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Published Every Friday Morning.
Official Paper of Jackson ounty.
BL1TON & BATTERSON, Publishers.
He is of few days; but quite a plenty.
E tiered in the PostoBice at Medford, Oregon
as Second-Class Mail Hatter.
verUaiag Ageney. 64 and 65 Merchants Ex
change, San Franotsoo, California, where con
tracts for advertising can be made for it.
ManFo&D, Friday, August 28, 1896.
Our Clubbing LLst.
The Mail and Weekly S. P. Call $2 25
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nati Euqurier,
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Idaho is so radically a silver
state that eveu the bank robbers
don't care to take the gold from the
banks. At Montpelier, Idaho, they
absolutely refused to touch the yel
low metal. -
Spain doesn't want the United
States to think that she is afraid
of a war on account of Cuban trou
bles, and decrees that the war must
go on regardless of expense or hope
of winning. Thirty-five thousand
troops are on the way to continue
the game of "bluff."
Those who imagine that the ba
loon polar euthusiast will never
reach the north pole are probably
not deserving of censure for that
way of thinking. But the very
worst that can come of it is failure
and another martyr to the cause of
science, and that is about all that
can be said of it since the fool-hardy
.Norseman went scudding round in
Arctic icefloes back in the 13th cen
tury. The German government is ac
tively at work finding means to bat
tle with the Standard oil trust, and
has actually gone into the business
on its own count The American
government has done a good deal
of active talking along the same
line for several years, but as that
has come to nothing the prospect is
that the German method will be
watched for results with
less interest.
more or
Debs, the labor leader and A. R.
.ist, hag spoken out his one-sided
--'ultimatum to "the democracy. - He
- will never support the democracy
rand would rather see McKinley
-elected than see another democra-
-. auuiniiaimuun at wasuington.
Sawall must withdraw, he insists, or
jBryan will be defeated. It is not
at all likely that the Clevelandic
regime has it in contemplation to
call out auy part of the standing
army to compel the loquacious la
bor leader to desist.
The case of the 6chool director
jvho interrogated the applicants for
-a school whether they taught that
the world was round or flat, and
then insisted on the theory of its
being a plane, is being paralleled
-by a school board down at .Berkley
"-who are opposing tne state vaccina
tion law and have pronounced
-against the introduction of cow
virus into the public schools of that
city. School directors who behold
their own importance and allow
their own opinions to lead them
above clearly demonstrated scien
tific truths are by no means few,
and it is really too bad that no way
has been provided for immediately
divesting them of authority.
Police courts in Indianapolis re
fuse to stop street political discus
sions -by fining those whom the pol
ice bring up charged with interfer
ing with the sidewalk ordinances,
whose offense is that of attracting
crowds about street corners to lis
ten te off hand discussions of cur
rent issues. The court holds that
the right of free speech is funda
mental in our constitution and
must not be denied. This is a time
when perplexing questions are puz
zling the people questions of vital
importance to the common neonle
- 1
and it is only by discussion of the
questions that confront them that
they learn to properly exercise the
right of franchise. They have a
right as American citizens to dis
cuss these questions, insists the
court, and no police force can stop
From across the Atlantic comes
the report that Minister Terrill, who
has been hob-nobbing at Constanti
nople for a couple of years, is com
ing home to stay. The American
diplomat at tnat court nas given
abundant proof that he understands
diplomacy to the extent of protect
in? himself at least, but when it
comes to defending the handful of
downtrodden Armenians in the in'
terests of humanity, the minister to
the Sultan is exceedingly light
weight. He wrote long and clothed
his writings with the verbiage of de
cision when he had occasion to write
home concerning his official acts in
the Armenian matter, but when he
talked to the unreasonable disciple
of Mohammed about it, his courage
appears to have dropped several de
grees below the normal and it was
low enough at the .best. Indeed,
his attitude was so mild that even
his closest associates seriously con
eluded that he had gone off on a re
ligious tangent and picked up the
Moslem faith, virtues and all. There
would certainly be little objection
to the Terrill return, were it not for
the associated press and a possible
longing for an interview for the pur
pose of thrusting a full vindication
upon a patient public .
