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Claim 'o. 6 Was Late Through Faulty
Engines Refute Statement That 70
or 80 Men Are at Work Assert That
County Is raying for Deputies 10
Pickets Help to Protect Company
Statements coming directly from the
La Grande strikers' headquarters were
Issued today noon by the publicity
committee of the strikers. The men
deny that there are anything like 70
or 80 men employed about the shops
and assert that the wheel of fortune
Indicates It will stop in their favor.
Already, they gay, traffic is feeling the
loss of the machinists heavily and that
No. 6 was late this morning because
It blew out three times coming from
Umatilla to La Grande. Three en
gines went dead on a freight train
Sunday, the strikers say.
"We understand that Union county
Is paying for officers who are protect
ing the property of the company," says
i the statement. "This is unnecessary
as we are aa anxious to protect prop
erty as the company. It Is to our own
Interest as any Injury done to com
pany property will be blamed to us.
The company maintains 'a force of
about four deputies In the daytime and
ten at night, who draw a salary o
$3.50 or $4 00 a day. Some of them are
La Grande people. They are' posted
. In the shops, at the gates, In the yards
and at points where they can watch
th nrnrBdinffs at close range. This
is a needless expense to the county
Forty Pickets Maintained.
"We have a force of about 40 pick
ets at work In La Grande. These men
work a three hour shift each and are
relieved at regular periods. They are
posted at various places where .they
too, can watch the company's property
for we are anxious that no damage be
done the company It Is the custom to
blame the . strikers when any such
things occur.
"We are hopeful of victory and ev
erything looks encouraging.
"We wish also to deny the report
that there ar 70 men at work. Here
Is a list' of nienv.most of them non
union, who are working today and
(Continued on Pf Bight. I 1
unj, lii t UlttUAAU VY
Situation, iu Local Shops Today Sl'cht-
ly Improved Over Yesterday Say
Officials Between 73 and SO Men,
all Told, at Work Here Today- Ilti
niutum Arrives In La Grande From
Portland, Ore., Oct. 3rd, 1911.
To all employes concerned: All
employes who have left the serv
S Ice of the company, since Septem-
3 ber 29th on account of labor trou- 3
bles are given until 4 p. m. Oc- S
tober 4th, 19il, to return to work
S without prejudice to their rights S
and privileges. Employes not re-
turning to work by the date and
hour specified, are not entitled to
any rights and privileges and
will be re-employed only at the
company's pleasure as new em-
ployes. O. W. R. & N. COMPANY
By J. P. O'BRIEN, vice president
3 and General Manager .
belng'takeh into the'sfiops andTBtrlke
Ireakers will soon arrive. No disor
ders are. reported busmen are picket
ing all northwest shops.
Espee Is Close-Mouthed. .. ,
San Francisco, Oct. 3. The Espee
bureau of economics today declined to
give out any statement relative to the
general strike situation. '
o Coaxing After Today.
Oakland, Oct. 3. No effort after to
day will be made to have the men re
turn to work. Officials say the traf
fic is running smoothly, and is exper
iencing no trouble Is operating with
Provisions For-Strikebreakers.
San Francisco, Oct. 3. The railroad
Is preparing for a long siege. It is Im
porting provisions for the strikebreak
ers already working.
Many Join Unions.
Los Angeles, Oct. 3. Work at Los
Angeles shops received an additional
setback today when 20 "upholsterers
walked out In sympathy with the strik
ers. The count today shows practical
ly one-fourth of those who quit Satur
day were non-unionists and 400 of
them have since joined the. union. ;
Provision for Long; Sleg.
Los Angeles, Oct. 3. Apparently
taking the final steps'ln. preparation
for a long strike, the Southern Pacific
and Salt Lake railroads today are
gathering cooks, provisions and bed
ding inside the stockade at the local
shops. Labor leaders declare the ac
tion is a bluff and that the lines will
be unable to find sufficient skilled me
chanlcs to carry on the repair work.
