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    county wm
Our Several Hustling Correspond
ents About the County Tell
Terse Paragraphs of the
Doings of the People m Their Re-
spective Districts A Tab Kept
on Everybody and Friends.
Eagle Point Eaglets.
Geo. Morine was on the sick list
last week.
Mrs. A. J. Florey is quite sick.
Dr. Stanfield is in attendance.
Mrs. Clara Kader and Wort Tool,
of Antelope, were doing business in
Medford Saturday.
Last Wednesday D. M. Simon
'and T. L. Linkswiler were at the
county seat.
Rev. L. L. G rover and
Dailev were attending to
Wm. B.
in Jacksonville last week.
Mrs. Minnie DuVaul, who has
beeu stopping in Med ford for some
time, has returned to Eagle Point.
Mrs. Rolston, of Jacksonville,
oniric nut Saturdav to visit mends
in our town. She returned Monday.
Mrs. J. E. Stickle, who has been j in gardening these days,
afflicted with an abscess on the eye, ! Ben Edwards, of Medford, vis
had it lanced last Saturday, and is j ited friends here last week,
getting along very well. j Mrs. Rebecca Witt is staying
There were quite a number of j with Mrs. Tabor, of Woodville.
strangers in town Monday, and the Mrs. W. L. Bradley has been
prospect is favorable for a nice j quite ill, but is much better now.
batch of news next week. j L gcott exi)ect3 to start for
P. B. Davis and Mike Mayfield, Glendale Saturday, on a visit to
of the Meadows, are gathering and j relatives.
branding cattle at V. 1 . uatinews i
place, lhey have nougni
four hundred head. !
Born Near Brownsboro, May 8, 1
181)5. to Mr. and Mrs. W m. Comp-
ton. twins, a boy and a girl: weight,
6i and 54 pounds respective y At
last accounts mother and chddren
were doing well.
Dr. Pickel.ot Mediord, was called
. m - it ...i,-. h .c
' to s?e Mrs. G. W . Apger, who has
been sick for several" weeks. He
. pronounced her disease cancer of
the stomach. She is in a very crit-'
ioai ivmdition. and little hope'is en-1
tertained for her recovery. i
Mr. Layman, who has been work- j
ing at Pokegama, returned to his j
home in this neiahborhood last Fri-'
day to see his children, their moth- j
er being in the asylum at Salem. !
He reports business lively in that j
locality. i
Miss A. M. Thomas, who has ;
been out in Klamath county for
some weeks, returned yesterday.
111.:?,-. l..-.... . filrtit fr. o trat . iif;
..imcu. v.... "enjoying t, too.
land for a homestead. She expects
to return to Klamath in the near Miss May Sackett came up to
future. Asbestos recently and is now mak-
The farmers have beeu very busy ! ug some improvements about her
during the past week, planting corn, i hous and -vard-and
with a few showers of rain, ; Our new road commissioner, Dan
the present indications are
that i
Butte Creek will turn out more
grain and hay this year than has
been produced here for years.
Prosjiect Items.
That frost got most everything, i
but E. 8. Moore's fruit is not in-;
jured. His apple and prune trees
are full of blossoms and the chances
are now goou ior a oig yieia ior ; neid in gathering a drove ot live
young trees. Mr. Moore has one of; hundred head of cattle for buyers
the finest homes in Oregon. j from Colorado. Wm. Forsythe
The hall in the hotel building of i takes Lark's place with the mail.
A. H. Boothbv was christened re-;
centiy by a" party. Miss Maud lalent Items.
Boot Id y was assisted by her sister, ; i)V ikuegulak.
