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Is still up and going, with as good a line of staple goods in Underwear,
Hosiery and Notions as can be found in Southern Oregon; also many
Novelties that cannot be found elsewhere in town, and at the lowest
possible prices.
See those samples from Brownsville Woolen Mills, Leigh & Co., Chicago,
VanAntine, New York. Also orders taken for Ladies' and Gent's Mack
intoshes from the Goodyear Rubber Co.
Do you need a new cheap
cape? The Racket can sup
ply the need. Boys' rubber
coats and ladies' cheap
Mackintoshes in stock.
The mind must be minister
ed to. We must have books.
G. L. Webb selected a fine
line of books. See that cen
ter counter.
We have a fine line of ladies'
kid gloves, cheap and good;
also men's and boys' gloves
and mits.
G. L. Webb must be a Yankee, we judge, by the way he whittles down prices. Santa Claus is still
Umoauillg Ills gUUUS H.U UllO AttuCb iui a, uiq iu.ojjj.cty.
Look for the black and white sign of the '-Kacket T ff n II WJT F TVlPflfftTTl OrPSmn
Store" on C street, south of the Bank.
The fair ground proposition is in
about the same condition it was last
week, except that at a meeting held
Tuesday it was decided, by a vote of
those present, to secure the Thomas
tract of land, provided enough land
could be purchased at a reasonable
figure from the Fish tract to enable
the association to build a mile track,
the amount required being about ten or
twelve acres. The committae has
written Mr. Fish, but as yet has re
ceived no definite answer. It was also
decided at this meeting that the
soliciting committee be instructed to
solicit sale or stock upon a basis of 10
000 capital stock half paid up. The
Thomas tract was offered for rent for
$100 per year for ten years, which pro
position met with favor. At the meet
ing held last Saturday night C. Min
gus presented a proposition to rent suffi
cient land for fifteen years at $200 per
year. This land is located just north
of the school house on the Med ford and
Jacksonville wagon road. No action
taken on this proposition. Hon. Henry
Klippel presented figures on the prob
able cost of buildings, and fencing,
which aggregated 81835. The gentle
man was positive that $2000 would cover
all of the buildings and fence expenses.
A vote of thanks was tendered Messrs.
Angle & Plymale for the courtesy ex
tended in giving the free use of their
opera house for these meetings. The
Tuesday evening's meeting adjourned
to meet at the call of the committee on
The Multnomah Club cigars are
unquestionably the best lor a nickel
on the market. They are sold by I. A.
Mounce and sold so swiftly that an
order went in for 5000 of them last reek
and they are now here. They are a
standard article and just as staple as
sugar and flour. When there is a mar
ket for any cigar the one selected is
the Multnomah Club. It is king wheat.
I. A. Mounce.
A. T. Markley, proprietor of the
Aloha fruit evaporator was somewhat
undecided last season as to whether or
not be would make a winning by estab
lishing an evaporator plant in Medford
The run last year was light, owing to
his lack of room and the scarcity of
fruit, but Mr. Markley was satisfied
ven with the business he did then.
This year he enlarged his plant and
since the first coming of fruit bis es
tablishment has been running to its
fall capacity and he is now more than
satisfied in fact, he threw up his
hands onlv a few davs ago and remarked
that he had enough for one season. He
has nut through bis evaporator since
the season opened just 160,000 pounds
of green fruit, lie will snip a carioaa
of dried fruit iust as soon as the pack
insr is complete. All enterprises that
start up in Medford, il properly hand
led, meet a fate like unto- that ol Mr.
Markley which is a pleasant one. A
cannery would do a big business right
here and be a profit to its owner and
the county generally.
Because that I have opened an
harness shop in Gold Hill it does not
necessarily follow that I have quit
Medford. I am stUl here and prepared
to supply all customers with the best
article in horseware in the valley. Re
paring is right in my line. J. W.
J. W. Lawton, the Medford har
ness man, has decided to open up a
branch shop in Gold Hill. His father,
r. T. Lawton, wUl have charge of the
Gold Hill branch and the gentleman is
this week engaged in getting matters
and things in 6hape for an opening
on Tuesday of next week. He has
leased one of the Fitzgerald store build
ings. He will move his family and
household effects and expects to make
that town his permanent abiding place.
