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Editor and Owier.
eminent which the layman cannot unj
' derstand'unlesg put through the came
kind of training.
Entered at the postofflce at La Grande
as second-class matter.
Dally, singly rout ...... 5c
Sally, per wee-It 15c
Dally, p r month 65c
pf B EM Bttlft 1911
fsTA-v ! rr i w pfT
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'f . ;' Jhurcli will
No greater suprlse could have
spread over the world yesterday af f
ternoon that the confession of the Mc
Namara'boya who were on trial at Loo
Angeles for., blowing up the Times
building and also for placing dynamit i
under the Llewellyn Iron works. It
was the very last thing anticipated by
the public. Those who had formed
an opinion as to guilt were almost un
animous In the belief that the wheels
of justice would be clogged repeated-'
before there ever was a conviction,
and a great many felt there never,
would be a conviction regardless of
the testimony produced.
jointly with England, consented . to
his appointment. He off era to reeim;
but it may be that some of the peasant
soldiers will have to die on a field oi
honor (?) and the already overtaxed
laborers be obliged to shoulder a lar
ger burden of debt just to please the
Lion and the Bear. '
Cowper, the English poet, said;
"War is a game which were th?lr
subjects wise
Kings would not play at"
But then Cowper became Insane, the
only poet who ever did such a tiling,
and possibly he was a little off when
he said that.
Tripoli still wants to be IT, but
Italy still trips Tripoli. Neither side
of the struggle seems to outwit the
other In the Invention oJLthlngs bar
barous. In our own land there has been tin-
It is quite evident that, the bribirt usual slaughter within the past four
. t- t-
iOW almost A certainty that
be mayor of La
What opposition to him tha
f J outside pf the socialists' ranks
bmeltJng awfcy before the stern fac;
st permitting this city to go socialist.
. The .majority of voters In La Grand?
5 not want a socialist administration,
There Is a feeling whether well found-
d or not, that eucn an administration
would be 'damaging to the municipals
tJi that 'it would shrink the city's
jTrtttf take on andittori for which
Stt G'r(SJl,e ' not flUed and generally
tevoluttonlze affairs of Ihe public. Q
meduced to a finesse the campaign
jvbjcli confronts the voters Is: Church
H cr socialism. Mr. Church has exten-'
' jive Interests here, pays no email tax
:t : !ach year and he Is absolutely, honest.
Being able to devote a great deal of
time to the mayor's office Insures his
areful attention to detail of city af
fairs, all of which ,1s essential but
. Jbardly ever .obtainable' In Bn officer
elected as we how eWt mayors, for
the office tarries comparatively no
alary, thus preventing most men"
. irom giving It their time '- as they
would like to. In Church the city will
tave one who will give that necessary
thns.' He, has been a member of the
. council for Borae time ani has in this
way obtained experience In city affairs
tecomlng acquainted with values,
with cost of construction and with
, nany Ins and outs o( municipal gov-
tragedy had direct bearing on the
pleading yesterday. The bribing was
so badly done that the prlncipals'were
caught red handed and its Influence
seemed to disarrange plans. Then
too, (here is some evidence to show,
that Clarence Darrow was carrying a
heavy fight forward whn it was ap
parent to Mm, and Hk most men the
weight of actual knowledge Of guilt
tell8. It Is 8 weight that the best at
torney cannot get away from; a
weight that causes men to act unnat
urally and such actions cannot last
forever. For this very reason the old
adage, "murder will our finds truth
ful favon l the minds of everyone.
The blow to organized labor dellv
ered bv this confession Is fearful and
it will be keenly felt. Not that or
ganized labor wag responsible for tho
Time disaster but because organized
labor b9 been. In a large measure be
hind the McS'amara boys' since they
days. Never were there so many
deaths by decapitation; surely the
world Is growing worse! Unprovoked
blood-letting was rife last Wednesday
when from Maine to California and
from the Sound to the Strait3 of Flori
da one universal wall went evciy
wbereward that the axe had visited
the turkey-coops. La Grande was not
spared. Tb? Thanksgiving serviced
pvep were preliminary to (he second
chapter pf the onslaught when at the
homes of our very best people the re
mains o the. departed were fearlessly
picked to pieces and hidden from
sight. By the way, by actual count by
one present, there were not more than
two of our bloated millionaires pres
ent to hear the very practical sermon
oy iu lU "r. Herd""?. Th"y who at
tended and gave thanks were of the
steady rank and file of the 'laboring
class, the wage earners who, after
all, are the true sub-stratum elements
were arrested. Union and after ha3 of every community.
