La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, December 06, 1911, Image 1

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Indications Are That Thlrty.FlTe
Thousand Plurality Will Be Margin
in the Heated Contest at Los Angeles
Count at Noon Shows Alexander
. 6,755 antf Harrlman lias S7,06
' Totes. ;
Los Angeles Dec. 6V At one o'clock
Alexander led Rahman by 3o,726. Fro.
hibltion was swamped by 86,696.
Los Angeles, 'Dec: 6. Completely
overwhelming Job Harrlman, sociallst
xinion labor candidate,' Mayor Alexan
, der was re-elected by a plurality ex
ceeding 35,000 and carried the entire
good government" ticket In the stir-:
ring election yeaiuraay. . - ..-..
Admitting utter rout, Harrlman and
bis men say the McNamara confession
was resiionsible. The vote was the
largest In tfcfc-bistory of the city. ' -This
Is the first time the women
have been allowed to vote and they
balloted almost unanimously against
Harrlman and the entire socialist-union
labor ticket. . ' : .
As the ballot count proceeds, Alex
ander's lead Increases. At 11 o'clock
complete returns from 270 out of the
318 precincts gave Alexander 66,755
and Harrlman 37,066. . .
V .Seldd Still Hopeful.
Milwaukee, Dec. 6. Socialists hero'
are nndlscouraged by the defeat of the
socialists In Los Angeles. "It only
puts the victory off a little longer,"
nid Mayor Seidel, a socialist.
Mestern Governors to Attend Confer,
ence Tomorrow.
Washington, D. C, Dec. 6 In point
of attendance and enthusiasm the 8th
annual convention of the National Riv
ers and Harbors congress, which be
gan lta sessions at the New Willard
hotel today, promises to eclipse all
previous gatherings of its kind held in
this country. Delegates appointed by
river improvement associations, ana
boards of trade, chambers of com
merce and similar . organizations
throughout the United States, as well
as by the governors of a large number
of states, are In attendance. Senators
and representatives and heads of var
ious departments of the federal pov
ment will participate in the discis
sions, and tomorrow the attendance
will receive a notable addition in the
delegation of western governors now
touring the country. '
Representative Joseph E. Ransdell
of Louisiana, president of tie con
gress, called the gathering to order.
In his opening address - President
Ransdell declared his belief that the
present gathering Is the most Import
ant ever held In the Interest of Im
proved waterways. He reviewed the
work already accomplished, and the
projects toward the fulfillment . ofi
which the various associations ari
bending their energies. The result
of the work already done, he said,
spoke well for the future and ought
to Impress both the president and the
members of congress, respecting the
serious and substantial popular sentl
ment In favor of a large annual river
and foarbor appropriation bill.
r.nnrinnu nrnrr
counsel on both sides argue
; ; ' issues. '"''..
Busy Day for the Governors.
Washington, D. C, Dec. 6. An ex
ceedingly busy day is In prospect for
the western states'' governors who are
due to arrive, In the capital -tomorrow
In the course of their "get-together"
tour of the eastern cities. . A reception !
committee will greet the executives
upon thl rarrival, The Initial feature
of the program calls for their attend
ance at the forenoon . session of tho
National Rivers and Hfrbors con
gress. At luncheon they will be the
guests of their state delegations at
the capitol, and afterwards they will
be guests of the Washington Chamber
of Commerce and will be given an au-
I tomoblle Jaunt about the city. In the
evening they are to be entertained at
dinner at the white bouse and Immed
iately after taking leave of the presi
dent and Mrs. Taft the eovernors will
if depart for Baltimore. .
I !
i i
i )
' j
- '' LARGE.
i j
i s
Clergy of the City Agrees to Be Pres
ent and Hear Strike Discussed. .
Closeted with laboring men out on a
J strike in this city, Joe P. Ryan,, vice
president of the Boilers' and Iron Ship
jpuilders' unions this morning deliver
ed an animated address at the labor
temple this morning to labor men and
ithis evening; will conduct a mass
I meeting at the Steward opera house to
hlch women and men, and the public
fin general Is warmly urged to attend.
"Come and hear our side of the strike
rase," say the notices of the meeting.
An innovation In connection with
'?he meeting will be the presence of the
j'ergy of the cIty followJng oc.
ppants of tb La Grande pulpits have
greed to be present: Father P, J,
friscoi: of the Catholic church. BIs
?P C. J. Black of the L. D. S. church,
f faynard B. Thr.ajpson. of the Christian
Jirch, E. P. Borden of the Baptist,
8. Seemann of the Presbyterian
3J D. Glllllan of the Methodist
Judge Lowell of Pendleton Here Brief
ly Discusses Politics.
