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Our Several Hustling Correspond
ents About the County Tell
Terse Paragraphs of the
Doings of the People in Their Re
spective Districts A Tab Kept
en Everybody and Friends.
Eagle Point Eaglets.
The tine rain the past week
sures us a good crop.
Rev. Robert Ennis will preach
here next Sunday, morning and
Our enterprising townsman, A.
Popl, is erecting a windmill on his
Sticky ranch, on the south side of
the desert.
Last Sunday our daughter Millie, i
accompanied by Bert Childers, of
Med ford, and Miss. Cora Jones, of
Tolo, paid us a visit. i
J. E. Stickle, one of our leading
blacksmiths, took a trip on the road
with Mrs. Thomas and son, to help
them start their stock.
Rev. Father Desmarais, of the
Roman Catholic church, held ser-;
vices at this place in the forenoon,
and those who had the pleasure of
hearing the discourse speak of it in '
nattering terms, we v. 1j. Ij. It rover
preached at night to a full audi
"- I
ence. j
Sam Farrar, the young man of
whom mention was made in The i
Mail a few weeks ago, gathered his '
stock together and started for ;
Klamath county on Friday of last i
week. Mrs. A. M. Thomas and son 1
Charles also started the same day
for her ranch in Klamath county, '
with a small bunch of cattle, Mrs.
T. manipulating the lines over four ;
horses, quite an undertaking for an
-old lady of her age.
I . understand that the cattle
taken out by Mayfield and Davis
stampeded near the summit, run
ning over filbert Ashpole's horse, ,
leaving the poor fellow afoot in the
snow, a hard way to drive cattle. ,
The latest news was that Mayfield
fc Davis had crossed the mountains
with three hundred head of cattle,
and that Pelton Bros, were at Union
creek with theirs and the rest of
Mayfield & Davis', waiting to cross
the snow.
The 30th of May was appropri
ately celebrated at different points
in this section of the country. Quite
a goodly number assembled at
Brownsloro and had a picnic din
ner, with songs and recitations by
the schoolchildren. Notwithstand
ing the cold weather, they all
seemed to enjoy themselves very
much. At night Miss Lulu llob--erts
held the closing exercises of
her school at the Mound school
house, and the children did them
selves credit by their performance,
And reflected credit on their
We had quite a spirited discus
sion here last Sunday on the sub- '
ject of the celebration of the Fourth, :
some advocating one place and
.some another. The free dinner and '
free dance at Jacksonville were pre-;
sented as an inducement to go ;
ihere, but some one of the part' ;
iSuggested that the free dinner might '
toot be so free as wa3 advertised and ;
but why multiply words on the
raubject? It was decided that the i
aoajority of the people in this sec-:
rtkai of the country would go to '
Medford to celebrate, as we have '
always had such a good time there
oa the Fourth of July.
To se the benefits to be derived
from that much needed road from
tliis section of the country to Med
ford, the business center of the
Eogue River valley, a person would
only need to spend the time for a
few hours every day for say one
week, on the streets of Medford,
and take the names down of the
different ones seen there from all
parts of the valley on the north and
ast side of Bear creek, and see the
amount of produce that is taken in
to the Hub from Dry creek, Ante
lope creek, Lake creek, Little and
i&g Butte ereek, Mount Pitt pre
cincfc, Upper Rogue river, Table
3ock, Sani3 Valley, the Meadows,
etc. They would see at a glance
that that trade was worth looking
after. It i3 all very nice in dry
weather, but in the winter it is not
so, as that almost impassable
Sticky flat is between here and
Medford, and it is so much easier
for one to go to Central Point, Jack
sonville or Gold Hill than it is to
plod through "Sticky" for two miles
and a half that notwithstanding
the fact that we are satisfied we can
do better in Medford than in any
other place in the count', "still the
chances are that some of us would
yield to the temptation to avoid
that "horrible Sticky" and go else
where. When your business men
take into account the long list of
names of our stockmen who nearly
lo a man go to Medford to trade, it
seems to be to their interest to pro
vide, at least in part, a road so that
we can reach Medford in the win
ter without trespassing on the
rights of others by throwing down
their fences and going through
their premises. To give you an
idea of the amount of business
which they are liable to lose by be
ing a little tardy in this matter, I
will append a partial list of the
stockmen who delivered cattle to
J. A. Hanley, for T. C. Lanergan,
of Idaho, who has been buying for
a firm in Montana: A. HoyUv Sons,
John Turrel, John Selvedge, John
Obenchain, Henry and Herman
Myers, George Nicholas, Mr. Clegg,
Radet Bros., Adelbert Turrel. Mr.
