La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, September 01, 1911, Image 1

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San Francisco, Sept, L (3:20 p. m.)
Conferences between Kruttschnltt
and tbe five union leaders came to an
abrupt end after tliree o'clock' this af
ternoon. If tbe announced decision
of tbe disgruntled' machinists Is car-
r11 . f, : --
tbe western states wit bin a few days.
Tbe conference, was a failure, but be
caase of the lateness of .tbe adjourn
ment nothing was announced as to the
date of the walkout. It Is presumed
the orders will be sent out within a
- few hours. . , ' r -
San Francisco, Sept. 1. Juliua
Kruttschnltt, dictator of the policy
and terms of employment of 30,000
Harriman men west of the Mississippi
met the general, officers of the shop
employes crafts' unions here shortly
before noon "today. - President Kline,
of the Blacksmiths' International un
ion, spoke for the men. 'T.-i,'"-
The outcome of the conference is
being carefully watched throughout
the country as It is believed the com
pany must either' come to terms or
stand a strike entailing a possible tie
up of, all the Harriman polling stock
and iavy troubles and expense for
the company and suffering for the op
eratives that will result. ,
Before the conference Kline expres
sed his opinion that Kruttschnict
might recognized the system federa
tion. The. men have voted to strike
If he does not. . - .
Seventy-five , train auditors on the
Pacific system of the Espee and. 23
clerks In San Francisco were tem
porarily left out of Jobs today. ";
Chicago, Sept. 1. On the . outcome
of the conference today between the
shopmen and Julius Kruttschnltt .In
San Francisco, probably depends
whether there will be peace or war
between the men and the Illinois Cen
tral, which has refused to deal , with
the shopmen's federation. If Krutt
schnltt does the same it will establish
a precedent for other roads to follow
and a strike will probably ; spread to
all western lines. ; :' '; ' ?
President's Tariff. Policies Subjecte4
to Criticisms Again. .
Madison Wis., Sept. 1. Senator . Ia
Follette In his magazine today under
r; the , caption 'Tff'a Ulnar tn tha Con-
sumer," launches a new attack on
Taft's tariff action. 'v
Addressing his letter direct to the
consumer he says: "You chastened
the congress that played you false In
1909; you rebuked in'moro ways than
Mi the president wto called the Aid
r'ch Job the best tariff ever devised.
But wh,at will : you say when your,
representatives pas's a bill taklns
from your shoulders the burdens of
the wool trust duties which Taft ad
mitted were Indefensible only to' be
toiled in their effort to do something
'for you, by the president' veto." ' .
ft - - 1
American Bar Association Comes
Grief Over Negro Question.
Boston, Sept. The' color line Is
threatening to temporarily disrupt the
American. Bar association, 'convening
here, because' Special Assistant Attor
ney General . Wm, Le wis, a 'negro,
announced he positively will not re
sign. Southern barristers did not at-
j tend. the banquet last night because
; they feared Lewis would ' be there.
They Insist today that Lewis will re
sign if he Is not looking for trouble.
' ' Mr. Borden' Maritime Tour.
Montreal, Sept. ' 1. Mr. Robert L.
i Borden,' the leader in the fight to de
' feat the Laurter government on th;-
refclproclty Issue, concluded hla Que
bec campaign' today.',. At all 'of his
meetings he has been greeted with
large crowds and he expresses htm
I self as satisfied with the' outlook in
I una loiuuiiow mr. oui
den will bVgln his" tour of speecbmak
i lng in the Maritime provinces After
('.spending' "three days each" la "New
I Brunswick and Prince Edward 'is
land he will make, a tour, of .the prln
' clpal cities and towns of Nova Scotia.
Hitchcock Commences Experiment at
1 Washington Today. V "
Washington, D. C, Sept. 1. The
, Post Cifllce department today begins
' an experiment which Is regarded as
one of Che most important steps taken
by Postmaster General Hitchcock , in
I Vta nlnna .a. 111. nvnona. .V.
service and thereby pave the way, It
is believed, for the ultimate adoption
of penny postage.
