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    Thursday, July 3, 1930
Page Five
11 'I
To Baker -'- '
'- Mrs. M. A. Stearns has gone to
Baker where she is doing relief work
as an operator for the Western Union.
t; Payette
M: and Mrs. E. H, Thomas drove
to Payette Sunday for their son
Clare who has been working in Idaho.
Merle Roberts, son of Carl Rob
erts, of Fruitdalc, underwent on op
eration Sunday at the Grande Ronde
hospital for the removal of his ap
pendix. '
On Business
Mil'. Walter Parker has gone to her
home in Lowiston ufter spending a
ivw da3 here on business and vlslt
iJng friends.
S Mrs, Bertha Way. an employe of
Fall's La Grande store, has started
her vacation I
1o Wallowa Lake
Mr, and Mrs. Otis Palmer and son.
Ciene, and daughter, Rena and Mr.
r-and Mrs. Hugh Snider and daughter,
Betty, are driving to Wallowa lake
tonight to spend the Fourth of July.
.."While there they will occupy the
&tringham cabin.
'In rort hi ml
Miss Judy Moore and Miss Lucille
Milierlng are leaving tonight on their
way to Portland and Vancouver to
- spend the weekend. MUs Milierlng
' will visit Miss Edith Ebell at Van
couver, Wash., and Miss Moore will
- be a guest of Miss Jean White in
Month's Trip .
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Shade - and
son Donald returned Tuesday night
fiom a month's motor and vacation
tiip to California, traveling over 3000
t miles. They have been gone since
June 7. They made stops at Sacra
XiiitMito. Los Angeles, Oakland and
Grants Pass and visited relatives In
;( all but Oakland. Mr. Shade Is yard
master of the O.-W. yards and was
' on a month's vacation.
At liiiterprise
Mi, and Mrs. W. C. Hohnan and
son Douglas, accompanied by . Mrs.
Ruby Stiles and her daughter, Phyl
lis Moxine, drove to Enterprise Sun
day and spent the, day.
At (.lie lintels.
Among those registered at local
hotels are: Pete Pliiney, Ontario;
Gilbert Weyan, San Francisco; Henry
Hartz, Cleveland; C. H. Glaus, Joliet,
111.; Walter Cramer, Havana; Mrs. R.
W. Griffin. Portland; Dr. W. H.
Thompson; W. H. Copeland, Seattle;
Dv. Raymond Trow and daughter,
Jollet, 111.; E. C. Miller. Yakima; C.
E.. Powers,' Portland; Mr, and Mrs.
Fred Lyons, Nampa; Ben Buer; Nam
pa; A. P. Bunt, Spokane; Mr., and
Mrs. G. Douglas, ' Sari Francisco; Mr.
and Mrs. E. D. Loomis. San Francisco;
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Moelske, Salem;
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brooks, Cincin
nati, O.; Mr. and Mrs. Al Wlckland,
Seattle; W. C. Roberts, Portland; S.
II. Lltchtenslader, New York City;
and Miles J. Duncan and family,
Long Beach. j. (, r & - g
i I vpeet Tonight ' ' V'
I Mi, and Mrs. Herman Borger, Mr.
and Mrs. Edgar Jenkins, and Mr. find
Mrs. C. G. Fairbanks and daughter
Gwendolyn are expected in La Grande
tonight to spend the weekend and
will visit at the home. of Mr. and
Mrs. Stanley G. Jenkins.
From Portland
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Schncck, of
Portland, arrived In La Grande last
night and will be here a few. days,
visiting at the home of Mrs. L. P.
To Elgin:'
Mrs. C. D. Huffman and'Mrs. F. M.
Huffman and son, Wallace, visited In
Elgin Tuesday at the homes of Mrs.
Sarah Gekeler and John Gekeler. .'.
From Leuiston
Edith Smith, of Lewiston, Idaho,
Is visiting here at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. E. E. Hughes,
To Yakimn
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Hughes, of this
city and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hughes,
of Welser, Idaho, are leaving ' here
Saturday for a trip to Yakima, Wash.
To Wiillnwn Lake
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E. Hlldebrand
left this morning for Wallowa lake,
where they will remain over Fourth
of July. They will return home Sun
day night.
