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Our Several Hustling Correspond
ents About the County Tell
Terse Paragraphs of the
Doings of the People in Their Re
spective Districts A Tab Kept
on Everybody and Friends.
Eagle Point Eaglets.
Walker Lewis and Lee Parsona
took a trip to Salt Creek Friday.
Mr. Apline, of Siskiyou county,
Calif., is sojourning here at present.
Mr. Fuller, of Big Sticky, was
over to visit Ben Abbeloose Sunday.
George Givens took a trip to Cal
ifornia last week to dispose of his
John Young, our efficient road
supervisor, has been working the
road the past week.
It was arranged to have a crowd
of our young folks take a trip to
Table Rock yesterday.
T. B. Higinbotham passed
through our town Friday on his
way to the county seat.
Born May 16th, to Mr. and Mrs.
Andrew Stanley, a bouncing daugh
ter, in Big Butte precinct.
Miss Cora Brown and Mrs. C. W.
Taylor went to Central Point Satur
day to remain until Monday.
Elsworih Cameron, of Corvallis,
a nephew of A. Pool, has been vis
iting relatives in this part of the
P. B. Davis and Mike Mayfield
started Friday with a band of 350
head of cattle they had bought in
this section. They are going to
CroDk count-.
Since my last Wm. C. Daley, of
the north fork of Little Butte, has
had to have his hand operated ou
for a severe bruise, the sore having
broken in two places.
George Heckathorn was in town
last week looking for a doctor to
lance his hand. He had bruised it
with a corn planter, and was suffer
ing considerable with it.
A young gentleman by the name
of Gamble, who used to teach school
in the Obenchain district, but has
been in California for some time,
returned last Wednesday.
Mrs Emma Hornby, formerly of
this place but now of Washington,
is paralyzed in her right side so
that she is perfectly helpless. Her
father, James Matney, now of Gale,
Klamath county, is here visiting
his daughter, Mrs. Arthur Creed.
Wm. Wiley and wife, of Ashland,
are here visiting some of their old
neighbors. Tney spent Sunday
night with your correspondent, and
Monday morning went on their
way towards home. Their many
friends here gave them a cordial
Miss Daisy Slanfield, while on
her way to the basket meeting at
Antelope, Sunday, had the misfor
tune to be thrown out of the buck
board on her h-ad and shoulders,
and came near having her neck
broken, but fortunately she came
off with only some severe bruises.
There was quite a delegation of
our citizens doing business in Med
ford laat week, among whom were
J. J. Fryer and wife, George Heck
athorn and wife, John Bader and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Jonas
Boyd Tucker, Charley Thomas and
his sister. M rs. J. E. Stickle and
Frank Brown. Mrs. C. Chaffey, of
Tie Meadows, was also on the
ttreeti of Med ford.
Sunday Rev. Kennedy preached
to a good audience at the Antelope
church, and organized a Sabbath
School with the following officers:
Superintendent, J. F. Creed : as
sistant superintendent, Mr3. David
Cingcade; secretary, Mrs. Charley
Carney; treasurer, Thomas Riley;
organibt, Mrs. George Morine. Mr.
Kennedy also appointed Phil Creed,
GeorgH Stevens and Thomas Riley
as a committee to solicit funds to
pay off the church debt.
Griffin Creek Gatherings.
Mr. Lyman is one of the lucky mi
ners of this district, and their ma
ny friends wish them a long life
and a happy one. They will locate
at his mine near Redding, Calif,
for the summer.
Woodvillo News.
day was celebrated at his home on
Wednesday evening ot last weeK.
There was lots of fun and plenty to
eat. Those who took part in the
evening's festivities were, Mr. and
Mrs. J. P. True, Mr. and Mrs. N.
Kime, Mr. and Mrs. II. L. Griffin,
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Bashford, Mr.
and Mrs. Wigle, Mrs. Fry, Misses
Anna Fry, Ella McDaniel and Min
nie Soliss, Messrs. Frank True,
George Griffin, Charley True, Omar
and Orcn Murphy, Mr. Olsen and
Mr. Adams.
Big Sticky Items.
George Riley, of Ashland, was
down our way recently.
