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ite Sox Cpi!d
First Pennant By
United Press International
Get the champagne ready.
Look! " -
- The While Sox may be asking
you lo pop the cork this week end
Ahd by that time, the Giants
should let you know definitely OH'
way or the other.
For the White Sox. it's virtually
all over but the gala formality nf
celebrating their first pennant
clinching in 40 years. Their "mag-
ic number'" now is dawn to four;
and for those whose mathematics
may be a bit rusty, it simply
means the Sox can wrap up thtj
whole business by Friday nu'ht.
s Observer, La Grande, Ore., Wed., Sept. 16, 1959 " Page 2
Old Bones Creak Today
In Amateur Golf Test
UPI Charlie Coe. Bill Hyndman
and some of the older golfing gaf
fers have been doing right well
in the National Amateur golf
championship thus far. but the
real test tor creaking bones be
gins today.
The grind steps up to two
rounds a day on the mile-high.
7.010-yard Broadmoor Club court.
And from here in it will take
stamina as well as savvy to beat
the rarified atmosphere, the long
fairways and the young hot show
in the tournament.
Coe. the 35 year-old U.S. Walk
er Cup captain, and hyndman.
his 43-year-old teammate, scored
Ed Machen Set
For German In
Portland Tiff
PORTLAND. Ore. UP1 Willie
Besmanoff, a native of Germany
who now fights out of Milwaukee,
muscles in on some of the Braves'
headlines tonight when he taiglcs
with favored Ed-lie Machen in a
10-round nationally televised bout.
Machen, who has transferred
his allegiance from San Francis
co to Portland, is going after his
sixth straight win in a comeback
campaign which he launched this
year after being flattened in the
opening round last September by
Ingemar Johansson.
Eddi is ranked fourth In the
latest Ring Magazine listing while
his opponent is rot cited. But
Besmanoffs camp claims this is
all wrong.
"A win over Machen could
mean a shot at the title." man
ger Erdie Metric has said. And
he claims that a groin in Jilil
waukee "will beat any offer from
anywhere for a world title bout
between Johansson and Besman
off. Machen has stopjed two out of
five lesser-lights whom be has
beaten so fa this year. He now
has a record of one loss in 31
Tonight's fight starts at 6 p.m.
p.s.t. The Portland area will be
blacked out.
One Beam family for six
generations. ..One Kentucky
formula for 1S4 years!
spirits timlm
What makes Beam bourbon taste so
good? More than anything t tne ract
that today, as for 164 venrs. it is still the
Beams who make BEAM, under the
aamo formula, in the same Kentucky
country where bourbon was born. That
is why you can always buy Bean
bourbon with trust.
I ia tmtO
3 FT. '
vrynicirv ctdiitut dahboim wuKKrv
That was made possible when
Cleveland fell 5' games' behind
Tuesday night by losing to Bos
ton. 10. after the ' White Sox
had won a 4-3 thriller from the
The Giants are in good shape,
too. although not quite in the com
manding position the White Sox
re. Sun Francisco is two games
in front of both 'Milwaukee and
Los Angeles, and the Giants mee:
the llraves in a two-game series
at home starting today, then play
host to the Dodgers, in a three
game set. ' ; '
I Kverytliing woikeJ out perfect
Neil Andersen
the most imp-e.-ivc victories
an-.og the "name" players in
Tuesday s second round.
And who sprang the biggest up
ret? Dee Replogle. an unheralded
Oklahoma oilman, aged 40.' Replo
gle eliminated Dearie Beman, the
21-year old ' Walker ' Clipper and
British Amateur champion who
had been rated a threat to Cot's
crown, 4 and 3. "" ''
Replogle's' third round opponent
is Jack Penrose of Miami Beach,
The slender 150-pound Coe. who
says, "Don't w,orry Bbout me, If I
keep winning, I'll make It around
if I have to crawl, played Bob
Batuorff of Hershcy, Pa., 28-year-
old ' Pennsylvania state amateur
champion in today's third round.
Coe shot two-under-par golf Tues
day in trouncing John Mallory of
Spokane, Wash., 6 and S.
Hyndman, who said he also was
at the peak of his game In beat
ing Bob Loufek of Rock Lsland.
111.. S and 4. faced 40-year-old
John Klire of the Westover
'Mass.) Air Force Base todav.
