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BLITOU & YORK, Publishers.
A- S. Buzgn, ... . - r JKlitor
'.T. YpEe, r r ' Manager
J?uJish.ed Excry Friday Morning.
Hd is -of few days; but quite pslaiOi'.
Entered in the PostofBce at Medford, Oregon
" ' . as Second-Class Mail Matter.
-M edFord, Friday, March 16, 1.894.
The Mail is the official paper of
Jackson "cpvjifcty. $ireaare prepared
io save you and your friends good
jpaoney pa probate advertising.
ANOTiuiii old and well established
industry has te.cei.yed a blow. An
Oakland, .Oal. man has been ar
rested for cheating in a horse trade.
. .Caxvas awnings are fax nicex in
appearance, than any otlisrs and
are a great convenience to rent
ers a eolden opportunity is now
offered for a Jrial . on the Howard
And Hamlin blocks.
-- ' m ..
A Salvation Army captain at
gelma has been fined $75 and seat
" to jail for beating a drum in the
public streets. The judge who in
flicted the fine is still at large. He
ia undoubtedly just fool enough to
acquit the first wife-beater brought .
before him.
The Oregonian's Oregon news'
column says Chas. Nickell. has de
clined the nomination, for secretary
' fif 6tate. " The nomination was prob
ably declined on the same grounds
hat he didn't accept the appoint
ment of interna revenue collector.
Charlie, ihe babe, is a back number
in Oregon, and the sooner such un
principled puppets as he are rene
gated to the sewer of filth from
which they enjanated the sooner
will this county be rid of a factor
which has ruled and ruined for
many years.
Pbof. Narregan has just been
jgrantd a piece of paper of which
any educator can be justly proud.
These papers re only won after
years of successful work, and scho-
" Jastic ability alone cannot win them.
The professor ias diplomas from
Michigan and South IJakoia, and
pa these be was granted life diplo-
- jna No. 4.' from the state of Wash-
' inzton, which reqoirea ten years of
: ctual and successful work in the
public schools gf the United States
: and an . examination or diplomas
howing an equivalent to - their re
quirements in twenty-three branches
of Bcience. On this, life diploma,
packed by three years of successful
work in Oregon he was granted his
Jife diploma in this state.
A pascal defined: Individually
he will rob aged widows, who can
peither read-nor write; will take
extortionate- prices from poor farrn--ers
who need money to supply the
wants of their family, and this be
- iause that he has tbe "sinch" on
fhem and is now watching for a
phance to sinch still harder; will
trump up bills against dead men
and compel the estates to pay them
r because thai dead men, unfor
tunately, cannot testify; will at
tempt to Vdo" the county to the ex
tent of a $200 bill and squeal when
that body refuses to allow said bill;
will charge Jones $2.50 . for an ar
ticle he sells to neighbor yiIliams
for $l; will use language which
' would be considered indecent in
the lowest brothels "of our cities, and
expect it 'to go iptp hpmea
where are pure wives and innocent
daughters will contaminate his as
sociates and pull'them down to the
gutter-level with himself. Th?e
ra a few'of the" traits of th indi
vidual rascal. Collectively rascajc
are thqse who indiyidually becorne
. responsible as bondsmen and col
lectively agproye their own bond;
those" who.'in direct violation of the
a.y;, give county officials a month's
time to get their books in shape for
Jheir annual exhibit, when said
books are supposed to be open for
pxhihifion at all times; those wljo
pffer a reward for defaulting officers
ejx weeks aftet they have decamped
with the county's money; those who
will so conduct affairs as to cripple
thp finances' of their constituents
and make said rascals subjects of
contempt when taxes are being dis
pussei.' Thsie are a 'very few of
he traits of rascals as a body.
' rr Did' you notice Wolter'a . show
" .itindowB?' They are beauties, and if as
- touch taste is displayed in buying goods
as is noticoatlq in his window decora
tion? it js little wonder he is popular
'.Wolters, the 'grocer, keeps' the best
and sell's eaao'iwbie.
fhe general impression that squirrels
lya";Mto'gether- on (frjins, acorns and
Lots 'ia - not .altogetheE ' correct. ' Squir
f'elr '-vvilt ' isnck ' eggs ' and" kill young
phick'ens and Small bifds with as much
-?erqcity'as:a weasel.'" These peculiari
ties are no pften noticed in thesLnir
iei, because the animal is not bold
enough "tq " yeiitni'C oiestelisive depreT
nations in th& aaytime,' but' farmers'
-wives' who find Eggshells in the' nest" Jn-
e teod 0 eg'gs-'-pjxUoCQwer ha." dozen
o'untf eWckeBs 'with their Heads bitten
iff should pot arw$y s'ay the crime at
Igs dooy of the wB9eli f s.V '"--'
5t. F. Parker sends us the follow
ing bit of interesting- ruining news
irom Ijrold ilill:
"The. long drawn-out Hatnmers-ley-Prew-Qibson-rEtc.
contest is
settled. The suit went by default
Hammersley pays Drew, pr Gibson-,
orjsome one,. $2500 for their, im
provements, interest " in . the mine,
etc. Kinney fe Bull are therefore
out in the cold-r-Drew & Co. get
$250,0 for their labor of love and
Geo. R. and Riley Ilanirqersley
get possession of one of the best
paj'ing mines in Southern Oregon.
