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    Chicago Firm Publishes Record
Bound To Anger FDR Worshipers
WASHINGTON l l'l Th.- Hen-he the more offensive to FDHs
ry Regnery Co. of fhirafo has iiefemlers heeause it challenges
published a book with u prmevn
tive title which is likely to ti''
up some angry tJis;ni!f in the
United States.
':The title is: 'ituosevell's Ha I
To Russia." Tlie an nor is t;-or;;
N. Crrcker. The price mt copy is
15. That is a hish price lor ;i
book of 312 pag"s. anil il ma..
discourage some reader
More diseouraui i(J tu rea"ler.
could be a trend in hook rev.e.v
tag which the right-in-er. i.l
American politics declare they ea i
discern and identify Tliu. is a
trend toward shniKginii oil a ha I
manners, or worse, llio.-e honki
and pamphlets in cireiila'ioi
which fiercely chalierge r'r.i..kli .
D. Roosevelt's lfia-45 slcAaiiKlnp
of the America I destiny
Crocker's honk is a tierce a id
heir lie o as the architect of
World War II strategies which left
the w- rlil in the condition now pre
n lii:, wh en is a mess. The
i heme of docker's book is tha"
HH was a tjullible stooge for J.
V Sialin's master plan to domin
ate the post war world or us much
f it a possible.
'Itoosevell's Roi To Russia''
,s a chronicle of the men around
i'" 1 1 it a id of the g eat wartime
conferences at which these men
and the President matched wits
aid wisdom with the Allied teams
a id nolalily with Stalin and V.
l. Mol tov. Crocker documents
his cl.a'ge that the U.S. team was
jvei -mulched and out-played, lie
especially tajs the late Harry
Hopkins as a safety man who for
cver was dropping the ball lor
bluntly worded challei se. It will 'luck of the will to catch it.
Tillamook Mayor Given Nod
As Oregon City League Prexy
PORTLAND UH'- T.llarnook
Mayor Loren McKir.ley was to he
installed today as president ol the
League of Oregon Cities as the
annual meeting of mayurs, city
managers and other municipal of
ficials ended here. McKinley suc
ceeds Springfield Mayor Kdward
Harms Jr.
Tuesday the slate included dis
cussion of tm'fic and parking.
Community development, housing,
law enforcement and comine cial
center developments.
The chief FBI agents in fort
land, Joseph Thornton, urged del
egates to put fore life into polite
Vern Hill, head of the Slate De
partment of Motor Vehicles, dis
cussed with de'egat s a tiio o
traffic law amendments to he
submitted to the It I Legislature
They include a fixed maximum League's hacking of annexation as
Sjjeed on highways but at the
same time retaining the basic
rule law; changing the chemical;
test regulation to permit
or Implied consent f r U sis lor
alcohol in the blood in cases of i enic:i l i cities within the 18 coun-
Kour resolutions were scheduled
for action today. These included
i, e by the mayor of Medford
asking the State Highhay Com
mission to establish an office to
deal with city problems from
throughout the stale. Mayor John
Snyder told delegates Tuesday
that there is some dissatisfaction
among officiuls "with highway
decisions which result in no prog
ress of interest to their cities."
Snyder urged a smoother co
ordinating system between the
Department and cities as a way
to work out many current "trou
l.lesome problems."'.
Another resolution calls for
larger sha es of Oregin Liquor
Control Commission revenues for
cities. The OLCC now parcels out
III or cent to cities hut the
l eague wants 15 per cent.
.eg'slalio.n in 12 to aflirm the
a desirable way of dealing with
invite area problems is provided
in a third resolution. The fourth
(siilutioi asks that timber sale
money on federal lands he alio-
"That a web of subversion was
spun over Washington in Itoose
vell's administration is now be
yond question." Crocker writes
"J. Kdgar flower's '.Masters of
Deceit' is but one of ma iy auth
oritative sources which verify that
the government was infiltrated by
both Communist sympa'.hicrs a d
Soviet agents and that I S po'i
cies, plans and official attitude
were not on'y Influenced by these
infiltrations but also p o.npMy re
ported to Moscow.
"If Franklin D. Roosevelt he
came, as war went on. Stalin's
favorite fellow traveller, it was
not necessarily because any iile
ological conversion occurred.