Mrs. Rebecca Buck, in receiving ' The prospects are fine for fruit,
her many friends who attended, i garden and grain crops in abund-
Jlrs. Boothbv prepared one of those ! ance. Our next worry will be a
good buptiers for which the estinia- j market for the large yield.
ble lady is renowned. The music j j. j. Over js ari assaver of no
was all rtzht and all had a good ltiean proportions. As a' matter of
ime- ! fact he is an expert at the business
McDonald Perdue has a most ; and can tell you acurately the
pleasant home on the banks of our j value of your rock on very short
Roguish stream, about three miles ; notice.
from Prospect. It takes much to ; The o(1 u.uv al,out "winter
get Mac out of his customary good !ingerillg in the jap of ppring
humor. He is hospitable, too ; ; plave1 out in this locuUtv- I think
tells otio to come and stay two or:we-,nay f. congra"tuiate olir.
three days and means what he,si.ivf.s th;.t. ws r,re now to b.iv.
ays. However, as we dropped in
to this ordinarily happy home the
other day, we noticed an air of
gloom resting over the place. Mac
had the appearance of one tore up
the back." We noticed he was
comparing the silver editorials in
the Oregonian with those on the
same subject in the San Francisco
Chronicle a bad sign. After we ;
had filled our pipe out of his tobac-1
o box and had something to stim
late conversation, he said it was
like this : During high water it is
difficult to cross the river in his
email boat, as there are rapids below,
so he had prepared to run a cable
from bank to bank and ferry him
self across. The cable was made
fast on the home side and coiled in
the boat and he attempted to row
across. The cable assisted to draw
the boat down stream, and a few
feet from the opposite bank he was
forced to jump into the water or be
drawn over the falls there. Thej
water was up to his chin, but he
grasped the bow of the boat and,
by an almost superhuman effort,
succeeded in drawing the boat to
the bank. The cable was made
fast to a tree, a rope passed through
the pulley and attached to the boat,
and lie essayed to ferry himself
home. All worked nicely until the
middle of the stream was reached.
i when the indlev became fast. The
boat rapidly tilled with water and
Mac hfld to swim for it. He came
lout on the opposite side from home,
! carrying an axe with him from the
boat, and tried to fell a tree across.
The tree did not reach the opposite
bank, but he thought he could
wade out. In crossing on the log,
he slipped as he reached the place
where it was under water, falling
backwards, and was washed under
the log and down stream some dis
tance before he reached the bank.
Besides being chilled through, he
lost his hat, an axe, two pairs of
oars and the boat. We venture to
say a man with less pluck would
not be here to tell of it. Mac says
he has boated on the Chesapeake,
Gulf of Mexico and Crater lake,
but Rogue river in a freshet is too
much for him.
Evans Creek Events.
by gkneva.
! The farmers are busily engaged
w D Wilcox has obtained
a po-
isition in the Lucky Bart
ni me. on
$ardine creek.
BornTo the wifc 0f chas. Wil
,- ia r.,.. iSn-. nftnn uvi.Ti.t
thirtn pj,um.
. . , '
to remain for some time.
1 nil miikins and little Ixiv. of
Bedford re v.s.ting relative
here the Hrt of the week .
J- R- Cunningham and wite took
Tuesday mornings train for Los!
Angeles, Cal., where they expect to
"ide inJfuture;
Asbestos item.
Our school began lsst week with
Miss Carrie Sackelt in charge.
ji;ss jessaie p,eaver is attending
school here, staying at the Oak
Hill ranch.
Little Herman
Coeti is seeine
mountains, and
the wonders of the
Kevnoius, went to Jacksonville
Tuesday of last week to meet with
1 the county board.
Frank Davis, our postmaster,
was in Medford last week, getting
! a supply of the necessaries of life.
i As Medford is the place, of course
he directed his steps in that
The popular mail carrier, Lark
Reynolds, is assisting Mike Mav-
spring and summer near together.
The people up Wagner creek are
making great changes in the geog-
Highest Honors World's Fair,
Gold Medal. Midwinter Fair.
Most Perfect Made.
40 Years the Standard.
raphy of that locality. The God
dard estate has been divided and
the sisters, Mrs. M. II. Coleman
and Mrs. W. J. Dean are each build
ing a new house and all other build
ings necessary for a suburban
residence. The oth?r heirs, H. H.
and Ueno Goddard, take their
shares in money.