At Hip Ifomiitnl
Murl Roberts, 10-year-old son of
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Roberts, of Fruit
dale, Is recovering nicely at the
Gi iinue Ronde hospital, after an
operation for appendicitis.
To California
Miss Emma Hackman left Wednes
day morning for California where,' she
will visit for some time with' her
From Union
Lars Larson, of Union, was a busi
ness visitor here Monday.
To Wallowa Lake
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Holman will
spend the Fourth of July weekend at
Wallowa Lake.
Tonsil Operation
Rose Mary Chandler, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Chandler, under
went the removal of her tonsils and
adenoids lost Friday. She is getting
along very nicely and is at her home
In Fruitdale.
Weekend Trip
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Carpenter and
daughter, Shirley Ann and Mrs. Car
penter's sister, Thelma Myers will
leave tomorrow morning for Enter
prise where they will remain over
the weekend.
- i I
To Portland -
Mrs. Bertie Holman. nurse at the
Grande Ronde hospital, and her
daughter, Melissa, have left for Port
land to spend a two weeks vacation.
To Wallowa I.nke
Mrs. Noah Matthews will spend the
Fourth of July weekend at Wallowa
To Itoie
Mr. and
Parlev Hutchinson
and Gladys and George Hutchinson
left yesterday for Boise. Idaho. They
will return after the Fourth of July
To Heppner
Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Irwin and child
ren are leaving tomorrow for Hepp
ner to spent the Fourth of July
weekend. The Irwin's arc former
residents of Heppner.
To Portluntl
Mr. and Mrs. E. Jacobson are leav
ing tonight for Portland and Salem.
While in Salem, they will visit with
their daughter, Mrs. Claude Steusloff.
They expect to be away a week.
At the Hotels
The following are registered at
local hotels : R. A. Marks, Nampa;
J. W. Cunningham, Portland; George
H, Benedict, Portland; Mr. and Mrs.
Steve Carn, Hilgard; Mr. and Mrs.
E. Hesse, Moxville; Nellie E. Petrle,
Los Angeles; Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Schroetz, Stellingham, Okla.; Edna
Sparn. Baker; Walter A. Hover, Half
way; D. D. Davis, Long Beach; R. M.
Palt, Boise; Mrs. Ruth Murdock,
Boise; L. L. La Fontaine, Spokane;
Ray Pout, Twin Falls; L. L. Kolpert,
Portland: Miss F. A. Barker. Cincin
nati, Ohio; Lloyd Agnew, Chicago;
O. M. McGee, Seattle; Robert Shat
tuck, Omaha; Earl Bayley, Salt Lake
City; c. L. weiver. ban Francisco;
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Peterson, Seattle;
Frank Popma, The Dalles; Dudly
Porter, San Francisco; J. O'Leary,
oeaiue; a. c. miaersmi, r-euuiewjii,
i Earl Young. Boise; F. B. Smith, Wen-
atchee; E. A. Buskirk, Pendleton.
Visiting Here
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Zelger, of Los
Angeles, are visiting at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. L. J, Williams; they .are
travelling through the Pacific North
west on a vacation trip. He is a
brother of Mrs. Williams and Is man
ager of the Morrison hotel In Los
In Forest Grove
Lloyd Davidson, employe of the
postoffice, has gone to Forest Grove
to visit relatives for about ten days.
He Is on his vacation.
To Yellowstone
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Kennedy and
children have gone to Yellowstone
national park on a vacation trip oi
about two weeks from Mr. Kennedy's
work at the postoffice.
To the Lake
Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Slegrist and
children, Dolph and Sally, Miss
Phyllis Dunn and Miss Ruth Murchl
son drove to Wallowa Lake this
morning to spend the weekend there.
Returned From Portland-
Mrs. Walter Letsman and niece.
Miss Virginia Hampton, have return
ed from a week spent In Portland.
Ret urned Honie- . . ' .
Bruce Dennis has returned to his
Klamath Falls homo after spending
a few days In La Grande.