Geo. R. is galloping hither and
thither, with apleased" smile load
ing him down, gathering supplies
for the mine, preparatory to a" full
blast contract to go it alone hereaf
ter. The mine will, be Tunning to
tho. mill's full capacity within a
week and thus ends one of the
worst muddles in
the- annals
mining hiatory.".
The practice of the geueral land
pfljee has been materially changed
by the decision, of the secretary of
the interior in the case of F." O.
Farrel et al. against William Hoget
et al. of Helena, Mont., on appeal
from the decision of the land com
missioner. The secretary holds
that each 20-acre tract of any
placer claim must show the discov
ery of minerals in order to obtain a
mineral patent. : Whether the claim
is suryeyed or unsurveyed makes
no difference in the rights of the lo
cator. Accordingly a location
made on a larger amount of. hind
is void except for the 20 acres im
mediately surrounding it.
Mr. Messenger, who has arras-
tred on his Horsehead mine for
soine. years, is this winter, owing to
the great amount of rain, sluicing
below the lead and finding - gold
plentifully, .exchanging several
ounces a few. days since at Pernoll's
Store at Bridge-Point.
On the Herriott placer claim, on
Thompson creek, they are picking
up nuggets on the bed rock, some
running as high as five dollars.
Mary E Walsworth to D M Brow-
er. It 3, blk 28; Ashland .......
Jennie M Hogg to Mark P Welch,
It 11; Cooksey'sadd to C Point.
A" A Davis and" wife to William I
" Vawter, Q C D to Its 5, 6, 7, S,
3, blk 13: Medford
J L Rose to John M Miller, W D,
Its 20, 21, 22, blk C; R R add to
J L Rose to John B Dunkin, V
DUo Its 26. 27, blk B; R R add
to Ashlarid
W C Myer tj J M Potter. W U
to It 23; Myers add to Ashlaod.
B F Carter and S E Carter to "
B R Stevens, W D to land in
sec 15. tp 36ji, r 4 w . 1
Trustees of the town of Jackaon-
" Villa to H K Hanna, Q C D to '
Its 4. 5, 6, blk 52: Jacksonville. 1
H K Hanna to Ellen Schumpf. lu ' " ''
5, 6, blk 52; Jacksonville . . 62 50
Peter Day to J E Miner, 160 acrs
boo 23. tp 32 8, r 3 w H03
U S to Peter Day, 160 acres" sec
23, tp 32 s, r 3 w ."........,.
Mary E Bowman to Albert L Bow- .
- man and Arrisa h Bilberry,
undivided j interest to so i of
so i, and sw i of se i, sec 3, . to
39 s.t I w
E A Hildreth to Geo Engle, Q C
D to qiining.claim; Cottouwood
Estates of John Peters, John jroran,
.ir. B. Lane. Wm: K!iag, Davis' Evans,
J. W- Wadsworth, G. B. Davidson. D.
Irwin, R. L. Irwin, Merced .MeOombvv
Galley & Oliver, Cnas. Williams. Fran
cis Marcerette. Sigmerend EHinger.
Sherlock Abrahams and Augustus F.
Miller ; E. B. Myer, of Ashland, Ore
gon, appointed administrator.
ijtata of M. Hanley; order of ela
tion issued on a petition asking for a
division of personal property.
J-Jstata oi Ada M. Hoim-s: sale of
realtv confirmed.
Estate of Haskel Amy : same.
Estate of Marv F. Enaon ; order for
final settlement approvtd and executor
restate and guardianship of minor
heirs of Samuel Earhp'art ; tinal report
of guardian approved.
lamed in Medford. March .7. " liflil.
J. E. DeBoy and Mrs. Francis A. Schu-
maker. . -
In the matter uf the assosnment of A
J Clausen, W A Patrick cbairmali of
the board of directors 01 school dis
trict No-5, asked the assessment of
the estate of A J Clauson, deceased, bz
reduced from $5000 to $.;0U0. Ordered
reduced- from SjCOO to $3000.
In matter of counlv road petitioned
fep by A Andrews et al ordered that
H M Crowell. A D Naylor and- Jacob
Wates be appointed receivers, and C J
Howard surveyor, to meet iridav.
March 23, 1894, to view'and survey said
roaa. .
In the matter of tax collectors' bond
bond in the penal sura of 3otK0, with R
b" Peil as surjty, lijod and approved.
Hi it Myer appointed supervisor of
road district No 23, for year 1S94.
oraerea tnat U P fllver be. and is
hereby allowed the sum of $21.25 for
double assessments for the years 1801-
isyz. . .-
Ordered that Joseph Randies" ba al
lowed" S12 per month for Mrs Ella Rand
ies and familv. first warrant to l.p.
drawn at March term of court.
