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    You were looking'
for a prlater who buys all the latest and
bent ueaigns in type, borders, ornaments,
etc., and has the Uute to use them in
bill heads letter-beads, advertisements,
circulars, posters, and all kinds of mer
cantile printing.
well his goods. ' We are told that "goods well
- bought are half sold." A half sold article is
no good on earth to either customer or mer
chant. An advertisement in The Mail will
THE MAIL has one who attends strictly
supply the other half.
to that sort o' business. TY HIM.
NO. 3.
Is the business man who o
A. o. U. w. Ixxltre No. 98, meets every rst
and third Wednesday In the month at 8 p. m.
In their hall in the opera block. Visiting
t rentiers invited to attend.
N. A. JACOBS, M .W;,
cBO. F. MEBRTjrAX, JJecorder.
W. K. C Chester A. Arthur Corns No.
meets second And fourth Thursday's of each
month at i o'clock p. m., at G. A. K. hall, in
uaa h e lows uuiiamg.
Mas. w. K. Davis, Pros.
Miss Ida Redden. Seo.
K. of P.--Talism&n lodga No. 31, meets M in
day evening at 8 p. m. Visiting brothers al
ways welcome. Geo, F. Merkixak, C. C.
J. A. McLeou, K. of K, and S.
I. O. O. F. Lodsre No. 83. meets In I. O. O. F.
hail every Saturday at at 8 p. in. Visiting
orotners always welcome.
W. F. Shawver, N. G.
I. A. Meriumas, Rec. ,Sec
I. O. O. F. Kogue River Encampment. Ledge
No. 30, meets in I. O. O. F. hall the second and
fourth eunesdays of each month at a p. m.
T. W. JoaMsoN, C. P.
A. O. TTlOHOUO:?, Scribe.
Olive Roekah lodge No. 2S. meets in I. O.
O. F. hall first and third Tuesdays of each
month. Visiting sisters invited to attend.
Mrs. Cora Lyon, N. G.
Miss. Della Pickeu Rec See
A. F. & A. M. Meets first Friday on. or be
fore full moon at S p. m., in A. O. U. W. hall.
' E. P. Geary, W. M.
W. V. Ltppiscott, Sec. Sec
ii. A. R Chester A. Arthur Post No. 47,
meets in G. A. R. hall every second and fourth
Thursdays in each month at 7:30 p. m.
S. H. Hour, Com.
J, W. MtXiT-er. Arljt.
10.8 T. Meets Tuesday night at 7 p. m.
at A. O. U. W hall.
E. A- Johnson, c, t.
J. C. Elder, Rec. Sec
W. C. T. TJ. Meets at Presbyterian church
on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each
Mrs. Rose DeGroot, Pres.
Mrs. L. L. Angle, .Sec
Young People's Reading Circle Tuesday even
tag ef each week, under the auspices of the
Eptrorth League.
P. A. I. TJ. L. L. Polk lodge No. 865, meets
every Saturday at S p. m. N
J. H. Smith, Pres.
Christian I'hurch s. P. Grant, pastor. Reg
vlax servicesevery Lord's day at U a. m. Sun
day school at 10 a. m. Y. P. S. C.-E. meeting
every Sunday evening at 6:30. Preaching the
llrst and third Lord's days at 11 a. m. and 7:30
S. m. Pastor's residence, room eight second
oor Odd Fellows' building. Prayer meeting
every Thursday evening, in the church.
Methodist Episcopal Church E. S. Craven,
pastor. Services every Sunday morning and
evening at usual hours for church services.
Epworth League meets at 6:30 p. m , Sunday.
Sunday school at 10 a. m. Prayer meeting
Thursday evening. Pastor's residence on 0
street, one block South of Mail office.
" Preibytjnan Church Rev. A- S. Foster, pas
tor, reaching at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. bun
day school at 10 a. m. Y. P. S. C. K-, 6:15 p. m.
Junior Endeavor Society at 3 p. m- Sunday.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday evening at 7
Baptist Church T. H. Stephens, pastor.
Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Prayer meeting every Wednesday even
ing. Sunday school at W a. m-
Hethodist Episcopal Ctfurch South Rev. w.
J. Fenton pastor. Services every first and
fourth Sera days of each month. Sunday
school every Sunday at 3.-00 p. ax.