To Los Angeles
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Loomis, who have
been In La Grande for a month,
are driving to Los Angeles by way of
Salt Lake City and expect to return
here In about three weeks.
njured In Accident
V. T. Nixon suffered a lacerated
nose, his son of about five years was
cut and daughter of about nine was
bruised Monday in an automoone
accident. They are from Bend and
are visiting at Summer vl He.-.--:;J j- v
Entered the Hospital
Fred Smith entered the arande
Rondo hospital Tuesday. ' He is an
employe.;iof the O.-W. If Vj
Suffered a Cut
Charles Rochletz, from the West
ranch,- suffered a cut on the - back
of his. head Tuesday when he fell
while at work. ' '
To Imbler
H. E. Dixon made a business trip
to Imbler Wednesday morning.
Business and Pleasure
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cleavlnger and
Mr. and Mrs. J. Donald Rohan re
turned Tuesday night from Portland
where they spent the weekend on
business and pleasure.
From Maxville
Mrs. W. J. Mattes , and Miss Mary
Carner, of Maxville, were business
visitors In this city Wednesday.
Returned Home
Miss Lois Nelson, who returned
home lost night from Seabeck where
she has been attending Y. W. C. A.
camp after completing her sophomore
year In Journalism at the University
of Oregon, will have charge of the
office at the chamber of commerce
as a temporary arrangement in place
of Miss Lucille Taylor. Miss Mc
Entte, of Portland, accompanied Miss
Nelson home and will visit here lor
about a week,
Vacation Trip
Olaf Group, secretary to the super
intendent of the second division of
the O.-W., is spending his vacation
In California, -
Mrs. L. O. Moore, of Vancouver, was
expected1 to arrive last night to visit
at the home of her son, Dr. A. M.
To Seaside
.Mrs. Julia Metzler and Miss Nancy
Recklin are leaving tonight to spend
the weekend at Seaside.
To Bend
Miss Helen Moor and Miss Hazel
Rea are driving to Bend to spend the
weekend of the Fourth.
Returns Hen?
' Mrs. Rose Chadsey, who has been
in Walla Walla for several montlis,
has returned to La Grande where she
Is manager of The Little Shop.
From Elgin
Mrs. Guy Clem m ins from Elgin was
In La Grande Wednesday transacting
Home for the Weekend
Miss Sibvl Ballard, who is attend
ing the Eastern Oregon Normal
school has gone to her home in En
terprise to spend the Fourth.
Left tho Hospital
Mrs. A. B. Ballard, who has been
a patient at the Grande Ronde hos
pltal, is recovering at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Ballard from an
From Prairie City
Mrs. Charles Montague, wife of a
merchant of Prairie City, stopped In
La Gmnde last evening and attended
the Rebekah lodge meeting. She is
on her way to Enterprise.
Arrlvrd Lni Night
Mrs.. C. E. O'Holleran and son,
t Paul, from Portland arrived in La
Grande last night to attend the wed
ding of her nleee. Miss Gladys Wal
drofi". Mrs. O'Holleran is a Bister
of Mrs, Waldroff and was formerly
Helen Mc;;ue, wriu taught school in
La Grande about 15 years ago.
From Portlartrt
The Rev. and Mrs. George Pollard,
of Portland, were visitors at the home
of Mrs. W. L. Devine, stopping here
on their way to Idaho on a vacation
trip. Mr. Pollard was the pastor oi
the Baptist church here several years
Appointed on Committee
Mrs. Jessie Nelson, has been ap
poiutel a member of the organizing
committee of the Daughters of Un
ion Veterans of the Civil War for the
state of Oregon.
Marriage License
A marriage license was Issued to
Glen J. Nichols, of Molalla, Ore., and
Thelma McKeen, of North Powder,
yesterday at the court house.
Returned Home
Mrs. Minnie Meserve and children,
Marsh ie and Jeanne; who have been
visiting Mrs. John Dlrgln at Petoskey.
Mich., for about five months, have
returned home.
From Elgin
Eugene Hug, of Elgin, was in La
Grande this morning on business.
From Pondosa
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Hunter, of Pon
dosa, are in La Grande today stop
ping on their way to Enterprise where
they will celebrate the Fourth of
July. She is visiting her daughter,
Mrs. Carl Curteman.
Hero on Visit
Sergeant Anderson, formerly with
the national guard with headquar
ters in this city, was in La Grande
today on a brief visit en route to Il
linois where he will spend a three
month furlough.