He will keep on band a full line of
ready made harness and will do repair-
i r 1 1 UnJ rTx7ij Matt 4ialikia tn
linger & Fiiyno have dissolved partner- J fews at home that require ringinsr to
Mr. Pavne drops out and joo run
takes his place, the new firm being
stvled BeUln-rer & Co. Mr. Payne,
however, has not quit the business, but
continues as before with hisown team,
and single handed. The advent of Mr.
Hill into the draymen s arena gives us
just au even six in that line of work, j
Three years ago one team was doing
the work that require five to do today.
Oh! no, Medford isn't growing nor
nothing just growing, that's all.
Some people want a cigar Mat is
made of better material than that put
in those that are sold for a nickel,
some want a still better one than a ten
center. The Monogram sells two for
twenty-five, but it is worth the price,
because that the material is a
cream article. - All who try them once
are sure to come again. 1. A. Mounce,
opposite the postoffiiee.
A. Harding, a gentleman who lives
at Ashland, hut who in former years
served his time as boss packer in the
large packing nouses at Omaha, is now
engaged in packing meat-for Ed. Wil
kinson. He promises tnat bd win nave
the pleasure of selling some as fine
sugar cured hams as ever came out of
the Omaha shops. Mr. Harding ana
the gentlemanly Ed. Wells who can
do a fine job of singing as well as
slaughtering pork are working shoul
der to shoulder in this packing house
and the two are putting up something
like seventy-five hogs per week which
work wnl continue as long as the nog
supply nolds out.
LaBelle Creole is a cigar and it is
being extensively advertised. It is a
gentleman's cigar and sells iwo-for-twenty-five
some of them, not quite
so good sell for ten cents straight. You
make no common error in trying a La
Belle. I. A. Mounce keeps them and
sells them lots of them.
The plow trial came off as an
nounced at Mr. Asa Fordyce's place
last Saturday, under the direction of
Mr. D. C Brownell, who is represent
ing the Baker & Hamilton manufactur
ing company, perhaps the largest im
plemei t manufacturers on the coast.
The testa proved satisfactory for dry
plowing and it is said that another
trial is to be given a little later when
the ground will be in condition for
good work. The company is preparing
to establish an agency here and like
wise to set forth the excellencies of
their wares through the columns of
The Mail-
Wet feet are not comfortable.
Provide yourselves with rubbers. We
are making prices that are way down
on this line of goods. Rubbers from
15 cents up. Ladies', misses' and gen
tlemen's mackintoshes.. CranfiU &
The Edward Smith's auction sale
was well attended last Wednesday and
the goods and real estate sold brought
good prices. The store building and
lot on South Front street was sold to
J. A. Lyon for $461; the Asnlana real
estate was bought by S. C. Rubble, of
Josephine county, for 1200; the organ
brought !65, and all household effects
brought correspondingly good prices.
Mr. Smith expects to leave soon with
his family for California where they
will travel from place to place with
team and wagon and do gospel work.
Ben Hur Chariot Race March, the
latest. All latest music, fashion plates,
fashion magazine's and other literature
found at The Crater. Special orders
taken by Miss OUie R. Butler.
It is a pleasure to TnE Mail, to
note that Medford people are royally
entertained while in Portland, and
none the least of these was Miss Carrie
Lumsden. The lady visited Portland
but a week or two ago and while there
her raanv friends banqueted her in a
royal manner at Highland hall, about
seventy friends being present and all
these to do her honor. A six o'clock
dinner was also given in honor of her
jvisit bv Mrs. Whipple. As a matter
of fact Miss L,umsuen "naa a very
brinir together his home flock. As
Mr. C. U always all smiles and pretty
ways a fellow can hardly tell whether
the prolonged bit of merriment is be
cause of recent events or that he just
sort o' can't help it.
"Slidhi;.' down our cellar door' is
what young America is doing in that
cut in W. H. Meeker & Co's. ad. You
are missing bargains if you don't trade
with these gentlemen.
J. A. Kggersand A. L. Ferguson
returned Mouday from a five days'
hunting trip up on Elk creek. They
bunted not quite two days, saw twenty
two deer, killed four and brought a
large delicious piece of deer tenderloin
steak to THE Mail shop. They report
that the woods are full of deer but
they, being unaquainted with the lay
of the country and the run of the deer,
did not get nearly so many as they
might bad circumstances been differ
ent. It's just as easy to try One Minute
Cough Cure as any thing else. It's
easier to cure a severe cough or cold
with it. Let your next purchase for a
cough be One Minute Cough Cure.
