La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, October 05, 1911, Page PAGE 2, Image 2

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Prices for the
$15 Set of Teeth
10 Gold Crowns, 22-K
f 10 Bridge Work (best) ,
$10 Porcelain Crowns ..,
Teeth Cleaned
Over Newlin Drug Co.
Savoy Hotel
The rooms are ' good and
Steam heated only
block from depot
D. C. Brichoux. Prop.
A boy to learn the
cigar trade. One who
takes, ffireb years to
earn this trade, and
I want the boy's pa
rents to be willing
for the boy to learn
Fam Us -King
Ciaar Factory
AfX f !
7 fill Plf Sf'PPf
The season is now on when
jt)u eujoy a good cup of coffee.
We sell Hill Ilroa. highest
grade BUd cut vacuum packed
In tins. 40 and 4.1c per lb. Money
refunded if not satisfactory.
Phane us your orders. Main
TKOMl'T 1)11.1 VEHY.
I Phone 70. .
Stageberg & Sandborg
Best Work
Gold Fillings .....
Silver Fillings . . .
Cement Fillings .,
Re-enameling ....
$1.50 np
Plates repaired good as new
$1.00 np
Honest Work
Honest Prices
Depot St. and Adams Ave.
KublKT Industry to Be Told by Word
and , Picture Monday Mtrlit
What is conceded to be the most
Interesting lecture :ver delivered on
the rubber industry will ba given at j
the Steward theatre. Monday evening,
Oct. 9th, under the auspices of the B
F. Goodrich Rubber company of Ak
ron, Ohio. This firm has gone to the
expense of having prepared 4,000 fet '
Of moving picture film covering the
uioivijr w uuuv.. v ...
takpn trnm t'le ?re in tta crude form !
taKen irom ine .ree in us iiuub iorm
bV thi fouth Am.rlcan Indians trntH
ltvlsniflde into automobile
res 81 1
their factory at Akron, Ohio. The lec
ture will be given by P. M. Tllllsch,
'who has traveled over the greater por
tion of the United Stat a within th(9
PHSt two years giving these Instruct
ive lectures wherever the automobile
is known. , ,
This moving plctureshow is fn"e to
all, wishing to attend and tickets may
be procured from any automobile
agent In the city. Every man, woman
and child In La Grande Interested in
automobiles should make it a point to
witness this lecturf.
Life of Tire Shown.
The illustrated talk is In three
parts, ach depicting a period In the
life of the automobile tire as it comes
from the tree of South America into
its use on tri machine. The first per-
! led of the talk deals with the gath
ering of Ihe rubber from the tree.
The pictures show natives of South
Ahi rlca tapping the trees and draw
ing the milk and preparing same for
shipment by boiling It down and cool-
lnS ,n, blocks. The trees are op-
j ened with an axe and small cups
held beneath the opening to receive
I the Juic3 much as we tap maple
(syrup trees. The sap Is then gather
ed and taken to camp wh:re native
women boil It and cool great masses
of it over sticks. There are millions
and millions of tnses In th great
rubber producing districts of the Am
azon as yet untapped, to
Mr. Tllllsch.
The s cond part of the lecture is
composed, of films made at the great
Akron rubber plant.
, Scenes at Fartory.
They show the arrival of th raw
product at the factory and from that
j point take the spectator through every
part of the plant. 11; sees the rub- j
ber run through various machines,
which take out the dirt and perform
various offices necessary to Its
preparation for use on the motor ve-
hldf. One of the most Interesting facts
, In connection with the making of auto
mobile tires Is the use of cotton fab
ric, "nade so carefully that It cou
morel than many qualities of silks.
This cotton Is carefully selected and
can fully woven. The makers
trlcd silks and other fabroc; o.iiy to
lind that cotton 1b best by reason of
its quality to mix with the rubber so
as to form a compact thickness.
To be prepared for the road tie rub
ber goes through the refining process
by which all dirt and grit ana n moved. !
Tn do this It la wasnefl many times '
and rolled between heavy iron rollers, '
which, mash up any remaining sub-j
slant that may tiave remained from '
the illret washing. While this rolling 1
process is going on streams of wat.r
! are playing on the rubber to take away
what dirt the rollers have dislodged. . j
, ' How Tires Are Built
' Other machines cut the rubber and
, the clotTi into strips of the corrct
width and length for building up the
j tires. They are cut on the basis so
j that the strain of use on the rim may
, fall, the correct way with the grain of
: the material.
