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Page Two
Tuesday, June 17, 1930
Dr.. Arnold Hcnnctt Hnll. prosl- LX
dent of the I'nlverslty of Oregon, I It
said: -The mute has lust one of It I
i mum brilliant and energetic; lead-
et'M. All citizens, regard leas of their 1
party ufilliuttioiis, will teel his!
; loss deeply."
This Dinner Set an
I Spoke At WeMlfii I.asl
, I'KNDI.KPON. Ore, June 1.7
) (AT) Senator George W. Joseph,
republican rundhlHtt fur governor,
who died .Holiday, gave his las:
political address before the annual
('mat J I la County f 'longer reunion
( at Weston, Saturday. ;
Ills favorite topic of hydro-elec
tric power occupied moat of lite
timu during Die address. During
)ih: h iv i ii through thlH coniily dur
ing the )ieat of the campaign for
governor, Senator Joseph innde
many friends In I He rural com
munities by his dynamic .spirit and
hfrt friendliness.
A Set of Silver I
Begins Stacking I
40 Acres Of Hay
At Lower Cove!
- (Observer Correspondent )
MJVyrcit CUVIV Ore. (Special)
I ti'ii iil I t'n 1 weather ornithines and
lai'ilterp' iti'o busy In the hay field.
' '. ,H. Johnson Is beginning to mark
4n ufren of rine alfalfa hay. n hig
yii'verOp than Inst year. Others
ai W ;1tiHt beginning to cut their hny.
Meliool meeting In district lli re
fined; In -'llu. elecllon or l,ee It.
i hlldvi'K, director for three years,
''. 11; .1 oh niton, director for two
'iiiu and .Mm, Nell Klghl, clerk.
'lhe budget war accented.
Local people are all nrotid of 1
I n vnn Koger and his prize win
ning calves at the Mock nhow.
Mil-.. I.cnn Meeker and daiighler,
Colon and Hoc
tnl condition!
oauit grai
pen-oantaga of
th world's
and-other tvidcnce 01 Rectal and
Colon UiMirder may be looked to
as the cause of moit nervou dis
eases, rheumatism, stomach
tnmblcs, sciatica, neuritis, etc. Only
such direct, specialized treatment as
the Dean Clinic affords can hrlnjj
permanent relit. Our FREE book
let explains our famous non surfikal
mfthod ot treatment and remark
rmn & main. Portland. Oregon
. - c. r M
TS.r LOS AlMGLE5 lwg
Effective may ti to seit. bo
( Reduced fnrei.ii pa; Iiof eaitiliberxl .top.
i ov?n. Fine trjini; modern etiutpmrtit;
splendid ervi:oj renic route. Short tills
- trips enable you to visit
Information and Booliltta ou requei t
iMorctice, of f 'allfnrnla, nri enjoy
hiK ilieir vlsll nor v. '' ' '
Ait-, ami (,M;h. Nekmn ICighl and
daughter, 'Nora, of Itnyinond,
Wash., arrived at the home, o(
their son,.. Nell Klhl, Katurduy
evening nl 'seven o'clock. Having
left Itfivuiond at & o'clock thai
T i orn I rig til ey I i;tVftfoV'frfiibtiinco
or 4ti 7 miles. Percy Itlshnp
brought 'lli. 'in fn his. sedan and .
left, fur Klamath Kalis on Kun(uy. '
Wayne Peehler, of I.adil Can.
von. I. snendl.iir r, fe.u ,lnv i,i n...
home or 1,1s Kiandimrenls, .Mr. and
Mrr. T. II. Johnson, !
.Mr. and .Mrs. Itay O.-.rtl.-y have
purehased the home or their tlnole,
Uuy linker, and will lake posses-
slon soon. i
(Coiiilnued I'roin Pumo One)
j hchl in vory hnh vnlnom hy Ihn
potiplti or Ori'Ron, IIIh plarf will
lio hiinl to fill. I'i'I'hoiui My, I led I
I Jwivo low! ti vM-ry I'lno CrU'iHl.
j ' (hiHi, - AihIitnoh: ! HiTrctnry ft'n
i trnt hiihor rniiiM'll: 1 a m indeed
wor ry to henr of iho dc:ith of
; Clccp'Kf JoMuph. llo would Imvo
) niiuli Oi-ckoii ii. rim Kftvt-rnor oh
I Ju uitH throughout IiIh oiii-him' a
1 .'iplomiM jiihI tiolih iltl.rn.