Railroad officials say - 250 of - the
400 employes who were dropped from
the pay rolls six weeks ago, have re
turned to work. Unionists assert not
over 45 including the bosses, are at
work. There are no disorders.
tered on taking mofTgag.s'on- which'
hey had to pay taxes. But the Issud
brought up by the La Grande Invest
ment company Is not the , legality of
collecting this assessment, but In 'the
manner In which It was done. The
complaint which Is now on file and
consists of 20 closely ! typewritten
pages, sets out In detail how the hold
er of the mortgage may be taxed for
a sum of which he may have no con
trol. A mortgage may be paid but
satisfaction of it may not a mat
ter of record, yet the original holder
can be assessed by the records.
Unequal Assessment Pointed iOnt
Though there Is no effort made to
show the taxation In the confines of
Union county is unequal under this
practice, the Investment company
does set forth the unequal assess
ments as between counties of the
violation of .the constitution which
provides In effect that the assessments
of various counties for funds with
which to operate state affairs must be
made on a fair and equitable basis.
S Multnomah as an Instance. ..
Multnomah county, for instance, did
not assess its mortgages last year
while Union county did. Union coun
ty was assessed to the extent of $400,-
444 on this Item alone and is now pay
ing Its state levy on that basis. The
county tn which the metropolis is lo
cated, does not . pay any , part of such
a levy not a cent. It Is this, in part,
Effort to Get $100,000 or More Back
to Business Channels of Union Coun
ty Commenced by Local Firm In a
Suit In Circuit Court Calls Mort-
gage Tax Double Tax and Uuconsti-
Litigation that Is Intended 'to settle
definitely the legal status of the so-
called double taxation scheme In Ore
gon and revert to the channels of bus
iness in Union county a sum conserv
atively estimated at -$100,000 which
was shooed away to other climes
when Former County Assessor T. A.
Rinehart- lined up with, five other
counties In Oregon and assessed
mortgages, , has been commenced In
the circuit court here by . the La
Grande Investment company. A tern-
porary restraining order echnlcally tnat is driving the Investment com
aimed at the sheriff to halt the collec
tion of tax money on such mortgage
assessments, has been granted by Cir
cuit Judge Koowles. Final argument
on the injunetlon will bring forth a
heated proceeding which la bound to
'.'. CONGRESS. ' '
National Land Congress Adjourns Af
ter Hearing; President Taft
. Denver, Colo., Oct. 3. With federal
control of the public domain hopeless
ly rejected and the state rights tri
umphant the public lands congress ad
journed at noon today after' an ad- J
dress, on, conservation by Taft. The
congress last night repudiated the
federal control proposition and adopt
ed the state rights by a vote of 439
to 35. i
Thus General Manager O'Brien lays
down the policy of the Harrlman yes-
tem to strikers who went out Satur
day Copies of the above ultimatum
arrived in La Grande today noon and
have been posted where they can be
seen and have been given to local un
ion leaders. . It, is presupposed that
only a few if any will heed the ulti
matum, however, and as announced at
Portland, the' order was issued more
in the preclusion of subsequent criti
cism than as a hope of enticing men
to return to work.
Between 75 and 80 men are report
ed at wo.k In the local shops and
rouncmouse today, an increase over
yesterday of between five, and 10 men
and conditions are said by local offi
cials to be nearly normal. These men
are not n l skilled laborers, of course,
Including all that are at work about
the shops. The division officers an
nounced today that two new mea had
gone to work at Huntington and that
Short Line and O.-W. trains were be
Ing handled with dispatch. The fact
that No. 17 was six hours late toda,'
was blamed to storms about Omaha
that tied up President Taft for 11
hours Sunday night At Umatilla It
is pointed out that enough men to
handle the Washington division trains
are at work as evidenced by the fact
that connections are made by the Ore
gon division trains.
Outside of the additional men going
to work here, there has been no
change over yesterday. The strikers
are making no effort to be obnoxious
and are allowing matters to take
natural course without recourse , to
anything that borders on violence,
The strikers are almost Invariably
men of family and home ties In La
Grande who are not going to rough
it to obtain the end desired.
Men Picketing all Shops.
Portland, Oct. 3. General Manager
O'Brien, of the Harrlman lines in Ore
gon issued an ultimatum to the north
west striking shopmen announcing all
Their rights will be forfeited unless
they have returned to work by Wed
nesday at four o'clock. Provisions are
Boy Scouts Meet Pies. Taft.