Galling To Forrtstal
"Vhe pro-Russian utmosphe e in
Washington was galling to
many, including the frustrate J
Secretary of Navy, James V. Kor
restal. Ilis diaries reveal that in
September, 1044, he had written
to a friend that If any American
suggests that we act in accord
witn our own interests, he is apt
to be called a . . . Fascist or Im
perialist, while if uncle Joe ' Stal
in i suggests that he needs the
Kallic provinces, half of 1'olond,
all of Bessarabia and access to the
Mediterranean, all hands in Wash
ington agree that he is a fine,
frank, candid and generally de
lightful fellow.' Such was the
frame of mind Roosevelt took to
The dust cover of "Roosevelt's
Road to Russia" says: "Many
people will be made angry by this
That is a sound and reasonable
prediction, especially if the ques
tions raised by Crocker become
involved in next year's president
ial campaign.
Observer, La Grande, Ore., Wed., Oct. 21, 1959 Page 8
Market Quotations
By Unittd Press International
market: NKW YORK U'1 - SI eel
To retailem- r:r,i.. At shares turned up today after reii-
extra large, 51 .'-lie: AA large. 4'
!'ic: A large. 4.V4HC: A A medium
:,y ll.c ; AA small, 2G-2HC; carton.-l-:ic
a idnio ai.
Butter To retailers
giaie A prii.Ls. ice Ih.
W highe-; I! p. liit.i, fiitc.
Cheese 'medium cured) To re
'adcrs: A grade cheddar singl
da.siis, 41-ale: processed Amen
ca I cheese. 3 lb. loaf, 4'J-43c.
PORTLAND 'I'PH-'CSDAi --Livestock:
Cattle 250: holdover 12."); fed
iteeis and heifers weak to 50c
lower: high standard and good
1(1!!! II). led steers 23.50; short
load standard 1180 lb. 2:!; truck
lot good loo!) Ih. fed heifers 22:
utility ciws 13 10; canners-cutte-s
Calves 75: choice vealers 30-32:
one head 33: standard-good 22-29
Hogs 200 ; 40 head 1 and 2
butchers WO-230 lb. 15; mixed 1.
2 and 3 14 14 50; No. 2 and 3 250
2i'i3 lb. butchers 12 13.50; sows
Sheeo 3511; good-choice 1 pelt ' q,''"""1
siioi ii laiiios w.ou; iew wooic-d
lambs IH; cull-good ewes 2.30-5.
,1 ll.Mticrt horii gi alli
ed ai injunction that will end the
st. el strike at least for HO d;.ys
Shorly alter the injunction J'
AA and anrou ced steels showed gams
carton, ranging to 2 points.
1 Other sections of Lie iva.Ket
displayed st e.iglh. Aiiiomobiie
-hares v.ere in demand especially
aticlehaker and America i Motors
These made new highs. rVd ral
bed from a loss of more t'an a
I Dint, (ieneral Motors firmed to
a small gain.
Klectiomcs rallied with late
:ains ranging to more than 4
Pot-Luck Dinner
Features Meeting
At Island City
ISLAM) CITY (Special) -The
La Grande Farm Bureau Centei
held its monthly meeting at the
Island City hall recently with a
pot luck dinner. Mrs. Silla Carl
son was chairman.
The (I, vntiniuil was led hy
Frank Young. The p ogram plan
ned Ly Mrs. Orville Lent., chair
man. include d piano selections by
liar.:!.! Hi;!.' rci. Mrs. Joe Milliard
san:: spiritual numbers, accom
panied by her s .11, Harold. Lr.
Spea'S. of KOC, spoke on Inter
national Relations.
F.lcction of officers was held.
Named were: Ben Robinson,
nresident; Harlow Speckhart,
vice president, and Sylvan Rass
m i.ien and Kcnne Sands, direc-
mints in Texas Instruments. Mo
id ola rega:ned some ol a loss of 2 points. Others were at
point or more above the previous QcadvCOCl LOSSS
close. i t i I
Thiokol ran up 3 points in Hie Qng ShcdV LCSGV
rocket fuel issues. American Ship '
Building rose 3 in its section. U li-
versal Match rise nearly 5 points
Oil issues held in a nai.ov range
with gains and losses lalancieg
each o'.he-. Aircrafts were mostly
higher, except Douglas which set
a new low.
CHICAGO U'PI) Cash grain:
Wheat: 2 red 1!I9N.
