrosynls
left by tho tlmo bo asrlvcd at their
home. How.wur, Bay Olnus oumo
down the ohlmmty iBl Blled all tho
stockings, but whs di Inn away by tho
tlcepless clitldJvn vt lA.rolunied to soe
U Kunta OlaiiB h3'"t arrlvod. -
Third Scono. WbiMi tho -enrtuln
Arose thn 'Browitlri'' worn hustly at
work making dolls and toys iq Santa
Cliuu' workdhoo under, tlio ground.
They worn singing ifs tliry tolleil, their
'ham'niors aud tools keeping time to
tlmir songs.' SjHilrt Gl:iis itit'n arrived
with tln vlsHlngsclfWvon ana asked
his workers 10 show I iom th toys they
made and to slug lh'n some, ''Browttle
leonp.'' This tlu'.v it Id to m groni uo-
Uglil it tho vlsitora inon aiiuw bokihi
Hie clilliliHin to tell tho "workers"
about Christmas Above ground as thoy
never luul seen 'orjo, and tlion as a lluiilu
nil mil i ml In ajsonif croeting every
body with '"Merry Morry Clirlstmas."
Tho prograuf was uurrled tnrougn
nlihout hltonthe ohlldren doingox
ceptionally wMIJ and singing and speak,
ingto that' everh-ouc in the house oould
undosstand, Moisrs. Erford aud Butler
!ntnrrttV Itan , iimliorioo with Viollu
juats durlqgtbi) in termlsslons between
thostfeqe9J;,.!i;iin.,-t';oh was tastefully
4680aodb the yuSKg p""!'1" fUU1 th
. 11 . ,HAn iKIa
uuuiun V.tlH UPM ... ..v. w . -r.
and candles whloH wors flislrlbuted at
the closo 'of the program?-;
Christuuis exercises wero hold at this
church Monday evening. A -program
was rendered by the children consisting
of songs and recitations. The church
was neatly decorated for the occasion.
A part of the decoration, and that
which was very attractive to the chil
dren, was a small house in a grove of
small evergreen trees. The roof had
the appearance of being covered with
snow. In the house and lodged in the
trees around It, was found something
for each of the children of the Sunday
school, also presents for a number of
older ones.
The exercises were opened with song
and prayer. The program consisted
of songs and recitations by the children,
and the distribution by Geo. Grizzle
and a number of children whom he had
selected for his assistants. We think
all present spent a pleasant evening,
and the children seemed specially de
lighted with all tho exercises of the
Rev. W. B. Moore was at Ashland
yesterday, and Mrs. Moore Is visiting
Jacksonville friends.
Misses Edith Nicholson and Edith
Webb went up to Ashland yesterday to
attend the Choral Union concert.
Mrs. E. V. Stickels enjoyed Christ
mas with her husband, at Hornbrook,
Calif., at which place he is putting
down a considerable amount of cut
stone sidewalk.
Fine salt at 75 cnts per hundred
at White, Harbaugb & Co.'s.
Will exchange lurnbor or red cedar
shingles for grain. W.Woods.
Tk Smooth and Re.oaro.tal nn
Oooda Maa Pr-a oa tka
Woald-B Rttralt.
"Excuse me, young man. but rouha-e
quite a military appearance must have
drilled some in your lime?"
me young man. who had been ac
costed in State .tree! by a gray-haired
man well decorated with patriotic
badges, threw bnck bis bead. and -boulders.
Inflated his lungs and assuihed a
decidedly marlial air, as almost anyone
will do under like circumstances, savs
uc wuic&go mronicie.
I've been put through a few mo-a-
ments," he replied.
ii ought so; I know a bora soldier
on sight. Ton must bs nigh six ftst,"
was the reply.
"You're within the limit want to go
to the front?"
"Yes, but there's no ohanct."
"There ain't? I've orders to send an
even hundred picked men to Sprlag
fleld to take the place of a lot that have
been rejected. I'm just one sby; will
you be the man?"
All right; I'm dying to go."
"Meet us at the Palmer house In half
an hour. Lend me one dollar to tele
graph Tanner, will you? Thanks.
Don't be a minute late."
