La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, November 29, 1911, Image 9

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    Every Man Wte
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We are after you MrTMan. We want you for a permanent
customer; and we'll give vou such unusual values for your
money that you'll Jbe a .constant -. customer: of . ours . and
recommend us to your friends as well :-' ' - :"r
Sooner' or later you
are going to find
out that ifs decid
edly, to your best in
terests to trade here
Our customers are
all pleased custom
ers, because we see
to it that they al
ways get satisfaction
With every suit, from
$15.00 up, a I
ry Hat j
i oft or Stiff.
All New Shapes and
i Shades.
L "
i Find out about the
advantages of qual
ity, service and price
to be exclusively ob
tamed at this store.
It will pay you.
Come and see the
uncommon values
we are offering. You
will always , find us
glad to show goods.
( ' - ,.Jc r
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1. ! I I I II II I 'I II
' 1 "'jp vf
f ' t V b j J
feti CwH ItIO I, ii'ir
r...6iifi tcHLon woi ca
Ma&cs Home Bafemg fasj;
No other aid to the housewife
is so great, no other agent so
useful and certain in making
delicious, wholesome food
t , . 1
.. K '
The only Baking Powder
made from
Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
Uo Aiuta Uo Umo Phosphates
Pendleton Threatens to Withdraw
Front the Association.
Hrs. McCaBj Pirse.
Bamond fiwao. vfeo realdes at 14 J4
Wttk atreet. has established a rc-
rC tor faoooaqr which it wtll pa oth-
r rounx ntM to ooMdato, nju the
Saker Herald, guadar eveolnc he
tooad purse Fnnr 160 or more
-and from Ue ooatmta learned that it
alht belong to Mrs. IfcCnller of Jo
! ret ura railroad ticket from
fiaker to Joseph aad other raluablea
were toduded Wfth the moaer In the
Bvlf on Ifonla morals Mr. Swan
iwim oTor tke ettr fbr the awn.
r T die Burse.
Mr. 6vaa U a Baker prodact of
ood. haHa been bora and
B0 a thU dir. Latelf be
as Mlfered from a aerere attack of
tMnsaUra, which aialadr hma left
, (H loo rBk for hearr work. From
boyhood he haa been a helpful mem
ber or Baaer's rolunteer fire depart
ment, and he has been actlre in the
clean sports and enterprises of Ba
ker's young athletes. He Is so modest
that he was not anxious to hare It
known who found the purse.
Beal of the circuit court' of the state
of Oregon for the county of Union,
bearing date the 17th day of Novem
ber. 1911. which lurirmant
rendered, entered of record and dock-1
eted In said court on the 8th day of
November, 1911, in a suit wherein
Christiana Haak was plaintiff, and, A.
H. Sunderman, Lulu M. Suaderman,
his wife, Northern Trust company, a
corporation, James H. Gwlnn, trus
tee, and Henry Henntng were defend
ants said Judgment being in favor of
j said plaintiff and against said defend
ants for the Hum nf onn nn mitt, in.
Enterprise was selected as the next - tereat thereon at the rate of 10 per
meeting place of the Eastern Oregon J cent 'rm the 17th day of February,
Teachers' convention next year, bring 191(. the further sum of $250.00 as at
ing that convention Into Wallowa j torrey's fees, and for plaintiff's costs
county for the first time in history. "",1 Hsburseraents in said suit taxeJ
Bi-inerprise was chosen after a stormy Rt zi.7& and said judgment also be-'
session In which Pendleton, the other' ln8 la favor of the said defendant,.'
cuuienaer ror tne distinction, threat-1 James owinn, trustee, upon his coun
ened to withdraw. It Is said, from the ' ter complaint founded upon the debt
association unless granted the re-Unl mortgage set forth therein, anl f
quest. The matter was settled by a K&lnat the said defendants, A. H.
vote giving Enterprise the choice. To-j Sunderman and Lulu Ml Sunderman,
day noon no further effort had been nl wife, for the sum of $1153.70 with
made by Pendleton to withdraw and it interest thereon at the rate of S per
is believed the threat came' In the 'cent per annum from the 4th day of
heat of excitement. ADrll. 1811 th fnrthnr Slim r9 flftAAA
r w m va. wavvivv.
mm avvar fjuu AVI UCtOllUaliC
James H. Owinn, trustee's costs and
j disbursements In said suit taxed at
$21.601 will on .Wednesday, the Srd
j day of January, 1912, at the hour of
vniee BnOdlags, Banks. Conrt Honse 10 o clock, a. m. of said day, at the
and City Offices to dose. " "oat dpor of the court house In tne
' city of La Grande, Union county, Ore
Court hnnaa k..i. ran. sell t nnhllr. aurtlnn im Vilol.-
wu.vun, unuu, BWrOB, - ' - a- -. w vv, v.v iuqu-
city recorder's pffice and In fact, every e8t hldder for cash, to satisfy, first, tho
vuuiic ouice wui oe closed all Jay to- ipiwuun a yaagment, mteres
dlst Episcopal church. South, asaem
bled' here today and was called to or
der by President W. L. Duren of Tupe
lo. Bishop Wilson of Baltimore will
preside over the week's session.
Chicagoan Takes Canadian Bride
Ottawa, Ont., rrov. 29. All Saints'
church was the scene of a large and
fashionable wedding today, when Miss
Irene Bate, daughter of Mr. and Mrs
T. Cameron Bate and granddaughter
of Sir Henry Bate, became the bride
of Dr. William C. Meecham of Chicago.
The boys appetite is often the
source of amazement. If you would
have auch an appetite take Chamber
lain's Tablets. They not only create
a healthy appetite, but strengthen the
stomach and enable it to do Its work
naturally. For sale by all dealers.
- - - - ------- i p'pmpii i Vitwmwmmmfmmimmii
I ' . i- ...
ine l Grande delegation Is ex
pected home this afternoon.
I morrow. It will b a enerl holiday ' COBt ftn1 tflBburiementt and accralnf
The Blks will aire their danc
tonight as previously aanoonced.
fiome misunderstood that ' the
date had been changed. Suet. Is
not the case and this evening
first class music will be furnish-
ed and every Elk and hts lady
will be welcome at th nw a
home. . , a
. TWok. "
"How did yon find the weather In!
London r asked the friend of the rs-
turned tnvalav
- .i - ' . ' - " . w. wv. ttv.
"Ton don't have to find the weather Tp. 3 8. J4 S3V4,. EJ. W. M., together
London." replied the traveler. "It
Damps Into you at every corner."
To give up of your own win whs
would cost too much In time and
strength la not failure It Is success.
by virtue of an execution and order
of "ale of heretofore mortgaged real
casts, and, thereafter, the defendant's
James H. Gwlnn, Trustee, judgment,
Interest, costs and disbursements and
accruing costs, the following describ
ed real property, to-wit:
All of flee 36, Tp. 3 8. R. 33 B. W.
M.. wV4 aid the W of KU, nf Rtu 9a
and Holiday - Goods
with the tenements, hereditaments and
appurtenances thereto belonging or In
anywwe, appertaining. In Union coun
ty, Oregon.
Dated at La Grande, Oregon, this
7th day of November, lju.
Sheriff , of Union countr. Oreran.
j wkly 12-1-8-16-22-69
EIsslsslpjl W. i. Ceifereaoa,
acun. Hmu TWisr si ana..
property. Issued oat of and under the'. Mississippi conference of the Sfetho-
Vile Save You Money
Second Door West of Postoffice
'll r iftdmmammf.'fffili:: nf u."iirfii fl