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InterestiBg Items From Knrape, Asia,
- Africa and North and South America,
With Parti n ar Attention te Impor
tant Home News.
The Defender teat the Vigilant with
ease in the yacht race at Newport, R. I.
The Olympia has been ordered to the
Orient. She will relieve the flagship
Cincinnati citizens have presented the
cruiser Cincinnati with a magnificent
silver service.
The first shipload of rails for the San
Joaquin Valley railroad has been un
loaded at Stockton.
L. J. Aladdox of Modesto has been
appointed a director of the lone reform
school by Governor Bndd.
The Winnebago Indians in Nebraska
axe on a big drunk. Seven braves have
died since the festivities opened.
The prison directors have reduced the
price of jute bags made at San Quentin.
The new price is $4.20 per hundred.
The ninth annual session of the Asso
ciation of American Agricultural Col
leges and Experiment Stations is in ses
sion at Denver.
The residence of Mrs. C H. Hart at
Redding has been destroyed by fire,
caused by a lamp explosion. Loss, $tJ,
000; insurance, $1,500.
The Tennessee Coal, Iron and Rail
road company has announced an ad
vance of 10 per cent in wages to 1.500
tipple men, drivers and outside mine
James Lear, a horse trainer of Wood
land, CaL, was shot and dangerously
wounded by John Briscoe, a laborer.
Thu cause of the trouble was Lears
half-sister, Ida Morrow.
The French, liner Xonnandie had a
narrow escape from fire on July 9 in
mid-ocean. It required 20 hours of hard
work by the crew to quench the flames,
but the passengers were happily left in
ignorance, of the affair.
New York saloon-keepers have beaten
the Sunday closing law. By selling
sandwiches and lunches they are al
lowed by law to supply liquids. All the
thirsty mortal has to do is to buy a 5
cnt sandwich and he is given a glass of
beer with it
Ths wheat harvest is in full blast in
Nebraska. The crop will average two
thirds of a full yield. The corn crop is
estimated at 188,000,000 bushels and its
condition is very favorable. The oats
yield is not as heavy as was estimated,
being less than two-thirds of crop.
B. S. Worsley, late secretary of the
Pacific Coast Fire Chiefs' association, is
in trouble at Astoria, Or. He refuses
to give up the books so that ;he direc
tors can get no idea of how matters
stand. Worsley has collected over $3,
000 of which he has refused to give any
Emmanuel church at San Francisco,
which has been closed since the terrible
tragedies of Eastertide, was reopened
last Sunday. A large congregation at
tended the first service and all the Bap
tist ministers of the city were on the
rostrum. No direct reference was made
to the crimes which were committed in
the church.
All records of Chicago marriages were
broken last Sunday by Rev. W. A.
Hunsburger at Milwaukee, who united
17 lovelorn couples from Chicago who
came with the crowds on the excursion
steamers. The minister, however, will
not make known the names of the peo
ple who were made happy, as he alleges
that publicity is a handicap to the mar
riage industry.
The Union hotel at Vallejo, CaL, took
fire recently and had it not been for the
plucky work of Miss Nellie Gannon the
whole block would have burned. James
McGee fell down stairs while attempt
ing to escape and was killed. Miss Gan
non stepped over the body of the dead
man, carrying water up three flights of
stairs, and extinguished the blaze. By
her heroism thousands of dollars' worth
of property was saved.
The biggest dredger ever built in the
United States has just been completed
by Hay & Wright at the shipyard on
Alameda Point, CaL It has been con
structed for Willis G. Witter and Mar
shall C. Harris for government contract
work on the leeves on the San Joaquin
river. An idea of the immense capacity
that the dredger will have is shown by
the fact that ths bucket will carry 12
tons of matter, working on a boom,
with a swing of 400 feet, and having a
downward reach of 20 yards. The boom
is 120 feet long, nearly two feet square
and is hewn out of a single tree.
David Oldham, who was arrested re
cently for complicity in the robbery of
the Mendocino stage, has been found
guilty at Ukiah. Oldham was a deacon
in the Baptist church and conspired
with an employe named Hilton to hold
np the stage, 'lhe actual robbery was
committed by Hilton alone, Oldham re
maining at home in order to prove an
alibi for his accomplice. When Oldham
discovered that the officers had made
out a strong case against Hilton, he re
fused to stand up to the agreement and
Hilton then confessed. He implicated
Oldham, who was found guilty. An ap
peal will be taken.