Walla . Walla's famous Stubblefield
will case switched Its stage settings
this morning and became a matter of
record In Union county when counsel
for both side of the extended litigation
debated the issues before Circuit
Judge J. W. Knowles presiding be
cause Judge Phelps of Umatilla coun
ty was originally affiliated as associate
counsel with Attorney C. E. Cochran.
The Stubblefield will endowing . the
Walla Walla orphan home with a sum
aggregating $140,000 prescribed that
Oregon and Walla Walla orphans
should reap the benefits accruing. The
school was established at Walla Walla
and is operating there now with 29 In
mates. The will has been probated In
Whitman county and effort Is now be
ing made to probate the will In Uma
tilla county. The aim is to attack the
validity of the will. Attorneys Steph
en A. Lowell of Pendleton and C. M.
Rader of Walla Walla are handling
the case for the executors of the will
in fact, Mr. Rader is one of the ex
ecutors while Attorney Cochran ap
pears for the administrator of the late
widow's estate. ;' '
' Lowell Well Pleased.
Laying aside his official duties for a
moment. Judge Lowell today, took a
moment off, and reflected on political
affairs readers of the dallies andhis
friends here are of .course aware that
that the Judge is to be a candidate for
the United States senntorshlp. "The
prospectus satisfies me abundantly," Is
the way he summarizes the ante-campaign
situation. "Of course others look
at the situation In the same light from
their angle of view, so that may not be
of much. Importance."
Mr. Lowell will not commence bis
active campaign until after January 2
when declaration of candidacies can
be filed.
Banana Crop Injured1 by Storm Which
Banker' Excursion Feels.
New York, Dec. 6. Dispatches Btato
that the three United Fruit company
steamers bearing 600 members of the
American Bankers' association and
their families, from Panama where
they have been visiting, have weather
ed a big hurricane sweeping the gulf
and the Carrlbean sea. All are safe.
Tho Costa Rica banana crop, valued
at $60,000,000. li badly damaged.
Regent to the JIancliu Throne Is De
posedSuccessor Is to Be Named1
Boy Emperor to Be Raised as a thJ
nese, the Edict Decrees Chun Ee
tains Annuity of Considerable Pro
portions. . . .
Pekin, Dec. 6. Prince Chun was to
day deposed as regent to the Manchu
throne on the order of Premier Yuan
shi Kai.;1;1, ':" ; v
Chun will probably be banished. Shi
Sal, a Manchu, and Hsu Shi Chang are
named as guardians for the baby em
peror. ' . ' ; ;'. ,, .
. Empress Dowager Orders It
Shanghai, Dec. 6. The edict depos
it C 'CZ. Z.Z T"C?rt T"m
empress dowager , and grants the
prince the right to abdicate. , It al
lows the premier and his cabinet to
take up the appointment of a substi
tute regent later. The emperor will be
raised as a Chinese. The prince re
gent retains an annuity of 50,00 taels.
Revolutionary leaders declare , that
this doesn't satisfy them. , A
Senator PomereneV Birthday.
Washington, D. C, Dec 6. Atlee
Pomerene,. the first democrat to rep
resent Ohio In the United States sen
ate since the days of Calvin S, Brlce,
celebrated today the first birthday an
niversary that he has observed In
Washington. Senator Pomerene was
born In, Ohio 48 years ago and receiv
ed his education at Princeton and the
Cincinnati law school. Prior to his
election to the senate he had never
held any high public office, although
he had been prominent In democratic
politics in Ohio for many years.
it '
nnrim.ii rn
.iillilbiiL IU
quicker ork and thaf ! I f f 1 I fl fl H P H
te tail be turned over to j JM j it ! ! j j M j
ra nnin
Big Chain of CJIIoh to Feel Effects of
Grand Jury Indictments That 'Will
; Be Hi turned Purlrur Next Few Days
3Ic5Ijinlgal's Story promises to
Startle the World, W Ithln the Next
' Few Days. . ,: I -
$ s ? $ $ $ $ Q fr 4,
.. TIRE. . : .
Stinging satire Is reflected in a
"stunt" engineered by railroad
men this morning when a La
Grande National Bank check was
made Out in favor of the Mc
Namara, brothers for One. Hun
dred "(iOOf years In Sari Quen-'
tin. The "check" Is signed by
"The Public," and wag mailed the
Observer In an O.-W. envelope.