Much has been said of late years
in the matter of fixing an educa
tional test of citizenship but little
has been done in the way of bring
ing the idea into actual practice,
save in a few of the southern states
where it has been done with an evi
dent purpose of disfranchising the
illiterate blacks, who may have out
numbered the whites whose know
ledge of any part of the three "Us"
is not sufiicient to allow them to
pass for "educated," though it is
very doubttul. Aside from these
southern states, Rhode Island is the
only state applying any restricted
standard to citizenship, and there
brains do not cut any figure. It's
money they want, and unless a
man has it he can not take unto
himself all the sovereign rights of
American citizenship. Little Rhody
has clung tenaciously to the idea of
of making the "dollar of our dads"
the fundamental qualification of
every voter, but no other 6tate of
the union has discovered sufficient
logic in the principle to pattern
after it. vThe idea of an educational
test is, however, to be tried by other
than southern states where the dis
franchisement of colored voters is a
factor of too small value to weigh
agaiust its adoption or rejection
and it is confidently hoped that the
date is not far distant when the
popular demand for a qualification
ef the rights of franchise on these
lines will be pressed as strongly and
successfully throughout the states
as was the demand for the Austral
ian ballot system. Our northern
neighbor will this year vote to
amend the state constitution to
make provision for farming out the
ballot to those who at least know
how to read it, and as there has
been no expressed opposition, no
alarming antagonism is anticipated.
The Medford ice company will ship
a car of ice to Grants Pass today or to
morrow. G. T. Boyd, he who was acting as as
sistant S. P. agent during the absence
of Agent Lippincott, left Tuesday
evening for his borne in Halsey.
Nine big locomotives were required
to pull the circus trains over the Siski
yous. and these had about ail they
could do to get the raons'er cars up the
heavy grade.
Medford's sidetracks were crowded
with empty cars the first of the week.
'Twas said they were brought here
from the Ashland yards to make room
for the circus trains.
Southern Pacific Agent W. V. Lip
pincott is not a fisherman of much re
puteas is evidenced by the fact that he
was not successful in getting even a
"bite" during his trip to the coast.
Mrs. Lippincott, however, was much
more successful, having landed a num
ber of fine deep sea fish.
Card Of Thanks.
We desire publicly to express our
thanks to the many friends for their
unnumbered acts of kindness during
the sickness and death ot our beloved
son and brother.
"In human hearts the love of God I read ;
By them spell out His name.
HIM life, revealed in lives, grows clean Indeed.
The ministry of friendship is a need
In earth and heaven the same."
Mrs. A. P. Frierson.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Pendleton.
Taken to tbe Asylum.
On Monday evening Dan'l Whet
stone, a young man aged somewhere in
the twenties, and a son of D. Whet
stone, living a few miles west of Med
ford, was taken to Jacksonville and
confined in the county jail and on Tues
day he was pronouced insane by the ex
amining physician, Dr. E. B. Pickel,
and the same evening he was taken to
the asylum at Salem by Sheriff Barnes
and P. V. Medynski.
Last Friday his wife, who is a daugh
ter of J. W. Dowell, of this city, no
ticed that he did not appear quite
right, in that he commenced tearing
things to pieces iu his blacksmith
shop and did not desist until he
had many of the tools heated and ham
mered into all conceivable shapes.
On Monday he drove to town, in com
pany with his wife and child, and in
stead of preparing to return home
when the proper time arrived he drove
his team Into the center of one of the
principal streets and there sat in his
wagon for several hours. His condition
having been made known J. H. Bellin
ger's services were called into use and,
in company with Joe Hill, he was per
suaded to accompany them to Jackson
ville where he was confined, as above
The young man was similarly af
flicted three years ago last May, and
was at that time taken to the asylum
and after a few months stay he re
turned all right, and it is thought he
will be quite himself again when he
has undergone a similar treatment.
His hallucination runs in the channel
of mechanical engineering, he having
studied that business, and his condition
right now is thought to have been
brought about by there having boen a
steam thresher at work in his neigh
borhood recently. He showed no
symptoms of violence and was told
when starting for the asylum that his
services were required by Mr. Medyn
ski in selecting an engine for the dis
tillery. Attorney Col vie of Jacksonville de
livered an address at the Medford
opera house on Saturday evening of
last week upon the financial issues,
from a silver standpoint. At tbe close
of the meeting a Bryan Silver club was
organized with from twenty-five to
thirty members. H. Klippel was
elected presidents G. C. Noble, vice
president; E. E. Phipps, .secretary;
John A. Jeffrey, treasurer.
Weeks Brothers, furniture dealers,
are out with a new ad tnU week on
first paee. Court Hall, he who caters
to the thirst of mankind, also has space
tell our peonlo of his excellent brandies
and Cyrus Noble whiskey.
Are Expecting a Successful Year.