! ItonnlO (). cilvi'it, alitor, Tho
t OioKoiilaii; Kennior Jo.'irph'H lt-atli
j lon'.HtJilU iiin tlraiuntlo and ic
K(ttlal)t way a ihmv raror upon
i wltirh ho witit about lo t'ViT. lit'
t would havo i-arrird into thV office
I oi' Kovfi-uor a rivsh point of view.
! offal iistl policies and u vlor tint!
would h;iv madt hi adtolulHira-
tlon hrtlllaut and intMiiorahlc.
iuiKo I.. Haki'i', mayor; Tin
MJddi-n (h'aih of Kt nator Jowcph in
tin' iimsl t')TlliU fhooU tlif Mato
tt( OifKon ban cvov Hiiffcrcd. k
wai; an oiit.Hiandlnu fiKUie lu puh
lit lift1, a Mom) tighter, u rtarsoin
Ion and a ttotid It is wi
; hinoorr rt'RrvI that I heard the ter
; rlhlo iioHft.
i Ni.h'nt ('nnnneiit,
8A.I KNr. ftie.. Juno 17 (AP)
Phil .Meicban, chairman of the r
ni NVt.H 7.!0
OMAHA 70. 35
vr. l.OlllS 80. J5
llll A(,0 HI MS
I1E1HUIT 101.67
in in:iati . kis.k
nkv oki lans 107.10
i r vn am o7.o
All AN 1 A 110.10
I'llll Alll I I1I1A 143.117
Nf tV YORK 1 K.'f
tOSI'ON lil.M
.1. ii. ki:i:i:y.
Anvil I,
I.n ;r:inde, Ore.
piihllffin, 'siiit'e eehtfnl committee.
who huh hi'i'o ycslol ilny In alloiut
Hid runi'nil of hl.i lii'otliPi--ln-lav, i-''liulill'ali. for u serond tiM-n In tto
ill-. : I.. K. (IrH'I'llli, paid Iho fol-I lr"ll,(l Kt,""M 'le was liKlleateil
l.iM liiK trlhiil..' to (ii.oruo Josi.pli: i '",nv wh,'n I1""'1' "' nn fourth i
i-.'T InUM' known Olmhp .lo.1M,h : "r M"1 "talc's prei-lncts reporting;
for 80 yoais lnilniat..y. Ho Wasl0'0"1 V'torday's primary election
lttlin or : llllHOhlto Inlcirritv atid
JnWrl ly
and or extraordinary
,.nilliv H. Hi,,,,...., l.
wlrNh In his poldle relations, and '
wot loul.tless have lieen oleeled I
Kovernor l,y ll.o laruesl majnrltv I
.. .. n....:Kvo fieliall, so.isn and Christian
..ITIoe In this slate. As a i -
palirner ho was wllhoul an equa I. ,
Ills meell.iK at the aodilorlum In I
1'orlland was one or the hest al-
tended ami one or the most erree-1
.1... .. in. i ..........
rented, that 1 have ever seen, as an
Individual vole Keller was almost
Hill per rent eireotlvo. Ills up-j
timely death will undoubtedly he
a very bitter blow lo his thous-.i
amis of ardent followers ami It is j
a loss lo the slate," I
Acting Kvenmr liamllion:
Hio death of.tleni'Ke JoKepli tin
Hlato ui' (treRou liaH IohI a vn liiaitlc
eltl,en and Ihn peoph of OreKnu
a vIoho frh-ml. ,
I i,'.,',,,.' ,
..m '. ":" 1 7
. , . ' , 1,1 ' K
1 Ma to Hons today, lie had on
desk hi official certification
Jusepb s nomination for governor
hy the republican parly, ready to
hi. lunlled lo .lo.Heph. IIokm Hitli)
Ihe eertlrleiite would he mailed n;
KiirdteNM of Jimeiih'H demit.
Itoilev lleeilv Sliin keil
M'UKNK. Ore.. June 17 (AIM
1-M:ird y. Ilolley. deinoenilie
nominee for Kovernor. who would
hove opIO!ed Sell'llur (JeOrite V.
loKeph. repillitienn mimluee, ut Ihe
poll.i U Xovelnher, won deeply
xhorki'd Mondiiy to lenrn of Ihe
Hennlor'N death.
