The Medford mail. (Medford, Or.) 1893-1909, January 12, 1894, Page 4, Image 4

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    1 ' . V
- "
lis uiu aw?
the hills" and
never excell
ed. "Tried
and proven"
is the verdict
of niillions.
Liver Regu
lator is the
TJP I o n 1 v Liver
medicine t o
which you
can pin your
faith for a
cure.? A
in i 1 d laxa
tive, and
purely veg
etable, act-
ing directly
on' the Liver
and Kid-
- -' no vs. Trvit.
Sold by" all
Druggists in Liquid, or in Powder
-to be taken dry or made into a tea.
: The King of Ltvcr Medicines. '
u I have nsed vourSimmons Liver Regu
lator and can coiiscieneiously say it is the
.kiiur of all liver medicines. I consider it a
"medicine chest in itself. Geo. V. Jack
.SO Tacoma, Washington.
tas the Z Stamp in red ou wrapper.
Has ever been known to have the Cholera who
j &4 siiaTiug and liair cutting dono ut
Our baths are two hits each.
t Seventh street, iiedtord, Oregon.
' R. G. Bunch, Frop'r..
Vont t., "- - Medford, Oregon".
"We treat everybody with the. courts
sy which we consider due our patrons.
Our work is alb tlrst-class every line
gi specialty.
a x& w a
If too want arork that is pleasant and profitable,
fiend as vpur address imireuiately. We teach men
women hvwto rarn from .Oi) per day to
&3fiOO per yearwiihout having had previous
Experience, and ferni-ii the empio men: at which
hhey can make thai amount. otUiuir diCVruit to
learn or that requires much time. The work is
asy, healthy, ana honorable, and can be done dor
Hug'tlavtirae or evening, rijrUl in vonrown ks.-ul-tt,
wherever you live. The result of a few
libora' work often equal a week's wage.
Ve hareYauffliS thousands of both sexes aud nil
age, and manv have laid foundations xhm. will
parelv bring them riches. ome of the smartest
Tnen in iLi- c&iiniry owe their success in life to
the-start giro them while in onr employ yntri
ro. 103, render. n:v do as well; try it. You
Cannot fall. Xocipiral necessary. We fit yon on.
-with soirethinjr n:it U new, solid, and utc. A
toot brimful of advice is free to ali. Help your
self by writing for it vo-uay not to-morrow.
JelsTftrecodUy. . "
5. C'ALLEft & CO.,
E Box 420,
Th3 Best
Lht3St Running '
and rsst Durabis.
ffne oat of every ten Sewing Machines In use
.si IiTJ KVi.U sUC
Sold for cash or
pasy InstaS'msnts.
Azeots in everv connty. office for this
4tate at 3M Morrisoa street, Portland, Ore.
. 1- Sand for Catalogue,
Jobbing ca all kinds.
Plans and
estimates furnished on application
i&ck screws to fet.
i ' -V . -
o o o Serves warm Meals or eold
'a o o Lunches at all hourj and at
o o reasouaola prices, t
- Service, guaranteed llrst-ci'l.-a.
o o
t ..ii iu ay. Kit- nit- a tiiui,
Paul ScEiESiXER, Proprietor.
LaaflOfBcc at Rosntrerg, Oregon. Dec! M, t0.
Notice1 If herebv given tliut the foiiowln
- named settler Ints filed ootieo of ber iutentiou
to make.tinal proof in pnuport of br claim
nd that isiia proof will be nm.lo before'
the judge or county clerk of jacksoa cnonty;
regan, at Jacksonviijo, "Orejjou, oa Saturday,'
February 3. lkt- viz:
liGlara M. t'ro-cll, tofaierly Clara W.Stwar'J
rn bneateua entry No. i.n'5, for the e!4 ot sii,'
at see 30, tp art t, t 1 west. ' '
I She names the foljowinj wlnees to prove
8er continuous reiiBace upon and culrivnf.ioa
f, said land, vias: Jase Cotton, of Talent; Vi m.
S. Iep. Dillian K. Hill, of Medford: i'rnneis
S. SMswart" of. 1'boenix: all of Jackson county,
woe. jim i. s-hups, Kcsnsicr.
: H. r. WOOD.
flfijifenlorfiriii MliifiT
i- o
.Vyierd VisiqiiS That Load Travelers-
Astray in New Mexico.
Vast Dry Stretches of Territory Wliere
- Eron the 'llcl Ileasts Oo Ulad from
Irftck o AVatvr Stranaro Stories
ot the Plains.
One of the wiertlost of desert scenes
is toe mirage, and no more curious
stories have been told of them in recent
yeai-s than by Dean Duke, of Sau Frnn-cic-eo,
-who, assuptriatendent of a great
eatt'.e ran;re in Kcw Jlexieo, has been
mach in the saddle durinjr the hust few
months, and h:is seen many of them.
Mr. Duke, who, according' to a San
Francisco exuhange, lately arrived in
that city, tells of quaint towns beyond
the American border beinff refracted in
the skies and made to appear as actually
ernsting on the New Mexico deserts.
The towns vary in size, and the domes
of churches and of government build
ings, the stores, and all the outlines
stand out in clear view. The air is so
thin and pure that a real object fifty
miles away does not appear to be more
than five.
'In riding: over the plains I have seen
many of these strange miroges of
towns of Old Mexico," he. ''The
spires of the ehurehes. with their white
crosses, the adobe buildings and everything-
about them are complete. Riding"
at a distance one takes them for real
towns, and it is only after learning1
that there can be no such cities in the
vicinity that he gives up his idea of po
int' to them. Many men have been de
ceived by them, as they have been by
the mirages resembling" lakes.
"Xot long; ego an American named
Frank Soy bold was journeying" frem the
old town of Juarez, Mexico, to Los li
lomas, in Xew Mexico, with a lot of
merchandise. About fortv miles south
of Denting", in Chihuahua, he saw r.
beautiful lake and pulled over the plains
to gf t water for himself and team, as
both were v"?ry thirsty. II? drove for
quite a distance and still didn't appear
to sret any closer. Still the lake was
there before him in such beauty and
naturalness th:t he never thovg-et bat
it was gor.uine. and kept on. lie could
feel, as he thcug-ht, tho cool breeze
from the lake, and was encouraged to
push ahead.