While ex-Premier Stambouloff, ac
companied by M. Petkoff, was walking
home the other evening from the Union
club at Sofia, Bulgaria, he was attacked
by four unknown men, two of whom
shot him with revolvers, while the
other two 'stabbed, him. . M. Stamboul
off fell to the ground groaning. He was
removed to his residence and physicians
were summoned.. After an examination
of the -.wounds the doctors announced
that there was little hope of his recov
ery. M. . Stambouloff was injured in
more than 20 places. . He raised his
hands te guard hi head and his wrists
were nearly severed. " Both bands had
to be amputated -J!. Petkoff received
slight' iwoonds, Qijp , ol liie assassins
has been 'arrested " '
Tuberculosis at Stockton Land Grant
Case Appeal Folnonad by Impure Ice
Cream A Large Street Paving Con
tract Wealthy Rancher Murdered,
The oil men of Los Angeles are ar
ranging to form a combine.
General Schofield is investigating the
army posts in the state of Washington.
Clifton E. Mayne has been indicted at
San Diego for bribing city officials.
Vessels drawing 20 feet of water now
cross the Eureka bar with ease.
Sacramento merchants have decided
to organize a chamber of commerce.
Robert Blytlie has been arrested at
Victoria, B. C, for abducting a 15-year-old
Gail A. Swan, city councilman of
Prescott, A. T.. committed suicide re
cently. Financial difficulties.
Rnrert T. Griffith, son of a Los An
geles millionaire, committed suicide by
shooting himself recently.
Rev. A. C Hirst of San Francisco has
been elected president of the Chautau
qua society at Pacific Grove.
The state law compelling barbers to
close their shops at noon on Sunday is
to be tested in San Francisco.
The United States courts have de
cided that British Columbia cedar must
be admitted to this country free.
H. B. Humphreys, a mail carrier of
Sacramento, has disappeared. He has
been a postal employe for 12 years.
John Woods, a brakenfan, fell under
a locomotive while coupling cars at
Eureka and both his legs were cut off.
A. B. Hammond, the Montana capi
talist, lias purchased the Seaside rail
road at Astoria, Or. He intends to ex
tend the road to Globe.
W. Bambridge, a well-known printer,
was drowned while bathing at Vancou
ver, B. C His wife was present at the
time, but was unable to help him.
Reports from Port Town send speak of
fierce forest fires raging in the Olympic
mountains, south of the straits. The
damage has already been very Urge.
The Farmers' institute of Orange and
adjoining counties met a few days ago
at Santa Ana. Professor Cook of Po
mona college conducted the institute.
Government engineers have decided
the new postoffice site at San Francisco
to be all right, and the treasury depart
ment will probably go ahead and pnt
up the building.
At a juvenile birthday party given at
the home of A. L. Johnson seven chil
dren and several adults were poisoned
by eating impure ice cream at Portland.
The lives of two of the children were
despaired of and all are very ill. but it
is probable that they will recover.
Dr. Orvis, city and county veterinary
at Stockton, killed and dissected a fine
looking cow in the presence of members
of the council and board of health of
that city. The cow was a family ani
mal and appeared perfectly healthy, but
had a cough. The tuberculiu test was
applied and showed that the animal was
One of the largest contracts ever let
at one time on the Pacific Coast was
recommended by the Los Angeles board
of public works for the paving of Main
street from Ninth to Thirty-seventh.
The lowest bid wss that of the Union
Paving company, $11.80 per lineal foot,
and it was awarded to that company.
The expense will be something over
Ransom Stokes, a wealthy rancher
and surveyor, disappeared from Sunny
dale, Wash., July 4, and several days
after his body was found riddled with
buckshot in a pile of logs near his house.
Stokes was shot in the back. Fred and
Charles Kindling, two young men who
have been in prison for burglary, are
under arrest on suspicion. Stokes had
tronble with them some time ago.