In matter of application of John B
Hammersley for liquor license order
ed that this matter be qontinued unti
April term 01 tnis court.
Ordered that.Bliton & York he
awarded the contract for doing . the
county printing- for Jackson county,
Qregon, until July 2, 1894, at 28 cents
per square lor lirst insertion and 13
cents for all subsequent insertions, in
accordance witn tneir ma lor the aarao,
and bond submitted by Bliton & York
hereby approved.
--In' matter of county road leading
from Jacksonville to California state
line ordered that couutv surveyor be
instructed to re-establish, in accord-,
ancp wiin survey, bo mucn
of said road as lies between 3rd and 4th
mile posts, said relocation to be made
March 24, 1894.
'Report of Emil DeRoboam, keeper of
county, hospital, approved.
Miscellaneous bills to the amount qf
$1,677.94 allowed."
Ytyvj ConiDany Announcement.
I will be at Medford the firat and
third weeks of each month; at Ashland
the fourth week of each month, and at
Gold Hill and Central Point the second
week of each month at Gold Hill tha
first three days of the week and at Cen
tral Point fhe last three.
' ' MKB. M. A. MlTCIIEL,!,.
County Itfanajjer yiavi Co.
How docs J,his catch you for a bar
gain? Five 1 pound bars of- Horseshoe
soap (or 25 cents'at Midler's grocery.
. Get groceries at I. M. Muller's,
corner Seventh -tind C streets, Modford.
Aniens the Churches,
Lord's Day, March. 18th. Preaching
at" 11 a. in. and 7:30 p. m., by S. P.
Grunt, V: D. M. Subjects, morning
God's jucLjrnent and mercy. .Ev,oningv
Tho final jvdgmont.
.presbytukiAn church. "
Eleven a. m., serinoa by tho pastor.
Seven thirty p." nr., Gntortaiumont by
the " Willing Workers" Mission Baud,
for which tho following is tbo-projrrara :
Voluntary,. . Mayaio Foster
bulging : M usical Club
Reading Scripture and prayer,. .Pastor
Singing. Musical Club and Mission Band
Reading, Loon Hnskius
Acrostic, ".Willing Workers".....-
". .....Mission Band
Recitation Everett Geary
Song and .Chorus, " Jesus Lumb
'- . Clarissa White cud others
Essay, " Tho Chinese,". . .George Faris
Kocitatiou, Cut horn Geary
Hccitation, .Kaniiy Hull
Concert exercises, i.loven Girls
pialogue '
ijpssio Johnson and Kuna ait
Song,..-. .Club iuid Band
Recitation, Hazel pavis
Address, " Chinese Walls,"
Mrs. Finney
Rocitation.. : Perry DeGroot
Song, Club, Baud and Congregation
Misses Eurdette and Voss. wero
at the Baptist church Monday even
ing in the interest of the Women's
Home Mission- society. The houpe
was filled to its utmost capacity.
Both of these ladies . nVe enthusias
tic in their work. Miss Burdette
talked more than an hour to an at
tentive audience. Tuesday after
noon another mooting was held,
and a local Women's Home, and
Foreign Missionary society was or
ganized, with Mrs. S. L. Bennett,
president; Miss Ora Adkins, sec.;
Missr Mary Davison, treas. Miss
Burdette addressed many of the
school children that came to the
church at 4 o'clock, closing the
service in time to take the five
o'clock train. They carried with
them thi best wishes of all who
heard them.
Services as usual next Sunday.
All invited. T. II. Stephens, Pasto'r.
Eagle Point Eaglets.
. cy TALKO.
Leading republicans are trying
to organize a republican club al
Eagle Point.
A representative of the flume
company, of Medford, was out here
last ilonday. "
W. T. Downing, of Central Point,
was attending quarterly meeting
out here last Saturday and Sunday.
Thos. Baldwin, of Chimney Rock
precinct, was down at Squire Johns
tous having an estray herse ap
praised last Saturday.
Rev. S. S. Caldwell will ' hold a
week's meeting at Eagle Point, lie
ginning on Tuesday evening, the
13th. All are invited to attend.
When we take a look inside of
the barn we think, surely.
has come, but when we look around
on the outside we ijori't feci so sure
about it. "
The result f our school meeting
was the election of A. J. Daley as
director and A. J. Florpy as 'clerk.
The great question discussed was
"Who is a legal voter?"' There
were fifty-five votes cast. The new
board have hired Mr. Fysh to teach
a three months' term of School, to
commenco on tho 22nd.
The quarterly meeting held at
Eagle Point, beginning on Thurs
day -evening and' continuing over
Sunday was well attended consid
ering the condition of the roads.
Llder Janes, of Grants Pass, was in
attendance. The sermon was full
of good point3 delivered in an able
and earnest manner. The collec
tion amounted to about $4.50, and
was more than our assessed appor
tionment of the Elder's salary.
Central Point Iieius.