"At length after goin several miles
cad geti".n;jnj closer the fut t f its be
ing" a mirage of tlur desert c.awnc-d on
him and he wheeled hid team area 2d to
get back. Uut sight eamr on before
he reached the voad- I :e pushed ahead,
thinking" to roach it anyway, ar. i thus
g-ot lost and w:.ndcrfxl around till he
could not reach the rot.d.
"He had. therefore, to star where he
was. &nd in the momif.g" he renewed lr"s
seareli. It was no use. however, lie
eould not find it, and auer v.-aaderinsf
around a pood while lender he un
hitched, his teams, left his 'T-ods. and
proceeded in the direcuon he supposed
Los r.ilouias was. Itwcs four days in i
ail before ha g-ot back, and in that time
he had"no water an.l sufTered greatly.
It was a wonder he gotthroug-h at all.
"Another case I know of occurred lact
summer. A Mexican, pot lost on the
plains, was deceived by the mirarrcs.
and went hither and thither inquest cf j
water. FinallT he was deceived l:y tkir, :
so much and had gone so lor.g
ar.vthinp to drink that be bee
uic de
lirious, and. whir;pi"fr ct
shot himself U"St tUIo!
t his revolver,
v. and in:'t?ud
'-f to;
i:U handvee.
; un:
of iiiiictinrr a fi.t".l hurt he shot
self in the leg. ISe saw the blood
mj iron it, ami in h:s criiiil conUcn
drank it as it came from the wound.
Stranc;e to sav, it revived, hinj so that
, .it. ;
he partially reepvcretl his reason, end at
last got bacK to wh
ere te ciuirt get
water and be treated.
lie eventually
"Or. the vast drv plains hearth:
ieaa birder lasl sum!r.,rr a nat many 1
eoynees went mad because there was no i
wst?r to drink. In this mail condition 1
they would bite anybody they found, j
Ta-. AT nri.- Tl W V,tV Kl.H-'liT"-On tll !
ground in' their blankets one night
when a mad coyote attacked and bit
both of them. One of the boys af ter-
wards died of hvdrophobia
from the I
coyote bite, bat ths other finally got
"There have been Several instances
of people dyinrj down there of hydro-! comfortably." I'ref. Watts ):iis rat
phobia from the bites cf tr.e mad coy- j tiesr.aites with his long-hamticd gov
otes. Rather mnre ot them have oc-
curred orcr the line of Mexico than any
where else. It was ths eacesoive dry
ness that caused the coyotes to got
crazed. At such times they are danger
ous, and one must look out for theia."
Straao 5u-i?rstilioa Anon- tlie 1'riini
tive ot ialui.
In regard to tk habitof partridjesof
flT-irT iotn cvi t vin . rind a rtontilar
superstition regarding them, an An
gasta man said to a repcrtee of the Ran-
gor (lie.) Commercial:
"One flew on our premises and was
captured. Then came up the question
whether we s,hould kill the bird or al
low it to live. At that, time there was j
a general superstition that if a part- i
ridge came to a house where a sick per- !
son lay, and the bird was killed and the
sick person ate the broth, it would of
fect a cure. There was a girl sick at
our house, and the doctors had given up
her case as hopeless. Some of the fam
ily said kill the partridge and give the
sick girl the broth. Rut the sick girl
and others were for permitting" the
partridge to live. Yve were equally di
vided, and agreed to let one of the
neighbors, whom we caw coming to the
house, decide whether the partridge
should be killed or net. lie said kill it,
and we did, and the sick girl ate the
broth and got well."
An Epileptic Colony.
It is proposed to establish an epileptic
colony near London, where epileptics of
both seres can be employed and proper
ly cared for. The lord chancellor, Rr.
Ferricr, Sir Andrew Clark,- and many
leading physicians recently addressed a
public meeting in snpiort of the plan.
Ten thousand pounds is required to
found the colonyt and over two thou
sand pounds has been quickly sub
How s Tonnft Maslclan raid Ills Doctor
When tho subject of doctors' fees is
mentioned,, a well-known physician
likes to tell the story of a young man
who was very ill and' very poor, to
whom he gave unremitting care, and
finally nursed back to health.
Before he had recovered his strength,
according to Youth's Companion, he
drairrred himself feebly to the doctor's
ofiice and endeavored to express his the sun is clearly visible in the morning
gratitude, whieh was not greater than before he arises, and likewise hi the
his erJef .bat he b'ld nothing but thanks evening after he is set.
The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. No Ammonia; No Alum.
tJsed in Millions qf Homes 40 Year $c Staafjar
Still better Wkzi
or mev
(3 ...
Zkitd arc easfy di
gested. Jbr frying,
anci ureJ (nan fard.
Gcqiuuc made only by
ST. LOU13 and
with which, to ry::y u-.oi.
"Unless," said the yoau'r m::n. hesi
tatin?rl, "you would be willing to ac
cept payment in my way."
"What i-". your way?" inquired the
doctor, with some amusement.
"I am a tnusici;n by profession." re
plied the ycu:i!j man; "I teach the llute.
and I should like to give you some les
sons upon it,"
"Ahl" exclaimed the doctor, thought
fully, "so you are a flute player. I'll
tell you," he said r.h'.a:.icuily, "I am
too busy a ri;:n to take Iwsocson the
flute, but suppc-pe you make yourself
comfortal le here in lhee!:ice while I go
rountui. anii 0iO.v oat tuo amount
vou think v: owe n:e.
Expcrieace of a tleoloist
H-.i tlil Tunnel. -
Prof. William Watts, assistant m the
field for the state mining- bureau, re
cently had. according- to ll-.e San 1'
cisco Examiner, an experience in Colusa
county that made his h-lrsiandon er.d.
"I wont to Colus-j county to examine
a quicksilver mine in company with
another gvnt'eman." hecaid, "andafier
a ride of a. few miles into the mountains
we reaeiuv. our ilcotmatioa. The nunc
had been nartirJiv d; vcionei'
1 by a tun-
'd a"ud fiftv !
aban.loneil '
rel run in about one handre
; feet, but work hud been abandontxl
I many men! lis before. We had proceed
ed but a few feet into t he inky dark
tteso of the tunnel when I, h'-ing- in the
h ad. struck a match to light c candle.
No sooner had the light Cared up than
I hcanl the warning of a ratiiesna'.ie
am! saw . big fellow tsaled up at n:y
feet rcat-y lo strike, while farther on
saw Euniercns other ;tiuirmin;r repiih.
