La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, September 26, 1911, Page PAGE 4, Image 4

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; Ldltor and Owner.
Cstered at the postofflca at La Grande
as sceond-elass natter.
single copy
Call, per week, . . ............
iuut, per monin i.
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The Union county fair Is about to
' begin. This means ft county exposi
tion, not a La Grande show, for La
Grande Is only a mere vehicle for the
remainder of the county to ' work
through in this case. Exhibits from
different sections will prove the worth
of the valley and the merit of the soil.
It will prove to the stranger what a
. cpuntry he will be able to live In If ho
will but break away from his present
location and join the hundreds of new
people who are locating here each
-year.' V; ' ',
5 A fair is no longer an easy game for
the burden of th work falls on a few
and as a rule there is little apprecia
tion of that work. But this life is
filled with unappreciation, hence thai
feature worries no one. The point
uppermost in th; minds of all Is to
have a splendid time here tljls week
and se. that the many splendid dis
plays are properly1 placed and looked
Union county can never do without
a fair. That Is a settled question and
after the present exposition Is finished take that or nothing;
doubtless there will be steps taken to
Interest all ommunitfes of the county
in the event and provide therefor a
permanent ground which has ever
been needed since the old fair ground
was abandoned.
order and sells you 15 pounds of po
tato: s to th,3 peck. ' He delivers your
orders on time, even if you don't send
in the order for dinner until . Just
noon. He makes It a study to please
his customers. If he has any work
done he expects to pay more for it
than his fellow men pay, especially if
it is working out a bill. Lately a mer
chant tried to collect a just bill of
$30 and the debtor said: ''Here is $5;
th account is
outlawed.' One of the grocer's cus
tomers had a sick baby; it was feared
the child could not, get well ', The
father got out of work, and couldn't
pay for his groceries.' Now if the
grocer had stopped tlw account, h:
would have been looked; upon as the
worst kind of a rascal. But he car
ried the unfortunate family. The child
If an extra session of the legisla- recovered. The father got work. Th?
ture is called the uraople of Oregon ; grocer has a large bill and the fath-
will have a perfect right to arise Inei" is doing , his trading , at another
their wrath and demand an account- j "tore, and is paying cash.. Every .find
lng. This idea of bungling state at- yourself in this fix, Mr. Grocer?
fslrs and attaching extraordinary ex- "Tne grocer has so many pure food
pense is getting tiresome.' So far as , laws to obey and so many bad ac
this roads of Oregon are concerned, founts that h lays awake nights with
they need improvement, to be sure, h'8 brain in a whirl, and this sentence
but there ia no emergency clause at-8lng through his head. 'Life is just
roads as wis can afford them; we need
other things as well as we need good
road?, by the way. V
And the most needed thing of all
in this glorious state of ours is some
sane legislation. No, we are not op
pose to many of the reform measures
but we are decidedly opposed to in
competency that costB the tax paying.
public thousands of dollars each year,
thing after another.'.
"Why ia it the grocer does not jpa
square deal? Why, can't we have
some, sort of an -equitable collection
law?: If the grocer is required to do
much for his customers, why Is It tbey
are not compelled to py their Just
and honest debts. A Subscriber."
If the people will adopt a business in-' Will Tell What Books to Boy for the
vestlgation of .the cost of .operating . - ' ' CbJUen.
the state of Oregon instead of getting
wild over some one's pet scheme, they
"Rubber Industry of the Ama
zon" &ellg. This fllm glvet a'
complete idea of the South Am
erican rubber Industry.
; "Woman's Wit" Vitapraph.
Keep Is woman's wit in this pic
ture. You get right In on the y
eround floor anil crn rlcht tm
ti the 'tower of hannincaii ."
"The Sheriff of Tuolumne-'
Tsollgw A western story Is well
will be shocked and surprised to know
how much of their mney is being ex-
pended with little or no result
An extra session would cost a lot
of money. It would bring on the us-,
ual legislative chaos and cause a reign
of fear lest more wild and woolly
measures ar.3 adopted to throttle legi
timate business and further discredit
Oregon and make it a dumping ground
for the long haired and one-lea in
dividuals. - : I
This evening. at; the Presbyterian
church Miss .Kennedy, of the State
Library association, will deliv; r a lec
ture on "What Books to Buy for Chil
dren.". Miss Kennedy is spending her
life In library work and she is thor
oughly conversant with all phases of
it. Her talk this evening will be ben
eficial to ev:ryone who attends. '
- Of The Superiority of Our Garments -
When you decide you want to buy "Ready to Weair"
Clothes wih ? 11 the comfort?, the satisfe ction, the splen
did fitting qualites of the very, best custom or tailor
made garments come in and compare our line with any
other to be had at any price. Isn?r th't fair , enough?