The young man was not lata, but he
has not yet found the governor's confi
dential agent, and advises youthful pa
triots to iook out lor a tali old fellow
with a drooping white mustache who
lama auout military appearances and is
anxious to telegraph Gov, Tanner.
' Eroding tha Bala.
One of the regulations at the new
Congressional library in Washington is
that visitors must carry no parcels into
the building. So says the Post, of that
city, and then goes on to rein t an amus
ing occurrence: A rather tall, broad
shouldered young wotnnn arrived at th
door of the library, having in her hand
a neat brown paper package. "No bun
dles are alowed inside the building,"
said tflie attendant. "You must, leave it
here till you come out." The young
woman objected. The man said it waa
the rule. The young woman said it war
absurd. The man was firm. He must
obey- orders. The yotmg woman hesi
tated; then she undid the parcel, hung
several pairs of black hose over her arm,
handed the man the paper, and said:
There, you may keep that until I
come out."
Tell Your Sister
A beautiful complexion Is an impossi
bility without good pure blood, the
sort that only exists in connection wiih
good digestion, a healthy llvor and
bowels. Karl's Clover Root Tea acta
directly on the bowel b, liver and kid
neys keeping them In perfect health.
Pries 25 cts. and BO ols. Sold bv Chan,
Strang, druggist '
X-Jgpl blank, at Tim MAIL offloo.
,.Lor? Anoklrs, Duo. 25. At
4:25 o'clock this morning n
severe eiuthqunko shock wns
folt Wor-a largo portion of
Southorn Californin. Tho
undulations lastod about 12
secoivda. Tho entire center
of tho shock appears to lutvo
boon at San Jacinto, a small
town in Riverside county.
The business portion of San
Jacinto consists of two blocks
of two-story buildings, soma
of which are built of brick.
Tea or more of theso build
ings Were damaged, chim
neys being toppled over and
walls cracked and shaken.
The total damage at San Ja
cinto and Hemot, a small
town near by, is estimated at
150,000. The large tourist
hotel at Hemet was damaged
aud the hospital at San Ja
cinto also suffered. Tho
shock was heavy at Santa
Ana, Anaheim, San Bernar
dino, Riverside and other lo
calities, but no particular
damage has been reported,
except from San Jacinto and
Manila, Dec. 27, 9 a. m.
Gen. S. B. M. Young has been
appointed military governor
of the provinces of North
western Luzon, with head
quarters at Vigan. His com
mand includes the Twenty
third infantry, under Col.
Luther R. Hare, and the
Third cavalry. He will es
tablish permanent stations at
San Fernando and Laoag,
with outposts wherever they
may prove necessary.
The Sixteenth infantry will
proceed to Aparri, garrison
ing such towns as may be
ceemed necessary in the prov
inces of Cagayan, Isabella
and Neuva Viscaya, of which
Col. Hood has been appoint
ed military governor.
Gen. Young and Col. Hood
are establishing municipal
governments, and the ports
in northern Luzon will be
opened for trade on or about
January 1st.
As a enre for rheumatism Chamber-
Iain's Pain Balm is gaining a wide rep
utation. D. B. Johnston, of Richmond,
Ind., has been troubled with that ail
ment since 1862. In speaking of It he
says: "1 never found anything that
would relieve me until I used Chamber
lain's Pain Balm. It aoted like magio
with me. Mv foot was swollen and
paining me very much, but one good
application ol Pain Balm relieved me.
r or sale by Strang, the druggiBt.
Well Known In fledford.
Portland, Oregon, Dec. 13, 1800.
ThiB Is to certlfv that I have received
through Messrs, Sherman &. Harmon
General Agonts, at Portland, Oregon,
check from the Penn Mutual Life In
surance Company in settlement of the
first installment of a matured five year
endowment trust certificate policy on
my life.
My investment in the Penn Mutual
has been in every way satisfactory, and
I take pleasure In recommending the
company and their general' agents ae
perfectly trustworthy and reliable.
(Signed) (Rev.) Thos. Neil Wilson.
If you want to know about the kind
of Life Insurance that pays money to
you while you live and in which you
don't have to "die to win," write to tho
General Agents of the Penn Mutual.