WARRENTON. N. C. (P Warrenton
boasts the country's shortest Indepen
dently owned and operated railroad
which is on a paying basis.
The railroad is three miles long and
for 44 years has paid a profit, at
one time as high as luO per cent.
Owned Jointly by the town of War
renton and private citizens, the road
connects , tills place with Warren
Plains, and maintained rofgular pas
senger service until competition of
buses caused a change to freight only.
Only four locomotives and three
passenger coaches have been owned
by the road, and never more than
one of each at a time.
WASHINGTON (P)In its topograph
ic mapping the coast and geodetio
survey uses portable towers 146 feet
high along the Mississippi river. This
height Is necessary to raise surveying
instruments above trees.
CANTON (JP) China is to spend
nearly $4,000,000 In improving all gov
ernment telegraph lines throughout
the country. The work is to, require
six years. . ". . v
NEW YORK VP) Golfers on public
links In the Bronx must really mean
it when .they shout "fore" hereafter.
They also had better look around
pretty well before walking off and
leaving a divot unreplaced
The Bronx park commissioner has
designated 18 regular players of the
three largest courses as auxiliary in
spectors ;.to see that the little points
of golf etiquette are met.
xno players, wear Dauges ana are.
authorized to; call a policeman to
make an .arrest hi extreme casosi;'r;
CHICAGO (P) Alphone Thomas is
the biggest disappointment of a dis
appointing first season for Donle
Bush, mite manager of tho luckless
Chicago White Sox.
Almost from the beginning of the
season the big right hander has
been troubled with a sore throwing
arm. It has become moro painful
and ineffective' as tho season ad
vanced. Thomas,1 winning pitcher with the
second division White Sox for four
seasons, was. one man Bush counted
upon strongly when he made a pre
season forecast that his club would
laud in the first division.
Southeastern league may become a
night baseball organization the last
half of the split season. Mont
gomery is playing .night ball now,
Tampa has ordered lights for its park
and the other four clubs are giving
the owl game serious consideration.
, TOLEDO, Ohio P) A new hard
surfaced highway extending from
Toledo to Fort Wayne, Ind and west
is to be called the "Anthony Wayne
Memorial Troll" in honor of "Mad
Anthony" Wayne, hero of Stony Point.
MINNEAPOLIS (P) College grad
uates earn less money during the
first 10 yeara out of school than do
persons with only a high scnooi eau-
cation, J. O. Lawrence, assistant to
the president of Minnesota, has con
cluded from a survey.
OMAHA. Nob. VP) In a revival of
a racquet tourney which has not been
hold since 1900, the Omaha Tennis
club will be host to a fast field of
64 players when tho Middle west
tournament is held here July 14-20.
Starting July 1. China will Increase
by 50 per cent its postal charges on
mall matter sent to foreign countries.
NEW YORK W4) Three New York
stations, WEVD, 1300 Kilocycles;
WPCH. 810. and WOV, 1130. nave
combined: their morning programs
and are making a dally two-nour
simultaneous broadcast In which 20
artists appear.
Looking Backward
When leeklng back Into the past
re And things that are not only in
teresting but things that show us
how much progress hos been made
In a given length of time. Nearly
all newspapers devote some of their
pace to pioneer history or to "forty
years ago." We find It valuable
to make comparisons It hss a
tendency to make us better atls
Bed. Tr'Udad (Colo.) News-l'eie-grapli.
Speed of Man and Hona
Several men have beaten horses
in KW-yord daslien from ntnndlnff
Blurts. No rami lias ever beaten
a horse in a longer race.
UAliI lis A 7l
, . Gathering Lifo' Joy
The joy of life comes in Its by
products. The man seeking fnmo
Is n sorry ninn, if his eyes are so
closely on Ids objective ttmt lie
cannot see the Ihtngs by the wayside.-
The miles we walk or ride
are avenues of adventure if we
have the wit to see it.
