La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, September 21, 1911, Page PAGE 8, Image 8

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    THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1911. -
ti m OTT 11 Y
"Cold Winter Coming."
WINTER is on the wav and vou will need that new
Overcoat bad some of these mornings. It is iust as
important to have a ROYAL TAILORED to vour
order overcoat as a suit. Thev must be cut iust as
careful, stiffened and padded iust as good and made
with the same care as a, suit. Now, we wish to imy;
press, first that the ROYAL TAILORS are the best in
the world. Second, that thev do not and will not
rinke vlv ?. (mods that is not absolutely. all
wool, must stand the acid test, and vou do not have to
take it if it does not fit. We would not let vou.
Leave your order now and wear the best coat on
earth, the Royal Tailors Overcoat. Priced $18.00 up.
' ' are both young and active and It wiij
u" " ui di u-ucc more than
the heavy knockout punches.
TEN Jtlfl'SIM.-
Xo Decision Contest to Be Held Here
Early In October.
Bob Lyman and Kid Exposlto, the
former a local boy who has been han
dling his dukes throughout the north
wist and held the championship of the
northwest at 115 pounds for severaV
yt?ars, and the latter a hard nut who
has mixed with the best at 118 pounds
In the three northwest states, are
matched to go 10 rounds no decision
in this city in OctobeT. The day will
probably. b the 2nd, and it Is to be
held at the Steward opera house.
The mill id. to end at ten rounds ana
will not carry with It any decision, an
Spanish Revolt Resumed.
Paris, Sept. 21. Prime advices ga
rioting was renewed at Valencia, Snaln
and the crowd stoned the king's cav
airy when the troops opened fire t
least one was killed.
BUr (Rewards Offered.
Vancouver, B. C, Sept. 21. Reward
ofTered for the West Minster bank
robbers have been Increased to I3
000 of wkhlch $5,000 will be paid ,0r
any Information leading to their ar
rest and conviction, and In addition r
which ten per oent will he paid on
money recovered, which If all is re
covered will total J2T.000.
Ca ll IS) &
7 HOSE for MEN.
First Commercial Crop of Beans to Be
, Harvested In Wallowa County.
Enterprise, Sept, 21. (Speclal)-nAn
Important phase In tlie annual Willo
wa county fair to be held here soon
will foe the exhibit of commercial
P. M. Shaver, a farmer living three
miles north of here, has 10 acres of
beans which, he expects to thresh In
about two weeks, and will exhibit says
he, at the fair. While it has been dem
onstrated that beans could be grown In
this section Mr. Shaver Is the first man
to undertake to raise beans for the
market and his success this season has
surprised even the moBt progressive
farmers. , He states that while there la
more w-ork attached to the culture of
beans the profits will be greater than
from a crop of wheat or any other
tabular Mld-Wek Musical Program
Arranged for TMs Evening.
; The La Grande band gives Us reg
ular mid-week concert this evening
again. The band will be stationed at
some convenient point on Adams avenue.
Council Hears IRienionstranceg to Par
: . ing Already Completed.
. Preparations for paving North Fir
street with macadam In. such a way
as to give first class approach to the
city's heart from the north were taken
last evening when a resolution to Im
prove that street was Introduced In the
city council session. Aside from act
ing on this matter, and hearing and
referring remonstrances to the paving
of Sixth street already paved but held
In abeyance while the technical points
are gone over and corrcted the coun
cil did not transact'any new business.
The proposed Improvement of North
Fir will be greeted with a great deal
of satisfaction, improving the highway
to the park and giving a north ap
proach to the heart of the city as there
already 1b on the east.
(Continued from 'page one)
recommendation of the plan In a con
gressional message. The republican
conventions of 28 states adopted reso
lutlons strongly advocating a statu
tory tariff commission, and deprecating
any future revision until needed evl-
dence Lad been gathered and lmpar-
ttal conclusions drawn as to the facts
I upon which such revision could be
properly made. '
Have ou Em Worn
Onyx Brand Hosiery
1 ' y
mm x
try &
If not you cannot appreciate tbe
wearing quality as well as the finish
of this (particular brand of hosiery.
Carried in men's, women's and chil
dren's sizes, ' Ladles silk hose 50c to
$2.50. Men's silk sox 50c.
I have gone over with care this his-'
tory of the movement lor a tann noara
in order to show how fully committed
I am to the proposition that we ought
not to have any revision of a schedule
of the tariff without accurate Infor
mation as to the operation and effect
of th proposed changes, and furthor to
show that in this view I have had In
the past the hearty support not only
of thei regular republicans, but also,
and even with more emphasis, those
who call themselves progressive re
publicans. Second. I also wish to point out
that all republicans of whatever shade
are committed to the maintenance of
our protected industries to the point
of retaining duties on Imported articles
which shall equal the differences In the
cost of production at home and abroad.
Third. Except for the extra session
called only to pass upon the reciprocity
bill, the.ilrst time that the 62nd cout
gress could consider and pass upon
tariff schedules would be In December,
and at that time Its predecessor, by
consent of both parties, had fixed as
the propsr time at which a full report
as to the most objectionable schedule
ought to be reported. With the money
granted me by congress I had provid
ed a board, nonpartisan, and with the
same personnel as the statutory board
would have had, to make a report not
only upon wool hut also upon couon.
