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Little Paragraphs and Big Paragraphs
Penciled and Published for the
People's Perusal.
The Doings of the Busiest City In
the Rogue River Valley AH the
News Once a Week.
The well in Odd Fellows cemetery
is down 240 feet and still there is not
enough water to supply the demands of
. ...;lmill Kilt: T.hA Tivlora haS P-i VtMl
orders to go deeper and keep going
until a sufficient supply of water is
found. The well has cost thus far
$371.25. Two hundred dollars was
raised by subscription last summer and
of this amount the Rebekah and Odd
Fellows lodges subscribed $100, the oth
er hundred given by townspeople and
those near town who were interested
in the work. It was suggested at the
last lodge meeting that perhaps there
were those in the valley who would
like to take advantage of this opportu
nity to ascertain just how far it would
be necessary to bore to secure an arto-
sian well. It was decided that if those
who wanted to experiment on the prop
osition would chip in money to push
the work they could have the hole to
test the- possible flow of water. B.
S. Webb and H. G. Nicholson were
appointed a committee to see what
could be done in the matter. If arte
sian wells can be had in this valley
there are many who would like to
know it, and there seems no better and
i-liMtvr mentis of ascertaining than to
take hold of this proposition.
Don't have your teeth extracted, j
Dr. O. F. Demorest gives strict atten- i
tion to the preservation of the natural j
teeth; aching teeth saved, no matter j
how bad the case may be; porcelain,
gold or aluminum crowns put on; j
guarantee teeth not to ache after com
pleted. No work turned out unless
first-class, prices reasonable. Dental
parlors above Chas. Strang's drug
store. k
A. T. Markley's Aloha fruit evap
orator was found last fall to be too
small by several feet. Ee did more
business last fall than he expected to
and still it was an off year for fruit,
however, he-reads futures, and sees in
the vista of lS9o a bountiful crop ol
fruit, and accordingly he maketh his
evaporator larger to meet the prom
ised demand. He is adding four feet
more room to each side and eight feet
at one end, making the building 32x53
feet in size, and is thus given about
as much again working room. During
ter weuther which has really been no
winter at all, just a little wet season
Mr. Markley has made good use of his
time by grading about his pretty little
residence, and has also built a fence
around the same. Jow that the proper
time for planting has showed up he is
engaged in putting out fruit trees,
shrubbery and berry vines. His place
will be one of much beauty some of
these bright, warm mornings, and no
I am daily expecting a carload of
Studebaker wagons, buggies, hacks
and surreys. When the car arrives
come in and see what a bargain I can
give you. J. A. Whitman, Medford.
C. W. Stratton, of the Medford
Electric company, received the sad
news, Sunday afternoon, of the sudden
death of his father, which occurred in
Portland Sunday about two o'clock.
The gentleman took the evening train
for Portland and is still in that city.
Deceased Mr. Stratton was president of
the East Portland National bank and
a wealthy and influential business man
of that city, and all Portland papers
pay him high tribute, both as regards
his social and business career. He was
but fifty-five years of age. He leaves
of the immediate relatives a wife and
four children, the oldest of whom is
C. W. Stratton, of this city. His
dea'.h was very sudden and was
from apoplexy. The young Mr. Strat
ton's friends in Medford. and he has
made a great many during his brief
stay, extend to him their deepest sym
pathy in his recent sad affliction.
-Sulphurand lime preparation lor
San Jose scale (ready for use) can be
obtained ol J. v. wnnman.
It is a sad bit of news that comes
to us this week from Sams Valley, it
being the death of the infant daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Case. Mrs. Case,
with the baby, was visiting relatives
j in that vicinity and when she awakened
from her night's sleep, Thursday morn-
ing of last week, she found the little
one lying co9ily in her arms, but in
i stead of there being life, as when it
9 was placed there, there was death.