Better mediciue: better results: bet
ter try it. Geo. H. Hawkins, druggist.
The Southern Oregon Agricultural
society board will meet in Medford
next "Thursday, November '.'Isi, in
Woolfs hall, for the purpose of receiv
ing the annual report of their secretary
and treasurer and to discuss any other
matters of interest that may bu pre
sented. Secretary Downing has a no
lice, elsewhere in this paner.asklng ail
' parlies homing certificates of pre
mium awards, or warrants, to present
them at this meeting.
I Wanted to trade good property
in Grants Pass for a farm in the Rogue
river valley, will pay difference in
money. Address llliam uocuran
Grants Pass, Oregon.
Bids for the construction of tbnt
Grirfin creek Sterling wagon road
were opened in The Mail office last
Saturday in the presence of several of
the bidders. Anderson & Parker's
bid whs $31X1: Frank Wait, 270; A. S.
Johnson, 300; Marion Tryer, SVU); O.
Hansen, G. L. Hoff, im. Frank
Wait was the lowest bidder, but as yet
the contract has not been awarded to
any one.
Lost Between bakery and my
residence, on Tuesday evening, Novem
ber 12th, a light colored purse, con
tained over $5 and a rent receipt.
Please return to Mrs. F. M. Brous.and
greatly oblige.
James Riley, he who is an acquain
tance ot townsman A. Z. Sears, and
who came here with his family some
few weeks ago from Palouso City,
Washington, informs us that letters
from that locality convey the informa
tion that six families will soon leave
there and seek homes in our eden land
where resources are diversified.
f oil fcin1 The Mail rH!ike.q to
see the good people leave as but while i pieasam lime m rorwauu.
reeretinff their departure we can but! To exchange for a farm
wish them an abundance of success in
their new home.
Bee Hive baking powder is guar
anteed full weight and a good quality.
With every can that is purchased you
draw a prize of graniteware from a
cup to a stew pan or coffee pot. Wol
ters, the grocer, sells the Bee Hive and
gives away the graniteware.
Ed. Wilkinson has moved into his
new shop and we are safe in saying
that he now has one of the neatest
meat markets in the state. The walls
have been frescoed, and ceiling hand
somely decorated, and by the addition
of new blocks and counter the shop
presents a very neat appearance. The
tile floor in the front part of the shop
is a very pretty design and adds uia
terily to the appearance of the shop.
The plasterers and carpenters are now
working on the upper story and it will
6oon be ready for occupancy. The
painting on the building was done by
Butler & Green, as was also the deco
rating on the walls and ceiling of the
shop and it is a mighty clean, neat
The woods are full of draymen, and
getting fuller the woods we mean at
almost every new moon. Messrs. Bel-
of about
$3000. or $4000 a fine, eight room
house, hard finish, hot and cold water,
all modern improvements, full lot in
city limits, Portland. Will assume
small mortgage. Address B. F. Dur
phy, room 43 Sherlock Building, Port
land. G. W. Galloway has sold to Mayor
G. H. Haskins the resident property,
known as the Lyon place, located in
Northeast Medford, and now occupied
by F. V. Medynski; consideration,
$1200. Mr.'Haskins will move the
beautiful residence, now situated on the
property, to his residence lots, on
North B street, and move the resi
dence he now occupies on to his new
purchase. He will then havo two
houses to rent, there now being a
smaller building on the Lyon place.
The popular fad right now is the
wearing of an umbrella. Have you
seen our immense stock? If you have
not you ought to and get our prices.
CranfiU & Hutchison.
Marshal Churchman is parent to
a new boy which came to his home
last Saturday. Tf the curfew bell does
not ring precisely on time those even
ings Mr. Churchman may be excused
upon the grounds that there are cur-
Collections, claims, loans, suits,
contracts, deeds, raining, corporation
law, legal advice, and general court
practice. References: "Bradstreet",
any bank of Jackson county. S. S.
Pentz, attorney at law.
J. T. Million, the man who was
shot at Ashland a few weeks ago and
who il was thought had lost bis eye
sight, is at a San Francisco sanitarium,
and in due time will have his eyes
operated on by a specialist. The doctor
who is to perform the operation thinks
that it will be possible to save half the
sight of his left eye.
One hundred good envelopes with
your name and address neatly printed
on them we furnish the envelopes and
do the printing, all for 75 cents.