Although many of the democrats had
assisted In the support of the statutory
tariff board bill and had advocated
such a means of securing accurate In
formation in respect of the probable
operation of the proposed revision,
the house at once began to make a
record for political purposes by pass
ing three tariff bills, the wool bills,
the free list bill, and the cotton bill.
They ave no pubic hearings of any
kind on either of these bills and they
presented no satisfactory Information
upon which the effect of any of them
upon the Industries Involved could be
Judged. Their Investigations may have
been sufficVmt to satisfy the conscience
nf a tariff tnr rwmu man who b6-
lieves In any reduction, however great.
of existing duties, hut lor one pieug-u
Ma Y n m in m ft lntnln A tariff high
rnough to enable existing industries
to live, the case Is different. j
Tha vnni hill reduced the- duty on
tn on varase of 49 ner cent
the raw material wool
of 29 per wsnt. The Wilson bill, pas
sed in 18!4, naa reauceu iuv uuij
50 ptr cent, with no duty on the raw
wool at an, a raucn more iavomui i
rangement to the manufacturers than
th. nnunt hill, and net the rears of
the Wilson bill were years of disaster
to the woolen manufacturers. may
v. tv. .ih Kiiiio. than th tariff con
lo luav wMvi . , -
irlbuted to the failure of woolen mills
In the time of the Wilson bill, ana u
may well be that conditions In the
woolen business have changed so that
U does not neea as mucn proiecuou
as then; but I had no adequate Infor
mation, and had been furnished none.
upon which i could say ttiat tne dui
presented to me was In accord with the
Mniiti nriiinn niHiinrm cit nruim-'iimi
upon which I was elected, and to which
1 am In honor bound to square my om
clal act and policy. In th absence of
such adequate Information and with
th prospect of securlng .lt in three
months, it became my bounded duty to
withhold my approval of the bill. What
was the necessity for such great haste
In passing the bill at an xtra session
called for anoth- ? The bill
as It passed the house provided It
should go Into effect' January 1, 1912.
The bill as it passed the senate con
tained a similar provision. Whon the
bill went into conference, I am inform
ed that the suggestion was made that
the date of January 1, 1912, for its tak
ing effect would furnish a strong argu
ment for delaying its passage until
after December 1. when the tariff board
could report. The date of taking ef
fect was thereupon changed to Octo
ber 15, 1911. Such care was not taken
with the free list bill or the cotton
bill, both of which were made to take
effect January 1, 1912 .
The free list bill was called the
"farmers' free list, ' for the purpose of
giving an impression that it was pas
sed to compepsate tha farmers . for
some sort of. injury supposed to 1e
done by the Canadian reciprocity trea
ty. . ThlB reason was finally repudiat
ed by the leader of the democracy on
the floor of the house of representa
tives, and la certainly not true. There
was nothing In the Canadian reciproci
ty bill that required any compensation
to the farmers, for In a very short per
iod after actual operation It will ao
pear that they, as well as everybody
else, will havfl been improved In con
dition by our larger traae. ui me
bill was framed and came to me In a
form calculated to mislead as to Its ef
fect. - : ' :
Favors Tariff RieTlslon. '
I have gone Into this matter at con
siderable detail In order that my posi
tion with respect to these bills and the
general treatment of the tariff may be
understood. I am in favor of the re
duction of the tariff wherever It can
be done and Btlll give a living measure
of protection to those Industries of the
country that need it . But I insist that
we have reached now a point In the
history of tariff making when every
one ought to realize that the tariff
should not be changed and business dls
turbed, except upon Information which
shall enabVi-us to pass bills that will
dlstvf) If least. Our whole business
system rests upon the protective tariff
basis. The real hope of men who are
In favor of lowering duties Is to pur
sue tlv .policy of securing accurate In
formation to keep the tariff rates down
! iw aa nnaaibls consistent with the
life of the business protected. The nat
.....tinn itu tariff under thosa
conditions and American ingenuity Is
to continue to reduce the cost or pro
duction and that In itself will aecure,
If we adhere to the policy, a reduction
of the tariff rates from tlm to time;
but to cut them now "with black
smiths tools." Is to Invite In the next
two or four yeara a revulsion of feel
ing, and then a recurrence of higher
rates and the old system of high tar
iffs. This I would deprecate, and so
far as I can with the powers given me
hT tha constitution. I DroDose to ston
, such a movement and to secure a re-
ductlon In accordance with the princi
ples of the republican' platform, and on
I tnfnrmnttnn arriirnia anil tmnartfot
I T. . U -. I. . ,
it uiai puuey is noi approved oy tne
electorate, then, of course, those' of us
who are now In office must give way to
men who will carry out a different pol
Icyr but while we are In offlcw our po
sition ought clearly to be understood
We follow this policy not only be
cause we are pledged to it, but because
we belfcTe It right, because w be
lieve that a full discussion and a clear
perception on the part of the people
win convince them ultimately to ap
prove and adopt It.
Those Who Appreqafe
Courtesy and Good
and contemplate enlarg
ing or changing their
Banking connections will
find it to their advant
age to consult with an
Officer or Director of
this Bank. '
We refer to anjr of our
Customers for an expres
sion or opinion as to ser
vice rendered by us.
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Are the BEST
We guarantee every part for
25 years. Will allow you 30 days
trial and sell them on easy pay
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