The child had ' evidently died
without a struggle, but from what
cause no one knows, but as it had been
having a cold it probably choked from
phlegm rising in its throat. The child
was two months and eight days old.
iFuneral services were conducted by
Rev. Brower, on Saturday at ten
o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. Case have the
sympathy of many friends in their af
fection. A full stock of the only and origi
nal Black-Land plows, just received at
J. Beek & Co.'s.
The Jacksonville Times is feeling
ore at heart, and it has reason to feel
hat way, but that is no reason why it
should shove off some of its spleen up
on Medford. In its last issue it locates
"several cases of diphtheria near Med
ford" which cases are and always
have been located at Phoenix, a point
not more than one-half mile nearer
Medford than Jacksonville. There
has not been even one case of diphthe
ria nearer Medford than above stated,
fortunately The Mail has a circulation
which enables us to scatter the correc
tion in as many homes as the Times
did the malicious falsehood in advance
of us. If the Times is taken to task
for this falsehood, it will undoubtedly
place the responsibility upon the shoul
ders of Mr. Fay, where we hardly
Relieve it belongs.
A silver set of 31 pieces to be given
afay at Smith's, come and see.
TheY. M. C. A. meeting held at
the M. E. church south last Sunday
afternoon was well attended, and al
though no special program had been
prepared the song service and a short
talk by Rev. Thompson and W. J.
Bonnet were very interesting and an
hour or more time was thus agreeably
Plans for the new building
were presented and pinned to the wall,
where all might view the design of the
beautiful structure. A collection,
amounting to $15, was taken for the
purchase of new song books for the
association. The building committee
reported considerable progress in their
work of soliciting subscriptions, and
seemed sanguine as to the probability
of raising the required amount.
With every 25 cents' worth of goods
you buy at Smith's candy palace you
get a chance on a nice silver set ol 31
While all hands, including the
superintendent of the culinary depart
ment, are making improvements, there
is no good reason why Dr. Demorest
should not bo counted among those
that way iucliuod. He has been slick
ing up immensely about his dental
parlors, which make them even more
pleasant than before. He has re
papered, re-arranged and re-beautified
the parlors, and a noticeable quantity
of prosperitv is scattered thereabouts.
The gentleman states that business is
first-class and steady. He is now
working upon a set of teeth for a San
Francisco lady. About May or June
his brother, "Henry, is expected to
reach Medford sure, this time.
I have removed my barber shop
from Hotel Medford to first door south
of Free Coinage saloon, front street.
Call mid sec mo when you want a tirst
class shave or hair cut. W. L. Town
send. The mercantile firm of KaufTmnn
& Fisher, which located in Medford
five months ago, has decided to move
stock was sold to I. M. Muller and the i
A a nWV,;r..r hnnl anil allies i
were packed ana shippeu to irentrana,
Wash., at which place .Mr. Fisher. Sr., i
is in business and where the goods will
be put with his stock. Both Messrs.
Kauffraan and Fisher left Medford
Wednesday for San Francisco, where
Mr. Fisher has accepted a position in a
wholesale house. Mr. Kauffman will,
after a few weeks' visit with relatives,
go to British Columbia, where he will
again go into business with his brother.
A fine line of groceries in connec
tion with our Chinaware, opposite the
Clarendon hotel. W. H
McGowan A '
tv. ii ni,. tv, ,vw I
. . j i
cent marriage oi .Mr. uas. Auams. uv -
ing on the edge of the desert, and Miss
Minnie Howard, formerly of Dry creek,
about thirteen of the young fellows
of that neighborhood (fathered them -
selves in a band last Thursday night.
and with pans and cow bells repaired
to the residence of the groom's mother,
where the couple were stopping and
the band played several times, and
there was much pleasure, more noise
and less music. The boys were invited
I in bv Charlie, treated right handsome-;
ly by all hands and furnished with
some real music and a happy welcome,
Remember that we have no rent!
to pay, therefore we can sell you gro -
ceries cheaper than anv place"in Med-
ford. W. H. McGowan & Co.
Aswisnr Iplrnn is in receipt of
supplies, from state officials, necessary
in makin? a census of the county and
as well for the gathering ol all farm
and fruit statistics. The fellow who
made the blanks evidently did not io-
ouire into the nroaucls Ol soumern
iOretron to anv great extent, as there is
no space left on the blanks for a men-
tion of the acres of peach orchards and
! the number of trees grown. A good
thia nspiKnr will find
space on his
i blanks for their mention.