Three other members of the
Walker Cup "old guard " Harvie
Ward. 33; Dr. Frank tBudl Tay
lor, 42, and Billy Joe Patton, 37,
also reached the third round,
along with two Walker Cup
youngsters. 22-year-old Tommy
Aaron and 19-year-old Jackie
United Press International
London John cowtoy
.MivormacK iho. Scotland, won
by disqualification over Terry
Downes. lbllit, England , 'eighth
round of scheduled 15-round bout.)
HALIFAX. N S. Balri Rich
ardsou, 154. Canada, knocked out
Gaston Roy, 159, Canada, '8.
PITTsni'RGlI Boliby Gordon.
153, Charleroi. Pa., outpointed Al
Mauser. 160, Philadelphia 1121.
RENO. Nev. Frankie Rami
rez. Ul'i. Mexico, outpointed Wil
lie Morton. 1474. San Jose.
Calif., 10i.
RICHMOND. Calif - Sixto Ko
riguez, 174. San Francisco out
pointed Eddie Cotton, 16. Seat
tle 10.
Sfi PftflflF I
B. BUM WT4ulf!J
i , Zm
ow) i44
QT. Ml
tx.KlrZ E3I
Z-l CA-J
lv for the Giants Tuesday. They
crushed the Reds, 13-0. while the
Dodgers beat the Braves, 8-7, in
10 innings.
' The Giants hammered out 13
hits Tuesday in routing the Reds
They shelled rookie Jay Hook
with a live-run burst in the firs:
Reliever Don McMahon walked
in the winning run in tbe 10th in--hg
to enable the Dodgers to
climb back Into a second-place tie
ith the Braves.
Cards Trim Phillies
St. Louis defeated Philadelphia.
1-4. in the only other NL game
ilayed. The game between the
Cubs and Pirates was postuineJ
oecause of cold weather.
Ernie Broglio of the Cards gave
up five hits hi beating Ed Kee
?an for his seventh victory. Tim
McCarver, .17-yea-old rookie
catcher, collected two of St. Louis'
10 hits and scored two runs.
The White Sox' victory over the
Yankees marked the 34th game
this season they won by one run.
The white Sox scored three o.'
their runs including the win
ning one with sacrifica flies to
offset Mickey Mantle's 30th and
31st home runs.
Frank Malzone broke up a bril
liant pitcher's battle between Tom
Brewer of the Red Sox and Jim
Mudcat Grant of the Indians j
Mabone's ninth-inning single
scored Pete Runnels from second
base wfth the only run of the
Knuckleballcr H o y t Wilhelm
registered his 15th victory for the
Orioles with a four-hit 2-1 triumph
over the Tigers in 11 innings.
Washington and Kansas City
split a twi-nigbter. the Senators
winning the opener, 1-0, on Ca
milo Pascual's three hitter and
the A's taking the nightcap. 8-2,
on Johnny Rucks' five-hit effort.
Unittd Press International
Major League Standln-is
National League
' " W. L. Pet. G8
San Francisco 81 63 .563
Milwaukee " 79 65 .549 2
Los Angeles 79 65 .549 2
Pittsburgh ' 73 71 .507 8
Cincinnati 71 75 .4!0 11
Chicago ' 68 74 .479 12
St. Louis . 66 79 .455 15'i
Philadelphia 60 85 .414 21H
Tuesday's Results
San Francisco 18 Cincinnati 6
Los Angeles 8 Milwv 7 10 inns i
St. Louis 6 Philadelphia 4 might)
Pitts, at Chi. ppd , cold weather.
American League
W. L. Pet. CB
New York
Kansas City
90 50
84 61
78 72
71 74
71 74
68 77
63 82
61 85
.579 5
.503 164
.490 18 i
.490 18' I
.469 2m I
.434 26 3 !
.418 29
Tuesday's Results
Chicago 4 New York 3
Washington 1 Kansas City 0 1st
game, twilight i
Kansas City 6 Washington 2 '2nd
game, night '
Boston 1 Cleveland 0 I night
Bait. 2 Det. 1 til inns, nite)
From a
to castles
niKTavn Rn.w -fvi niRfiR -rprn
rill il
.K'BU0!UI.i-ih,i,WSltS IEDERER jL .
tm, t, mr wm tw- , C053 MARSHALL Vli J
I .... i frS.