The greatest sensation that has
struck Talent was the advent of
the renowned Lecturess and Elocu
tionist Mrs. Letitia Owen. She
arrived from California on Wed
nesday the Sth, and commenced a
series of lectures in the Baptist
church. The interest was good
from the first. Last Monday even
ing was the sixth of the series and
there was hardly sitting room in
the large audience room. Her sub
jects are of a moral and religious
character. The admission is free.
iirowiisboro Items.
Mr. A. Hoyt, of Big Butte, made
a business call in town this week.
John Compton and son have just
finished putting in a large corn
Miss Lulu Miller made a pleas
ant visit to relatives residing at Big
Butte last Friday.
Mr. Ferguson, of Medford, was in
our little town for a load of shakes
one day this week.
E. Casto, owner of White Eagle,
of Eagle Point race fame, returned
to his home in Klamath county a
few days since.
J. A. Miller and II. Wright are
delivering several hundred fine ce
dar posts for James Bell, to George
Isaacs, of Medford.
Mr. T. Baldwin, accompanied by
James Bell, left town for the county
seat Monday morning. They will
also visit the Hub city ere they re
turn. Mr. Frieze, of Central Point,
made a call this weik. He is on
a trip to his mountain place near
Kaiicherie, where he will remain a
few weeks.
.1. H. Layman, our citizen who is
now an employe in the Pokegama
lumber mills, visited his home
near Urowmdioro the 12th. Mr.
L. states that the lumlcr company
is doing a much more thriving bus
iness than at this time last year.
Table Kork Items.
Cobb Law returned to his Wil
low Springs farm Sunday.
Fred Hansen went to the county
seat Monday on legal business.
iuite a number of our people at
tended church services at Central
Point last Sunday.
J. O. Johnson went to Medford
Monday. His children are nearly
over their sickness.
Mrs. Olive Kilburn left Sunday
for Jacksonville where she exjH-cts
to spend the summer.
Pelton Bros, are gathering their
cattle now. they will soon move
them to their range east of the
E. P. and Will Pickens are both
in Siskiyou County. Calif. Will
went to accept a position there and
E. P. on a business trip.
J. C. Pendleton, sent his trotting
colt, "Macbeth," to the Central
Point track to be trained. G. W.
McDonald has him in charge.
Davis, the cattle buyer from the
Linkville country, had all his herd
ready to move from Butte creek
Tuesday. He bought about four
hundred head.
Mr. By bee finished shearing
Saturday ; fleeces are not reported
very heavy this year, but they ex
pect quite an advance over last
year in prices.
If the road overseer would dig up
the stumps in the road before put
ting on gravel, the road between
here and Central Point would be
much smoother and safer.
We have had several hot days
lately, but it was just what was
needed. In California it has been
so hot that in several places crops
were injured. We have no such
complaints to offer.
Mr. Simons, our hard working
school teacher went fishing Satur
dav. The biggest thing he caught
was a fall. In jumping from one
rock to another he lost his footing
and fell, striking his back on a
sharp rock. 'Twas a hard jolt but
he has kept going and will soon be
as good as new.
J. C. P.
Jacksonville News.
Ex-Sheriff Pelton and family, of
Ashland, visited friends here Fri
day. G. W. Trefern, C. B. Watson and
E. I). Briggs, Ashland attorneys,
were attending circuit court Mon
day. Prof. X. L. Xarregan, of Medford,
was in town Saturday assisting
Superintendent Newbury grade the
papers of the applicants for certifi
cates. II. D. Kubli. and family, of Ap
plegate, are stopping in Jackson-
Kubli is
temporarily in charge of
the Kubli
hardware store.
K. Kubli and wife, Mrs. PI finale,
J. A. Boyer and John Arnold are
spending the week at Salem attend
ing the annual meetings of the I.
