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HA.TOS A Publisher. .
. S. Bliton. lMtltor
T. T. YORK, - - - Manager
Published Every Friday Morning.
He is of few days; but quite a plenty.
Catered in tae PostnUse at Medford, Oregon
as Second-Class Mail Matter.
Medford, Friday, October 6, 1893.
Docqlas county has a deficit in
ber county treasury of $22,990.76.
a. .
0. II. BCorST is the gentleman
who gets the postoffiee plum at
Ashland. '
Tite Commercial National Bank
of Portland resumed business Mon
day morning. -
Who is sheriffof Jaekson county?
I'e it John Pelton, Judge Neil or
the judge's son ?
An Oregon man was recently
tried and ueuteuced for sending
a dun through the mails on a pos
tal card.
A raft of piles containing 3,515
piles, averaging eighty feet in
length, was towod to sea at Coos
-Bay last'week and started on its
way to San Francisco,
Oregon apples pleasuring 15
inches have been sent to the world's
lair, and, as much other fruits
from this state has done, caused a
--great amount of admiration and
pleasant comment Oregon as a
fruit producer is ahead of them all.
1. L. Campbell, editor of the Eu
gene Guard, has been elected presi
dent of the Oregon Press associa
tion. Ira is a good man any place
you put him and will prove his ef
ficiency and worth in his new office
just as cleverly as he has done else-
Never let up in advertising, is
the sesret of success. Advertising
that does Jet up never pays. To
stop and see how it works is like
throwing a double eagle in the water
fa see if it will float; you solve the
problem but you lose your gold.
ewspaper Man,
To see the world's fair and walk
through the buildings the grand to
tal is something in excess of 1)3,000
feet, or nearly twenty-three miles.
The estimate does not include state,
government or private buildings;
"h,PJafsance is iguored and 00 ac
count is taken of the long jumps
from one building to gnother, A
walk of about forty miles is neces
sary to do the whole thing op.
Those of U3 who bask in the sun
light of luxury- and plenty feel
crateral that the poor lady, who
was unfortunate, financially, in be
ing Senator Stanford's widow, has
had her allowance of a mere pit
tance of ?500Q per year from the
late senator's . estate increased to
$10,000. ojfh 1 so much
and" to, spare orxrfc goottmjr-iifc&can
Lard 1 v realise the destitution of
" The Lakeyiew Examiner reports
a "people's partv man from
was pelted with bad egis
faking from a dry goods
box in front of a botel in that town
. fine evening last week. This is the
meanest and most vile of arguments
and none but those who have
reached the lowest depth of degra
dation and are wallowing in the
gutter of mpral filth will resort to
eueh means.
tH Matl will venture the asser-
n that there is not a more gen-
emanly and accommodating sta
on acent on the entire line of the
pthern Pacific than is W. V.
ppincott. His attention is always
voted to the best interests of his
iiployerp, but at the same time be
does not lose sight of the fact that
'though he be an employe of a great
Trporation, be can be a gentleman
' f ' adlfcal courteoqsly the maoy
v3r'rOW ;ul-fw!rom he js -called
; '-r fepoq to jra nsact bn wnygg. "J -: "' ' -
CTTtTttpstfAA': ijoriosity of yoman
. kind there ja no accounting for, any
'jpw than for natural cowardice, pf
man. A few days ago at Grand
Forks, North Dakota, the county
boar4 noticed eight finely dressed
ladies seeking to gain admittance
6 the jail, to see the monster, whose
crime against maternity and infe
rence is too revolting to publish in
tletaif. We may next hear, possi
bly, pf bouqneta and sweet meats
from our belles going into the pris
sier cells, by way of certifying
at wj? are in fact a civilized pom
pjunity. -
: -. t t -
While The Mail is not convers-
itT wjth the modus operandi of hop
Utare, the right to ask questions
much purs as anyone s, and
lave been making inquiries for
lat few days as to the soil and
ite require to sucpessfully
hops. From all we get the
r, "couldn't he better sou iqr
jhr right here in the Rogue
liVJf Y!W: w"f 8TOW
win grow nops. urn aoes
immense here, why won't hops?"