The plan Inaugurated (today pro
vldes that the greater part of the sec
ond class , mail matter consisting of
1 magazines and periodicals, heretofore
transportate'd . In railway mall - cars
will be carried by fast freight. The
publishers are to be permitted to
print on the wrapper of ach bundle
of their publications, as a part of the
address, Instruction as to the daite of
which delivery is to be made. In ac
cordance with this arrangement post
masters have been directed to carry
out Instructions with respect to de
livery of fast mall freight. Mr. Hitch
cock believes that the new. Bystem
will be found satisfactory to the pub
lishers and the public alike, while
(the expense to the government will
be far less than before.
Parole Seen for Walsh. .
Leavenworth, Kas., Sept 1, When
the parole board meets at the federal
penitentiary here this month the first
case considered will be, that, of John
R. Walsh, the .former Chicago bank
erl Mr. Walsh entered the peniten
tiary January. 19, 1910, convicted of
having violated :; the banking laws.
Recently President Taft refused .to
grant him a parole, but it la now be
lieved that he wjll be paroled when
the board meets, v , v - :
At the direction of Attorney Gene
i si Wlckersbam the outstanding in
dictments against "Walsh, have been
quashed, thus removing .the last ob
stacle In the way of paroling the pris
oner. Mr. Walsh this week entered
upon his seventy-fifth year and is. one
of the oldest Inmaites of the federal
prison. 'k '".''-''.-'-.'.",
Lake Forest Horse Show.
Chicago, 111., Sept 1. Chicago so
ciety' is looking forward with ;keen
interest to the 12th annual Lake9 For
est open-air horse show, which is to
be held tomorrow on the' grounds of
the Onwentsja club. The exhibition
this year promises to bemore inter
esting than any of its predecessors.
Polo ponies, saddles coach Wd driv
Ine horses are among the different
cjasses to be exhlbibed-
Character of Witnesses for Defense Material to Base Campaign on for
Held up as a Model Husband of ; Coming IVinter by Insurgent Sena
Murdered Woman Sold to Hare Sob. tor.WUt Be Gathered Believed Men
bed When Crime W as Committed Will I'rge Government 'Mining and
Defendant Will Tell Whole Truth.
.Chesterfield, Sept. 1. Evidence
fc.Ut.M9 fry .AW.'M Mr .wvn..,.
doubt that Paul Seattle's stories were
"fakes' and that Henry Beattie, Jr.,
sobbed and sorrowed on the night of
the tragedy enlivened the trlal of the
young banker .today. J The . defense
scored several' Important points, es
pecially in breaking down tile damag
ing evidence produced by the' state
through Paul Beattie, the defendant's
cousin.- V. '"t
Character Testimony Given.
A number of character witnesses
testified to the reputation of j4ung
Neblltt-whose testimony contradicted
Paul Beattie's. Douglas Beattie, Hen
ry's brother, was called next and said
Beattie's wife always seemed loving
and that on the night of the tragedy
Beattie sobbed and showed ' all evi
dence of sorrow.. - , : . , ...
Defendant Expresses Confidence.
: Scrupulously attired preparatory to
taking, the stand in his own defense
Henry Beattie today voiced his opin
ion that his testimony would go far
wtord convincing the Jury of his in
nocence. . "I shall tell only the. truth
for I am certain the truth will clear
me," he said. ,
Descendants of Samael Fogg ,
i Portland, Me., Sept. l.Members of
the Fogg family association held their
annual reunion (today at the Falmouth
House, in this , city. - George FoKg
Osgood, of New Hampshire, presided.
Samuel Fogg, the progenitor of tho
family Jived in New Hampshire lu
the middle of the 17th century, and
his descendants are now widely scat
tered throughout the courttry, .
Fights Scheduled for Tonight. '
Jimmy Clabby vs. Mike Gibbons, 10
rounds, at Milwaukee. - ,
Mickey. Sheridan vs. Freddie Dan
iels, 15 rounds, at St. Joseph, Mo. ,
Johnny Glover vs. Young McDon
ough, 15 rounds, at Manchester, N. H.
' 'Portland, Septl 1. Samuel Gompers
left this afternoon for California. Last
night in his speech at the auditorium;
he attacked ' Burns and accused him
of manufacturing evidence against the
McNamaras and called on organized x
bor to come to tse McNamara defense.
He said "The Manufacturer!' associa
tion found they could not bribe John
McNamara so now they propose ,to
hang him.''. ,: ' "' ' -.