M. B. McDuffie, president of the Santa
Barbara Board of Trade, is in receipt of
a proposition from outside capitalists
offering to erect a handsome and ex
tensive modern bath house, with all im
proved facilities, opposite the end of the
boulevard, on the site occupied by the
present establishment, providing the
city will give them an advantageous
lease and make certain other conces
sions. Prompt action will probably be
The land office officials take it for
granted that the case involving the own
ership of lands in Los Angeles county,
recently decided in favor of the United
States by the federal circuit court, will
be appealed to the supreme court by the
Southern Pacific Railroad company.
The grant in question was an overlap
ping one. It is not probable that the
lauds will be thrown open to settlement
uutil the matter is decided in the court
of last resort.
Philip Horn of Fresno has received
word from Tamaqna, Pa., that he is en
titled to the possession of an estate val
ued at $37,000. He is a wagon-maker
of Fresno and has been carrying on a
small business for a number of years.
Six years ago a relative died and left
him a valuable piece of property, but
the executors of the estate could not
find him and were about to abandon the
search when they learned that he was
at Fresno...
The California Pioneers in New York
city have started a plan to secure funds
to erect a monument to General John
C. Fremont. The amount required is
The American Philological associa
tion and the Spelling Reform associa
tion, the members of which belong to
the first named organization, had their
annual meeting at Cleveland, O., a few
days ago.
We recommend Do Witt's Colic and
Cholera Cure because we believe It a
safe and reliable remedy:'' Its' good ef
fects are shown at- once 4n-cases -of
cholera . morbus and ! sirnllan f com
plaints. Geo. H. Haskins, druggist.
His Next Birthday.
From Grants Pas Courier.
Hosea Brown, the only survivor
of the war of 1812 on the Pacific
coast, will celebrate his 103d birth
day at the home of his grandson, Orr
Brown, near Wildervillo in this
county, on the eighteenth of this
month. The old gentleman was
born in New Hampshire and came
west into Ohio when about twenty
years of age. He was only some
twenty days in actual service, in
our second war with Johnny Bull,
but the government grants him f 50
a month pension. He has been
helpless now for about eight years
and when Harrison was elected in
1SSS, Hosea was brought to the polls
in a chair to vote for him, being
preceded by a band of music.
This was at Drain, in this state.
The centenarian, although very deaf,
loves to talk of old times when he
was a boy, and has a memory as
perfect as in childhood. Ho was
never married but once, his wife
leaving him for the great beyond
at the age of l", some 35 years ago
Knights of the Maccabees.
The State Commander writes us
from Lincoln. Neb., as follows: "After
trying other medicines for whatsoonied
j to bo a very obstinate cough in our
I two children we tried Dr. King's Now
! Discovery and at the end of two days
i the cough entirely left them. Wo will
! not bo without it hereafter, hs our cx-
perlenoo proves that it cures where
all other remedies fail." Sinned F.
; W. Stevens, State Com. Whv not
'give this great medicine a triuf, as it
: is guaranteed and trial bottles free at
; C.eo. Haskin's drug store. Itegular
siim o(V and $1.
Pneumatic Horse Collar.
Horses with sore shoulders will be
a rarity, it is said, when the pneu
matic horse collar conies in general
use. It has been invented by a
Londoner, and is being introduced
in the leading European cities.
The patent consists of the usual
leather casing, but instead of being
packed with a hard, non-yielding
substance, the pneumatic principle
is applied, a rubber air chamber be
ing substituted for the packing,
this in turn being covered with
leather, and when the collar proper is
inflated a flexible and yielding sur
face is presented to the horse's
shoulders. It must be apjwrent to
the most casual observer that the
collar in present use must cause and
give man's noble companion an
immense amount of pain. Owing to
the harsh padding it is impossible
for the collar to adapt itself to the
animal's shoulder and, therefore,
chafing and sundry other ills ensue.
With the pneumatic collar, as be
fore stated, chafing is impossible, as
instead of the horse having to adapt
itself to the collar, the collar adapts
itself to the horse the minute it is
put on.
It May Do as Much for Yon.
