The Medford mail. (Medford, Or.) 1893-1909, October 18, 1895, Page 8, Image 8

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    Will Put on a Fast Train.
The Southern Pacific Company
Bias decided to meet all comers in
i open fight for passenger busi
ness between San Francisco and
Portland. The Chronicle of Oc
tober 15th, has this: "On Monday
next, the Shasta limited, the first
train under a new service especially
designed for diverting from the O.
K. & N. Co's steamers, will start on
it's initial trip to the Oregon me
tropolis, and will be followed by a
similar train every rive days. A
.special tariff schedule has been pre
pared for this train. The through
ihrst class rate, including Pullman
raccommodatations, will be $20; the
second class rate will be $10, in
cluding a berth in a second class
'The Shasta limited will in no
vase interfere with the present Ore
gon express service. It will only
make the trip on steamer days, and
the rates announced for it will not
good on other trains. It will be
the fastest regular train ever run
from here to Portland, making the
regular trip in 24 hours, as against
the time of 3S hours made by the
evening express.
Circumstantial Evidence at Fault.
In the states prison at Stillwater,
"Minnesota, is published a news
paper, called the Prison Mirror. It
is edited and published by inmates
of the prison. In it is found the
"The injustice of courts is exem
plified in the case of Andrew Hudge
path, who was murdered by due
process of law at Harrison, Ark.,
about two years ago. Prejudice
And perjury secured his conviction,
atnd Hudgepath was swung from
the gallows into eternity protesting
3us innocence to the last ; and that
le was innocent was established be
yond doubt later on by the return
of the man supposed to have been
murdered. It would seem that the
law which had unjustly taken this
man's life had a duty to preform to
liis family. His widow is now liv
ing in an old tent bv the roadside a I
few miles from Wagoner, I. T.,
where she is struggling to eke out a
jiiiserable existence for herself and
children among strangers and re
viving no- assistance from those
who were instrumental in depriving
ier and her children of their naiuralt
protector. As the children growj
up in poverty and ignorance and j
hear the storv of their father's death
irom the lips of their mother, will
they not harbor thoughts ot ven
geance and set the law at defiance?"'
Circumstantial evidence hung
Hudgepath. and it hung an innocent ;
man. For the protection of man-j
"kind it i.s necessary that the courts j
depend upon circumstantial e vi- i
Jence, aud while they may have j
-erred in some cases they are but few j
compared with those which circum- j
stantial evidence has justly cjn-j
victed and punished.
Come to School.
Thetv are a number of persons in j
Medfoivl above the firat jirade who
should lie in attendance but for some
reason are not. '
The school accommodations are not iu i
pleasant as theywill be later, but there j
is room for all and good woek is be
ing done by those attending. Valuable
time is bviog lost by those who are out, j
and when ihey enter they may not be
Able to -ir the work of the grade to
which they formerly belonged and so
fall bihind. Teachers will be pleased
to have the patrons of the school visit
their rorxas any day. Come and see
what can Ik; done under adverse cir-cumstain;'-.
;. a. grkgouy
Itev.Gittins and family arrived
in Medford this week and have
taken up their residence on North B
lie O. P. Demoreat is fully equip-j
ped to do bridge work. Teeth inserted i
-witoul plate. Seamless ffoid or alumi-
cum crown:-. Office oyer Strang's
-drug ib're.
Mr. Miller came into this section,
says theKerhv I'nion, last May and l
located on Soldier Creek where hei
saw gnl oiuartz indications. He i
lifll ii:if l.--n thrp Inner 'fill b '
struck this big fjuartz find which he
. calls the Denver City.
The entire dimensions of the
ledge as it appears on the surface,
is sevei-ty feet wide and from '2f0 to
300 feet long. About fourteen feet
of this, that is, a fourteen feet vein
we might call it, lying in this im
mense fodv of quartz is very rich,
ieing free milling ore. Then there
a strip from two to two and one
lalf feet wide that is Utterly full of
gold. Tbi6 is a3 rich quartz as I
ver evr, in fact it could not be any
better ualess it was solid gold. I
lave sjecimens at this office which
are nearly all gold and they were
not taken out of the best specimens
-either. I also saw specimens as
large as hen's eggsjwhich seemed to
be nearly all gold. Mr. Miller has
not pronpected it down any depth
but from all indications it runs far
dowa into the heart of the moun
tain. There is enough already in
aight to make him a rich man.