'' nut very deeply shoeked nt
Ihe news or the death or Venator
Joseph." he Hit IH. "Me wa.s a per
- I
I 1
sonal irlend or mine and I aerv
nun nun in me senate minim tleipeiied his e,iiiipiilKn with a dee
ll27 session. I always lound Illin la nil ion lor Ihe repeal or the i'IkIU
a man or slerlinc niialllles and leenlli nineiidnient and Ihe return
have always rotisldered him to lie . t M0 slate eonlrol nf llituor. Kre
oiie i.r Ihe oillslainliiiif men or the j llimh uysen previously had taken a
.tale. ThiiiiiKh his death the peo- j position ravorlinr niodlfleallon or
ph. have lost u hauler lu u ores. 1 1 he prohlhillon laws under federal
sive polleles." 'eonlrol.
On pantry shelves
Along with the cookie jar should stand a bot
tle of this richest malted milk ready for any
need or emergency. Nourishing! The drink
ing of Horlick's is a fine home habit. America's
great food-drink is America's safest milk.
Send ten cents today for sample and mixer.
i . Conllnuod rroni Vixtte One)
j 10 minutes for tin east-west him
j and IT hours 3N minutes for the
west to east jump and hour
j for claimed time; hut (lie trans
: continental route from Jackson
: ville lleach to Kan liiegn Is about
,j -iou miles .shin ier than the dls
J lance hetween New York ami l.ns
A ngeles which was covered hy
t 'aptaln lla wks.
j I jpilppcd With Itndlo
The stream lined monoplane of
f the famous pair Is radio equipped
and I lie fliers expected to establish
communication with various cities
j to nhf'alu weather forecasts and to
j report the progress of their" 'flight.
! 'I he plane, which weighs ti.GrtU
. pounds wllh it. full load, wa.H ex
I pected to nvcrngi I Cm to 1 7U miles
j an hour. -
I l'or good luck, Soli loo arranged
,o weni- the .same pair of. tan and
j white sport shoes lie wore when
another monoplane, the Pride or
f Detroit, carried them wifely across
t the Atlanllc. ocean and to
j Tokyo In it27. , ,
m-ocK and wen mo took orr rrom
Harbor (irace. N. b, August 27,
1 f 27 ami reached Tokyo Sept. H,
a distance of 12.21)5 miles.
MAINE G. 0. P. J.
(Continued from rape One)
IT. TIaKkol! ivpi-o . unopposed ro
nppc.tively f(r iho .dpmorratif
party's :Klnti-nntol-iHl nnd ' Unltnd
Stnti Ki'iiatoi'hil nominations.
sriiAi,!, ix i,K.n
HT. 'tlTI,. .Minn., June 17 CAP)
nomination ol xnomas . scliali,
i1' 11 iMiiiiiin.t iii ii a ovmi.
novlTlull' Theodore"" fllrlstlansoif,
"niei opponent.
,,1"t,"'ns f,'0,n l nr'5 l"-lnc-t out
"'. ,3M"l " H,",R K"n''n.v-'-
ted In urban and . lira reslons
John F. Selh, running
"M ' f ' f- . polled 8.745.
S'-hnll Rwopl tlio three, larwesl
state, Allnneapolis. St.
1)"l" ' ''V '''l''- '''"
' - v"1'' lln'1 "Iso led in ninny
partH of the 'districts in the south
ern part.
Governor Ohristiannon, in reeelv
Intf the iipw.M of the heavy Keliatl
vote without Hifin of reat concern,
admitted "there Is no douht about
t be rewult." 1 le, expre.sseil wrati-
i tude for the voting support K'ven
him hut declined to diNiuiSN any
pliiiiH for the future, lib third
hi mi i in r"''"'i I"" en Jir.ll
Uanuary I. '
N.iVAIlK, n! J.( dune 17 (AP)
Tho polltienl eyoK of the nation
were eentered on the New Jersey
primary today In whh.h )rohihi
tlnli is (hi mi rn liinn nt Ivuiip nmt mi
' ;imlmsH,ulin u form or spnaiur and
a cnnmvH.Hm.n arc th candiilntfs
fur th rcpuiilirnn nomination for
I 'nit (tl Klatt'H rscnator.
