La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, November 11, 1911, Page PAGE 10, Image 10

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Order La (irande and1 Bikker to Stop
, -Fight but Insures lUtcn.
Efforts put forth by individual cit
ies of Eastern Oregon to obtain more
uniform and distributive rates from
central cities, has taken a new tura
In an order Issued by the State Rail
road commission, dlvnlsing. the case
of Baker Commercial club et al, (In
cluding La Grande) against the O.-
W. The linker club led the fight from
the start to get lower rates and the
other towns fell in" with the Intention
of obtaining distributive rates to out
lying district. But; that the state com
mission is going to give uniform rate
without the cities fighting for them
is also contained in the information
dlmlssing the original action. On the
15tb of this month , the commission
' Will ciuineiice eBiHuiiHiiuiK uuiiwu
rates to Eastern Oregon and at that
time the cities directly Interested will
be represented.
Fred Holmes of the M. & M. Co.
of this city will attend, for one. from
this city and It Is likely that all towns
that could use distributive rateB to
advantage will be represented at the
meeting. '
Th decision Is, in a way, a direct
victory for Eastern Oregon cities as I;
Insures tihem uniform rates without
thw cKIes themselves tnklng the In
itiative to obtain them.
V Society .', j
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La Jaunesse club Thursday night, en- j
tertalnlng the members and a few
epeclal gwsls. Sewing and dainty re
freshments constituted the program of
The Lyle Tuesday muslcale held a
very Interesting meeting last Tuesday
afternoon under the leadership of Mrs.
T. J. Scroggln. The study of the .voice
and Its culture was handled in a mas
terly way by Mrs. BIrnle and Prof,.
Bridges. Mrs. SUverthornie spoke on
the value of reading. Mrs. R. Newlln
read an excellent paper on the most
promising singers of today.
It was regretted that Mrs. A. L.
.Richardson, who also had been as
signed an Important question, was not
. able to be ppesit."
The next meeting on Nov. 21, will be
song recital.
Ray Duncan and Miss Evallne Wil
son were united In marriage at La
Grande, Oivgon, on November 11th.
1911. Justlcn oT the Peace" Arthur C.
Williams officiating.
Botih young people are well known
here, being members of well known
pioneers pud both of them were born
and brought up In Union county. The
bride Is one of Union county's popu
lar tearhrs and Mr. Duncan Is a well
known merchant of Cove.Orq on. Both
the bride and groom have many friends
here who wish them much hanplness.
Thy will make tholr home at Cove.
Henry Stroeber and Miss Jess! M.
Brill were united In marriage on No
vember 9. 1911. at La Grande. Oregon,
Jnstlm or the Peace Arthur C. Wil
liams officiating.
Both young people are well known
hve. the bride -ho vine been born and
brought up near La Grande, and both
hav many friends here who wish them
"inch hanplnss. They will make their
home near La Grande.
There will he i meeting a', the 1h
ilh home and Foreign M'sa.un;iry
society of the Presbyterian church at
the mtns at ?:10 p. m. Monday, tho
irnniii'ct Ever;' n einber Is urpej io
be ii resent. . '
Mrs. Chas. Murchlson entertained
tlio New Idea club this week. New
' Ideas in sewing and needlework were
presented and refreshments were
Mrs. Common, a nvember of the high
. school faculty, entertained the ladles
of the teaching- force In the high school
at luncheon lst Saturday noon at her
home in May Pork. .
Mrs. II. C. Grady entertained the
Five Hundred club this week. Honors
, were won by Mrs. M. B. Donohue,
Miss Runa Bacon entertatned a few
: girt menas Wednesday night at a
thimble party.
1 ti 8 I ft V : x '
Part of the pleasure of the great National feast day is in feeling rfglt, in forking right, in
dressing your bedy to harmonize with the hale and healthy atmosphere of the day.
You will look right-you'll look as though you had reason to give thanks-as though all of
life had been kind to you-- if y8u are Royal Tailored. .
Come in and pick out that Thanksgiving fabric right now, just time to get it. C vercoat
or Suit $18.50 up. ' " ' -i--"-
d 11
I imiiiiiM j
t children In our schools. Medical ln- long. The need of the hour Is united
spection In the schools would bring to0" th Part,f those who love
. . . , . .. children and are interested In them
tae surface physical weakness In the and only tnu8 Jn tnig ,dea, of mdl.
child and to the parents information ; vldual responsibility be fulfilled.
as to what to provide in order to curej
those defects. We would take careful v..i i , m ...
precautions to place the feeble-minded otice of Hrt MeeUny of Creditors.
under coutrol and stop the evil of re-j .'
production. Causes of poverty would Di the district court of the United
be dealt with in a more intelligent! States for the District of Oregon:
manner and the Blums of our city x- In the matter of Frank W. Cullen,
terminated. The sale of liquor to peo-; bankrupt. .
pie whose excess use of it led to the i lu Buukruntcv. ... ,
neglect cf their families, would be- To the creditors of Frank W. Cul
(By J. G. Kilpack. representative of
Portland Boys & Girls' society.)