Miss Lulu Roberts visited Sams
Valley friends last Saturday and
Mr. and Mrs. David Cingcade
made their regular trip to Medford
and Jacksonville last Thursday.
Miss Cora Little, a Central Poin
vonnc ladv. visited her aunt, Mrp.
F. R. Moore, a few days last week, j
Misses Zuda and Agnes Owens !i rich quartz lead on Jump efT-Joe
are at home now, after having spent j e snows some ncn t-pecimens
m. by bee
Woodville Tuesi
Dave Gilmore paid the Ilamers
ley mine a visit this week.
Mrs. M. Matthews, who was very
sick last week, is recovering now.
Mrs. Handle and Miss Lily Py
bum visited Grants Pass Saturday.
George Wright went to Central
Point Monday to pay his parents a
visit of several days.
Everybody has been working the
roads near Woodville, and quite an
improvement is noticeable.
Robert Smith, the popular attor
ney of Grants Pass, was at Wood
ville Saturday on business.
Chas. White and wife paid Grants
Pass a visit Saturday, as also did
Ben Carter and Mr. Mesncr.
Moses Iee claims to have found
several months attending the Jack
sonville school.
A basket dinner at the Antelope
church was well attended last Sun
dav. Services conducted by Rev.
Kennedy, of Central Point.
passed through
lv on his wav to
the sulphur spring on Evans creek.
leading merchant, made a business
call in town Monday.
Terril Bros, delivered several
head of cattle to parties in or near
Medford last Saturday.
Mrs. M. M. Brown, accompanied
by her son-in-law, L. C. Charley,
made a visit to Medford Monday.
Miss Eva Conley, who resides
near the Dead Indian Soda springs,
is sojourning with Mrs. Wm.
Campton this summer.
A basket meeting was held in
the Antelope chursh Sunday.
Some of our people were in attend
ance. They bring back favorable
Mi Ion Looslcy, formerly of the
Mkdkokd Mail corps, stayed all
night in town recently, lie is now
working for the interest of the Gold
Hill Miner.
Mrs. P. Farlow, of Lake Creek,
accompanied by Mrs. Jay Davis,
visited relatives and tnends in
town Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Nichols, of Lake Creek were in
town the same day.
Decoration day (the 30th) will
be decorously observed in Browns
boro. Several schools are making
a united effort, each preparing a
nice little program Kir tl
with Jackson county relatives. Mr.
Hanley has gone to Omaha with
several carloads of cattle.
Zela, the little daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. J. W. White, is seriously
ill with remittent fever, the after
effects nf a siege of la grippe. Dr.
DeBar is the attending physician.
The Fourth of July committee
have decided to serve a free dinner;
on the above date and a free ball
in the evening. A larce number of
committees were appointed Tues
day evening.
C. C. Cooper, a representative of
the Valley Record, was here Tues
day on particular business. He
was accompanied by Miss Tillie
Reeser. County Clerk Jacobs is
sued them a marriage license on
that date.
Some person or persons have
been making themselves a little too
previous about the residence of
Rev. Robert Ennis, who lives up
Jackson creek, a mile from town.
On two occasions they have tried
to gain admittance by attempting
to force the door open, or by rais
ing windows, thus frightening Mrs.
Ennis and children. What object
the parties have in annoying this
i family is hard to surmise.
Caj t. Nash, Mr. and Mrs. Tilyou,
Wm. Slir.ger and K. F. Morris and
wife, of .Medford, drove over Thurs
day evening and attended a regular
meeting of Adarel chapter No. 3,
Order of Eastern Star. Refreshment.-:
were served at the close of
the meeting, and a pleasant social
time enjoyed by all present. Sev
eral new members have received
the degrees of this beautiful order
in the past month.
B. II. Bowman, publisher Enquir
er, of Bremen, Ind., writes: "Last
week our "little girl baby, the only one
we have, was taken sick with croup.
After two doctors failed to five relief,
and life was banging on a mere thread,
we tried One Minute Cough Cure and
its life was saved." Geo. LI. Haskins,
One fruit or cake dish with each
can of Snowcap baking powder at Hal
ley Bros.
House and lot for sale,
this ofliee.