Mr. Fred Miller, of Irving, 111.,
writes that he had a severe kidney
trouble for many years, with severe
pain in the back and also that his blad
der was affected. He tried many so
called kidney cures but withou. any
good result. About a year ago he be
gan the use of Electric Bitters and
tound relief at once. Electric Bitters
is especially adapted to cure of all
kidney and liver troubles and often
gives almost instant relief. One trial
will prove our statement. Price only
50c. for large bottle. At Goo. H.
Haskin's drug store.
A Lung l.easv.
The most curious document on file
among the court records of America is a
lease of 9.9J1 years, which may be found
transcribed in the Hebron iConn.i Land
Records, vo!. ix.. page 'J'54. On May i".
1795. according to the altove record, the
trustees of the "Society for the Propa
gation of the (Jospel in Foreign Parts"
leased 30 acres of land near the above
named place to one S. W. Chase nnd his
heirs "during the full term therein
stated, viz., 9.0OT years." The tenure
is held on condition that the said
"Chase, or his legal heirs, shall pay to
John Sutton and John T.
wardens of said society, or their suces
sors in office, one grain of pure silver or
other silver, gold equivalent (if de
manded), on St. John's day of each en
suing year." There are many curious
and whimsical tenures held in (ireat
Itritain. France and l.ermanv. but it is
doubtful if the records of America can
j preface anything equal l.t this long
I lived land lease, which will not termi
! nnte until the lapse of 9.s;i years from
the 25th of this month.
, Persons who are subject to diar
; rhu-a will find a speedy cure in Do
i Witt's Colic and Cholera Cure. Use
! no other. It is the best that can bo
. made or that money can procure. It
I leaves the system in natural condition
i after its use. Wo sell it. Geo. II.
Haskins, druggist.
A lloiwe of Muttons.
It is said that Clappisson, the French
j musical genius, is building a chateau
composed entirely oi oiutons. i ne
walls, ceilings, doors, windows, in fact,
the whole of the interior as well as the
exterior is of this unique element of
architecture, set closely and firmly in
the best cement. Buttons of every
kind and description, from the very
earliest date down to the present time,
are being employed in finishing and
decorating this wonderful structure. A
writer who seems to have seen lapis
son's "Button Palace" says that the
most curious forms of buttons date
from the time of earlv Greece.
silicon's CURE is sold on a guaran
tee."' It cufes Incipient Consumption.
It is the best Cough Cure. Only one
cent a dose, 25 cts., 50 cts., and $1.00.
Sold by Strang, the druggist, Medford.
Jll IIIIIIMMIIIIIlMIMIlllllllltllllllllllllllMlllllllllllllilMllimilllllMMHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIinillllllllllllllllll lllllll
P l Are The L
; 11 liih Krnme, Wood
Kim, llitlinli1c
Tire, Scorcher,
weight 81 l!n. $83
Steel Rims, Wavcrli-y
Clin chcr Tires,
weight '21 lh. $85
Regular frame, suine
weight $86
Ladies' Prop Kramo
; same weights and
tires $75
; ljidirs' Pianmimwo'd
Kim weight 'JO
lbs... STO
fbeuel 5c Stevens, Agt's (
Fondness for C'hlldran.
In discussing the characteristics of
certain great men. a 1otulon journal
calls attention to the fondness for chil
dren for which many men famous in
history are noted. Conspicuous among
these was Napoleon, who. it is said,
used to take the infant king of Koine
in his arms, and. stauding in front of
the mirror with him. would there make
the oddest grimaces in the glass. At
breakfast he would take the child upon
his knee, dip his fingers in the coffee
and daub his face with it, at which we
are told the child's governess scolded,
the emperor laughed and the young
king almost always appeared delighted.
Those who. on such occasions, had a
favor to solicit from the emperor were
generally sure of being favorably re
ceived. Of Cato, the Roman censor, it
is told that no matter how much busi
ness he had on hand, or how important
that business was, he would never
leave his home without first having
seen his wife wash the llv
How's This!
We offer one hundred dollars reward
for any case of catarrh that cannot be
cured bv Hall's Catarrh Cure.
K. J. CIIKNKY At CO.. Toledo. O.
We. the undersigned, have known K.
J. Cheney for the past 15 years, and Be
lieve him perfectly honorable in all
business transactictii. and financially
able to carry out any obligations made
hv their firm.
WKT A TRI AX, Wholesale Druggist,
Toledo. O.
