La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, September 30, 1911, Page PAGE 4, Image 4

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IV. GE 4
J. U.
J 're to Officiate as Thlrtf Man
' In . Sparring Content
KfKt Monday night should be a treat
to f;j,-. following toe ' boxing game.
B v hi man and Kid Exposito clash at
J?Tv.' rounds in a 10-round no decision
' , n.d the many friends of young
"a -.r. 1 1 hope to him vanquish the
' &..', b-..t the opponent of Bob is a
Hiul .little fellow who is nifty with his
dute and is stout too. Both men
hmv ri'In(f rnnstantlv for the nast
'ifl fa; i' here combining there, work
.Kyiua&sium stunts. .
" JT Tl Pare will be the tniro mm m '
t'.e'fli! when the gong sounds and his
t,li Har e txperlence In the squared
v.ciiji should go far towards making
t match fast and furious.
',':; .
i.lV.y Nixon says that he was handed
a I.U of rough stuff by Battling Nelson
in l,r recent bout in Boston.
:" '
Cnniy . Morgan, manager of K. O,
Bio tfc, has offered champion Ad Wol
taut a. guarantee of ?12,000 to meet
I'Jro'.vi in N.?w, York., . .. ..., .,'..1
a i it ' ' .
Jciiiv Conlon: tiie bantam chamnlon
who has been out of the ring sine?
P.te death of his father, will soon re
tain to the game. . k ;
iWAtyn Middleweight Entitled to B.
ClatMd With Crack.rjacks.
VI y all the holler about Stfilor
11 trie,, lads? lie cleaned Mr. VVlllua
J'npVe Just as well as any fighter waa
. pvi cleaned, and yet some writers
,'" refer to the tar as a third rater.
Ilsin't the Brooklyn duck scrubber
jov d his worth? He defeated Mon-
i'un ssuiuvan nanany. lie also
.la.ntied out a nice lacing to Tom Mc
itrot Ted Nolson, the Australian bear?
Xitdu't the sailor flop him on two dlf
JVrert occasions? Wasn't Mr. Burke
pffgid for a fine lacing by nearly every
l'otf. In New York, and didn't be
k i Tapke look like a boob?
C? course Burke Is not a Dempsey
tkt a lommy Kyan, but you always
'Is J"
fttoto by American Pres Association.
mm a battle wbea he starts, and there
1m always tsom one bunged up before
lite fights are finished. lie backed
JTupke all around the ring In the re
cent fight lie forced the fighting and
never refused to mix. If Pr.pUe had
Itti'n willing to mix he would have hud
company, for the sailor was there with
i. : : I.
-1 3 . .. n
Those In (lurce Koaud Team Into
&Ii;ue for Opening Game.
, . ; -.,.:',
- !' :
,;AVith Klgin booked to come to La
tirande to. meet the local high school
on Saturday, th3 year's schedule of
games is assuming shape. Coach Cay
la!', Captain Lottes and'.Managar Rey
nolds, are looking after the respective
departments with a view of taking El
gin Jnto camp In a decisive way. The
past week has. disclosed the weak
nesses of the squad and the coming
week will be d: voted to bolstering up !
the team wherever it needs It most,
KOOtDBU game evueuuieu - tut - lw-
day Include:
Yale university vs. Holy Cross col
lege, at New Haven, Conn.
Harvard university vs. Bates col-
at Cambridge. '.
Princeton university vs. Steviens In
stitute, at .Princeton,1 N. J. : .
Unierslty of Pennsylvania vs. Get
tysburg college at Philadelphia.
Carlisle Indian vs. Colgate univer
sity at Carlial;, Pa. ' " . -
Cornell university vs. Colgate uni
versity at Ithaca, N, i '-.
Syracuse university vs. Hobart col
lege, at Syracuse, N, Y.
University of iRochester vs. Alfred
university at Rochester, N. Y. .
Hamilton college vs. Clarkson
school of technology at Clinton, N. Y.
University of Minnesota vs. De Pauw
university at Blooming ton, Ind.
Jndlana university vs. De Pauw uni
versity, at Bloomington,- lad. ' ;
Oberlin college vs. Heidelberg uni
rcrslty at Oberllft, O. , r . . ',
' -University of California vs. Olym
pic club, at Berketey, Cal.
, Leland; Stanford unierslty vs. Bar
jai'ians, at Stanford university, Cal,
W ishicgton State college v8. alum
il, at Ppullman, Wash.
