La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, August 31, 1911, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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    la ZTiMz ivexisg observe:, tiiuusday, august ai,i9ii.
n t
fl Blanche Crane also of La Grande were
Cleaning the Mud Avay From the
Battleship Maine Is a Slow Job
married hia afternoon by Justice of
the Pu( "W311iains aft tils office. ' '
V s 8 r .
i .a 'W'
biiOVS.'. iiK
Ladies 18
button tan
urn, uie pro n
per style for
fall wear.
toe with cloth
The New
Fall Styles in
short vamps
and round
high toes are
mand.: We
can sho w y ou
and best as--sortment
the city.
1 "':'. ' ' :": .'i. ':: '.':''t'-
Agents for
Onyx Hosiery
I jhoe Co
"A Country Cupid'' .. Blograpu
-A beautiful country love story
with an Intensely dramatic sit
uation brought anout by a half
witted lad.
"Ths New Church Carpet" .... 4
....Y. .......... Edison
A peculiarly Interesting rep
production. : What became of
the money' subscribed for the
new carpet? ' '
"Birds of a Feather". Vltagraph
Thia is a roaring comedy. If
a Vitagraph. Can' describe it
here. Come and see It.
, Illustrated song-r-"I .Wonder
WhWKlsslng Her"Nbw.'r:; ''T;
Sung by
PAY lOl'Il 'W'TrK'S'? '"OfOlf l
K01Y. J
, LOCALS ' ,
H. T. Love, Jeweler, 121214 Adams av.,
Pr. Posey, Sperljllt-t for Eye, Ear,
'ose, Throat diseases and catarrh.
Oier 8elder8 store, Eje fitted with
glasses. Hours 9 to 11:30$ 1:30 to
5 and 7 to 8 p. m. ,:.'V:.
The Presbyterian church trustees
contemplate having' the manse paper-
Jted and painted. ,.( ... . " "
Mr. Joe Woods has taken charge of
the Crystal cafe. Mr. Woods has had
the. place remodeled and newly furn
ished and will run a first class place,
nown as the Delmonico. " Your pat
ronage solicited. ; ' 8-14-tf
The Sacred Heart academy Is being
improved with new papering and
painting in the Interior. B. B. Nutter
is doing the work. ' '. '
' School - books, second hand, such
as used here will be bought for cash
at Silverthorn's family drug store. V
Mr. and Mrs. French, recently ar
rived here from the east, have pur
chased uhe Simmons property on Sec
ond street. . - ..
The G. W.' B. V.' ladies' ot the Chris
tian ' church' win have their regular
meeting at the chuif h On the first day
of September at '2 o'clock. There' is
special business to be considered at
this meeting and a full attendance Is
essential. Miss Wilcox is the leader.
George T. -Cochran has purchased
the corner lot at Third and Washing
ton. ' ' . - 1 ' ,. . i "
Second hand school books will be
bought for cash at SHverthorne's fam
ily drug store. v 8-28-7t V !
The Fair store is making changes
In its show windows this week, which
will Improve the general appearances
of the front :.;wW .y...i.v.i
Pendletton Business College opens
Sept.' 6.' A large enrollment Is an
ticipated. Ten per cent discount will
be given to pupils enrolling before
September 20;v Graduates assisted, to
t Oi ! positions;' M. U Clancy, B.' A.,
Principal. ''''.;'',
EO W.' ' . ' .
Do tbclr plnmhlng work accordlss
to the plumbing ordinance ef the city.
Censilt w$ record, .-. '',; -r
Phones: Shop R. 71 1 fies. B. 1482.
i Miss Garrick Matinees
Mr. Ferrin ,'. I . , '. . . . Evenings'
KOW. . '
Minnie M. Edwards of Lostine was
a guest at the Savoy this afternoon.
E. Evacsen, a resident of Wallowa,
was a Savoy gue6t this morning. ' " .
C. T. Walker cf Seattle is stopping
at the Somraer this afternoon.
Mrs. Eva Fouts and sister of Ogdeu
are registered at the Sominer today
while here on business maters.
A. c. Horton, Jr., of Boise and V. M.
Horton are stopping at the Summer
hotel this afternoon.
M. Morlson and wife were In the
city from Wallowa thia afternoon and
registered" the Savoy '" "
El. Sanford was down from Kamela
this morning transacting business and
stopped at the Savoy. -
Edith. Cdle was in La Grande from
Enterprise th'.s afternoon, Btaying at
th9 Savoy. ; ,j '. ''-'I ,.
c- H. Zurcher, a business man of
Enterprise spent last night In the city
on business matters. , ; f. ' .'v
C. N.. Palmer and family left thia
corning for Oklahoma after a atay C(j
about a year in this city.