It has been decided bv the directors
01 tne uoia tun public schools to open
scnooi on .Monday, bepterubor Hih,
ana continue for a nine months term
ibis lenzth of term and the able edu
cators whose services the directors have
secured places the schools upon a good,
solid footing and the patrons are figur
ing on a very prosperous year of school
work. Their building is a good one
and the school is well graded. With
everything so favorable 'tis little won
der the good people of that town are
Will Organize a Civic League.
There will be a public meeting at
toe uapuei cnurcn next Tuesday even
ing. September 1st, at 8 o'clock," for the
formation of a Civic League for Med
ford and vicinity. Everybody cor
dially invited.
Advertised Letter List.
Following is a list of letters remaining un
called for in the Medford poslofflecon Augusts.
Akin. W C Ryaa. Daniel
UuUllama, Koscoe Reed. Miss Lottie
A cbarjje of one cent will be made upon de
livery of each ot the above letter.
Persons calling for any of the above letters
wUl please say "Advertised."
M. PC R tuir. Postmaster.
Qold Hill Public Schools.
Editors Mail: The directors of
the Gold Hill public school have de
cided that school shall open vu the 14th
day of September and continue for a
full nine months term.
This placos Gold Hill on a firm
scholastic footing as she has a line
public school buildlne and a well era-
ded school. A profitable school vear
Is assured.
Directors School Dist. No 57.
Marriages and Licenses.
Married, in Jacksonvile. at the U. S.
hotel, August 23, by It. S. Dud Ian.
J. P., Joe Goldsbv and Miss Ros&J.
Married, in Jacksonville. August 22,
by Judge W. S. Crowell, Alonzo smith
and Miss Cady Axtell.
Licence issued, August 24, to Paul
Bruckner and Miss Theresa Demmer.
Licence issued, August 24, to P. K.
Simons and Miss Ella Benson.
Licence issued, Augu9t 24, to Otis O.
Helman and Miss Emma Tolman.
Licence issued, August 25, to Carlos
Torrey and Miss Melissa Smith.
Avoid Consumption.
By stopping that couh. Wo know
ot no better remedy for coughs and
colds than tho a. 11. Cough Cure. 50
cents a bottle. For sale by Chns.
Thermal Units aud Ice Vam,
We have no particular spite against
ice cream vendors, but simply quote
the following from the British En
gineer as an item of curious iutcrest:
"A boy eats 2 ounces of ice cream.
Now let us see what tho approximate
thermodynamic equivalent of the work
he is forcing upon his. stomach amounts
to. First, wc will assume that it takes
him five minutes to eat the icy mixture.
In melting the ice he will require IS
thermal units to reduce it to water, and
7 more, or a total of 25 British thermal
units, to raise the temperature of the
ice water to that of the stomach, when
in a natural, healthy slate. Taking
tho mcohaniial ciui-ralent a: 777 foot
pounds (it is really a fraction over), the
total is equal to 10,125 foot pounds.
Thus it may be seen that if tho boy
weighs 100 pounds, he has called upon
his stomach to do as much heat work
as would, with a machine having unit
efficiency, raise him 194 feet high, or a
rate of heat extraction equal to nearly
an eighth of a horse power."
' Hoke Smith will resume his law
practice at Atlanta. .
The free silver party will notify
Bryan ot his nomination at Lincoln,
Neb., September 8.
The republican county conven
tion at Olympia, Wash., voted not
to adopt the St. Louis platform and
adopted free silver resolutions in
stead. Bulgaria for seventeen years has
not paid her annual tribute to Tur
key as stipulated in the treaty of
Berlin. The Sultan wUl send a
special commission to collect.
Russian Jews, who were leaving
Russia in large numbers, with a
view to locating in Turkey have
been informed by the sublime porte
that access to his country is ex
pressly forbidden.
Nansen's ship, the Fram, has
reached the coast of Norway, and
had recently passed Dana island
where Professor Andree was waiting
for a favorable wind to carry him
and his baloon across the arctic re
gion. President Kruger, of the Trans
vaal, now denies the report that
there is or ever was any misunder
standing between his country and
Great Britain, and that he is doing
all in his power in the interest
of harmony with all surrounding
Dr. Miquel, the German minister
of finance, has recently betn occu
pied with the operations of the oil
trust in Germany, and he proposes,
in order to cope with tho Standard
Oil company, that the government
purchase all existing oil wells in
Prussia and systematically bore
new wells, as well as encourage the
introduction of new illuminants.