I Kach tire U built up on a mould
and 'after b;ing processed until com
pile In every other detail is sent by
mechanical device Into
where it Is subjected to great heat un
d r heavy jTtssure. This welds the
, tire material Into a homogeneous sub
stance that will stand the wear v.'J
ear It is intended for. The store
I rooms of "be company where 2iOC
tires a day nr? made In its If covers ''
j a large area. This Is a lecture on rub-1
brr tirs ihtrt cannot be mlasnJ by'
those InterssUd In keeping down thai
expense of the automobile bills.
Notice of the Meeting of the Board of ,
Notice Is hereby given that the coun
ty board ot equalization for Union
county, Oregon, will attend at tha
court house, La Grande, on Monday,
October 16. 1911, and publicly exam
ine the assessment roll, correct all
errors In valuation, descriptions or
qualities ot land, lots or other' prop
erty, as assessed county asses
sor, and It shall be the duty pt all
persons Interested to appear at the
time and place given.
All persons having grievances re
garding th 1911 assessment may ap
pear before such board and present
their affidavits containing grounds for
complaint. All such affidavits must be
presented during the first week of the
I mAPtlnv rf ih YinnrA
"" l" U Q J k 111 U U U U ' I
Assessor for Union County, Oregon.
$100 Reward, $100
The readers of this paper will b
pleased to Uarn that there is at least ono
uoib lo cure in an us Biases, and that is.
Cat.arrn- Hall's Calarrh Cure Is tho onl
p0Bltlve cure now known t0 the mcdic:l'i
fraternity. Caurrh btlr.g a constitutional
mont Hall's Catarrh Cure la talfpn In.
ternally, acting directly upon tho blood
and mucous lurfaces ot the system, there
by destroying tho foundation of tho dis
ease, and giving the patient strength by
building; up tho constitution and assisting
nature In doing Its work. Tho proprietors
have so much faith In Its curatlvo pow
ers that they offer One Hundred Dollars
for any case that It falls to cure. Send
for list of testimonials.
Address P. J. CHENEY CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Bold by U DrufttTints, 7Iie.
. Take Hall's Family Fills for constipation.
No Need to. Stop Work.
When your doctors orders you to
stop work. It stagger you. "I can't,"
you say. You know you are weak,
run down and failing in health, day
by day, but you must work as long as
you can stand. What you need W
Electric Bitters to give tone, strength
and vigor to your system, t prevent
breakdown and build you up. Don't
be weak, sickly or ailing when Elec
tric Bitters will benefit you from tho
first dose. Thousands bless them for
PRICES: $1.50,
Est wm$A-
. V-y -i
a price on every piano in the house that should appeal to any
one contemplating the purchase of a piano" even two years
Regular $465.00
Regular $350.00
Regular 1500M
Regular $550.00
Regular $375M
Every man woman and child are to a certain extent bargain hunters. . We tave you
j the trouble of hunting for the house of bargains
Eilers Musii House
The Street is Depot
Opposite Sommer H otel
their glorious health and strength. Try j
them. Every bottle is guaranteed to
satisfy. Only 50c at all druggists. '
eod & wkly '
Treasurer's Call for City Warrants.
There are also funds In the treasury
to pay all warrants Issued against wa
ter fund of La Grando city up to and In
cluding, No. 9814, endorsed . . .
Interest on all warrants on water
fund from No. 9732 to No. 9814 Inclu
sive, ceas s from date of this call.
La Grand, Oregon, Oct. 3, 1911.
City Treasurer.
Opera House, Tuesday.
flie Most Powerhi 'Detective
Play of Two Continents
$1.00, 50c
In the History of Union County could tlere
be seen so many bargains in beautiful faigi -grade
pianos as are being slown at Eilers
Eigjsale new going on In tbe Lewis Build
ing, Depot street. Some very excellent
Bargains in slightly used pianos, no
second hand "but pianos that have been
consigned to jmall dealers snd have been
out long enough to come under the head cf
slightly used instruments. These pianos
must all be sold. Therefore we will make
Place is
The Number is 108
goto B. B: NUTTER
Paints, JWall apeiy Yarnishes, Oils
j Etc. ; Paper ten cents and up.
Estimates Furnished Store 1708 1-2 Sixth s
:-wxr .... fl
Theodore Roberts
at $358.00
at. $237.00
at $418.00
at $300.00
October 10
1 J
! i
1 f