O. H. McFarran, he who has been
a compositor in The Mail shop for the
last year, has severed his connections
herewith and is now at Gold Hill with
bis parents. Mac is unquestionably
the best all round boy we ever employed
lie is always on time, and painstaking
and he never "sassed" the boss.
A beautiful prize given away with
Portland baking powder, at G. L.
Davis' grocery. " on get the worth of
your money in powder and the prize
on the side.
No person keeps a better line of
cigars than I. A. Mounce; but it is
nothing to his 'credit to do so it is
business. The people have gotten
into the notion of smoking his cigars
and he just has to keep 'em. His
leaders are Multnomah club, Mono
gram and LaBelle Creole.
California honey 10 cents per
pound at Welters. There is no better
honey on the market than this. Wol
ters never makes an untruthful state
ment. '
Walter Anderson commenced this
week the construction of a temporary
residence on his land in East Medford.
When spring time shall have rolled
itself this way again Walter will put
up a building that will be larger and a
good looker. G. II. Williams is doing
his carpenter work.
Visit Pletcher's dental parlors for
first-class dentistry in any branch.
Gold work given special attention.
Owing to a shyness of brick about
the new school building work has been
shelved until Mr. Priddy can get his
second kiln of brick burned, which was
fired last week. All the brick Mr.
Priddy had on hand and 28,000 pur
chased from Mr. Childers have already
Deen useu.
Wanted A large, young team of
horses, harness and wagon. Jas. W.
Green, Wiraer, Oregon.
Apple shipments will soon com
mence in earnest. J. A. Whitman
has a number of packers at work and
already has orders for several carloads
of fruit. The quality of the apple crop
this season is much better than last
year and the prices are equally as
Wood taken in exchange for all
kinds of goods groceries, dry goods
clothing and notions. G. L. Davis,
McAndrews block.
Kelly Bros., of Grants Pass have
just come In from Klamath county with
twenty head of fine mules which they
will winter on Wm. Bybee's farm near
Jacksonville. The animals were a fine
lot, and will be used in the logging
camps near Grants Pass in the spring.
Price's cream baking powder full
pound 10 ounces, for35cents. Guaran
teed. Lumsden & Berlin.
A few weeks ago THE Mail men
tioned the fact that Dr. Stan field, of
Eagle Point, had moved bis family to
Medford an i would reside here per
manently. The doctor has since made
different arrangement? and has opened
a law office in Dunsmuir, California.
Waste baskets at.d Ladies sewing j
basket--. for little money good value, '
at G. L. Davis' grocery. j
Howard C. Trinn, deputy grand
chief templar of the Good Tomulars of
-v f I i J , . J .
irrgon, wm speaa in .neaiora ai a aaie i
uot far distant. The gentleman is j
spoken oi as a most eloquent speaker.
The exact date of his coining will be
given later.
A new harness, or an old one made I
over, at Lawton s Ootd HUl shops
Blankets and lap robe complete stock.
The fourteen-year-old daughter of
J. T..Armfi 'd, Hving out near the
business college, who has been ill for
the past couple of weeks with typhoid- I
malaria fever, is improving. Dr. Dan-1
iclson is the attending physician. j
This is the season to begin your I
plowing. Call on Kamo & Gilkey !
and get an Oliver. j
Inspecting officers. Mrs. Jennie
Stanton and Mrs. Julia Abraham, of
the Woman's Relief Corps, were down
from Roseburg Tuesday and inspected
the Medlord w. it. j. They are in
specting all corps or the valley.
J. W. Lawton 's Gold Hill harness
shop is extending an invitation to all
out of repair harness to call and get
. While Mr. Barker was getting
himself all smashed up in the Taylor
saw-mill Mrs. Barker was more fortu
nate in drawing that prize tea set at
Lumsden & Berlin's which went with
Double Quick baking powder.
Ladies should bear in mind that
Mrs. L. J. Sears is the leading mil
liner in Medford and carries a com
plete stock of everything in that line.
Marion Carey, a son of Mr. and
Mrs. Carey, of Ashland, is visiting his
parents whom be has not seen for a
dozen or more years. He is engaged
in mining on the head waters of the
Yukon river, Alaska.
We have a full line of heaters and
can please you in quality and price.
Kama & Gilkey.
The appraisers appointed to ap
praise and divide the ilanley estate has'
completed their work, but the circuit
court will have to accept their report
and make allotment before the matter
is finally settled.