Kansas S;ate college a. gouthweBt
rn college ,at Manhattan, Kas.
Scio collcg: vs. Mt. Union college at
Alliance, 0, , ' ".
Gerge Brooke, Penn's great kicker,
Is again coaching Swarthmore.
Fornrr r Yale stars are showing up
at New Haven to give a hand In coach
ng the Ell squad. " . ; , ,:
... -
G;orge O'N'ell, who played leh end
on th? University of Maine eleven
last fall, has :nten?d Yale. ;
?.;.. ..:;-.
. After the dally practice at Penn
sylvania a basket ball game Is played,
'lie play lasting for 20 minutes. .
The Harvard' schedule calls for all
the games to bs played in Cambridge
with the exception : of ."the game with
Princeton.. t-'?, ' i
.",1'..-.., '"';'" '''.;.,. '-
" The Harvard "All Stars" will be re
organized this fall with Fish. Philbln
and other former stars of the gridiron
In the line-up.
, Russell Loudenslager of last sea
son's Navy team, will play' with the
Independent team of Lancaster, N. Y.,
this season. v
. ' ' ' -
The Georgetown squad will .practice
with tV midd'es at Annmrlls in pre-'
r'tion for th-lr game with the Car
lisle Indians.' i '. ,i
Eddie Cochems. for years star of
the Wisconsin eleven." and last sea
son coach at the University of Sa.
Louis, has abandoned football for
politics;" '; v ' - ":.: ,'; i
Violate Gnme Law.' 1
; i- .
; Joseph, Sept. ?0. Three Pendleton
men wer- rr?sted Wednesday morn
ing by Sheriff Marvin and taken be
fore Justice Mitchell at Enterprise for
a preliminary heartug' .'The offense
alleged was th-s killing of a doe and
fawn a short distance above the head
of the laks. ,The men arrested were
Orval Reeves. Pircy Fulsoin and Will
Pslund. Thev "were armrehended on
Information furnished byMr. Leffel of J
CoiiKtruetion to Be. Carried Along at
Easy Slagirs Until vFInlHhed.c j
: ' ;;i '
. v ' , ' -1 ; ' ' ..
Ground has been broken for the new
L. C. Smith garage on Fifth street be
tween Washington and' Spring. The
Oi'flce portion of the 'building will be
hurried to completion but the garage
proper will be built by easy stages so
aa to Insure Its completion : before
spring at the latest. The preliminary
work is being done under the direc
tion of th.3 owner, L. C. Smith, but in
a few days the construction contract i
will be let to some contracting firm
Mjt iit;;t, t'c.'itv.t:r.'.'.;A,T""''-
brick garage building. "t .
Frank Tatman recently drove to
Walla Walla in his Hudson using six
gallons of gasoline over the 96 miles
of driving. : .' ' ." '
: The 6ivens Realty company, which
yesterday purchased Connordale, has
purchased a Ford machine, delivery
to be made as soon as possible.
' I N. Marks, a new arrival In Union
county, this we;k bought a new Ford
from L. C. Smith. ', ' V
Miss Topp IsTaptaln and Mix 9 Mansee
Manager of Basketball.
Co-ed baeketball got under way for
the coming year In the La Grande high
school this w k when the adopts,
near-adopts and beginners met and
elected officers for the ensuing year.l
Miss Topp, star, center of last year's
team will captain the "varsity"' this .
year and Miss Olive Masses one of last
year's forwards was chosen manager.
, ;'j Football Season Opens.
. (Joseph Herald.)
,The Joseph high school football
team which was" recently organized
has been doing some heavy practice
work this we:k under their efficient
coach A. W. Shaupp. The first game
of the season will be played next Sat
urday with the Wallowa high school
tam at that place at 10:45, ending at
12:45, thus allowing Joseph fans to
go and return th' same day. The lo
cal team are figuring on bringing
home the scalps of the down-river ag
gregation,' ..: .. . -
The home team lines up as. follows:
gated ibiir
year we have
Chalmers 430"
Chalmers "36";
Demotimable Rims, 118
This Moinogram oh the
Radiator stands for .all
you can ask in a ;:-:,mpt'
or car.
l!i lliiLLBi
Races Important Feature of Wallowa
County Fair this Year.,
Many Grande Ronders will doubtless
take advantages of tae opportunity to
pay a neighborly vlait to the neigh
boring county of Wallowa nsxt week,
the occasion being the sixth annual
Wallowa County Fair, which promises
this yar to be the moet successful
of the many successful fairs held in
that county. , Last year's fair was con
sidered good, but this year's will be
far better. : t .
t!,." T""' """ -than 1 1 wrrth(
of hors.s, alone, on exhibition. 'This
year there will be aa many Wallowa
; county horBes and many from neigh
boring counties, live stock being eli
gible to .competition from Umatilla,
Union, Baker and Wallowa counties.
