The Medford mail. (Medford, Or.) 1893-1909, September 15, 1899, Page 5, Image 5

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Kagle I'olnl KagloUi. '
Mm, T. 1C. NIhIkiIh wum tlio guont
of Mrn, 0'lnnoiidu lust Buuduy.
MrH. J. 1. Mooiimw whh a iiIuiib
tint oallor at our huuio IuhI TuurH.
Mr. ttoot and family returned
from nn oxtundud vIhII to tho oouBt
wook bufuro I lint, -. . . . .
John Hlglnbothaiu and John Mo
Kva look two big loada of ttlialcoB to
Iludor l)ron hint Munduy,
Messrs, ICdiuuiiduou and Allon
Lave toon duhvoring - iiliukoa to
Kudor Droit, tho punt wouk.
MrH. A. J. Floruy, who has boon
vlultlng at hur futhor'n, Uhauoy
Nye, returned home Inst Saturday.
There novum to be a spirit of Im
provement in tho way of building
in and around Kugle Point juat at
Under Bros, had a barn raining
ou Tuubduy of lust week on tho old
bomo plaoo and expool to mine a
another on tho Joliu Iludor pluoe hi
about ton duye.
liolmro Bro. are lending a largo
quantity of Snow Butte Hour to
Josephine County this tumuior and
liavo oontraola tor several Ioiib to
bo dollvored yet.
Misses Lottio Taylor and Anna
and Oliu Nioholu visited at George
Nichols' lust week. Misses Lottie
and 01 i a have returned but Anna
remained i lor : a visit ' with her
brother, Ouhs, and family.
There sooiiib to be a great demand
for t .reading muchinot in thii boo-
tion of tho oouutry. As yot we have
been alighted almost altogether, but
I learned Sunday that wo woro to
havo four In this neighborhood this
wook. -
Our town la booomlng quite a
business plaoo sinco the Sugar Hue
Company baa mudo auoh a good
road to Kogue river by the way of
Big Butte creek,' and a large
amount of lumber it bving hauled
oa ordinary wagons to different
uarttj of the valley.-, i
Mr. and Mrs. August Buab, of
Los lAngelea, Calif., arrived here
, last Saturday and are tho guests of
. Rev.' Jr I'. Moomaw and family.
They-ore looking for a location and
are very favorably impressed with
the appearance of this valley and
espooially our Butte oroek country.
A large delegation went from this
pari of the ooantry to take in the
clrous at 'Medford last Saturday.
We understand that considerable
"fleoolng" was oarriod on. A re
port oomus from one young man on
Big Sticky to the eifeot Unit ho
handed the gate kooper a 120 piece
and received a ticket and 110 in ox
chango. Similar reports come in
from boys in our neighborhood.
Lust Saturday a Bpooial school
uioeling was held at tho new school
hoUHO lor the purpose of voting ou
the proposition of authorizing tho
school board to borrow $350 to bo
used in finishing and furnishing tho
new sohool buildinir. The "untios"
woroxmt in full force, whilo iuobI of
thoso who wero in favor of the move
had gone to the circus. Tho result
was seven for the loon and thirteen
against it. Afterwards T. K. NioholB
moved a reoonalderution which was
carried out and thon a rojolution
was i introduced authorizing the
board o finish tho houso, as far as
tho present work already bogun was
oonoerned, furnish the lower rooms
with all the necessary equipments,
build out buildings, fence tho
grounds and issuo warrants for the
same. Tho time to run was not
epeoifiod. This resolution was oar
riod unanimously.
Sick Headaches,
The ourse of overworked womankind,
aro quickly and suroly aurod by Karl's
Ulovor Koot Tea, mo ureal Diooa piiri
flor and Ussuo builder. Money rcluudad
if not satisfactory. . Prloe 85 oU. and
60 ota. Hold by (Jims. Strang, drugulat
Krowusboro Items,
nv a.