O. O. F. and Uebekah lodges.
Deputy Clerk E. E.- Smith is not j
slow as a bicycle rider, and is i
merely a beginner. He left Ash
land Monday morning and rode to I
Jacksonville, a distance of seventeen '
miles, and arrived herein time to;
write a letter to his father and send j
it on the 8:;0 o'clock train. j
Andrew J. Walls, a resident of!
the meadow, was brought to town 1
Saturday on complaint of some of j
his hcighbors who thought him to
be insane. Alter a thorough ex
amination bv Drs. DeBar and Rob
inson, they declared him not a fit j
subject for the asylum and he was
in consequence discharged.
The anniversary ball of the I. 0.
R. M. took place last Friday even-!
ing at the U. S. hall. The ball!
was not so well attended as on for
mer occasions but there were enough
dancers present to have a real
pleasant time. Thirty-eight tickets
ville this week. Mr.
were sold. Several couples from :
medford, and a number of Grants i
Pass' popular young men were in i
attendance. The music was a de-;
cided improvement over former oc- if
casions. i
A committee consisting of Chris.
Ulrich, John Orth and Geo. 1 lines,
was appointed by the city council (
last Tuesday evening to investigate;!
the feasibility of procuring water z
for the town. They made a survey
during the week and found they
can easily get the water from the I
head of Walker creek, which is z
just one mile west of the cemetery, f
ami they propose to construct a.:
large reservoir in the cemetery and f
then lay pipes from there for the
distribution of the water. With a I
I supply of water
! rank with any of
Jacksonville will
the towns in the
v.ilK-v fur beautv.
fni Ira I Point Item.
Dr. E. P. (
iearv was in our city
George Bradley started fjr Prine
ville Thursday.
John Stidham is
now employed
on the Tolo section.
Mrs. J. G. McDonald
of Tolo.
was here on Monday.
A. J. Walls, of Meadows
.Monday in our city.
Dr. J. Hinkle made a trip to
Jacksonville on Monday.
Wm. Pickens has gone to Coles.
Calif, to sjend the summer.
J. W. Hays, of Gold Hill, spent
Monday here on business.
Elder Stine, of Roseburg. held
divine services hers last week.
Mrs. John Hacey, of Medford.
-pent Tuesday with friends here.
Mrs. B. Vincent, of Sams Valley.
spent a day here during the week.,
P. Devlin, of Jacksonville was in
town on business the first of the
F. T. Fradenburg. f Hotel Ore
gon, Ashland, spent Monday in our
Mrs. A. L. Harvey spent last
week with friends in Gold Hill
W. C. Dickinson and family, of
Table Rock, attended church here
last Sunday.
Mark Applcgate took the (rain
Monday evening for the north part
of the state.
A party of young ladies and gen
tlemen from here held a picnic on
Table Rock Wednesday. i
Edwin Pierce, who has been min
ing in Steamboat district, is spend
ing a few days at home.
Mr. and Mrs. John Dugan, of
Sams Valley, visited with relatives
of this place during the week.
Mrs. (J. T. llershberger, who has
been quite ill the past two weeks,
is not improving, we are sorry to
.!. C. Barnard, who has charge of
the Eagle Point school, spent Sat
urday and Sunday with his friends
Mrs. R. W. Kennedy took Tues
day's train for Roseburg. She goes
as a delegate to the W. C. T. U. :
Albert Reynolds, John Williams
and Joseph Boswell, who are now
working at the tailoring business i
at Medford, spent Sunday at their j
respective homes here. i
John Hall, who has been attend- j
ing a medical school the past two j
years, is paying his brother, J. 0.
Hall of this place a visit. He has j
many warm friends here. i
H. H. Howman, publisher Kmpiir-j
er, of Bremen, Intl., writes: "Lust j
week our iiltlo ffirl baby, tho only one ;
we have, was taken sick with croup, j
After two doctors tailed to fj'h'e. relief, j
and life was hanging on a mere thread, '
wo tried Duo Minute Cough Cure and I
its life was saved.'' l!eo. II. Haskins,
House uud lot tor sale,
this ollioo.