No Financial Quarrel
, Wild animals .fight each other for
one of three reasons: for personal
safety, especially when comored ;
for love, and for hunger. Country
. Always That Danger
, "Splendor," said Ui Uo, the ss jre
of Chinatown, "may can so a prainl
man ; to be overlooked because of
his owni' magnificence." Wnshfctg:
Jn Star. 1
" Gypsy Patterans , , r
. Gypsies use pnltentns" ns signs
along, mo highway to Indicate to
gypsies who follow, what mule lias
been chosen and the conditions
along the way. Pntlufans1 some-,
times take the fonir of, .twisted,
twigs or fallen leaves.
j Bad Newi for Burjjlara
A French engineer has Invented
an electric dog that Jumps, Mnirks
fiercely, and even tries to bile,
when theoretically -a burglar
throws the light of a torch in its'
face. .The Invention works on the
principle of electric colls which
set up a current when n ray of light
reaches them. This In turn starts
the motor that makes tho dog act
like a real nnimal.
Period FurnlT.uro
Percy MncQuold says (he four
ages of furniture In KiiKlaad are
t!:2 age of oak, the. age of walnut,
the of mahogany, the age of
sutinwood. YVasliinglon Stan
Dangerous Imitation
Parsnips are not poisonous. Oc
casionally cattle, or even luunans,
mistake water hemlock for parsnips,
nnd when the witter hemlock Is
eaten It fremiontly causes serious
stomach disorders.
Uliuiual Twins ' ;
Twins who do not look nllkc are
called fraternal twins. They are
often opposite sex and are no more
alike than children In the same fam
ily usually are. Identical twins
are always of the same sex and are
strikingly similar.
Deadly Wins Gas
Afterdamp is a gas funned" by an
explosion of lli-eilamp In a coal
mine. It Is a mixture of nitrogen
und carbon dioxide-
John Brown of Arlington, Kan., is
making a violin from a cedar post
used in a fence 60 years.
t PLEASE!1,- J
' j Centenarian And His Oldsmobile
4 J
jl ft
Aw. v. " ...-.-jfi- J
John Cooper, 100 years old, of Long Point, 111., who has seen
revolutionized, selects an Oldsmobile for his
Wrr's A GREAT,
LISTEN- uSitn:-
& AB -OAS-
:; Makes Gas Innocuous
Tt wn3 stared recently that Dr.
.7. C. W. I'Vnzer of .lohns Hopkins
university has announced the dis
covery of a catalyst that w'U con
vert carbon monoxide gas passing
over It to harmless carbon dioxide.
The efficiency of this catalyst Is
said to have been demonstrated un
der a variety of driving conditions
and in confined spaces, tho equiv
alent to closed Aarugis.
Small Bobby wns having illlllcuUy
In - mnistorinj? the uso of the word
"complicated." IIu luiil used It In
coireclly several times and It
seemed to' welfrh on Ids tnlnd. One
inoniiinr n't hreakfast ho remarked
'Ihotichlfully : "Mother, an ezg
hatches Inlo n chicken . and tho
chicken lays an ckk and I eat the
ej,. . That's 'cnmiJljenlrd;', isn'i 11;?,
, ' . No Bn'rcnin
;, ''Tile tnjuhla, yv!t;i I yon, J Imby,''
complained' tho youlirf Misband, "is'
that you want to no liny-buy too
often." PnlhlliHler Mngazlnn. '
1 ; Trade Marko Registration Applied For U, S. Patonf Oftloe ,,, , VI 'jjd WIWBE UOHTNEft I -d ' I
lUiTSScX y lV 'A P0WELL " ' LAW" JJ '
7A ' D ItW T A r. Ott nm HitW. Wn.rtH
"We're taking hiiIihi rlptlons to Hoi He the lii'iidn-n." n 4if( sJfTxK
, . --71 l-KSI , -Zll ' I
irSTiiTin II A nn A tv in irAM muim. Ill I
tT .mum 75 I A li t 1 h III1! . ,7,VV II ;. ' .
By Oscar Hitt
.Times r 'm not
SALEM, Oro., July 3 m Judge
Wallace McCamanC of Portland was
today appointed by Governor Norblad
to succeed tho late Edgar B. Piper as
chairman of the Oregon committee to
cooperate in the national movement
for celebration in 103a of the 200th
annivorsary of Goorgo Washington's
BURNS, July 3 M') Earl H. Con-
scr, 50. cashier of Uio First National
bank hero, died ycstoi'ctay of Injuries
suffered In an (Ultomobllo accident
the first of tho week.. ...