Tho polls ai;o open from 7 n.' m
until s p. in. (K. S. T.) .MannKtTK
ft ir A i.ilia .sador 7)v1k1U V. Mor
row, former Senator Joseph 14. Kro-
II uysen, and ItnpresentatiVl
l'lanlilin V. 1'ort. Ihe renuldlcan
MMiatoi'ial candidates, all prt'dlcted I
huh of the laiKOst votes In a New I
Jersey republican primary. Tliey
estimated that, from aOO.nVin tn
r.r.n.lliiil hallolM would We. cast.
With (he close of the cnmpalRn,
which ended with radio addresses
hy i he fa nd Ida ten, support oim of
all thi'eo were claiming victory.
Prohibition became the chief
Issue when Ambassador .Morrow
Comes from the shops of the
Madrid Silver company, makers
of quality silverware. It is in a
new striking design and guaran
teed by the manufacturers for
ten years. Each set consists of
eight dinner knives eight forks
eight salad forks eight butter
knives eight soup spoons 12
teas'poans two tablespoons.
Meat Market At
Union Is Robbed
Saturday Night!
Hy . . (inner
(Observer i "or. espondent) !
T N I O N (Special) Saturday !
oven In k while Davis, the uwne j
wa. auay ihmmii an nour um
imikjiks. someone ur a sme
wmoow a no eniereo i ne i niun
Meal Market in North ln!n and J
pilfered tho cash register till. The)
ill Iff secured about nine dollars
i chann- but must have been !
yrured away for he dropped some
of, the money and apparently did
not hot her anything else In t he.
store where Mr.-Mavis has a line
of- Kt'oceries and candies.
M r. Irwin and his nephew, M r.
.Muichlson, came in from northern
Wnnhilitfton hist week and visited
at the home of the former's I
brother Im-1 Irwin in I'liion, !
Word has been received here j
j that J. W. Patterson, who moved ;
I from I'uion to Santa Itosn, (al.
; last year, has been seriously 111 for i
about three months. He was re- i
rently taken to a hospital aud mi- j
derwent a major operation. l-Yom !
latest reports he had left the bos- j
pltal and wa.H improving. 1
About one o'clock Sunday morn- j
Inir pomcono tlrivitiir n liehl i
Mrr left the hiebwav while l . i
lo make the curve at the north
end of Main street in front of the '
S. K. Miller home. The car went 1
into the ditch and kept on going I
IIM H struck a stone wall which Is '
In fast colored prints, pink, blue and peach made
in latest styles, very special
$1.00 while thevlast.
All made but hand work.
Boughf. separately this ensemble
would cost considerably more.
Here is a super special in our
June Furniture Event that en
ables you to get a complete set
of silver and dinnerware for
eight people. Pay only a dollar
down use it enjoy it and pay
the trifling balance a dollar a
at the entrance to Mr. Miller's
driveway. Tho Impact of the car;
against the atom nmshed the front J
part of the machine, broke the I
windshield and sleerir.i; wlicl, part t
i of the latter helm? found outside )
the car. Sunday morning- the car;
lieved that anvone was s rious1v
ini,mM, iM tlm accident. The ear'
Was liavelhiK west when the acci- .
titl occurred." '
Three bandrt furnished
f(jr , ,u. ,.,a ptor( hImiw
. uie ioeai
hand Piaymtf i nur.snay. in., muni-
th. mum
cipal bands frrfm l.a and
Knteiprlso playin.!? I-Viday and ,
Saturday, ;
Mr. and Mrs. Kd Castor and Mi-,
and Mrrf. Charley Castor drove lo
Haines Sunday to visit with M r. j
nnd Mis. Mays. Mrs. Mays was,
formerly MJs.s Castor.
Tho Kpworth l.eaKne from th- !
local Methodist church operated a
lunch room in the K. I, building
durink the three days of the Colon
slock show. They were doin this I
to earn part of the funds needed '
to pay their expenses at the inst-
tute at Wallowa lake this summer.
Tho Misses Klida and livl'.uv- 1
Miller who motored home from S,-
attlo last week in order to bo here
for tho stock show, will return to
the Sound city to take up special
courses during tho summer. Miss
Klida Is at the univei sit y and her
sister Is attending th ( 'nrnish
1P HOhool In that
ciry. Th.y
are the daughters of Mr. and Mis.
I H. K. Miller.
ed up.