There is certainly field sufficient
for the test in this valley and as all
points favor ihejr growth why not
try hops? .
The county officials of Jackson
county unquestionably had many
friends in the county one and a
half years ago else their election ' to
the several offices would not have
While this state of affairs
did exist eighteen months ago is it
not as unquestionably true that
many of their friends then are not
friends now? A friend is a friend
s long as he betrays not the con
fidence which you have invested in
him. Have the county officials
betrayed that confidence? If they
nave not then that friendship should
remain steadfast. If they have,
and you can prove it mind you,
never make an assertion you cannot
prove then they are traitors and
should be treated as such.
In the fail of 1JSU2 the officials of
Baker county caused a bridge to be
built and at a cost to the county of
from ten to twelve thousand dollars.
This was not in strict accord with
the wishes of the rasjority of the
taxpayers. They went before the
courts with the case and obtained
an injunction ordering the clerk not
to issue warrants in pavment of
same, and enjoined the treasurer
from paying them. The court held
that it could not limit the necessary
expenses of the county, but, that
the county could not go into debt
for improvements, such as the con
struction of buildings, bridges, etc.
How does this case fit Jackson
county? Are there not cases in
Jackson county which are identi
cal, only in the one respect that in
this county the warrants have al
ready been drawn? Is it not a fur
ther fact that several of our large
county script dealers, about the
time of the Baker county decision,
bc-came a little heavy and "un
loaded" a good ctuak pf their
A guess by a gentleman of Mfd
ford, and ne in a position to be
quite acurate, places the probable
shipment of apples from this point
it from 50,000 to 75,000 bushels,
rleretofore the shipment of this
fruit has been almost wholly to
Washington, Idaho and Montana,
but this year the Oregon supply
will more than meet the demand of
these three states, as a consequence
Jtber markets will need be sought.
Apples have been shipped to a
point even so far distant as Phoenix,
Arizona, with good profit to the
shipper. Oregon apples, particu
larly those grown in the Rogue river
valley, are superior to those grown
in California and if placed in com
petition on any market would out
sell them. Our shippers have but
to widen their market to increase
the demand- Our apple crop this
year is exceptionally large ' and of
excellent quality and when once
placed on the market cannot fail to
bring a good price. Our pears,
prunes and peaches have already
proven their superior quality and
ready demand. Why will not pur
apples, which are of equally good
quality, be as readily sought? It
only remains for the shippers to put
them in a market where their true,
value will I appreciated.
The formula to Aver's Sarsaparilla
U well known to the medical profession,
nd universally approved. The repu
tation of the firm guarantees excellence
and uniformity in the medicine, and
ibe world s experience for nearly half
a century has folly demonstrated its
fioek Point Pointers.
Robt. Cook has returned
from the Siskiyou regions.
Mrs. Jas. Npathammer, who has
been quite ill, is improving, we are
glad to say.
S. H. DufHeld has returned from
his visit in the east and at the
world's fair.
.Mrs. Maggie McAdame, of Cres
cent City, is visiting her many
friends and relatives here.
Willie Owen,; accompanied by
one of Central F.oint's fair daugh
ters, was iivjown Sunday. .
Mrs. Vo61 ridge, -son. - jThey
were formerly-of this place. '
Miss Birdi Jones, who has. been
making an extended visit at this
place, returned to ivlo bunday.
Dr. Colvjg. of this place, has
rented his farm to a party from
Illinois, who have- taken possession.
Jas. Hay, the genial clerg, ac
companied Porter, the drummer,
through Grants Pass, Bolt and Ap
plegate, on his business trip.
Mr. and Mrs. Tho?. Carry, who
have been in this section in the in
terestpf their winters fruit, retqrned
home to bams Valley bunday,
For sick headache, female troubles,'
neuralgic pains in the head take Pr. J.