Sherman & Harmon,
Portland, Oregon.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take Laxatlvo Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
drupKlsli refund tho money If It falls to euro.
B. W7 Orore's signature Is on each bos. 25o.
Farmers, we want your produce
particularly your chickens, turkeys,
eggs and butter. H. H. Howard & Co.
Second hand stoves and farm imple
ments. G. L. Solier mor horn.
The Mining Laws of Oicgon for
ale nt this offloe, Price 20 cents.
UV1I MAN'S r UtiiiRAL.
A Janaaea Who Saw Tfcat Krr
Mas Was Hunt l)tallr ll
lorr III Dtala.
A curious Incident related by the
Jiipnm'xi' papers. Mr, Kunii kuwji, of
Kobe, like every otlii r InK'HIgi'iil l"l
niit'M, deviled lliul IiIk lunenil should
be attended by ceremonies iippi-opi'liile
to his rank mid micIhI push Inn, ami In
order thut he might not he disappoint
ed in thl. reaped, having reached IiIh
seveuly-hcveuili year, und feeling llmt
IiIk iIii, were miinbci cd, lie determined
to hnvu Ills him in I In advance nuil
nialie the ari aiiKeuielilk himself. There
fore on t no ila.v appointed IiIh relative,
and friends were invited to his hmixc
and gulhtTcil around an empty oo III ti
with nil (he 'paraphernalia, of mourn,
lug und engaged in the moat elahoruU'
MimUIIiEM ceremony that could lie lie
vImiI. Mr. Kiiuiekawa sat at the head
of the cashct ami watched with intercut
all that wiia gulug on.
After the ceremonies at the house
wero concluded u procession waa
formed, which iinuvlietl through the
principal streets to the cemetery. Mr.
Kilinekiiwu walked in front of Ills own
eottln. The lloral offerings were nu
merous and beautiful. Tho Kobe city
band led the procession- and played
modern nlrs, while at intermix were
groups of dancing girls aud memhera
of the theatrical profession, who per
formed pantomime nlli'mirs to illus
trate the nolilllty of Mr. iuuuckuwn's
character und the loss that wasautfered
by the community ut his death. Just
befuie reaching the gates of the ceme
tery the pro cession was halted aud sev
eral photographs w ere taken. After the
colllii had Ih'cii lowered Into the grave
and covered with lloral offerings the
funeral parly proceeded to the Jlnko
club, where an elaborate feast was
served, and speeches eulogistic of Mr.
Kiiuiekawa were delivered by several
of his friends.
Mr. Kumckawa was thoroughly sat
isfied with the success of his funeral,
although it cost him a largo sum of
money, and he may now depart In peace,
knowing that all the rites have born
observed, and when he dies It is only
I necessary for his family to place his
body In the coffin that lies in the
ground. Chicago Hecord.
'tbrsa Whose Vontblnad A Maaea
Two Han-red and Mlaclr
5flaa Vaara,
There can be no doubt that the three
oldest slaters in the United States
possibly in the whole world are some
ludian women in .San Diego county, in
southern California. The women are
Se-mui-luh (ineaiiiiig peaceful), Ning
lio (meaning black-eyed) anil Tc-inea-eal
(nteauingsharp at a bargain). Their
eumbiiied ages are iflf'J years. He.mul
lull is tho eldest; she was 103 years old
1 i;isi June. Niug-lio is 1U0 and Teiiiescal
is the juvenile nf the triu. She was llu
some time last summer. They are rem
nants of the Salioha tribe, who were n
part of the thoiuunds of friendly sav
ages known in t'aliforuia as the Mis
sion Indians, from the fact that they
voluntarily went under the fostering
care of the Franciscan missionaries In
the latter part of the eighteenth cen
tury and gave their children to the mis
sionnries for instruction. These old
women are able to speak n few words
in England, but their talk la a jargon
of Spanish and Indian. Each of them
has several score of descendants, says
the Snn Francisco Cull.
There is not the least doubt among
the people in southern California who
have given any attention to these un
commonly old slaters as to their ages.