Chas. Eutton wnt to Enterprise thia
morning In the Interest of, the Home
Independent Telephone, company.
N. M. Munford of Milton r'-red
et he Foley1 last night while U-isact-lng
businfss In the city. : , . j .
,' Fred Scott t,C5 livi'-' -Pr,:,';r
last night, stopping at te Savoy While
here. ; . . . - '.. ""
S. 8. Jf rrel of umpter was a L.i j
Grande visitor this morning. He stay
ed at the Foley while here. ; : v
E. S. Maxwell, of Oshkosh, Wiscon
eiti,' registered at the Foley last even
ing;', -f . V f r " ';'..''. ; ,. '- ; ' ;:"
, G. U Crookham of Caldwell spent
last night in the ctfy. He registered
at the' Foley.
Miss Pearl Tlbbets and Miss Opal
Wall of Elgin stopped at the Foley
last night. ' -
W. L. Tucker, formerly a school
taacher of this county, accompanied
bv his wife, were at the Foley last
. .... jl i t
Cal Jordan, erstwhile resident of
La Grande and now residing In Enter
prise, spent last night in the city and
returned homthis morning. , , , ,
": Herbert Pattison and CT XV Le'rihart,
a local bakery proprietor, returned to
day from a Junket to the coast . ' and
Portland. . ; ' r ; ;'. '
Hon.' Jay Dobbin, former represen
tative from Wallowa county In the
state legislature, was In La Grande
last night He returned to Enter
prise this morning. : ', ,
Fj D. Haisten and family arrived
home last night from a ten-days camp
ing trip to upper Catherine creek.
Fishing and huckleberrylng were
both excellent : " ' - v ,
Robert Knowles, father of Circuit
Judge J, W. Knowles of this city, left
this morning for his home In Denver,
after an extended visit with his rela
tives here. He will stop at Salt Lake
for a short vislit. '. '
' J. H. Peare and daughter Miss Ei
lene and Mrs. Mrs. John . McKenna,
,wbo have been 'in California visiting
friends, are expected home tonight.
Mr." Peare attended the Eagles con
vention as a delegates from the local
aerie.'. ''. '
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Stock, formerly
of Cove, left this morning tor Portland
where they will be permanently lo
cated hereafter, Mr. Stock was cash
ler of the Cove bank for several years
and won many warm-friends during
his stay in Union county, lie has a
position In Portland.
f ifr-vrvmi
; Photo copyright by Americaa Press Association, 1911,
A LLi ot the water has been pumped from the inside of the cofferdam In
closing the wreck of the battleship Maine In Havana harbor, but the
wreck has not yet been entlraly exposed to view, as it is burled In
mud about thirty-five feet deep . Removing this mud is a slow process,
because it is searched closely -for the remains of the men whose bodies were
not found at the time the battleship was destroyed. Bones that have been
recovered belonged to eighteen oi. twenty bodies, and more are being found
'"'r -t!!vE!! the mud is removed, which will not be for several weeks, It
will uot be possible to answer the question as to the original explosion thut
destroyed the Maine.; One, of the pictures above shows the incrubted hull of
the batfr-'TIr. r.'ae the other shows that portion of the vessel most severely
d.vtj;l fcy the e-plrslon that sent her to the bottom. ,
&Icott Answer' Accusers.. ' ,:
I Sallm,.-Or Aug. S0.-living Sec-(
retary' Olcott to understand that, he,
as state printer, is holding his offices
in the state capitol by virtue of leg-islatiy-e
will, rather than by courtesy .
of secretaries of state; State Priniter
Duniway sent his untlmatum to Olcott 1
todaj relative to removing the state
printing plant and advised him that
he wfculd not change its location to
any bther place In the city, ,
Sefreral. months ago Olcott advised'
the state printer that he would have
to remove the plant by August 31. ,:
"1 will start action as soon as. the
time is up," said the secretary of
state today. "W. C. Bristol, of Porti
land, and Charles Li McNary, of Sa
lem, will assist as counsel In what
ever action is taken. 1 Intend to go
ahead :wHh my plan to. .oust; the'state
printing' 'plant.' v. .V',t,V-.:,.;rlgr;;:;.'
t ' Vlaln 4 nun Aw tfailn ''.'..'' .v
Itt writing to the secretary and giv
ing his reasons for his stand, State
Printer Duniway said:
j 'In reply to your letter pf June 8,
regarding the space occupied by the
state printing plant wish to state
that' I have had this matter under
careful consideration and find that
the secretaries of state have not been
furnishing this space through cour
tesy, but because they . were directed
to do so by legislative enactment ' ;
"Since . the plant has been located i
in its present quarters all the legis
lative assemblies h8,ve known its loca
tion and have considered the advan
tages to the state worth the space.