The match dropped from my hand as I
jampcil backward several feet.
i;i-i:-t: ii7.-z-
"Another snake
had landeil tlirec
snake and fc'it i:
pre.nj- his rattle? I
y upon the second
wriggling unjler my
'flr-z-t! bz-z-t! rattled another from
the tunnel side just by my face, and the
whole pl::?e see.T.e.1 alive with the hir
riulo thi.irr-i. Thedi-i creat-eil bv their
I iuecsear.t arerry rattling" was frightful.
, e go
out ali right, but were badly
Later a narrv was formed to
exterminate the. teg nest ot snr.Kes. anu
! Ir.rge number:-, of t::rm were killed.
Tr.e unnseii tunnel was just the place
! fur there t ) spend the winter months
logical lmmmcr. out says wncn r.e
strlk'.-s a tunnel lull of them nothing
sliort of a Catling gun is of any use
A Iloton Itev Iniinlc-I Ono nod
Had It
Cut from tiln Lun?.
In the amphitheater f the Massachu
setts general hospital, Itoston, on a re-
j 1":iv r w'i
I . ' " . ....".!' .
a Globe man a little child about throe
years eld who had inhaled bean into the
lung, and on whom an operation was
performed f ir its removal. The opera
tion has proved rcuiarka'efy successful.
The bean, wliich was of tiie ordinary
size of a white bean, had been inhaled
into the right bronchus, and, as the
right lung was thus shut off from re
ceiving" its proper amount of, tie
danger of broncho-p:ieu:no!ii:i with a
fatal termination liecanre imminent and
tracheotomy was performeiL The in
cision, about an inch lonrr. was made in
the median line of the nee!;, and after
Toing through the superficial structures
of that part the trachea was reached
and incised in n vertical line. Tlie in
cision was made large enough to admit
a very long and slender pair of forceps,
whieh were carefully passed down the
trachea and into the right-bronchus.
A short distance below where the wind
pipe divides the end of the forceps
touched the bean, which was firmly
lodged. Crasping the bean with tho
forcens, tne surteon brolte oil a small
bit of the offending substance and with
drew it. Three attempts resulted in
getting only small particles. It had be
come softened, anil the soft part of the
bronchus had swollen and closed in
about it. The ne:ct attempt was more
successful. The fine teeth of the head
of the forceps buried themselves in the
substance of the bean and with
manipulation it was extracted. Im
mediate relief was experienced by the
little sufferer, and the child is practi
cally well. .
At the head of tho gulf "cf Rothnia
there is a mountain on the summit of
wliich the sun shines perpetually dur
ing tho five days Juno 19, 20, 21, 22
and 2U.
TiiEnE is a certain island in the Raltic
Sea to whose inhabitants the bodv of
n o
How a Cnlomiln ;.:iaer Ileformnd a Con
vivial Traveling Hu.
"There is u Colorado miner who is a
.new kind of a temperance reformer.
lleing the owner of mines he is enabled
to travel, and a few diiys ng-o he ar
rived in Chicago on hi way home from
Florida dust to be eccentric, snys the
Chicago News, he -bought a chameleon
clown south and had it fastened to the
cud of a liltie pohl clu:in, so that ho
could wear is as u scarf decoration. Tl;e
li:-.:irdish little reptile waa about three
inches long- and, like all of its kind,
changed the snakish color of its body
when disturbed. The owner walked
up to tho hotel bar with a traveling
man who had been "laying- over" in
Chicago three days, raising- his expense
ac :ount and other things. The traveling-man
did not see the thing- on tho
scarf until ho hail poured his drink.
Then he glared hard.
"What's that?" he asked.
"What's what?"
"That. scarf pin?"'
"I wear no scarf pin." The chame
leon fiirled its tail and crawled out on
j the lapel of the coat, as the owner
I brushed his hand toward the s -arf.
"Holy sci.-sors, jt s alive!" shouted the
traveling" man.
"What's alive?" and the miner again
brushed the little animal, which
crawled under his vest. Then he looked
down and said: "Now, do you see anything-?"
The traveling man stood, shaky ami
pale, looking- for the thing to reappear.
"No more liquor for me," said he, sud
denly, and made a rush for the elevator.
I!y the time the crowd broke intu a
laugh he was too far away to hear.
J'apal Itiflits.
The pope w,as the loser in a will case
settled the other day. The Marquis de
rieKsis-I'cllierc had made him his sole
legatee, but the natural heirs contested.
The first court, according to the report.
decided lor the pope, tin appeal 01s
holiness lost. The proem-cur genera!
maintained that the pope, as a sovereign
chief of the papacy, had no right to pos
sess property in France. If such a prin
ciple were admitted, he said, foreign
nations would lie able to acquire in
France canals, railways and land ad
joining f ort-s. llcsidea, continued the
procureur general, the pope is no longvr
r.n ordinary sovereign; his sovereignty
is of a special nature since 1ST0. lie no
longer represents other Jhan a collection !
erty viz., Christianity.
A My:cry I'.xplalnetl.
Why dies not a man weigh a pound
more kumeuiute'.y after calir.g a pourni
welfht of To.!? A little will
reailiiy this apparent mystery.
Durir.--the process of mastication, de
plntition. etc.. c-rlaiu muscles nre
broug-'et into active nlav. and t!ie cxer-
cis .f any musi-!e necessitates a
temp.irarvwa-.te of its Ueis and a I
certain amount i
of rnrb wi is ..'i minr.f r-1 I
and passes oiT during the course of t
meaL This loss, hownver. Ls triCin-
co;n:irKt wit a tun: tae t- rcspiratioa i
and per.ipi.-ntion. both of which are in
creased durirar the various i ir.s
of makiuT a meal. The leu rth of time
one my ta"ltc l, eonvjme a pound of ;
fool niakc hut little dl.Ycjvnce to i
these losses, fir if i; is eaten lcL-mi-iy i
there Ls but sli.Tht ineresuffof ro. pi
tion, whereas it it is liurrieil threagh
both ere abnormally accelerated.
Hence, by the time t::e pund is eaten,
the consumer has lost appreciably in
moisture and carbe.rie acid.
Not Vrl l i tli Scinri.
When Mauritius vcas ceded
Kritain in is'.O tlicre was a
tart'.e in r. court of the arvi!
racks at I'crt I-ouis which is s
t . Orent
:ery lar
Li'd" there.
aitUough c'.mest b"i--.' J". wciT'ci tlirec
hundred ar.d'.y pounds and stands
two feel hL'h when v-.ilkhi'g-. Its shell
is eiht and one-li .if f.-et long and it
can orrry two men on its back with
Cisc. It Ls believed to bo at least two
hundred years old.
