La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, October 11, 1911, Image 1

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30.000 ACRES OF 1BE
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Los Angeles, Oct! 1L Handcuffed, the MeNamaras were taken from the jail to the I
Hall of Records shortly after nine o'clock this morning. Big crowds watched theliorti
march, but they were whisked ..immediately to the court r.oom on the eighth floor
where only accredited officials, newspaper men and lawyers were admitted. Shortly be
fore Judge Bordwell entered and the actual trial had commenced, the McNamaras said
all they wanted was a square deal and welcomed the proceedings which they said would
prove their innocence. " '
John J. McNamara said: "I welcome today's activities because they mean for me the
starting of the machinerv which will eventually prove my innocence of the crimes alleg
ed by. paid spies of the corporations, who sec-k, by discrediting me, to involve the entire
labor movement and change its onward triumphal progress. "
James B. McNamara, accused of throwing the bomb, said : " I feel better than ever.' I
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. AY hat current reports and rumors have heralded about
this community for some time regarding a large timber
deal being on, was veriti ' yesterday when A. J. Stange
was interviewed by a rc
that be was buying t'
readv 30.000 acres V S
people which tak
Rorde river bap'
investor? in t'V
The prosecutionjuiBotmcedthat James McNamara, accused of actually planting the
bomb,llbirfrTeirfirst.' By agreement of the counsel, the indictment upon which to
day's trial began was the killing of Charles Haggerty, foreman of the machinists in the
Times building. He was killed near the spot where the alleged dynamite was exploded.
Dairow made a motion for a change of judges which was denied. Shortly -afterward a
recess was taken until two o'clock this afternoon when the work of selecting the jury bef
It was announced that Former Judge Wheaton Gray, a law partner of Former Unit
ed States Senator Flint, had been retained by the prosecution.
Los Ahgeles, Oct. 9. Only two wo
men were present In the court when
tnt, case was called. They -were Mrs.
Clarence Darrow and Miss McWood of
Chicago. Both were seated Inside the
bar. railing. After the defense had
made a motion to have separate trials
Fredericks conferred for some time
with his confrerees before announc
ing James McNamara had been select
ed.. The defense wanted to try John(
. McNamara; first but the,we,re readv
to go ahead with James.
Photo by American Preaa Association.
Berlin, Oct 11. An armistice
tween Italy and Turkey has been de. tense.
be-1 landed field guns to assist in the de-
London, Oct. 11. -Dispatches say the
fauture-'of Wa Chang Yesterday Im- tjeg wm piace.
perils Lives of 25 Missionaries.
Hankow, China, Oct. 11. Grave anx
iety is felt here for the fate of twen
ty-flve Americans, missionaries, who
were in Wu Chang when the rebels
eaDtured It yesterday. All communi
cation was severed. Th,e town has a
nonulatlon of 106,000. The rebellion
la well organized.
-.It was understood there will be n0
peace uegotatlona until the occupation
of Tripoli by Italy is complete.. The
censorship continues.
Turks Express Confidence.
Constantinople, Oct. 11. Turkey of
ficially announced today they don't
think they have been worsted in Trl-
Turks have been joined by 10,000 poll and expressed a determination ic
Arabs and an attack on Tripoli is mo- hold Tripoli despite the fact that they
mehtarlly expected. Italians have have been driven from the city.
clared, according to a. statement from
Ugh official sources here today.: -ic-cordlng
to the statement, peace has
been arranged maluly through Ger.
ninny's efforts and while not yet offl.
daily proclaimed1, no farther hostili-
Lloyds Anticipate Peace. '
London, Oct. 11. Lloyds Is betting
five to one that the Dubar will take
place and tens of thousands of pounds
are being' handled dally. Lloyds bets
that there will be no mishap to the
British royal family, no outbreak of
cholera or plague, no change In the
political situation or any other even
sufficiently serious to warrant a
change. In the plans of the royal family.