I have been unable to And that this
declaration of legislative, will has at
any time been rescinded or repealed,
and J cm therefore advised that the
occupancy of the quarters used by me
in the transaction of my official duties
Is expressly warranted by law and
that I cannot be ousted from them
lawfully without some new legisla
tion. .;':; . ,--
"I am not willinr to' remove my
plant from Its present quarters,' and
seek a location elsewhere in the city
of Salem, , This would Involve much
expense and greatly handicap me in
the performance of my official du
ti. ' ":. ! " ' . :'- .
"If, therefore you Insist upon the
removal of my plant from the capitol
building, there is a controversy be
'if - iv1-1 -f 4k,rt.Nt.-'.'AiA.--.
tween us with reference to my right
to remain and your authority to oust
me therefrom. '
1 will be glad to co-operate with
you in any proper way to secure a
decision of this question by the pro
per tribunal, but I will not move my
plant and handicap me in the per
formance of mj public duties until the
questions above referred to have been
determined against me by the proper
tribunal," ; ' ; '
WonK'n Lfuid Strike.
Paris, Aug. 31. -Two itroopa of
-cavalry today are in command of the
Valenciennes district to quell rioting
women who are demanding a reduc
tion in the prices of food stuffs. -
)uck Parties Tomorrow.
Ducks can be hunjed and killed to
morrow morning ftnfl'rnany an excur
sion to duck grounds is planned to
day. Those who are? posted say there
are but few birds' here this year.
Whenever You Need It. -
"Where can I get the recipe for
government whitewash?"
. "Any Investigating committee will
give it to you." Pittsburg Dispatck.
The Bellas.
, ' 'Oh, the belles,
Bummer bellest
What' plenitude of heartaches their gU
dineiw compel ! '
How they gignis. glggt. siesle,
In the tea brreue laden nlghtl
How their victims squirm onj wiggle
n In an ecstasy of frigrM! .
. ' How they hurt -. -
1 V When they flirt.
When with Kliinillsh Klee they gloat
On the squirming of a follow whn thr
; have him by the throat!
. . ii
, .' : , ' '. Oh, the belles, ,
Hrazen bolleal
How they conjure, schema and plaa
To entrap tha aummpr man, .
The ribbon counter gentlemen wno maa
querada as sweiisl . -
' -X :" ' ' '," Oh. the belle,
" i - '1' ' Greedy belles!
Kaw they wring, wring, wring,'
voda water, everything,
From tha pockets of tnoe "Caa&r
. claiming a wells ! . . ;, '
j ' ' ' 1 Oh, lha belles,
' 5 : Foxy belle t
What a, wealth of hint they fllg- '
To compel tha pleaaant ring,
Diamond ring! ' . . i
Ah, the heart angairlng ring '
Of the golden wedding balls, belhL beTla,
bell, bells!
Oh. the bell '
-Tom Daly la CathoUo Btndri aa4
: . Ttuvaa.
Your face Indicates whethflr
you care as to your personal
appearance or not. Don't think
that you have to suffer from a
rough skin or wind chapped
face. . , .
will help you get along the road
to a perfect personal appear
ance, and mental satisfaction,
besides it will be appreciated' by
your skin.
Vrmlit Bran Co,
If yon hare uncd thesaniple
nckage that wast left at yonr
house, you probably would like
more. We carry It, comes in,
lVhkh contain 12 S. W. HIhcuKh
For sale by
i Patlisoa Brc3.
They laoe In front ThlnK vrhat
tliat means the- classic back
correct poise beautiful lines
ease of adjustment with abso
lute comfort The proof Is in the
Mrs. Robert Patti son
Corseilere. Phoue Mack 3431.
" of
Ir Ibestimable. Most of the bad
T ye can be made perfect with
the assistance of Spectacles. I
X have dug to the very bottom of.
1 and am prepared, to do fitting
X that is unequaled. .
2 If you would be free from pain
T and inconvenience, loss of time
from work or.' school, wear a
X pair of my1 glasses. . -
T grind all my glasses.
Eye Sight Specialist
. W ' -.
ft i
V. i m til.