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    Woman's World
MAXIXE XURMI, Woman's Editor
Elgin PTA Holds Dime Dinner
To Build Scholarship Fund
Observer Stiff Writer
ELGIN (Special) The K!(!in P
TA held its annual "dime dinner"
in the school cafetcria(with a
large crowd in attendance earlier
this week. Profits from the event
will be used for the PTA scholar
ship which is Riven each year to
a graduating senior here. .
An executive board meeting
was held and the regular PTA
meeting was also included on the
Monday evening agenda.
Mrs. Faye Yarington presided
in the absence of the president.
Mrs. Hannah Owen. Miss Mild
red Schnoie had charge of the
devotionals. Mrs. Janet Vaught
was in charge cf the program.
Several members of the Blue
Mountain Assembly. Order of
Union Youth Will
Host Fellowship
UNION (Special) Union will
host the annual "Methodist Youth
Fellowship Rally" of the West
ern District cf the Idaho Con
ference. Youth delegates will arrive
Saturday mcrning. There will
be a film m the afternoon and
social activities in the evening.
Sunday morning there will be a
business meeting and church ser
vice. This is the first time the
rally has been held in Union. The
delegates will be housed by Un
ion residents.
Holds Contest
ELGIN (Special The Womens
Service Club sponsored a window
painting contest for two age
groups, eight through 10, and 11
through 13.
Joe Carroll won first prize $2;
Banita Hug, second, $1.50; and
Doug Moore, third, $1, in the older
age group. Beverly Hug, first in
the younger group, Marie Lyman
second, and Teresa Hug third.
Prizes were the same for the
younger vgroup in the Halloween
Beverly Hug's painting was con
sidered the best in the over all
Rainbow for Girls, attended the
DeMoay Installation ceremonies
in IjI'J-ande Tuesday evening.
Their 'Mother Adviser, Mr. Vio
la Burton and her husband Tom.
icctmpanird the girls. Those at
tending were the Worthy Advi
sor, "Linda Witty, Ellen Hulse,
Barbala Trump, Shirley Miller,
and -Nancy Hicks. Tom Hunt of
Elgin was installed as Chancellor
Commander. Several other Elgin
boys were installed in offices.
The' Blue Mountain Chapter
OES met Friday night. The hall
wasi -decorated in Halloween
theme, both in the hall and din
ing foom. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Eck
stein 'and Mr. and Mrs. Loren
Hunt served sandwiches, coffee,
doughnuts and cider.
Twirp Season On
The Elgin fchcol boys are al!
set to, enjey Twirp Season this
week, when the ladies are "Re
quested to ray."
Mr. and Mrs. Arley Oster and
Iwo daughters of Portland, were
weekend guests of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Gordon. They
also attended the Homecoming
football game at EOC.
Bill Van Duson celebrated his
14th birthday Sunday, with a par
ty. Several boys accompanied
him to the Elgin PlayLmd for an
aftorncon of roller skating.
Janiecc VanDusen sprained
her right wrist quite badly while
roller skating at the Elgin Play
land Sunday. She is the daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Van
Monte Nedrow and daughter,
Ieslie Pam, Prairie City, spent
the weekend in Elgin. Nedrow
vi.'ited his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Lawrence Nedrow while little
Leslie stayed with her maternal
jrandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Rich
:rd Lyman. While here Ned
row bagged his deer.
Mr., and Mrs. Louie Hale return
?d home Tuesday from a 10-day
acation trip, visiting relatives
and-friends in California.
Mr,and Mrs. A. V. Martin re
turned home Friday, from a
ihret week vacation in Colorado
and California.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stringham
were i Walla Walla visitors Wed
nesday. Mrs. Mildred Harwood
helped out in the City Drug
Store! ,
Granges Plan
The seven granges of Union
County will hold a joint instal'a
tion of new o.Lcers, Saturday
evening, in Ihe Blue Mountain
Grange hall.
The meeting is set to b 'gin at
8 p in. and will be followed with
a light lunch.
