The Medford mail. (Medford, Or.) 1893-1909, May 31, 1895, Page 5, Image 5

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Little Paragraphs and Big Paragraphs
Penciled and Published for the
People's Perusal.
The Doings of the Busiest City In
the Rogue River Valley All the
News Once a Week.
Georpe Washington, so history says.
Refrained from telllnn lies
He owned no patent medicine.
And did not advertise !
Capt. Nash informs us that Tort
land parties are contemplating the
renting of his hotel block for store
purposes. The proposition is to lease
the building and put in one each of a
hardware, dry goods, grocery and mil
linery store. In the event of this being
done a stock company, which has been
talked of for sometime, will undoubt
edly be formed and a large hotel put
up in some convenient part of the city.
The Mail fails to see the actual need
of new business houses in Medford
right at present. We have quite a suf
ficient number of firms engaged in the
businesses above spoken of to properly
attend to all the trade which is liable
to come this way for some several
months. Our stores are well stocked,
while the sharp competition which ex
ists has put the goods handled down
to a very close margin. We dislike
very much to say a disparaging word
regarding the opening of new business
nouses, but, in our opinion, the present
number well pattonized is preferable
and better for the city and people
generally than a greater number poor
ly patronized. New business houses to
dVaw any amount of trade would need
to put their prices so very close to
those of San Francisco and Portland
that the margin would scarcely pay
running expenses.
Dress goods that are the latest
styles are the very correct article for
1 idies, at all times. You may think
that styles don't matter and that you
can get back number styles cheaper,
but you make a mistake and some
dealers help you make it they have
' an old, dead stock to unload. It is dif
ferent with us ours are always the
very latest and cheapest. W. H.
Meeker & Co.
Things have shifted about again in
the arena of livery business in this
city. W. P. H. Legate has purchased
Messrs. Davis & Shearer's livery stock
and has joined issues with C. Mingus &
Son. the business to be conducted in
the Mingus barn. The purchase made
by Mr. Legate comprised ton head of
' horses, nine carriages aud wagons, har
ness, robes and all the smaller things
pertaining thereto price paid, $1150.
When added to the Mingus stock it
makes a grand aggregate of thirty
head of horses, tweuty-four carriages
and wagons, and other equipments to
fit each rig out ready for the road, and
dog-goned good rigs they art, too.
The barn formerly occupied by Davis
& Shearer will be occupied by the new
firm, but only as a feed stable. The
new firm, which will travel under the
firm name of Mingus & Legate, is a
s'rong one and as well a good one.
Frank Mingus is always alert to catch
every nickel's worth ol business there
is to be caught, while Mr. Legate is
getting into a business with which he
is very familiar and in which he can
not fail to prove himself a success.
THE Mail wishes them all the business
their thirty horses can bandit. and
"The Palace," opposite batik, for
1 bargains. Full stock kip plow shoe for
only SI. i -ft. Oxford ties. 50c. Knee
pants for boys, from live to fourteen,
for o" c. Everything corrcfpondingly
cheap. We carry all the latest styl-s
in every line. Thompson, VanDvke
& Co.
J. P. True is another of the pros
perous and well-to-do farmers of Gritlin
creek who is preparing to expend sev
eral of his honest dollars in the con
struction of a new residence. Archi
tect Bennet has plans drawn for the
new structure and they are beauties
to look upon. The building will be
32 x 42 feet in size and two stories
high. On the first floor there will le
a parlor, bedroom, large dining room
and kitchen, while the second floor
will be sleeping rooms entire. 'I here
will be three porches, a 14x14 foot
stone sub-cellar, and many other little
fixings necessary to make up a model
- farm home. The plans and specifica
tions have not been submitted to con
tractors for construction bids yet, but
will be in about a week. Nothing
points so directly to the general pros
perity of acountry as docs the extended
improvement of farm properly. This
year many improvements are being
made among the farmers, and each of
them feels safe in thus making the ex
penditures the promise of a rich har
vest never beiDg more Battering than
i it now is. The cost of Mr. True's new
' residence will be somewhere in the
neighborhood of $1200.