Inquire at
J II tllllllMIMIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIItlllllllllllllllllll.lllltllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllltllSIItt-
ie pieii'c. i :
A. D. Naylor and Max Muller i Good music and speaking will also i
passed through woodville Mmday
on their wav to the Harriet saw-
The holiness people have gone to mill.
Brownsboro to attend meetings, af- l)ave Gilmore. Etta Carter, Chas.
ter having held protracted meet- Wilson and Mrs. Neathaninier took
ings on Big Sticky for almost two a horseback ride up Evans creek
months. Sunday.
There was a fine entertainment Mr. and Mrs. Whipple and Mrs.
given by the Antelope Literary at Matthews and two daughters were!
the church last Saturday nigiu. taking in the sights of oodville
A large audience was present and Sunday.
the actors were heartily applauded i ir " . f . . . ..
, , , ; , . j H. Stateler. of the Lmdley, on
A Peoples Party club meeting Jum off.Joe CiUue tIown Saturday
was held at the schoolhouse atur-. nJ Vent to Grants Pass in the
day night. J. v. omun anu r. .
Creed were appointed delegates to
the Central Point club, which meets!
May 25th.
A serious accident occurred on
Big Sticky during the thunder
ctAim if loaf WaJ titfkCf tr vlfrKt
oe a p.i: i 01 uie e.ei eises. . iuca:-i;
ant i ime is anticipated. jveryooiiy
cordially invited.
Central Point Items.
Mr. Nado, of Woodville, who has
; been working at the Hamerslev
', mine cut his foot severely and had
! to return home.
Wm. Griffin. M. Alfred ami M.
ot urants l ass, were
Ti l . . . .1. . i - . f :n;
came frightened and run into the! 'V V . T ai v,r,u,M
barbed wire fence. Three of the Into quarti lead,
horses were bad I v cut, but it is, Mr. Mowatt. chief telegraph op
thought will live, while a fourth -era tor at Ashland, stopped over
was literally cut into strips, and night at Hotel ilcox on his way
had to be killed. to XVoIf crt'tk one last week;
Our little circle was grcath-! There will be an entertainment
shocked last Wednesday to hear of, at the schoolhouse on Juno 7th,
the death of Alfred Fish, a voting that being the last day ot school.
man brought up in our neighbor
hood, and loved and respected by
all who knew him. Alfred started
for California about a month ago.
and stopped at several places along
also a ball at night.
A dog ran a calf over Mr
v ome every-
Mrs. Cranfill. of Medford.
spending the week here.
Win. McDonald, of Tolo, spent
Sunday in this city.
Prof. L. L. Freeman made a bus
iness trip to Medford Tuesday.
Mrs. N. Steidham returned home
from Pokegama, Cal., last week.
Marvel Taylor, of Jacksonville,
spent Sunday with his many friends
Hon. S. M. Nealon, of Sams Val
ley, was in Central Point last Saturday.
Mrs. R. . Kennedy is Davin? Enich Frame, mood
-. . r r- i " ...ii? Him, netarhablc
virnnis i ass menus an extenueui Tire. Smrctier,
is!! . r Are The A
s ,.V .
Mrs. G. T. Hershberger, who has
been quite ill, is some better at this
Miss Inez Fitzgerald, of Gold
Hill visited with her many friends
here last week.
WtU?M SI It. S85
S Stii-1 Kim. WavciToy
- Clincher Tire,
5 weight '.' lbs. $85
2 Regular frame. arae
Z wcurhtd es
Z I.jlihrV lrop traiut
Z same wt-li:iil ami
Z tlrr TS
; l-:idic' Piarauna wo c
: Kims weicht -M
: lb. .. its
Warranted Superior to any Bicycle Mi in the World, 1
.... Regardless of Price..-.. 1
Kead the following opinion of one of the most prominent Ameri ;
can dealers who has sold hundreds of these wbeeU:
Richmond, Va., Oct. 2. ISM,
Indiana Rtcvct-E Co.. Indmnapolts, Ind.: :
UkXILsxeS-The Waverley Scorcher sud Belle came to hand ves-S
tenlay. We are afraid you hare sent us the high priced wheel bys
mistake. You can't mean to tell us that this wheel retails for S
We mtixfssy that it Is. without exception, the prettiest wheel we s
hare ever seen. and. moreover, we have faith In it. although it 2
weighs only ! lbs., for of all Wavcrleys we have sold this year and s
Inst and vou know that is a right eood number), we have never bad z
a single frame nor fork brcken. either from accident or defect, and :
that is more than we can say of any other wheel, however high irrade,
o culled that we sell. We concrHlulaieourselvcs every day that we:
are the Wawrlev Agents. Yours truly, WaLTEK C. Mekcer A Co. ;
Mrs. Maggie Williams, is staying ! Deuel & Stvens, AgVs INDIANA BICYCLE CO. I
ith Mrs. C. K. White, of Vood-j MEDKOKP, OREGON ( INDIANAPOLIS, IND. I
vine precinct.