The fairs in that county have greatly
stimulated the breeding of a better
quality of stock. During the past year
many . highly bred dairy cattle have
teen Imported and these will all be on
exhibition. The hog show will alonj
be worth seeing. It Is expected that
at least one hundred pens of hogs will
be Bhown. : '. . '.- '.. '
All the amusement features will fill
and a program filling every moment
of time will be provided,
Races are to be an Important f a
ture this year; Chief among these
will be th relay meets for which prs- i
norflttnna fiava hpn crntnff nn fnr n !
long tim?. .. , ,
"7 -'" r "'
. ' ' . ' '
Evertt Barton, fullback Clarence, At
1 j r. nr. 11.. i i,l i .
iv his, huu ucuigo wens, iiuuuugHs;
Kay. V et, quarterback; Shelby Jen
nings, center Vern Bodmsr and .Or-j
ville Brook, guards; Fred Boudan and
Ben Christy, ends; Everett Hays and
Harry Legore, tackles. :
Substitute' players are Shirley Hays,
Kest:r Gaylord, Ollv-s Clark,' Ople
Burrows and Ted Martin. Fred Bou
dan was elected captain 'of the team.
The lineup of the Wallowa follows:
Center, Rich; guards, Clarence
Southwick, McClaran; tackles, Lorenz.
Frank South wick; ends, Fr:d South
wlck, Johnson! quarter, Tulley; half-
backs, Hayes, Evans; fullback, Ralph
Southwlck; substitutes,' -McGinnls,
Hendricks, Hamilton;
mack. . ' : ' ;- '.
Atherton, Wo-
buy your 1912
ever had. Immediate deliveries on aU inudels
Four Door Tbura
Torpedo, Self Starting, 36x4 wheels.
- inch Wheel BasejT; O.B. Xa Grandi': ' . . -' J.J j
Uhlan, the world's champion
trotter, Is a mighty particular
piece . of horseflesh when It
comes to drinking water. Not
so very long ago Tom Logan,
who Is proud of. being .Uhlan's
valet, hit upon the plan of fur
nishing Uhlan with spring water
to drink. Tom figured he would
give the gelding a treat for a
few days, but he had no lnten
: tions of continuing the practice.
When Lognn tried to change
from spring water to the old va
riety for Uhlan there was noth
ing doing. The star performer
positively refused . to drink.
That's why Logan makes a five
mile trip on a motorcycle every
morning to provide Uhlan with
spring water to drink.
Australia's Tennis 8tar Will Not Assist
In Defending Davis Cup. '
A. F. Wilding, who was a member
of the Australasian defending team
two years ago and who last July re
tnlnoil th RrltlHh tennis championship
title by defeating H. Roper Barrett nt
Wimbledon, announced recently that
.1. P. W1J.JJINO, ai htra..ia's crack tenjjib
. nj r ek.
he Wo-jld be ensbie to retqrn to New
Zonlniu! to resist In defending the Do-
. vis cup this ye-ir.
Wildin;; Is one of the greatest tennis
players,. Australia ever produced. Hk
absence will surely weaken the team.
Auto until you
M-J v:
X-f -
i J ' l v i
"" " i I r - ;
r"" - - h?-
i ' I 1 I
Car, fully equipped,
mers cars.
CauliSovrer; " Cifcbas,
Grapes, Oranges, Bana
nas, Green Tomatoes for
pickling, Good Prune3
for canning, 75c per
box. . We can fill orders
for good Freestone
peaches from 85c to
$1.20. '
Phone us your ordtrsl Main 70.
Phone 70,
Stageberg & Sandborg
.., ...... a ,'. ......"
n uvy iv ik a i ii mc
cigar trade. One who
lives at hoine. II
fakes three years to
learn this trader and
I want the boy's pa
rents to (be willing
for the boy to learn
Fam Us (ng
Cigar Factory
4 ft CI u C 4
i Savoy Hotel!
It ... - - n v.. . , L
The rooms are
Steam heated;
block from
good and
only one
D. C. Brichoux. Prop.
have investi
tw to toe for the limit ; . . '
the Joseph Rod and Gun club.