Corn: 2 yellow 109-110; 3 yellow
I08 l(l8:,i; 4 yellow 101-lli3'l4; 4 yel
low local 102; 5 yellow 97-100.
Oats: 1 exit a heavy white 7"'-i
Rye: 2 plump 143N.
Barley: Malting 1I5-120N; feed
Soybeans: 1 yellow 212-213.
track sales.
ordered Babe out of town Monday
a id that l :t Dead'.vood the dead
est frontier town si::ce the end of
the Gold Rush.
La V'er'a 'Babei Snell. 42. was
ore of 18 allege 1 prostitutes
hares firmed with the ruu.ulcii up in a rani tasi inuis-
lay. liawily Houses v.ere ctosen
for the first time in this town
where, Wild Bill Hickock and oth
er gunmen roamed before the turn
of the century.
Like the other giris she was re
leased on hail, but promptly
showed up Saturday night at a
bar to thumb her nose at the au
thorities. Dcadwood police arrest
ed her again, but not until slit
"used foul and abusive language
and kicked and bit," the ollicer
Thin she S"t fire to the mat
tresses in her jail cell in fur-
COLOMBO, Ceylon HTD -Prime
Minister Harold Macinillan
has expressed regret to Premier
W. Dahanayake over a political
commentary broadcast by the
British Broadcasting Corp. which
said among other things that Cey
lon was "led by an inexperienced
eccentric" it was reported today.
Dahanayake protested to Macinil
lan at the broadcast made on
Oct. .
National Convention
Draws 2,000 Women
New frontiers in human and ' out losing sight of the principles
international relatiors rr. seilll"' freedom and justice that have
note of a chi.Uen. c. today than ;, a(k' ,ls V' T.1 U ViUl
ui..uen. c lou.iy tnan !frutl.:or t,ut needs conquering,
the physical frontiers of yester-h(. el,!)ha$ll..d.
lay, over 2.WJ women frcm overj .. f ttt haven't smse enough
the L'nited States were toid at alio believe history can be repeat
meeting in Portland last week. cd, that our present civilization
Delegates to the National Home Uan fall if " llun't work and
Demonstration Council meeting ! sacrifice ff r it. we aren't good
heard Dr. U. G. Duback, proles
sor of political science at Lewis
and Clark College. Portland, say,
What we used to call fr.nliers
are gone there are no new
material frontiers on our earth.
However, there are tremendous
new frontiers in the areas of
ornduction of goods, social and
nlernalioiiji n-lati.r.s, and the
heme and family."
Automation and increasing ef
ficimcy in production are creat
ing problems in the labor field.
Dubach pointed out. If automa
tion creates a 30-hour work week,
what will workers do with the
rest of the week, he questioned.
This is a real new frontier facing
us today, he dcc!a-od.
International eMail's ere com
plicated today by problems' of
race, religion, and communism.
Dubach reminded the group. This
is creating another crucial front
ier facing us today.
"Are we going to be smart
enoufih to compromise on pro
cess without compromising on
principle," Dubach asked?
As we deal with communism,
we are constantly faced with the
need to compromise, he explain
ed. But can we do this with
out losing our way of life, with-
thcr protest of law and order's ar
rival in Deadwood.
enough ta be trusted with our
country," he challenged the
Maintaining real family life
when 22 million of our workers
are women is another challeng
ing frontier facing us today,, he
dulaiid. Our American way of
'i'e las d ve'oned around the
idea that the woman is more im
po.lant in the home than the
man. .
Can we maintain our traditional
idea of "home and mother" with
iiu iiy women working. Dubach
j-red. This a frontier where real
effort v. ii! need to he .exerted.
Vast new frontiers are also
opining ,n areas of human re
ntiers. "Is it g:ing to be possible in
i his tremendous concentration
of population today to keep the
individual ireprrtant, to give him
i sense of belonging and of val
ue." Dubach as!:ed.
"This is a real issue. Is it pos
sible to preserve individualism
in a world like this, or are we
going to become merely cogs on
wheels in a giant machne that
turns on'y when the govern
ment pushes a button?"
These are just a few of the
new frontiers that are in your
luture today, Dubach concluded.
They are areas lhat need explora
tion, definition, and conquering.
drunken driving, ail "piobahle
cause" arcst authority for tiu.iic
policemen. At present, the law
states the violate n must l.e wit
t:s which now take, a cut of O&C
la!,d benelits.