McKee, Reuben Johnson, ' T. B.
Higinbotham. John and T. E. Nich
olas, M. S. Wood, 1). I Msthews,
George Heckathorn, V. II. Brad
shaw, Mr. Moore, of Antelope, A. J.
Daley. Ed. F. Simon. It is esti
mated that the above named par
ties have delivered nearly six hund
red head of cattle, which added to
the three hundred and fifty head
that Maytield v Davis took out.
and a goodly nninlxT that lVlton
Bros., Mr. Rarnelmrg and Jell Bell
received from hero, makes a good
showing for our Butte Creek conn-1
try. and still there are hundreds of;
cattle left on our extensive range. 1
News From Ierlv.
hy wit.t..
A little girl of P. McKee's is ser
iously ill with fever.
Mr. Derby was out to the Point on
a business trip Monday last.
Messrs. Ed. and Peter Simons are
searching the hills for their stray
Born May 21. 1S'.K, to Mr. and
Mrs. Chris, l'ierson, of Big Butte, a
Bertie Nichols of the Bybee ranch,
visited at Mr. B. Higinbotham's last
L. Hubbard, of Medford. is now
working on his mountain ranch, in
McKee district.
Miss Edith White of Medford
visited friends in Eagle , Point
Saturday and Sunday.
Mathews Bros, are again gather
ing cattle from thir range. They
are assisted by John Allen.
The Nichols bovs and IVter
Simons drove several head of rattle
from Butte creek to the Nichols
place, near Central Point.
Mr. Bradley's little Uy Charley
is much improved. He is still very
weak and some think it doubtful
whether or not be will ever entirely
W. F. Wiikerson is tearing down
the house he bought f D. VanHorn
He will move the lu:nber home
and build some additions to his
home buildings.
Mr. Vanllorn and family of Med
ford and Mr. Bradlev's familv visit
ed Mrs. W. F. Wilkinson. Charley
Wilkinson. jf Medford, was also
visitor at Mrs. Wilkinson's place a
few days since.
Misses Mary McKee and Belie
Smith visited Miss Rosa Higin
botham Saturday and Sunday.
Miss McKee will go to Medford
soon, to spend the summer with
her sister Mrs. F. Hubbard.
Messrs. Ditsworth and Dodson
made a valley trip Monday and
Tuesday. The Leeds directors W.
F. Ditswornh F. M. Manning and
Mrs. Sullivan have engaged Miss
E. L. Benson to teach their summer
term of school.
. School exercises were well at
tended. Among the visitors were
Mr. and Mrs. (tray, Mrs. Wrisley,
Mr. and Mrs. Higinbotham, Mrs,
B. Higinbotham, Grandma Higin
botham, Mrs. Chartraw and Mrs.
Elmer Nichols. School is closed for
present on account of the illness of
the teacher, Miss Ella Benson, who
has been having a siege with fever.
Who, by the way, is much improved
at the present writing.
Prospect Items.
J.Morgan, of Applegate, has taken
up a piece of land in our vicinity!,
and has already moved his family
Emigrants from the Willamette
valley have atteniped to cross
the mountains but the snow has
Highest Honors World's Fair,
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
Most Perfect Made.
40 Years the Standard.
compelled them to "stop and wait
a whiie."
R. W. G ray has his shingle mill in
running order, and expects soon to
supply the public with some of the
finest sugar-pine shingles in South
ern Oregon.
The fruit along the river, from the
ferry to Prospect, has ail been kill
ed by the severe cold spell, recent
ly, and a great deal of the garden
stuff Buffered in a like manor.
Mrs. Blackford, who has been
seriously ill, is much worse and as
soon as the roads will permit, they
will remove her to tho valley where
she can receive medical attendance.