! Medford, Oiegon.
Office Residence, Corner C and Ninth Streets.
Practice in all Courts.
Mining, Corporation and Commercial Law
ana Collections, is pec Lai attention given to
business of non-residents.
Notary Pcblic, Medford, Oregon.
' MedlbTd. Ore.
Will practice ia all courts of state or V. S
spffice Bank Building.
Medford, Or
Office in banfcbufiding, Medford, Or
of title in Jackson county.
'- Medford, Oregon.
Rexldeuee, (ofaer B and Fifth streets.
Lionel R. -.Tebster. Austin S. Hammond
Office L.O. O. t, Uding. " Medford, Or
y : " Medford, Or
Offieer Rooms2and jt, O. O building.
j,b. ;it.
Office in Childers Block,
Medford, Or
P. GEARY, - ,
OSce-ECor. C and Seventh sts.. Medford, Or
i Makes specialty of first-class work at reason
's OfDce In Opera House,- Medford, Or.
Has nermaneutlv located in Medford for the
practice of dentistry. From a continued prac
tice of over 14 years. I am prepared to guaran
? tee entire satisfaction.
V1VC uiv m vaiif wm - r
antlaatinv two box" cf env other brand. Null
Nails, Locks, Blocks,
.f Saws, Files, Hammers,
Stoves:; ,
, . Heaters Plain or Fancy,
k "Famous Bridge Beach" make.
; Wash Boilers, Pails,
Pans, Coffee Boilers,
Miners' Supplies:-
Powder, Fuse, Picks,
Steel Shovels, Pans.
I. .X. L. and 0. V.
Carving and Table Sets.
l "New Club" Shot Shells,
1 Powder,. Shot, Wads,
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges.
Paints: -
-. ' Lead, Oils, Varnishes,
"Sherwin - Williams' ' Paints.
Plows and Harrows: -
Black Land, Canton Clipper,
Oliver Chilled and Steel.
can be readily and cheaply solved by doing business with us,
Corner C and Seventh Streets, - - - , - - Medford, Oregon.
Iwl Wn
spBRIS &
New Owl, New
and EGGS
Mr Legate will T-e pleased to wait
Free Delivery.
. o o o o o o o o o
Garpets, Pasar, oerfaias,
ft Piw.
Yi AT J ! . V:
Vice Pres.
Jackson County Bank.
CAPSTAL, - $50,000 Bedford, Oregon
Loan money on approved security, receive deoosits subject to check,
and transact a general banking business on the most favorable terms.
JCYour Business Solicited.
Ladd & Bush, Salem. Anglo-California Bank, San Francisco.
Ladd 8c Tilton, Portland. Corbin Banking Co., K. Y
Prescriptions -:- Carefully -Compounded.
Main Street . - - - - Medford Oregon.
J. W.
Order Work Given Special Attention.
Partiee wanting
of any kind will find them in stock
0. W. SKEEL & SON,
Agents for tht) Sugar Pine Door and
B. Pocket,
Man, New Prices.
Giye ns'yonr
Mar ani sec
Iiat yen 8t in
e Defy
cn Prices
ani Gusls.
upon you as he did at the anvil
Medfohd, Oregon.
ioWlsialois, Ses, Piotures.
Picliire Framlnif a Specialty.
" G. H. HASKIXS, Prop'r.
Pure D.ugs, Pntcnt Medicines, Boots,
.IjSTTS and oils,
Tobaccoes. Clgrars, Perfumery, Tollc-t Articles and
EverythliKf that Is carried In u 6rst
Lumber Company,, Ore.
the leading real estate
agents of Medford, are still
Blicing off the
to suit their customers,
bottom land for $30
A 1
acre. Good
lor from ?la to $25 per acre. "Wo
buvo a flno list of farm and
City Property
at your own price and on your
own terms. Write to us for in
formation, . HAMILTON &, PALM.
The Fashionable
Shoe Dealer
and Maker.
Latest styles in men's shoes, Indies4
buuon buoU and
Children wear-resbtinff shoes, cus
tom work and repairing promptly
attended to. Opposito Poslotllce,
Sliawver & licMsoi,
Wc'arc prepared to (rive e&timatc oa any
building frum a waodsbo(l to a slate ciip'.toi.
