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    The Fall Season.
. : jflPgL. Ib horo, and you will find
sjtw. ub bettor nronarod to furnish
your noouB thttii ovor before.
Our lino consintB of.
Dress Goods, Silks,
Dress Trimmings, Linings,
Umbrellas, Hosiery, Gloves,
Notions, Boots, Shoes
and Rubbers. .
' You will find our priooB ub low, if not lower, than
ovor boforo. Wo havo rocoivod a now line of DresB
Goods, Silks, .Umbrellas, etc., this woek.
Med ford,
31rous day Iim come and gone. Last
Saturday lliara was la Medford onu u(
tbo largeal crowds whlcli ovor congre
gated iusldo our city limit". It was
gala day Irom start to flulsh a picnic
alike lor old people, younn pwiplu, fnt
people, leui people, ull people, short
people and all kind ol pooplo and
mall boy with gray headed guardians.
Tho show train wan lato In getting
bars, not arriving until about 1 1 o'clock,
but litis did not prevont It carrying out
1U lull program. An advaulago wm ol
io rod by Its being lata III that tbe un
loading process oould be and was wit
nessed by pretty nearly everybody. Tbo
parado instead ol beinir niadu at ton
o'clock wm nolon until alter two o'olook,
but this lact In no way detracted Iroin
lla grandeur. It waa a ilnu presentation
ol many things beautiful. Tliuro woro
lour bands and a callloo. Tho Vcr
moot larmor driving his trained pig
and ha riding In thu little oarl waa one
ol Uio lunny loaturea ol llio purade,
while tho automobile, or horseless car
riage, waa odo ol llio moat interesting.
Aa a wholo, tho parade was untune,
novel and grand throughout. Thu en
terulnmonlfollowing lie medlatuly alter
tbo parade waa In many ways far super
ior to any thlnir over presented in South
ern Oregon. The Irapcto performance
by tho Wurnta lamlly, tlx In number,
throe ladles and three gentlemen whs
the most marvelous aerial teat the
writer baa over wltncsHod; the pony rid
ing upon tbo books ol two homes was
another wondorlul leaf, the acrobatic
act by the Livingstones In lull droits waa
ilsolt a lealuro worth tho prico ol ad
mission j tho Vormont larmcr with his
trained pigs was thu wonder ol nil it
has boon aiild that a pig is incapublo ol
being oduuatod hut an iixoupllou has
boon found to tho gonornl rule. All in
ell, tho Walter L. Main circus Is a grand
foaluro throughout, and none the least
ol tho many attractions waa thu sixty
tliroo trained horses. Tho show entire
waa moral In every particular. Thoro
waa no harsh or olmcouo language usud
by any ol thuciiiplovos. The mauagurs,
Messrs. J. 1). and Hugh Harrison, arc
splendid gentlemen and their efforts to
treat everybody courteously was a fea
ture not often displayed by managers of
big shows. For tho afternoon perform
ance thoro woro nearly 8000 tickets sold
but in tho ovonlng tho attendanco was
not so largo. Thore was no disturbance
of any kind everything was quiet and
orderly all the day through, and this,
too, was remarkable when li is consid
ered tbat tho crowd was tho largest
ever congregated In Jackson County.
The merchants did a splendid business
all day and Til a Mail was nono tho
leaat of those many of our good friends
romomberlng that we havo babies to
feed and clot ho and that wo havo prem
iums to glvo away.
Dr. O. O. Plotohor will bo In hie
offlua after September 16th.
Woltora & Howard aro doing a
food business at fruit shipping thoso
Imoa. They aro daily sending to Port
ft fVAltafc Yi.
B aM sat vi sat aw sal aa aa east
Will occupy this space
with a new ad.