contributed money to "assist in this To be eure to be honest the world
trial. Individual members have paid ( of true laborers are thrown intj ex
more than they were able In the fulljCltement. t-bhsteriiattdn tti(J liidlrec
bellef that union labor waV bit tHal tlon by the" urieiillected denouement at
hnd not tti8 Tluies murderers, ' From Lofl Angles yesterday. Long since
ho on members of unions will be , the writer learned that "labor Is holy."
slow to take lip the case' ot accused Who treads on the toes of the laborer
criminals and contribute of their earn-'or who invades his rights is a Vr.rlel.
lngs. Organized labor will not be so The first thing the Almighty did when
anxious to lend its dignity and Its' he created man and woman was to
earnings to aid in trials of those who Bet them to work. The real noble
commit crime or. those who are chargr man today Is the laborer; such has ev-
ed with having comimtted crime. It er been the case. As It Is now, It ever
Is a dear lesson; a bitter experience; shall be.
a frightful confession, and withal U Labor leaders are not always labor!
will cause a complete revolution 1 era; but often are leaders of person
among the honest laboring people who better than themselves. Thus the
"Child Crusoes"-tf t is like
turning the pages of a book ot
adventures and seeing the pic
tures of all the wonderful peo
ple and happenings come to life
"John Oakhurst, Gambler" A
faithful study of an old western
type. .8 ELI Q.
"A Cure'for Crime." A lively
comedy with Interesting Illus
trations in mental suggestions
Mr. Williams, In pictured mel
F0l?L PLAY" A a Edlsoa mas
terpiece. Thre rert, (ChiM.
Iteade's famoas book.)
belong to unions.
Taking a peep around the corners
of the world tonight we see things
standing thus: In Asia, the Manchin
are steadily and surely yielding to,
two mercflesB forces, the , Chinese
proper, and public world wide opinion
After the three centuries of heartless
overlording they must retire for good
and permit the owners of the soil to
retake their p'l'ace on the throne of
Btate and commercial, financial, soclpl
and educational circles. Wu Tint;
Fang and Yuan Shi Kal are both pro
gressives of the most advanced type
and ought to make a good team. Even
though Nanking had continued to
hold out yet a while; the balance or
power Is against final success for tho
Unrest appears In Manchuria nat
urally at this time and It seems on
the point of declaring its independ
ence. To do so It may have a three
cornered tight on hand: Japan, Rus
sia and China may think there Is some
thing for them to consider.
Persia is in the throes of flnancla1
difficulties. Mr. Morgan Shuster, nn
American, has been trying to ferre:
out their woes In money affairs, but is
now being opposed by Russia, who,
honest man Is often led into unwise
conclusions and to unrighteous deeds.
When men who are self-confessed
criminals and caught, the eye of the
world should stand by ready to ceo
them have fair play, but should not
prejudge the matter lest they be found I
filled later with shame and confusion.
Such use of prejudice Injures the
cause of righteousness and makes
them who would be the most valiant
helpers stand incredulously aloof. It
also' strengthens the hands of them
who now in too great numbers are op-
I II.. 1 A, . 1 1 I
pressing me sweuiy uruwu, iuo lull
ing hand and the aching heart.
It is pessimistic to say as did Low
ell, "Right forever on the scaffold
Wrong forever 'on the throne,"'
and stop there; we ought to go on and
repeat the rest of It;
"But that scaffold sways the future,
And within the dim unknown
Standeth God within the shadows
Keeping watch upon his own."
That Is true optimism In which all-
may find comfort.
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4 1
What Makes a Strong Bank?
1. AMPLE KESOl'lTl'KS Our renourceB areUuO.OiO,
composed of well secured Isans and oash.
, 2. AlaTLE CASH RESKRVES-Our cash reserves are
usually 26 to 30 per cent of our immediate liabilities (de
posits subject to chock., and always more than 15 per
cent of our total liabilities, the amount required by law.
i. ADEQUATE CAPITAL.-Our capital Is $100,Q0.(H, .
and our surplus, which la profits earned and retained as
additional capital, is $105.000 00.
4. CAPABLE MANAGEMENT -Ever since its oranla- .
itlon 25 years ago, this bank has been under careful man
agement. Its officers and directors are men who have
achieved success In the banking and other Uneg of busi
ness. The fact that we have safely weathered every fin
ancial storm during our career, and are to.lay greater and
strr nper than ever Is evidence of good management
. If you are not already a depositor or client of this
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tell your friends aboat us. ;'.
La Grande National Bank
CAPITAL . . . $ 100,000.00
SURPLUS . . . 105.000.00
PrH T :4n1m. A nn. ; . ' . W. J. Church.. VC Pres.
P. L. Meyers, Cas . . --1' -'-lr. . . 1 J.E.StevenSOn, D. D.S.
! 1
' it .
I0 IT 0W
is an old saw, but it applies to noth
ing ho vitilly as 10 the care of your
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