Alt work in nur line guarrantced first clu
in every respect.
Medford, - Orcjron.
If Anybody
Should Ask You
tor a plaoe Id sicdford where tlioy
Boos and SIious Eesairel
Yon voal'l naturally tell theni
g! C. Noble's
Ucause that jroj know his vor;
i !
Is r.rstuaj anU uara:ilri to
beju-itaA hi customers vexai. ii
East Seventh St., MeUford. -!
I 1
Vour Best CIrl
fraxed !nm oar window ye? tor
tiay for iwi!.ty miuulcs. Sh
vXt look lag hi
Engagement Rinq;s,
bat wonUm't hnv yuu Unnw It
lor t? w:r'.d. Tie riv ro
eerainly Ktv1t. but we cuinot
un iheia all. Wc elecUHl oar.
years ayo.
Have You.
e! re led yours?
Seventh Street, Medford, Oregon.
prompt amrwer and an honest opinion, writ to
MINNA CO.. who bare had ncarlrilhy vaiV
ciporienoj in the patent busine. Conininnica
tlonantrirtiy onnnd.-ntlnl. A Handbook of In
form at Ion conccrrnrur I'nlrntit and bow to ob
tain tbem sent, f nn. AIdo a cntaloguo of mcdiatv
ical and Klcntlfle bnokn sent freo.
Patents tAken tbroucb Mann ft Co, rocelT
enectal notice In tho Sfirotifir Anirrlrnn, and
tuna ora broueht widely bcloretbe public with
out cost to the inrcntor. Thia aDlcndtd paper.
iscud weekly, elesrantly illustrated. ba br tax tho
lamest ctrculatloQ of any scionudc work In lb
world. S'd a year. Sample oopio sent freo.
Bulldlny Kdltion. monthly, rifiO a year. Hmnlo
coplo. ri. centa. Every number contains beau
Uxnl plates, in colors, and photographs of now
houses, witb plana, enabling Duildera to show the
latet dfulcns and secure contracts. Addreas
MUNN k CO, M:w Vouk. atfl BuoauwAT.
Notieo is hereby civen. that under and pursu
ant to n orui-r of llie Cinty Ct.urt of tlio coun
ty of JtieUwn, in tho State of Oregon, duly
made and entered of record on fie fih day of
Dt;cumber. A. l.. l. nut.hnri7.lnff itml empow
ering ine so to do. I. too utuU rslned, Kttu linr
hart, puunitaa of the persons and estate of
C'laru May Eurh:irt. .luuelta Knrhnit, WiliUm
Cluroneo Kiirhurt, Frank I.osiif Karliart. An
nie Klizuboth Knrhnrt uml Samuel I. Knrhart,
minors, snnll from und after-the liith day of
Fobniury. A. U., IStfl, pmceeil to sell the South
twenty acres of the following described reul
estate, to-wit:
Commencing nt a point one ehnin and eltrhty
three links north of the northeast corner of Do
nation Land Claim number fnrty-tlve. in tonrn
shlp thirty-seven south, of ran?e one west of
the Willamette Merfdun. iu the ecu my of Jaek
son.andhtate of Oregon, and rnuulnff thence
west from said Point parallel xiUi the south
line of Donation Land Claim number forty-lour
of suid township and raiifJic, eleven chains and
twenty .our links, more or less, to the center of
tho county road; thence north twenty-six de
crees und Uiirty mluuirs west. nlor.K the center
line of snid road twenty-two chains und tweuty
ono links to the east corner of a one aero lot;
thence south sixty three deprees and thirty
minutes west thno chains and sixteen links;
thenee north twenty-six decrees and thirty min
utes west three chains and sixteen litikh; thence
north sixty-threo decrees and thirty mtuutes
east three chuins and sixteen links to the cen
ter or wid county rouu und north corner of
said eniMiere iol, thence north twenty-six de
grees and thirty minutes west along tho cunter
of said county road twentyot:o chains und
thirty-lour links: thence north seventy-two de
grees and thirty minute east fifty -one chains
and slxty-iwo links to the east line of suid do
nation land cluim number forty-four; thenco
south on said east hue twenty-nine chains and
twenty-live links to the southeast corner of the
extreme east part of said lust mentioned dona
tion land claim; thence west sixteen chains
and seventy-five links; thence south twenty
eitrht chains and seventeen links to the place
of commencing, belonjjinjr to my said wards,
fsubjeet to the dower riKht of the nnid Ktta
Karhart therein, which will also be released
sHbjeet to conlirmatlon of said county court, at
private sale on tbu premises for one-third of
the purchase price thereof in cash at time of
sulo and the remainder of said purchase price
at any time within three years from date of
such sulo with interest, thereon from dale of
sale at the rate of not less than elht er cent,
per annum arid ull deferred payments to be
secured by mortgage on the real estate mo sold.
