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Jhiucbus Drive People From City and
Slay Tlicm Rebels I'lun to litre a
Hfirrll.lw ftotallntJim Onee-They Get
Possession of the City Shi Kai Con.
MUers Oner of I'renielrship. (
Shanghai, Nov. 11. Massacres of
Chinese by the Manchus continued to
day in Nanking, the imperialists even
pursuing the people out of the city and
klling them. The city is like a mon
ster slaughter house Infants, women
and men are butchered without dis
crimination. The crimes . are more
atrocious than those taht were enact
ed during the Boxer uprising. The
Bebels ana preparing for a terrible re
taliation when they take the city and
they plan to give the "Manohus the
same treatment.
Kal Considers Offer.
: Peking.. Nov. 11. Yuan Shi Kai.
, in". ,v-'.'.rr,-3. is considering the r tj
. ; j i? presidency of the ChinJ. a
' '' -..-"t ts understood he 1b con
- viriced ffie Manchus will fall and that
Is whyibe refuses to accept the prof
fered premiership. "
,,'' ,, ' ' -
." Win Join Family Tomorrow Mornlngi
is uiad.
Knoxville, Tenn., Nov. 11. "Fortu
nately encountered, fortunately ended"
said President Taft today during the
last few hours of his country wide
tour. Tomorrow be will breakfast at
the white house for the first time since
August 22. He is glad he Is going
home. This afternoon Taft went to
Bristol, the last town on ibis Itinerary
and he leaves for Washington tonight.
Replying to Congressman Austin's
pledge during his address here that he
would support the president for reelec
tion the president asked Austin not to
weary of his well doing. He made no
direct comment on pontics, but avoid
ed the subject. Before boarding the
presidential special at Knoxvllle the
president was an Interested visitor' at
the site of the Appalachian exposition
, here. . : '.'
Calls Consistory to Creat 20 Sew Car
dinals at Once.
New York, Nov. 11. The sudden de-
clslnn of Pope Pius t call a consis
tory at Pome this month for the pur-
pof of creating 2i new oninals is,
krlfcred to be oxn'ilnel by the fact)
. that the pope tn been warned by his
Tnyg-.cianB that his nd is near qnd rny Ulne33 In his weakened con
diiiou ' -lay nro fatal.
Make Short Stay.
Don G. Goodwill, traveling passen
ger agent for the Rock Island, accom
fi panled by Mr Goodwill,, left, this
morning for their home In Pittsburgh
' Pa., after a visit of two days with B. ,
. M. Sherwood of the Isis theatre. Busl-j
were delighted with La Grande and
the west. :. - '
Second Successive Defeat Administer.
. et to Harvard Squad Today.
Cambridge, Nov. 11. In a game In
which goal kicking featured through
out Carlisle outbooted Harvard fbday
and won by a score of 15 to 13.
At New Haven. Yale 15; Brown, 0.
Many Womfj i:-c''rr.
Los '.ngeles. Nov. 1 1. County Clerk
I.eland today annran"ed That not less
y than 190,000 permr. f.t ' -in v?!i:
J ,ere women, hire registered f'-'r the
municipal elect'in Dec 5.' Books clos
ed last night
Prine Fardinand of Bavaria,
Who Married Spanish Infant.
. . . C : tr :-.:'f -
Durbar Coronation to Be Menaced by
i'Uigue and Pestilence.
London, Nov. 11. Reports from
Bombay today tell of the terrible
plague conditions that will greet King
George and Queen ' Mary when they
arrived in Indian for the durbar. -The
last weekly report ; shows that 6.667
died of the plague throughout India
and nearly 5,000 In the presidency of
Bombay alone. The plague is increas
ing in southern India.
King George and Queen Maryland
escort left Portsmouth at 2:30 this
afternoon on their way to India to at
tend coronation durbar. It will be he
iflrst visit of an English monarch to
India. Festivities are to continue
from their arrival until they return
nom9 in January.
Snow Plow Ready for Work.
The O.-W. R. & N. shops have Just
finished going over the snow plows
Kept at tnis aivision ana today Jack
Watson announced that th. rnn1 was
ready for the worst In the way of
now it it was Douna to come. .
, Canadian Club Banqnct
New York,' Nov. 11. The Canadian
club of New York la to hold It an
nual banquet at the Hotel Astor next
Monday night and as it will be the
first dinner of this renresentativA fn-i .
adian organization since the defeat of
reciprocity, mucli Interest Is being
shown as to the prospective utteranc
es oi tne aistinguisned Canadians ...nd
American who will address the club.
