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    Local Organizations'
Flag Day,
Fraternal organizations convened
Monday evening at the Odd Fel
lows Temple to observe Flag Day
and Fraternal week, with the
Womans Benefit Association host
ing all the Fraternal orders assist'
Observer Correspondent
Mrs. Earl Parks has returned
home from the hospital where
she . spent several days. Mrs.
Parks was having more treatment
for her leg.
o .
Word has been received that
rs. John Tuck's mother is out
of the' hospital and feeling much
. R. Li Tuck has returned to Lis
home at Monroe. He spent a
month visiting his son John and
family also his daughter-in-law,
Mrs. El ma Tuck and family.
Miss "Charolett Patrick has
gone to Portland where she will
attend Northwestern Beauty
, The Joe Jarvis family has mov
ed into their summer home near
Summerville. They will harvest
their crops before returning to
California for the winter months.
. o
Mr. -and Mrs. Jim Wiseman
have noved their trailer house
back from Portland to her
parents' farm at Summerville.
Mrs. Wiseman teaches school
while Jim attends college.
.. - . o
Miss Bonnie Wyland of Sum
merville plans to spend the sum
mer in Corvallis. Bonnie is work
ing in the library at Oregon State
College. .
.i, o .
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sander
son of Summerville spent several
days in Portland visiting the Wil
lis Pattcrsons who arc formerly
of this area. While there they at
tended the graduation of their
grandson Jimmic. They returned
home on Sunday afternoon.
A birthday party was given at
the Keith McKcnnis home in Im
blcr in honor of Joyce White's
14th birthday. The evening was
spent dancing and playing gam
es. At close of the evening re
freshments were '"served' to the
group of 15 who attended.
' 5 o
Mrs. Ruth Cornell has return
ed to her home in Summerville
after a two weeks vacation spent
touring . through Nebraska and
Colorado. On the way she visit
ed relatives and many friends.
Mrs. Hazel McLaughlin and son
Ted, have returned home from
tack cast where Ted had a very
serious operation. He has made
a fast recovery.
Many valley farmers are busy
bailing hay, while some others
have started pulling their bind
ers out for their final check and
repairs before grass harvest
Mr. and Mrs. Orvan Gnrham,
sen Mark annd Mrs. Nellie Mc-
Danicls sp?nt the week in Oak
ridge and Springfield. The Gor
hams attended the graduation ex
ercises of Miss Shirley DuMont,
who is a sister of Mrs. Gorham.
They returned to their homes on
for tha activa
fa$hion conactou
woman. ..
tke tolteel thoe
you ve ever
La Grande
1214 Adams
t u
ed by the Royal Neighbors of
America and Neighbors of Wood
craft. There were 30 members
Airs. Stella Garret, president of
Woman's Benefit Association.
called the meeting to order andj
prcscnica oiaie rieia Director,
Mrs. Myrtle Hansen, who presided
in place of the program chairman,
Lois Livingston. Mrs. Hansen prc
senlcd Cub Scout Den Mother,
Mrs. Atha Miller, who led with
opening prayer and played the
piano for Cub & Boy Scouts, who
presented the flags. Salute to the
flag; was led by Mrs. Miller and
the. singing of 'America" by all
in attendance. Those bearing the
four banners were; Cub Scouts,
Larry Severns and Alan Miller;
Boy Scouts, Pack 1, Fred Walker,
and Gordon Hearing.
At the head table with Mrs.
Garrett and Myrtle Hansen were;
Mrs. Anna Schultz, Guardian
Neighbor of Neighbors of the
Woodcraft; and Mrs. Gladys Huff,
District Deputy of The Royal
Neighbors of America. Gladys
llu'f announced a girls trio of
Janice McKay. Danetta Carter
and Colleen Archibald who sang
"Walk Hand in Hand with Me"
and "Blue Moon." They received
Union Briefs
Observer Correspondent
Jean Ann Ham of Portland spent
from Friday until Sunday in the
home of her mother, Mrs. Iola Harn
and family. They attended the
Stock Show.
Mr. and Mrs. Connie Miles and
family of Kinzua spent the week
end in the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Claude Bennett.
Mrs. Barbara Clack, Mrs. Dick
Deyoro and Mrs. Dorothy Titus
attended a pink and blue shower
Monday night at North Powder
for Mrs. Gary Erwin.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Aldrich
bought the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Marion Waggner in Northwest
Union and have taken possession
June 23
Alva Cunningham, Perry
Gay Puckctt
(ou Carrol
Kay Hughs, Cove
Mark W. Waite
R. Daniel Elam, Portland
Eunice Carper
Veil Anderson
Homer D. Kirkpatrick
2 p.m., Parkdale Club will
meet in the home of Mrs. Clar
ence Vcach.