Hjw Stalil l"hHnop(iy r::- IJcforc
tildily Girl' Arrli lyc.
Tlie sagoenamorid is not always
pleasing spc-etac'.e. for however philoso
phical a man may be. however power- ,
fill in intelic; t. ho makes himself just i
as absurd and rh'.n u'.ous when he falls i
in love as any pin-ft.alhcrc.l. downy- !
lipped undergraduate in the ranks.; -e l-o-ine.; o:: r.:ie;::pioyst t-.c!-l a
There still lives in itohemir.. says n- i :-;e oih-.-r di.y. j cy n-j-A f d
port, a woman of l.inety t whri.i the i lil1' pu'-'Me l'.! market pr..iv,-.d au 10.
great Goethe p'opo-d when she was i ine.ud,sl worl-c. C-::-' l: l'.-r my par;,
a mai.Un of r-i-vcr.tccn and he a patri- i I far we l.av? h.i-i ep.euga of this. We
areh of seventy. To the y.-iun-r-.T gen- j w u.t worl:: we aiti't paupers, an if the
eratioa it teems r.'mo .t incredible that i city lont ;;iv i:. let's g- ? out tlie i-.-.v-
one ot i.fticiae s loves couii sii-.i w nv-
iug. for the init divd more 'than sixty
years ago. The abv.irdiiy of the gifted
old man. crowned with honor ar.d fame,
falling in love with a schoolgirl and
actually prixjsin mavriage to her. in
spits f the disparity in their ages.
niter all i!'.uTtrr.tes il.e brotlvr.-hoixl of
man. They have all. gifuV. and simple
a.;.;e. the same iaiuily tra.t, a weal:-
ncss for women. It wis the jvx't :
Lowell to whom r. stanch admirer of ;
i-.v. .....v ............v......... .. ...
licver in the huvjanu s permanent wul-
cwerhood. wmte concertnug t..e rumors
cf his s:ind marriage, and K-gging to
know whether she was to believe him a
never-to-lc-co:iso!cd husband or after
all "just like any ottier man." The an
swer ca:no promptly: "Rear Madam
Just like any other man."
The TuruiUK I'olnt 111 tils Lt'o VTaa an
Senator'Morgnn attributes his suceeps
in life to an accident. When, accord
ing to the Detroit Tree Press, he started
out in his native town to practice law
he could not get a .a.-x". nnd was on the
vprgo of rtarvalion. Re .lechlcd to go
ti Texas and grow irj with the conn
try, packed hie, trc.nh, locked Ilia office
door and stcppeil into the street, where
he found himself face to face with a
countryman', who was looking ut the
'"Say, stranger," the farmer asked,
"kin you tell me if thar's n feiier 'Ixmt
yerrs rained Morgnn. John Morgan'.'"
"That's my name, sir," Mr. Morgan
replied, pausing in his llight.
"Air yon in cr liurrj-, young man?"
"I'm just olt to Texas."
"Texas, eh? Can't Texas wait n day
or two? I've got er case 1 want looked
after and I hinder thought you'd do tho
The prospect of having a case at last
was suillcient to causctthe young lawyer
to turn back nnd hear what the farmer
had to say. It had something ta do
with the recovery of a piece of land.
"1 tool: it up and won it," said the
senator, in recounting Cue incident,
"and from that day to this have never
known what it was to want a dollar."
Tlirt central Sahara registers a mean
of 07 degrees in-July. Central Austra
lia boasts of 94 degrees in January a.
mean which is attained in South Car
olina and innor Arabia in midsummer.
Theme is a certain village in tho king
dom of Naples situated in a very low
valley, and yet the sun is nearer to the
hi habitants thereof every noon by 3,000
miles than when he riselh or scttcth to.
vhose of the said village. .'
Como to the Second Iland Store
buy goods cheap. .
iiiki iimiiijiiiiimiiii!iitiii!uuitiiMimuiiiiiiiii.
1 4ait? Bsatfa
Invtuntly removes and torevor !fistroys
2 oi'.h'C"iin;uk'hi'.ir.wli-rf'ru;'on the Iuukik,
z !:n o. arms or nei'k.wltlitiUL (IHcoloruliuii or
z injury to liie mosteiicjue slan. t was for
z litty yeiirs t lie socret loruntlu of KrastmiH
V.'llMll. ui'UlHvl,-iI;e.l Oy ptiyfeiaus ustiie
z lOrlu-Ht uutiiority and the most emiiifut
3 ilermalolncisl iii.rt huirstteciaiiht llialevev
z liveti. iMiiiriK IiIh priviilo practice of a
- lile-time uiiKHiK H10 lioljillty ami nrlslo
z eiiu-y of Kurope lie in-rsrrilieii this recipe.
z, a-1 by n:.i!l si-ciuvly p;-.ckcil. ."or
z rcsjMiinlence conlMenuut. Solo Aeals
z lor America. Address
r j
1 1
Dent. !., ; South i-'ilth Ave., New Y01 k.
,:.,..................., m..m....,.,..mir j
r-ter iSiiiitft or Vancouver "has a min
eral local ing machine wliich he claims
will enable, to i'md hidden trciisures.
Smith Kiivo nn exhibition with tho 111a
cliino recently. A handful of silver was
buried three m:l"3 from town and Smith
found it with the assiitunee of his ma
chine. Twenty-five memlicrs of tho lower
house of the Colorado Icgfchit are liave
decided Unit 0:1 account
jects of local importaivi
lescrvoiiv, in-ijati:i:j ditches, etc., which
would yive worl: to the unemployed, it
would lie best not to adjourn al once, as
"I-a buying u cougii medicine' for
children, " hays li. A. W'alker, u ium.
iucnt di-ii'git ofOiTdcn, L'tr.ii," never
be afrait! H) boy (.iiainberlaiii'.s I )oon
ll.:m-dy. There is no danger r,.;u it
and rcluif is always Mire 10 follow. 1
partieulai ly ricuintu.-i.'d Cliamocrii,ius 1 have found it lo Oc safe and
reliable, ll is i.r.ciulcd especially for
111:11 ) ami v, ,ioo;iinir coa-li. ;.J 1
cent bolUco for salo 'jv G. ll. ll-rknis.