E. L.."Farrn, of Woodville,- spent
a day ;'n town recently. ..
F. T. Fradenburg, bf Ashland,
spent Tuesday in our city.
Dr. J. Kinkla made Talent a
professional visit Tuesday.
Edwin Pierce,'of Gold Hill, spent
a day here during the wee's.
Miss Lulu Ingram i3 paying rela
tives in Douglas county a visit.
D. B. Mardon, of Gold Hill, was
in town the'fore part of the week.
A. J. Daley, of Efile Point, wag
in our city seyeral days during the
Mr. Williamson and familv,. late
of Washington, are now citizens of
our town.
Wm. Herriott, of Josephine coun
ty, 'spent several days in tljo valley
during the week.
Miss Mary A. Mee, has returned
honie after an extended visit with
relatives in Josephine county.
M. J. Canning, one of thq part
ners of the drug firm of Canning,
Wallace & Co., of Portland, was
interviewing our druggists one 'day
during the week.
Q. G. Duncan had the misfor
tune to get his leg broken while
cutting timber- last week'. Dr.
Hinkle reduced- tho fracture and
he 13 now doing well.
At the city election Monday, the
following officers were elected:
Trusteps M. S. Welch, 'j. S. Sims,
E. Pleasant, J. M. Gibson and P.
W. 01 well. Recorder A. 11. Mer
ritt; street com., N. Slidham; mar
shal, W. I. Parker; treas., J. E.
Jacksonville Orient Officers.
The following i3 a list of the officers
elected for the Oriental lodge recently
instituted in this city : Grand Orient,
Col. W. S.'fQwoll; Vice-Qriuut, L,. L.
Jacobs; Prophet, Wm. M. Holmes;
Herald', H. F. Wood ; Secretary, Hugh
Elliot ; Repordar, A.'N. Solissj Exam
iner,- J. C. Vyhipp i'Wardijmtin, Geo. 1
Lewis ; Vindotte, Goo M. Love. The
pext meeting will Ije belt next Mop
day evening, March 19th.
I can fit you out iu anything you
may need in gent a furnishing goods or
(jrocertcs f . hj., Mu(!fV'(
The Populists in Couveution.
Last.Saturday was decidedly a lively
day in Medford. It was tho occasion
of the Jackson .county populists' con
vention and the streets were tilled with
delegates and friends 0 tho party.
The convention was called to order In
the Medford business by Grant
Rawliugs, chairman of the county cen
tral eommittoe, and W. H." Breese
chosen as secretary both these gen
tlemen being prosident and secretary
of tho preliminary organization only.
Committee on .credentials reported as
To tho Chiurinnn nnil members of.thc tempor
ary organliiUon: We, youl commlllce ou cro
dt&ltals, lluu tUo following delegatus prcstial
and raiitled to sit in this convention:
Ashlnnd, North A. W. Jacobs, Ueorge Grow,
Wm. Kelson.
Ashland, South Wm. A. -.Grow, C. E. Smllh.
Asilaml, West T. H. lllmiton, A. S. Iliif-ucs.
Apnlcgate-rJ. H. Wells, K. J5 O'Hrim.
Urownsbcro S." A. Carlton.
Chlmnev Rock W. T. llavls.
Central -roint W. W. Scott, A. II. Ford,
David Pcnlnccr.
Eden W, T. Amlersgc, John Wright, E. W.
Curvcr.-Joel Smith.-
fcag'.o Point D. T. E.-vlns, J. W.' Smith," F. J.
Crrcd. , , . '
Foots CrccU J. Bailuy, J. W. Slnrston.
G.old Hill J. W. MurUabury. J. W. Maswraon.
hake Crerk .11. F. Wade. W. T. Uavls.
Mcdlont, North K. I. Uummond, S.. Ua:iicl
son, w.W. CarJw.'ll.
Medford, Soilth I. W. Thomas, J. Trcssior.
Meadows J. T. llniley.
Jacksonville tl. Nnylor. " -
Table Jlocit !?. M. Noalon. G. A. Jacksot;. "
Trail Creek L. J. Marks.
Tule;it Jcsue Adams, W. J. Dean. A. J. Wll
co?. Unlontowc J A. Jcllrcy, V. Aaunlatur.
Woodville G. F. Smidtilue, C. II. Williams.
Willow Siirius-W. It. Buck. T. J. Downing.
KuipectXoriy submitted by ctmmittee
J. A. JtrrttEV.
A. S. BiiiNt.
The abovo report was accepted and
W. A. Grow, of -Ashland, "moved that
the convention proceed to a perma
nent organization and nominated J. W.
Marksbury for permanent chairman.
This was seconded by A. J.' Wilcox and
upon motion belcg put Marksbury was
declared electod. J. A. Jeffrey was
then oleeted secretary.
Right about this time th clocks
were ticking tho noon hour and a "mo
tion was made to adjourn to meet at 1
o'clock in the opera bouse. This was
objected to by "somu, but the motion!y carried and thj Convention aJ
jourued. At 1 G'cloek the convention was
called to ord,er by Chairman Marksbury
in the opera house. The regular order
of business was theu taken up. The
first on the list was theadopting of the
Omaha populist's platform.