That Is a matter of record in the musty
old registers in the archives of the mis
sion at .San Gabriel, in Los Angeles
county; also in a church census taken
in 1810 and now in the mission of Gua
dalupe, at the City of Mexico, where
nearly all the records of the California
missions were taken upon disestablish
ment of the ltoman Catholic mission!
in 1832. There is a record of the bap
tism of Ramon Agullan, a Saboba In
dlan, under the charge of the mission
nt San Diego. The record shows that
Ramon was the father of 14 children,
The first was born in May, 1780. Sc.
mul-lah was born in 1704 and Nlng-lio
was the seventh child and born In 1709,
while little Temescal came in lsul.
From tk TravaUasT Das the Partes
Tboaaht Thai Ha Had Lall
Hal Bahlad.
Bishop Huntington once went down
to a town in Connecticut to perform o
marriage ceremony, which had a ludi
crous nnle for him, says the Washing
ton Post. lie arrived the day lieforc
the wedding, and he left nt the snmt
time the bridal pair did, although he
was driven to a different railway sta
tion, As he passed through the sta
tion, carrying his traveling bag, he
was creating a sensation, but was to.
tally at a loss to account for it. In the
car he found that he was still the ob
ject of amused attention. The portet
positively snickered as he passed hit
scat, and finally juat as the trnin drew
out he enme up and assisted the church
man to remove his overcoat.
"What is the matter with you, my
roan?" asked the bishop. The porter'i
snicker broadened into a laugh.
"Ain't you done let' the lady, sahV
he chuckled.
"Uh?" exclaimed the bishop in sur
prise. Then his eye fell on the side
ot his traveling bag, which the porter
hud just turned round, There, glued
to it, was a wide strip of white satin
ribbon, on which was painted in large
"Married this morning."
The facetiously minded best man had
mistaken the bishop's traveling bag for
that ot the bridegroom, and a chuckling
black porter worked late into the night
removing thut ribbon.
Tayler,lle Foot Filter:
LudieB1 Up-lo-Dnto Dross
styles perfect llttorH. Also sovt
Evening Slippors. Custom work n
promptly intended to. TAYLICI
.. Holiday
Our stock of Holiday goods consist of
the following articles: Woilgors llt'os'.
1817 plated ware, pocket knives, nizoi'H
and slioui's, cook stoves, shot guns, oils
und paints by tho barrel or gallon
wash boilers, wash tubs, wash boards,
aud lialh tubs, mattocks, crowbars ami
grubbing hoes. AlltlieH0 uro ornamen
tal and very necessary articles for Holi
day prosonts.
L Mudford, Oregon.
I Klamath County People!
1 want to ouoto you prices on Groceries. W
, ft
I do not ox poet you to buy of mo if my prices jt
arc not as low, or lower, than you can got cIbo- 9
where, but I want a chance to talk with you. jf
fllili JVIEfi
who duslro a llrst-olasa smoke
always ask for Kurt, a
When thoy want a Utile bettor clgnr for
a little more money they buy Kurtz's
Smoko homo made cigars
homo industry.
Q Are
JJ stoves
over-grown prices for halt-grown stoves, when you can get,
more material and a bettor articlo for loss money at my ,
Second Hand Storo? I'orhaps a nearly new second hand
stove is what you are looking for I have them. Let rna
show you my new stoves.
G. L. Schermerhorn.
New Lumber Yard
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Rustic and Flooring
Three Years Old,
Thoroughly Seasoned
Medford, Oregon
Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Co.,
JVIachinetiy .. and ..Vehicles
We have a complete lino of the Celebrated Caso Black
Land Plows, both in Single and Walking Gang. Steel
Frame Lever Harrows, Barbod and Smooth Wire, Mitchell
Wagon3,' Hacks, Etc.; Single and Double Harness, and in
fact everything carried by a, first-class implement house.
DS-f Send for catalogue.
Da T. LAWTON, Mgr. Medford Branch
Hoots in
(fioods .. I
& fiieholson
uWTho Hardwaro Mini, IL
for a nickel
and build up a
hurrying tho sitting-room
into position. 'Why-pay-
and Pine Shingles
Yard Sou lb of