- Fourth of July clothing, new, fresh,
beautiful patterns, stylish- best and
eheapest ever offered to the public in
Southern Oregon, at Thompson, Van
Dyke & Co's.
' Improvements never grow weary
in Medford, They are always taking
a step into the front rank. Among the
improvements noticeable this week is
i the commencement of a general re
modeling of the interior of the Jack
son County bank. The partition has
been torn out, a new octagon counter
is to be put in, with the regulation
plate glass and wire screen top finish;
new carpets will be put down and the
entire interior papered and re-piiinted.
The room is going to be a mod.-l of
beauty and convenience, which pleas
ant surroundings will b- detracted
from not a particle by the presence of
such genial gentlemen as Cashier
Enyart and Book-keeper Maxey and
President Vawter will drop in occa
sionally to deposit the accumulated re
sources from hi law practice, while
Vice President Slinger will b-j around
once in a while to enjoy the beauty
with the other boys.
Ladies' satteen skirts W. H.
Meeker & Co. Also ladies' summer
Now that spring has dropped
squarely across the knee of summer it
behooves the average citizen to pre
pare for being Aim-flamed. In this
connection let us state the flim-flaraers
have turned their attention toward
Oregon, and if don't fail,
Vm they will be in Southern Oregon
about August. "The great ami only
syndicate show and Parts Hippodrome"
is booked for thai month. Those of
our people especially interested in the
"licorice" gain. may begin saving
their nickels for i::vost iiu-nt in 1liis
'"sure thing" speculation, as the slum
is reported to have with it two of the
smoothest confidence sharks ever on
the road.
You men folks will want, to h. fix
ing up a little for the Fourth lot us
give you big value for little money
try on one of our suits of clothes a
sure tit and correct in style. YV. 11.
Meeker & Co.
An accident which proved quite
serious happened at the McsstHgor saw
mill in the Dead Indian country, on
Thursday of Inst week. May 2:ird. The
mill is now owned and operated by W.
W. Taylor, of Phoenix, nnd he had
just gone to '..ho mill with a crew of
men to begin operations. As a log
wagon was being loaded with heavy
logs, a chain broke and a log rolled up
on Thos. Ed sail, smashing his right
leg badly, the thigh bono and both
bones below the knee being broken.
He was fatten to his home near Phoe
nix, where Dr. Geary was called and
reduced the fractures.
Don't buy anything in Medford
until you know for sure it is not to bo
found at the Palace. "A word to the
wise is sufficient." It will be money in
your pocket. Teompson, VanDyko &
Up in Gilliam eonnty, this state,
farmers are now harvesting their last
year's crop of wheat. The grain is said
not to have suffered a particle of dam
age by the winter weather it passed
through. Much fun is being poked at
some of the Oregon farmers because of
their alleged lack of energy, but this is
the first time on record when thev
have been known to got a full year Iv
hind with their work. It is more than
probable that the rise in tho wheat
market is the occasion for harvesting
the crop. At the price wheat was last
year there was money made by letting
it stand in the field.
Just arrived at Webb's Racket, la
dies' tan Foster hook gloves, ladies'
cream and black silk gloves aid mitts
and some nice fans all at the uual
leading lowest prices.
L. W. Simmons, a Union spy, who,
during the war. was in the secret ser
vice of General Grant, will deliver his
famous recital of adventures, hair
breadth escapes and deadly perils en
countered by him while in the secret
service of the United Slates in lSiil-tW
Mr. Simmons having recently resigned
his position as inspector, port of San
Francisco, will be in attendance at tho
department encampment. Oregon Citv.
and has been secured by the G. A. It.
post of Medford to deliver his recital
at the opera house on Wednesday eve
ning. June 12th. Admission.
children, 15c.