Two bands , of cattle, belonging to
Pelton Bros., and Mayfield, are at
Union creek, waiting for the snow
to melt to enable them to cross the
mountains. Mr. Mayfield's herd
stampeeded several times in our
neighborhood, causing the vaqueros
a great deal of trouble and resulting
in the loss cf quite a number of
The nrosnectors. who had started
to find the lost mine on the I'nip- who are old acquaintances of both j
ua, returned some weeks since, re- families. The parly will be gone!
porting thr: snow too deep for further i a" this week. j
progress on the route by Diamond j Evan Reutnes, one of the promis
lake. But not to he daunted by such i ing young attorneys of Porl-i
obstacles, they have again departed j land, whose parents are (Jen. and j
inquest of the coveted gold, this ; Mrs. T. G. Realties, of Jacksonville, !
time by a round-about way in j was married May "J'.ith, to Miss!
Klamath count v. Edith Tongue, who is a daughter of ;
i Senator Toimue of Ilillshoro, and j
t'entral Point Items. j a societv favorite and a lad v hi-hlv 1
Wm. ller-iott. of Woodville, was
iii our city Monday.
Thos. Centers and familv are
visitimi in Yreka. Cal. '
Assessor Geo. Jackson was here;
several days the past we.. ;
U. T. Newman, of Eagle Point;
sjH-nt alimiay in our rn .
Wm. Pene-jar made a business
trip to Medford on Saturday.
Rev. Merley. of Medford. preached
to a large audience last Sunday.
John Jacobs, of
made his parents a visit en Sunday.
.1. W. Mays, of Rock Point. sjM-nt
several days lure last week on, -Miss Annie .Mcl'onaki, ol tins,
business. j place, who has leen sojourning;
Mrs." ti. HorsmVrgcrV health I Mri- WJiitomaii. of Central j
does not improve, we are sorrv to ! Point, returned home a few days!
chronicle. ' ;m,u,,- j
Mrs. who was quite j h I'ccoration picnic on the,
sick last week, is much better at1'- though slightly marred by i
this writing. i 11,0 "-l;H-ncy the weather, was !
. ., ii quite well attended. I he exercises ,
Lev. . I. y haMam has U-en em-, Unlchur a!ul appropriate, as i
i. oved hv the P.apti-t church tor!, , ,. , c i'i; , , i i.
' - - 1 .memorials to our soldiers ana e-1
the next year. parted ones. A pleasant time was
Mrs. Card we'd spent a couple f ; ,.jved bv all.
iiavs wiin in-r Mm auev menus
the first of the week.
Miss Edna Gibson spent several
days last week with her many
friends on Gall's creek.
James Shields and wife, of Wel
len, were making relatives i f this
place a visit lat wc-k.
Rev. E. I. Tb.-mpson will preaeh
Albert Fish's fui.rrai si-rmon at the
M. E. church next Sundav.
, ,, '.
A.J. Dailcy. and 11. Reverence
two ot Eagle I units prominent: Enough rain has fallen to suit all
citizens were here during the week. !,,f lls
Gus Samuels spent Sunday with j E. C. Pomerov was in Medford
his parents here. He is teaching ; Saturday visiting his brother-in-law,
the school at Lake Creek this sum- yT i;ains.
J. A. Ellington has taken a home
stead in Trail Creek precinct, and
will take his family there for the
Win. Penegar has his new farm
residence very nearly completed,
John Clements and r red Siters
were the carpenters.
Jacksonville News.
F. R. Neil and family have re
turned from a month's visit with
Mrs. Neil's parents.
Judge Hanna was at Grants Pass
during the week, holding a session
of circuit court.
G. Fox and wife of Central Point,
spent Decoration Day in Jackson
ville visiting Capt. Rawlings and
Miss Lora Colton,of, was
here during the week abstracting
for her father, who is a successor to
Mrs. D. E. Hvdw.
Miss Katie Chapman, who has
been attending the deaf mute
school at Salem, has returned to
her home on Williams creek.
m ii- - i 1 -r .1...
Mrs. Same h. Ish. one ot the
wealthiest ladies of the county, will
soon leave for a trip through Califo:
nia, for the benefit of her health.
Miss Dee Ankeny, of Sterling,
was here Monday, taking lessons
in music. She will visit relatives
in the Willamette valley in a few
Decoration Day was appropriately
observed. No services were held
on that occasion, but everv grave
was tastefully strewn with choice
floral offerings.