' ' '
10 correct l.Vn-ieai-.n::; st itemeu'.s re -
, .. . ,, , ,i , ,
lating to Colorado the business 10 11 of
, . ,, iii-
the sii.te. r.xeniiv a?semli!e;l in c.::ven-i
, 1 ...
a statement of the condition, rfouii
!:Stl,C?l for !!;. Its calls af.e-,iti..:i t
the great gold developments at the Crii
lde Crwt re;;iou. w!: re eiverts claim (
the low-grade ore now in tight will yield 1
$100.11,000. Lr.-idviile promii'ts a rival j
to Cripple Otvk as a goM-prodariag
camp, eiu' mine yie'eling i't.iK) per day. j
The gold output of Ci iurad for l'.'o
estim.'iteil a: :;5.!!ti.'i0, juid in K'i it :
will probably ex-e-.I this by ??(i.ii(;i.
Statistics are iiio given f the pri-duc- :
lion of conl. coke, granite, petroleum
and agTi:uitural pri-ducts. showing the
great pnjcriiy and rcsoarcea th i
suite. i
For pains ia th- chest there U noth- j
in - u-tt.:;-th::i si flannel cloth Kf.uratetl !
with Char-.U-riaiuV I'asn !ia!m sit-.U
bound uv,i- the of j am. !t v.i.!
P'iice a c.uv.i.-r .Mi-n-.n v. i
t:i" ' li- 1- '-ot so i;i.-agr. o-
is mus'.aiM: in is mue.i sijh-i ;it io
r.i:y plast-r u account of its pain-r.-j
i ii-ving qu::;.:ie-i. i: us-. u in tin:- i:
i vciil iirv,'!:t oiu-omiciia. 'JJ cent, bottles '
lor sate ov v. ii. l.l;t::. j
r,lCt. j j.,
', t
.isnf.c ana r
liie cf
"an r-r-n
receivers on the
rcsc o.m: a.iv cf
Crived '2.iC?.;
-y of Xew Y.rk J:a. re
i. v. i-.u-h : the ei-ntribu-
ti" !. of t':e unifonuid ;k!;oc o: the city
l rt'.-.v t:. ntii of I.s.;nWr toward tU
Xvlicf t-f le.e ca: n.j loved.
t-'r. V". li. L:"'.'.r..v. who invents! the
tricyt !e wi:
led to the p
completed ;
li t
:e cTiit.eK c-iatn. wnica
tion uf the licvclc.
-..::i bicvc'.e. 1: i fud to
lie a rruvfi-. The mat hiue weighs l:U and the i-v, nt. r ls;.!:-s i: will
iittain a : peed of ! J lo i tuilej an hcur.
ThoH" win. have
, Pi s'overy krin-.v i:
i who have not. h:;-.
j nitv to trv it I'rco.
:.-d Re. Killer's .."x
vaiue. and those
now the o;-i-oru:-
ill ov. th adv. r-
i tis -d I)rug-:
If.a Trial Roiti-e"
n;;:ii!' aud edais-ss to
! Ki- -. r. ii voe.r n;
; II. K. iUrokl.n i: '-i
a sample Nx of Rr.
"hie-ago. a:.d g-'t
Ki::g's New I.ii'-e
1'ills I'-s-e. as well i.s a copy : t..::oe
lo Health ami t-,'i,s- held In.-tne-.or.
Kri'e. All ' whieii i gtiarart J u
ii-. you t-,id ;.::d ii:l no'.liiug.
O.-o" H. li-u-kiiis" R: i-g stoic.
, u:h-..n --v nu.i o.-jeo;'.e ;:ic niic, ana
j many are ;n citremo want. j
; A .-er.;:ii was ca-!e,l at the nnsnal j
j ma ting of tiie i.'oi'.ie (liK-mn Mre'ng
ct.i:i:L-y by the i.nn. urcvmcat f thej
:)c j. :i ,,f div'dui-ts until the future j
; pnvpiH-ti of rilv. rwere definiti !v set-
j tj,Hi The Moiiie t Jili-on mine is leered
i .S;hui. Cole., and without .b.pbt
the r.chest p::d mo.-t wonuerful silver
mine in Cue West, ft) to Dec. V.
SSU.OiK) in dividends has been tnud in
i about three years.
A Backing Cough
Cured by Ayer's Cherry PectoraL
Mrs. 1'. 1). Hall, 17 Geucssee SLj
Lock port, X. Y., says :
" Over thirty years ago, I remember
hour iug my lather describe the wonder
ful curativo eiTects of Ayer's Cherry
Perioral. During a recent attack of l4
Grippe, which assumed the form of a.
catarrh, soreness of t lie lungs, accom
panied l.y nn aggravating cough, I
used various remedies nnd prescriptions.
While somo of these medicines partially
alloviated tho couejiing during tho day,
- unite of them afforded me any relief from
that spasmodic action of the lunjiS which
would s.'izo me the moment f attempted
to lie down at night. After tea or twelve
such nights, I was
SeorSy in Despair,
and had about decided to sit up all night
in my easy chair, mid procure what
sleep I could ill that way. It then oc
curred to iu that I had a bottlo of
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. I tool; a
spoonful of this preparation in a little
water, and was'alilo to lie down without
coughing. In a few moments, I fell
asleep, mid awnko in tho morning
greatly refreshed, and feeling much
belter, I took a teaspoonfiil of the Pec
toral every night for a week, then grad
ually decreased tho dose, and iu two
weeks my cough was cured."
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
Prepared by Dr. J.C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass.
Pronptto act, sure to cure
e vVsr
minister Willis anil tlie Ilan-ailan Pro
ilhlonal (livernment.
Advices from Honolulu to D"c 23
stale that tho excitement over the poli
tical situation is increasing-. The pro
visional government wius jus firm an ever
in its determination to maintain itu
position, and was coinpletin;,' prepara
tions to resist any effort that juiht be
jninle to restore tho monarchy. The
liu - mhcru of the police force had b;en
tiotiiicd that they would be exiiected to
take arms in defense of the government,
snd a iniiulxr.liad been (luiuiisscd for
rcf.:ill(, to a;fre0 to Vm orj, r.
The minister of tha United States had
written to the provisional government,
requesting- the surrender of .the oliices,
us tho United Suites bad decided in
favor of the restoration of the ;ueeu.
