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Published y.rtry Friday sforninf.
A. S. 8UTON.
Ha Is (X row dayst but Quit a plenty,
EbMrvil In th Pasloihoa at Mulford, Oregon
as Secoud-Class Mall Matter.
Mropord, Kkiuay, Nov. S, I8t7.
Tins paper ksnai-xS
Yertialag Agency. $4 and fift Merchant Ks
eaa&ge, Saa Francisco, California, where coa
traote (or advertising oan bo made for It.
Our Clubbing List.
HI Mail and Weekly S. P. Call 12 23
" " Examiner 2 85
. " " Chronicle 2 85
" " " OroRonlan 2 00
" " Cosmopolitan .... 2 10
" " Weekly Clnotn
nutt Enquirer, - - 1 75
Tub old custom of dog eat dog
doesn't prevail on the Klondike.
The doe doesn't get a chance.
"This is the proper season to
charter steamers in the East for
the Alaskan trade. Tonnage will
be very scarce nest spring," says
the San Francisco Bulletin.
Baby Ruth has a brother. Not
& big brother but he will be if he
"grows more like his dad every
day." . The baby brother is at the
home of ex-President Cleveland
and arrived last Friday.
The woman who was caught
picking pockets in a Los Angeles
church last Sunday should not
have been allowed to go free. People
found enough plausible excuses for
keeping away from the house of
worship before.
Rev. Berry, cashier of the bank
at Pawnee, Olka., has been con
victed of wrecking the bank; but
he was game, and kept the, bank
running until there was only sixty
cents in the cash box. The reverend
is a very much crushed Berry.
' An Atlanta, Oa.. bank cashier
is missing with $71,000. It is be
lieved that he is in South Africa.
In view of the fact that an ordinary
cigar costs fifty cents there and
board is $25 a week, it will only be
a waste of money to try to get him
The Fargo, North Dakota, Daily
Argus says; "Bert Bliton is making
ail kinds of money with his Med
TORD (Oregon) Maii,." Modesty
prevents us admitting the foregoing
to be true but, in all candor, The
Mail's advertising columns do have
rather a healthy look.
A Creek Indian has just been
executed for the killing of a rival
in love, going himself, alone and
unguarded, to the place where he
knew he was to be shot. He had
given his word to be there, and that
settled it with him. What an object
lesson for a good many politicians!
The amount of the county war
rants issued during October, '97, by
Jackson County was $3385.23;
amount of warrants redeemed dur
ing the same length of time was
$5622.62; amount of those re
deemed in excess of those issued,
$2237.29. Twelve months of that
kind of work figures up to over 25,
000. ; Klamath County Indians have
just about taken our city this week.
They came in greater numbers this
year than usual and their purses
were longer and filled to the neck.
.Those dusky sons of toil are good
customers and they are fast drifting
into the ways of the pale face. For
instance: One family purchased
four silk dresses at one of our stores,
and they are as well up-to-date
bargain counter hustlers.
Thk labor leader who says that
low wages comes from the competi
tion of women, and that this is why
male workmen cannot afford to
marry, is more or less right; but
unfortunately women have to live
somehow, and they must have
money to do it. The difficulty
with labor leaders is that they look
at things as they ought to be and
not as they are; but capital as well
as labor is subjected to conditions
most of which are inevitable. . For,
of course, the women can't be as
sassinated; and, after all, affection
tules to some extent, and there
are proportionately more marriages
among the very poor than the very
Judge Foster of Kansas thinks
there is something wrong in the
gambling that enables a man to
make several million dollars a day
through an advance in the price of
wheat, especially as the man does
not raise, import, export, or so much
as see the grain that brings him
that groat fortune. Thev will never
cease to have queer ideas in Kansas
and at the same time this million'
aire, living by his wits, is totally
uou-productive, and when he drops
out of life the world has not lost a
dollar of any kind of value.
Election Returns.
Tuesday of this week was election
day in many of the eastern states,
Greater New York elected Van
Wyck, the Tammany candidate for
mayor, by a plurality of 10,000.
uemoorata elect ou ot bU assem
blymen in Greater New York
Legislature probably tied.
Maryland legislature is repub
lican by 15 majority. This defeats
Senator Gorman.
Kentuoky legislature democratic
in both branches.
In Iowa republicans elect gov
ernor by 20,000. . Legislature is 54
majority republican.
Colorado, popo-dem.
Republicans claim a victory in
Ohio on state and legislative ticket
but oflicial count may be necessary.
Democrats in Virginia elected 13
out of 21 senators and 74 out of 100
members in the bouse.
Fusioni8ts elect state and legis
lative ticket in Nebrasku.
South Dakota elected five repub
lican, one democrat ana two popu
Real Estate Transfers.