8 p.m., Order of Eastern Star
will meet in the Masonic temple.
Last regular meeting for the year.
12 noon, Frances Brown Aux
iliary will hold a Dotluek lunch
eon at the Garden Club (North
Side Improvement Club) on Y
avenue. Bring potluck dish and
table service
12 noon. The SornDtimista will
hold a luncheon and board meet
ing in the Sacajawea.
Shoe Store
WO 3-2542
a hearty hand of applause in ap
proval of their numbers.
Gladys Huff introduced those
members present from The Royal
Neighbors. Mis. Anna Schultz
presented members from Nviili
bors of Woodcraft. I.uci'le Court
ney named members representing
the Ri bakah Lodge. ' '
The Eagles, Veterans Oigiinizn
t:on, Ladies auxiliary of La Grande
Firemen and Engineers. Union
Pacific Old Timers, and The Blue
Mt. Grange were all represented.
Mrs. Schultz presented Shnren
Jones and Joyce Wcimcr. They
were masked and danced to the
tune of a sleepy time melody of
"If I Should Lose You," a cute
number well received by all.
Gladys Huff gave a brief sum
mary on Flag Day. Traditiona'ly
Flag Day is observed by th Fra
ternal Societies as the outstanding
event of National Fraternal week.
Flay Dag ceremonies should be
of unusual importance to us all
this year with Alaska accepted
as the 4!lth State and Hawaii to
become tlie50th State. Who better
lives the example than Fratern
alists. She then elucidated on tin
history of Fraternalism, their
deeds and their works with Junior
members. All Fraternities arc
dedicated to work for the good
of everyone and especially the
training of the younger generations
for good of all through fraternities
and their civic proj"cts.
Blue Mt. Grange members had
three entertainers Mrs. Sylvia
Turnbow at piano, Mary Ell"n
Hardy and Oley Knute with ac
cordions. They played waltzes,
schottische, and folk dances.
Mrs. Hansen reported on the
State Fraternal Congress conven
tion held in Portland and to which
she was a delegate. She stated
there was considerabV discussion
on Lodge activities, by the 21
m-mbor societies of the Oregon
Congress. She quoted from a mes
sage of John Badovinac of Ohio,
well known fraterniilist: "We have
made great contributions to the
educational,' political and finan
cial strength of our country. As
one cxamnl", let us remember
the very great number of refugees
who came to America following
World War II. The ureal majority
of them learned their first and
in many instances only lessons in
Democracy in our fraternal lodse
halls. Thus endearing them to
the principles of American De
mocracy." Mrs. Hansen called attention to
a great example of- "Frhternnllsm
in Action" is the 14(H) Rainbow
girls who held their convention in
La Grande this past week. It is
young people like these, who will
assume the leadership of tomorrow.
Hostesses for the refreshments
and decoration were the Messrs;
Jessie Iloak. Bessie Beaton, Hazel
Case, Matilda Tsiatsos, Vivian
Engle and Zcl'a Mitchell, who
served cooki-s and coffee at a
table centered with a huge bouquet
of red, white and blue flowers in
a milk glass bowl; at cither end
were red, while and blue candles
flanked by small flags.
Mrs. Sylvia Turnbow received
the attendance gift of a cen
tennial plate and Luci'le Courtney
and Gertrude Fisk shared a bou
qu"t of flowers apiece.
Miss Hardy. Sylvia Turnbow and
Oley Knute played more old time
tunes and the eventful evening
ended in a social visit with mem
bers agreeing it should happen
more frequently.
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Answers Your Problems
Dear Ann Landers: Last week
I put new sheets on the bed. My
husband raved over how luxur
ieus they felt, lie asked why they
weren't this way all the time. He
then added "Mom's bed sheets
wore always like this."
I explained perhaps his mother
ironed her sheets. I simply fold
mine and put them away. He
then had the nerve to suggest
that I iron the sheets from now
en. We cot into a hot argument
and I refused flatly. I don't hap
pen to believe in killing myself
vith housework. Am I wrong or
is he'.' Four Poster.
Dear Four-Poster: Did you
know the average persons spends
one-third of his life in bed? It-
North Powder
Observer Correspondent
L Anne Walker of Hermiston is
visiting for several weeks with
her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.
Bill Nice.
Judy Monaghan celebrated her
14th birthday by attending a
movie, accompanied by her moth
er, Mrs. Bernard Monaghan, and
close friends, Sherry Griffith and
Pat Rowctt, in La Grande June 12.
Judy's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.
Bill Monaghan later had refresh
ments at Judy's home.