Other locations have been made im
mediately tributary to Mr. Miller's
Denver Citv.
The Shell Exploded.
P. S. Enyart met with quite a pecul
iar accident Monday afternoon which
resulted in his having his left hand
quite badly injured.
He was in the act of removing the
caps from a lot of shotgun shells, and
came to one which had been snapped,
but did not explode. In some way the
shot had been taken out and Mr. Kn
yart did not notice that the powder
and wad still remained in the shell.
No sooner did he apply the cap extract
or than there was a loud explosion,
and at he was holding the shell in his
lijft hand the powder tore the flesh off
the inside of his hand in a fearful man
ner. Physicians were called and dressed
the injured member and the patient is
geting along quite nicely. No am
putation will be necessary and he will
have the use ot his hand as good as
Christian Church Services.
Ten a. m , imilay school lesson "Ituth's
Choic:" II a. m.. s"rmon "The Howard of an
Unselfish Soul:" 3 p. tu.. Junior Kiidcavor
"JugKurnaut and his Worship;" 8:30 p. m., tin'
Slst anniversary of Ihe Christian Woman's
Boaid of Mission. The following is the
nitric Reading Mrs. II I.. Miser
Prayer I. A Welili
Slate Development Mrs. A. A. KellopK
Jamaica .. Mrs. ti. T. Jones
Brother and SIMer Mitchell. India Missions
Mrs. J. K. l:irnell
Our China Missions Mrs. It. s. Weirii
Miss Kiusburv und our I.ulla Orphans, Mrs.
ti. L. Webb
Poem MfssOUte IV.nler
Montana Mrs. KM Ki-her
Thanksgiving and praise by all meintiers,
short historical sketches of our f. W. it. M.
work and collection for their work. Special
music. All are Invited.
A Highway" bicycle Track.
From the Kugvnc Guard.
Ueo. M. Miller has u model of a bicy
cle track which he is confident if put
into use would be of great benefit to
the bicycling fraturnity. The traek is
five feet wide, and is built on a frame
which is eight feet high and sets on
top of the ground. A railing is also
built on each side of the traek to pre
vent cyclists from running off. The
track can be built for six dollars per
hundred feet, including material, labor
and everything. The merits which
Mr. Miller claims for it are that cycl
ists can attain a high rate of speed on
it without danger of collission or great
fatigue, and that it ciin be traveled as
well in the wot season as in the dry.
The track is to be built with an Cftab
lished grade and will be ruWd high
enough at countv roads to pass over
there ,: ;
Let the Chips Fall Where they Hay.
As an individual member of Ihe peo
ple's iarty. and ;w a citieu in common
with my fellows of Jackson county. I
take this my first opportunity to de
nounce the late act of our county clerk
in voting with our county judge to re
duce the just railroad assessment, made
by our efficient and honest nsoor,
(ieo. A. Jackson.
This in 'am nous act comes to me like
a clap of thunder from a clear sky. for
I confided in "XuU;"' with that "trust
that binds brother to brother.
X. A. Jacob? has. as mi official,
trampc'.ed upon the fundamental prin
ciple of the Kirty that trust-d and
elected him. and therefore, he cannot
longer feel that he is a servant of that
party which has ever proclaimed "equal
rights to all and special privileges to
none," railroads not excepted. Hretli
rvn. let us stand for our just principle
and denounce corruption whether in or
out of our party.
Sam'i. Paniki.sox.
W. C. T. U. Called Convention.
A called convention cf the Woman's
Christian Temperance Union of Jack
son county, will be held at I'lurnix.
Saturday, October I'.tih. beginning at
il:.'!0 a. m. and lasting one day. All
members are requested to attend.
Mrs. D. K. Hyde, President.
Mrs. Uosk DkOroot, Secretary.
County Commissioners' Court.
Reports of treasurer Wled and approved
Kepirt of sheriff continued.
Petition for road by A J Florey et al. regis
tercd for the reason, it was ool property pre
sen text.
Hospital report tiled and approved.
