La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, July 26, 1911, Page PAGE 7, Image 7

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ORSE THIEVES RAIPAHT iTiiE pogicetkijife
M teems that the day of the pro-; Since the first of the year between' To
. -iionai hors ruBtler is not yet past,' anl 100 animals have been stolen and
..-.fc- Emit Oreeonlan of Pcndle-! Presumably run Into
rej8c- - ,
Many Machines and Processes
1 v Used In IH Making.
Eastern Wash-
Inntnn nn J .
' flm.tntlmtnrknWnri In -" '""luriu luano ior saie.
,on.-rruu. A reward of 5200 has been off: red
VmatHla county ha, e seen annoyed by the coun y court, of Morrow fcr
U the operations of some horse thief, j ;he arrest and conviction of the per
Mt Sheriff Taylor's reputation has petrators of the most recent theft,
,,r;vnted the development, of any that of several hors:s from the Black
,fc0esale practice along this line. HorBe country :n- days ago. Scott
Not so, however, In soma of our Erothers lost four head and Frank
neighboring 'counties..1. According to B;11 three head on thk occasion, Bell's
a dispatch from Heppner, which says:! thrss- being unusually good stock. BtH
As bad a gang of hor&8 rusters as hims If bas added $100 to the reward
lag operlated in Eastern Oregon in The tracks beaded northtoward the
many years is s ill preying on the oTmhbla.
Itoelc of Morrow, Gilliam and ons nr Indians have been smrrg tb3 heay
iwo other Washlng.on and Oregon , test lostrs along the Co'.umbfa 'n r.
tountl:s along the Columbia rl-ver.'. cenl . months. -
And the Treat Proved a Fine Ad. For
Liszt and riuDini. .
An article in an Italian review wn-
Ulltl HO HlleiWI 111 KKHJt UM MMU
gtihinl. the teimr. 1 hey wer touring
imicitifr Hint v1st:Kl it town where.,
from the preliminaries which hud licea
arniiiKeil. ureal things wete expeeied.'
But tiiey were aisiipitoiinea. tor when
llini ymi en.i:li Uiilrf- V
low 111.; to nr-',i Jn.t "o t;i(;e if '..M'e sr.p-
per wliii t" , After it few ttMnttidx the
invitation wns m'it'''"l. mid l.lszt iind
'.. Killilni entemlned ihe audience to
supper itt ttiir hotel, which coki ttiem
li'nii f .:,..,. . ,
'When m'Pt separated the host
IhniU-ll' Mi" affair tl:td lieell tl '.We.
nIhiiii wtitcli i m h id t; mnri ivimlil lie
lie.-'rd. but l'ey (li'iuMl ii eve their
OD a leather . wheel Which revti.veh
very slowly, in order that the tiiiirte
shall not lxnme hented mid lone tln-lt
The knlve are now tnlten to nnuiber
room, where, on an oilstone, the keen
fitting edges are "set." Tbl done,
the blade are cloned, and the "buT
log wheel" gives the final olih to the
outer side. Philadelphia Record.
,b,r entered the Hull they found ou!y ,. ,,,.;.,., ,;....,
Bfiv liersoii' present
initial was furious and said he would
out siug. bat Liszt calmed hiui. "You
oust sing." he said. "This small audi
ence is evidently composed of musical
connoisseurs of the town, bo we should
treat them with respect." Liszt set
the example with a grand overture,
tod Rublnl Rang to perfection. Liszt
gave another piece and then addressed
tbe audience.
Liszt as an orator was as tactful as
be bHd been In the role of pacificator.
Addressing his audience of Ofty. he
aid: . "laidies and gentlemen" there
was only one Itidv present "1 think
tif hl. ; To their atil:MliM'iit t tit- 'bull
wn piielcd. There wn not 'standing
room. The whole town bud turned out
on the off chance of an Invitation to
supper. '
"Soiling the Opportunity. ...
Crabsbaw-lf yon inRit on this new
sown I'll have to pet it on credit.
Mr. Crahshnw As lone a It's roing
to be ehurired. dear. I mny as well get
a more expensive one. Life. " , '
' Poverty is the sixth sense. German
rroverb. 1 t "
Special Excursion Rates of
$4.25 for the round trip
from La Grande to
"The Beauty Spot of the Northwest
Rates from following points V
A hena
Baker City ...