4 $ 4 5 $- S$3 3 S $
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Mr the Observer and stated
.e for eastern people. Al
.d into ownership of the new,
a timber belt in the Grande
A-hat the future plans of the new
A are have not been determined;
but the nati ence is that they will manufacture
this timber hw- unber sooner or later and that La
Grande will be the advantageous point for operation ow
ing to the topography of the country along with many
other reasons. - y-'s'-'r 't' ' ::
The representative of the eastern people has been here
for some time and lately large sums of money have been
disbursed to individual timber owners, many of whom had
held their holding for a long time and had at times been
more or less discouraged as to timber lands. These same
people now feel very good over the proposition, for it i3
understood a good, reasonable price was paid for every
thing purchased. v : ' .
Copyright by Amarlcan PrM AaioclaUon.
New York, Oct. llSnstalning te
broKen right wing and propellor In
a full near here today Aviator Of
imrton's ymonoplane is so badl
wrecked that he was obliged to
abandon, temporarily, his Pacific
coast flight He was unhurt
Above, Earlc L. Ovington, who Is be.
hind in his flight because of acci
dent today and below, C. P. Rogers
who broke long flight record this
Late This Afternoon the California
Suffrage Is in Doubt
S. P. AND D.-1I.
The jury in the Mrs. Whitehall 4
vs. Bennett case, Involving an
accounting between some High S
Valley folks, returned a verdict S
lates this afternoon finding for 4
4 the plaintiff.
s- a, 4S 4 ??' v
row in honor of Columbus day which
was set a Bide as a state holiday by the
last legislature, whether the circuit
court can proceed with its work or
must stop the wheels along with the
silent machinery of finance tomorrow,
are questions bothering many. The
banks will be closed.
Later Judge Knowles ruled late
this afternoon that there will .be no
court tomorrow.
Loan association, are In attendance at
the 14th annual convention of that
organization, which opened here to
day for a session of two days. Many
important matters in regard to build"
ing association methods and proposed,
changes to the building association
laws of the state are .to be considered.
San Francisco, Oct. 11. Returns
from 1,637 out of 3.143 precincts this
morning indicated that the initiative
and referendum and amendment for
the let all had swept the state. Woman
' suffrage Is doubtful. ' . ,
) The initiative and referendum stood
Ves 85.746; No, 27,747. .
The recall, including Judges. Yes
90,367: Ko, 39,625.
Progressive' legislation simply over.
whelmed the state and the Initiative,
referendum and recall carried by re-
vote Is still in doubt this afternoon.
John T. Williamson, x-mlner, pros
pector, timber cruiser and at present
a land attorney, interested the new
investors. in this section of the coun
try. He was the sole cause of their
coming, according to Mr. Stange, and
It has been through hjg afforts ap4
his work that the deal has progressed
to its present point. L
Mr. Stange will make his home la
La Grande. He has purchased almost
a half block of desirable residence
property on Fourth street and will in
i all probability erect a handsome noma
on the site within a reasonable time.
At present he has leased the George
L. Cleaver residence and will soon oc
cupy the same. His family , will ' ar
rive about the first of November. ';
Alleged sheep thieves and alleged
gamblers form a coterie of defendants
that have been arraigned before Cir
cult Judge Knowles the past 24 hours
and have given bond for future trial
As a variety to the horse and cattle
New Offics and New Onlcers for the stealing trials of late, Norman Swlkert
Southern Pacific. I Is accused of stealing 17 head of sheep
! from a man named Johnson In the
" ! Looking Glass country. Johnson says
Portland, Ore., Oct. 11. Complete ( he has lost, about 250 sheep. The de
segregation of the Southern Pacific fendant was arraigned this morning
and the O.-W. R. & N. offices, prop- and gave bonds,
erties and the appointment of a hew j Two men were Indicted and arrest
set of Espee officials will be the first j ed and arraigned from Union for al
in tha r.nrpanlzatlon of the Har-1 le&ed eambllng. They are Alex
wkvj au vm v . 1 w -
rlman system In the northwest, ac-, Knight and "Dandy Kid" James. They
cordlna- to plans of the newly elected too, gave bonds.
president of the O.-W. R. & N. Farrel,
vi ho is here househunting preparatory
to hla removal from Seattle.
General Manager J. P. O'Brien, at
iresect the head of the Harrlman lines
in Oregon, will be made general man
ager of the O.-W. R. & N. In Oregon
and western Washington, while Stra
hora of Spokane will remain the gen
e'al manager of that division at pres
' ent. The S. P. officials are not an
nounced. '
The case now before tne circuit
court Is that of Walter M. Pierce vs.
the Sun Insurance company over an
Bank" W?1I Close but Conl May Pro
ceed With Its Official Affairs
Whether it is obligatory on the post
office management to be closed tomor.