Some of the Ne Things for
Wear that we Would like for You to See.
Employment Agencies Doomed
i told and well acted.
."Sharpshooters of America"
Splendid short picture
of American sharpshooters
Jl ICo3mlk.
"'Giving the High Sipn to Wov
'titan Hats rs"-lGaumV)nt, Com-
tedy. Colored."
Very good coat-
Song by lllss Stephenson
"Peggy Gray." 1
' Seattle, Sept. 26, Thi? city council
may abolish all private employment
LO, THE POOR GROCER JlAN llg "asencles here.- The license e6mmlttetj
. . (JETS THE WORST OF if,5 has thV; matter under conaldefatlon
v ' and may act as many wo'rkingmen
Atchison correspondent tells how,: hav; complained of having been Vbun
people show the;ir appreciation ' of koed" by agencies. ) ; ' ;
what a grocer does for them in tim- ' J;
ol need.;. v . i , Blue and Gray Reunion.
"Atchison, Kans,, June 29.
"To, tns Merchants' Journal: ,
"A retail grocer is the niost accom
modating p.mon in' the world, and
gets the least thanks for what he do.s
If you et sick, he carries you till you
get well,
eery bill,
r,kesp his
Memphis. Tenn.j Sept. 26. A great
national reunion of civil wtr surviv
ors is to be held in this city .tomorrow
in connection with th.3 annual fall fes
tival. It is to be a reunion of the blue
If you can't pay your gro- and ths gray and from as ffir south
,he U willing , you. should as" Texas and as far north as the New
money. Pay the . rent, buy England states the old warriors have
your coal, send mon.ey to the Larkln
club, patronjze the mall order, house,
.'but stand oft the grocer! He doesn't
need the moriey Ha has plenty of it.
Every retail groctr has mora money
j than he ought to have. The-fact is
' t)l MiiDf l t n . 1 w r f n ..I ..... 1 ..
I iiwuif us io pass away tne time, anil
VkeftjV-b'u'sy. '. . "' ' r
j i w t.vwr 1'uia BtrcBim ou 1118 Lniteu Stati?S
I doors -and-wlndows to keep the ml- can be seen.
i c robf s froin
tne' rood you
box In, sanitary coiKjItlqn.- ' H keeps
his scales and measures In perfect
journey to Memphis to mingle', to
gether In peace and ext: nil fraternal
greetings to ach other, looking back
at the past with a reverence and re
solving to ieave a heritagia of a united
country. The city present a br:ezy,
gay appearance. On all of the prln
clpal streets masses of bright colored
! bunting and treat c!uetersvof waving
and Confederate flags
By agreement of the
cratlng ""d Polluting yiCcl mebrs;of the Confederate Vet
u feat, 'Mle keia 'his ice jferws i the Grand . Array the: Stan
Efficiently condor ted, not only In the Interests of Its stock
.holders, hat of It depositors and patrons ts wellj
, Wltfc ofticlals well known and trusted; In the community.
With capital, surplus and undivided profits of $210,000,600
and total resources of $1,000,000.00.
The I Grande Xutlonal Bank offers to firms, corpora
tlons and Individuals the best banking ser,CP, and U oftl.
cer ask n wertonnl Intenlew with those contemplaUuff
changlns; accounts or opening new ones.
La Grande National Bank
Fred J, Holmes, Pres.
F. L. Meyen, Cashiei
. $ 100,000.00
. . 105,000.00 :
. . 1,000,000.00
W. J. Church, Vtee Pret.
Earl Zundel.w'f. Ca$h:er
and. Stripes and, the stariand J Bars
re fver.v where" ntw'ned arid equal
prominence given to both.
Indiana Labor Federation.
Evilnsville, Ind., Sept. 26. The op
ening hrre today df the 27th annual
convention of the Indiana!' Federation
of Labor was marked by jthe largest
and most representative , attendance
In the history of the state organiza
tion. President Edgar A.fPerkins of
Indianapolis called the gathering to
order and presided over, jlw opening
session. The gathering will last for
three ays. during which time the an
nual reports will b received and dis
cussed and numerous matters of lm
portance to the labor interests taken
up for consideration and action.
Veiled Prophets lit Session.
Washington. Sept, 26. The supreme
council of the Mystic Order of Veiled
ProphetB of the Enchanted Realm; a
secret fraternal order with a consider
able membership extending over the
country, began its 22nd annual session
in the capital today. The buslnes
sessions will last two daya and are
being held at the MaBonle temple. The
entertainment program will toeep the
visitors busy until th? end of the
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