Mias Bosaie Oondo, who has been
visiting friends here, roturned homo
Mlaa Donna Boll oumo home for
a visit Saturday, returning to her
sohool Sunday.
Wrn. Tirrillof Klamath Falla,
visited rolatives and old frionds in
this, yiplnity last weok. '
A-number of peoplo from our boo-
money-back tea and
baking, powder at
Your Grocer
lion of the douniry" aitended "t(ie
olroua at Modford Saturday."1 ,
Mrs. J. A. ' Obenohaln.' of Die
Butto, la visiting her mother, Mrs.
Jus. Miller, who is atill quite ill,
Talent Mews Items.
Mrs, M. L. l'ellott, who has bean
on tho sick list for a few days, Is
much Improved.
Kdwurd Brook and John Can way
Itfl thla wuek for the Humnson
creek district, where thoy will pros-
A. Alford. of Talent, and his son.
Moso, of Ashlund, are at Sterling
mountain prospecting tor a few
Mist Clara Lynch, of Wagner
oroek, . who ban been stopping in
Aahland, oama home the first of the
Mrs. Mary Jensen, of Kirkwood,
Calif., who has been visiting her
sinter, Mist Anna JefTrov, will leave
for home in a few duya.
K. D. Nethorlund, Marian So-
wash, Dan Ilansoom, Jr., and his
brother, Chales, started the first of
tho week for Volicati bay on a fish
ing and hunting trip. 4
A. P. Talent, of San Francisco,
who has been In tho valley for the
past two months, loft for his home
on Monday. Mr. Talent Is an old'
tinier in Southorn Oregon.
Mrs. D. P. Briton, of Talont, who
has been stopping with hor dough
tor, Mrs. Jordon, of Medford, who
bus boon quite HI for some time,
oatne homo a few days ago.
Mrs. Sarah Harris and daughter,
Komi, or Misson, (Jul f., came over
to Talont ono day lunt week for a
visit , with relatives and friends
They are stopping with Mrs. H.'s
neloe, Mrs. iUnmott lioesou.
Klamath County Items. -
Prom the RepublloBD.
Kobt. Ilunsrikor roturnnd last
Krid.y from Medford with 5000
pounds of salt for L. F. Willits.
R. A. Alford lat Thursday sold
Ktt bead of boef to J. C. Mitchell
The prioo paid for all of the cattle
was 0 cents for cows and 01 cents
pr stoers. -..
II. W. Orth, of Jacksonville, ar
rived in the Palls Sunday and left
Wednesday morning for Lakeview,
where he will examine tho butcher
business with a view to locating.
He is traveling on a wheel. ,'
D. A. Pressley, of Sprague river,
arrived In the f alls last week to re
oeive medioal treatment for one of
hia feet. About ten days ago a der
rick fork fell on It, running one of
tbo tinea through the Instep. '
L. B. Applegate laat Friday de
livorod 100 head of cows to J. C
Mitchell. The cattle wore weighed
at tho Miloholl rauoli, two miles
eost of town. They were driven to
(he railroad Sunday morning..
A. Alford last wock Bold his
steam thresher maohine to John
Cox nnd Milton Stout, of Oleno.
They will oontinue to run the ma
ohine this year but next year thoy
will use the engine and boilor for
other purposes.
Diod At Pine Grove, Saturday
Sept. 2, 1899, Mra. E. J. Pool, aged
47 years. Mrs. Pool has boon an
invalid for tho past three years and
lor the past year has been in Med
ford undor the oare of physicians
but returned to this county about
six weeks ago. She leaves a bus
band, E. J. Pool, and soven ohil
dren, two brothers, Chas. and J. R,
Faith, of Jaokson County, and throe
sistera, Mlaa Kiltie Faith, of Skag
way, Alaska, Mrs. B. S. Origaby
and Mra. N. S. Drow and a large
olrolo of frionds to mourn hor death.