The pun on words and satirical
wording reflects In a concise
manner what the feeling Is In La
Grande labor circles over the
confessions. This Is especially
true among non-union men who
contributed to the 'defense fund
some time ago on the strength of
solicitation of a prominent so
cialist of this city, It is said.
I couils can ilu quicker ork and th
Cui nd' evident
tliem. It id s
are soon to be
Meanwhile 500 secret service laon
have been placed, at the disposal of
, Lawler, who has charge of the probe
here. Jt Is unlikely there will be any!
further criminal proceedings in Los
Angeles as far as the dynamiting Is
James McNamara will not be requir
ed to tell his story to the grat.d jury.
Owing to his confession he cannot be
qualified at; a witness. John. Lov. et,-,
nsy be col'ed, although this is doabt
iul. LtMvler "Is still debating on tho
matter. Until he decidea the brother
wili' be ept here. " . '
Chain Is IMng Forged.
Indianapolis, Dec. 6. It Is asserted
here today that the confession of John
McNamara is relied upon to furnish
the last link in the chain of evidence
being forged by the federal grap" ury.
"If John confesses I feel ce' - -t
indictments will be returr v .at
prominent laboritea in C .De
troit, St. Louis, Indian- a afl'alo.
Boston, Louisville, Kansas
City and Peoria,"' prominent
tnvernmpnt nfflr-l-'
New clews In
volving John iN mara as Interna
tional secretary or the Structural Iron
Workers are reported today. Secret
service operators are endeavoring to
connect the McNamaras with a long
chain of other dynamltlngs. It has
been found that John had many monciy
order transactions with outside per
sons and also received mall as C. J.
Sandusty. .-.
t $ k $ 4t 4
-'' - ' "
To Discuss Merchant Ufarlne.
Chicago, III., Dec. 6. Announce
ment was made today of the comple
tion of all arrangements for the con
gress of the National Business league
of America, which is to hold a ihree
day session in this city next week.
Several hundred of the leading indus
trial and commercial organizations of
the country have signified their inten
tion to send representatives to the
meeting. One of the most important
matters to be discussed will be the
creation of an American merchant ma
rine. . ' " . : '
Olynipla Elects Republican.
' Olympla, Wn., Dec. 6. The commis
sion form of government was rejected
and the republican ticket, headed by
Dr. Brldgeford, elected here yester
day. -'
Los Angeies, Dec. 6.With Judge
Bordwell jjnying the McNamara con
fession was due to bribery develop
ments alone, and : District Attorney
Fredericks determined to push the
charges against Franklin, interest to
day has switched from the McNamaras
in their cells, to the bribery and the
federal probes.
When Franklin appears In court on
Monday It Is problematical what sort
of a fight will be made. It Is admit
ted that It Is up to Fredericks.
The federal probe Into the dynamit
ing cases promises soon to overshad
ow the original, McNamara case. The
grand Jury meets tomorrow and Mc
Manlgal will be among the first wit
nesses. Agents say his story, when It
Is published, will electrify the coun
try, . '
It is intimated Viat the first Indict
ments are to come out here and not In
Indianapolis. The proceedings will be
pushed before the eastern ones In or
der that the indicted men, who might
escape, can be entangled. In addition
to evading numerous expenses, Fred
ericks is convinced that the federal
More Cr
T- Jl 1 1 .N
UlnQucnthil Men Assembled In New
l'ork to Perfect Abrogation of Trea
ty Which Russia Is Claimed to Have
Broken American Jews Are Rcfas.
ef Admission to Russia Is Also
Washington, Dec. 6. "Congress will
force the abrogation of the treaty of
1832 with Russia," declared Congress
man Sulzer of New York at the white
housa today. He claims there Is strong
sentiment against russia because sea
refused pasports to Americans Jews
who wished to euter Russia. Sulzer
Claims to have proof that the treaty
was violated.
llUnUniU M M M M Man. '
. j mm m . ! w
Sacramento, Dec. 6. Assemblyman
Smith's resolution memoralizlng con
gress to cease discriminating against
American Jews by denying them pass
ports was adopted by the assembly to
day after a Bplrlted debate.
"i j. 11 1 1 .. ' ' ii
There wee eomthin8 rotten in Denmark, and Dr. Caw . u ".u.
Thomdike in BaKimore Amtrloan.