Wai.dinu. Kixkak A Marvin, Whole
sale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally, acting directly upon the blood
land mucous surfaces of the system.
'Testimonials sent free. Price T'io per
bottle. Sold py all druggists.
Illodoo Serpent baperatlUon.
The Hindoo, who are probably more
terribly exposed to the ravages of poi
sonous serpents than any other people
in the world, declare that no venomous
creature of that class will bite or other
wise injure babies. When the women
go to the cane and cotton fields they al
ways take their children with theni
and do not hesitate to deposit the little
innocents on grassy plots adjoining,
even when it is known that such places
literally swarm wih cobras and blood
snakes. Knglish observation in India
appears to bear out the Hindoos' asser
tion that babies are snake proof. The
reason assigned is that the serpent is
the wisest of l.od's creatures, and that
it knows better than to bite one utterly
Bucklen'a Arnica Salve.
The best salve in the world for cuts
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi
tively cures piles, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to give perfect satis
faction or money refunded. 1'rico 2Tc
per box. For sale byi;. H. Haskins.
Why Woman War Earrlnjrft.
According to an old Spanish history
of the conquest of New Grenada, the
wearing of oar and nose jewels was a
privilege of rank among the natives.
This was generally the case among all
savage tribes, and its prevalence is the
scientific reason for the atavism which
leads American women to pierce their
ears for rings long after they have
abandoned the practice of sticking a
pin through their nose to indicate
their hiirh standing in societv.
When Baby wss aide, we gave her Castorla.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When she became Miss, she clung to CastorU.
When she had Children, she gave thorn Castoria,
A justice of peace at JelTerson
ville, Ind., celebrated the 4th by
marrying nine runaway couples.
A fonr-year-old Kentucky girl
has been crying all her life. When
Bhe plays or sleeps or goes visiting
always the cry is in evidence. It is
a purely mechanical matter, and
the child insists she does not know
she does it. She is very bright and
sunny-tempered and only for her
misfortune, would be a model. The
cry sounds as if it came from one in
grief, but the child is always happy.
Warranted Superior to any Bicycle Mill in the Mia. I
Rcgaraiess or to.
Rend the following opinion of one of the most prominent Ameri ;
can dealers who has suit! hundreds of Uh-ms wheels: :
Richmond, Va., Oct. 2, 1U, :
Indiana lttcvri.K Co.. Indianapolis. I ml : :
;i:nti.i:mkN The Wavcrley Scorcher hihI Hcllecnme to hand yr-;
terdav. We arc nfrnid you have seal us the high priced wheel liv :
mistake. You can't mean to tell uk that this wheel retails for Jv :
We miiKt say that il Is, wit limit exception, the prettiest wheel we:
have ever Been, and, moreover, we have faith In it. although it :
weighs onlv il Hi., for of all Waverleys we have sold this year and :
last land v"u know that is a right good number), we have never had :
a single frame nor fork broken, either from aeeldent or defect, and :
that is more than we ean savof any other wheel, however high grade. :
so called, that we sell. We congratulate ourselves every day that we:
are the Waverley Agents. Yours truly, Wai.tku C. Mkhckk k Co. :
IIIMIIIM .111.111.11. I I. .1111. 1 ir
Several towns in Russia have
elected women for mayors on the
ground that they are best fitted to
he intrusted witli the interests of
the community.
Mrs.Catherine O'Leary, the owner
of the cow which in October, 1871,
kicked over a lamp and started a
blaze which cost Chicago 190,000,
000, died Wednesday evening of
acute pneumonia.
A conflict occurred at Boston on
the 4th between the A. P. A.'s and
a mob which objected to them parad
ing with a float representing a ''lit
tle red echoolhouse," and one man
was killed and several injured.
Drs. S. Hawkins, Chattanooga.
Tenn., says, "Shiloh's Vitalizer
'saved my" life.' I consider it the
best remedy for a debilitated system I
ever used." For Dyspepsia. Liver or
Kidnev trouble it excels. Price 75 cts.