Uids for running K It ferry for one year con
sidered, contract awarded John Watkins. he be
in;; the lowest bidder his bid was tlTt with a
bond of tfoo.
Petition of J K Stiekel. el al, asking for the
removal of K K Ferry continued uulil next
Contract and bond of Kmil DeKoboam, ex
amined and approved.
, .... i ; .. .1 .... tvt,lim.t.
O. Uursell. W. T. Moore and W. .1. Gregory np- I
pointed viewers to assess. U a mates to meet
Oct 3i. 'tin. al the office of N A Jocohs and
qualify and preceed to view and assess dam
agesfurther cause continued until next term.
Assessment roll accepted and apnroved.
firiftin Creek Gatherings.
Miss lter.ha Mcl'hersnn, of this place Is at
tending the Medford public school.
Mr. and Mrs Kini.'. of Medford. were guests of
Mr. Murphy und wife heie Sunday.
Wm. Kvifers. of Medford. made a business
visit to Crooked creek Tuesday morning.
Mr. Colkinu and family, were out from Med
ford Sunday, visiting with O. W. Kashford's
II. L. ' Iriitlnl is assisting In hauling rock to
Medford, lobe used on the foundation of Hie
new school house.
Miss lieorgia Spencer, the Mkiikoiiii Mail
compositor, came out from town and bundayed
here wilh her parents.
Kev. Hrowcr preached an interesting sermon
here to Ihe people last Sunday morning, also in
the evening at I o'clock.
Little Zora Griffin is placed under the care
of Or. Picket again, something being the trouble
with her knee, which prevents her from walk
ing. J. P. True still continues to make improve
ments on his place. This time, being in the
shape of a new woodshed. Just (live him time
and he will have one of the model homes in the
Rogue River valley.
(Remainder of communication will appear
next week.i
The Ladies' Home Journal Invests.
What is generally conceded in Phila
delphia to be one of the most desirable
building sites in the city has just boon
purchased by The Ladies Home Journal.
The property is located at Sixth and
Walnut streets, which means that it
fronts on two of the most beautiful
squares in Philadelphia, the famous
Independence Square on tho east and
Washington Square on the south. The
land acquired includes live properties.
On May 1st, next, tho housos thereon
will be lorn down to make room for a
building costing $i"i(),000. to be solely
owned and exclusively occupied by the
Journal. The building will require
two years in its construction.
County Expenditures.
The following are the bills allowed and war
rants ordered drawn at the last session ot the
county court:
A J b'lorey, spikos, road Dist. No. 32 . . .$ 75
Henry ICIlppel, lumber. " " 4 7 4S
John Clements, labor on bridges ail fio
W C I.eever, bridge material IU U0
Uen Higanbolham, labor on Big Hullo
bridge 5 00
Henry Ivlipplc, bridge lumber for Dist.
7 15
yu us
i us
:s n
10 .'H)
3 -s
I1M 10
:tr x,
s .v
r m
hi in
u mi
I on
j us
it s()
J --'0
3 a)
a a
J 00
a u
1 M
r. oo
.s on
17 70
'.' VI
i; in
Olson Urns., lumber for Dist. No.
at . .
Onley&Son. " " 17 . . .
J Nunan, coal oil for court house
T J Kenney. Wl cords wood for court
house, ot jl.-l per cord
S Patterson, expenses for transporting
II ilrown to the reform school
S Patterson, hoarding prisoners
J O Kandle, siibpoMiliig F Applegate vs.
.Hi Hialt. subpoMilng grand jury wit
W W tinge subpu'iiing grand Jury wit
nesses Glass & Prudlioimne, '." executions
.Mkiikoiiii Mail, publishing notices.
Ii Klksnalt. Kept, surveyor on Whit
man road
.1 Kichurils. viewer. Whitman road
W T Anderson. ' " "
J Uoekersmith ' "
John Kohl, chainnmn. " "
Fred Flck, " " "
,1 II Whipple, hounriy on Panther scalps
K lliebersiedt. "
lieo o lVMur. examining J Toll insane
J W Kohfson.