I Spring wagons, cart:
harness and
hand store, west of S. P. depot.
J. A. Whitman is arranging to:
I part of the fruit output of this .county piaced to the credit of the poor fund ; order next Wednesday evening. There
is peaches and the oversight will prove ; whIch these good ladies are laboring i is something special and out of the
; quite an inconvenience, yet it is hoped ' so assiduously to keep amply supplied lordinary, going to take place. Visit-
plant forty acres of his Uoxy Ann larm arjiinhe has been confined to his
to fruit this spring. He will plant fif- . norae for a few davs with ennui, super
teen acresof pears, embracing Bartlett. I jnduc-d by over-exertion. The colonel
Winter Nellis and Howell varieties; ! was accompanied to Medford this week
and twenty-five acres of apples Ben
uavis ana Kea vanaaa. on me ioriycountv Calif. This is Mr. Kvant s
acres there will be about 2.KHI trees.
It might he wen to add rignt nere
mat .mi-. v numan is ugunng ou or-
and further that there is probably not
a crpntlpmnn in Southern Oregon who
i . . -.i i i : i . . i.
IS oeiter posieu iu iruib uuiiurc tuau
he is.
Persons who are indebted to J.
Beek & Son will confer a favor by pay
ing their accounts as soon as possible
An entertainment was given last
Friday evening at Woolf's hall, by the
Woman's Relief Corps of this city.
There was a fair attendance and the
entertainment, which was wholly given
by the children, was Interesting
throughout, and loudly applauded.
The inclemency of the weather pre
vented many from attending, who had
laid their plans to be there. However,
something over $4 was taken at the
door, which will aid materially in
tha purchase of the talked of banner.
Produce taken in exchange for
merchandise at our store. W. H. Mc
Gowan & Co.
The Medford whist club is still
holding its regular weekly meetings.
A couple of weeks ago its members
were entertained most royally by Mr.
and Mrs. B. P. Thelss at their pleasant
borne, on North C street. Last week
Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Lippincott enter
tained in a manner pleasing to all
guests at their home, corner Sixth and
F streets, and last evening Mrs. W. B.
Stevens did like honors to her several
visitors, corner Fourth and C streets.
Look for the name "Studebaker"
if you find it printed on the box, that
is the wagon you are looking for. J.
A. Whitman sells them.
B. L. Tompkins, the man who was
arrested by an Ashland deputy last
week upon a charge of larceny, pre
ferred by someone down the line, had
his hearing in 'Ashland Saturday and
was discharged. It seems someone
perloined several articles of various
nature at Ager and Yreka and in the
absence of a better "suspect'' Tompkins
was run in, but he quickly proved his
innocence. He is engaged at present
in painting Attorney White's residence.
If you see "Studebaker printed
on the box-, that wagon is all right. J.
A. Whitman, Medford, sells Studebaker
wagons, carriages, hacks and surreys.
Grants Pass papers had a goodly
lot of sport at the expense of Medford
sportsmen over the Christmas shoot,
but we hardly expect them to crow
very lustly over the amount of money
their boys took home with them from
the Gold Hill shoot last Friday. It was
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Absolutely pure
upon this occasion that Medford entered
into a very swift competition with
Grants Pass for both money and honors
and Medford packed off all of both
these articles there was in sight.
Kama St Gil key have tho sole agen
cy for the Oliver Chilled, Steel and
Li hick Land plows, and repairs for
Last Tuesday while M. S. Damon
was engaged in doing something with
an ax the implement took a leeward
shy and the blade entered his leg. just
above the knee, making a wound a
couple of inches in length and one
inch in depth. He walked to the house
when, afte a few moments, he fainted.
Dr. Jones was at once sent for and upon
his arrival restoratives were applied,
the wound dressed aud the patient is
getting on all right.