Over 4500 people heard Lord
Russell, lord chief justice of Eng
land, deliver his address on "Inter
national Arbitration" before the
American bar association, at Sara
toga, X. Y., on the 20th inst. The
audience is said to be the most dis
tinguished ever gathered at Sara
toga, and the address was for peace
between nations and was received
with round after round of applause.
Hoke Smith, secretary of the in
terior, has sent in bis resignition
and it has been accepted by the
president. Smith is the only mem
ber of the cabinet who will support
the Chicago ticket, and his resig
nition came on account of it, though
as a result of no disagreement with
the administration. He will Dro-
bably be succeeded by John M. Rey
nolds, of Pennsylvania, who 16 now
second assistant in the interior de
Senator Thurston, of Nebraska,
last week replied to Senator Stew
art that he did not personally
charge Bryan with being in the em
ploy of the silver mine owners, but
that he gathered his information
from the Chicago fdera) Chronicle.
and that he called upon Mr. Bryan
to explain. Mr. Bryan has written
a denial and Senator Thurston says:
"Mr. Bryan has denied the charge
which was made by the Democratic
newspapers, and I have no hesita
tion in saying that I believe him."
The attorney general has over
ruled Postmaster General Wilson's
order against railroad mail, and
holds that railroads raav carrv
their own mail, but that it will not
be legal to allow any other carrier
to intervene, or carrv mail for anv
other parties. Express companies
are supposed to know exactly to
what extent they can go without
transgressing upon the mail busi
ness of the government, and are re
sponsible for Jetters carried by
them, even without their know
Michael and John Cudahv.
wealthy packers of Chicago have
entered into an oil deal of enormous
proportions and will make them a
rival to the Standard Oil comnanv.
They have purchased in Wells and
Adam counties, Indiana, the entire
plant and wells of tho Northern
Indiana Oil company. Following
their purchases thev have nl
with the National Tube and Pine
company of Pittsburgh an order for i
six-inch oil pipes for an underground
oil line 170 miles in length extend
ing from tho oil fields to Chicngo.
The French newspapers are mak
ing things very unpleasant for
i resiuem raure, wuom they ac
cuse of coercion. They say the peo
ple are seriously discussing a con
sulate or a derectory. During his
recent tour of France he assumed
the airs of a sovereign, insisting up
on triumphal arches, salutes and
that garrisons be turned out to re
ceive him, Now, for the czar's re
ception the president has decided
to adopt the Napoleonic costume
after the portrait of Greuze. a black
velvet coat, embroidered with gold
thread, waistcoat with wide lapels,
high boots, belt, carrying a gold
hilted sword. .
The whole system is drained and
undermined by indolent ulcers and
open sores. DoWltt's Witch Hazel
Salve speedily heals them. It is the
beat pile cure know. Geo. H. Haskins.
Unflattering- Term "Hetlv" Is StIU
Much tTsed.
From the ..beginning it had been
noticed that there were two kinds of
electric force, but these were named,
with reckless discourtesy, poRiTive ami
negative, as though the second had been
inferior, inactive, merely receptive.
And yet there were suggestions of th-j
true relations of these two forces that
should not have been overlooked. It is
recorded that six years after the St.
Petersburg professor's fatal experi
'nietit (about 1759). Robert Symroer,
"when pulling off his stockings in the
evening, remarked thot they gave a
crackling noise and emitted sparks."
By varied experiments he discovered
that the electricity was most jxiwerfu!
when a silk and worsted stocking had
been worn in the same hig, or, if the
stockings were both of sill:, thi n more
diverting result were obtained when
they were of different colors. Two
whitai silk stockings or two blaek ones
gave no elect rieul indications. When a
black and white stocking were with
drawn from the same leg, nnd then sep
arated, they were so much inflated that
each Allowed the entire sli:ie of the leg
and at a. distance of 18 inches tliey
rushed to meet edi other.
Se OMitc. by force they would again
become inflated, and be as ready to
rush together at before. When this cx
KTiniciit was jierfornietl with two
black stockings in one hand and two
white in the other, the repulsion of
those of the same color their jealousy
and the attraction of those of differ
ent colors would "throw them into agi
tation and make them catch each at
that of its opposite color nt n jrreater
distance." Plainly this eighteenth
century student had to do with mascu
line nndfeminim; electricity and yet
the unflattering- term "negative. as
applied to the. feminine, has persisted
evett to our day. Harper's Weekly.