IMin Ktehards. bringing John Toll to
J iieHuboam.tiourding K C Kemp ami
A .1 Dulev. lttmtx-r lor road Kist. No lit
S Putlerion. sala.y of lril! ami deputy :! .'1
(irant Kawllngs, siimry oi recumer
Angle & Plvnmle. Md -. to Jonlan
Jones AOtlcn " "Mrs McFerson
Dunning A: Campion, coflln for Purefon
I A Webb, collln for Win Kevnolds
J W" .Markst.urry. cothn forKnoch Cale..
A I. Hazelton. acting coroner tn Imiuesi
of an llhgitimute child
A Pool, constable fees, same case
Or W lloilicer. autopsy "...
J J Tryer jurors fees " .. . .
S F lloblnett
Joe Stickle
H T Severance " " "
John Ashpole " " " "
West Pool
Mrs J Payback witness .
Jas Watkins " "
il C Messengrr. brltlgi- lumtwr lor Dtsl.
No. 33
State vs. Cnton
A I. Hatelton. justice fees
A Pool, constable " ...
O 1. Walden, witness -I miles
Leet'alon. " C '
in fin
11 US
Id on
in in
1 M
:i yti
Hi ui
j no
J ft)
a oi
s (U
1 ."SJ
I 50
: 10
s i;
In on
7 L1I
.1 .HI
l ai
I -M
i ai
I so
i jj
1 HI
1 20
1 -M
l ai
i V.
7 .
j '.
If 7o
1 vo
a -v
v to
5 ti'l
7 Hi
M 7.'
S .
S jl
s r.t
i i
7 0
.- 4 -.
3 jtl
S i"
.". ill
i m
.1 .'.
7 a.
a lo
j ui
it (U
.", m
v mi
l fi
rt Mi
10 iM
ft TO
5 70
1 ."si
4 SO
6 0O
.". HI
io m
7 .to
Ift Wl
K ao
1 To
I 711
1 TO
I an
i au
l -ji
i ao
1 3)
l au
3 ID
am uu
I.i oo
10 to
11 tu
.mj oo
its oo
aw oo
7 oo
.1) oo
'JTxl OO
77 oo
S!S ao
lo so
W5 Jo
.Ho il
Lillian liufc'c
13 " . .
juror "J '
j "... .
Neil tiatfe
W Ashde.
J J Fryer.
II Pool. "
J Stickle. 3
J A Jonas. ' -
H T Severance " '! "
J Watkins s
; Ilrown '-'
F Hronn - " ...
I. Avers
Ttoy -
C. Palev. Jr. - S
Stat.- v W Iti-rrtoti, -
SlTl:pklns. plotter ft-C'
J II W hippie, ctwislalde fees
K II Mcti;t.n:. wnu s W mile
John Smith. It
i ts Hradli-v 1 -
i harlev tt:Ito:i " .11
- a l..krr. 1J
T II It Taylor. pi
state i Kr.r.iv t-l tl
S ln;pkonH. Justice
J It W hippie, conslabir trs-s
J Iltrr.s.
At'.a iif'kwf . . .
V T KrwVnhur.-
J V lla).
A I lliirl,- .
.S' 1V1
II il ..;trr
v Ntdr -
A S Jat-ohs. 3U::t ferx
A l l'arlser cnslaliir It-e
S-.te t. W a.le.
A S Jcl-. )U!.ltce fr-s
14V;4 l.yon- cnsiau:e f-.i
,rt; ilrT'.hlirrtfrf "
sta: v. T llonl
M I'urtlm. jaslio-(ih-x
I W Klf. constable fc's
J I; Howard. witne
Mix Klia Howard wHmiss
A N Soil--, di-puty di-:rlc: altornt-y
Stale . 1. Wade.
M I'unlln. justice fees
I W,xif. eon-table
Ir K P C'.cury witne-s
A N Farley
Henry Perh. "
A S Kammond. deputy pre incl at'.or
ney .... -.
!ut.- v- F Wade.--
M Purilm, jusiu-e f"-s
I ioil, constable "
I.uhi Murlow wltne . . .
lit-rman Myer. "
A N Farlev.
Ur W H oitlcrr.
A S Hammoud. Oept. diMricl Atty. .
A N Sollss
J K Nell probate blank
Iniin--i ol hranci- Marlow.