Cal Brobst. et al. 1? Aztec Mining and
Development Co, (our claims in Pearl
Cal J Ilrobst to Aztec Mining and Devel
opment Co, quaru claim In fuurl dis
trict .
B B Stowell to Aztec Mining and De
velopment Co, Elk No 1 claim, Pcurl
J E Poster to same. Elk No 3. Pearl dis
M L Stanley to John Pelton.nonc-four;h
interest to land, sec 16. to 86 s, rlv....
Joseph Howell to Mrs M L Stanley, same
property .
Geo H Andrews to John G Cogshall, lots
3 and 4. blk 57. Med lord
Jane Moore to V H Lillie, 80 acres, sec
21. to 3o. r 'J w
J B Dyer to Jobn Painter, lots I and 3,
DiK , talent
A S Barnes to L H Tiffany, sheriff's deed
) 160 acres in tD 36. r 5 w
J E Kennedy to H Mattern, q c d to mln.
ing grouna in waKnercrecK uisinci....
Hugh Sanders to Mary E Curry, acre
In Probate court.
Estate of Jobn Toepper: ttrst annual account
filed and approved.
Estate ol F F Downlnir. Sr: order anpofntinir
December ?, leC7. as dny or llnal settlement.
Estate or Joseon Raon: Inventorv and an-
praisement examined and approved; personal
property appraised at $11,751.95 and real prop
erty at 910,616: also an order setting apart
property exempt from execution.
In matter of tbe guardianship of Julia and
Benjamin Rhodes; Anna Wright appointed
guardian with a bond of $00, and G W Trefern.
John E Pelton and C L Hasty appraisers
Estate of Ezra Rhodes; order appointing De
ccmber 7 as day for hnal settlement-
Matt R Ish administrator, with a bond of 15000.
andThon Nichols. M 8 Wood and Frederick
Schneider appraisers.
In matter of the lost will and testament of
Snrah E Martin; Henry H Ratrie appointed
executor, with a bond of 9200. and G S Hosmer,
M D Boles and John Terrill appraisers.
Among the entireties.
Next Sunday, November 7th, Rev.
Sack will preach at the Lake Creek
school house, at ten o'clock a. m. The
subject ol his sermon will be "Reforma
tion. It was 382 years ago last bun-
day that Martin Luther affixed the
mnety-nve tneses against indulgence to
the Cathedral Church of Wittenburg,
Germany hence the sermon "Reforma
tion" at this particular time.
Tie iriai of Ban' Dutctier, charged
with the murder of George W. Svlio
field hi Santa Clara county some weeks
go, came to an end at San Jose Inst
Thursday, when the jury, which hud
been out all night, rendered a verdict
of not guilty. Immediately after the
verdict had been announced the case
against Mrs. Schofield was dismissed.
The three-year-old boy of J. A. John
son, of Lynn Center, 111., is Bubject to
attacks of croup. Mr. Johnson says he
is satisfied that the timely UBe of Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy, during a
severe attack, saved his little boy's
life. He is in the drug business, a
member of the firm of Johnson Bros, of
that place and they handle a great
many patent medicines for. throat and
lung diseases. He bad all these to
choose from, and skilled physicians
ready to respond to his call, but se
lected this remedy for use in his own
family at a time when Mb child's life
was in danger, because he Knew it to
be superior to any other, and famous
the country over for its cures of croup.
Mr. Johnson says this is the best sell
ing cough medicine they handle, and
that it gives splendid satisfaction in all
cases. Sold by G. H. Hasklns, drug
Apples, Apples !
We want all the Applea you have that are fit
to dry, and will pay good prices for them.
Enquire of ...
H. L. Burleson,
The cbainleus bicycle seems likely
to set in motion the endless chain
of litigation.
' The only sort of autonomy Cuba
will be willing to ucoopt is one of
the Fourth of July kind.
The Nebraska hum who was
stabbed with a hat pin is going to
marry the girl. She must have
touched his heart. ,
''When is tbe best time to marry?"
was voted on by a Kansas women's
club by secret ballot, and it was
unanimously decided that uny old
tinio was the best.
The contrast betweeu the Japan
ese and Chinese was never more
strikingly illustrated than in the
cable reports of the superstitious
dread of the Chinese emperor over
the coming eclipse in January,
The oourts are getting into a
great tangle over that whiskey
bound for Alaska. A good way to
decide the whole matter would be
to order all the interested parties
to shake dice for it.
In Wayne, Nebraska, the other
duy three former husband of the
same wife met and called upon her
and her present spouse. A pleas
ant reunion followed, aud it was de
cided to hold an anuual convention
every fall.
A small boy teased his father for
a watch till he was forbidden to
mention the matter again. At the
family prayers next morning, when
asked for his Scripture verse, the
youngster repeated: "What I say
unto you 1 say unto all watab."