Mrs. Bernicc McCanse has left
for Walla Walla, Wash., where
she will spend the summer work
ing. She will return to Powder
this fall. Her daughter, Dcnece,
has moved to La Grande where
she will spend the summer work
ing at the St. Joseph Hospital;
Dencro will remain in La Grande
and attend EOC this fall.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill McFarland
and family of Crossville, Tcnn.,
have moved into the Carolyn
Gorham house in North Powder.,
McFarland works at a sawmill up
on Shaw Mountain.
Hernice nnd Denecc McCanse
returned to their home in Nortli
rowdcr Saturday, after vacationing
in the middle East for three weeks.
The McCanses report a marvelous
time visiting friends and relatives,
and many historical places. They
brought back small souvincrs of
the various states and places of
interest where they visited. , t
-o- - '. K.r
Mrs. Henry McClure and son,
Arnold, have returned to their
home after visiting in Washington
and Portland for two weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kootman
of Halfway visited at the home
of Mrs. Kootman's brother, Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Gulick and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Gray and
children visited at the home of her,8
mother, Mrs. Bcrnice McCanse,
Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Ernest Simonis and Mrs.
Gary Erwin helped Mrs. Keith
Woman's Editor
nt it worth 30 minutes a week
to make your husband happy an
additional one-third of his life?
If he wants vou to Iron the bed
sheets, iron 'em. Toots. Be thank-'
ul your marital troubles CAN
be ironed out so easily. Nat all
people are so lucky.
Dear Ann: Recently a man ask
ed if he could be forced by law
to marry a girl who had been "the
neighborhood sweetheart." You
said the law could not force a
marriage, but in some states the
father may have to support his
child. You then blasted HIS rep
rehensible conduct, but not a
word about HERS.
Why docs society always place
the girl on the pedestal as "Inno
cence Betrayed" while the man
gets roasted? Whenever a tramp
gets into a fix she can point a
finger at a convenient chump and
the curt will take HER word
against his. Usually she names
some stoop she went with a few
times and he can't recall much
as he was a little drunk.
Isn't it barely possible that
some scheming harpies deliber
ately get pregnant so they can
pry a settlement out of a poor
sap who can't afford a scandal?
Be fair' and print this. The Mi
sogynist. Dear Misogynist: It's obvious
you've never had . a baby, sir.
Even the "scheming harpies"
know this a tough way to "make
money." This trick is not a fav
orite of the conniving, experi
enced woman, as you suggest.
Only the very young and foolish
would be so rash.
If you are so stupid or so
naive that you don't know how
to protect yourself against this
low type, I'll TELL you how. Stay
cway from tramps and keep off
the list of candidates. Remem
ber that drunkenness is no ex
cuse. I never yet heard of a wo
man who tied a man with ropes
and tunneled the liquor down his
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ith your problems. Send them
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ed envelope.) Copyright 1950,
Field Enterprises, Inc.
Simonis paper her kitchen, Tues
day afternoon. They are also
papering the living-room.
Mrs. Will Pearson, Mrs. Gordon
Gorham, and daughter, Kathy, and
Mrs. Frank Gulick attended the
wedding and reception of Kerry
Newman, and Louise Tuck, Sun
day, in the First Christian Church,
at La Grande.
Willard Ford ice and Vcrnol Coles
of Haines are building an addition-
bedroom onto the house occu-
Pcn r mr- "w"t
fa) M
For immediate cash on
your CCC Loan or
credit to your account
All you need do is
O Atk your County ASC Office to name
s this bank on the Certificate of Interest
yon ere given for your CCC Loan.
O Bring your copy of die loan note
end your Certificate of Interest to
m for Immediate cash or credit
. to your account
Adamt at Depot
(5 p.m. Weekdays
(3 p.m. Saturdays
' Uwjr Pedant Dace kmc Corpertlloe
-1 1
Betrothal Told
Reynolds, Luby
Plan Fall
Wedding Rites
Mr. and Mrs. Everett J. Reynolds
are announcing the engagement of
their daughter Donna Lisbeth, to
Hugh Daniel Luby, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Hugh M. Luby of Eugene.
Both young persons have been
attending Oregon State College.
They will be returning again next
year for his fifth year work in
Miss Reynolds is affiliated with
Alpha Chi Omega and Luby is
affiliated with Delta Upsilon. -
They are planning a September
Elledge Clan
Plans Reunion
Friends and relatives of the
Dan Elledge clan will hold their
annual reunion at Emigrant
Springs State park. It will begin
with a potluck dinner starting at
12:30 p.m. on Sunday, June 28.
The afternoon and evening will
he spent with an annual business
meeting, followed by entertain
mcnt. snorts and visiting.
Clyde Elledge of Kahlotus,
Wash., is the president of the
group, and I,cs Mastcrlon, La
Crandc, secretary.