Ktta Eahiiaut.
Otiardian o( the persons and estate- of the
above named minor.
An Antl-CIjrarette League The Receiver
of a Portland Hunk Found to lie an ex
Convlct One Man Uulda Up Six Cltl
sens of Fowler A Guard A.phyxlated.
Tho qncstion of licensing meat ped
dlers is agitating Walla Walla, Wash.
Yamhill county, Or., has a population
f noarly 15,000 and but three persons
on the pauper list.
Chinese from over the border to tho
Dumber of about 20 have, it is Eaid,
made their appearance in San Diego.
Gunsmith Barker of Engene, Or., has
invented a devico which automatically
shoots and kills animals when they are
Tho damage to citrus fruit in South
ern California is not as great as was
i eared. Tho growers are beginning to
get over their fright.
Miss Lizzie Bartlett of Snmas, Wash.,
is only about 14 jars old, but one man
has been shot and another is to be
hanged on her account.
. The faculty of the Oregon state uni
versity has passed a rule prohibiting
students from entering or frequenting
billiard halls and skating rinks.
It is understood at Mare island that
Secretary Herbert has ordered all ves
sels at the yard repaired without delay,
including the monitor Mouadnock.
Opportunities to tunnel Folsom are
being sought by miners since the discov
ery that the Chinese have been surrep
titiously at work extracting gold in the
sand. . '
Santa Rosa has begun a systematized
method to relieve distress in that town.
A benovolent association has been
formed and a storeroom, as a point of
distribution, has been secured to place
the food, fuel and clothing.
Whilo Charles L. Baker, a young man
from Clucago, was on the levee near the
Santa Fe depot at Los Angelas, two men
threw him down and robbed him of $100
in money, a gold watch and cintin and
tickets worth from $JO0 to $300.
Two routes for the Fresno and Mon
terey road are being surveyed between
Fresno and Firebaughs. 43 miles west.
One line of the surrey will pass through
Madera, the .other goes direct. As soon
as both are completed one will be de
cided upon.
G. Friedman, a well-to-do farmer liv
ing six miles south of Oolvillo, Wash.,
discovered concentrated lye in the hay
he was feeding to his catile. About a
dozen of them left their food, foamed at
the month and afterward disgorged.
This led to the discovery.
The body of a man was found on the
Colorado desert a few days ago. and it
is thought to be that or S." W. Pratt cf
Kan Franrjjco, who wa seen last in that
part of the desert where the body was
found, and although sick at the time re
fused assistance. The man had been
dead several months.
Six men were held np by a robber at
Fowler, Fresno county, the other night.
The fellow said he was Morel, Chris
Evans partner, and for a time it was
believed. Later it waa learned that the
highwayman was a local desperado and
not the man who anaisied JSkucs to es
cape. An anti-cigarette league is being
formed among the boys in the schools
of San Francisco. The board of educa
tion started the movement. Dr. Gin
ton says ful!y 50 per cent of the school
boys of the city are addicted to the
cigarette habit and that they are stupe
fied with nicotine. Cigarette tmoking,
the doctor says, ruins the boys physi
cally and mentally.
Banker Bush at Salem, Or., has given
an order for a piece of ordnance with
which to "do up' any set of men who
may take a notion to come the James
act on the bank of Ladd & Bush. The
new weapon is a magazin6 Winchester
shotgun. It will hold six shells loaded
with buckshot, and the six loads can be
emptied as quickly as out of a self-cocking
six-shooter. The gun is to be cut off
so that the barrel will be but about 18
inches long.