Next Week.
land markets Irom 1000 to 1600 boxes ol
Kiaobos. Heretofore thero baa not
en a vary swift market In poaohoa,
they not being a fruit Unit would stand
shipment to otbur than local markets,
and tbo demand has not boon brisk be
cause of the usual good orop in tho
Willamette valley, but this year there
are no poaches In that country anu the
alwnys reliable Uogue river valley Is
oallod upon to supply tbe demand. It
Is to bo hoped, however, tbat tbo de
mand for punches thla year will not got
our orohardlsU oxoltcd on tbe poaoh
question to an extent that will nut them
to ptuntlng large oiohards. I'oara, ap
ples and prunes are tbo slaplo fruits of
this valloy and to thoso our orohurdlsts
should bang fast to If tlioy expect good
returns every your.
Bill Nyo usud to aay tbat II, when
arriving In a slrango town, you wanted
to slop lit a Orst class hotel you must
follow thu commercial traveler tho
hotel they atop at Is it. Tho cigar the
commercial traveler smokes Is always a
oreuiu article tho Klullo sells them
and the cigar they buy Is it.
The short chango man waa In ovl
denco at tho circus Hulurday. Several
olllsens were asked to oxchango gold for
silver but only a vory low wero victim
ised. U. L. Scliormorliorn, witb a
spirit ol accommodation peculiarly bis,
responded to ono of thuso fellow's re
quest tor gold In oxchango lor silver,
but when liu found himself short ton
dollars, ho Immediately made a demand
for his shortage from the fullow milking
tho change, and ho got it, and later he
discovered still anolhor shortage of a
five dollar gold piece In company with
Marshal Murray ho made a demand
upon tho managomont and got his
shiner hack. The management ex
plained that those things were matters
they could not woll prevent but that
thoy wero always willing to mnko good
any shortugo claims nnulo by ropulablo
cllisons they did not pay their help to
bilk tho people and would not permit
it when tho fact was mada known.
Pooplo wishing tho best lime ovor
burned In tho valley should see Messrs.
Andrus & Carpenter, Medford. They
have rooently filled tholr new store
houso with this llruo.
Tho social given at the very pleas
ant resldonco of D. T. Law ton Monday
evening was a decided bugcoss, both
soolully dud financially Thero was a
goodly crowd present and all enjoyed
th msolves immensely woll. A short
musical and literary program was given.
Thero was a recitation by Miss Blolla
DuClos and vocal solos by Miss Jennie
Hibbanl, Etta Modynski, Virglo Wood
ford, Ethel Elliott and Myrtle Lawton.
Tho youog people enjoyed themsolvos
on the lawn while tbo oldor ones had
equally as good a tlmo Indoor with pleas
ant and agreeable ropartoa. A lunch ol
coffee, oaku and sandwiches was nerved.
Tho Turf Exohange saloon, Thos.
Collins, proprietor, Is unquestionably
tho most popular resort In Medlord.
Here all kinds ol drinks are aorved
plain and lanoy. Medford Browing
Company's boor at five oonta par glass.
Tho Wiley B. Alien Co., ropro
sontod by IS. Q. Magoon, la located in
.... . 3
U Altaril
m sal m
tbe Medford Bank building with a fine
line of pianos and 'Organs, whloh will
be sold at Portland prices. Old Instru
ments taken In exohunge Tho music
loving people of Medford and vicinity
are respectfully invited to call and
examine thine Instruments and get
prices. Dun't fall to see thu Hamilton
piano witb the mandolin attachment.
School will soon commence. Re
member that Jas. Stewart has a com
plete line of school books and school
supplies (or thu children. Medford
Book store, next door to the postoNIco,
Next week, beginning Wednesday
anil continuing three days, the County
Teachers' Institute will be held In Med
ford. There will probably bo sixty
teachers In attendance. It will be neces
sary to provide accommodations for
these teachers and to that end tbe re
ception committee are asking that any
family Ihalcun provide accommodations
for one or more ol theao visitors report
to thorn with the least possible delay.
Tho teachers will each expect to pay
soventy-llve cents per day for hoard and
lodging. Tbe reception committee is
Misses May Phlpps, Julia Fielder and
Say, now don't give tbe printer fits
about tbls print being poor, when you
have outgrown your old "specks." Go
to Geo. Webb's Iluokot and buy a pair
for 26 cents, I hut aro guaranteed.
Last May J. W. Bmlth and Tbos.