The creamery at Ft. Klamath is
doing a rushing business this sum
nier. Every day from one hundred
to five hundred pounds of butter
and oheeao coraop down on the mail
boat and is stripped from here to
different points iu Oregon and Call'
fornia. The oreamey business In
the Wood rivor valley is ding more
to build up a flourishing town at
Ft. Klamath than anything else.
It is a supreme industry. At pros
ont thoro is only one oreamory and
several good dairy farms, but the
domand for first class butter will
soon cause others to be built.
Last Friday aftornoou, while
working on a thrashing maohine at
tho Matt Haynes plaoe, in Poo val
ley, J. Frank Wallace foil into the
separator and his log waa horribly
oruahed, and ho died from tho ef-
feot three hours after, The maohine
ia of the old style and a derrick fork
is used to lift the hay onto the table
opposite the oy Under. Wallace was
feeding, when the derrick was raised
with some hay and as it oame up
by tho table one of the tines caught
on tho oornor, tipping it up, and
threw Wallaoo into tho maohine,
One of the teoth in tho cylinder ap
parontly oaught in his boot and bo
foro he oould be resouod his log wbb
drawn in over the long tooth of tho
cylinder, and the muBOlos and flesh
was horribly out and mangled. Toe
power was at once stopped, but
about fifteen minutes were taken to
get the unfortunate man out,
At Cross Purposes
Mm. CrunhltiKton (a wlilowl, 19: Flor
ence Crushlnifton (hr dAUKhter), 11; TH
liimn (hnr Mtun), month; Hon. Uoorgo
lllllon, W,
rwoiib! Mri, f;ruhlnKton'e drawlnir-
room, Mn. C, and her dauvhlar am oliat-
I(H, O-llc liiimi't calli'd yet. lie
can t In) Kolii(f to illmiiiiiulnt uol
Anil 1 told tliem to auy I win not at
home to nnyone cIm-,
Klr. -How tike of you, niollmr dearl
Mm. C -Mr di'nr child, you are very
good lo aay no, uvvn when there la dan
ger ot our iiotudinittiug- Crunk Homer.
nor. 1 don't cure for Prank Homer.
Mra. C Ion't you, really? Tli n you
needn't have given him four duucea at
the county bull. .
rlor. Now, Madame rroprlety, don't
throw atouea, or I atiall bring you to
book for dancing two acta of tanccra,
and yn, actually one waltc with tbe
Honoruble (Jcorg-e at that eelf-tumo
ball. At, your age, tool I'm quite
aalinrni'il of you. When lie culli thla
afternoon I ahall give him a good
Mra. C. Florence, you are loo flip
1'lor. no la J Itluina, anil ao are you.
We're nil flippant? Aren't we, Tlttuma?
Jit, Mewl mewl
Mra. C When (icorge Hilton urrlvea
perhupa you would not mind h-uvlng u
nlone for a few mlniitea?
Klor. I waa jiiat about to ak you
wh..her you couldn't find tome pretext
for being culled away.
Mra. C 1?
Klor. Well, you know, Jfa dllllciill
whrn the dragon la preaent.
Mra. C Thedragon dlfllcultl What
on earth do you mean?
Klor. I mean that he might feci awk
ward even before you, deareet. Give
me len miuulca.
Mra. C.---You abaurd child! lia, ba, I
begin to aee. And ao you actually have
the effrontery to urcnutne thai our ex
pected caller la coming here to propoae
for your hand?
Klor. Well, what le could I aa-
u me? If not, why all thla planning
and tcheiniiig to get uiin here alone?
Mra. C. Kloreuce, I am a widow.
Klor. Vca, aud a very rcapectablt
one.' You II be antique preaenily.
Mra. C I am on the aunny aide of
Klor. The daya are getting terribly
abort, don t you Iulnk7
Mra. C My glaaa tell nie (hat I am
atill not devoid of atvractiona.
Klor. Matronly afttractiona. .
Mra. C You youraelf need a father'!
advice and counael.
Flor. A huaband'i.