In nearlv every mutter that- atIkpk
in connection with children, when the 'l,ea-, "T"" " measure em ,ot Aiicei. in me county of I'n-
,, . i. . ,. . t their children's worth by the few dol- ion, and dlstr ct aforesaid, a bank
question is asked. "What shall be done jars they could earn at an early age! rupt: '
ana wno nail pay for lt7" the an-1 but by what thev would be worth af-l Notice Is herehv irivn that th.
swer is forthcoming: "Io all that can' er proper physical development and,!th day of November, 1911. the Bald
be done and let the state pay for It. t nie,tRl moral training. All of this i Frank W. Cullen was duly adjudicated
Counting the cost is rarely considered A much more. follow thees-1 bankrupt; and the first meeting of ihis
necessary by people who are In the tabltshment of this principle and wllle creditors will be held In he office of
habit of gettlna- accounts imld out of. B"u,,u "lirri,ulu"" m u me reiere m bankruptcy In L
uranne. Oregon, on the 22nd day of No
vember. 19U, at 10 o'clock In the fore
noon, at which Unfa the said creditors
Minneapolis Man Here.
G. W. Jorrls who recently arrived
he Trora "Minneapolis and purchased
the T. S. Harls property In South La
Grande, today purchased the attract
ive J. 8. Fuller 80 acre farm on Ladd
cveek. The consideration was IC-
000. Mr, and Mrs. Jorrls expect to
move on tire farm Immediately. Mr
Fuller as part payment rurchased the
city property above referred to and
experts to occupy It this winter. Geo
II. Currey, the real estate man. ne
gotiated the sale. -
the public purse and It Is doubtful If JJ . ?,ureVv c0,me to pass, whe.n l!!e
because a thing Is free that parents """"i;,' ,"al V,' Ulr
think any more of it. In these days
political prominence can be more eas
ily gained by making generous prom
ises and so the man who can offer
many things will easily become the
most popular auiost those whose stan
dard of parenthood and ltsresponslbll
ltle8 are low. We are too prone to
sacrifice our principles to popularity
and In so doing lower our Ideals. If
we are to fulfill our responsibilities to;:: . ."1",, "
our young we tuust Insist on the re- " r. ,1.. ' . ' 7
sponalblllty of the Individual, each Li i '
parent doing his or her duty and the p b ""deJ "d'i "e
tatfl nutlln nrPMiira nnnn tV.n.a ti-h 'l""iui ouiuiajte. uu.biiik uur
affairs of the nation. . In an ordinary
r Vi. i m aJ , ,V UBk ,B V . n,By attend- Prove their claims, appoint
,ih5u?h,Ld!fn? 11 fereBt shown in it , tru8tee examine the bankrupt and
property cone berore said meeting.
November 11, 1911.
Referee In BankruDtcv.
(All claims must be verified accord
ing to bankruptcy forms before filing.)
be put In the same relative position
There will perhaps be some objectlou
on the part of those who expect the
state to provide everything and by
others to whom every kind of social
reform is obnoxious, but It will be
rifitl. it lavfltlnn imnti tha hnnool nri.
refuse. In thla way s would neenrei l. " """"
. a.,ri ,.t i. -.hi.;v. .kjww ana compeinni' them to mam- Iain's
.n r. V:. r'r " m,T " .,.,! n thS families, of the Uuv and drun. a
becoma an outcas t Vc!n their rlah U ke 'l"8 'no5.h .! ,8'
of citizenship until their offense
against the child and the community
had been purged. It would also mean
that a new standard would be set up
and the value of the life and health of
children would be considered in rela
tive Importance to other public ques
tions. How the adoption of this prin
ciple would affect various causes of
dependency and delinquency might be
uneny stated, ignorance, which Is
said to be the root of all evil, would
bo swept away 'and knowledge as to
what life is and how It can best be
preserved would be Imparted to the
1irPrt whern thpv ho
me boys appetite. Is often the
source of amazement. If you would
nave such an appetite take Chamber
Tablets. They not only crPAt
healthy appetite, but strengthen the
stomach and enable it to do Its work
ran v. For sale by all dealers.
eod wkly
- 7
Bakett Business College
BOABD. '. ' .'', ,;
"January prices early in Nov
ember" at West's Mid-Season
Clearance of Ladies' Suits,
Coats and Millinery.
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