Riley, both living ovor north and oast
ol Medford, ouch lost a horse from tholr
pasture, T boy were suspiuious at tbe
tlmo tbat tbo animals bad been stolen,
but no positive evidence was at hand.
Quito recently a Jackson County man
saw Mr. Smith's horse In Klamathon,
Calif., and upon Inquiry learned that
It wus then owned by James Parks, a
blacksmith formerly of Central Point,
and that ho purchased the animal from
a fullow who was truvuling south on
horseback. Mr. Hmltli will endeavor
to recover bis horse. It Is probable
tho same man stole the Klloy borse.
Tho Klulto Is dally gaining moro
popularity and in consequence Its pat
ronage Is inoroasing. It Is without a
peor in all Oregon for ueatncsi, while
tho summer drinks and oonfeotions are
excellent In quality.
Next Sunday morning Rev. Hab
erly will take (or his sermon tho sub
loct "True Education." It is. indeed.
a timely subject and will without ques
tion Do nanuieu in an auie manner.
Kev. HalHirly is an enthusiast upon ed
ucational subjocta and it will be well
worth the while of all our people to
hear blm, especially those who have
children to educate Tbo subject is es
pecially timely becauao of the fact that
right now a movement is on foot to es
tablish an academy in Medford. Thx
Mail hopes there will bo a large attend
ance upon this occasion.
Why (n this world do you go around
squinting your eyes in tbe sunshine
just iimo you woro nail asleep, wnon
that Racket store sells colored glasses
for 10 cents?
County Judge Crowoll and Commis
sioner Porry went up to tho now Rogue
river bridge rriclay lor the purpose ol
inspecting that structure for the county.
Owing to tbe fact that tho rouds were
wot. from recent rains, the road engine
could not be taken to tho bridge, but
the Inspectors were satisfied with the
structure and will reuommend that it
bo accepted by the county. Tbey re
port that It Is a tine piece ol worK man-
ship and seemingly is strong and solid
tu overy particular.
The Rlaltos cigar and tobacco trado
Is climbing in to bigeor Hsures with
every new c'ay. Thla is easily accounted
for nothing but tbe very best goods
aro handlod.
-Mrs. K. R. Phllport is celling lum
ber on the ground preparatory to erect
ing a nno residence on her thirteen
acres of fruit land io the Orchard Home
tract. The building will be 10x31 feet
in sizo and two stories b gh. There
will bo a 10x10 kltohen and a large
poroh. It is to bo nioely finished and
will be Quito nn ornament to that part
of tbo country, which, by-lhe-wuy, Is
becoming pretty thoroughly peopled
with cultivates of those beautiful and
productive fruit tracla.
A. Slover, the drayman, get him
to do your hauling. Household goods
and heavy articles carofully and safely
handled. Teams always bandy and
teamsters oourtcous.
Du-lng tho Teaohers' Institute to
be held in Medford next woek, Wednes
day, Thursday and Friday, there will
bo lectures by eduaatora from abroad on
tho evenings ol Wednesday and Thurs
day at the opera house. The lectures
will be ol a popular nature on subjects
ol vital interest to friends of publlo ed
ucation. Parents and young peoole ol
mature ago oannot afford to miss this
opportunity of bearing loading men on
live topics. LeotureB free to tbe pub
lic. With the new faculties tbat B. N.
Butler put in hlB shop, he turns out as
good work in repairing watches and
jowolry as any one in Southern Oregon.
Photographer H. C. Mnukey has
maun a purobase ol a new Hamilton
piano (or Mrs. Maokoy. Tho purchase
was made from B. G. Magoon, repre
senting tho Wlloy B. Alton Company.
The Instrument has a mandolin at
tachment and Is a prime nrtiole through
out. Mr. Mackey evidently Is endeav
oring to make home as attractive as is
possible (or his good wile and in this
no person will say him nay, or that tbe
best that's going 18 too good.
The next time you are in need of a
pair of hose or box, just try a pair of
tho famous "Black Cat" brand. They
are Kepi at too uaoKoi oniy.