H. McLean s Little ijiver ana ruuney
Fillets. 25 cents a vial. For sale by
W. tl. Parker Sc. bona.
iiotlce of Dissolution,
Ijotice is hereby given that the co
partnership heretofore" existing be
tween Arriold Ghilders and Spencer
Childers, jr., doing business under the
firm name of A. Childers & Son s this
day dissolved by mutual consent. All
accounts contracted after this date are
to be paid by A. Childers, by whom
the business of brick making 'will be
continued as before.
Pated Sept 1, 18!)3.
Arnold Childers.
Spencer Childers, Jr.
On tba'
Financial Problem'
In antter. "l
Atlakta, Septrthber 27-la
a letter from Governor Norton asking
me president to' give Uib position on
fimbria matters, lr. Cleveland . has
sent the following:
Executive Mansion, Washington,
. Sept. 5,
W. J. Norton;
Bkar Sir I hardly know how to ror
ply to your letter of the 15th instant.
It seems to me that I am nlainlr od
'cerning tho financial question.
the presidency, when read in connection
with the message lately sent to congress
in extraordinary sosaion, appears to me
(o be very explicit.
I want a currency that is stable an
safe in the hands of our people. I wiii
not knowingly be implicated in a condir
tion that will justly make mo in tba
least degree answerahlo to any labort-r
or farmer in the United States for an
other shrinkage in the purchasing power
of the dollar he has received for a full
dollar's worth of the product of his toil.
I not only want piir currency to he of
snch a character that all kin-is of dollars
will he of equal purclinsing power at
home, but" I want it to 15 of snch achar
acter as will demonstrate abroad onr
wisdom and 'good faith, thus placing
upon a firm foundation onr credit among
the nations of the earth. I want onr
financial conditions and the laws relat
ing to our currency to be so safe and r
pssnrin.q that those who have money wil
cpend it and invest it in business am
new enterprises instead of ho!:iing it,
You cannot cure fright by calling it
foolish and unreasonable, and you canr
not prevent a frightened man from
hoarding his money.. I want good, sound
and stable money, and a condition of
confidence that will keep it in nsu.
"Within the limits of what I have writ
ten I nm a frieM of silver, but I believe
that its proper place in onr currency can
only lie fixed by the readjustment o? our
currency legislation and the inaugura
tion of a consistent and comprehensive
financial scheme. I think such a thing
cm only be entered upon profitably aud
hopefully after the repeat of the law
which is charged' with all our financial
woes. Ju the present state of the public
imnU this law le built upon nor
patched in such way as to relieve the
I r.m, therefore, opposed to the free-
and nnlimited coinage of silver by this
country alone and independently, and i
am in favor of the immediate and un
conditional repeal of the purchasing
plr.nse of the so-called law.
I confess that I am astouivhed by the
opposition in the senate to such prompt-
action as would relieve the present un
fortnnate situation, ily daily prayer is
that the delay occasioned by such oppo
sition may not be the cause of plunging
the country into deeper depression n
it has yet known, ad tbat lha
erotic party may not bo held retponsiUe
for such a catastrophe. Yours very
truly, Gkoveb Cleveland.
Geo. W. Chick iu Liinbo.
People who lived :a aud abo;:t Med
ford something like siven years ago
will well reixiatnber the name pf "Ceo.
n. Ccicii. It was he woo was so
smooth and glib c tongue as to inter
est several of our people in a now pro
cess for reducing refractory ore, and
very cheaply. He preyed upon the
kindly indulgence of oar people to the
extent of persuading them to invest
money in a stamp mill, which wag l just across tho railroad track from
where the A. A. Davis flouring mill
now stands. After the machinery had
been-purchascd and the mill erected
Chick and his process failed to mate
rialize and those who invested were
beautifully left, as his process was only
an imaginary one and intended for no
other purpose than to defraud. He
made liit'.e or nothing out cf his Med
ford d-al but at Redden he flojced on
man out of 15,000 on the same propo
sition. From California he went to
Kansas and this is what tho telegraph
dispatches say of him there;
ToPEKA. Kan., Sept. . At the
meeting of th-j stockholders of tho
Chick Short Method Silver Smelting
Co. heid last night it was decided to
close up the affairs of tho concern in
the best and quickest inann-:r. 1 be
present management has discovered,
it is believed, that the assetts of the
cempany will be sufficient to pay all li
abilities without anv further cssess-
ments on the stock. At this meeting
was read the firs; accurate report ever
made of reducing refractory and worth
less ore by the Chick process. It is on
this report the presaul action is basrd.