; Sold bv Chas.Slrang.druggist.Mtdford.
j A recent dispatch from San Fran
cisco says the federal government
has decided to take a hand in the
hunt for the Klamath Falls, Ore.,
stage roblier. Postal Inspector
j Thrall has started for Oregon. It
is his intention to camp along the
state border until the robber is cap-
j lured. At last accounts the high
jwayman was in hiding three miles
from the California line.
karl's crVER root, the great
blood purifier gives freshness and clear-
i ne.'B to the comnlejtion and cures
Constipation, ii cts.. 50 cts., $1.00.
; Sold by Strang, the druggist, Medford.
j Every able-bodied male in Nor
I way has to serve in the army. The
j first year he serves 54 days, the
j second "i4, and the third 24. He
gets only his board.
It la sold on a rnarm-ntwe by mil drtur
fiita. It own Incipient Consumptto
and ia the beat Cough, and Croup Cur. -
Sold by Slraug the druggist, Medford.
The Shasta Route
S.-I0 a. ni
55 p. ni
fl.OO p. in
-.-Ml p. m I l,v.
'..fS pm Lv.
l la ni ! Ar.
San Francisco
Above trains stop at East Portland. Oregon
City, Wondlmrn, Salem. Turner. Marion. Jef
ferson. Albany, Albany Junction. Taugent,
Shrdds, llalsey, Harrisburg. Junction Cilv. Ir
ving. Eugene, Creswoll. Drains and at all" sta
tions from Koscburg to Ashland inclusive.
:. a. m ( Lv
5-.-0 p. in ( Lv
Ar 4:40 p. ni
Lv 8,00 a. in
H p. m. I Lv
6:15 p. in. Ar
Ar I 10:1. a. ni.
l.v I 8:00 a. in.
Dining Cars on Ogden Route.
ritllman Ruffclt Sleepers and Second Class
Sleeping Citrsattachcd loall through trains
Between Portland and CorvalHs.
Mail trains daily, oxoept Sunday:
:30 a. m I Lv Portland Ar I f:40 p. ni
12:15 p hi I Ar Curvallls Lv 1:00 p. m
At Albany and Corvallls connect with trains
of Oregon Pacific railroad.
Express Trains dally, except Sunday:
4:45 p. m I Lv Portland Ar!S:S.m
7:25 p. tnAr McMlnnvlUe Lv 1 5:50a. m
-Throiigh tickets to all pointR In the
Eastern states, Canada and Europe can bo ob
tain rd at lowest rates from W. v. Llppineott,
Agent, Medford.
Manager. Asst. U. K. Si P Aft
x - n:m
I On cent a doaa,
Knights of tho MaccancH. Triumph Terit
No. 14, m"!tK in regular review on the 2d and
Ith Thursdays of each month in A. . U. W.
Hall at":.'ip. m. Visiting Sir Knlt'ht.s ordia:
ly invited to attend.
ism i.C).n n n t:
S. K. Pkntz. B. K.
A. O. V. W. Lodee No. Irt. meet , every tiri
aml third Wednesday in the month at M p. it
In their hall in the opeiu block. Visiting
brothers Invited to attend.
K. W C.ttiKi.K. M . W.
J. W. IAwton. Kecorder.
W. K. C Chester A. Artnur Orrs No. 24
meet second and lourtli r'rid::y t,S earr.
month at a o rinrk p. rn.. In Woolf's hall.
Mns. Saiiaii I. S'riiii.i. j'rps.
MliS. M. K. Davis. Sec.
K. of !. Talisman lodge No. 31. meets Mon
day evening at S p. m. Vinliir;; brothers a!
wavs welronn.. .'.'. DAHoN. C C.
I. il . Min.i.KK. K. of li. and S.
i. O. (). F. 1-odge No. K-'l. meets In 1. O. O. F.
hall every Saturday at at p. in. Visiting
brothers always welcome.
.. Maxev. N. G.
r : A. S. Hi.itos. Kec. Sec
I. O. O. F. Hogtie Kiver Knrampment. IMig
No. .'. meets in I. O. O. F. hall the second and
fourth Wednesdays of each month at K p. m.
li. S. WEBB. c. f.
Isaac Wooi.f, Scribe.
Olive HebeUah Ixdge No. V. meets in I. O.
O. F. hall llrst and third Tuesdays of each
month. Visiting sisters invited to attend.