Mri. C. No, a fa'tber'a. I hope to be
able to preaent you with auch a father
Klor. Jorge Hilton?,
Mra. C The lime,
Klor. You abnurd mother! Now 1
begin to undcratand. And ae you ac
tually have the elfrontcry to aaaume
Mra. C Silence, will you!
Klor. No, I won't!
Mra. C To have one'a child turn
upon one! It'a unnatural!
Klor. Thnt a mother ahould try to
mnr her dnughler'a proapeeta It'a
Mra. ('. A mere chit like you
Young enough to be hla daughter!
Klor. And you might have been hia
Tit. Mew, mewl
Klor. What doi-n It wont, the dear?
Mra. C Your kitten thinks It's r,ear
tea time. You con have youth in the
Klor. I ahnll have mine here.
Mra. C Soyou lnlat?
Klor. I do Insist. '
Mra. C You will apoll the gam for
ua both.
Klor. I didn't know Mr. Hilton was
Mra. C. Very we-lll I shall tell them
not to udmlt him.
Klor. You are too late, my lady. He
a coming up the ataira.
Mra. C Those electric bella!
(A servant announeea "The Hon.
(leorge Hilton.")
Mr. C. My -dear Mr. Hilton, how
good of you to keep your promlael
Klor. And a promise made in tho
nark, too.
Hi). I am most pleased to rind you
In. Ah, that beautiful I'ersian kitteu!
(Coaxing it.) .
Tit, Mew, mew!
Mrs. C. And you love kittens?
Hll. Well, love la rather n strange
Flor. Of course it la. How absurd
you arc, mother dearl
Mra. C. Yes, lov ia a strange word
Mr. Hilton.
Ulh Kow people seem to think so
nowadays. Tho modern equivalent is
too often caprice or fancy.
Mrs. C. Florence, denr, would you
mind fetching that photograph of Tlt
tuma' which Mr. Homer took for your
Klor. I will ring for It, dearest.
(Does so.) I caught a nasty cold, Mr.
Hilton, at the county ball.
Mrs. C Yes, poor oh lid 1 I quite for
III). Vfti so sorry, and 1 heard you
danoed so1 well, too.
Flor. Why weren't you there?
Hll. ttccauae I don't care for ilnno
Jng now. Mr, Komer dances well
docan't he?' .
'. Klor, Pretty well,'
Mrs. C Now that's not fair, Florrle.
You never dance n second time with a
bad dancer, and with Mr. Bonier you-
' Flor. Mother, there's a spider in
your hair. ' .
Mrs, C A spider! O!
Hll. I don't aee It.
! Flor, It'a off now.
i Hll. Mrs, Cruahlngton, I want you
to do me a favor.
, ' Mrs. C It 1 granted.
Hll. It may seem n gi-ent liberty to
take on to short an acquamtuuee.
. Mrs. Had not Flnrvnco better
'hart- tie room f
Hll. Why ahould ahe? My favor
conoern her a much n yourself.
j'Kjr. insinil mid ao!
Mra. C. (iialMe) J knew It!
Hll. Do you love this kitten verv
Mrs. C As If one would bo ao foolinh
a to love a kitten!
Flor. Of eouraa not. It'a a nrettv
daytltlng, thnfaall.
1 it. Mew, mewl
Hll, J know some one who is d vino
to piMaeas auch a kitten ua this.
Mra. C Hi) may have this one with
Hll. I hen you would rcallv not mind
artlng wllh It?
Mra, C. (imldr) What lm this to do
with It? (Aloud) Not In the leant.
Anything to oblige yon, dear Mr. Hil
Hll. How delightful of you! Then I
will aend THluuia out lo Australia, If I
may, by the very next boat, I hope you
woo v mind the voyage, Tittums!
Tit, Mew, mew! -
Mra. C Send her wherever you like
to the north polo or the equator,
And now, what la your favor? 1 am
dying to grant it.
HU. You havo granted it.
Klor. What, Tituims?