Travelers find a safe coniwuiion in
De Witt's Colic and Cholera t'tirc. A
change in drinking water and in diet
oft'n causes severe nr.d dangerou
complaints. This medicine alwavs
cures them. Geo. 11. Ha-kins. druggist-
! There is an ordinance which p-o-'
hibits cows running a! large within
i the city limits of Medford, yet many
j of our people are compelled to huiM
; boxing about the young trees 1 hey s.-t
! out along the street in front of tiuir
! places o! residence. The ordinance
made to keep cowsolT the streets ought
I to be enforced. A law not i-nfor.vl
! is worse than no law, because that p-o-i
pie expect their pro,i-rtv to !e tiro
i tectod by it and do not apply the pre
j caution they would if 1 1 . such l.iv c
; isted.
j Th-re is danger in negl cl
ing Colic. Cholera aud similar com
plaints. An absolutely prompt and
safe cure is found in De Witt's I'
and Cholera cure Geo. H. Ilaskins,
druggist .
Bird Johnston, in vindication of
himself as relates to his arrest over at
Eagle Point a few weeks ago. states
that it was either a mistake or he was
the victim of somebody's too realistic
joke. The property which it was
claimed he and Neal Gage perloined
was found by them in the hushes near
tin." old Gage ferry landing and was
stolen from no one. K.-garding the
circuinstauces leading up to the arrest
we know nothing. We simply state the
above as given us by Mr. Johnston.
For sale: A merry-go-round, in
good shape for immediate use. Can lie
had for SH cash. Apply to E. W.
Starr, Medford.
At the Baptist church each Sun
day evening until further notice. Pas
tor W. C. Jenkins will give a Urn
minute prelude on some popular practi
cal subject, followed by a twenty-minute
gospel sermon. Come, let us rea
son together. Next Sunday the pastor
will preach morning and evening
Morning subject, "Where is tho King
dom of Christ?" Evening subject,
prelude, "The Bible in Public Schools,"
sermon. "The Relation of Sin to
Health." All are invited.
Frank Wilson will have ice cream
each afternoon and evening, at 10 cents
a dish better than the best try it
once and you'll try it always at the
Vienna bakery.
The productiveness of a well culti
vated farm in the Itogue itiver valley
is in excess of any estimates that can
possibly be made not only in one line
of products, but in all things that take
root, in the earth. Listen to this: J. II.
Stewart markets rhubarb when his im
mense fruit crop is ripening for a simi
lar treatment, and he markets big rhu
barb too eight stalks weighed 2"
pounds and each measured five feet in
height. See them at Woltors' grooery.
Karue & Gilkey have tho Hole agen
cv f r the Oliver Chilled, Steel and
Black Land plows, and repairs for
Capt. May has accepted the invita
tion of the Medford celebration com
mittee for Co. 1) to at tend and partici
pate in the Fourth of July celebration
at our neighboring city. C . A which
is composed of boys of from 12 to Hi
years of age and unofficially attached
to the regular militia company will
also go with the other soldier hots,
so that Medford will have a whole
battalion of soldiery from Ashland on
the Fourth. Ashland Tidings.
Hotel Medford has changed propri
etorship again. As wo go to press papers
are being made out which convey to
S. F. Morine all of I. L. Hamilton's in-
llighcst of all in Leavening Tower. Latest U.
teivst ill the house. Mr. Morine will 1S'.I5. VY. W. Card well, formerly or
conduct the business single handed I Medford, is the invitation committee
and Mr. Hamilton will move hack to hence TliK Mail's invitation. These
his north C street residence. Mrs. j re-unions are generally of much pioas
llainilton's ill health occasioned the lire to the early day people and the
change, aud if it does not improve j attendance is always'large.
soon they will go to California for a -Nothing but tho very bc-t of cign. s
low months. ; aml io0acco tJrent Western cigar
If you see "Studebiiker printed ! store,
on the 1hx. that wagon is all i right. J. j The lirm of Kl!ylloIdll & Williams,
A. hitman. Medford, sells Studebaker nu.rchlltll uMon mls diMolml ,mrt:
wagons, carriages, hacKs ami surreys, j A. K,.VI1()ius hav,nr lmrilm A
G. L. Davis, now that he is out of I 'ho entire business, which ho is n w
business, is going to leave the ritv, but
. . . . , ..- . . .