New York, Dec. 6. United States
senators and renresentativea ' illnln-
11 i I riliri m mats, educators and prominent men
I f" ln r I P H '".'.,. , t came to New York today to
I IU L I LLLl I , assist ln the formulation of plans for
a nation wide agitation for the abro-
gauuu ui lae ireaty or 1U KUS-
sia Because of ttiat country's refusal
to honor without discrimination the
passports issued by the United States.
The Russian authorities have persist
1MT:1" '"iYirvn iv c ' rrnit enlv refuBed to hoanr riBsnortK' in
m.iv A A 1 -1.UC . .
' . . , . .... - t . ' .
'. JANITORi ijnucu io jshj. ajs a conaequenco ot
this attitude on the part of the crar'a
Janitor and Elevator Boy Held os Susi government many Jewish citizen of
pects ln the Crime.
Vl rt iTnlf.d Otnfatf mmamm tltoM v AM
IUD kUU PiaWO, 111 u
of world-wide prominence as schol
ars, philanthropists and men of af
fairs, have been denied the privilege
of visiting Russia.
Beginning with , a meeting ln Carne
ge hall tonight, presided over by An-
New York, Dec, 6. Murdered ln anj
elevator for his diamond worth $10,-
000, his body thrown Into an ash pan i
of the furnace to burn, Isadore Fogel-
rich, a Jeweler was found dead in the
basement loft of the building here to-, drew D. White, former ambassador of
day. Asher Schapp, engineer of the the United States to Russia, a serieV
building, and Joseph Roberts, a ne- of great mass meetings are to be held
gro elevator boy, are arrested on sub- In every large ,clty of the country to
plclon. A gold pen and two diamond protest against the attitude of the
rings were found on Roberts, badly Russian government on the passport
blood stained. The negro claims he questions.; Among the prominent men
found them. Schapp found the body who have given their support to the
ln the furnace. It 1b believed i the movement are Andrew Carnegie, Vice
skull was crushed while ln the eleva
tor."' .;:'' :-! '
President Sherman, Governor Wood
row Wl'on, William R. Hearst, Sena
tor Penrose of Pennsylvania, Senator
O'Gorman of New York, Dr. Charles H.
Parkhurst and Bishop David H. Greed.
Grant Lincoln and W. II. Casey Invest
In City Property Tliils Week.
The business men have faith in in
creasing values In city property as Is
evidence by scanning the record of
real estate transfers. Yesterday Grant
Lincoln purchased the D. B. Cox prop
erty on Pennsylvania avenue, now be
ing occupied by F. H. Green the cream
ery man,, who, by the way, Is arrang
ing to build a home in West La Grande
the plans for which are practically
completed.' ;-'.'-'' .-. .'. . .
W. H. Casey this week also purchas
ed a fine home on the corner of Adams
avenue and Oak street. Geo. H. Cur
reey, the land man negotiated 'the
above sales. If La Grande did not have
a future the shrewd business men
would not make such investments.
Wants Rockefeller to Talk. ;
Washington, D. C, Dec. 6. John D.
i Rockefeller and his agent, dates, were
j formally presented with the opportun
ity to tell their side of the sensation
al stories of the Merrltt brothers re
garding the steal of the Mesaba range
by the house steel Investigating com
mittee today. Stanley invited them to
do so. Merrltt's charges are that Mr.
Rockefeller, through Gates, defrauded
them of millions of dollars' worth of
mining property.
Many .Witnessed Relnjr Called Before
August Body at Court Huuge.
Grand Jurors convened this morning
and have spent the day hearing wit
nesses called before them. There arc
numerous cases for the Jurors to In
vestigate.' and It is not likely thai any
report will be made until tomorrow
and maybe not then. Circuit court will
not convene for a while , as Circuit
Judge Knowles goes to Walolwa.coun
ly next Sunday to resume the cases on
the docket In that district.
Court In Sesston. '"
With Commissioner Galloway and
Judge Henry present, the county court
convened this morning. The day Is
being given over to auditing of bills
and tomorrow the court hopes to clean
up the docket and adjourn.
;' MENCES. , '
'' 1 " '" '
At Noon Temporary Jurors W the
Number of II Are placed In Box 1
Chicago, Dec. 6. Brousht to book .
after a hunt of more than seven years
J. Ogden Armour ar-" n.'ne other Chi-;
cago packers were placed on trial here
today before . United Stales District
Judge Carpenter on charges ot crimi
nal conspiracy lu violation of the
Sherman anti-trust law.' The court
was Jammed when the packers thlt
morning pleaded not guilty.
Wcrk of examining the veniremen,
began Immediately. - ,
At noon 11 Jufori In the box were
subject to peremptory challenge.