Hll. Yes, Tltlumn! Don't you think
that's quite enough to ask for on after
noon, you generous beinga?
.Mra. c Hothat'all7
Hit. Quite.
A strained and desultory conversa
tion follows for about five minute.
Hilton rim to go.
Mra. C. Good day, Mr. Hilton.
Klor. Would it be too Inquiaitive to
ask who is your Australian friend?
Hll. ot at all. I hope to Introduce)
her to you both sonic day.
Mra. C Hcrl
Hll Yes, Miss Calthorpa my fian
Mra. C. Yourflanceel
Hll. Didn't you know I waa en
gaged? Well, It ia rather a aecret-
llut I don t mind telling you. She a
he anueU'St girl In the world, and 1 m
the luckiest man!
Mra. C. (icily) How charming! Good
Flor. lleully, Mr. Hilton, it seems
terribly ungracious, hut I don't think
could part with Tittums. Hhe Is my
own mile Kitten, ana nns wounu ner-
self round my henrt. Haven't you,
Til Mew, mawl
Hll. Aa you pleaae. Miss Crushing-
ton; but I wish ynu hadn't raised my
topes to dash them.' Good afternoon.
Flor. Koiaed hia hopes to dash them.
Mra. C Mv dear, the man's a beast!
Tit. Mew,' mew! Black and White.
Chrome Diarrhoea Cared.
This ia to certify that' I have bad
chronic dlurrbooa ever since the war.
I got so weak I could hardly walk or do
anything. Ono bottle of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholora and Diarrhoea Remedy
cured me sound and well.
J. K. Gibbs, Fineaatle, Va.
I had chronlo diarrhoea for twelve
years. Three bottles oi (JDamoeriain s
Colic. Ubolera and Diarrnoea itemcay
cured mo.
S. L. Shavek, Finoastle, va.
Both Mr. Gibbs and Mr. Sharer are
prominent furmers and reside near
Pincaslle, Va. They procured tbe
remcdv from W. E. Casnor. a druggist
of that place, who ia well acquainted
with them and will voucn lor me iruii
of their statements. For sale by Obaa.
Strang, druggist, Medlord; Dr. J.
Ulnklo, ventral roiut.
Superior job printing at this office.
BLV'g CKEAM BALM tsHHlvarara.
Apply Into the nostrils. It Is quickly absorbed. SO
senta at Drurcilta or. by mail ; amp!ee 10c by mall.
ELT BKOTlflCKS, as Wm 8l. New ToritCtty.
r mi!CT,jue, piciiwi or camp in
tnora tjullx, tnor quickly, mora
notuiniuiiT sU9a who ctuuu
rarafflua wax than by Mty otbr
method. Dosena of oibtr UM will b
Paraff ine Wax
In viy taouMhold. It ! clean,
maiuivna kiiu muiriinu tur, w savo
riitrt nclrt proof. Get a pound caka of
t with iv list of Ita many uaea
from your druffl let or grocer, .
1 Bold eTorywhera, Made by
Market keport.
Tho lollowlng aro tho prioes paid by
our merchants this week for farm' pro
duoo. .This list will bo changed each
weok as the prioes obange;
Barley. .... .
Mill Feed....
B'uuuj dry,, .
Lard,...., ..
Hoge live..,
...'....... .... ..60 100 lbs
I...BI.1U "
OOo "
..IT nor doz
... ,....22porib
........... w "
.., .....09,
...16 '.
;...... .3i !
"- .' .i. Ji VI n. .'. '.
No Tortun Equal to tho
Itching and Burning of
This Fearful Diseasi.
Xesemav which is more than skin-deep,
... ln. f . . I -,r
the real cause of tbe trouble, is in tbe
urougn ine sain -, sot omy way to reata sue ainatt, inarsrora, it
toe Diooa.