Timothy Donovan, who had been in
the Stanford employ for over 10 years,
was asphyxiated the other night. He
guarded the tomb in which the remains
of the senator rest. He had a little sen
tinel box, in which he kept a small pan
of charcoal to warm the place., and it is
presumed that while resting in his nar--row
box ho fell asleep, and the place be
ing practically airtight was soon filled
with the deadly fumes that caused his
Andrew Brechtel, a potato peddler
who lives at Oak Park near Sacramento,
has been arrested on charges of steal
ing. It has been found that he stole
from barns and warehouses large quan
tities of baled hay, potatoes, farming
implements, wagon wheels, carpenters'
tools, harness and other articles, all of
which have been found secreted in a
shed at his place. Brechtel has a wife
and five small children, who are in des
titute circumstances. The children are
wearing shoes his wife had made from
discarded felt hats which she had picked
np. .
The history of Lionel Stagge, receiver
of the suspended Oregon Rational bank
of Portland, has been published in a
nowspaper article. The article states
that the records of the circuit court
show that on Dec. 17, 1883, Stagge, un
der the name of A. J. Waterhouse, was
sentenced to one year's imprisonment at
the state penitentiary at Salem on the
cliHrge of forging a namo to a $35 oheck.
After serving his sentence Stagge re
turned to Portland. He was appointed
national bank examiner last fall, and
when the Oregon National bank closed
a few weeks ago was made receiver by
Comptroller Eckels. Stagge admits the
charges, but is very reticent regarding
his life before coming to Portland.
Since his return to Portland Stagge has
lived an upright, honorable life. Much
sympathy is expressed for him and his
wife, whom he married a year ago,
. Bucklen'a Arnica Salve.
The best salvo in the world for cuts
bruises, sores, ulcors, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and nil skin eruptions, and posi
tively ouros piles, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to give porfect satis
faction or money refunded. Price 25c
per box. For sale by G. H. Haskins.
Forsale by G. H. Haskins, Medford.
Specialties in glasswaro at tho Seor
ond Hand Store.
The very latest toe and tip in a
adiea" fine shoe at Angle & Plyujale's.
The Hawaiian Tre.ident Criticise Cleve
land' Policy.
President Dole, in his reply to tho re
quest of Minister Willis for tho surren
der of the provisional government of
Hawaii and the restoration of tiie mon
archy, criticisos President Cleveland
rather pointedly:
"While we accept ths decision of the
president of tho United States declining
further to consider the annexation prop
osition as the final conclusion of the
present administration, we do not feel
inclined to regard it as the last word of
the American gowrmnent upon this
"We shall therefore continue the pro
ject of political union with the United
States as a conspicuous feature of bur
foreign policy, confidently hoping that
sooner or later it will be crowned with
success to the lasting benefit of both
countries. "
"The additional portion of your com
munication referring to our domestic
affairs with a view of interfering there
in is a new departure in tho relations of
the two governments.
"We do not recognize the right of the
president of the United States to inter
fere in our domestic affairs. Snch right
could be conferred upon him by the act
of this government, and by that alone,
or could bo acquired by conquest. This
I understand to be the American doc
trine conspicuously announced from
time to time by the authorities of your
Dole then revfows tho causes which
led to the revolution and to the state
ments that the question was to be re
ferred to Washington. This latter
statement, he says, has no foundation in
"If your contention that President
Qevehmd believes that this government
and the ex-queen have submitted their
respective claims to the sovereignty of
this country to the adjudication of the
United States is correct, then, may I
ask. when and where has the president
held the court of arbitration? This
government has had no notice of the
sitting of such a tribunal and no oppor
tunity of presenting evidence of its
President Dole goes on to state that
they were unaware, until the publica
tion of Secretary Ores ham's letter to
President Cleveland, that American in
terference was contemplated, and con
demns the methods of Blount in taking
"My position is briefly this: If the
American forces illegally assisted the
revolutionists in the establishment of
the provisional government, that govern
ment is not responsible for their wrong
doing. -
In behalf of my government I respect
fully protest against the usurpation of
its authority as suggested by the lan
guage of your communication.
"I am instructed to inform you, Mr.
Minister, that the provisional govern
ment of the Hawaiian Islands respect
fully and unhesitatingly declines to en
tertain the proposition of the president
of the Tinted States that it should sur
render its authority to the ex-queen.