George . tui.'K came from Califor
nia about three yeura ago and by his
representation cf the matter induced
capitalists iu Omaha and many cities
in Missouri and Kansas to take stock
and build a smelter. Pittsburg will
ingly gave land and erected the neces
sary buildings, and Chick began wbat
the stockholders now denounce as a
swindle. When sales of stock would
diminish he would declare a dividend
of 5 per cent a month, which nover
failed to bring more cash.
The charges made against him and
his officers are numerous and grave and
an officer is now on the wav to Wyo
ming to bring him back fur trial on
the charge of swindling. Othercharg
es will be lodged and papers issued so
that should ho escape punishment un
der one he will have to meet others.
The glosing up of the business will bj
slow because Chick and his secretary
have carried tho books to some other
state, making it very difficult to obtain
a correct statement of the a if airs of the
it was shown at this mooting that
Cbipk began his famous career with
this Ltmous company without a dollar.
He now has the cash and the stockhold
ers have a tine stock of valuable expe
rience. Big- Money in Hop Culture,
From the Oregon State Journql.
The Eugene Register estimates, the
bop crop of Lane county this year at
5,000 bales, valued at $150,000, and tho
Eugene Guard claims that Lane county
produces more hops than any other
county in Oregon. We believe these
estimates are substantially correct.
The Sa'.cHi Independent claims that
the hop prop of Oregon this year will
amount to 40,XK) to (10. 000 bales, valued
at $1110,000, estimating at 40,(4)0 bales
at 15 cents per pound. Probably this
is more than tle actual yield, as hop
raising is coufned mostly to a few
Strangers iu ft Strange Land.
From Eugene Dally Guard.
The Oregon Press Association and a
Portland minister were treated to sur
prises yesterday. The minister invi
ted the Association to attend his church
in a body Sunday night, and they ac
cepted. Some of those editors will tjo
home and as a matter of news toll their
readers how the inside of a church
Some of tho boys are tolling that af
1jer the above invitation bad been ac
ieptcd some of the other boys were
making Inquiries as to what people did
r.'ent to church .IJjTwie i'da!
now moulders of public' op
juvonilos and used to wear w
with ruffle pilars and attended Sunday
Referendum and Initiative.
k "I ieo a great deal about referendum
and initiative in some of our papers.
Is it a new kind of a law, or what is It?"
Thcso arj terms that a certain party
have use for in advocating certain re
forms. The right of referendum is the
right of the people to vote on any law
that 'comes before the legislative bodies
of tha country, where the right is ac
corded, before final action is taken.
The right of initiative is the right
of any people to call upon the legisla
tive bodies to pass certain laws by vote.
There are various opinions about the
wisdom of these laws, which it is. not
our province to discuss. It throw tho
raakintj of the luws into the Ijanda of i
tho people an4 makes the law makers
literally the servant-s of the people in
stead of a pleasant fiction that now ex
ists to that effect.
Impeufect digestion aud assimila
tion produce disordered conditions of
thesistom which grow and are con
firmed by neglect. Dr. J. II. MeLoun's
Sirdiiytlieniiijr Cordial and Blood Pu
rifer, by its tonic propnrlios, cures iu
dijjestion aud uives tone to the stoiu
acti. $1 per bottle, for sale by V. II.
Parker & Sons.
Amoiijr The Churehe,
Services will be hold at this church
on the first and fourth Sundnys of each
month . Sunday school every Sunday
at 3 p. m. Rev. V. J. Fenton, pastor.
Good congregations last Suuday.