Following this was the election of
eight delegates to the state convention.
Thos-j electod as such wero S. H. IIlt,
J. A. Jeffrey, S. M. I."ealcn, J. W.
Marksbury, V. H. Breese, S. Daniel
ion, L. J. Marks and F. Williams.
The convention then proceeded" to
ratify the nominations of thot having
a majority on the preferential vote.
olats senator -was tae first nomina
tion booked for attention, and as S. II.
Holt, of Medford, having received tha
majority on the preferential ballot was
declared nomitiatod.
N. A. Jacobs was tho next fortunate
man in ;'ne hands of tho preferenlia!
voters and was unanimously ratified by
the convention as tho nominee for
county clerk.
By this sama vote' was shown that
n?ar:y everybody wanted I. W. Thomas
for treasurer, but ns this genllemna
positively declined thero was tunr-iit in
the camp for a timo a'l b.ig busilj
engaged in hunting up a candidate who
it was thought would puil through to a
positive election. Or. S. Daniels.Mi
was decided upon as THE man for tha
position and was accordingly unani
mously nominated. Tho doctor posi
tively declined fo swept. Tho nomi
nation for treasurer was laid over for a
time and tho convention proceeded
with other nominations.
It was just alter the resignation of
.Mr. Thomas that W. W. Card well
made a motion that this ollioo be left
blank on the ticket. This didn't har
monics very plentifully with the dele
gates, and Mr. Can! well very gracious
ly, by the consent of his second, cams
down o:T of. his '"blank"' perch and
withdrew his motion, and related a
liUle episode of boyhood days'. Stating
that there w,.ts a hornet's nest on their
furm and that he was continually
throwing rocks cl it. but that ho al
most "invariably -got tho worst of the
conflict. Tbis let Mr. C. down very
easy and the seeming rough place was
E. E. Smith had tho majority vote
for superintendent of schools and his
nomination was ratified by thu conven
tion as was also lhatof Dr. Brower for
Tho committee on resolution hero
presented the following -resolutions
which were unanimously indorsed by
the conrention: .
Rhsoi.ved, That wo reoommend as a plank
hi the siata platform thai. we are not In favor
of tho confirmation of the salo of any property
upon execution unless the samo iUall bring at
such salo SO per ceut of Its uctual worth.
Resolved. That we heartily Indorte, ap
prove and sustain all the propositions, both
legislative, judicial and csecutive.recommcnded
and prescribed by cur state executive com
rxittco. .
WuenEAS. M Is current report and general
bellof, that In the management of tho official
affairs of Jackson county there has been fraud.
deceit and theft committed, by reason of which
the taxpayers of Jneksoa county hare been
grossly robbed and their conddence abused;
and, whereas the source of such fraud, deoclt
and robbery is attributed I w lint is kcowu as
the "Jacksonville ring" now, therefore, be it
Resolved, That the Peoples Party of Jack
son county, in convention assembled, condemn
all such notions; wo condemn fraud, deceit,
chicanery and robbery in ull Its forms; that we
condemn the actions of our county otlicials in
the management of tho disgraceful mid turcica)
prucoedure- In the comity treasurer case re
cently tried In the circuit court f this county;
that we hold said county oiTk'la'.s directly re
sponsible for their action iu and dereliction of
duty to tho extent that euch of said oftlclalA
was connected therewith; thut wo rocommond
and demand a thorough, completo and exhaus
tive Investigation of the county affairs, to the
enn that Justice raoy be done crlmo forretcd
out and thp t'uUty parties brought to Justice.
A telcjfram was here handed tho
chairman and the secretary rein as
folloiyij-. . . '
- Jacksonville, Maroh 10.
To tho Mayor of Midford: Ask spec
ial police to watch oourlr houso" rin
1 Many Citizens.
- There wero soveral. of the present
county olRoials in fie audience upd a
groat shout went up when the telegram
yina read no'j only did the delegates
;i :-. : . t ''.' - - '
"Pri of Hie Valley- Baking Powder?
It is a Homo Production, feeeond
P.ure Hnd -
c 40 CEISTTS A. CAN. o ' j
Call at our Salesroom, Cor. Sixth and C street, for a Free Sample.!
shout, but nearly everyone in the hall
turned themselves loose for a prolonged
The convention turned back a fow
leaves and "comiueDced their woi-k of
nomination wherein the preferential
vote had not decided the question.
The nominations for representatives
were the first taken up. (The prefer
ential veto for the several candidates
is given elscvrhere). Those nominated
were S. M. Xealou, J. W. Marksbury
and J. A. Jeffrey.
For Sheriff the candidates were Dun
lap, rattersot:, JackEon, A. S. Jacobs
and Drum. Ballot was taken and Pnt
tersou, of Ajshland, nominated.
Recorder was next in the line and J.