loriiuiaioiy not lor Keeps. lie will
leave in a couple of weeks for Marsh
Held, Coos county, where he expects
to Ik? able to dispose of some of his
driving horses, which ho reserved
from his recent sale. His reserve con
sisted of Oregon Chief, Mistletoe, Bell
ltinger and the latter's driving mate
four good horses.
Go to G. H. Ilaskins, druggist, sole
agent in Medford, for a bottle of
MVEHINK, for tho Liver, Kidneys,
Sick-IIcnJache and Constipation.-
Some one has suggested, as a mat
ter of convenience to the public, that
Postmaster Howard procure a silk hat,
one of those great high, double decked
affairs, and that an incision be made in
the top into which people might drop
their letters when Mr. Howard is on
the street. The one objection would
be. if J. S. persists in wearing mocca
sins, his approach would le unan
nounced. Have you seen the "Izer'r" It is
a new Studebaker buggy. For sale by
J. A. Whitman. Medford, Oregon.
The new ads of J. Beck & Co.,
dealers in everything in the hardware
line: Kamo Jt Gilkey. who sell Keen
Kutter Kullery and other hardware:
J.A.Whitman, with his Studebaker
wagons and carriages, and Crescent
bicycles, at $55; Tyler A Miser, the res
ident photographers, and Maekey, the
tenl photographers, appear in the ad
vertising columns of today's Mail. I
"ltx" cigar for a nickel good j
cigar, best nickel smoke in the city i
'.Volters. the grocer. j
Children's day exercises will be '
conducted nxl S.inday at the t'hri-- ,
tian church. rundav school a". 10
o'clock a. in. Preaching at 'I a. m
Juniors' me. ting at ". p.m. Christian
Endeavor at 7 p. in. t'hiidreiis" day
srviees at s p. in. A splendid pro
gram has tien prejiarcd for the tK'ca
sion. Good music lt!i niorr.'iig and
evening. Eli Fih-r, pa-lor.
The Hotfmaii
dime, is a ciear c
Mill S
ir. for :
t'. V.
Woiters . !',s the1:..
J C. Whipp was e!!g;e", ii la
week m puttH.,-; up a f-llr S e-.,.
ite !:jo!ii:.ii.!!t on Mr-. Grail ivy
'I V lot. The monument is d
l a
:t i
i i;
i r
ami the i
to l!.- m.ls1.-
ad ley tlii
to l ti:- ;:i.rv
r art is; jia
h'.isiiautl a;..!
his art w ii
Mr. U"l ii: p
and fa-.ll.f.;:
: h i
'111 ill tile
:i:! -. a: hi
ek .V I o.
of 1,:-;
vail. :t:
- We carry
the hesl briii
si.:.. and qua:
1 1 Mies. .1 .
! : i- a n,.i
1 1.., :.- Kaer
mo-' ii- eil d i
lO g-l. This
wi;h : lie i.,;,
need ..f a,
.arK. 1
e s ; o s ..
i i l
; -.i e
v Hi
.a, leal
!!-. I I.' cro,- Mel
n-ii k i i ng ami w e
it: in fact, a eol wetting for
four dais. There can now ie i n
lion of a douhl as to the ccrtainty
bounleous crop.
Saloon building, billiard tab!.
saloon l'i.tures for i-enl . Inquire of ."v
A. 1). Higgins. Medford.
Frank Jordan, w ho has been ship
ping in Medford with Ills family, iy
sometime past, receiving ne.-ded tr.
lilt-lit. was taken to his home 11 ar 1 'h -niv.
Wednesday. It was he w ho su:' -n d
. amputation of lh" letl leg sum tun.