The minister informed tho irovem-
! Burnt that Liliuoliidani had agreed ta
j frrimt iimnesty to all who had taken
I part in the revolution, to rattfy the ob
j ligations of the present government aud
I govern faithftii'v in accordance with
of many sulj- j the preiient constitution. The govem
, such as statu , meat was prepariii:; a long reply to the
TariU' and tho Iiaulian
Aaln (.'onsld.reil.
AVednewlaj", .Tan. 3.
The senate reconvened after tho holi
day recess. CoiLviderable delay occurred
bei'oiea :norum came in. Frye pre
Pentod a resolution lo thy effect that the
United States' bhouhl in 110 wayan-bt
the restoration of Liiliuoiahnii. 'the
1,., . .. .,. -,..uf
i .-
Tlinrsdav, Jan. 4.
1 rr 1 , ,
Hoar lutroduccd a regulation to ascer-
, . .. .
tain thu ti:eu50 of ComuiLs'ioner
. .. , , ,,
(Llounts trip to Honolulu. Afcer
the ca.nnn tp cf tr.e ledcral
', bill an adjoummcut till Alon-
notsi:. Jan. S.
Everythij.jf was laid aaido end the
IJuwaiiau ijnet.noa t:iken up. Boutvlle
tailed fv-r his rexduiien in-rodactd be
fore the n-ce-.f , aud which was reported
udverelv from committee, and he was
ruled o.u of order. Thu speaker was
EusUiined on an appeal.
Thnrtlay, Jan. 4.
Lack of a quo! am prevented cor.iI.?r-ati.-n
of the taeij." bid. I-i!te!Ie rt
nimed liis tjkt cn the llawanan ques
tion. Tritlai-, Jan. 5.
Jan. Co was fk:ed s the dav on wliich
vo would be takea on the taria l.iih
'"''''' rtnucicd his endeavors to brine;
; tiawa.aa uiikien atu tue oscm row
Tlvrrcciuf-nt an l Mrs. Cicvc-kind gave j
their hr-t t-tate dinaer :n honor o: the
et kt the White 11-euse. Like aU i
ir e nt.? u was a I niuant afijur.
I Euro;ean powers have l-en warricl
! in f.n:r.; U.kf b!e term by the Aruere-tia that she Monroe doctrine
j would lie rigidly cpLcll in the cae of
' Eraz.II.
The state v ; artnn r.t is d:5ati?5cd ,
with the n-;-:rts cf M::;i.-tsr Th-ui-.pson j
at Rio. Iks rt-port are directly the op- i
x?e cf Ca;-t:nn F:cki:::j and fav..r the !
insurgents. j
The report that Unue-d Stste.? and t
G rtiaas, ::n t lior i . ies "na 1
action to proven' the rel-! fores j
at tucking Rio or dying uanuige to it has '
rt-eeivtsl eorro'oorarion. i
Repn''rive Rav.ers h.-. np ,
! the cases i-f l.-.ud s!t"ers Southern t
1 Call: .mia who are in ii:'g.-rof l.K-ing i
their h-.Miags through s-:is brought by j
: the iv.utkern l'::.-ific R.iilrea-I company.
; rsvretary of the; Interior Smith h.-is '
taken :0s with the settlors on govern- J
nr.: !.ir..!s in their e;ht to retain p. is- i
i svsi:i a-ji;nt the ra'Irva;ls. Thesc-crt '
; tary ! ch-evi-i tv.ngrosi should p:tss a bill ;
; I-ri ui ting the s : tiers. i
j Juep1 Long cf the Miehigia supreme i
i conrt !:ris bc-ea ros:ore,l to the pension :
ron. 1 ue joto' was fn-p?:n:iv. ! y t.,m- i
tui-i : r Rh'.'.iv:i s.-.u-. tir.-.c c::-v "li.e
wmtsisActT held that the je. iex- wis ;
not !:::.isl o a ;v:i-:on w.:ii.. new
ebb- to draw S..f- a year t.-.l..ry frcni !
the .-'.ate of Michigan. j
A Yi".-.-.h.i;;gtoii srv-ial snys: It is j
stated the rresi'ifiit h:vs c..--i led tV-t j
IIombTowor c.-.n no: K c:'.;if:::Nl ar .l i
i w;.i v,
e'-v his r.o;:i::i:i!: :i
1 s-b- !
Attorney Genera!
t)hivv ;
- yhc-s;o t;s:icrs.i;-i. tni'
rtey's phice and put Josiah Quincv. le.te secre'.arv of state, in Rissdl's
phtc-e ! postmaster general.
W.-.llo M. York ot Los Angeles his
i lmcpvoin
.1 to snccoeU the late Jailtw
Wade of Los An
John Gill, an Englishman, will at-
1 tempt So come from New York to Sau
i rarci: o, o-.i ncrviwi
Mr.-. Leiis;'. wha wa
the K.msas board of
in ts .lays.
removed from
."iir.ritios bv the ;
coventor, has begun proceedings to re-
! tain jiwiiion.
Ex-Govemor McCimr"ck, a former
resident of .Taniiiica. L. I., has donated
half en ai re in t":::.t village as a sits for
a soldiers' monument.
Carrie Sankoy of Sun Friuieiseo, nn
adopted daughter of Samuel Sankoy.
has Iwii diH-hired heir to his estate,
valued at $UW.lW, after a bitter legal
Governor MeKinley in his message to
the Ohio legislature suggests, in view of
the depressed industrial condition of th
state and nation, that a snort session
and but little legislation would bo ap
preciated. . Hugh Owen Pentaeost. whom tho
world has known as a Baptist minister,
a congregational preacher, a follower of
Henry George, editor of a reform paper,
reformer in general, an atheist and
ninny other things, has been appointed
assistant district attorucv of New York.
A large rump or Tieeswax was recently
brought up from the Nehaletu by a set
tler in that section and sold to M, J.
Kinney of Astoria. Or., for $?5. Its di
mensions are about HlxOxl feet, and on
one of the sides are three letters, but so
indistinct that they can not be deci
phered. It was found near tho spot on
the beach where a Spanish vessel is sup
posed to have gone ashore many years
ago, and where so much of the wax has
been found from time to time for 20
years past.
A ct'anS, carrying a large revolver,
appeared at tho county jail iu Chicago
and asked to see Prendergast, Mayor
Harrison's condemned lussnssiu, saying
he merely wanted to see him a minute,
ns he was commissioned by the Lord to
make Prendevgnst walk out a true num.