Frank Gregory left last Tuesday
baby wagon last Sunday, baby ami for Chico, Cal., where he will sjiend
all. No damage though, except j the summer.
the road, and had finally decided some badly reared people and an! R. IJ. P.rvant and family started 1
I iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiriiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiKiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiittiiiitiitiii" ute
(Received too late for last week.)
Chas. Lofland left last Monday
for Dead Indian.
H. 1 1. Griffin and family were vis
iting in Independence district one
day recently.
Misa Cora Bashford wa3 out from
Medford Sunday, and attended our
Sunday school while here.
Messrs. Herforth, Griffiths and
Kime were in Josephine county a
few days this week, inspecting land.
Dr. P.rower, of Ashland, preached
here to the people last Sunday
morning. Key. David Brower held
serviced in the evening.
H. ll Griffin ha3 been improying
and beautifying his place recently,
by filling up the ditch in front of
his house and leveling off the
L. A. Murphy's fifty-third birth-
to go to his uncle, who nves near
San Francisco. On Wednesday a
telegram was received stating that
a body had been found lying leside
the road near Chico, ami in a pock
et was found a letter addressed to
Alfred Fish ; so it is supposed he
was either murdered or died sud
denly. There is a mystery con
cerning his death which his friends
would gladly unravel.
axle rprung.
Mrs. Trumbull
county, arrived .-it
day evening, to
e loint,1
ure tin ,
by team, to Northern California.!
of where thev go to reside. i
u.HHivme ,-iin-i j c Barnard. .f E:gl
remain. Mrs. j ...... v;s:t;llir W;,M fri,.,,.lJ'
iruml.uliis a daughter oi Jacol. Saturday and Sund aw
Ni athanuner. j . . " .- ,' , .
. . John Karnev. who lias been
Jas. Cunningham and wile, o! : workinc for the S. P. IX. i. is here
Portland. have ln.-en visiting U-; 0n a visit with old friends,
family ol Mr. Wilcox for several! , , ... , ,
, mm . ii T .ueeueii i: Stevens nave oiieneo
lays, i hey returned home lues- ,
nop nere, ami are
s r
S. CtflLiDERS'
Gold Hill Nuggets.
James Dodge "is putting up a new
livery barn here.
Our town was flooded on Satur
day and Sunday with people doing
Mrs. J. N. Engledow has been
sick for the past week, but is im
proving. Ralph Moon has gone to the hos
pital at Portland to be treated for
Chas. Young has had his saloon
re-painted and papered by J. N.
Engledow, the painter.
Mrs. J. W. Cox has been ill for
the last two weeks, but is improv
ing, we are glad to say.
George Hamersley, who pur
chased the Dardenal place, is mak-
davs. 1 hey returned home
, day evening.
! Mark Whipple, the tall sycamore
ol woodville precinct, who has a
valuable placer mine on Jump-off-Joe,
was down last week to pay his
friends a visit.
Work on the Eclipse claim near
Woodville, owned by White, Griffin
and Shoemaker, is going on stead
ily, and they expect to tap the
ledge this week.
Phil Simpkins and his mother-in-law,
Mrs. John Wrisley, of Med
ford precinct, paid Woodville a vis
it last Saturday and Sunday, return
ing home Monday.
Grandma Harjer was taken sud
denly ill last Sunday, and was in a
precarious condition for a while,
but has recovered sufficiently to be
able to get around.
We learn the hoisting works at
the Hamersley are in position and
are working finely. The mill is
ing great improvements
Sherman Engledow came home j running steady and some big clean
from the north last week, and savs i l3 wil1 b'- Ina,1 soon. as the ore is
Gold Hill is the liveliest town he very rich and it will be pushed for
has seen between here and north- i a" there is in it.