David Gibson and Miss Jennie An
derson wore joined in wodlock at the
rosldenoe of J, Nyawarner, in thlB city,
on Monday evening, Sept, lltb, by
Judge Jas. A. Stewart. Their friend's
aro profuse in congratulations and The
MAIL la hoping their journoy in team
bames over life's rugged and delusive
path will be always strewn with roEes
of groatest profusion and rarest beauty
and tbat only the ploasures and suo
ooBses may be theirs.
We wear specs. So does our clerk,
but we havo the finest line of stationery
la Medford. Stewart, at tho Book store.
Tho Sugar Pine Company's lumber
train has been laid up Blnoe last Thurs
day boeaueo ol a flaw In tho safety valve
on tho onglno. A now valve was or
dorcd and tho train Is now on the road
again. Tho Inst load brought in meas
ured 18,000 foet. Tho work of hauling
will oonllmioaslong astha aood weather
stays with us.
Klamath County ohooso at G, L,
Davit' grocery. '
"Sam Tryer, be who butchers for
Ed, Wilkinson, was unfortunate last
Monday In severing an artery in one of
his fingers. He was shuffling off the
dour llio ol oao of Mary's little lambs
and when the job was about half com
pleted his lamoshlu became dissatisfied
with tho proceedings and IntoTiipiod
thuin soinewbul by a bunt at Mam wbiub
resulted In the gory knife bo held In
hand being thrust agulnstone of his In
dex fingers, severing ao artery as ubovo
stated and as wall a goodly portion of
the flesh and pretty n arly a consider
able chunk of bono. Dr. Shearer was
called and took several stitches In the
wound and Sam is now very nearly all
right again.
Tlmo and mony saved by tuklng
the Northern Pacific to all nofnts east.
Tickets sold (rom Medford same as
Portland. Do not forgot that a North
ern Paclfio cur posset through Med
ford Wednesday evening each week for
tho accommodation of passengers who
wish a sleeper from Medford to St.
Paul without change. W. T. York,
agent, Medford, Oregon,
Tbe pain of a burn or scald It almost
Instantly relieved by applying Cham
berlain's Pain Balm. It also nsuls tbe
Injured parts more quickly tbao any
other treatment, and without the burn
Is very severe, does not leave a scar.
For salo by Chas. Strang, druggist,
Medford; Dr. J. Hlnkie, Central Point.
Kev. Father Hickey will bold serv
ice In the Cathollo Church, of Medford,
on Sunday, Sept. 17th, at 7 a. m. Con
fession will bo beard before muss, and
i sermon will bo given. Rev. Father
Hlckey is a fine speaker, and is highly
appreciated in Portland, Ore., where
be has for some time resided.
For sale Four heavy work borsct.
Enquire at Gall's store, Sams Valley.
Tho Eugene Guard says: "It Is
now almost an assured fact that the
Rosnburg local will be extended south
to Kedding, making another Portland
San Frandsco train. Railroad men say
tbat the officials state tbe train will be
put on the 10th of this month."
Dr. C. C. Pletcber will be In bis
office after September 15th.
Spencer Cbildcrs bas taken a con
tract to put up two brick store buildings
at Grants Puss. One Is 60x100 (eet in
size and Is for R. L. Ooe and the other
la 18x00 and Is for Engineer McCarthy.
Both aro one story hlgb.
All kinds of sash and doors and
screen doors, at lowest market price.
W. Woods.
A Southern Pacific construction
train with sixteen men has been mak
ing headquarters at Medford since last
week. The men are at wcrk repairing
bridges and culverts between Gold Hill
and Talent.
Tbo Mounco & Karnes Soda Palace
Is doing business and a goodly amount
of It strictly on business principles.
J. G. Hodges, one of Medford's East
Side suburban farmers, is busily en
gaged these duys hauling lumber from
the Richard sawmill with which be
will build numerous buildings upon his
fine farm.
"White Lily" and "Snow Cap"
baking powder prize with every can.
Davis sells both kinds.
Station Agent Lipplncott informs
us that round trip tickets will be sold
lor the reunion at Grants Pass next
week, for one and one-tbird regular
(aro. (1.76 from this city good (or the
week .