The crtuik was arrested and gave his
name as Fred Names. He said tlie kill
ing of Harrison was done liociiuse it
was necessary, and was in answer to a
prayer to God t'4 hours before the kill
ing. Prendergast, therefore, is inno
cent, he said,.. . .. , . '
1 m"tL
V.'hit s t'ts condition cf yc.trs? "s ynts" I.2!r dry,
tinrsh, brittie? Docs it split at tho ends? Has ita
lifeless apnearance?
' brushed? Js it full of dandruff? Loes;
l&i?J& Is it !rv or in a heated condition ? li
ytvsft . k ycursymgtsmsbe varned ia time oryoa wi
iiPiSkookiiniRoot Hair Grower
- Vkvs; - ".' 'I I'istyoanori Its prodnirtlr-n l! E'Hao arexjent, bj therwltorocentlfVs
I'.:"1 ':"- . I lOWitiu Kwiwteiira or tl atiuiwwtof t'j" bairai:! fclp Hd u tceoncox- tT
it'V'iv v J rv ot li'rcvtoc.-eatlb-Tii. "i-.touic'ra "con-V.M :i.r,cmta jr!l. It
V V" V 7 m ttaz a , bnt a (IrtlKlitfoRy cnollaj reintiui T-.cir. jqr taa!atHw
I.1 1
1 ..:.!.
t:ie u.- t-f 'r-ui Liu
and. (lctrvy V,t tt'itr.
mm i
j:rr?T.-: i, on rt-r.-rvt ut price
zxic jar; y4'.riw.
57 :ciith VXih Aveme, Scicri;,
The Utt SI.
for ihc Liisl Alcary.
p. I;-; Y'.
fWt S3,
1 '
H !' -r l S-' -Vs. N
V5. L. DC'JCLAS Shees are stylish, cafy fitting, and give better
satisfaction at ths prices aocrticd than any other mike. Try one pair and be con
vinced. The tumping of W. L. Doueiis name and price on the bottom, which
guarantees their vsiue, saves thousands of dollars annually to those who wear thrm.
Dealers who push the sale cf V.'. L. Douglas Shoes gain customers, which helps fo
increase the sales on their full iir.e of goods. Tfcey ran afiord to sell et si les profit.
litKl w brlicv you can SAve Tr.oucy !y bnitng a.i yoa-
Kor .Sale by A. C. TAVLOl
TTF'tAT. No 1 California wiite sh!-Jit;5.
?1 ni'. ;. i rt;t,v cU;cuoirda. io3';: nihtg.
51 0T -T .
Eil utr Fei ri-;jT5 ? c-J: brriin;. SS3
Ojits-O" trraca cf fot. K CTv; j
c;!: c""Jt' ebwe, $; l"..-; 15: fa c ft 17 J
I hu-riNe, M S! 3-: r3Ui.i. SI XSi
1 - - : iiU'-lc t -jc-ii red. 5t li: grav,
$1 IK'.! 1.
Cov.rt ljTre rt3or. Ssic V 'J; "'ca. 5 ii2 V ci: p:nk. 5!
1 t.1: Ilsyo. fi "'OrJ3 sinaj whit. 0'i2 V.
Vrr ri i. f-' !": S.a:r. 1 7ij.l SU; red.
SI CI li: L-ii
Muus liiis. l i -.-t- . ": brap.
naarv. t:.c fur !r;-njd: do Cal;f.mi na-t-al:
Cii-i. ;.'-: aalfa. Skf-.c: inns
.-?-' S'r y.-l ow;
Eat-Wkj . sia ff. :s ... t
V ten: Trnear
as-1 oat. ftl wrSiS o: bsr':y. 5'-' "C-l ,,!:
fVl IIV;;3 ctoTT. 3 1ti'li: alflll-
fa. 0'i-r.: c--'n:prw?-i hsy. Si bi. - I
frili-Vu:.:i.:t a: V V la. j
Hoes J-a..:.-e frorr. 1 : ii. & ft. ' )
l:rc ji:o:.-br.i f! ".I '."y ac:!. !
I'ro-...- rs-:rea. ? i.-t:iV cC; '
j! C-.'t C: tla--". 5! i T-?. I
tiiiwi:tir-r- ": ti- ctl I
Milt VroJnr'-. . i
fni5-rr-d iii fir- ;T Ci p z--.
ltll:-lJ.i.s-rix-ai t!i 0 e ? ton. u t i
;aal.:y. '
ouocxr. Pis:.rr-Fm -V--:T -t.-i
Itol.i.Er. TiHi rr i'r -:r. S -V ---- i. -,s too. i
Cnorrrr. l"i::i l'i .ta ;:T - V ton. j
Ftr.a fiM:r.n-tv3i Se.-,ii j; y tr !
.Cilai-keo . 'oiis a: J "j - v ton.
OlljCJIikS itiil.-V-olbic .u f .i k, -.,r t
FiorR r.unPv .
V-!C cllra. t3 4
Si -C- oi
-liJ i : slui-eis sajrica.
Pi t i- rSi - h-' '-. -' r T"-. -., w-V---?
-tl: r.-jrl---k-. 4 , v c-: f -r ri-r.-r: co
Svnas e. . n-e-1-'. i-F.rr.-z
i u:'-. i .:;: river '-i.5.c; Mret- ficii
1 li
; Nrs.r.r-ro3: cre.izs .vTlT.V
V" : ruisliro'niSw crri.urrr-. ;" l:c: do but- :
tr i' ic; siaricus. IIc; new Ktatocs. ;
rr--!l. and Not.
CKAMors-Cit f.mi narcl. rtjr-rside. St TO
j f:i M M bo: tie. u-v Ar.;e!s SI O' -S H: do
; OrvviUe. $i rt.-ii X.z do .v.-r, ?S iil'rt ;
j I::.-.r-o. $e I' .i .V; r.fjsd. S2 i ;
i RijihtacA ii,ii 51; Sfwauvcs. Birmride. .
j f-1 i--,r.t ;.': Vs Mzfrl'. f! iMt S5: Ri-d-
I Ua-J. 2. 1 do Ii:-b'j:u. $1 iV;l i ; do I
i ftviS. ". 2S;M i": Pia's-r. 51 ! 50: do i
i ilesica:i. ft sei 10: do i!u--.aaric. SrOcCSlia '
j strawW-rrit-e toe druror.
j Arises." rJi o V K-x: p;.-.a ."JAV. st !
k:n i: j-ar. .! io f - Wiau-r Ui aai
: -"c lor otcr kiads: lynches. enic:",
vns Callfcm1
coraasvin to c-ed. ' V-i
H 5 : choice. K m;i i' : ursrr Santa Bar-
I SS w.-J3 ata 1-aoia. Si ioj.; ao:
; .u?:raji:u:. ..v ri .: ticay, i iuj utt icx
j i. aa limes. 5-3 e-.V i1.