A Springfield, Mo., boy carried a
slick of dynamite to school tbe other
day. As soon as they can get the
victims buried, build a new school
house, and hire another teacher,
the glorious work of educating tbe
youth of that town will bo resumed.
The queen of Portugal recently
gave the court ladies an object les
son on the dangers of tight lacing.
She had a number of tbom photo
graphed by the X ray. The picture
showed such great disfigurement
that a reform instantly followed in
the matter of lacing.
An Illinois farmer praved for two
weeks for rain to full upon his
parched fields, but no moisture
came, lben, while gazing upon
his blistering crops, the spirit moved
him and he swore tearfully, and
that night it began to rain and kept
it up for three days.
Paul Dana will succeed his father
in charge of the New York Sun. It
waB his father's wish, and the
younger man's long experience on
tbe bun qualities him tor the new'
responsibility. Chester S. Lord will
remain managing editor and there
will be few changes in important
They have a verv awkward man
in Tennessee. He shot a dog lately.
In explaining the accident to tho
owner he shot him. In showing the
coroner how the accident occurred,
he shot that officer. The other day
they liberated him for fear he
would try and explain it to some
body else.
Unusual sympathy has been
awakened by the- case of Charles
Rouss, the millionaire merchant of
New York, who has offered prac
tically all of hid fortune to any
body who will restore to him his
failing eyesight. He is now receiv
ing treatment from Dr. Norman, a
physician from India, who asserts
with much confidence that he can
effect the desired cure.
Luetgert is heavily handicapped
by his face. He would stand a bet
ter chance on bis next trial if he
could leave it off; for, judging by
the many pictures seen, it does not
look like the face of an innocent
man. There may be men on the
next jury like the one who, when
called to act, was told to take a
good look at the prisoner. He looked
long and hard, and then turned to
the judge, and said: "Jedge, I
think he's guilty."
Admirers of the new woman will
have some of their hopes and ideals
shattered by the information that
three prominent women of Fort
Scott, Kan., who heroically con
sented to serve on a jury during a
four weeks' term of the state court
promptly deserted their posts when
informed that they might not re
ceive pay for their attendance.
From another point of view it is
somewhat natural that the average
new woman, having started out to
do exactly as men do in public af
fairs, should balk vigorously when
Agent for W. C. Lowry & Co., San
Francisco, Oil , . ,
the almighty dollar Is conspicuous
by its absence.
An exchange Ulla the following:
A lady died, and while the pall
bearers were convoying her to hor
last resting place, by some niiHhap,
they stumbled and dropped the
corpse. The concussion brought
tlio deceased buck to lifo and she
lived six or seven years and died
again. On the way to the grave
they passed over tbe Bumu ground,
and when the pull-bearers reached
the identical spot whore the stumble
had been made at the previous sud
services, the grief stricken liuslmiul
stopped in front of those bearing
the remains of his lamented wife
and suid, "Steady, boys, steady."
This is the way a justice of tho
peace in tamhlll County married
a couple from tho backwoods : "tly
the authority veHted in me as an
ollicur of the state of Oregon, by
tho virgin forests that spread about
us in noble grandeur; by the howl
of the fox hound and coon dog, and
by tho morning glory whose cling
ing tendrils will shuuo your humble
dwelling nlace: bv the hair of tho
great black boar and the claws of
the panther; by the quills or the
hedgehog; by the juice of tbe black
berries whose sweetness fills your
heart with jov; by tho heavens and
tho earth and the things under the
earth, in the presence) of these wit
nesses, I pronounce you man aud
Advertised Letter List.
Following- (a a list of letters remaining un
called for m tho Modfortl (HMtotUco un Nuv.
3 'in
Armstrong, T O
Howurtl, j K
Kevaulda, Kd
llunlln, I I. (foreign)
Lapurl, Maluua M
A chaw of one cent will be mado upon do
livery of each of the above letters.
Persons oalllug for any of tho abovo letters
will pleusu Bay " Advortlnwl."
a!. PuituiN. Postmaster.
Iliatrici AtUinu-v tt.iKitr and x
Judgo Hums nf Moilm- conniv, Cat,,
were the niiiriialit in it
tabbing uII'ut in (In- m rinr conn
room at Aliiiru. linker uiih Ktnllml
Ave times by llurria liflore lli shi-riH
could si!nr:tti- them. The trouble
grew out of ii nine that v. us ou trial
which provoked aeverul angry words,
and Harris ruslinl at the ex -judge,
who stabbed lilm with a pen-Lot kuilc.
Tht wounds are not daiigarous. ,m
Why Buffer with coughs, colds and
lagrtppo when Laxative IJromo
Quinine will cure you In ono duy. 1'ut
up In tablets cciivonluiit for taking.