The name One Minute Cough Cure
suggests a medicine that relieves at
once, and quickly cures. Its use proves
it. Geo. H. Hashing, druggist.
Mr. B. N. Butler left for Medford
on the overland Tuesdnv night. Mr.
"'s family with
Ol lie, WllO Will
the exception of Miss
remain withns a few
-v' """.
'r. outlet- has been in the jewleiy
business in Harnsburg for some tune
; ana me wortc ne nas aone wariams us
j in saying that he has no superiors and
j few equals in his line. Our loss is
i Medford's gain. Harrisburg Review.
Are you going to get some trees
this winter? If so. you had better gel
them at the Medford Nursery. Trees
are as cheap there as anywhere.
The health committee's attention
is respectfully called to the condition
of affairs in several localities about the
! city. There are anv amount of low
places scattered about that are right
nntr rlllort urith um rr linrl mnon nl !
i r has a green scum floating
i " its surface, and every person knows
! disease germs lurk therein. There
M no reason why these things
should be thusly.
Prune trees from $2.50 to o per
hundred. All trees are thrifty and as
large as can be gotten elsewhere.
Medford Nursery.
Ron .Inn A Jpffwr. nnmilisi
i m,.mKr of thL- state locisiature from
ihi3 eountv. addressed a fair sized
nudience, at the Medford opera house,
t on Wednesday evening. His topic
was the deeds and misdeeds of the
i recent assembly at Salem. His ex-
i planalion was clear, and, according to
his version, "House Bill No. 101'' was
' a very serious impediment to needed
! legislation.
.Mrs. t . aiewari s aressinaKing
parlors, iu Halley block. Ladies are
invited to call.
The box social eiven bv the Ladies
; ii...i..t .iot,- nt iku -iiv
ontm-dav oivnin? was fairlv well i.
tended -nd somethin over "eight dol -
j jars was realized Irora the sale of tbesa":
! boxes of edibles, and the amount
with funds necessary to meet the de-
: mauds.
i p Tlt.-h.T fr first class dentistrv
t rnn:ihl rat.' Office in McAn-
drews block. Medford, Or.
Col . J. D. Stevens Is able to be out !
b.. rwh RvanL of Forbestown. Butte
; first visjt Oregon and he is so favor-
. abiy jmpj sed with our country that
; he ti,,iiks cf locating here.
! Most people cannot afford to experi- j
meut. They want immediate relief.
! Thnf'n nrhv thr iiM On Minute Couh
j --- .- - -1 ,
if you hftven't your garden planted
you are hardly in tho swim with the
tarty birds. Some of our towns eople
gardened a couple or three weeks ago
and radishes, onions and many other
small vegetables are now showing
above the ground. The several days
of warm sun with an occasional shower
has fitted the ground in splendid shape
for planting.
Some one will get a lovely silver
set at Smith's, free.
Willis Townsend, has traded
his farm of 160 acres, near Bea
gle, to John Morris of this city for a
house and lot on South H street.
The farm was figured at $1600 in the
deal and Mr. T. gets tho town property
and some money in exchange. Towns
end will move to Vedford and Morris
will put a man on the farm to operate
it for him.
Found a small pocket account
book. Call at this office.
G. W. McDonald, the veterinary
surgeon, is arranging to commence
horse training work on tho Central
Point track as soon as the track dries
out sufficiently. He will handle George
Davis' "Mistletoe" and has the promise
of ten other horses. The neighbors
have the story circulated that Mac. is
all right in this line of work.
New barn for rent. Inquire of Ira
Phelps, at The Mail office.
Rev. A. S. Foster's subject for his
next Sunday morning's sermon will be
"vValking in tho Light" at usual
hours. Presbyterian church. In tho
evening will be usual preaching ser
vices, and in a musical way, aside from
an anthem by the club, there will bo a
solo, "Four Calls," by Miss Maud John
Johnson. School meeting next Monday, at
2 o'clock. It is of importance that
every citizen of the district to bo in at
tendance. Make it a point to be there,
and do all your kicking before the
session closes. School matters are the
most vital on the boards of man's at
tention, and the most delicate to
The Christian parsonage in this
city could hardly hold the people who
attended the dime social Wednesday
evening. The time was pleasantly
spent in many ways, and all present
voted tho affair a complete success
Although only ten cents was charged
the sum of twelve dollar was realized.