I IiKir.t. FitriTS Kowcron: Btaciiod aricwu.
I Ko-al. Ie'-Bfti;: 7 and Gl.Te fi-srea dried:
j bltwhed Moorraric do. leU-e: ap;dt. li
j 4c fie c,rs aad 4 rSj fer sliisxi: do erap,v
raUsi. .-,.;i'-: ;-t'i- i"s. b.eriivM. .ij':-Sc; d,i
.V--A-: p-ars. 4VC-jc. for blcachc-d
I fit
rs-s. i,t
for wh-.:t and S
! for roe.:
- v: oo uyj-rwvi. i j
i"1-. - tvir th four '
! 2'.c: dorks, i .
j sit.v: cau-s, 1
i O io: lips, Sasyrca,
I iiw-.-n-sp -- . r-r,eo crop ol
I lfiU: Ch:s-,or. eJ '.. t:-i-;: ivrora Load m
laver, ?l 0: :w-n-a '.. 51 -!i.1: "r-;v-n. far -d
leosi $1 ikl; unlarid d.v Si 3: ,rorn. facvi
?l ."i0: ntiferd do. Jl is: il-rrowa. ytvaiaiod.
Kw. ?l e. Fsis- T'eri?crxi-.Ta. er:-. :
Sniiffa oTv.-: third rae.A. ;-: (rrajioa.
-i-: setHlii M;ti"a:ei. ?-'.v-: Sa!vT,:i. oe. tor
b,x3, '-,0'.c-nai cn Fs;rk prices. A
discount is aliovred oa lae atmve priros.
Nits Job'eTir piv-cs: Atiu.sits. uw. soft
fhrll. Iljli : do p.-eishe;l. IS-: do hr-i-aiiell.
a.n',: stau-iar,t. 1 -.l-V-: trainuts, Calif. r
nia. uw. itscI!. ll fc: d. par-'rhvlL 10:
do bard-'ie;!. 7.iiSv: doC'r-.d. tc-nr, tv-Uic: cbftt
nuts. Ca.iivirnia, now. iseas-e: lli-ail. l.-vlic;
tiitrts U'.Jlie: hiie! pacans. Texas, s
11c: i icenuts. Mexican. Jejiuic; iwmirs, OUi
foraia. tl.-i-o: do. Viiv.uia Ko-; coco
nuts. 5 uiitaS OJ V 1U
llutior. Ctic4 and ttoavr.
Bt-TTr.a Cresa.try, Sl-.tlo V ar.d oo
aioually h:;-'uer: f.ecv dairy. ;je:..e; o-ber
prades of frecdi, :i,'V: p-iekUxi ixil. -...L;o:
lirkei. lSi-X-?: crw:nnery. in vubs. -M.f.-So.
Ck kusf Cilifornui, e.-lle a : t'a"T au!d,
iipw. v1.:: Voua Ats-ric;- r-r lli -: ,.vr
York cream,', new, 1.'' ii: l.V.-; VVcstera. l'.'S-l.s;- v'viuo. wster '-.:ie:.j.i'.ij
& iu 1-ib f:v.e;tv: twiraolod. S-o 1.4 waior
white and vj.'.'- j lor aoi'oor.
Bursiv ax I' i'.: tt..
Ponllvy Slot :rir.
Hm J5 CO to i-a .V: p.- r i"o,-.; arvVt. f? fM
5-ii for Firull au.t :", o. to for
ro.v:tors. $1 eo:o' " f".- y.i:iTa.".-l 'ialiili
for old: jrec-so. ll Jr..M d-tcls. St ivt
Sfflpdor; liv tniN-vs. It At so ? V- f r:ya
ar.d -17vlyl9o for Co..:rs: pie.i:. i
V dm.
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Medford, Oregon.
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Me-t:.rd Lv I 5v3 p. m
Kraaeiseo Lv. T-eO p. m
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l-i:.iaia Ar.
Ajv- train s:.rp at ail stations from Port
!aii.i to Al'esny "inela-hnc. Ai?o Taosreat.
tic-l'!s. Hats-y. Harris-arc;. Jaaction City,
Irving. K-e-ne ani at s!'t stations from fiose
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Dining Cars on Ogdaa Route.
P.:t; .vn K;f,-.t S!err?rs and Second Clasa
Sieeidag Cara:uscini ta a.t ttirouib traina,
Getwetn Portlantl and rVtrrcVeia
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I V.aU trains da:iy. s?pt Sunday:
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' li:i: p ia Ar Ciu-vatiis Lv I.-va) p. ru
I Ai Albany and Corvattis eonneet trains
j o: orsrm Paciiic railroad.
Fxpress Trams daily. except sundayr
! t:f p. in j t.v Portland Ar ' siSa. m
ItjSp. m Ar McMmuvUIe LviSoara
r. i-T'::rj-.:-;h tickets to alt points in the
! '-r""i" 'r'-"- "-'e'PT "
i k. KeUILKS
Manager. Asst. li. F. JS. P Art
From Terminal or Interior Points
Tha Nonhsra Paoifis Railroad
Is the line to take to
AM Points East and South
It is the Pining Car Route. It runs
through Vestibule Trains every
day in the year to
(Xo change of oars.)
Composed of t; Cars unsurpassed.
I'uilmaa Urawia;: Krooia Sleepers
Of Latosl Ku.uipmcnt
Tourists' :-: Sleeping :-: Cars
Best that can t-e constructed and In which,
accoiiniHslatious are both free and furnished;
fer holders of itrst and !ecoodass Ttetets
and er
Eisgant Day Coaches.
A continuous line connecting with
all lines, affording direct aad un
interrupted service.
Pullman Sleeper, reservation can be
secured in advance through any.
agent of the road.'
ica, Kugiaiid aud Kurvio eau bis lurchased aX
any Ticket OHlce ot Uils Company. - -
Full particulars conetrmnc rates, time ot
tr-uns. routes and otiior UettUi Jnrtushdoa iK
Assistant General Passenger Agent.
Xo. li Firsl St., cor. Washington
& 5yf.adextutsp3iicIy trom starc.a
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