'ago. the opralioy h ing neocssiu.t il
; by a gunshot wound received l.isi fail.
, He isrecovering as fast as could !
j expected.
I Still a few silk umbrellas nt the
Webb Racket, and new ones expected
in a few days.
II. L. Raine has purchased the
Great Western cigar store of Lee Cow
an, and is now in charge. Mr. Raiue
is an honest, upright gentleman, and
if he don't do a good business it will
not be because he does not treat every
body with courtesy and good goods.
Mr. Cowan will soon leave for Colora
do, where he has mining interests.
Candies the very choicest at the
Great Western Cigar store.
C. O. Damon will give a dance at
Grants Pass on July 4th. Charles has
a new wrinkle in connection with his
opera house in Medford. He carries
a stock of cigars, candies and fruits in
the ticket office and when an entertain
ment is on he opens his window to sell
tickets, and as well to sell the other
line of merchandise he handles.
Misses' and children's hats for sum
mer wear. W. II. Meeker & Co.
J. D. Anderson, he who, with his
family, arrived in Medford some four
months iigo, from Lakeview, has pur
chased one and a half acres of laud just
ibis side of Mrs. Bradley's place, and
will put up a shop and residence there
on during the summer. Mr. Anderson
is a cabinet maker by trade, and is
turning out some good work.
AVorkinginen's buckskin gloves, .V)
cents per pair at Fair store.
Hardly a paper comes to this table
that docs not tell of iiupi ovements be
ing made in its town. Buildings are
going up, sidewalks are being built,
new stores are opening, new enter
prises are being started and other ev i
dences of returning prosperity abound.
This is going lo be a good year and the
people are alive to tho fact.
Go to Webb's Racket for cheap
The Mail is in receipt of an invi
tation to attond a Pioneer's Re-union
to be held in Roseburg on June 15,
S. Gov't Report
conducting, with tho assistance of J
, t : 1 1 : 1.-1.- . ,
V llliums, his late partner, nnd Percy
Norton, of Central J'oint. Mr. Rey
nolds is doing a good business and
deserves all he is gelling.
Have your faded and soiled clothes
dyed and cleaned at the Excelsior Dye
Works, Medford, Oregon.
Isaacs & Snyder, proprietors of
the Palace de Totisor, have been curry
ing down and grooming their place of
business in a manner entirely pleasing
to the queen's taste. New paint, new
varnish and a general newness of an
earance and there'll be a newly
painted front now pretty soon.
Fine chicken dinner nt Star restau
rant every Sunday for families.
W. T. York, of Tiik Mail, has
proven that the news'Miper man's bed
of thorns is not all June roses.
Last week he wrestled with la grippe
and fever and came out with only a few
bruises and lame spots, but this week
he is done for again this time w ith
Boots aud shoos at Angle & Ply
male's for cost and freight.
The Rogue River Telephone com
pany arc contemplating putting tele
phone instruments and connections
into the business houses of the city,
provided they can make contracts with
at least sixty houses, at $1 per month.
It's a good scheme and ought to suc
ceed .
Ladies' sleeveless vests, the best
vaiue in town, at Webb's Racket.
Ashland high school graduated n
class of twelve pupils on Wednesday
evening of this week. This office is in
receipt of a neatly printed invitation !
j gotten out by the Tidings, which ai-j
1 wajs does good job work as TlIK :
M ail has K-fore as. i -rated .
N-w toweling from five cents a!
yard up at Fair store. 1
"Ham" Wo'.lcrs has taVcti a i i'si-!
t ion as ii is; -r.s r of refr. s'l ue -nt i
.it Hue i N..-: He ami I la ve l 'rost y ;
work a night and day shift Iviw-c
them. tia'.U is CMlCKe,! Up to le HI)
pt Ml
hi- cm ciai line work. ;.ud
for bv
s'. raw
11.. t-
!.ca; at
Lust S.i;
ay .-veni'ig i
ice u rr
i: ol ,
r.-giiiar ent-ii!ir.ii.ii i. vi.
in N' i . h i No. :. I
u. .-crv .. M.iv was i-l
W. T 'V.u k. V. G ': A. S
n ;
. ije
l-'ra .