HOME FOR THE GAME George Aiiverti, Eastern
Oregon's All-Conference halfback selection last year ,
will be "back home in Walla Walla" Saturday when
Whitman hosts the Mountaineers. Aiiverti, a sopho
more, is a 1958 graduate of St. Patricks of Walla Waila.
LOS ANGELES 'LTD The Los town tied foY second with the
Angeles 4odgers. winners of an Dodgers and two games behind
extra-inning disputed 8-7 decision the San Francisco Giants,
over "the Milwaukee Braves Tues- p j h , h
day take on tte Cincinnati Reds: s(ar Koufax was
game of the scasan.
Although the Dolgers came un
... . . . .
with two runs in the bottom of the ,
10th to win. Manager Fred Haney j
plaTd the game under protest '
orcause lirst Baseman Joe: the first to K've the Braves an merely as a friend of Bill Rosen
Adcock's fifth inning hit into the icil Bu( rot)kle outrielder ! sohn.
left fiej.l screen was calletl a Fairlv rec'acine the eiected Rose-sohn, recently ousted by
ground-rule double instead of a "" Fa'ri' reF'fmg 1 ,e ejec Velella from control if Rosensohn
on- Puket S,".ttl'r' tloubled " ,1,e Enterprises, has testified before
I'mpirc Vinme Smith called tho;fotirth inn ng to start a five-run ! lhe commissi an!j tne gralt)
hit a douMe when the Dodgers rally in which 10 DoOgers went to jury that Velella is fronting for
U.U11II.-.-J a K.uu-j mic i...1ui.ibat , .
any d.iii inai iiirui;n me
screen or sticks in it is limited
to two baws. But Haney pointed
out the ball hit the tower holding
the screen, hit straight down and
lodged on a projection holding the;
horizontal har that marks the top ;
of the screen 40 fee" above the ;
playing field. He said it should
have Ix'e.n called a homer because
the ground rule did not apply.
Possible Winner
Had the homer been allowed,
the extra rui would have given
the Braves a 7-6 win in nine in
nings. Pending a league ruling on
Haney 's protest, the Braves left
Manhattan Ball,
in Spain,,
the most surprising
international "affair"
of this -or
any other year!
Debbie Reynolds
r:i ipit vy
ilii li
named to face the Reds who will
or.nose him with Jim O'Toole. 5-8.
. .j,.:,- , ,.
In aduition to the hit that
, , .... . , .
caused t!le fl,n inmnS rhubarb.
Aclcdck got a two-run homer in
9 ti -4
1 L lsJ
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to find: the coveted label off
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you eW in an HS&M suit. From $75.00
; tnamp s Reputation
NEW YORK :l'Pl The third
rrat in the ring iolay ta-nisheJ just ho-.v good a champion Jo-
the son of Titer's it-puta'.ion. I hai.'son is and whether he will.
l.uby Colditein. who raised In-deserve the accolade of great Johansson's hand as heavy-; ness," Goldstein declared,
wigl.t champion of the world Ust I But, raid the little broken-nosed
Jure a :ii led a glassy-eyed Floyd i man off the lower East Side, a
i'a'ieron back to his corner. Jack Dempsey, a Joe Louis or a
c.-iticized the Swedi.h slugger as.Kocky Marc'ano would have
a "sloppy puncher." "completely, flattened" Patterson
We are going to have to wait ! if they had him in the anesthet
On Hearing
'Hot Seat'
NEW YORK apL Fis'nt pro
moter Vincent J. Velella taies
the "hot seat" again today at the
New York state Athletic Commis
sion's million-dollar hearing.
Veklla is trying to survive the
torrid grilling of Commission
Counsel James P. Fusscas so tha:
the license for his promoting or
ganization Rosensohn Enterprises.
Inc. will rot be revoked.
The license was suspendel re
cently, pending this hearing, be
cause of alleged underworld in-filt-ation
into the promotion of the
June 28 Johansson-Patterson heav
yweight title fight.
Velella hopes to promote Inge
mar Johansson's defense of the
crown against ex-champion Floyd
Patterson next year, which may
produce gross receipts of between
$3,000,000 and $5,000,000.