Just received a full lino of Key
West cigars. I. A. Mounce.
Merchant F. K. Deuel has pur
chased a business lot on Seventh street,
directly opposite Djuel & Stevens' store
rmiluing, and whore .1. W. Miller is
now located. Tho purchase was made
from Knapp. Burrell & Co.. hardware
dealers of Portland, and for fcioO. The
purchase was made as a speculation.
See the bargains, at the Racket,
new goods.
A new school district has been es
tablished by Supt. Newbury on the
divide between Dry and Bear creeks.
It is composed of parts of the North
Phoenix and Wyland districts. This
is the district that was petitioned for
some time ao. mention of which was
made in Tilt: Mail, ut that time.
AH kinds of wood for sale Bellin
ger & Wells.
Marion Trver has arrived at the
very rational conclusion that when a
fellow gets his thumb between two
heavy bars cf iron something is going
to pop and it is almost always the
thumb that gives way. He is carrying
one of his in a sling as a result of the
experiment. I
Demorest, the dentist opera block,
Two of the Hamlin boys, Geo. and
Jeff, are figuring on putting up a two
story brick building on South Front
street, where the jewlry store now is.
C. B. Rostcll, we learn, also contem
plates putting up a similer building on
the adjoining vacant lot on the north.
Men's pants from 75 to 90 cents at
'.The Fair.
Messrs. D. H. Miller, J. S. How
ard, Max Muller, J. F. Kelley and A.
J. Gillett drove to Ashland last
Thursday evening to attend a meeting
of the Masonic order of that city, at
which time and place there was work
i n 'he thlru degree,
1 Last week we stated that improved
; land from two to five miles from the
j railroad was worth from $50 to $100
i per acre. A. S. Johnson informs us
. that he has listed for sale several tracts
; at from $22 to $3j inside of five miles
i from tne railroad.
j B. N. Butler, the jeweler, has
i rented a part of Attorney White's
office and will open up business therein
. the first of next week. He will do only
i repair work for the present, but hopes
; to branch out later into a general
; jewelry ousmess.
; .Messrs. oanwver o. .Mcnuison, cuu
; tractors and builders, went over to
Jacksonville Thurssday to commence
i ho erection of an addition to Merchant
ivuon s residence. ine aaaiuou
! will be li5xl and ono and a half stories
; n'Ch
It is cspeciaally desired that alt
j Workmen attend the meeting of the
ing Workmen are also invited to at
Angle & Plvmale have a sign out
which even the blind can read, or if
they can't do this, they can hear it
flap in the wind. This sign iuvites at
tention to their great clarance sale.
See their big ad in this paper
C. F. Lwis ha received letters
from San Francisco stating that his
letters of recommendation for a poi
tion on the new railroad will receive
favorable consideration, when the time
; for active operation arrives
Dr. Pickel has made
a tnorougn
; culture of the diphtheria germ and
fcnds it the genuine article. A culture
has also been made by Dr. Mingus, o'
Portland, and he as well finds it to bo
diphtheria pure and simple.
Ireland and Laughlin left Tuesday
morning for their mining proposition
on Star gulch, near KirbyviKe. If
Alex strikes a pay chute on a dead
center, money will "flow like water from
the mountain gorees.
Within the next two weeks S.
Rosenthal I will move his stock ofi
doling to the store room recently va
cated by Kauffman & Fisher, where bo
will conduct his business until bis new
block is completed.
Assessor Jackson has appointed
Welborn Beeson, of Talent, as deputy
assessor. Hi is tne only deputy yet
appointed, but Mr. Jackson is not posi
tive but that another one will be nec
essary. Report is current hereabouts that
the Western Union telegraph com
pany will discontinue its office at Jack
sonville. - This is not official and may
only be street rumor and possibly unre
liable. School Clerk Jones has completed
his round-uu of juvenile Medford. an i
finds there are between 640 and iV0
children of school age insida the dis
trict limits. Last year there were (lis.