W. Miller, Grant Rawlings and Ed.
Anderson were placed ia tha field .with
a finish in favor of llawlings.
Th; treasurer again fell in the line
of march and' W. W. Card wall fired
another rock at that hornet's nest, but
his blank proposition didn't go. M. S.
VVelch, of Control Point, was decided
upon and was nominated. -
For assessor Ci . A. Jackpon wa!kd
eff with the ersimmon and was de
clared nominated Williams and Hild
reth distanced.
For county commissioner W. II.
Bradshaw was the choice of the con
vention and wont under the wire wj-.h a
good majority.
For surveyor K. W. Kensedv. of!
Jacksonvillo plucked the plum.
Convention adjourned.
State senator. S. II. Holt. Medford
lUpres.-nUitivo9: S. M. alorl. Ta-.r
Me Iux-t:J. W. Marksbury, Gold Hill:!
J. A. Jeffrey. Appleffai". i
I ounty l ouiimiojier,
sbuvr. t( Bron-usboro.
H. iirad-i
I'ouir.v C'Uirk. X. A. Jacob', Medford.
Sheriff. Svlvcster rultorion. Ash-
Svlvcster Puttorion,
I'Iuurder' Grant Kwlincs c?nm,i
Treasuror, J. 15. Welch," C-utral
Assoseor. Gv-o. A. Jackson, Table
Survcvor. H. W. Kemiedv, Jackson
vil!o. " "
Coroner. Dr. Brower, As&land.
Tbe ol.- of the People's Prty clubs s iaco
on tho 3tU of March.
Stale Senator: II. UollSil ; W. H. Breese
n.rretative:-s. M. Ne!oa is); s. Don
irison iv.t. u. niiu tiT: 3. v.-.siaritsb-jry!CH:
w. h. Brers ?; j. v. wiiey : kj. AoJersca
ir . J . A. jr.;rcy i.
SbcriZ: It. Hiinlap 111: S. Pattersi.a S; i
Goo Jiwksoa V: A. S. Jacobs H; N. t. llro:hy .
18; II. K. Dtum is.
14: 1
aer'-. N.A.Jacobs S15: E. E. Dentin
W. E. Anilt-rsoa 4. - I
lU.-forler:J. W. Miller 1IT: Grant Kiwilass I
ID; K K. Delaine lo. w. H. Hrerse ia. II so and desire to o .via Portlanu
Cmmis5ioinT. S. Pattcroo W. H. PraJ- i and onjviy the luxury, safety ar.J coni-ttawM:U-m.
Sor-gor S: J. w. KirfcbUrj- -j: ' fori of U trip over t lie old reliable Xorth
Muslcrsoa 1; Wtc. Grcjrv IS: L. J. Marx-ks u. i -., ... ..... -
Twnrr:- 1. W. Taoiuas ,K. F. Walker t ,ru 1 MlM l"; ' f om
30;S. Panlelson IS:J.W. MilierS.
Assessor: J. w. Marksbury 77; E. A. H:M-
reih.V;J. D. Williams 49: Geo. Jackson 3; J.
E. Potter i': Saia-1 March ai; S. P. Oliver 14.
r . , . . . . V , ... ,
Sctool SuperliuendeEt: K. k. Smith-HVi; A.
S. Hareca 21: H. K. Stevens IS: Mrs. wairts H.
select their canJStlates Uvc or.lee la opposition
lo old party trickery in convention anil else
wliiira, are tho fundaincnuil urinciples on which
the People's Piwiy Is founde, To these great
principle of justice 1 am iev!fcd ns loag as I
bare a voice lo whisper liberty.
Medford. Oregon.
I hsve al last succeeded in gettintt the secre
tary and others to count the orOeial Hsurs of
the preferential volo foj legislators as placed
before the convention, and they find thai tho
three highest on the list received a clear ma
jority over all. Those receiving thp majority
are 8. M. Xialon. Sam'l Duuielsoo and T. Er
Hills. Tho seTetary will, of course, make the
necessary correction-., and If Ihe Pr
to co before tho people with clean hands It will
place those eand date, whom the people placed
at the lop of the 1UI on the lick-ou t raternally,
PEon.E-s partt cu'ns.
By order of State Executive Committee, ach
clubls.ipecledtoelecta precinct committee
consisting of live rucmbcrs, th ohnirman of
which Is to become a utmibor of the County
Central Committee It Is the wish of the Coun.
ty Executive Commillee (hat the olubs would
Suo to it and do this work al tho eariiost time
possible and scud the name of the provident of
that committee at once to the chairaiau of the
County Executive Alio send tha name of the
secretary of each club Moug In ordor to. bo- eu
rupport with the people.
E. P. Hammosd.
Cljnir. Co. Ex. Com.
Modford, Ore., March' 13, ISM.
Tho Weekly Oregoniau for Four Bits.
The Weekly Oregonian is a pretty
good-newspaper, as a master of fact, it
is u rattling good paper and is pub
lished in the interest of Oregon and
hor pooplo. By subscribing for The
Mail, and" paying fifty cunts extra you
can get the two papers for oiie year.