Rev. Rogers Will
Present Program
The Rev. Warren Rogers of
Detroit, Mich., who Is well known
over the United States through
the Church of the Nazarcnc, will
hold two services at Union. -Rev.
Rogers will be present
iug a message in music and song
Thursday and Friday of this week,
beginning at 7:45 p.m. in the S.
E. Miller school at Union. He
plays several different instru
ments including a hand saw and
banjo. He is also a noted speak
The public is being invited to
attend these two Gospel services
which vary greatly from other
That crowning glory, the hair,
often is a- warning signal. Emo
tional upsets, tension nerves or
fatigue affects your hair. Massag
ing is a way to get the tingle back
in the scalp. It also relaxes you.
Place thumbs at back of neck and
dig in. Follow with brisk brushing
and frequent shampoos.
Observer, La Grande, Ore., Toes., Juno 23, 1959 Page 5
First Baptist DVBS Holds
Special Program In Closing
The closing program for the
Duly Vacation Bible school of
the First Baptist church was held
Friday night. A royal court ruled
over the evening's activities.
Royalty for the evening was
Jerry Jcffcrs, king, and Linda
Burford, queen. They were se
lected by honors won in perfect
attendance and popular vote of
the Junior High department. Oth
er members of the court were
Mario Ritchie, Ted Hillard. Pat
tic Jo Hanscll, Janellc Shorb,
Frances Brown
Auxiliary To
Hold Luncheon
The Frances Brown Auxiliary
will hold a potluck luncheon for
its members and friends on Thurs
day at noon, at the Garden Club
on Y avenue. This meeting takes
the place of the annual luncheon
at Medical Springs, which has
had to be abandoned because of
transportation difficulties.
All members and friends of this
organization of pioneer women are
being invited to attend the lunch
eon. Bring a potluck dish and
table service. In the afternoon
there will be a program in the
clubhouse, , on the topic of "The
Glorius Fourth, Neither Safe Nor
WBA Juniors
Attend Hunt
Tho Woman's Benefit Associ
tion Junior Club started their
nccting with a peanut hunt. They
met in the home of Mrs. Bill
The project for the day was
the making of woven mats from
pipe cleaners and crepe twist.
Nita 1 Robertson was a guest
for the meeting. Juniors attend
ing were Sam, Greg and Ann
Miller, Fred and Charles Brown,
cud Kay Miller.
Refreshments of punch, conk
ics, and animal crackers were
served by Mrs. Miller.
NOlrSL.on the
"Shasta Daylight"
toSflf FMSCi
Streamliner now leaves
EVERY MORNING on one of the ; '
most scenic trips in America
The Shasta Daylight is now running on a daily
schedule, and it will provide daily service for the
- - summer season through September 14. , ',
; Leave your car and cares behind and ride relaxed
on the Shasta Daylight. See spectacular M t. Shasta !
( 14,181 ft ) , forests, lakes and streams of tho Cas- ,
cade region from the deep-down comfort of your :
Chair Car seat . . . Coffee Shop to visit for a snack
or meal... refreshments in the sky-wido-and-hand- ,
some Dome Lounge. Car. Low fares, no cares just ,
, a good time, on tho Shasta Daylighll
From Porthnd to San Francisco j
Fine trains connect with tho Shasta Daylight at Portland.
See your local Rail agent or write
Public Relalient Dept., 622 Pacific
Tcrri Steele and Billie Jean Bow-
den. They also won by perfect
attendance and outstanding work
performed during the two weeks.
The thrones were flanked by
baskets of peonies.
Sammy Iiayburn of the nursery
department sang several songs.
The kindergarten department
sang songs, played rhythm in
struments and gave a review of
their memory work.
The primary department pre
sented in song and illustration
the 23rd Psalm. They showed the
attire of a shepherd and how
he used his rod and stuff to
votch over his sheep. ''..t
The junior department display-'
cd their memory wheel and
gave a brief review of their les- J
sons through songs and verses, i
The program was brought to !
a close with the junior high de-
partmcnt singing a number. of
songs taught during the two
Installation Set
By OES Hope 13
Order of Eastern Star installa
tion for Hope Chapter 13 officers
will be held Friday at 8 p.m., in
the Masonic hall. Installing offic
ers will be Inez Donaldson of
Debra Chapter 43, Prairie City,
I'tist matron and past grand elec
li of Grande Chapter of Oregon;
and Leslie Kimbrcl, past patron
of Hope Chapter 13, La Grande.
This annual installation cere
mony is open to the public.
Give Your Children
for the summer monthsl
We Carry
for all ages!1
Travel Biography
Fiction Educational
1104 Adams
B. S. Quayla, Mr. Paaa, Traffic-.
Bid. Portland 4, Ore.'. ,