Barn SHen at Seattle. '
Seattle, Sept. 1. Detective Burns,
Salem. Ore., Sept. 1. Backed by the !
state forestry board and the Oregon
Forest Fire t, association, a (petition.'
signed by the owners of 4,000,000 acres
of.timber jlu western Oregon 'was sent
to Governor West today, asking htm
to suspend the hunting season because
Selling of Alaska Coal Products.
Seattle, Sept. 1 Senator Polndex-
fqr Alaska, said he intends o lnvesti
1 gate the coal situation first hand and
! tjien make a fight for his bill pfovld-
ijng that the' governm-eut shall mine
I-an sail Iti. ' fta1 9 a ir.ra Y,a la
rlght., X.h:)if.i , ,'' ': , .
Says He Will Go to Alaska Without
i Prejudice for Any System.
Seattle, Sept. 1. Glfford Plnchot
'today stated that. ha will, sail for the
Alaska coalfields tonight -with Sena
tor Polndexter. He said he would go
with an open, mind for conviction , as
to whether, the leasing system or the
proposition : to have the government
mine and s-sll the coal, was tbe best
He has favored the leasing system. .
They will map out a plan of cam
paign In congress for next winter af
ter their- return a month hence, '
Coming Excite Interest
Seward,, Alaska, JSept. l.Alaska is
intensely interested In the coming vis
it of Senaton-'Poindexter and Glfford
Plnchot, who will sail soon, for the
Alaskan coal fields from Seattle. Some
towns that formerly denounced the
former chief forester are waiting now
to give a fank iiealng to Plnchot's
conservation ideas. They, are especial
ly Interested In the campaign for gov
ernment ownership of mines, railroads
and steamships, which was started in
Oregon. ' Many business men here pre
fer this plan to the leasing system.
- Banish Towels on S.P.
San Francisco, Sept. 1. Discover
ing that towels, valued in all at $21,-
000 disappeared ? from the women's
lavatories last year in cars and boats,
the "3outhern Pacific today issued an
order dispensing with towels In the
women's lavatories.
here from Portland for a few days,
said he will investigate the matter
concerning the trials this fall of the
members of the vice syndicate, and
then is off for New; York. Later ha
returns when cases come to trial. He
did not answer Gompers' attack made
In Portland last night, .
,7,' Mr. Abbott to Bnlld. !
; Mr. Abbott of Mt. Glenn la building
a barn on Seventh and G and In a
short time will also construct a house
on the same place. "
many fires had been , started recently.
The governor was warned that the
situation Is getting uerlous and may
trow, worse by fartinless the season
Is closed.. The. governor Is In Astoria,
and- the matter will be laid before
him Immediately.
Will Not Give Name of His Hotel Do.
lng Only Light Work.
Chicago, Sept. 1. Frank Gotch and
his party arrived hare today in his
private car. ' To escape the crowds he
would not give the name of his hotel.
Some light work today and tomorrow
is his schedule.
Hackenschmldt is doing nothing "to
day but running and swimming. Some
wagers are being made 10 to 7 on the
outcome of the Monday bout. - ;.
Auto Races at Old Orchard.
Old Orchard, Me., Sept. 1. Several
hundred automobile drivers of na
tional reputation are entered In the
three days' race meeting which o'pen
ed here today. The course extends
two and one half miles straightaway
along the beach. , . ..
- f Child Held for Board. . ,
' New York, Sept.' 1. H.?r child helrl
for a $50 board bill, Mrs. Pauilne Gott
llch regained possession, through the
courts. Magistrate Arachi rules that
children were not within the reach of
hotelkeepers as security for debts.
No Longer Any Question About Eng.
. land's Policy's Regarding Egypt
London, Sept 1. Appointment of
Lord Kitchener to succeed S? Eldon
Gorst as ; agent' , general' ' of Egypt
means a speedy annexatiorf by "Great
Britain,; It U believed in diplomatic
circles.' Abbas " Hllml, the khedlve,
continues to intrigue against the Brit
ish rule so it has been decided he must
go. Kitchener's arrival is expected to
stir up trouble as he is disinclined to
go and then England Is expected to
step in and annex the country on the
grounds that it is unable to longer
control its affairs.
Portland Police Upheaval.
Portland, Ore., Sept. 1. It is semi
officially stated here today that the
big shakieup of the police department
yesterday afternoon marked the be
ginning of the end of grafting by po
lice officials in the tenderloin and that
Mayor Rushlight and Chief of Police
Slover ana bent on restricting vice in
the city without wholly eradicating it.