Myron Skeel has purchased an
acre of ground from J. IX Wuil.iiai,
in southwest Medford and is now b-iild-ing
a fence about it. He execi to
erect a dwelling house thereon, soon.
. J. fl. Stewart shipicd lweniy-ti
boxes more of those splendid Newtown
pippin apples to tne City of Mexico la.-t
week slapped to supji-int.-u- ;nt ol
Wells Fargo Express company.
R. H. Miller, the miner, who has
been quite soriomly ill at Hotel Med
ford for the past couple of weeks with
malarial fever is now much improved.
Dr. Geary is in attendance.
Revival services are being held at
the Baptist church this week, conduct
ed by the resident pastor. Rev. Jen
kens. Tho attendance is large aud
much interest is manifest.
Mr. and Mrs. W. .McKniglit, Ma
rian Lance, J. Goldsworthy. O. Swncker
and Ida McBrido, or Gold Hill, were in
attendance at- the funeral of Mrs. Jus
tus, last Saturday.
Rev. Brower, of Talent, held re
Ugous services nt Good Hope church,
near Beagle, last Sunday at eleven
o'clock and at Moonville at seven o'clock
the same evening.
Who wants a good homestead, near
Jacksonville? Eight or ten acres
cleared, 1000 fruit trees, heavily tim
bered with good fir. Call at, or write
to this office.
Deuel & Stevens haye a new ad
this week, in which they announco the
arrival of a new stock of boys' suitings
see their picture gallery on fifth
B. B. Gearvis and family have
moved to the Major Barron farm, north
of Medford, where Mr. G. will be em
ployed during the coming season.
You can pay your taxes the whole
business, city, county and state, by
calling at city Recorder Webb's office
and without cost.
G. W. Need ham and family, recent
arrivals frem Vancouver, are house
keeping in the Gore residence, corner
Lund .tnlb street.
The diphtheria patients up at
Phoenix are all improving, in fact
have entirely recovered and no new
cases reported.
The Y. M. C. A. building fund is
still growing. The subscription paper
shows $7tfOU already subscribed and
more in sight.
Mrs. S. K. I-jh shi pcd a couple
carloads of wheat to Jacobs & Virgin,
Ashlund, last Saturday.
Revival services will be conducted
at the Christian church next Sunday
Jos. Delk and family have movt-d
to the Damon resideuco on South D
At a Standstill.
Just between leading and lagging
this is the condition of half or more
of tho business men in the state. Whv?
Because thev were unwilling to divide
their profits with the people during
these hard times. "A prudent man
foreseeth the evil"' of such a course.
This is why Thompson & Meeker have
dose the leading business of Southern
Oregon and keep doing. While their
pronts are lignt, they nave gained an
enviaoie reputation for lair dealing.
(-all and see them ll you would save
Geo H Baker to Mary E Moore; iszr
mcrea la sec 10. tp 3 . r 1 w I
Henry C Oirnell to Ad V Carnelt :
acres la sec S3, tp 3S s, r 1 e subject to
F W Hosu to Kllzabeih Churchill: a part
ol lot IX Ashland
Ida Yost to oris C Crawford. It 12, bik 21,
io!d Hill
J H Fans to Nellie S Scott: w of It 1.
blk 2. Barr's add to Medford
Wm Clements to John Clements; It .
C oology' add to Central Point
Mrs J Lrara to U J Darand: 4J acrva. see
M. tp.-. r3e ..
Barbara C Knrman. fruanllaa of Luy L
Kunnan. to tWn ii Lynch: undivided
l- Interot in la) acre, sec Id. tp SI s.
r 1 w
Suite id ITeffon to Chas II Grande: rO
acres, sec AVlpS4s.r4w
ShenO of Jackson ronoty to Wm Uliich
and Wm Sllnrr: i&j acres. ec IS. tp 34
s, rlw .
Sheriff of Jackson county to Wm Cliich
and Wm Hltnrer: NO acres In sees
and a. tps XI and SS.r2w .