Denver, Colo., Oct 3. Three. hun
dred boy scouts were at the union
station this morning to greet Presi
dent Taft upon his arrival from the
east. The Colorado Yale club enter
tained the president at breakfaBt and
later he addressed the student of Den
ver university. An automobile tour
of the city and vicinity this afternoon
and a big banquet tonight conclude
the Denver program.
slble for many deaths in the flood.
Twice during the past fortnight Jokers
blew the town fire alarm to frighten
the people from their beds. The third
time the alarm was blown it was In
earnest, but the people thought It was
a Joke and did not heed it. .
Burials were started ' today. La
borers are arriving to assist in clear
ing up the ruins which cannot all be
pany to make an issue before
court of the whole question.
Still another point contended Is that
the sheriff has no right to arbitrarily
designate a piece of real estate
against which he can Issue a certl-
, be finally adjusted In a decision by the flcate of delinquency to collect the
j court. taxes levied against mortgages. In
V 1 AA AAA 0.n.J 1 ... .. . , . . . ' .,
dvc jittbj i tnis tne snerinr nas Deen temporarily
Two years ago County Assessor T. Unjoined from doing right now in Un-
A. Rinehart went to the records andltn1 counts- " ' ' .'
assesit d the mortgages - of Union The so-called fallacy of double tax-
county. Five otheaBsessora of ore- Btlon and unfair assessments are
gon did similarly but the other as-1 pointed out again 4n detail. - John
sessors of the state did not. From a smith, for instance, it Is argued, pays
standpoint of Union county alone, the for a j1000 piece of property by mort
estimated 40O,O0O circulated as loans Kage jne schema In vogue in six
by local and foreign money lenders, counties of the state last year was to
was reduced a sum conservatively es- j fx the man who bought the property
tlmated at 1 100 .000. This was the flrsfl . a tho dMiiM nf tha mnrtrntu
are made up in such a manner that it
falls on the. lender, to pay the. taxes,
and therefore he Is taxed for $2,000
when he really owns but $1,000 . in
property. In the event that the hold
er is taxed a fictitious sum of $1,000
Is brought forward and assessed. As
all counties do not obey the order of
the tax commission this action .. Is
deemed by the cmplatnants In this
case to violate the constitution In that
the levy per county 1b not equal ami
Attached to and made a part o. tJ'i
complaint Is a long tabulated state
ment from the tax commission which
points out that though Multnomah
county did not assess Its mortgages,
which run to $301,000,000, the com
mission reduced Its assessed valuation
- '
Tripoli Being Gunned but Not Knpwi
if Turkish Troops Had Evacuate
the Fort First-News SU11 Cnsord
by Italy Relief and Ammunition t
Wav to Trlitnll for Tnrtmi Tnlr
High Sea. :; "' .
Rome. Oct. 3. Tripoli is being bom
barded by the Italian fleet' but con
sorshlp makes It impossible to ascer
tain whether the bombardment pre
ceded evacuation of the fortifications
by the Turks. .
Turkey Appeals for Aid.
Constantinople, Oct. 3. For the
third time Turkey today appealed to
the powers to Intervene in the war,
evidently with the Idea of saving Its
territory from Latin occupation. . The
porta accuses Italy of violating all in
ternational laws in declaring war and
says It will retaliate to the fullest ex
tent unless the powers take peace
steps. ; . '' ;: . , ; "
Italy Remains Gref dy. , .
London, Oct. s S.Absolute refusal
by Italy to, consider acceptance of In
tervention by the powers until Turkey
relinquishes Tripoli is the burden of
Rome dispatches. . Malta cables say
the Turks In the Tripoli garrison are
suffering little 'froroAhe bombardmenf
Sixty thousand Arabs are said to be
marching to Join, the Turk and des
perate battles' are expected 'when the
Italian landing is completed and the
It Is
Austin, Oct. 3. It was learned to- searched for several days.!
day, that practical Jokers are respon-i Famine prices prevail despite the
fact that food Is being served free to
the homeless.