Mrs. W. D. Hanlev left for Port-
land Saturday after a two weeks'
visit with relatives. Mr. Hanley
has returned from his business trip
to Omaha and is also in Portland,
Mr. Northup, of Rhode Island,
who is a mining man, is in this sec -
tion with headquarters in Jackson -
ville. He is this week over in
Applegate and Steamboat county
viewing the mine,
W. E. Coul will leave tho last of
the week for Klamath county, to be
gone three weeks. Mr. Coul is a
civil engineer and it i3 business of
this naturo that calls him there.
Wonder if he isn't going to survey
a lino for a railroad.
Miss Agnes Devlin has gone to
her home on Applegate, to remain
during the vacation months. She
has been chosen as reader of the
declaration of independence for the
approaching celebration. .
Mrs. Eva Hoekenjos and family
have moved to the farm residence
across Bear creek. Mr. Arnold, a
brother of Mrs. H., is superintend
ing the farm. Col. Martin and wife
will occupy tho house vacated by
Ms. H.
Recorder Grant Rawlingsand his
father went over to Deer creek
Monday to pilot some friends. Mr.'i
Waters and son, of Clarinda, Iowa,
to the home of the Evans brothers,
e.-teetned. Mr. Keames and bride j
will reside in East Portland. ;
HroWll-toro Items.
Mi(i p,rad!?haw was visiting'
in ttnvl, Tuesday. j
Rt,ad Supervisor J. A. Miller is!
w arning out hands for work.
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Charley are!
the parents of a tiny baby girl, born ;
on the -Jnd.
Arthur Nichols, of Rig Butte, was!
in town Mondav, as also was J. P. '
Tucker, of Drv Creek. ;m the same;
Four bands of the best range cat- j
ti". owned resjH-ctively by Nichols;
Bros., of Lake Creek. Messrs. Sev- j
edge. Mevers and Terril. of Salt !
Creek. Compton and Bradshaw. of
RroAiisboro, and Obenchain and
Hot. of Big ButP passed through j
Brownsboro Saturdav. en route fori
Eagle Point, where Hanley takes I
charge of them. i
1 Ar.tiorli tiai li'-riug.
Mrs. Case, of this vicinity, was
doing business in Gold Hill the hit-
ter part of the week.
The young folks gathered at the
new barn on the Chas. Nickel ranch.
uid had a social hop last Saturday !
j njght.
j Mr. storms. taclu-r in the Sams
, Valu,v sikmiI Decoration dav
with his relatives, Mr. John Rodg-
ers and familv.
Eddie, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
Houston, has been under the
weather for the past week, bad
cold seems to be the trouble.
Miss Buelah Warner, teacher in
Mountain district, was visiting her
parents at Medford Saturday, also
examining the work that was on
display by the Medford public
Base ball game progressing very
j nicelv, only two of the boys crip-
. pled. Lester Rodgers slipped and;
1 sprained his ankle and troni all
! appearances it looks as though he
! would have a pet to care for some
time yet, also Elmer Dowel got hit
"1th the ball which gave
1 him a moss agate.
1 . n
Hig Sticky Items.
Will Pruett has returned from
A meeting of the Holiness band
was held at A. Crance's last Sun
day. Mrs. Crabtree, of Medford, is
spending a few days with her mot li
I Mrs. Adams.
j Charles Neustrom gaye a dance
last Saturday night, which was well
attended. John Smith, Jr., fur
nished the music,
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Owens are
visiting their daughter, Mrs. Henry
j Gregory, of Laiigell Valley, but are
expected home shortly,
1 The whooping cough and la grippe
1 have been rather hard on some of
the Stickyites, but at present most
of the invalids are improving.
Will Patten, of Ashland, is at
present staying with his sister, Mrs.
F. Morgan, and may conclude to
make his future home with them.
F. Morgan is painting "Rosy's"
new brick store in Medford. Mr.
Morgan is a first-class workman,
and always does his work in such a
manner as to give entire satisfac
tion. Mart Hurst, accompanied by his
son Watson and Mr. Derrick, started
for Silver Kake about two weeks
ago, to look after the interests of his
son Wood, who was burned to death
in the terrible fire at Silver Lake
last winter.
Miss Julie Rodschon, Liberty's
efficient teacher, held a picnic, in
cluding speaking and a basket din
ner at the schoolhouse last Friday.
Quite a number were present and
all enjoyed themselves immensely,
although the inclemency of the
weather forced lliem to seek their
homes sooner than they expected.