Mr. Phil T. Jones, ofMlsenvllle, Ind., wrltte: '
"I had Eoiema thirty yean, and after a greet deal
of treatment my leg wm so raw and tore that it gave me
constant pain. It finally broke Into a running sora, and
began to spread and grow worse. For the past Are or
tlx yean I hare suffered untold agony and had given up.
all hope of ever being free from the disease, at I have
been treated by some of the best physlelans and have
taken many blood medloinee, all In vain, With little
faith left I began to take 8. 8. 8., and it apparently
made the Eczema worse, but I knew that this wis the
way the remedy got rid of the poison. Continuing
8. H. 8., tbe sora healed ap entirely, the skin became
elsar and smooth, and I was eared perfectly."
' Ecxenm it an obstinate disease and can aot ba eared by a remedy which to
only a tonio. Swift'e Bpeolfle
8. 8. 8. FOR THE BLOOD ,
It taparior to other blood remedies beeaose it cares dinette whisk they Otss
not reach. It goes to the bottom to the eaute of the disease and will evast .
the wont ease of Ecsema, no matter what other treatment hat failed. It as .
the only blood remedy guaranteed to be free from potash, meroory or aar
other mineral, and never fallt to enre Eeaema, Scrofula, Contagions Blot
PoisoD, Cancer, Tetter, Bheumatltm. Open Sorts, Ulotrt, Boils, ett. .latiet .
upon B. 8. 8. ; nothing can take Ita place. ' v
Books on these disease will be mailed free to any address by Swift
aide Company, Atlanta, Georgia. . .-tt
. As the end oi tuu iJruylus trial comes
within aight tho French government is
beginning to see that the verdict may
givo rise to trouble and orders have jnst
been received by two regiments of in
fantry and one cavalry regiment, already
within hail of Rennet, to hold them
selves in readiness to march on the town
at the first sign of disorder, to occupy
all stragetio pointa and repress all mani
festadons in their inception.
Thousands mre Trviaff lt ..
" In order to .prova the great merit of
Ely's Cream Balm, the most effective ours
for Catarrh, and Cold in Head, we have pre
pared a generous trial aize lor iu cent.
Uet It of. your aruggu.i or seaa iu cuu va
ELY BBOS.j 6 Warwn 8t, V. Y. City.
I suffered from catarrh of the worst kind
ever sinoe a boy, uuj I never hoped fur
cure, but Ely's Cream Balm stemi to do
even that i Many acquaintanoea hav used
it with excellent results. IMcar ustrom,
aS Wsrrsn are., Chicago, III. .
Ely's Cream Balm it the acknowledged
cure for catarrn ana odduuh no ooowno,
mercury nor any injurious drug. Price,
iOeeuta. ,At uragguiu or ty maiu -
1 , OALATIA, II LS-, NOV. IS, 1813,
PsrlsMedlelMCo., Bt.Ixnte.Ho.
OenUeaien: Wo nM last Tear, 900 bottle of
bonsM three arom alraadr Oils year. Iaaltoxei
perlenoe of 14' yean. In the drns bneliieM. have
never eoM an article thu save enoa ualvoteal sau.
faetkn as your TooM. lour trulr,
. . .. . : . - ABMBT. OAM AO0.
For sale by Chas. Strang. Medford, Orsson
, (HiyMasUxtkaBdSmUiV '
Thelarf estAjtatomlcal afoseum
In the World,
Greattt attraction in tf City, A
WeakaeMK, or any contract
S ilbMie.aMlllvalwaartad far
the oldest RfcUltatoQ ftha PaoiAa
oh Mar awfliM and BMldtfllti
ga weal who are aafferlaf
Iron tba aflacta of yoathfal lodky
vaara. ITanoua an9 ohiaJ
ArtiUriiasi ar nviwa
In B&aturar
potmvj, iMtHaaairiidtarUlluooiTipll.
catlonai Mpmi Masmtarrliam. Praaa.ttr
rktrsv C9tMrrlitm, fii mfmmtf
f VrlnaUHtt Hy a eonaiuaMoa af
remMiaa. or great curaure power, uta voctor
haa ao arranntj bta ttwtaeli t Uiai U will Ml
retnedtaa, of great ouratlva Mwer, Uta Doctor
nly afford Tmmedlata miff, bat partDauant
our, the Doctor di
loaa tint alalM In mrt
ratraolwi, hot M wll Imtwa a ba a fair
nn ciatm an Mirorwi
Trmi.iiiKiriotMy ndietMlrsai
Ik arsHna mtbeal iheaee el tlrirj'..