Koscoe Parker, a lo-year-old negro,
was lynched at West Union, O.. for the
murder of an aged couple named Rhine.
William Gay, aged CO: his son John,
aced 30 and half-witted, and J. G. Bar
ton were lynched at Russell. Kan., for
the murder of Frederick Dinning.
Charlie Bennett, the famous catcher
of the Boston champion baseball club,
was run over by a Santa Fe passenger
train at Wellsrille, Kan,, and both his
legs were cut olf.
Governor Markham has virtually par
doned Anthony Mendoca. who was sent
from San Francisco in ISM to San Qaen
tin for eight years. Mendoza is dying
with consumption.
At Yuma. A. T., 14 tramps, convicted
of burning coal and ties belonging to the
Southern Pacific Railroad company,
have been sentenced to pay $100 fine or
serve 100 days each in jail.
Governor Markham has denied a par
don to CharlA Weiger. the Sacramento
merchant who was convicted of obtain
ing goods under fcdse pretenses and sen
tenced to one year's imprisonment.
Hydrick and Shepherd, the two men
confined in the county jail at Parsons,
Kan, charged with robbing the Frisco
passenger train at Monud Valley, have
made a confession. Shepherd admits he
is tho man who killed express messenger
A Burlington train was held up near
St. Joseph, Mo., by five masked men.
They entered the mail and express cars
and took all the registered packages in
the former and all packages in the safe
in the latter and made good their escape.
At St. Louis the bodies of Steve K
Wilsko and Josie Stevenson were foraid
in a room at a lodging house. Both had
been murdered. Seven shots were fired
in the room, but no one heard any re
ports. There is no clue to the mur
derer. A sensation has been created by tho
arrest of Professor R. C 'Hartshorn,
principal" of the Newcastle (Pa.) high
school on the charge of attempting to
murder Alda and Maggie Robinson with
chloroform. It is alleged a criminal op
eration had been performed on Alda and
her child cremated in a kitchen stove,
and that Hartshorn attempted a double
murder to conceal the crime. A promi
nent physician, said to be implicated,
has fled.
Edwin M. Field, son of the late Cyrus
W. Field, was released from the insane
asylum at Buffalo and taken to New
York to stand trial for ruining his stock
firm by forging stock certificates and
engaging in fraudulent financiering. He
was arrested, adjudged insane and was
sent to Buffalo for treatment under the
order of the superior court two" years
ago. He is under many indictments
and the bail aggregates $400,000. His
crookedness ruined his millionaire
father, who died shortly after the pre
liminary hearing of his son.
Sick Headache and a sensation of
oppression and dullness in the head,
are very commonly produced by indi
gestion: morbid despondency, "irrita
bility und over sensitiveness of tho
nerves may, in a majority of eases, be
traced to the same cause. . Dr. J. H;
McLeans Liver ond Kidney Balm and
Pillets will positively owns. For sale
by W. H. Parker & Sons, ....... ..
You wander how Crwnfill & Hutch
isot sell good, solid goods so cheap? It
is very simple. We buy for cash and
discount pur bills, and sell for Qash.
Cash talks evory time,
tpipertaat New. of All Kind. Boned
Down and Arranged for Kolj People.
All laperflnoiu Words Removed and
the Kuenee of the Hen Preserved.
The Chinese at Boise, Idaho, refuse to
Register. -'
Mrs. J.' EL Emmet, widow of "Fritz"
Emmet, was married at Albany, N. Y.,
to . W. B. Mix of Albany. ;
Los Angeles is to canvass the city to
ascertain and relieve the wants of the
unemployed who are in distress.
English stockholders propose to reor
ganize the Bear Valley Irrigation com
pany in San Bernardino county.
Heavy rains and swollen rivers tfre
causing damage in the Puget Sound dis
trict and in the Palouse country. '
The Duval club of Jacksonville has
deposited tho $20,000 purse for the Cor-bett-Mitchell
fight in a bank of that
Numerous landslides and washouts of
railroad tracks are reported as a result
of the recent heavy rainfall along the
Schaefer defeated Ives by one point in
a recent 600-point billiard game at Chi
cago. It vas one of the finest contests
ever seen in this country.