The new cabinet at Ottawa will be
represented by the Hon. George K.
Poster, minister of trade and com
merce. Other Canadian speakers will
be Robert A. Falconer of Toronto, C.
P. Branblen of Montreal, the Right
Rev. Frederick Courtney, former b'sh
"n of Nova Scotia; Judpe D. B. Mtc
Tavish of Ottawa, and C. R. McCul
louph, honorary president of the Asso
ciation of Canadian Clubs.
Ben McCullongh Centenary.
Murfreesboro, Tenn., Nov. 11. One
hundred years ago today saw the birth
In this county of the redoubtable Ben
McCollongh, whose exploits as an In
dian ftehter and anldfer rf fnrtnnA ri
valed the stirring deeds of Davy Crock-
pu Rita otner ramous western pioneers.
McCnlfongh fought under three flags.
In his youth he followed the stars and
stripes Into battle against the Indians.
Later, at the battle of 8an Jaclno, lie
fnulit side by sid with Sam Houston
for th "Lone Star" flap of the Texas
renubllc. At the onthrenk nf h rM
war he Joined the confederates. He wan
commissioned brigadier "eneral and
"" IfUInd while fle-ht!nr linrlor th
f ' i O j 4
i I -
-i V' m n ? 6 -Q- 1
srs and bars at the battle of Pea!
Ridge. . '
Clilcatro Jail nolds Two Alleired Crlml-
inns Aionar Miionaie Jiatnir The
rand Jnnr Wnrbln? on ChnrvA Pr.
felted by Coroner That ITomnn Has
Killed Three Husbands In Bed.
Chicago. Nov. ll.-nln a cell adjoin
ing Mrs. Vermilya, sits Mrs, John
Quinn, thia alleged slayer of three hus
bands and awaiting a decision of the
of the grand jury. At the Inquest over
her last husband who was shot and
killed in bed at his home, only his wife
was present and the coroner's Jury
held iher without bail to answer to the
grand Jury. The woman's second hus
band was shot lh bed under the same
circumstances and "each time the wife
held that a burglar shot him.
Charges Pile High. t
With three deaths of Mrs. Vermllya's
Buspected victims traced to arsenical
poisoning. Coroner Hoffman today is
continuing the exhumation of others.
She is Buspected of 10 deaths. It is
said she will soon be arrested again,
this time on a charge of wholesale
poiBonings. The woman was sick but
Is better today. She said she was sur
prised that arsenic was found in the
bodies of Conductor Smith and her son
Frank Brlnfcamp
, With a squad of huskies that aver
age 159' pounds, Baker came to . La
Grande this afternoon on the delayed
train with plenty of confidence and
when the whistle b?w at 3 o'clock at
the ball park it was cold and Icy. Un
daunted by the inclemency' of the
weather the jtwo teams lined up with
the same degree of determination that
would charactering a game on velvety
Today Dr. N. Molltor announced to
those who have been trying to induce
him to let bis name be used for the of
fice of mayor, 'that he could not under
any consideration entertain the offer.
The doctor expressed a deep appre
ciation of the honor In asking him to
enter the race and. assured the sud-
porters that their loyalty was no small
Two Lots Jn Sontb La Grande Show h
Wonderful Held of Potatoes.
Seven Bauds welfirhlntf' IKU nnnmla
Or a trifla more than n nerlr and nnn
of the seven Irish fruit weighing three
pounds,, were produced b Mr. King
of South La Grande today as another
exampie oi cne productiveness of the
soil in the potato lineTiere. These po
tatoes were crown In Rnuth In
Grande and a big portion of two lots
average 600 bushels to the acre. The
patch is admitted by potato growers
to be an exceptionally prolific piece
of ground. The seven potatoes on
exhibit at the office are smooth, even
sized Bpociments of the Earlv Robb
Jailed for Stealing Suit case.
Because he stole a suit case on the
train which belonged to a man named
J. S. Wood, a civil engineer, Leroy
Smith Is in the county Jail this after
noon serving a 35 days' sentence Im
posed by Justice Williams. It appears
and Bmitn confesses to his part of It,
that the suitcase was stolen as the
train wag approaching La Grande last
night and the theft was not discovered
"11 the train reached Htlgard. There
Woods got off and came to La Grande
thfs morning and found Smith at a lo
cal hotel with the suit case. The rest
was briefly enacted: arraignment, con
fession and sentence.