See.: 1 .
A m.i'-n,
Howard. P
. IV
. i -i
st I U t lie , ,
.'. Ii
Mel '
of ("a;
U 1 lie pa-:
T'lg 1
-I:.- school I
:i,ng. :1
able, an i
u v- -y ac- -p ;i
s.llil tO ie li.i.l
- I'.-mpei line
s ami 'nut 1 r
: Ii
:ls u -
as ". s .i
I' inks.
r of
at W
cstl rn .
: I .-i i 'oi
Mrs. Truiiib.i'. a
Jacob Nea' hammer, o'
i i i -. i a f iiuy s ago
county, t 'ali'ornia. ami
home villi h.-r father
1 1 i- husband died some
irom II iin'ioU
will make h.-r
in the future,
tiiu ago.
All kinds of wood for sale 15 Uin-
ger .V ells.
Rev. lalwel'.. of Ashl.iu.l. i
pr.-ach at tile 1 'r.-s'n i.nan church m
Medford next Sunday, morning and
even'ui.'. At the evening sen ices in
addition to the customary anthem,
Win. Gore will slug a solo. !
Webb's K.iekct has cheap laces and
more ci tiling.
Dr. K. P. Geary is preparing to
make several changes and improve
ments about his lino residence, on
West Seventh street. Architect Ben
net has ihe designing and superintend
ing of the re-arrangement.
A new lot of veiling at Webb's
George Howard was over town
Wednesday first time since his leg
was broken, several weeks ago. He is
getting along very nicely, but he won't
bo running any foot races for a few
weeks yet.
Demorest, the dentist opera block,
F. Richards, who has been in the
watchmaking and jewelry business in
Jacksonville, died quite suddenly last
Friday. He was a member of the G. A.
!., and was quite well known in the
Special prices on lounges. I. A.
The following were the officer
elected by Jacksonville lodge. No. 10.
I. O. O. F., last Saturday night: .las. A.
Wilson, X. G.; John W. Dyer. V. G.;
A. N. Soliss, Roe. Sec; K. Kubli,
JaiKinese paper napkins at Fair
Dr. Kmil Kirchgcssnor, of this
city, has been chosen as one of the
delegates from Oregon to the national
Kleclie Medical association, which
convenes at Waukesha, Wis., in June
I Silo.
Ilalley Bros, for dry goods.
Jess Shawver was unfortunate Mon
day evening in quite seriously cutting
his foot with an ax. An incision about
two inches long wns niado in tho foot,
but nothing serious is expected to re
sult. M. !I. Sunday school at opera
house at 10 a. m. Preaching at 11 a.
m. by Rev. K. L. Thompson. All wel
come. No services in the evening.
Ralph Moon, of Sams Valley, who
j has been suffering for some l ime past
with i ln umat ism. is now in Portland,
receiving treatment at a bo-pital.
The name 'Union, "' as
Mile. I to.
iiieoiu Wurman liyorv si.-ik;.-. is
the proper eognomau sine
stables have consolidated.
J lie
Central Poinl tel.
I " i"i lie- p.isti h l. .
Mis ;
of I
itardwcii. postmaster, in
: 'phone.
.las. I). Si-'phens, of .Jacksonville.
and Isaac Wrighi. !atf of Medford. will
soon open a saloon at. Yrckn, Gal.
The V. M. C. A. of Medford will
give a musical.- in Grants 1 'ass on June
We Want to Trade.
Good horses, wagons, ami buggies to
iraue lor nay or gram, will givu
a bargain.
i you
Union Livery Stables.
Death of FredricK Harbaugh.