Medford beer at Collins' Turf Ex
change saloon at five cents per glass.
Born On Sundav, August 6, 1899
at 6 p. to., at 3623 P"rairie Ave., Chi
cago, to Mr. and Mrs. J. Meyer, aaaugh
ler. Mrs. Meyer is the yaungext daugh
ter of Rev. J. 8. McCain, of Medford.
Seo Mackcy, the leading photog
rapher, for superior photos.
Prof. Day Parker has been elected
to the prlncipalship of tbe Paisley pub
llo schools and will leave for tbat place
In tlmo to commence school on Novem
ber let. Paisley is in Lake County, Or.
Smoke BillieDotigan five cent cigars
best on earth at Mounce Ac names',
As tho weather grows cooler the de
mands for something in the way of solid
food increases. We have select fresh
eastern oyslerB, served in any style, at
the liialto, or lor Bale uy the can.
Lost Oo the Btreets of Medford,
on Saturday, circus day, between the
poatolllce and residence of Rufus Cox,
a lad; 's white kid glove. Finder leave
same at Mail office, please.
Dr. C. C. Pletcher will be in his
oBloe after September 16lh.
Dr. G. B. Cole having returned,
will occupy bis former rooms in the
Hamlin block and engage in tbe prac
tice of medicine and surgery.
D. S. Youngs has moved from New-
Sort to Albany. Says too much rain at
ewport. Rain haB fallen nearly every
day since August 9th.
JuBt arrived finest line of lunch
goods In the nity. Wo have them in
oana from ten to fifty oents. Mounoe &
A select audience assembled at
the opera house on Tuesday even
ing, and were highly entertained by
Miss Martha Soriven Evans, teacher
of literature and voice culture at
Paoifio University, of Forest Grove,
Ore. Her interpretative recitations
were S. R. Crocketts' "Idyl of the
Stone Dyke,' Tadema's poetical
play, "The Silent Voice" and Bar
rie'a "The Shadow f Sir Walter,"
or "How Tommy Got Possession of
Waverly," from Sentimental Tom
my. Miss Evans is a pleasing
speaker, enunciates clearly, is forci
ble iu imagination, and her gestures
and facial expression, make it not
only easy, but a pleasure to follow
her portrayal of scenes and charac
ters and the thoughts and emotions
of the characters she is representing.
Miss Grace Odgers rendered several
instrumental selections on the piano
in an able and pleasing manner.
The Wiley B. Allen Co., of Medford,
kindly loaned the piano for the occasion-
The entertainment was
under the auspices of the Presby
terian Ladies' Aid Society.
Onsh paid (or eggs and poultry-.
L. Davis, the grocor.
Dr. G. W. Stephe neon has a
professional card elsewhere in to
day's Mail. Dr. Stephenson ar
Men's and Boys'
SCHOOL . suits!
jfi For School Boys! &
$ ' ilir
S Ladles', Hisses' and Children's
n .i m m a a m Atm-m m am ' h '
n .new in
fll Medlord
rived in Medford recently from
Lakeview, Ore. He is a graduate
from two colleges. In 1H78 he
graduated from the college of Phy
sicians and Surgeons, at Keokuk,
Iowa, and in le7, from tbe Miss
ouri Medical college, at St. Louis.
He baa since practiced medicine at
Payetteville, Idaho, and at Lake
view, Oregon. He has office rooms
in the Stewart, block, over the Med
ford bank.
New goods will be arriving from
now until December, at Elwood's, tbe
jeweler and optician.
On Saturday, August 3lBt, little
Genevieve Wortman gave a birth
day party to several of her friendp.
The occasion wis a very happy one
and those who enjoyed the day's
pleasures weie Mary Gore, Vera
Clayton, Flora Grey, Loraine Bliion,
Jennesee Butler, Maud Jones, Vera
Webb, Agnes Isaacs, Ara Foster,
Eva Bowman, Marguerite Haberly,
Louise Haberly, Louise Hammond,
Fern Hutchison, Huzel Enyart,
Esther and Ruth Warner, Lawrence
Clayton and Willie Langell.