Willamette Valley, Southern Oteon
and Eastern Oregon AH Feel Sen-re
lkr in Wwi(lir T.oiuillv - VIim
Freezo tjniprh Altitude Cities Are
Sear Zero. Weather Last Sight.
Portland. Nov, 11. Today is the
coldest day on the western coast in
Oregon and Washington in the hjstory
of the weather bureau for this time of
the year. At Blaine, Wash., this morn
ing it registered three above zero,' at
Tacotna 16 above; in southern Oregon
and the Willamette valley the mercury
Is ranging from 20 to 30. East of the
Cascades, many high altitude towns re
ported near tero weather. It will be
gin to moderate tomorrow.
Frozen water pipes, disagreeably
cold houses and more or leBs damage
to stand pipeg in lawns and barns re
sulted from a sudden drop In the tem
perature last night The government
instrument read 12 above at the low
est iolnt and even tb'i morning sun
am not remove ail vestige of mld-wln
ter weather. The drop was not only
th biggest this year but was so sudden
tnat it caught many unawares. In ad
dltlon, the sever- fall comes earlier
than usual, carrying out the lndjca
nong or a long ana nard winter
grass to determine the Eastern Oregon
laurels. The field and the weather
conditions preclude the possibilities
of much ground gaining on new foot
ball. The Baker lineup follows:
Le, H. Weeks; It, H. Miller; lg. A.
Brown; c, R. Miller; rg. D. Eaater
wood, rt, L. Finch; "re, H. Taylor, q, E.
Slmonls; lh. F. Herbert, R. H. Bron-
augh, f, McChord. (captain) ; utilities
Benson. Ponst and Hoff.
pleasure to him, but firmly refused to
enter city politics. i
This leaves the mayoralty more or
less In the air and a number of candi
dates are being talked of. It was re
ported late this afternoon that a peti
tion Is In circulation for W. J. Church,
The Observer could not find Mr
Church to ascertain whether or not he
would consent, to the request of the
- Thoninson'S Duck.
You have iheard the story of Thomp
son's colt, but there is a new one now.
It is the story of Thompson's duck.
It happened at the railroad station
when a lady Incidentally remarked
she was waiting for a shipment of
ducks from her husband at Elgin.
Game Warden Thompson's ear is ever
alert for all bucJi remarks and when
he heard the word "duck" his mind
Immediately drifted to China pheas
ant. The lady waited for the Elgin
train and so did Thompson. A pack
age came for the lady. She paid the
express and started to leave the sta
tion when Thompson very politely
told the ladv he was In thn etota'a i.
vice and it was his duty to Inspect all
game shipments. The lady was at
once frightened for she had heard of
game wardens before. The officer look
ed Into the package and It was sure
enough a duck. Nothing that looked
like a China pheasant there, so he
handed the package back to the lady
with proper politeness. But the lady
was fearful there, might be something
doing and she refused to nccept the
duck. It was only after official per
suasion that everythlnbs was finally
adjusted and the innocent duck was
forwarded to the home of the lady.
. ' Snow Shoe Trip.
John Williamson left this forenoon
for Shepp Camp., a distance of four
teen miles. Much of the distance will
be made on snow shoes.
11, 1911:
Millionaire Who la Trying
to Prov Ha It Not Insano.
Visit to Bureau of Inspection and Down
Town Sessions Program.
Affairs de White Pine Lumber Manu
facture were topics of Instructive in
terest today when manufacturers . of
the white pine product from Montana,
Washington, Idaho and Oregon were
here to participate tf the guarterly
business . meeting of the association.
Because the train was a trifle late on
arrival the meetings this forenoon
were hurried and brief and it was not
until this afternoon that the lumber
men got down to actual business, in
spectlon of the bureau of grades at the
ueorge Palmer Lumber company yards
was an Important Item on the
union and Wallowa county lumber
men augment the numbers materially
and durlnig the . day some Important
business was transacted,
Goes to Rome to iftcelre Red Hat;
Boston, Mass., Nov. 11. A gra
crowd of representative Catholics of
New England assembled at the Cunard
lln docU today to bid adieu to Arch
bishop O'Connell, who was among ths
passengers sailing for Europe on the
Canoplc. The archbishop is going to
Rome to attend the special consistory
the latter part of this month at which
he and a number of otiher eminent
churchmen will be made cardinals.
Soon after his return to Boston In De
cember the ceremony of conferring the
cardinal's beretta will take place in
this city.' .