The death of Mr. Fredrick Harbaugh,
who has been laying quite ill with con
sumption, at the farm residence of his
brother, Oliver Harbaugh, three miles
west ol Medford, occurred Tuesday I
morning at 8 o'clock. Mr. Harbaugh
came to Medford Irom Portland last
fall in the hope that a change of cli-j
mate would be beneficial to his failing i
health, and for a time was much bene
fitted by the change, but he again grew
worse, and for some months past his!
life was dispared of, and those attend-j
ing him were not surprised at his'
death. He leaves two sons in the Wil
lamette valley, both of whom are in
! business there. Deceased was a mera
I bor of Hassalo lodge No. 15, I. O. O. F.,
! of Portland, and has been under the
care of the lodge at this place for some
time jMist. The remains were embalm
ed by Undertaker I. A. Webb, Tues
day and shipjH'd to Portland on Wed
nesday's overland, where thev will be
i laid to rest beside those of bis wife who
died some time ago.
Telephone Line Extensions.
Because we did not get a railroad ex
tension is no good reason why our tel
ephone lines should not reach out and
cover more territory instead, the in
creased business of the comjany is a
good reason why it should push on to
other points, and that is just what is
being done.
Work on the extension of the Roirue
j River Valley Telephone company to
Central Point was commenced Monday
morning, the contract for digging the
holes and setting the poles having beeu
let to J.N. Beck, of Jacksonville. The
extension leaves th mam line about
one and u half mi'-- - n-sid ' of .la k
soiivill sn 1 ru - (iireet to
tVnt-al IV ii-.t ", . , . t in switch
ing off :.; t ,!-ov p.iri! is Ui steer
; t
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A Neat Cupboard . . .
I thi' pride ul tlu thrifty hoiwwifo. Sho
likt's t show Ikt lihi's to hi-r neighbors
Vi hiMi thoy oall. S1h ilot'sn't want anybody
i'ls to iTs't ahoad of her in thi- matter.
1 invito houekeopers to look at my din
ner and tea sets, t can help them make
their cupboards look as neat as anybody's.
I have in stock a full line of
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Glassware, crockery,
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Best Bargains, Most Goods,
Best Values For Cash.
Our stock is nice
a beautiful line
wash goods of every description,
of laces, embroideries, gimps, etc.
all lines lower than the lowest. Y
sell on
line of
a Bed
daily. (Jail at
Same assortment of goods and same
prices at our Central Poiut Store.
Crannll & Iltiicliison
1 hat
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1 irec! l-eelinjr
Mean danger. It j,- ;l serious
condition ami will lead to disas
trous rcsiills jf it is not over
come at once, it is a Mire sign
that the blood is impoverished
jihI impure. The best remedv is
Which makes rich, heai thy blood,
and thus gives strength and elas
ticity to the muscles, vigor to
the brain and health and vitality
to every part of the body.
Hood's Sarsaparilla positively
Makes the
Weak Strong
"I suffered with tired feeling
and run down condition, and I waa
generally out of order. I un now
taking my third bottle of Hood's
Sarsaparilla and the tired feeling ia
gone and I feel like a different
man. I recommend Hood' Saru
Sarilla to all who suffer aa I did."
. F. Rigseckeb, Shaw, Oregon.
Only Hood's
Hood's Pills Z:ijla7
shy of coming in contact with te'egraph
wires, which, when they come too
close, work a hardship with the tele
phone. The line is only to be built to
Central Point right now. but later on
in the season it will be extended to
Grants Pass, with stations established
at every postoflice on or near the line.
This will be a great convenience to the
people of the valley, and is a move
which will surely be a paying one to
the company .
The new instruments which have
been put in on the eld line and those
which will be. used on the new one, are
far superior to those formerly in use.
In fact they are perfect in every re
sih'cI every sound is plainly discerni
ble. -Hal U-y Bros, for groceries.
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Cigars and Tobacco
The Grocer,
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"Are still at the front and as
usual are giving the
We have
Iress goods
Trices on
c buv ami
clean and new.
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Rock Basis
shoes. New
CASH. " New
oods arrivini'
once before
the assortment is