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, of Eagle
Point, spent a night at J. L. Gor
dell's recently, while on their wav
to California, where they intend to
spend the summer. Mr. and Mrs.
Rollin Smith attended the Johnson
Anderson wedding last Sunday.
The bride is a sister of Mrs. Smith
and the groom a brother of Miss
Etta Johnson, who is well known
on Big Sticky, where she has taught
several terms of school.
Mound school closed May .'10th
with an evening entertainment,
which lasted about three hours. A
large number of visitors were pres
ent, and the general verdict was,
"a well rendered program." The
pupils performed their parts very
nicely, and were ably assisted by
several young jieoule outside of the
school. Among the best features of
the entertainment were excellent
music furnished by Miss Lillie
Gregory and E. L. Moore, and sev
eral solos by Miss Susie Applegate,
of Central Point, which were ren
dered in a very superior manner,
also recitations by Prof. Barnard
and Alfred Smith, which were so
well rendered as to almost bring
down the house. F. Morgan also
read a comic selection in a very
creditable manner. Miss Lulu
Rolerts, who had charge of the
school during the spring term, will
re.-ume the charge again next fall.
-Legal t!anks nt TllK Mail office.
Location of Land Lyinix hut a few rods moiv than one
mill' t the east ot
....Medford, Oregon,
Amount of Land in
j Now on the flarket
Commands an Ex
cellent View of
How Payments may
be Made
Fruit and Fruit Culture
ysis the soil is found to contain all the
elements required to produce fruits from
the semi-tropical to the hardiest varie
ties. Over these favorable conditions
hangs a climate co-ordinated and adjust
ed to the nature of the soil.
Who to Address For further information cencerning
this desirable properly call on or address
Table Eock Items.
J. O. Johnson is hauling hay to
Medford good hay brings cash
now days.
Will Pickens came over from
Siskiyou Friday and made a three
days' visit.
Mr. Case, the steel range stove
agent, was through here last week
looking for business.
Quite a number of people from
this vicinity attended th-j funeral of
the late Mrs. McClendon, at Cen
tral Point, Thursday.
Mr. Mingus, the Medford livery
man, came over last week looking
for hay, grain and hogs. We hear
he made some purchases.
Overhauling machinery for hay
ing is keeping most of our farmers
busy now. The crop is not heavy,
but the quality number one.
Road Supervisor Harris ha3 been
putting in some good culverts on
our roads lately. He will soon be
gin repairs on the Bybee bridge.
J. C. Pendleton drove a well last
week, which has proved a grand
success. The water is good and the
supply unlimited. This beats dig
ging and walling.
Medford jeople are receiving
many sincere compliments for the
way they are grading their streets
and improving the town; come this
way as far as you can and some
day we will try to meet you.
Owing to the cold, rainy weather,
which caused many colds among
the school children, the flag raising
exercises were somewhat abridged,
the picnic pari being given up.
The songs and recitations at the
schoolhouse were listened to with
apprecirtion, especially the recita
tion by Marion Nealow. Mr. Si
mons, the teacher, made a few well
chosen remarks, the stars and
stries were flung to the breeze, and
a traveling artist took a picture of
the whole, with Ixiwer Table Rock
for a background. Thus ended our
spring term of school, which has
been a very profitable one to the
The most pleasant little pills for
rogu! the bcnx-ls are I)e Witt's
Little Karly Risers. Cure sick head
ache and constipation. Small pill.
Small dose. Geo. H. Haskms. druggist.
TllK Mail has desk room for rent.
Good light and central location.
Tliis ofJico lias from one to forty
tiers of wood for sale.
Hallev Bros, for groceries
Is situated lt"0 acres of land which is
espeeiallv adapted to
Fruit Growing.
This land has recently been placed
upon tln market and is now offered for
sale in tracts of from
21 to 10 Acres.
The name. "Fairview," is given this
property because, that being located as
it is. on a slight eminence, a view of all
parts of Medford and a good portion of
the valley can be had from any part of
the land. Nearly all of this land has
been cleared and has been under culti
vation for a number of years. The soil
is of an exceptionally tine quality and its
adaptability to fruit-growing has been
proven. This land will be sold upon the
Installment Plan.
ravments may be made at !?1.2" per
week. per month or $1" every quar
ter, or a liberal discount will be made
for all cash purchases.
The success attending fruit culture is
no longer an experiment. By direct anal