Kov. EJ. Uuss, pastor Amity Baptist
church, delivered an interesting dis
course in the evening. Prof. M. E.
Rigby has resigned as superintendent
of the Sunday school and his resigna
tion accepted. His succetsor will bo
elected soon. For the present the
school is in charge of tho assistant su
perintendent. Services as usual next
Sunday. Sunday school at 10 a. m.
Preaching at 11 a. m. Subjoct The
gracious invitation. The J. B.U. meet
at 3 p. m. B. Y. P. U. at U::;0 p. m.
Subject The firsf foreign missionaries.
Leader, W. A. Holt. Preaching at 7:30
p. m. Subj-.-ct Things to bo remem
bered. Central Point Items.
The celebrated horse fair ha
come anu gone.
A jeweler from Wash: ng ton
located here for a few days.
Mr. VaoAntwerp intends soon to
build a house in Gcntral Point.
Welch it Welch have their large
granery nearly full of A No. 1 wheat.
Mrs. Kittle Morris will commence
erecting her fine new residence this
Charles Center, a brother-in-law
of E. A. Ford, arrived last Saturday
and intends to locate in this vicinity.
. G. W. Fiddler and sons, the fa
mous string band, have located
here and intend running a dauce
hall this winter.
Mrs: W. C. Coul. who has Wen
quite sick, is now rapidlv improv
ing. We understand she had juiu
a severe attack of biilious fever.
J. W. Merritt is enlarging his
store room this week so as to give
him more shelf room for his im
mense stock of goods which he hat
ordered. W. T. Leever fe Sou's fruit drier
is going full blast now and they are
turning out some of the finest dried
prunes you ever saw. If you don't
bt here it just call on Con, at the
hardware store and examine the
sample he has on exhibition.
Saturday night, as H. C. Cole
man was going from the hotel to
Mrs. Amy's, where he was lodging,
he was approached from behind by
two men, one who caught him by
the arms and the other struck bim
over the head with some weapon,
supposed to be a sandbag, nt tin'
same time catching him by the
throat to prevent any outcry. One
of the men then struck him in the
stomach and reduced him to com
plete submission. They then went
"through" him in the most ap
proved style, robbing him of about
one hundred dollars. On return
ing to consciousness he reported the
affair to the marshal who went im
mediately to the spot but could
discover nothing. 1 he next morn
ing three persons, who had been
hanging around about a week,
were apprehended and searched but
nothing criminating was discovered
on their persons. The perpetrators
of the cowardly outrage are as yet
not the poIUlcUui's tort. b'lt tho fresh air vou
need. Health and comfort uftoq suffer for this
Lftnrt nt Vitnttlulfun Kovrtr alimn in n tuvirli 1
ventilated room. You'll wan up unrrfrcshed.
out of roti , and" bHUouA Verbaps you can't
iinorove the ventilation., but vou can tuka Sim
mons Liver Kegulatrr for that torpid liver, to
keep it active uunint the ill effeot of a clone
atmosphere which cauwea that huiguid feeling. J
Emil EdelhotT to Hugo Don 1
mann. Its 5, 6, 7, blk ;77: MJ'fd.
J. B. Itusscll etal to Ben Hay
rnond, a portion of the Last
Chance quartz lodo, Galls creek
mining district , . 203
V. H. Parker to Merritt Bollin- -Kvr,
undivided i interest to 24
15-100 acres, see 4. tp 3 h. r 2 w 1
John E. Pelton, sheriff, to C. B.
Rofitel, sheriff's deed to ,'120
aoros in seo 30, tp 35 s, r 2 w.$2,350.71
C. P. Wiitrner to Auwius Wiurnor,
Its 12. 13, blk 15; Central r'oint
W. E. fvce to Nancy Curry, It 1,
blk 11: Ashland
Michael Chavner etal to David
Force, Its 3, 41, blk 30: G. Hill.
David O.Waldron etal to C. F.
Wagner, Its 12, 13, blk 15; Mf'd
In matter of the estate of Nicholas
Webhr Tbos. E. Stanley appointed
administrator with bonds fixed at $2000.