The U. S. Gov't Reports
show Royal Baking Powder
superior to alt others.
Notice to Delinquent Taxpayers.
"JOTlCE Is hereby piven that on Monday,
11 September. SSth. 1SS6, 1 shall begin levying
upon the real property of tbe delinquent lax
payer as fwl forth in the Delinquent As&s&s
tnenl Roll for Jackson county, Orcxon. for the
year 1S95.
A. S. Barnes, Sheriff.
Meflforfl Cigar Factory
GEO. KURTZ, Prop'r
Wholesale and
Retail ...
A new and fresh line of
c'gars, tobacco, etc., just
received. A share of the
public patronaee resnect-
i a a o t,
1 fully solicited .....
7th street opposite express office...
Do Vou
in ! thai
Sign of Business
And to do business these days means low prices.
We are selling goods at prices that' just can't be
beaten. New goods arriving daily, consisting of
dress goods of the newest designs and patterns,
ginghams, calicoes, muslins, trunks, valises, cloth
ing, and an elegant line of ladies' and gent's furn
ishing goods
W. H. Meeker & Co.
After Election there is
Time for Reflection
But it requires only inspection to conclude that the
nobbiest and most complete line of Summer Suits
ever brought to Medford are exhibited by
S. Rosenthal, The Clothier,
A very nice line of black clay worsteds, suitable for
dress, is also a part of his immense stock. Fancy
summer shirts, neckwear, bicycle suits, sweaters,
bicycle hose, etc., etc.
rloTBL Mash...
I. L. HAMILTON, Proprietor
The Nash has been thoroughly renovated. Accomodations
the yery best. If you try us once you will surely como again.
RATES FROn $i.oo TO $a.oo PER DAY. ...
The Gem Saloon, "la
In connection. The oest and purest of wines, liquors
cigars courteous treatment.
The Third Annual exhibition of the
First Southern Oregon District Agri
cultural society will be held on the
grounds of the Jackson County Agri
cultural association near Central Point
commencing September 22d, and con
tinuing five days. The amount of
money offered for premium purses and
prizes is thirty-five hundred dollars.
Race No. 1 Trotting Three-minute
class. For district horses. Three
in five. Purse, one hundred and twenty
five dollars.
Race No. 2 Bicycle. One mile
dasb. For boys under sixteen in dis
trict. Medal, five dollars.
Race No. 3 Running. Five-eighu
of a mile and repeat. Puree, one hun
dred dollars.
Race No. 4 Trotting. Three-year-olds
in district. One mile. Three
In five. Purse, one hundred and twenty
five dollars.
Race No. 5 Bicycle. One mile
dasb. For girls under sixteen in dis
district. Medal, five dollars.
Race No.. 6 Running. One mile
dash. Purse, one hundred dollars.
Race No. 7 Trotting. Farmers'
double team roadster race. Two mile
dash. Purse, fifty dollars.
Race No. 8 Trotting. Two-forty
class, Three in five. Purse, one hun
dred and twenty-five dollars.
Race No. 9 Bicycle. One mile
dasb. For ladies in district. Medal,
ten dollars.
Race No. 10 Running. All age
handicap. District horses. Three
fourths mile dash. Scale from eighty
five pounds up. Purse, one hundred
Race No. 11 Trotting and Pac
ing. Thirty-two class. Three in five.
Purse, one hundred and seventy-five
Race No. 12 Bicycle. One mile
dash. For men in district, Parker
barred. Medal, ten dollars.
Race No. 13 Runvtng. Novelty
race. One mile dash. Purse, twenty
five dollars for each quarter. .
Race No. 14 Running. One half
mile dash. Purse, seventy-five dollars.
saturday, september 26.
Race No. 15 Trotting and Pac
ing. Free for all. Three in five.
Purse, two hundred dollars.
Race-No. 16 Hurdle Race. One
mile. Saddle horses. Owners to ride.
Weight, one hundred and fifty pounds.
Purse, fiftv dollars.
Race No. 17 Running. One and a
half-mile dash. Free for all. Purse.
one hundred and fifty dollars.
Beginning with and continuing dur
ine the fair, there will be played each
day commencing at nine o'clock a. m.
a game of baseball between clubs of the
district, composed of local players only.
Six clubs to enter; for which the club
winning the greatest number of games
will receive forty dollars; the second
best, twenty dollars: and each of the
other competing clubs ten dollars each.
J. H. Downing. Secretary,
Central Point, Oregon.
ou do, notice the crowd
is constantly at our
It is the .