Guaranteed to euro, or money re
funded, l'ricu 25 cents, fur sale by
Clius. Strang.
Long Hunch, t'al., Iiua decided lo
again try corporate life, and upon
their petition Hie bourd of supervisors
has called un uloctiou to reincorporate,
the town.
The KedlamU (On!. ) Ornnge drawers
association Iki.i ro-eluetcd A. It. Uiih
glos secretary ami manager. K. 1'.
Morrison is pri-aident. The new packing-house
will he ready for this yaurli
Groves' Tanteleaa Chill Tonic is a perfeat
malarial liver and blood purifier. I tc moves
biliousness without purgloif. la pleasant aa
lemon syrup. It Is as lame aa any dollar ionic
rotalla for 60 centa. To (et the g-cnulu- auk
for Orovea.
A grand jury lias been impaneled at
Frsaao, Cal., with particular itistrm-t-ions
to inveshisste the conduct ot alli
es m who might have negluetuil their
duty. This isSdirnctiid against tho peace
officers who have permitted fnro mid
other proscribed (rnincsto be eoudiietud
openly. 8ome sttnualioiial indictments
ninv lie naiule.
Malaria produces weakness, vtncral dbltlty
blltousueHS, Ioab nf appetite, indlfteatloo and
constipation. Groves' Tasteless Chill Tonic
removes the cause whlob produces these trou
bles. Try It and you will be delighted. 60
cents. To get tbe genuine-ask for Crorea.
Mews of ths whaling fleet in the
Artie ocean is to the effect that the
catch of the entire Meet Is but 60
Achillas Giauwaatiaul was shot and
killed by the accidental discharge of
his gun, while hunting near Occidental,
Sonoma county. Cal.
Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablola .move tne
bowels gently, relieves the cough, ourea tbe
feverish condition and headache, making tbe
best and quickest remedy for coughs, colds
and la grippe. Cures In one day. "No cure,
no pay.1' Price 'i& cents. . for sale by all drug
gists. The agricultural society of tho Uni
versity of California has received en
couraging reports of the beet-sugar
experiments which have been made on
the Pierapn tract, in the Sacramento
valley. The boats were planted in tulo
ground, and have boon found to give a
yield of 16 per cent., . . '
All kinds ol wood for Bale. Long
wood, short wood, hard wood, soft
wood and just plain wood. Bollinger,
the dravmen.
Reports make it anpeur that the po
tato aareage is about the sumo ns lust
Prospects aro for a short wheut orop
In Europe and an increased demand for
the American orop.
Thnre Is no need of lltllo children
being tortured by scald head, eczema
and skin eruptions. DeWltt's Witch
Hii.ol Salve gives Instant rcliof and
cures permanently. Strunir, tho drug
gist, Mcdford: Pr, J. Hlnklo, Central
A"writor in Tho Fucm journal who
has tried all ways snys: "Wo now put
np outs in round shock!,, about 10 or 11
bundles, and oap with a good sized
sheaf bound oloso to tho top. Such a
cap, will shed rain liko jm nmbrella.
To Cure a Cold In One Day.
Take Laxative Uromo Quinino Tablets. All
druggists rotund tbe money if It falls to euro
to cents.
opened Nov. 1,
Heavy Double Faced Canton
in colors of Cardinal, Grey,
Brown and Steel Blue, at ..
M Yards for SI.
Heavy Twilled Serges in blue
and white and black and
white for winter dresses
and shirting, at .. ..
8 1-3 cents, or 12 yards for $1
y ill LiLl J SlLSj
I'AIP FOIt ...
Eggs, .. ..
and .. ..
pay's ooiiKir. Your Grocers
Winter Will
Catch You !
If We Don't, But We
. Hope to Catch You First...
if T
Best Overcoat for 57.50!
That you ever oaw, and if you wunt to ,
raise the price to $12 or 115 why we'll
give you such value and stylo as you havo .
never seen anywhere. Just givo us the
opportunity to furnish your Ovorcoat and '
we'll savo you a snug sum ....
$2.50 Pants that Cost $3.00 Elsewhere
Children's $2.30 and $3.30 Suits a Specialty
Iffy "IK ' . ;
W. H. Meeker
COLE'S ...
wood Savers... '
Money Makers
J l UVJU11
I ' J AV) r
i eur suppir
-" TOM.
at our expense
i i
KVct,, lfyoue not plea.
Wo want to catch you aa near naked an
possiblo, and drega you up according to
our ideas of proper stylo and we'll yHko
our reputation on your being right wIhmi
wu huvo finished. Hut, perhaps, you'ro
thinking inoro about OvorcoutB. Now
fltiok a pin right hero no that you'll not
forgot it. We can Boll you tho
& Co.-