J. B. Rodjrers, J. W. Welhort, Robt.
PoAriBQiid uppraisoi-s.
Report of I. L. Hamilton, adminis
trator of the estate of M. Hanley, tiled
and approved.
CTte vaistH
i " ' r :. "T ThorS ':
Medfora, -o- Oregon.
Sam's Valley Echoes.
Mr. Coruin and (Jiuiphtor. of Meadows were
the guesu of J. 0. Smith lust Friday.
Mr. WllliHtns1 Krundsou. Oscar, In staying
with him mow, helptni keep uachulor'u bull.
Mr. Larson returned to his home a tcxr days
ago and wu vuruily welcomed by bin family.
MI 153 Florence Smith spent a co.uplc of days
last week visiting her sister, Mrs. Daisy Dun
gun. Miss Lulu Roberts was the truest of C. H.
Svdunslrickcr's family lust Saturday and Sun
day. J. C. Smith and family spent a couple of dnys
at the Soldier's Reunion in Medford, aud report
having hud u must ejoyabl? time.
Mips jGrirath's brother, whom she has not
soon fr a long ttmo, uame to I ha school house
lust fr'ririuv uml tiuik htr ImmH tn utu-itd Katnr.
day aud sanduy.
Miss Muy Im mmuy warm friends liere
lll sorely Unas uer.
Mrs. Vincent and Mr. Houston are very bupv
Biiifcfii; syrup. Tuey botn lieve excellent milia
uml nr inukinz the Hat si syrup your corrcs-
puuueub uus ever lusted.
Osenr Kodfiers, one of oar enterprising young
men. will uttond school in Jacksonville this
winter. He. like a irrcat many uthers, ts con
vinced that Prof. I'nce is one of the ablest In
structors iu the state.
Charles Sydeiistricker is vlsitinir rclalii-es
und friends iu Ohio. H.s nollier, wuoin he bus
not seen for n u.iniberof years, wan quite uoorly
worn he urrivetl there, but we ure glad to say.
U improving rapidly. Mr. S. slopped at CM
cniro aud spent a few days viewing Uie wonders
of the world's fair.
Hr. Stanley will fjajsh moving bis roods to
Cold Hi, 1 this week. J. U. SydeusiriJier will
lie retaioed asoltfrk. What Miionville will do
without.!. U s. and the Drs. smlniH; faces is
hard to tell. U'lt Albert Gall, our Rei.lul post
master, will still ba here, which will be some
consolatloa to the cbanniug- maidens of our
The Cbsiiarntl school gave aa exhibition last
Friday afieraooa which was well attended.
The people on this side of tae river take great
tuterest in schools and show their appreciation
-if entertainments by turning out in large nura
bers The general verdict us gwod speaking,
and a marked improvement in tile school. Mr.
Cole kindly brought a bucket of excclieut
peaches and treated visitors unit pupils.
OLD people sutler much' from disor
ders of the urinary organs, and are al
ways gratified at the wonderful effects
of l)r. J. It. McLean's Liver and Kid
ney Balm in banishing their troubled.
il pr bottle. For sate by W. II. Par
ker & Sons.
A lighted cigarette thrown into t'jc
Etororooui of a dry gorxls store at St.
Joseph, Mo., caused a loss of $ 1,00,009
by fire.
Armed men will accompany all express
en:l mail traius running out of Chicago.
The roads aro determined to put a slop
to traiu robberies.
Colonel C E. Koyce. es-treasurer of
the Veterans home at Youutville. CaL,
has been convicted of embezzling the
funds of the home.
Fred W. Smith, the head of a gang cf
Incendiaries at Chirr-sn, ha.s been in
dicted by the grand jury. Smith was
imprisoned for attempted bribery in the
Crouin case a few years ago.
Twenty-eight men wore killed by a
cave in in the Mansfield mine at Cryr.tal
Falhs, Mich. The shaft rnns trader the
river and tha mine was Coodei The will amoaat to $00,000.