Victor Emmanifel 42 Tears Old.
Rome, Nov. 11. Kin ir Victor Em
manuel wan 42 years old today and
Donular enthusiasm over tha VflP Vina
caused the anniversary to be marked
ujr iiuuuuai rejoicings upon an unus
ually extensive scale.' The national
colors and pictures of the royal fam
ily were displayed everywhere. Mili
tary reviews were held and dinners
were given by the municlna.ntlA and
villages for the poor. During the day
it oi tne roreign diplomats resident
In Rome called at !ha nnlrlnnl anil
presented messages of greeting In be-
nau ot tne sovereigns and nations
they represent. ' ' ' ,
Xlece of Governor Dlx a Ilrld0. .
Albany. N. Y.i Nov. 11.'-Miss Doro
thea Douglas, daughter of Curtis W.
Douglas and niece of Governor And
Mrs. Dlx, was the bride this afternoon
at one of the largest and most fash
ionable weddings that Albany has s"en
in a long time. MIsa Douglas was mar
ried to George Cabot Ward Low.'son
A. A. Low of Brooklyn. The ceremony
was performed In St. Peter's church
and was followc'iby a large reception.
w " )
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- r.-- -
f . 7 "A A N 1
v. . y
LliHEf! II
'rt '..!: .
XUilBER 15
g ned Matches Tell How Light Was
I eeured to Loot Shhes and Show
'oiind at nnr"'Dnnr'VliAw It TTa'
, - AM1
l t x 1 h i mi IA
nwn iiVNi uj Hour xmves. . ;
from the H. T. Love Jewelry store
some time last night and though po
lice authorities far and near are on
the alert to apprehend any suspicious
characters nothing has been found
leading to a clue to the discovery of
the thieves o rthe return of the prop-
am... ' Y MS 1 . w
the rear doors. The outer door had
been broken down In order to opet
the l&tcih and the Inner door, barred .
from the inside, was pulled on through.
in tnis way tne men got to the store
and display room where, by lightings
matches they wee able to muke the
biggest haul that has been suffered In
this pity in several years. So com
plete was the loot that In some In- '
stances entire trays of rings wers
cleaned out, two tiny baby rings alone
being left on trays. Rings, valued at
around 15.00 each, were Included la
the theft. V
Most ojf the valuables were taken
from the , Gold railroad
watches, one alarm clock, bracelets
of hia-h value And rlnea valued at RO
each, were put Into th-3 sack and car
ried away. ,
, A careful tnventory this morning
reveals the fact that close to 700.00
worth of property was taken out. ,
boes Is attested to by the fact that
was found at the rear door where the
thieves . had trouble gaining an en
trance. Burned matches of a peculiar
color were found on the floor of the.
main store room. .'
It Is prbable that, the break was
vhAa anmiA tlma nfrAn m 1 si rt t n-lt r t
though there were no Ugihta burning
In the store ,the street lights would
throw a glow, on 'the window that
A-li I aiAO Am I Ani A b ami1 nln A r t a i J9
not be seen by passersby,
The Job was a clean one and stands
as the blgget haul taken . from any
years. Mr. Love who" only recently
oiiened the place, has Just completed
the Installation of new and up-to-date
stock and everything that was taken
was of high value and up to date.
It.-.. ru -i X I , l m
In the losses. . :
Golden Girl" tonight. ,
"The Golden Girl" fcompany 'which,
plays at the Steward opera house to
night arrived at noon' in two special
Pullman cars and a day coach. This
oiuntuuu ta uttuer me personal man
agement of William P. Cullen; who ihas
never failed to give La Grande audi
ences the best. Two years ago Mr-
f..t1 . II M. . . . . u
i,uuen gave us ine Aiasaan, - ana -
iaoi icuuu iu iiurguiuaHier. iaoe
attractions were two of the best ever
seen In La Grande and "The Golden
and should be greeted by a full house.:
m'xamara juror's relative is
; ;,. near; death. , ,
ICtipldly Diminishing Jury and Delay
, jinrKs xriui at t-os Aneie. ; ..
Los Angeles, Nov.. 11. Because of
the pressure of civil business growlnsr
( out of unfinished litigation before him
Judge Bord well, was unable to prc
j side at the McNamara trial today and
It went over until Monday. Word was"
I received that Charles Sexton, a half
brother of Juror J. B, Sexton, Is ba
ling brought ihome to die. It Seejns
certain that Sexton, when he hears
of this will demand to be excused from,
the Jury.