Durkee .......
Enterprise . . . .
Haines .......
Hilgard ......
Hot Lake
Imbler .......
Kairjela .......
.La Grande
Lostine I,..;....' ...
Meacham ...........
Milton A..
North Powder
Falmer Junction .. .
Pendlctcn ........'..
Pleasant Valley .....
Telocaset ; . . , . , ...
Wallowa V. . .!.;
Weston ...
"WaTla mila'Wash
; l.fiO
." 5'.35
. 8.70 : .
. r..3'j
. 2.f0 '
. 7.25
1.85 V.
PARK. ' ' ...'' . :,.':'. v, . '', '" '
RATES at Park
1 Tent with I bed'.:.........
1 Tent with 1 bed and 1 cot . .
1 Tent with two beds ........
ITent with I bed .:;.,....
1 Tent with 1 Bed and 1 Cot. .
,.:.$1.00 Per Day .
....$1.60 Per Day
..:.$1.75 Per Day
..$5-00 Per Week
..$7.00 Per "Week
1 Tent with 2 beds ':. . .'; ................ Per Wek
r furnished at the Restaurantand Lunch Counter at reasonable pric-
$5.50 meal Ucketa pu chased for $5;00. , '
Parties desiring to bring their own camping outfit" win w aitotea
Pace FREE. v. r ! ;;':'
Burros and Saddle Horses
for mountain climbing 25c per hour. Special ratei
Han J:. : Wednesdays and Saturdays and on
Uancipr ; spuialctcasicnsif desired.
For Further Information Address the
Wellowa Lake Amusement Co.
To Beeom mn Adot In th Delicata
VVork of Temperir.y Edge Steal Ne
cessitates Long Veuree of Training
and Years of Expence.
The lHlMr of Dink ag a pwketknVfe
is. n utml in ever.t induntry tout l
csirried 011 by the Hid jf a Ktvtil deal ot
Diin hliierv. tmii-b div (ted. Eni h blnde
iuu.t i through niV neiuraie H'K--es--hiNt
forjrlnt:: eeoud. layl ic
on' 1 lie ""taii: ir." tlnit lnrt wiili-h m
Kenn lulu the Imtiilie mid through
win. I) ilie li nde U rlvetwl: tli.m.
nuiikhiK or HtautilrtB wlilt the uw
of the mr.mifM'-tnrer: fourih. t-hn4:.
int." 'or li-ilifc It dwtirem.cll 111 t!:e rt-tS
if .'lie htitie lieiweew the shiilT edjje
and the lieisvier jmr: rr-1:iiiC:"" tifth
temiK-niic; nistli, prnnti us.
All lllix ii'ipiien to tl-e two onl'T.iir
bliiden of it Unl. M.-til llii!n onemili
)evletl to NtiU uiMither jM-esj. tMlllieiy
the etittlnjr of the tile, ulihh ,W de
tmnuieni of wrl; In l:,'T .
SlnitiUI we lniwt t.jmT.m-l nimi
ot a knife umur.r:i ti r ve vtiftild null
lieiM'V in n :veim-s, wliwh '. itni otti
tro!!t slieetH .t tiri of niSl Hie lil'IMl
Willis Hint llMl'.ia' 'Vise ht-tpfci tips oil
i ttie , eiid -f tf kfilfe. titld iMitHtel'H."..
ttre j.ivJ -nit -t.t :ert'iit !'vr mi
.tier Mi:.'lier Setirv .ri -It . tvliK'ii (H4
It worts in one Mow. Un i-he ir ml
front tsbotitti if steet. ise4-.nil.v for this
purjiowe. lone strip that re afterward
fasbloned under a iiress Into spriuits
for the buck of tbe knlK
The rod of steel front which tbe
blades are made In taken from the ma
terial room to the torpe. Here one end
is put Into a bed of hot nrnls. the bel
low are pumped, and tbe -end Ik soon
red. '' '" ...
Tb skllUl fonrer then hummers the
blade into vhape upon anvil, and
so atTunm. i hit eye nd o exact his
bund th:it- the bUtde doeit not deflate
a hair's bieudth front the little brass
pattern that I before' hltn iind to
which eaeh liliide mum correspond ex
actly. ',-'' '.'.'' ..