Iuquiro at
A boy was born near the Btimmit of
Pike's Peak, Colo., recently. The
parents are Air. mid Mrs. John TaRRert.
Taggert is foreman of the cog rail road
which carries tourists uj tho jx-nk. The
boy bus been nauHfd Pike's Peak Taggert.
of Imitation trad
mark and labels.
is the
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3 Made only by CHURCH fc CO., Hew
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Ilith Knit: IVUi.-!iall"
T I r f . corchrr.
!1 Kiin. Wax crii-y
Clin c h r r Tlrr.
Z wrlsrht J ( 1 ! v $65
z K,-x:lar frame, sume
E u-richl. S85
Z Initio' lrt I-raiao
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Z Kims in c i hi 31
H 75
Deuel &
Stvens, Agt's
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F ' Are The
jFhF,2 Highest
of all
'ijp'v Grades
Location of Land Lvinjr but a few roils
'mile to the east of
of Land in
Now on the flarket
Commands an
cellent View of
How Payments may
be Made
Fruit and Fruit Cul
Who to Address
Dr. H. It. Fish, of Gravois Mills
Mo., a practicing physician of many
years' experience, writes: "De Witt's
Witch IJaz-il Salve has no equal for
indolent sores', scalds and burns. It
stops pain insluntlv, heals a burn
quickly und leaves no scar.'' Geo. II.
I J asking, lrugLt.
whole story
mo" thin other package soda never spoib
York. Sold by tracers ererywhere.
.boo or r loabto ttnrlpca fn;,
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Warranted SnpBrior to any Bicycle lmili in the Worlfl. I
... . Regarfe of Price....
Kea-l U:.- follotrinir opiniup of one of ihe mrst prominent Ameri":
can .U-ak-r-i wiiu ha-, suij buuured of lhi-e wheels: ;
Kichsio.vh, Va., Oct. 2. 1S3J. i
1ni.iv r.icvr: k Co.. Indianapolis. Imi.: :
.i vri.i MKS-Thc Wavrrl.-y onhcr .-ud Belle came to hand ves-E
In. lay. We an-alraul y i have -nt us Ihe hiRh priced wheel' bv :
mistake Viu can t menn lo tell us that this wheel retails for 1
Ut miiM say that it is. without exception, the prettiest wheel wt
have ever seen. aixl. moreover, we have faith in it. although it :
weigh only ll... for of all Wnvcrlcys we have sold this war anil:
last an.l v.i know that is a right sood number', we have never had :
a single frame nor fork broken, either from a-eident or defect, and z
that i more than we ran say of any other wheel, however high erade. -so that we sell. We congratulate ourselves cverv dav that we:
are the Waverley Aseuts. Yours truly, Walter C. 51 kkcek A: Co. -
III III Mlllltim lllllllllltllt IIIC
S. CHlLtEfS'
mm mm
....Medford, Oregon,
Is situated ll"0 acres of land which is
especially adapted to
Fruit Growing.
This land has recently been placed
upon the market and is now offered for
sale in tracts of from
21 to 10 Acres.
The name. "Fairview," is given this
property because, that being located as
it is. on a flight eminence, a view of all
parts of .Medford and a good portion of
the valley can be had from any part of
the land. Nearly ail of this land has
been cleared and has been under culti
vation for a number of years. The soil
is of an exceptionally line quality and its
adaptability to fruit-growing has been
proven. This land will be sold upon the
Installment Plan.
Payments may be made at $1.2o per
week, per month or $lo every quar
ter, or a liberal discount will be made
for all cash purchases.
The success attending fruit culture is
no longer an experiment. By direct anal
ysis the soil is found to contain all the
elements required to produce fruits from
the semi-tropical to the hardiest varie
ties. Over these favorable conditions
hangs a climate co-ordinated, and adjust
ed to the nature of the soil.
For further information cencerninjr
this desirable property call on or address
one -