Stranded on the floor of a four story
lumber company building, today was
a live cow which had been carried a
mile in the flood. She was rescued.
Searchers began today hunting for
bodies ten miles beloy the town. Only $1,000,000 while Union county's valu
a few of the bodies are manaled as t,ca went up $400,000 because of the
most were drowned.
tssessed mortgages and as the -state
levy Is the same it does not require a
mathematician to figure out what hap
pened. This Is all reelted In the com
plaint, i
The outcome of this action will be
watched with keen Interest both lo
cally and throughout the state.
conquest of the interior starts.
now certain the Turkish fleet is aafie
at isnchor off Magar. : j" -rj ; - .
London; Oct. 3. It is. reported th
Italians sank the Turkish transport
Darna, before beginning the bombard
ment on Tripoli. ; ;.
Italy Aiding Balkans. v
Vlennai Oct. 3. It Is reported here ; ,
that Italy is sending guns and ammu
nition across the, Adriatic sea. ' It: is '
unknown whether It is intended for
the use of the Montenegro or the 'Al-
banians who are planning .to revolt
ae-alnst the Turks. : V': .rV. . ' .j. -Many
Vessels Captured. ; , 4
, Rome, Oct. 3. It was officially an
nounced tonight that ' Italy-has thus
."ar captured 57 Turkish vessels of all ,
Linda Including warships, transports J
;nd m;rchantment.: Turkey has cap-:
tared three Italian vessels. '
'Ammunition Is Captured. v' 4;'.
Berlln.'bct. 3 Attempts to rush am
munition to the beleaguered-Ttfrklsh
troops in , Tripoli was ' frustrated off
the Trlpolltan coast today when the
Italian cruiser Marco Polo captured
the Turkish transport Savah. ,r
Washington, Oct. 3. Italy's scout
cruiser 'Chester left Gibraltar today
for Malta where she will keep In touch,
with the situation, at Tripoli. "
Dominion Architects in Session.
Denver, Oct 3. Opportunity for
President Taft to make good on the
statement that "words are good only
when backed by deeds," was given him
on his arrival here today when the
Denver Dally Express presented blm
with an open letter demanding he
take action In the cases of the Seattle
citizens recently arrested as a result
of a mass meeting in which Judge
Hanford was denounced and the move
ment for his Impeachment started.
Taft arrived this forenoon, and
breakfasted at the Country club, a
guest of the Yale association. When
be returned he delivered a speech be
fore the University of Denver stu
dents. At 11 o'clock he addressed the
public lands convention. This after
noon he visited the ball park and then
Montreal, Oct. 3.- A hundred or
I mora of the foremost architects or
tht dominion were present today . at
the opening of the annual convention
rf the Royal Architectural Institute of
Canada. ' The convention will spend
autoed. Tonight he attends a ban
quet at the chamber of commerce,
Tacoma Colony Suspected.
Tacoraa, Oct. 3. Members of the
home colony, an- alleged anarchistic two days in the discussion of city
colony 20 miles from this city will planning, municipal architecture and
be carefully watched during Taft's ! kindred topics
visit here next week, although the col
onists declare they oppose all violence.
Land Congress ig Opposed.
x-ieuiueni i ait aroused much en
thusiasm when he took the public
lands congress to task in his speech.
He told them their condemnation of
the leasing system was wrong and ad
vised them to be ready to make con
cessions If they appeared before con
gress with any recommendations he
Taft Opposed by Aldrich.
Lincoln, Oct. 3. In a lettre pub
lished today Governor Aldrich comes
out strongly ror La Foiiette and an
nounces he does not believe that Taft
shuld be renominated. Aldrich charg
ed that Taft did not redeem the par
ty pledges, and concludes by saying:
"If Taft-does not do better in the
future he will not be nominated, but
If nominated, he will be defeated."
Twenty-Five Bodies Have Been
Washed Ashore at One PtacV :
Amsterdam, Oct. 8. Advices today
indicate a heavy loss of life as the re
sult of a storm over the North sea"
Sunday. Forty-five large vessels were
wrecked and many crews perished
It Is known that 120 Mussel fishing
boats had been destroyed or badly
damaged and at Steenbergen 23 bodies,
were washed ashore.