The Brazilian insurgents seem to be
rapidly losing ground. The Washington
authorities expect their entire collapse
within a few days.
In a railroad accident at Hackensaclc
bridge, near Jersey City, on the Dela
ware . and Lackawanna railroad, 15
people were killed and 25 injured.
A vigilance committee has been or
ganized at Gridley, CaL, for protection
against orange thieves. The rascals
have raided some of the fine orange trees
there lately.
The town of Mullan, Ida., narrowly
escaped being carried away by a snow
sUde. Several miners' cabins were
crushed and Cornelius McVey and John
Lyon were killed.
In a two days rabbit hunt at Lamar,
Colo., 4,200 were killed. The highest
individual score was 100. The game was
shipped to Denver and Pueblo to be dis
tributed among the needy.
Calvert and Hennon Fleming, two no
torious outlaws, for whom the state of
Virginia offered a reward of $3,000, were
"rilled in the West Virginia mountains
by officers. Two of the latter were fa
tally wounded.
A plan for the reorganization of the
Nicaragua canal has been agreed upon
by the stockholders. A new company
will be created with a capital of $18.
000,000, and it will own the assets of the
present company.
George Stevens, heretofore in good
standing at Leadville, Colo., has been
arrested for burglary. He was identi
fied by an 8-year-old girl, who picked
him from eighteen men. Stevens was
married a week ago to a girl of good
Creditors of the late Archbishop Pur
cell at Cincinnati held a meeting', at
which a letter was read from Monsignor
Satolli, saying the propaganda at Rome
could give no relief. Thi-- brought forth
furious denunciations of Catholicism
and its ecclesiastics.
The crew of the M. P. Grace, which
sailed from San Francisco and has just
reached Kew York, complain of the
brutil treatment of the second mate,
named Leta, who escaped from the ves
sel before the crew could secure his ar
rest, so as to have him punished.
County Clerk O'Connor of Garfield
county. Neb., was defeated at the No
vember election by one vote and when
his successful opponent attempted to
take possession of the office O'Connor
changed the combination of the safe lock
and refuses to open it until his contest
for the office is ended.
Employes of the Srata Fe from La
Junta, Colo., have informed Governor
Waite they have received no salary
since last October, and many of the men
and families are on the verge of starva
tion. The wages for November and De
cember, they say, have been promised at
different times, but in every instance
the pay failed to come.
The state board of examiners of Cali
fornia has decided to allow no more
bounty chums for coyote scalps. The
amount of coyote claims approved by
the board since the passage of the act to
and including Sept. 80, 1S93, when the
board refused to audit any more claims,
is $190,275. Amount of warrants
drawn, $1ST,445: outstanding certifi
cates, $2,&9. The claims unapproved
amount to $113,800.
Constable Marion Childers of Fresno
has seen Evans and Morel. They saw
him and also shot at him. Childers went
out to 'capture the bandits. He was
friendly with them, they supposed. He
met them several times and had ar
ranged a plan whereby the outlaws were
to be surrounded and captured. The
bandits became suspicious or were in
formed of Childers' connection with the
llierifTs office, and when tho latter was
Driving out to meet Morel he was shot
at from the roadside. One of Childers
horses was killed and a bullet went
through ills coat.
A dead man was found in a bed of
burning cinders at Clifton. W. Va. He
is thought to be Henry Waltonbrinci of
Coal Valley, Allegheny county. Pa. He
was suffocated by gas, having fallen
Into the fire while going to the ferrv.
This bed of firo is ou the site of the old
Clifton nail works and is an acre in ex
tent and 10 feet thick, with a thin crust,
through which the flakes burst out and
light up the town ax night The gas
from it makes life a burden to the in
habitants. It has been burning since
last April, having been started by the
great conflagration then. Another
stranger narrowly escupod death these
later. All efforts to quench the fixe
have failed. . . ,
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Monday, Jan. S. fc
The Hawaiian question was under dis
cussion all day. Hoar, Chandler and
Frye, the Republican leaders, were per
sistent in demanding that full light be
thrown on the president's policy.
Tuesday, Jan. 9.
An effort to Tiring up the Hawaiian
question was defeated. The federal-election
bill was called np, but as no one
was ready to speak on the bill it went
over to next week. ;
Wednesday, Jan. lO.