Old subscribers to this paper who- will
pay all back ducB and one year in nd
vauce' and the extra four bits will bo
entitled to both papers, samo na toew
subscribers. This ia' undoubtedly tho
best proposition yot made by any news
paper on tho coast. It is subscribers
we aro after and subscribers we ftro go
ing to have. '
Cheaper than ever. A reduction
of 10 par cent, on allvwoolen goods will
be.given dulTig the i.nionth ;of Febru
ary, at tbh bucket, !" , .
CualrIKhts to all an.l upeclal rrtviifsw to For tickets ami fait informatson ,av FETSC 1 1, the Front St. Tailor Ied'"or15 -
none." unil the absolute of tho peonle to! tilv or writs) to A. 1). Charlton. Asst. ' " u' "TCgOH.
to none in the Market, absolutely
: o-
What Will Happen Iu 1J94.
There are tv.-o prophets -in Lon
don who foretell tilings by the stars
and each huts met with consider
able success "or good luck ia
predicting future events during the
past few years. "Zadlik-l"- foretold
Mr. Blaine's bickr.ess and death in
1892. He also prophcted the elec
tion of Cleveland and great com
mercial changes in tiie United
States. ''Raphael'' has done some
things quite as cute. In their al
manacs for 1S04, they predict great
fluctuations in the stock and 'specu
lative market; oarthquakea in the
viciniiy of Charleston; a renewed
financial panic in Australia; so
ciaiistic uprisings in Cerinany, and
epidemics in various parts of Eu
rope. ''Raphael'' pays particular
attention" to America, and prophe
sies as follows:
In February the planet . Mara in
sngitarry will cause troubles and
distress in the United States and
other countries; in April Jupiter
enters - Gemini, and the United
States will be greatly- benefitted.
Business will be very brisk -and
trade increase. In June -Jupiter
will still be favorably placed for
the United States and there will be
a still -greater increase in trade, to
gether with excellent and abund
ant harvests. The same conditions j
are prophesied for July, and the!
affairs of the United States will
1 present a prosperous and singular
, .'" .-fc.....
contrast to those of tnsland where
traJ v'!" present a languishing
and depressed appearance. In Sci-'
tctubvr Jupiter in Cancer will con
tinue to U-neh. th I nited - Mates.
aUSiouga lit t lie Old wonU ami o
i the continent these months will be
i filled witli exciting incidents and
i ?ref.1 hlld IartwiiiS crisis. Zad-
' kicl js propnoi-tications in regard to
! rartnquakea in the L nited Mates
and other portions of the plobe, to-
gethcr with sickness in royal houses, !
are confirmed by llaphacl. The j
general conclusion for the year if
that the United States will prosper'
exceedingly, that the harvests will
J be abuudatit, aiul th; internal jeace )
! will generally prevail, but tliat, on
i the oilier hand, in England and 1
j continental countries, disturbances
j will be frciuent, and it ill be a
i year of great depression of trade.
iund great
jwverty and
among the lower classes
of the
Are You Gent; Tas'.
joran.s l u?s aua a.i'.. 1. tHif.".3 is
i Sou'.boru Oregon as cheaply as by a:iy
! other route. The Xorthera IVcilic
I ., , . - , t i .
runs lliroujh trasus from Portland to
S: IJ"llil ll:u!J' wituout ohaiiso of cars
fin,r:-.l Piissont'er liflii Tie'it as.'nt
I ortiaml, Oresoa. or ub. I-. i.nss N.
P. Ticket ajjol.t for Sou-.hjr:i Orojron
t irst atiottiil Uaiiic, Oratits I ass, Uro.
A Peculiar Freak in Beli-jiou.
From the or-.CAm Jvvur-ial.
is it family in En-jen.? who bc-
ioi to quv-r eiiious sec:, mt;
work six yours and teen rest the sev
enth year. They are now o"h tht oil
year, resting the seventh year. They
ditler from a jro d many other poople
of the class, who rssuho that "the
world owes them a living." nd who ,.. . ti. i u
e0 out 0f tho house iu the dav time,
Uov anvl uv , hci.
dweUi Thcdwnaw ahvt.vs kept
for only a minute, he Uk4is the woman
; in. Tlioy tako a bath throe times
j d,a" n'"1 ,,hr? imos ovor-v; Shl-
v., uui iwumew mvruiis uv
In tho last-clause. Brother Kinctiid.
do you refer to tho -baths? If so we
disagree with you. The averago mor
tal is not prone to an over indulgm
in this sort of thing- and any person
who is willing to make himself a mar
tyr to six baths a 'day, and thereby
raise the average of ablation, oujjht to
bo erowno'l with laurels.
I.gnl Blanks for ato at this ofiico.
Nq More Back Ache
II I r Jk Bi EJ a H M f Jf.'. I
i ici si h lev -v jwt
G 9 GF
Muller, The Grocer.
& Long Pull
AXI) A Steady Pull
. Is what gets tp
In alU lines xf Business.