The transfer ' of 50 patrolmen to
different districts, the reduction in
rank of eight detectives, and the elim
ination of a number of other officials
either by reduction or transference
is but the first step In making the de
partment more efficient and at the
same time cleaner. " ';'
The sudden j orders of the chief
threw the department into a turmoil.
It was unexpected and had been o
carefully planned that no inkling of
the re-organization leaked until a
few minutes before the orders were
Issued. : . 'J v f
Exchanges' Close for Holiday.
New York, Sept. l.--At the close of
business today the New York Stock
Exchange, the Cotton Exchange and
other leading' business exchanges of
the metropolis closed for the Labor
Day holiday and will not resume bus
iness until Tuesday. The only ex
change to remain opeh tomorrow Is
the Coffee Exchange, which decided
against the Saturday holiday because
of the Interest in the September con
tract, deliveries on which it Is pre
sumed might be Interfered with. , .. : ,
Churchmen Meet In Dnlnth
Duluth, Minn., Sept. 1. -Fifteen bis
hops and numerous clerical and l iy
leaders1 of the Episcopal church of
the northwest, assembled In .Duluth
today foe the annual council of the
sixth missionary district. "The ses
sions will continue over'- Saturday
and Sunday. !' ' ' " -'
Bulletin Issued at Enterprise : This
Morning Announces to Opifosltlon to
j Home Telephone 'Company That
, Tbey Found Rates Just and' Reason-
' able Company to Reinstall Phones .
Enterprise, Ore., Sept. i (Special) '
Bearing: the .signature of Hon. .Jay J
H. Dobbin and L. B. 'jofdfaBuTniem'bersr-"'
of the committee representing farm
ers and ' Enterprise patrons,, of the-
Home Independent T.eiephonej ,, com-
pany appointd to investigate the rates
of that company, and to examine its
books and records, there yls posted- on.
the Enterprise bulletin "board 'todaV-
statement to the effect that after such
examination the committee Is satis
fled that the rates 'ficeritiy "establish
ed by the telephone company are not
Uiequltabla. and that accordingly. "m
recommendation Is raade-totEeHpatr J"
trons to' resume ftfeV" service, of the;r"
c6mpany. The third member of 'tile .
committee, C. H. Zurcher, , was de
tained at La Grande by sickness In his
family and therefore was "not 'able to
return with the other members of the
committee, but it is understood that
the committee was unanimous in its
reports .!-.' .. v 'vy.; ..' .
Thla action followed from an Invita
tion on behalf of the telephone com
pany, to ''the Enterprise Commercial"
club and business men to Investigate
for themselves the reasonableness of
its rates. It Is evident that the com
mittee was selected with a view of
combining not only prominent and
conservative business Interests but
expert accounting as well. Inasmuch
as Mr. Dobbin is one of the leading
and most successfu farmers and stock
raisers of Wallowa county and Mr.
Zurcher a leading merchant at Enter
prise, while Mr. Jordan . is, a profes
sional accountant," having recentlv
completed an examination of the Wal
lowa .county records for the county
court. '. ...J:':'
This outcome is the result ofl the
re cent disposition shown i by both
sides of. the situation to get togeher
and if possible adust the differences
In a fair and equitable manner to all .
concerned. It is generally believed
that this action will virtually end the
telephone trouble in Union and Wal-
(ConMnuea on Pge Elgnt-i
Koath Weeps When Jnrers Decide HI
r j Fate Sentenced- Tuesday, y
1( New York, , Sept., l.Paul Geidel,
aged 17 was convicted in. second de
gree murder for the purpose of rob
bing Millionaire Jackson. Punishment
Is from 20 years to life. He wept cop
iously when the verdict of the Jurors
was brought in. He is to be sentenced
Tuesday. r: ,: ",, ; ; ;. .!,;...
Geidel was a bellhop In a big hotel
In this city and the defense attempted
to show-that criminal relations exist
ed between tbe boy and the million
aire. Geidel told the jury that he kll-
led the manto get money to bring his
mother and'sisbr to New York after
tbe millionaire had refused to pay him
sums of money alleged to be due the
'':.;.w:-'".'. ;-.-v