A N Sollss, deputy district attorney
A Pool. constable f-es
Ii M llower. coroners
Or W H ottlcer. Autopsylng
l.ulu Marlow. wlines.-
Louise Marlow. '
Herman Myers. "
A Tcrrlll. jurror
At.tonv Dlsf-n
V C Stockam
C Charley "
CKTrrrill. " -
August Kdller
F.rnesl Noble, sawing 6 conls of wood .
tieo A JarkstMi. assessors s'rvice
Dr J U Wait. bal. o( claim for autopsy of
body of Simpson
S Furry, county oorumlssiouer services..
W II Hraashaw.
To Salary of J K Neil Co. Judge, quarter
ending September SO ...
To salary ol Uus Newbury, superintend
ent. quarter ending Sept. -'U.
To Salury of M S Welch, treasurer, quar
ter ending Sept. :W
To salary of James Helms, stock In
To .-alary of J M lllaek. running K U
To salary of Owen Keegan. Janitor for
To salary of N A Jacobs and deputy
Indigent allowance
Grand Jury witnesses
Witnesses, stats vs Nculver
Grand Jurors
I'etit "
Real Estate Transfers.
Mary A Could to William I.yltleton one
ol the executors of the will of Piilnck
Lyttlelon. I. C I to in ss lim acres in
Jackson comity f 1
Kli.ahcth Forsythe et al to same quit
claim deed lo same property I
K V Carter, administrator of estate of
S llGaley and Kllen Caley to W HSttshy
1 'j acre- sees u and HI tp .f.i s r :i I e . . 1
.1 W Mntloek to lieorge Crvdermiio. thr
undivided '- Interest in i.'i lots. Whit
lug tract. Tolo eontainlng i Mm lim
TS McCombs lo undtvlded '3
interest in nnd to the same property. .. WW
Thos McAndrewsto Henry A Sutton so
acres tp:tt sr I e und wmer right etc .Mm
Wm F Tuggart to Jos T ltuck. HHI acres
sees lM and ail t p :M sr 3 e 0u
Hcrrielt H Stanley to J TC Nash, lot s
blk 20 Medford . t.Vi
Wm Churchman to Mary A Stewart. )
acres sec It! tp .'17 sr J e 'W
Ceo Market to J S and Anna Sllsby all of
IS and lublk A railroad addition to Ash
land imo
E M Dennlson to Spencer Childers, lot a
Blk 14. Medford laflO
W I) Cole lo Kosuna Cole, sw of se i4
of ace SS tp sr a w. 40 acres also nw ' ,
of sw yt of sec as tp :v sr a w containing
40 acres 1
Frank linker to Geo N Lewis, lot I blk X
MuCully addition to .Jacksonville SO
Jos C Overbeck to Susanna Turner Nell,
4(1 acres sees 21 tp !t7. Ki acres see II and
uu undivided 1 Interest in lots I and J
blk lis Pools mid 1 1 ion to Jacksonville . sun
Kdlth May Slums to t U Stiirns, lot II see
XI tp :k s, r a w II S lim aen-s' :K
J V Curry, Win Angle and V M Plymale
to S P Conger. Kogue river placer mill
iiigcliiim. 100 acres Table Rock mining
district I
Agnes llurd to Hydraulic Mining Co. V
ucres see 4 tp ,'ts sr -t w "
Wm Lyttlestone to C A Klllson in ss iihi
acres Ashland 'JiH'i
Sylvester I'ntierson to xarau r. i ciier-
son, 26 S.V 100 acres in Jackson county... ." i
IIoiisn and barn and ono half acn !
of land for sale in Medford for L'OO. I
Inquire lit MAIL ollice. I
Francis M. Tunoate camo over
from liig Hutto last Saturday to make
proof on his homestead.
S. S, Cooper has moved from Phoe
nix to Luke creek, where ho will reside
durinjr the coinitio; winter.
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. STEVENSON were
in from Sains Valley this, week visiting
their many friends anil relatives and
doing trading.
J. J. Fryer was over from Faglo
Point Monday and paid his respects to
The Mail likewise his subscription
for another year.