Consor . was - born In . Portland and
Is survived by bis widow and daugh
ter, a student in a Portland high
school. ,
SALEM. Oro.,v July. 3'P)t-TJ0 n)0
tor, vdhlclo registration ' department
'estimates that : 25,000 l-now llconso
nlntflH wnrn Ifuuied throuch the Salem.
and. , the Portland i bUrsaMB ' Tuesday, j.
ana more iiiun. uiu siattuiuy..
ltloEUlar flylnR transport service
every form of transportation
personal car. '
qveii, routes, totaling, 42,an. mites s i 7. . 1 " Jf ' rSfl'tt""lu'll I I
maintained .tt Latin1 America. ..V ' If flOjk T. .. TAJrM . 19 .-. ir. ' . I , I
---- UV- nl- I II. . ,t; ...
J 1 II . pis - -(Vsv All
" Si - I I c...i... Vt. irw'A J II '"!
' 'J' ( III LastTintc Vo MtUlfli II I
(Continued from Pago One)
permits. Suggest you get Casey Jones
to let the Judge hold court hi his big
Curtlss Condor plane which will hold
20 passengers. Can talk to judge and
Jury on two way intercommunicating
telephone. Let us know as soon as
you can what Judge says.
"Ken (Beans) please send me your
commentary by return wire."
judge Michael Felnberc tn circuit
court today refused to interfere with
tho flight for the time being, setting
aside until Tuesday the Injunction
proceeding started yesterday by-stockholders
who claim to be original own
ers of the record -making ship. The
suit called for a receivership and Re
counting of the "City of Chicago's"
woulil uo Handicap
Counsel for tho Hunter brothers
told Judue Felnbere the filers have u
100,000 contract to appear with tho
plane in a motion picture after tne
flight. He said various contracts
would be handicapped seriously li
court action tied them up.
The pilots of the "City of cnicago, -,
at 11 a. m. C. S. T., after more than
523 hours in the air had more than
$14,948 cash profits to their credit.
The cash profits scheduled xouows:
For 100 hours In the air over the
previous record at $100 an hour b
an oil company . 100 hours limit
For broadcasting by radio paid at
the rate of $1 a minute from 6 p. m.
Tuesday $2,620.
For 103 hours over tne recora a:
$1 por hour by an admlror $103.
For 25 por cent of Sky Harbor gato
receipts $3,326.
Total $14,948.
Every item except the first of $100
an hour, offered by an oil company
continue so long as tho piano re
mains In tho air. Tho oil company
offer expired on the 520th hour at
7:40 a. m C. S. T. today.
. Many Gifts
In addition, the flyers and theli
two brothers who handle the refuel
ing piano have received numerous
gifts of wrist watches, fountain pens,
desk sots, radios and other knlck
knacks. ! ;
Offors from theaters, motion plc
turo companlos and other promotion
enterprtBos, none of which have yet
been contracted, are oxpeuted later to
swell the total cosh to a large
Tho fliers of tho St. Louis Robin
who held the old record at better
than 420 hours in tho air received
$40,000 In cash and presents. ,
t, Novcr Ulil anil Novor Will 1
I Po Anybody Any Good. 'lUicy 1
I nro .lust Wo Dirty Ooltors. I
1- Auk for Samples o f Heller I
I " , letter Howls , 1
I - Opposite Post Office I
i?'-;!' "''"" r- " rr-r .-- . 'I ,
3 wmm:
XWSAW.'Bt -V, 1 KM m m- : . IH
I in jVJMimxA I. Ill
'i I "thebigpartv XlttOlPjf I
a I I " M . ! I
I FRIDAY & SATURDAY wuSwumw ' I!H lp:
; Our
Pleases .
.Particular People
t .
Store No.
13 La Grande
;: $1.49
Wo offer this splendid nation
ally advertised hose nt a most
reuHonublo price ' ;'
Full fashioned, 7-fltraml 45
gatiKo pure thread silk. Popu
lar Clipper, foot, 4 f ; ;:i
u New, w mines.
' " i