Two surveyors. John AKen and his
son. ordvred a cowboy ofT a claim in
Oklahoma whirh they said beJnugrsd to
a Bohemian who accompanied ihein.
the cowbiy shot ar.d killed both the
Aliens. He was captured and lynched.
Thomas died at Sacramento
from the rfTcvts of a fall on the pave
ment, lie was pushed from a restaur
ant door by a waiter acd fell, striking
his head. Wynne was a brother-in-law
of Andrew Carnegie, the Pennsylvania
Two tramps, armed with a rifle acd
revolver, laid in ambush five miles
from Tulare and held up four teams.
One was occupied by a man and wife.
The husband was tied to the wagon
wheel and the wife was cssaulted. They
were then permitted to drive on.
Dr. Eugene F. West and Miss Annie
M. S:aley were mr.rried by contract a
San Francisco. Dr. Went is charged
with the murder of Addie Gilmour,
and Miss Staler, who was supposed to
know more about the death of Miss Gil
mour than she cared to divulge, will
thus, by marrying the doctor, escape
testifying against him.
George Soniag. who is serving a life
sentence at Folsom, has made a confes
sion, in which he says Chn.i Evans aud
John Sontag and himself were guilty of
a number of tmin rubberies. Soatag
gave tho details of all the huM-njis. The
confession will prolatbly be used against
Evans when he U tried. Sontag hopes
to be pardoned some day.
Billy Bntts, the "Pacer," an ex-convict,
got into a fight on Broadway, Oak
land. Butts drew a pistol and shot
William Green, with whom he was
fighting. Butts then ran tlowu Broad
way, shooting at every one he saw. A
crowd followed him, and dozens were
shooting at the fugitive. Butt, when
captured, had been shot fivo times.
Three men were mortally wounded by
Butts and several were hit by stray bul
lets. "
Senator White says the f.jjht on the
repeal bill in the senate will continue
for a month or more.
W guarantee tbatonr of these r U ft 4rr. 111
vrodvee brlter raulta in the cure cf Hraoacbe,
Coativeneu. Bour ttomacb. Bad Breath aud
ne.than ihreato five of any other make, and do It
without grtpio and alokemrK- Their ror.dcrful
arcion makes you feel lia a pew botcc Sfto. a bo.
prufglata or u.a.1. Uoaankb Kiel. Co- rhU- l'a.
For s;ilo by Geo. U. Iliiskins, Modford.
No More Back Ache
1 '..
in sellin, V
no fun nTt
ing them;
are general
bought for a i
ous purposedas
medicines for
sick people.
The first con
sideration is their
purity. Adulter
ated drugs fre
quently do more
harm than good,
and are always of
inferior quality.
They should be
carefully avoid
xperienca tn
compounding is
another item of
importance. The
blending of drugs practi
cal knowledge
and perfect si: ill.
A competent pre
scription clerk
must hare these.
The n priC38.
Given the good '
quality and best
com pound i ng,
the cost of drugs
need not ba un
nessarily high.
A reasonable
profit suits us
wo don't charge
for our experi
An anarchist plot to blow up the pub
lic buildings in Vienna was frustrated
by the police. A number of anarcliists
have been arrested.
Emperor William and Prince Bis
marck have become reconciled. Bis
marck's health is improved somewhat,
but he is still very feeble.
The news that the United States in
tends to renew efforts to secure tho
mole St. Nicholas for a coaling station
has created a sensation at Port-aa-Priiice.
A second Pompeii, said to be an entire
town, consisting of a number of streets,
houses, etc, has been unearthed in the
promontory of Lauriuin, in Southwest
Attica, Greece.
Gladstone, in a recent speech at Edin
burgh, warned the English house of
Jords that its existence might be termi
nated if the peers persisted in blocking
tho will of the people as had been dona
wish the home rule bill.
Mary Wheeler, a Philadelphia heiress,
married Count Van Poppenheim of Ger
many in 1S90. The countess found mar
riage a failure and has k-ft her husband.
She will procure a divorce. The count
vra too gay to suit her taste.