Miss Myim.i S'x.dfohd, N. G.J
Miss Mamie Xichomon, Kec. Sec.
A. F. & A. M. Meets first Friday on or be
fore full moon at 8 p. m.. In A. O. V. W. hall.
W. I. Vakier. W. M.
W. V. LipriNCOrr. Kec. Sec.
G. A. K. Chester A. Arthur I'osl No. 47.
meets in Woolf's hall every second and fourth
Fridays in each month at 7:3) p. m.
J. W., Com.
W. T. Kamk. Adjutant.
I. O. G T. Meets Tuesday night at p. c.
at A. O. U. W hall.
O. o. Smith, C, T.
J. A. Jeffrey. Kec. Sec,
W. C. T. U. Meets every Wednesday after
noon in the Halley KlacU.
Mas. AKiiiK VamA.vtwfp. Pres.
Mrs. Kope Sec.
Young People's Heading Circle Tuesday even
leg ut each week, under the auspices of the
Epworth League.
F. A. Si I. V. L. L. Polk lodge No. 365, meets
every Saturday at 8 p. m.
J. H. Smith. Pres.
Saint Marks Kplscopal Sunday School m"t5
at Kplscopal Cburrh every Sunday afternoon at
3 o'clock. T.N. Wilson, Rector; S. S. Pentz
Methodist Episcopal Church K. S. Craven,
pastor. Services every Sunday morning and
evening at usual hours for church serricee.
Fpworth League meets at 0 -JO p. m . Sunday.
Sunday school at 10 a. m. Prayer meeting
Thursday evening. Pastor's residence on C
street, one block South of MAIL office.
Presbyterian Church Rev. A. S. Foster, pas
tor. Preaching at 11 a. m. and tOp.m. Sun
day school at 10 a. m. Y. P. S. C. K., 8:15 p. m.
Junior Endeavor Society at 3 p. m., Sunday.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday evening at 7
Baptist church W. C. Jenkins pastor. Wor
ship and preaching every Sunday morning and
evening at usual hours for church services.
Covenant meeting on Saturday at S o'clock pro
ceeding each tirst Sunday. Prayer meeting on
Wednesday evening. Baptist Young Peoples
Union meets at 6:3ft on Sunday evening. Sun
day school at 10 a. m.
Christian church Corner of Sixth and 1
streets. Preaching at 11 a, m. and 7. p. xn.
Sunday school at 10 a. m : Junoir Endeavor at
3 p. m.:Y. P. S. C. E. at 6:30 p. m. Prayer
meeting every Thursday evening. Ladiefc
Missionary Auxiliary to C. W. B. E. Orst Thurs
day :X) P. M. each month. Choral Union
ererT Friday at 7:30 p. m. The people vrercoine.
Eli Fisher pastor. Resides at the chrrch.
Methodist Episcopal Church South Rev. J no.
L. Jones, pastor. Services at 11 a. m. and : p.
m. on the 1st, ioi and 3rd Sabbath: Sabbath
school at 10 a. m. and Epworth Learne at 6 o .
m. every Sabbath at Medford. Semoeaon 4th
Habbath at Soda Springs at 11 a. m and Nell
Creek school house at S p. m. A hearty wel
come to all.
Tho. F. Oakes. Henry C Payne, Henry C
Rouse. Receivers.
Sleeping Cars
Dining Cars
SleeDing Cars
Guano Foaas
HtiCRA amo
Assistant General Passenger Agent.
No. 355 Morrison St., cor. Third.
Or C O. Belknapp, Ticket Agent,
Med Cord, Oregon.
S. F. Cass, Ticket Agent,
First Nat'l Bank, Grants Pass, Ore.,
Hobt. Leonard, Ticket Agent,
Ahland, Oregon
Wheat, No. 1,
per bushel, Wets
40 "
50 "
.. .. .,),)
Derton. (16.00
Mill Peed, Brau and Shorts,
Uay, baled.
Wo-1 SS'
Flour, wholesale,
110.00; loose, 8.00
per cord, 3.50
" S.00
per barrel, SJO
per sack, 80 cts
Flour, retail.
Butter, per roll (t
wo pounds) . SO "
Bacon and Ham
per aoxen, 10
per lb, 07
jo '
4 16