Dorothy Kipting of Baker County
will be the installing of'icer. She
will bring her assistants with her.
All members arc urg-d to be present.
Observer, La Grande, Ore., Thurs., Nov. 5, 1959 Page 5
Answers Your Problems
Sorority Chapter
Party Wednesday
Mrs. Thomas Faulkner enter-
Dear Ann: You may cr may not
have settled the argument in your
column on whether or not to vis
it Mik people in hospitals, but
.our opinion may save a life or
two if people will listen.
I am a nurse who has had to
dial with this problem frequent
lyand it Is a problem. The
attitude that you must visit the
sick makes ME sick. Folks who
wou'd benefit from company, (the
aged or crippled, or disabled chil
dren confined for long periods)
Deer Ann: My problem is dif
ferent from any I've ever reail
in your column. I'm a k:H, 17. and
got my first job during Christ
mas vacation. 1 found it easy to
steal a lew articles Irom the
store 1 worked in. 1 got caught
and was fired.
My employer never Uld any
one, but he must have put it cn
my record because I can't get
another part time job. I've
leearned my lesson and I'd never
seldom eel conmanv. But Une e!luKe amuiing mat didn't belon
Jake who had a coronary last ; me again. But how can I prove
week and Aunt Tess 'who had a
baby this morning, are always sur
rounded by people who KNOW
tained the members of the Xijthe patient wants to see THEM
but no one else.
The teenage boy has the add
ed hazard of ten giggling girls
struggling to sit on his bed. He
may be flattered, but they usual
ly stay beyond the point where
he's 'Oad to have them.
When I was ill last year I did
Alpha Mu chapter of Beta Sigma
Phi at her home Tuesday eve
ning. - . ,
The business meeting was pre
sided over by Mrs. Wayne Bar
Iron. The all chapter party was
discussed. It is to be held Wed
nesday at 8 P m. in the Sacajawea
small ba.lroom. invitations arc inin,nr. P,..runinS! in the hospital
the mail. The theme is to be mu-j,nim wncn j was in good lieallh
slcal- I at home.
Program chairman, Mrs. I.eland The best policy is to send your
Sams, passed out the new pro- hospitalized friend a card or a
gram books.
The program was given by Mrs.
Robert Hagerman on "Saiaja
wea." A charade game was play
ed with Mrs. Hagerman winning
the prize.
Mrs. Faulkner served refresh
ments during the social hour.
Next meeting is to be at the home
of Mrs. James Klein.
note saying "I won t come to see
you unless ycu send word and
ask me." R.N. ' -
Dear R.N.: Thank you for a
useful letter from someone who
has been on both tides of the
hypodermic needle. I agree that
hospital visits should be by in
vitation only.
myself if no one will have faith
in me? Please tell me how to
get another chance. Untrusted
Wallowa Rainbow
Hold Smorgasbord
WALLOWA (Special)-Fifty at
tended the father-daughter smor
gasbord dinner given by the
Rainbow Girls at the .Masonic hall
Tuesday. The tables were decor
ated with fall flowers, and falh
er daughter figurines constructed
ul autumn leaves.
During the dinner ',,( Lyman
and Pat lluher put in a hillbilly
skit in honor of Mr and Mrs
Reid Johnson and Mr. and Mrs.
Jack Coleman. Robert Johnson
sang a solo; Treve Cow en played
an accordiun srlo, and Samite Tay
lor, Pat lluher and Carolyn John
si.n pantomimed Uo n;s.
Sandi Maxwell wekuiicd the
fathers and thanked tliem for
their continued support of the
Rainbow girls.
Union Cvnty Snrine Auxiliary
a ill hold ' s jlosrrt Friday, at
7:30 p.m. in Ihe Riasonic nan.
eke Mountain Gem Club will
h;ld a UK'PViig Saturday at
ii m. in the Methodist Church at
i'l;:in. PotluVk at 7 p.m. Kr:n
own table service. Stone clatters
ale to LcKUUftls.