-Kidnaping gam; round-
sugar and
Car Cuts Down
40 Posts Along ;
Fence at Elgin;
Hy Mrs. I. yon Hill
KI1IX, Oregon (Special) An,
unusual accident occurred one day j
last week at the Jack Lewis farm,'! of town. Mr. Lewis had stop- t
I his car in front of his house 1
u-i,ich Is shunt
d mi a sloping hill.
Jn Wlino W!IV lh. car started down
th(1 llin an(1 headed into the fence,
alonjr the roadside. JJue to Its'
ninmentnm, it pushed over the first I
post it struck, and continued ita
coin's?, directly down the fence,'
pushing over posts, until by the'
time tho foot of the hill had been!
reached, about 40 posts were I
knocked over but tho car was not j
damaged and Ihe retardinf; of peed ;
due to striking the posts prevented :
xhft c:iv u'"m overturning. I
Mi', and Mrs. Luther Ceiger, of
Indian Creek, suffered tho loss of j
their house and all their furniture!
'V fire last iVodnsday. Neighbors i
" mUrkly
P"1""' ere nine to save nut
i very little. Their daughter ('trace
was stiil in bed following a major
operation a few weeks aco and
was carried to the Arthur Hussears
heme nearby. The family is at
present t;atheriiiK together a new
stock of housekeeping efptipnient
and until that Js completed they
.ir stiiyimr with various friends in
the neighborhood.
! Tho annual school election was
held at the school house on Mon-
I day afternoon. Jess Crum was
j elected to .--crve as three-yeal di
rector and C P. Weiss was re-elei-ted
clerk of the district.
Clark Kzell is pcndintf some
1 inie with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Knoll.
Clem Ioty has opened the Wade
pool hall for business within the
lu a iwo week?:.
William l'hippen has gone to
I bit 1 k w h?re he will receive
treatments for complications fol
bwiri',' flu and pneumonia bust
w inter.
Mrs. Ij. L. Cross, of Indian Creek,
h i been havinir-xtt'tisive remodel-
ini; done to her home, new screen-
ed porches have been enolosed,
You have a choice of three beau
tiful f'3i:al patterns any one of
which you would be proud to
own. There are twelve cups -,
twelve saucers-r-eight bread and
butter platesr-eight pie plates-r-eight.
dinner plates ight fruit
dishes r eight oatmeal duihes -
eight soup plates two platters
one covered casserole one
one cake plate one
lid one creamer.
, new paint oh the exterior nnd new
i paper and paint on the Inside hav,6
added Kreatly to the appearance
I ami -comfort of the home. , 'J, K.
I Hall has been doinpr the. work,
j Mrs. Jack Lewis has moved her
i restaurant to tho building on thv
I west side of Front street at tlltf
' location of the former cafe. ' '
! I. V. Weiss spent hist week;
J at hvr home hero while she was
Mrs. Pave Scott, of "Wallowa,
stayed with I'ncle .loo Scott nnd
assisted in the care u( firandma
fr. and Mrs. Kdward .lasper nnd
children, of Alieel. stopped in Klgln
a brief time Sunday. They drove
on to Palmer Junction lo look after
somo property Mr. Jasper owns
!'oi:mi:i. cilamimon likin
LON(; ski in" i:t kra
1 WIMMI.KC.-niV. l-:iu:laml (AD
-Mrs. Lambert Chambers, former
j lawn tennis champion, views with
; alarm the tendency tf modern'
i Kil l players to develop speed rath-
j or han strategy on the courts.
' They smash shot after shot,"
; she says. "They ape the men.
I'lhey never think ahead, and their
absence or slrateKy is pitiable,
j "Tho worst fault is that I hey
have over-developer the speed of
i the. game ly gelling Immense pace
into the ball at every opportunity.
! and. In that way. by Iryinj; to ape
the speed and strength of tho men
players, they are by no means' ns
good players of the game as their
, predecessors of twenty years ago.
"It may be true that in tho old
; days or long skirts and blouses
j some Kirls 'patted' tho ball, hut
tho serious player of those day
can still beat the 'crack' chain
; pionship girl of today."
riiclan nets Coat hers
! S K ATT I.K (AO -Jimmy The
lan. new I niversity of Washing
ton fo:i!hali roach obtained from
I'urdue. has been christened Chief
.Viweo Xa Clah by the Yakima
j ( Washington) Indian tribe. The
title means "Big Chief Many
, Thunders." He was presented
with' a featherert
Chief Tom Yallup.
headgear hy