Tbe East Side mill grindB burr
flour, whole wheal flour, graham, corn
meal, and chop feed, and rolls feed.
S. K. George, traveling agent
of tbe Oregon Fire Relief Associa
tion, has commenced canvassing in
Jackson County for an increased
memnersbip. This is one of the
few mutual insurance companies in
existence, and particularly in Ore
gon, that will bear investigation.
We predict for Mr. George a cordial
support fiom all prospective in
surers. Mr. Geo-ge is father of
Miss Carrie George, the Postal tele
graph operator in this city.
Commercial men and all our towns
people who enjoy a really good smoke
aro patrons oi ine tusiw.
Mrs. J. F. Lathrop and family
will leave Sunday for Yreka, t
make their future home, Mr. Lath
rop having Becured employment
thore. The move is made more par
ticularly in hopes of benefiting Mrs.
Latbrop's health, which has not
been very good of late. All their
Medford friends will join in wish
ing her a return of health and the
whole family much happiness and
success in their new home.
El wood, tbe jeweler and optician,
is back from the mountains and ready
for business.
R. E. Peyton, who lives on
Rogue river, near the new bridge,
accompanied by F. W. Jones and
family, who have just arrived in
tbis section, by team, from Los An
geles, Calif., were callers at The
Mail office yesterday. Mr. Jones
.Begin to remind one
ifii and the householder of supplies for the winter,
m The RACKET is prepared, to furnish you -with ?ilf
mt warm Underwear and Hosiery. Suspenders. Hats. 9&
JL j Gloves, Toweling, Table Linens, Corsets, Ribbons,
fLt Laces, School Supplies, Jewelry, Notions and
you want, call for it.
with you.
is well pleased with this country
and expects to locate hereabouts.
He will remain at Leeds during t io
Notice. Don't purchase any plated
ware until you see what I have. EN
wood, tbe jeweler and optlolan. .
Mrs. M. E. Butin. of Klamath
County, returned last Saturday
irom a .visit, to ner daughters at
Soudan, Alaska. 8be was met hero
by her son and the two left Thurs
day for their east of the mountains
home Before going over, however,
Mrs. Butin placed two large orders
for goods with Medford merchants,
ihe same to be shipped to her
daughters in Alaska.
Ladies will find just what they
want in stationery, at the Book store.
Also fashion paper and magazines. -
Tbos. F. Fish, the San Fran
cisco capitalist and mineowner, was
in Medford this week looking after
bis land interests hereabouts. Tbo
gentleman is enthusiastic as to 'the
future of the Rogue river . valley.
He notices great improvements its
the country since his visit here
couple of years ago. -
Strained and comb honey Davis
the grocer.
I. A. Merrimah is hunting for
a man who has lost a knife a good
one (the knife), worth $1.50. Ho
found it sticking in a melon in his
melon patch. The probabilities are) .
tbat Ike is ahead a good knife as
no person will want to claim it and
admit they had been "cooning"
Sot of second hand single and double
harness for sale cheap E. W. Starr.
Tne crowd at the side show last
Saturday was so great tbat several
children fainted from tbe intense
heat and from being jammed about
so unmercifully. - Mrs. Hemstreet
also fainted and was carried out of
the tent, where after a few minutes
she was restored to consciousness.
Lost Oa Saturday last, on Seventh
street, a fountain pen. Finder will bo
rewarded by leaving same at this office.
Lieutenant and Mrs. A. A.
Fries returned Wednesday evening
from their wedding tour into Cali
fornia. They will remain hers
with relatives and friends until the
20th when they will leave for Wil
litts Point, New York, .' .", 1.
The Ladies.
The pleasant effect and perfeet safety
with whloh ladlee may use Syrup of
PigB, under all conditions, makes it
their favorite remedy. To get the true
and genuine artiele, look for the name
of the California Fig Syrup Co. printed
near the bottom of the package.- For'
sale by all druggiBts.
or autumn s. nearness
We will divide the profits Idf
a iKi