Principle speaker scheduled for
the League's banquet was Don
Hum r el. mayor of Tucson, Ariz.
Irish Playwright Loads Up
On Whiskey; Flails Actors
LONDON U'Pli Vv.iiskcy
lovuig Irish playwright Brendan
Behan. shouting, si'gng. rolling
in the aisles and swearing lit the
audience, "stopped the show" for
20 minutes Mo day night at a
erformancc cf his play here
No one present at Monday
night's presentation of "The llos
tage" was able to think of any
way to make the frolicsome Irish
man shut up until at last he sub
sided into slumber of his own
"Why don't you th ovv him
out?" one irate theatergoer asked
the manager during liehan's ev-
Union Families
On Vacation And
Visiting Friends
UNION (Fpecinl) Mr and
Mrs. Arlie Umphrey and family
motored to Yakima over the
weekend to visit his father. Clif
ford Umphrey, whom he hadn't
seen for 32 years, and his twin
sisters and their families.
Mrs. A. R Maclloniild has left
by train for Salt I-ake City w here
she will stay for a criiple of days
and then come back hy way of
I'oratello and Ulaekfoot. Ida,
where she will visit friends. The
Rev. A. R. MacPonald was pastor
of the Nazarene Church there
prior to coming to Union.
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Ollis left
Monday for a three-week vaca
tion trip through the central
Home Game
Dorthy, Sandra and Mike Tim
py, Pendleton, spent the week
end here with Mr. and Mrs. An
dy Timpy and Mr. and Mrs. Don
llaefer. and lamlly. The Ilaefers
drove them back to Pendleton.
The Range Riders will h: Id a
cooked food sale at Nele Morri
sons building Oct. 17 beginning
at 10 a in
The .lunior Women's Club will
meet Thursday at the club hull -e
at 8 p m.
The first home game, Union
vs. Wallowa, will he Saturday at
2 p in.
Ho the hell can 1?" the man
nger snapped back. "He's the au
It was the second time that
Behan haJ interrupted a perfor
mance c f "The Hostage" since il
opened here. The first time, he
was hauled into court on charges
ol drunkenness, but Monday night
he managed to avoid the police
He went into action aliout half
way through the first act with a
hell w to the cast
"Why don't you do the play
"Oh. my God!" one actor
g:oaned "He's back again."
"Why don't you shut up?" other
members of the cast shouted at
He retaliated by shouting out
several lines just before they were
spoken by the actors and then
liegan to drone out a mournful
Irish ballad.
In lielween times, he swore nt
the audience and at one point,
for r.n appn ent reason, lay down
and rolled in the aisle
I 'resent. y, he dropped off to
rleep When he awoke some time
later, he managed to make his
way nut of the theater with the
help of the d.orman and got into
a cab.
Members of the cast said today
they had !een apprehensive ever
sine they heard a few days ago
mat Kenan was in town
"How long can we keep this
up one actor asked. "Kvery
performance while Brendan is in
town is nervew racking. You never
know whe he's going t0 pop in
Ii:NA 'I'PI. Austria has
paid more than ino million dol
bus in World War II reparations
to the Soviet I'nion, o" two-thirds
of her total obligations, it was
aaroiP'Ced Mondav
my has issued a call for 9.000
.bailees in December, the same
number as in October and No
vemher. It said all will be al
lowed to spend Christmas at
3D IjMI "33iiitt-ii-' r"333I'
GET m$3358SEL "Willis-"
MT S 1 Igrfl & carpet yarn &f
? - wWk fi EVER MADE S'
the CARPET m$EkMli
that has EVERYTHINH&
bv LEES vMi
made of DU PONT MSr
Never before has there boon a c.irpot like Loos Lasting 'IcV; wC?i?iJi' V. -
Star-anywhere nt any prieo. Ixvs Lusting Star is a SSjJ'yi IT WFAFJQ "SS?
genuine breakthrouKh in car(Ht enginetTing, ZSTJh Tl-t 11 flLHllO
a cariH-t with performance designers used to f$,'W&T3t JV 14l'.'T7 wZ$s
dreani about. And now its here in V , &&!nt iP&i&SZ HIT A TO ft VX
The stain test 3110 IfM C" f 1 K V Adjo
The wire brush tost
iK The wwir test
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pir iq. yd.
pay by th month)
Annual Carpet Brent
4 rolls left lo choose from
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We'll bring samples to your horns. I.'o cl!i;::ici.