WhirUwey square dance club
w II meet Saturday in the Union
Sportsmen's Club for a regular
dance. All square dancers wel
come. Harvest Festival will be held in
thf Fellow, hit) h; 1" of fie First
Methodist Church, T,'iu: sd.iy, start
ing at 5:30 p.m.
Dear Untrusted: I doubt your
employer put this information
on your record. Pert time jobs
are herd to get which is prob
ably why you're having trouble.
Co to your farmer employer,
however, and esk him. If it IS
cn your record, plead for anoth
er chance end atk him to re
move it. I hope he gives you
the chance.
Stretch yourgift dollars with big
savings. All featured Hems
brand new, except where noted.
Brand new
made and
i backed by
and king-iite
Floor Wall
sews hundreds of xigiag
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' j U t fj i 1
OR I UMikafel takrtMSol ,
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complete with ligtagger,
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I luvo
Catherine Creek
Unit Holds Meet
UNION (Special)The Catherine
Creek Extension l int met at the
grange 'hall Oct. 28 The project
Aluminum hli-hing was directed
by Mis. Vance I'umpluey.
A potluck dinner preceded the
business meeting, which was
conducted by Mrs. Ted liradficld.
On Nov. Iti the club will meet
aKain at the frane hall at which
lime they plan on completing the
tray etching project. ,,Tlie now
project Consumer Kduealion will
be under the direction of Vrs
Royal Wilde and Mrs. Nt ra Che
ney. Dinner committee was Mrs. Ike
Gibbs, Mis. Karl Collins, and
Mrs. Lyle Withernte.
The 4-H prize was won by Mrs
Associated Women of the First
Presbyterian church will bold a
luncheon, Thursday at 1 p.m.
Oregon Trail Extension Unit
w ill meet Thursday at 10:30 a! m.,
with Sigrid Jones. Project,
Consumers Buying of Clothing",
i'otluck at noun.
Odd Fellows Lodge H, La
tirande, will meet Friday at I
p m. in their hall.
La Grande Garden Club meeting
has been postponed from Nov.' 6,
until Nov. 13.
Three Links Bazaar will open
at 11 p m. Saturday. There will be
a luncheon available, fancy work,
homemade cakes, pies, candy, and
popcorn balls for sale. This affair
ui'l be held in the basement of the
! IOOK hall.
Mr. end Mrs. I. M. Bramwell,
have had as their Iiluc guests
their son. wile and granddaugh
ter, of San Francisco. Calif. Also
visiting at the l!iainw.ell homci
v as Mrs. Charles Valla, of "Bluc Celebrating birthdays today are
Geem l.cdje," Willows, Calif. TheVl,rsa ,iac vvagoner, Alicel; Fred
family get -togemer was in nonor..,, ylun and Mllllc Klshcr. 1
n Mrs. llraMwell s birthday. Oct.
il. and was a ilinin r affair.
Imb!en ; Brownies
erl Blow n
tf Ihe
'$y Krize
The Imblerl
list meetinir
the lmii o(
i s held their
season, in
II, Thurs
day, wilh eU'ciion of ellicers
Those elec(d, we:o Susan I'aroz.
president; V!ice Hopkins, vice
president: liee Ann Lamkins. si-c-retary:
Pii l.i -Horry, treasurer;
Mard'ellu 4';ilin. reporter; Linda
Young, svnnil: Arleta Phillips,
Hob Well, and the door prize by clean up; mitt Sally Krizell, S;t-
Mrs. Nina Turner. I emit ;:t arms.
lii ande.
World War I Widows club will
m"ot Thursday at 7:30 pm. in
the home o." Mrs. Neva Betts,
1K)3 N Avenue.
Pythian Sisters will meet in the
KP hall, Friday, with a potluck
dinner served at 7:30 p.m..' All
members Kirghts and families are
invited. Business meeting follows
at 8 p m., with Roll Call. Mem
bers urged to be present. .
The Kinqhti of Pyrhiae and
the Pythian Sisters will sponsor
another card party at the jCP
hall, 905 M Saturday, at 8 p.m.
The public is invited. . -
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