! !?r,'edfii .t- Stevens b.-ivo
.. l.i i- :.t. ..i t )
: iiaun.?-iiiiiii .-ni'ii tiere, una
doing a goinl business.
Jesse Hodge and family, have
moved to Douglas county, where
Mr. Hodge intends engaging in
Mr3. W. T. Moore returned to
her home in Jacksonville Sunday
after several days' visit with her
daughter, Mrs. j. W. Merritt.
Miss Anna Clements who has
charge of the school at Trail creek
was compelled to close for a week
on account of ill health. She has
so far recovered as to be able to
again open school Monday next.
I). W. Beebe took Tuesday's train
for Chico, Cal., to institute an in
vestigation regarding the death of
Alfred Fish. He was found in an
unconscious condition near the
railroad track last week near that
city, and died shortly after being
discovered. Alfred was a noble,
upright young man and his un
timely end will be mourned by a
host of friends here.
em Washington.
George Lyman and Miss Katie
Ilooten, of Gold Hill, were married
last Wednesday in Jacksonville.
Miss Hooten is one of Gold Hill's
most popular young ladies, and
Highest Honors World's Fair,
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
Most Perfect Made.
40 Years the Standard.
John Woods is fencing in the
town between the store and depot,
which will cause quite a little in
convenience to a great many peo
ple, especially Jones, as he will
have quite a little ways further to
go to get there Eli.
John Robison, the popular mer
chant of Wimer, went to Grants
Pass Saturday evening, returning
Sunday morning. He also has a
rich placer and is making a big
clean-up, haying already picked up
several hundred dollars in nuggets.
John and Marion Lance, two
prominent miners of Foots Creek,
went to Grants Pass last Friday
evening to attend the entertain
ment at that place on the last day
of school. They were accompanied
by Misses Carrie and Minnie
Hrownsboro Items.
Mrs. James Mills has been quite
ill, but is improving.
George Brown, Eagle Point's
Jacksonville News.
Joh.i Devlin, Jr., was doing Cen
tral Point and Medford Tuesday.
James Reames and daughter,
Mrs. Carver, visited relatives here
Several cases of whooping cough
are reported among the chiTdren of
Mrs. Mary Taylor, of Eagle
Point, visited friends here Sunday
and Monday.
F. 0. Htird, superintendent of
the Boggs mines on Elliott creek,
was over on a business visit Satur
day. Mrs. L. Siseniore, of Sams Val
ley, is visiting relatives for a fojrt-l.
night. Mr. Sisemoro has gone to
Crook county with a drove of cat
tle. Miss Kate Lemberger left on Fri
day's train for Klamath Falls, to
attend circuit court. District At
torney Benson was also a through
passenger at. that time.
Mrs. W. D. Hanley, of Burns,
Or., arrived Tuesday for a visit
Amount of Land
Now on the HarRet
Commands an
cedent View of
Location of Land Lviiiij iut a few roi! more than one
mile to the east of
....Medford. Oregon.
Is situated 100 acres of land which is
especially adapted to
Fruit Growing.
This land has recently been placed
upon the market and is now offered for
sale in tracts of from
2a to 10 Acres.
The name. "Fairview," is given this
property because, that being located as
it is, on a slight eminence, a view of all
parts of Medford and a good portion
the valley can be had from any part
the land. Nearly all of this land
been cleared and has been under
vat ion for a number of years.
is of an exceptionally fine quality
adaptability to fruit-growing
proven. This land will be sold- upon the
InstaUmcat Plan.
Payments may be made at 1.25 per
week, o per month (yi- 15 every quar
ter, or a liberal discount will be made
for all cash purchases.
The success--attending fruit culture is
no longer aii experiment. By direct anal
ysis the soil is found to contain all the
elements required to produce fruits from
the semi-tropical to the hardiest varie
ties. Over these favorable conditions
hangs a climate co-ordinated and adjust
ed to the nature of the soil.
For further information concerning
this desirable property call on or address
Th soil
1Tas been
How Payments may
be Made
Fruit and Fruit Culture
Who to Address