These are the hind of Pulls we are . ;
f . making, and maKnglhem win.
A Good Article
Our Groceries are Prime Articles and
Saleable. In Gent'a Furnishing Goods
We lead .'em all:
Puller, The Grocer,
Raw Line cf Spring Goods,
. all Colors. Ladies', Missss' and Children's Hosiery.
Hansook,- Dimity,
Orgasdia, Swiss, Victoria Lawns,- - Irish Linen.-
It costs i-ou call in
uur mo:io, .an, sun "luts
CranMl &
Formerly Grand Centra!
Best Gccommodations in '&a& Oil
Ratss Reasonable.
Whea you "can get it
hatid-cie-do'.vn suits?
j thc CO.oj:-ca of the liver-and kidnevs.
j T1k iiis o.' :i'e raake but little imprvs-
: u--ou .:.-s.- note atreiion is good.
i ou can iv-raiase your liver and kid-
neys wtth Dr. J. II. McLean "s Liver
ana Kidney Balm. $1.00 per!e
For sale by"W. H. Parker & Son.
Boot am loo Mtsi;
o o o Can be found nrxt door to
o o . o . Wilkinson's meat market.
Ladies' St yhsh Button Boots,
o o o Latest styles in Oxford and
o o o Southern ties. Heavy "up to
date" men's shoes, also full o o o
stoch of "children's wear o e c
re-sistins schend shoes........ o o o
Cnsloni fori ana Eepairiiij
promptly attoudetl to.
Photographers and Enlargsrs;
All kinds of rhotoirmphic worlr eXeeuieiin
llrst-ciass style.
Hamlin Block, - Mewford, Oregon'
All rersmshavtni claims acainst theestateoj
H:rlnirai;;rich. deceased, are hervbv notilleilto
present the same, with the ironer Touchers, to
mo at Moufonl, Oreia, within six mouths
mnu mis uaio.
Medforvl, Oregon, March I. 1SS4.
WnajaM Ui KtX'ii
Administrator of the estate of Bar Lor
Vlrieh, deceased. .
Land OfHee at Koseburg", Oresron. Feb. r, 1S1H.
Nolle Is-hereby given thut the mllowim?
named settlor has nletl notice of his intention
to make rtnnl trtKf in svtmwt of his -claim
and that snhi proof will be made' befoit
the judge or county clerk of Jackson couutv,
uresu, at jacKsonvuie, lrei;on, oa Saturday,
Atiril 14, isil. vis: Fortunatus Hubbanl. Jr., ou
llomcsteud Kntrv No. NSi, for the N 4 of SW u
und E ,4 of NW H. Section 8 Township SI s,
Kano 2 F.ast.
He nnmes the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of. said land, viz; Henry A. Sutton, James U.
Edh'erton. Levi Sutton and William F. lag
Karl, all of Leeds, Jackson county. Orepoa.-.M-V-A-13
Jon 1L Ships, leuister.
A SaleableArticle.
Ladies' Gloves, Black and
: We have anything you want in
3 Linoa, Pirn -
and see our large stock of goods
tue nail on the head.
Hutchison, :
Only white help employed.
M. PtTHEIN, fro;.
. - Xot get your CLOTHIXG
than, you can bay- ready n;ade,
-r FOR" s
Including FIVE Gate Ticksls
J-rom San Francisco toother i-oints in' Calfc.
io, 5airtetsarthe Mowing rVund:
i.?IvL- "" "lcr ,so mills from
!-an b ranciseo. one and one-third one-way far
lo stations ,s0 milen or more frcm San Frac
Cisco, oueaudoae-flHh one-way late. .
For exact rates and full information inonire of
- ' W . Y. i.m-ESivr'r.
, , Asem at Med.'otd. Ore.,
or address the undersigned H
l-en. Trartc Mauas?r. lien. I'ass'r. Aj'U
Sax Fkaxcisco, Cau
K. P. RocpK, A, g. F. & P. AE't.,
-.Portland, Ore,
" " w Mitoweii t: i f i r ..r - .
In "the Circuit Conrt of the State ol" Ore'con.
for the County of Jackson
Isaac M. Muller, Flauitiit, . vs. George B.
- bloomer Defendant. . .
Taiut0" K' Bloomor' ie above-named Defend
you aie hereby roouired to appear and answer '
tho complaint flled apainst 'jou in the abor
eutitled action hy the Urst day of the next ree
ular term of the circuit court in Jacfcson County.
Ormron, to-wit: The second day of April. ltSM:
,ai,'u.'2",0.ans,vr- toE thereof,"
th Plaintiff will take judgment against you for
One Huudred and Thirty Three Dollars and
Thirty-Three Cents, and Twenty Dollars attor
neys fees aud for the costs and disbursement
m this action. .. .
This Summons is pubiished in The MiDFORn
Mail order of Hon. H. K. Kanna, Judge o
said Court, made oa the 4ath day ol February, .
. W. H". Pikui.
I l-m-3g Attorney for Plaintiff