The steamer Carlcr, which the Bra
zilir.ii government refused to allow to
dock at Rio de Jtueiro, because she had
cholera aboard, has arrived at Asmara,
off Sardinia. Dr.rin- the voyage from
Brazil 14 deaths occurred on, , oard the
Carlor. and tliera are 17 pcrsotis now ill
DC the vessel, including the doctor.
A fclse alarm of fire was given in the
fynapogue at Kaiwarva. near Snwalkj,
Russia. The building was crowded
with mci and women at worship. After
a struggle of ten minutes, as no fire ap
peared, they became calmer. Xineuead
bodies were found near the exits, and 20
i persons lay unconscious and bieeJing
wfcre tiiey uad been trampled on.
Fully 1 W persons were injsirtd ic tL
rcsh, and 13 will likely die
The rebel Ceet. which has been so ljng
blockadioglbe harbor of Rio Jatrnro,
has again bombanled the city under
Admiral Mello's ordeis. The firing was
very severe, and the ditmage done ex
ceeds that of the first bombardment.
Several women and children were killed,
but the extent of the damage and the
lo&s cf life is not known, as so news is
permitted by the government to be sent
direct from Rio Janeiro.
Out erTHK UacT Con-maersii ass
IM ! W t
Gluts Hijlxd, Kis.. April atb, 1SS31
Dr. Mtt MtdUmX Ck, XJkkmrl, imd.
Oxxrumc: I hsd been troubled with atut
orscavc roiiTMt last 90 vcams, and ftlttkoua 1
iu trotcvl by um phicUii sad triad many
reiccdie. I gnw steadily worss untU 1 cob.
Tery bad sTuk . . r,c8 PCll. ba
mj pu wef I 1 U t- Ljuld nop besttot
sltoiTCther,'' snd It truwlth
the pestest difBcalty that my clrculsUoa could
ck o conaciotiSDeftS again. While In thb rondt
Uon I tried your Ntyt Ncskt Cubc. sad brn
to fmurovc frost tbe tint, and now 1 am able 10 do
a food day's wurk fhra man 6S yean of aga. I
On. Mites' New HcapiT Corc all tba
cradit for my froovery. It la over six tnonthjstnoa
I bsve taken sot. sltaoogb I keep a txntle in tba
bouse In case 1 should need it- I -ave also used
yourNenvc nd Liven Pills. "d think
groat deal of Ultra. Z. Atruv.
S 4d on at roaltlv) Cuaranta.
Dr. MILES' PI LLS, 50 Dotes 25 Cts.
ir.nuT .MW MAC fif klCAHIK.
6 2
? M
tbi . JL UWU1I
I II ml II
New Goods
have arrived and we have
opened our store for the"
purpose of doing business
with the people of Medford
and. surrounding country.
As might well be expect
ed our stock is entirely
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patterns in Dress Goods,
Dry Goods, Ladies' Shoes,
Men's and Boy's Boots and
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Goods, Hats and Caps and
nnaiirii i n
puiiniLii i v.
unnnriLL a
Full Line of
AND - Ol
I " mum rv n rlS. I
j Goods Delivered free to asy part of the i
J elty- Voar p-txvjoiuie solicited. j
viniiiiinttiu mnamK
Hardware, Stoves, Tinware i
t and Fine Building Material.
flTarranted Cutlery. Carpenters and BaUders Tools. Fisiing Tackle, AutmnniiiOB. Ett. Eta
Redjacket Force Pumps, for deep or shollow well. Tin Shop Attached
Dealers in
Mitchell Farm
I o I o 1 o P o I o I
o Gang and Walking Plows. o
TBE PIII10), 1)1 P1I0L0!
It Causes Little Excitement
When compared with
This is a bona fide CLOSING OUT SALE, as I wi'l positively leave
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Give me a call and satisfy yourself.
Hriij nfinnoi
aimill I MM satU M1M H4IUC
and Vehicles,
Spring Wagons.
D. T. Lawton, Manager, Medford, Or.