' Delay in the construction of public
buildings was discussed. Davis of Min
nesota spoke on the landing of marines
at Honolulu. He supported Harrison
and Stevens. ' .-.
Thursday, Jan. 11.
Davis completed bis speech and the
federal election bill was reported from
Friday, Jan. 12., .
A resolution inquiring of tho secre
tary of the treasury from what sources
outside the federal treasury the gold
coin of this country was increased $88,
000,000 during the fiscal year 1893. A
number of nominations were confirmed
in executive session. Adjourned to
Monday, Jan. S-
The Democrats secured a quuiuiu and
the tariff bill was taken np, after a hot
fight by Boutelle to have Hawaiian res
olutions considered. Debate on the
tariff uH ' was limited to SO minutes.
Wilson made the opening address. Ex
Speaker Reed led the opposition.
Tuesday. Jan. .
- Wilson resumed his speech on the
tariff bin. His speech was frequently
applauded by the Democrats. Burrows
of Michigan replied to Wilson. Black
of Illinois spoke in favor of the bill and
Hopkins from the same state opposed it.
The debate was continued at the even
ing session.
After a lively tilt on BouteHe'8 Ha
waiian resolution, consideration of ths
tariff bill was resumed. Johnson of
Ohio arraigned the Democratic policy.
DalzeU of Pennsylvania followed John
con. A night session, was held.
ThandST, Jan. 11. ,
After, routine business was disposed
of, the tariff discussion was resumed.
Breckinridge of Kentucky, Dingley of
Maine and Springer were the principal
Friday. Jan. IS.
A resolution for the appointment of a
joint commission to inquire into the per
sonnel of the navy was passed. Jerry
Simpson spoke on the tarH nn He
created considerable applause by exhib
iting a tattered old overcoat which ho
bought from a farmer. It was a cheap
shoddy coat, and Simpson said it was
a product of protection and minima of.
favored free trade.
. Cockran of New York made a briB-
iant speech in support of the Wilson
bilL This ended the general debate on
the measure. This week amendments
win be introduced and debate limited to
Bland's hQl providing for the coinage
of silver seigniorage in the treasury will
be reported favorably by the house
finance committee.
Mrs. Stevens, wife of the vice-president,
gave a luncheon in honor of M
Cleveland the other day. An the cab
inet ladies were present.
Constitutional lawyers in the houso
have declared that Minister Willis had
no authority to demand the surrender of
the provisional government. '
The senate judiciary committee de
cided unfavorably on the nomination of
Judge Hornblower of New York for
justice of the supreme court.
Ex-Commissioner Blount testified be
fore the senate committee regarding his
mission to Hawaii. Blount contended
that his appointment was perfectly
It is understood the senate commerce
committee has agreed to report unfa
vorably the nomination of Scott Harri
son, brother of ex-President Harrison,
to be surveyor of customs at Kanaaf
The ways and means committee in the
house has cut the income tax provision,
from the Wilson tariff bill, and the pro
position win be submitted to a caucus of
Democratic congressmen before it is in
troduced in the house.
Carlisle, before the senate committee
on finance, asked authority to issue
bonds at 3 per cent, running three, four
or five years. There is now a monthly
gap of about $10,000,000 between ae
ceipts and expenditures. .
The imposition of $1 per gallon on
whisky and the extension of the bond
ing period from three to eight years has
been formally agreed to by the Demo
cratic members of the ways and means
committee as a feature of the internal
revenue bill.
A large portion of the male popula
tion of Sitka have wives they have pur
chased. This is contrary to law. Mar
shal Porter of the Alaska district has
throughout the territory to at once ar
rest every white man violating the law.
As a result of which official order cear-
J ly every man on board the United States
steamer Pmta Is m &u at Sitka. Hun
dreds of other arrests are expected.
Republican leaders in the senate and
house are said to be preparing to bring
impeachment proceedings against Presi
dent Cleveland, in connection with the
Hawaiian question. One basis of the
proceedings is said to be that there
quest to the provisional 'government of
Hawaii to surrender 'and restore the
queen was in itself an act of war against
a friendly government. It is not knows
when tho proceedings will be begun. . . 4
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