Five bars of full sixteen ounce
Royal Savon soap for two bits, at Lums
den & Berlin's.
The family of Lee Birch, living
three miles from Medford, havo been
pretty sick for the past couple of weeks
with typhoid fever, but all are now get
ting better. Dr. Jones is the attend
ng physician.
The best shaves put up aro those
you get at Bates Bros, shop, ditto hair
cuts first class, everything. South C
W. P. Dodge, as well as being a
borer of holes in the ground for well
purposes, is also a grower of vegetables
that aro not small, as a ten pound car
rot, left at this office will fully demon
strate. Rogue River Mills flour at Wood
ford's feed store. You will make no
mistake in using this brand of Hour.
The changed ads this week are the
Racket, Hubbard Bros.. Wilson the
baker, and Mackey the photographer.
The new ad of 'Shelby Smelting &
Lead company appears on eighth page.
All kinds of wood for sale, Bellin
ger & Co., the draymen.
Landlord Hamilton reports the
commercial travelers unusually plenti
ful about his pleasant hostelry these
times. Many of them now make Mod
ford their Sunday stopping placo.
Hot beef tea, cocoa, etc., served at
The Crater 5 cents.
Birthday social at tho opera house
tomorrow night, commencing at 7:30.
It is to bo givon by the Ladies' Benevo
lent society and is for charity. See
more extended notice elsewhere.
Boots and shoes at Angle & Ply-
male's for cost and freight.
A few facts, bearing upon tho mat
ter of improper attention given
Southern Oregon products at the Port
land exhibition, will bo given in our
columns next week.
A complete line of new fall milli
nery at Mrs. C. W. Palm'6.
Mrs. G. R. Pelton, wife of our city
poultry dealer, we are pieased to state,
is improving from a ten days' seige of
rheumatic fever. Dr. Damelson is at
tending. J. C. Baird, of Medford, spent Sat
urday and Sunday with his sisters in
this city. Miss Anna Baird and Mrs. A.
S. Desser. Oregon City Enterprise.
Tablets and other school supplies
from one cent up, at-The Fair store.
The three furnaces have been
placed in tho school house, and as soon
aa the brick work is done they will be
connected with the main flue.
lowels and table linen cheapest in
town at. The Fair store.
Tho county treasurer is advertising
that there arc funds on hands to pay
all warrants protested from January
15, IS'J to January 2S, 189.
Wood for sale G. L. Davis.
Tho Advance Brigade of God's
Regular Army have taken down their
tents and, as we learn, arc going to
New goods at The Fair store.
Elmer Dowell is down from Beagle
and is doing blacksmith ing in J. R.
Wilson's shop.
Once Again!
We remind you that we have the finest
line of Chlnaware in the city China
As we garner the harvests of plenty
and hear the jingle of gold realized
from the sale of the surplus we naturally
feel like buying something, uot only
something that is a beauty but of last
ing good. We feel that the good house
wife haa helped us to gather these
gold coins, and we know that there is
nothing we could present her with
that would bring more joy than a fine
dinner or tea set. Those golden Green
Thistle sets at Wolters are positively
the very finest ever brought to Med
ford and they are being sold at a fig
ure that is 'way down considering the
quality and beauty.
Wants to Trade.
I will trade lumber,sawed cedar posts,
pickets, sawed shingles. anything you
want in the lumber line for baled hay
or grain. R. W. Gray, Prospect.
f" j Opens I .
THE j !
1 to
I, oOOR I !
I! I Those :
:! . of ! . 1
j! i Who
I V? j Trade
' 1 With
ii H i
ii i i : Wolters;
i! i j
l ' ! ! The
ii ; i
I i p,aln i
. Grocer j
I Sell Groceries
And I sell them at prices which all can afford to pay.
My joods are the best that money can buy and
fresh, too. 1 have a well selected stock of
Crockery and Glassware
Which you are invited to call and inspect the price
is all risrht.
Cranfill & Hutchison
Tis a Lady's
Highest Aim
To wear garments of the latest cut ami
style of material
That's Where We Shine. ..
Our goods are the very latest and the
best that money can buy
Ladies' Cloaks, Capes and Jackets,
Ladies' winter dress goods, includ
ing Broadcloth, Cravanettes and
Sackings. Winter underwear and
hose in endless variety. These
goods are fresh and the very latest
Cranfill & Hutchison