I)r. W. W. Stankiiold, of Eagle
Point, was a caller at The MAIL shop week. The gentleman is thinking
of niovtng to Medford for permanent
Mr. and Mrs. C. Davis, of Tacoraa,
Wash., arrived in Medford yesterday
aiid will visit for a few mouths with
their sous, A. A. and F. II. Davis, and
their families. f
Mrs. W. T. Moore and son Bert
were over from Hedlield, Klamath
county, lust week purchasing a supply
of hardware, apples, groceries and
general merchandise.
U. S. Weiih and Dr. LJ. F. Adkins
and their familcis started out Tuesday
morning for Kanehoro where they
will hunt and picnic until they get
their till of both these sports.
Merchant S. Rosenthal left for
Klamath Falls this week with a large
load of merchandise for his store at
thai place. He is reported to be do
ing a splendid business over at the
Jos. Dowden was up from Cold Hill
Monday uon business. The gentle
man was a pleasant cailer at THE MAIL
shop where a pleasant little talk was
had upon matters and things touching
uiKin the general outlook.
C J. WALL left Friday of last week
for Honolulu, where he will remain
during the winter, but will probably
return again next season. Mr. Wall
ha been slopping up at Prospect with
It. W. tlray, who is a relative.
John Swenning left for his home
a: Panama. Iowa, Monday evening.
Mr. S. is a son of our good farmer
friend, Paul Swenning and has been
visiting here for a couple or three
months which visits are regularly
credited to the gentleman each year.
Mrs. M. W. Magoon left this city
Monday lor St. Paul, Minnesota, where
lie wiii remain till after the holidays
when she will leave for her home at
Lincoln, Nebraska. The lady has visit
ed Medford UKiii several occasions and
upon each of these here Impressions
become more favorable.
Miss Maysik Foster, of this city,
commenced school at the Ashland Stale
Normal Monday. Aside from the reg
ular course the young lady will take a
course in music. Miss Foster was one
of M-jdford's brightest high school
graduates last spring and there is no
Uouhl but that she will acquit herself
equally as meritorious in her new
field. '
V.. S. WlUGHT and vV. A. KGGERS
arrived in Medford Monday from Hayes.
Washington. Mr. Fggers is a son of
the popular contractor and builder, J.
A, Kggers, of thiscity. and will remain
hero for a time without date. Mr.
Wright has traded for a farm at Bon
anza, Klamath county, and left immedi
ately for that local i l -
A. J. SWKF.NKY returned Tuesday
from Tollman springs, al which place
himself and family have been stopping
for the past few mouths. The gentle
man's health has been greatly improv
ed by his slay at the springs which
news will be pleasant for his friends u
receive. The family did not return
but will do so pretty mhni.
Hon. A. .I.Galloway left Medford
Monday evening for Portland aud
Sound i-oiiHs. After a visit to these
places he will return to his home al
Chicago. The gentleman was accom
panied from Medford by his brother,
our good townsman, CJ. W. Galloway,
who will visit these northern points
with him. G. W. will be absent about
a month.
Hld Penwell and A.J.Messner
were up from Gold Hill Monday. Bud
is engaged in doing carpenter work
and is at present making ready to be
giu work on a new 'J4x-J0 foot print
shop for Kditor Uoberts and his Miner.
Mr. Messner, who is the Gold Hill
tailor, is also about ready to commence
the construction of a H.,x-Jti foot build
ing two and a halt stories high.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Watkins. of Crip
ple Creek, Colorado, are among the lat
est arrivals in this city dating their
coming from last Saturday. Mr. W.
is in quest of a small fruit and agricul
tural (arm which he desires to rent for
a while and if the country is to his
liking he will purchase a farm. These
are apparently very line people and
THE Mail hoes they will decide upon
a permanent stay.
H. H. Bcknham. S. Patterson and
C. (). CloptoN. of Bonan.a, Klav.tath
county, Mrs. Mary M. Cl.oiTON. tif
Klamath Falls, and .1. 15. GRIFFITH, of
I Sedtleld, Klamat 11 county, were all in
Medford Monday purchasing their win
ter supplies which amounted to figures
in dollars and cents equal to about $(i(K.
These people are all prosperous ranch
ers and their coming dales even with
about twice each year.
C. Morris, of Seattle, Washington,
was in Medford last week arranging
for a permanent location in this city.