But Sweden's Johansson, who
wants to defend in New York,
might break away from Velella's
outfit, were it banned permanent
ly from promoting in New York
Fusscas is trying to prove that
attorney Velella Harlem politi
cian and new president of the
Rosensohn organization is "front
ing" for the missing Harlen
mobster, Anthony ( Fat Tony ) Sa
lerno. Velella admitted he had noticed
mobster Salerno hovering about
during at least five meetings con
nected with the Johansson-Patterson
promotion; but he did not
question the "policy" king because
he thought Salerno was present
I Salerno,
- V w . a r
I a couple more fights to decide
ized shaoe Johansson naa mm in
that night in Yankee Stadium.
Ingo Threw Best Punch
"It's terribly difficult to ' rate
Johansson as a champion, Ruby
explained. "So he knocked Patter
son out with seven knockdowns in
the thiid round. But actually, it
was the first real round of the
fight. Those first two rounds were
nothing as they felt each other
out. Then, as Patterson onened
his gloves from that peek-a-boo
defense, Johansson clouted him
ith the best punch of the fight.
"It was.'', Goldstein added, "a
terrific surprise. And Patterson
never got over that first punch.
Of the remaining six knockdowns,
you might -say that two of them
were good. The other four knock
downs were the result of awk
ward punches for Johansson threw
a lot of awkward and sloppy
punches in his eagerness." ''
Dempsey, Louis or Marciano
wouldn't have been "so eager,"
says Ruby, whose book, appro
priately titled "The Third Man
In The Ring," hits the bookstalls
on Oct. 15. ' ' j
Put-Away Shot Certain r
"If they had Patterson in s'uch
a shape," he insists, "they wtfuld
have sent over ' the shot which
put him away for keeps." '
Goldstein, who had "70-odd"
fights himself in the pro ring,
was the "third man" in the ring
in title bouts involving Louis,
Marciano. Jersey Joe Walcott and
Ezzard Charles, as well as Pat
terson and Johansson, and it is
evident in talking to him that he
considers Louis the greatest -of
the lot. ':!
"I refereed the Louis-Marciano
bout," he recalls of the night that
"the Rock" kayoed the once
mighty Brown Bomber. "It was
a sad thing. Sure. Louis always
was bqthered by those low
crouching opponents but he al
ways took care of them, as he
did against Arturo Godoy, Tommy
Farr and Tony Galento. Marciano
ould have given him trouble for
a while, but in his prime' he
eventually would have taken
"Get Ready For
Winter Driving"
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Big Names
Cut From
NFL Teams
United Press International
A handful of veterans. Including
end Mat Boydfton and quarter
back Babe Parilli, and a hatful of
rookies were handed their walk
ing papers Tuesday when Nation
al Football League teams cut
their rosters to meet the 38-player
limit. . . ,
Those who survived the axe will
not be able to breathe easily un
til after next Tuesday when the
squads must be cut once more to
th? new league limit of 36 players.
The Gret.i Bay Packers placed
Parilli. their top draft choice in
W2, on the waiver list along with
veteran tackle Tom Saidock and
rookie halfback Alex Hawkins of
South Carolina.
The Los Angeles Rams asked
waivers on three players and
placed defensive back Floyd Igle
hart on the injured reserve, list.
Those released on waivers were
guard Bob Reifsnyder of Navy.
Jim Jones, a defensive back from
Washington and Fresno State half
back Uarryl Rogers, i
Linebackers Joe Hobb of Texas
Christian and Rommie Laudd of
UCLA were released by the Chi
cago Eears.
The San Francisco Forty-Niners
axed four from the squad quar
terback Bobby Newman of Wash
ington State, tackle Frank Gere
mia of Notre Dame, guard Hogan
Wharton of Houston and end Tom
Osborne of Hastings.
Veteran halfback Gene Gedman
and three rookies were placed on
waivers by the Detroit Lions.
Punting specialist Dick De
schaine was released by the
Cleveland Browns, along with two
The Pittsburgh Steelers pur
chased tackle Byron Beams from
Los Angeles, acquired halfback
Bobby Luna from San Francisco
for a future draft choice, and cut
six players.
Bowlers Elect
League Officers
Members of the Night Owls
League elected officers at a re
cent meeting of the bowlers.
Shirley Kling was elected pres
ident and Lucille Ricker was
1,8-ned vice president. Beverly
Kling will be secretary for the
league and Shirley Johnson was
voted treasurer.
The league got started last
Thursday night with 12 teams
entered in this year's action.
Slightly Higher)