May Arrest Wealthy Portlandcrs
Portland, Ore., Oct. 11 It has just
been learned that the government has
a corps of agents of the department of
justice at work in Portland gathering
evidence against a score of wealthy
Portland citizens who are alleged to
be concerned in Alaskan coal land
Several of them under investigation
are men high In the confidence of the
administration and a majority of them
are strongly Identified with the stand
pat wing of the republican party In
Special United States Attorney Gen
eral Townsend who has left for the
east will confer with Attorney Gener
al Wlckersbam at Washington soon re'
garding the cases and it Is expected
that WIckersham will acquaint the
president with the cases and the
names, of the men. concerned before
public action is taken against them
Stephenson Inquiry Shows Money Was
Spent Among Crnrcumcn.
Milwaukee, Oct 11. That the
Stephenson camjitvifin was wiged act
ively among the Catholic element was
brought out at the InvestlgRtlon tor
day. Samuel Perrln, a Catholic f.'.ib-
er at Superior, :sti3ed he lecelved
5,000 from the Stephenson 'orces for
the primary elecclon of 1908. He Bpent
$1,500 and kept the rest himself as he
reported to them.
Wisconsin Building League Meets.
Milwaukee, Wis., Oct. 11. Officers
and directors of the 65 loan and build
ing . associations in the state, which
form the Wisconsin Buildlnr and
New Move Is Important
Without doubt this late timber pur
chase Is of the great Importance to
La Grande and the valley according
to all business men who have expres-,
sed opinions. It is taxen to mean that
more manufacturing industries are'
to locate here which means the em
ployment of more men and' a bigger
and better La Grande.
Excavations Shew the Disaster HaJ
Other Causes.
Washington. Oct. 11. Continued ex
cavations surrounding the battleship
Maine in Havana harbor, developed
the fact thai cue boiler are uninjured
showing nothing ort caused
the disaster. ' It is believed' one' third
of the vessel can be floated'. .
Knights Templar of Ohio.
Dayton, O., Oct. 11 Knights Tem
plar from all parts of the state are In
possession of the city and the business
section is gayly decorated with fiags
and Masonic emblems. The , Sir
Knights are here for the annual con
clave of the grand commandery of
Ohio, which' began today and will last
over tomorrow. A big parade was one
of the chief leatures of the opening
V hen Deadlock Existed, the Lorlmfr
Agents "Got Busy" in State.
Chicago, Oct. 11. As a result of
John Pfeffer's testimony that five
members of the legislature switched
fron supporting Hopkins to Loi:ner
whn Lorimer's agents became active
Sta'e Senators Downing and McCorm
Ick and Representatives Burngett
Lawrence and Fleldstack were called
o the witness stand today In the lu
vestlgatlon. McCormlck testified he
supported Hopkins on 107 ballots acd
then switched to break the deadlock.
He said he never, received any money
and did not place any credence In
White's confession and believed oth
ers had confessed because, they were
frightened. Henry Terrlll,' a forme
legislator, said another assembly said
"there was $1,000 In It," If he 'voted
for Lorlmer. He voted against hliu
" . SUCCESS. . ,
Kansas Soli Passed in a Successful
Flight to the Westward. '
Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 11. After
smashing the world's record for cross
country flying, Aviator Rogers as
cended at Marshall, Mo., at 8:32 to
continue westward. He passed O'Des-
sa at 9:20, flying at 60 miles an hour.
Lands for Gasoline. , '
Blue Springs, Mo., Oct. 11. Aviator
Rogers, after a flight from Marshall,
... u - , I ff.
tanqea nere at :pu ior gasoline. n
had flown 62 miles In 7S minutes.
At Kansas at Noon.
Kansas City,1 Mo., Get. 11. Roger
landed here at 11 ..'clock. He will re
sume his flight this afternoon. ',
- Funeral .Announcement "
The funeral oX Mrs. Jane Batter who
died yesterday, will be held tomorrow
at 2:30 o'clock p. m. from the Geo.
Batley home m North Ash street. The
doecased was 90 years of age. ; .