The gentleman's wife and his house
hold effects are now at Grants Pass, but
they will be in Medford soon, Mr. M.
having found things to his liking here.
Mr. Morris is a gentleman over eighty
years of age and is seeking a pleasant
place lo spend his declining years.
Later They arrived Monday and are
now occupying rooms in the Hallcv
Mr. and Mrs. 15. S. Grigsiiy. ot
Klamath Falls, were in Medford last
Saturday. These people come over
every fall and purchase their winter
supplies and there do bo big wagon
loads tif 'em, too. Just so sure as these
people come, just so sure are we of get
ting a renewal to Till-: MAIL. Tho
family read the invitations extended
them by our advertisers and know
where to deal when they get hero.
They arc good, honest people and their
visits cannot be too frequent to suit us
in a social and business way.
Uncle Dick Revels in Grandeur.
On Wednesday of last week I
had business that called ine to
Taylor's saw mill, on the head of
Dry creek. I went the route that I
traveled twelve years ago and
what a change 1 Then I could ride
any where I wanted to, unices, hin
dered by the thickets of the chapar
ral and oak grubs, but I had not
proceeded far before I discovered
I was lost, so far as roads were that
concerned. The whole country had
changed and instead of riding
through an unsettled tract of
country I found myself surrounded
by some of as fine farms as one
could desire to see and the stubble
fields and large barns showed con
clusively that the land whs pro
ductive, and the corn and squashes
made me think of the rich bottom
lands around Medford. I met quite
a number of men and women, for I
had to enquire the way, and as
usual, I spoke of The Mail and
found that they had no use for an
agent in that part of the country,
f.r fhey all read the pajier every
week, nnd three different persons
to whom I introduced myself re
marked that they knew me, for
they read my writing every week in
The Medfuri) Mail. Well, after
opening nineteen gates and passing
through a continuous string of
farms and orchards, looking at a
number of lots of fine hogs. I reached
the saw mill at noon. The mill is
the property of W. V. Taylor, but
has been leased by R. Mi. Barker.
Thev are turning out a fine lot of I
lumber and still complain they can
not supply the demand, and the
most of it goes to Medford. Re
turning in the afternoon I passed
along the south and west side of
Roxy Ann, where I used to ride at
pleasure. I found that the country
had changed and where, a few years
ago. the coyote ran undisturbed,
now there are fine farms and or
chards, and I thought to myself
that at the present rate of clearing
For the Choicest
Lines of Cream
Hand made tally and creams j
While buying your bread of!
Wilson give his Candies a:
trial .... j
. . . PLOWS.
Kspecially adapted to sticky soil. Also
free soil gangs, sulkies, harrows etc.
Our black land plows are sold on trial.
It will pay you to get our prices. Call
at residence, six miles northwest of
Medford. or address:
say! do you
Tli is dainty little Grecian maid seems fitly clad
for weather such as this. That's what you need, brother
to be fittingly clad in the Celebrated Guaranteed Brand of
'Happy Home" Clothing.
FIT in Style.
1UT in Weight.
JUT in Price.
1UT in FIT !
Come in and have a Fit in our Store.
m-:.i.Ki;s ix
Drv Goods, Fiirniini
that chaparal and oak grubs
would command a premium, and
as I stopped my horse and looked
around I thought, to myself, no
wonder that Medford does so much
business whe.i it has such a country
to back it.
Cleaning, dying and repairing
ladies' und gents' clotntiig Fxcelsfor
Dye works.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Worl J's Fair Hihest Award.
...And See the Latest
This is to certify that I, the
coming woman and legally wedded
wife of do hereby permit him to
go where he pleases, attend base
ball, races, lodges, council or com
mittee meetings or join the Maza
mrs. in fact I want him to enjoy
lite but I INSIST on him buying
his Candy and Cigars at
5 CRATER . . .
D. I. Waldroop, Prop'r.
Seventh street, opposite Hotel Xash.
rTTp tu r e
Instantly Relieved
and Permanently
Knife or Operation.
Treatment Absolutely Painless
From Three to Six Weeks.
Omrcs : Kooras 7O-T0T Marquam Buiidlne
have pits?
On th fUrtts of
Goods. Notions, Etc.