TrawMa Jltt4 bjr aa Kxaert, at SI cat
ear for Bt,r. A tokajsM naliii
mmm rtlH eBd'VIseilm.b
be. Jerdaa's apeclal pslnleai metkoaa, m
BTBBT HAW aoplylnt ta as wm I 111 1 1 f
saranMSMUenof afceomnialM. v A
. n wu wnrmw s r8i.wt4 was r
wnrtj irr nj, ' m-ww a -rwar-ati war
i 5L NMMjtMl slsrW K. H K
I -Legal Maaka at Tbi Mail offlo.
naid ta thS)
nrst symptoms or Koaema, but It Is not leu
before the little redness becins lo lteh aasl
born. This Is bat the beginning, an4 wfll
lsad to suffartng and tortun) almost aasas
dorable. It i a eommon mistake to naaatl
a roughness and redness of the skin sw
merely a local irritation ; it It bat an Indleat
tlon off e. humor in thai blood of tsaillike
and can not be reached by loeal tnli-
1 a. ,L. -. J . V,k. J! IkJI
blood, although all suffering it produced
In Buying
Get the Best
That's the
Warranted for One Year!
99 Phoenix Wheel........f 40.00
99 Golden Eagle.......... 30.00 .
'99 Solar Gas Lamp....... 3.WJ
iy Bicycle BuppUes carried In atock.
Scno ron Cataloquc or Wmccl aho Uaipm
D. T. Lawton, Mgr. Medford Branch.
J. R. HardGB, Prop. .
Shop on Seventh street, opposite
Union Livery Stables.1 '
Give me a trial and you will ooaat)
. BY THB '.' ' i V
The Shasta - Route
' ,:i OF TBF -.' -
Lv. Portland .. Ar.
Lv. Medford Lv
Ar. Ban Pranolsoo Lv.
Ar Ogden Ar
Ar Deaver Lv
Ar ' Omaha . Ar
Ar . ChloaKO Lv I
Ar '' Los Angelos Ar
Ar El Paso Ar
Ar . Fort Worth Ar
Ar . New Orleans Ar
4ip. aa
8.-05 p. na
1:10 p. m
6:46 p. as
8:50 a. as ,
6:30 p. m .
8:38 p. m '
8:40 a. as
8:40 p.
7KI0 p. m
tu:ou .m
7:45 a.m
5:00 p. m
6:06 p. m
6:40 a. ra
8:16 p. m
7:00 a. m
8:ifi p. m
4:16 p. m
7:65 a. m
; Dining Cars ; , ,
!; Observation Cars
Pullman first-class and tour
ist cars attached to all
through trains.
Roue burg
Ar I fc p. as
' Lv? '
8-a0 p. m I Ar '
740a, mILv
- Portland
Ar I 6:50 p. m
Lv lKp.m
Ar .
At Albany and Oorvallls oonnaot with train
,. i . ..of O. p. at B. railway.,
. : i,i .... Kiept Baadair.) i. ,. ,-
4:60 p. m
730 p.m
IX p. as
Lv ' Portland - Ar
Ar ,' MoMlnavlll Lv
Ar i U'ladepandaoea Lv
6:60 a. ai
' Dlrot eonaeettoa at San Franolsoo with
stosmsblp nee for Hawaii; Japan, China, Tba ''
Philippine d Aeetrsll. ,. fi i-
For through tieheu and rates call on or a4
dress Mr. yf. y.LippIaoott, Agent, Medrort. '
m. WaTOftrVI," 0.H.MARKHAM, "