Eii J Phillips to Alice G Cowan: 5
acres In sec v. tpaVvrte
Laae E Shaw 10 E R Bpillt: property ta
sees 11 and tps and t s. r 1 w
D K Baiiy to Isaac Shaw; property la
Jackson county....
Robt A 1'ayne to Eugenia L Atklnsoo;
sa:n westrrlT of It T. blk C Ashlan-t
R T Young to Frieda Feisca : Us and ,
blk ss. Medford
Conrad Minrcs to Frieda Fetsch; land la
sec 21. tp 3T a, r 2 w
Wm Owens to sruh Owens; !6o acres.
sec li tp ST s. r I r
J M Uofiand to Nancy Dol!arbide ; S acre
In sec tp 3 s. r 1 e
Ia the mailer of the bond of S Patter-son. as
tax collector: bond of tSiMtl died and ap-
Srored. Bondsmen W F Soncer. HOO; John
llirphy. $!. J Helton. flV; U F Mrrr. MO;
I B Provost. tAU: S L" Altre.1. li:" W c But
ler. l.'O): Joshua Patterson, tJLOJ: Fred Hansen.
$aX; O Uarbaugh. IM
Frank Derrick, of Brownsboro,
left Monday for Kansas, there to
remain until next fall when he will
again visit this section.
Seventh Street
Seventh Street, Melford Oiegon
The Only
Great and thoroughly re
liable building-up medicine,
nerve tonic, vitilizer and
Before the people today, and
which stands preeminently
above all other medicines, is
It has won its hold upon the
hearts of the people by its
own absolute intrinsic merit.
It is not what we say, but
What Hood's Sarsaparilla
does that tells the story:
Hood's Cures
Even when all other prepar
ations and prescriptions fail.
" Formerly every year I bad an erup
tion on my body, and a kind of biting
pain besides. I have had it now tor
four years every summer, bnt since I
began taking Hood's Sarsaparilla I
have had no trace of it. I have taken
seven bottles." Feed Foster, 8101
Black St., Denver, Colorado.
u Ji ri:il are tasteless. mUd. ffee-
11UUU 9 "- tire. All druEjnsu. 2S
The Gold Hil! Shoot.
To The Man-
On Februarv 22nd. there was a shoot
ing match at Gold Hill. Grants Pass,
Applegate, Central Point aad .Med
ford were represented by their respec
tive rifle teams. Medford secured a
fair share of the trophies, while
Grants Pass was left entirely in the
shade its best gunners were not in it.
No mention would be made of so trivial
an incident were it not for the bum
bustic disposition of Grants Pass
people. The Medford rifle men never
carry away the "mon,1 do they? The
Grants Pass boys are clever fel
lows socially, but when it comes to
close shooting the) are not at borne.
One hundred to two hundred bead
of horses, weighing from 1100 pounds
up. for which I will trade improved
lands on Rogue river, six miles from
Central Point. Address
J. O Johnson,
Table Rack, Jackson county. Or.
Land for dale. -
Five acres of land for sale; or ten
aires with good house, barn and out
buildings. Xice location east Med
ford. Ten minutes walk from depot.
Call at The Mail office for further
For Sale.
I have for sale purt bred poultry and
eggs for hatching Brown Leghorns,
Langshans and Minorcas.
Polk Hull.
Spikenard, Or.
To Trade for Cattle.
1 light two horse wagon, 1 cart, 1 set
new single harness.
Table Rock Ranch.
Flour sifters, coffee strainers, etc.,
The Fair.
HOW is this? Hats, Gloves,
Neokwear and my entire
line of Gent's Furnishings
....At Cost!
This is an opportunity sel
dom offered. This stock em
braces a very complete line
of silk handkerehiefs, linen
cuffs and collars, overshirts,
underwear, cottonade pants
and other articles too numer
ous to mention. 1 also have
a full stock of staple and fan
cy Groceries, Crockery and
G las-ware. My prices are as
low as the lowest and my goods
are as good as money can buy.