The blade is next dipped in writer
and beeoneM as bard and brittle as
plus. Hut the edueK are roujrh. It Is
uearly uniform in thieknexs and is a
- liKbt tn-Hj- itt -oinr. . ';
.Agitltt the fMrcefti 'lcjt. ; ,britpht
lulo plsy iti'ilie neM-.i-criiu. LfiyniK
the bladeii on ; winter 4d,'ie.ver tve.
fire, he wtilvliex flH'tn h 'ley elir.ut;
their hue witte the -dernee 1 f heat, first
to straw tiltir. then lo darter Htrnw
end now to the dark purple which de
notes that the proper decree of heat
' bas been obtained. Tbey .are pltmced
Into cold water as faet m they reach
this potut. -
; If tbe lilades were Allowed remain
lonper over tbe Are tbe hIih-I would
vhuuee to Jluht tilue and I'M-ome so
soft that tW lihules could 'e lient
easily. This., is pernaps tlic Ini.
f, iort:wit irts-e in the nianufi. nitre .
. The blstde are tnl;n uex 'to-ili-;
' crtndlltir r silii. The t'ritider. ti'tist hI-i
?. depend tijiil tbe iieenriicy "f 'tM eye
i 11 i.d the tra:iiitip' f tils tiitirt. i iv n
t . presses t!:f . Itmde ou 1 lie mnil j re'
5 .volviim, tttriiltte-it. on Imii ii-I.:i- j
nml r!iiii:ti Mil ,it enr;es. nt ir;u-.
tlcally flnlslies it. though ufterwafd. In
the cutler's room. a. higher, finisii l.
clveu It. . ;
" From , the, "'bpe1 rofni(',.;the lil.itles ,
go to" the cuffarHwni7. wliefe! hey x
find the other purt." of t lie ku!V ..unl
where all the pu'rta are put toneitw. .
. Each workman bere is at work upon
a particular lot of knives, all of one
pattern. Upou bis work bench are ine
various parts bf the knives, prepartd
by other hands the center scales that
separate the blades, tbe outer brass
scales of lining, with the German sli
ver bolsters, which have been secured
to tbe ends by a heavy drop uammei;
the wood, ivory or pearl scales, , tbe
springs and the wire rivets. ; h
Each brass lining, with Its covering;,
is put in a vise, and boles are drilled
in if for the rivets. A brass wire is
tbrnst through the middle of the han
dle toward the back. This ecnre the
spring, and it la tbeu broken off with
nippers uud beaded dowu with a ham
mer. This holds the scales aud spring.
Another rivet through the bolster se
cures one blade or two blades if tbe
knife has more than one blade buna
at each tid. :'
The several parts are now pnt to
gether. The next pns-esa Is "haftlng"
or finishing the covers of. the handle,
which I done on a leather wheel cont
ed with glue and emery. The rough
edges are rounded and smoothed, and
tbeo the Vnivesi are carefully' examin
ed to see If the cutler bas done b!s
work properly
If the spring works easily and he
blades close without strjklng the
knives are sent to tbe blude Mllsber.
On a woodeu wheel covered wltb
fine leather the ordinary blades are
I ven polish called a "glnze tiuisb."
Viner grade of knlvw nri given a
'crocus finish" a mirror-like surface-
That endles book, the newspaper.
Is our national glory. Henry Ward
tne boxes -ikmiki be uututtereu. a i"--which
does not seem to have occur
red to ary one previously and whii S
was not ridopied till loug afterward.'
Ixindun Gentlewoman.
The Oil Bled.
One of tbe uuiuun curiosities ot
South America ts tbe "oil bird." or
guacbaro. It breeds in . nn-ky caves,
and one of Its favorite banuts ts tne
island f Trinidad. It lays Its eegs
In a nest mnoe of mod. and tbe young
birds are prodigiously rat. The na
tives melt tbe tat down la clay pots
and produce from It a kind ot Doner.
Tbe caves inhabited by the htrda are
usually accessible only froi tne sea.
o ,
O '" '' s
N. MOLITOR. M v f ayslcian ai
Surgeon. Corner Adams Ave.
Depot street, OiBce. MtJn 6; KeV'
It vVss Ftitl of Water, and It Puxxled
the VYcea End Guett.
A rising young poilifc-ian to ' New
lork letls this story on himself. He
was Invited recently to si'tnl a week
end at a country nouse where things
were done a nolcb r two more elab
orately than he was ni-cui-tomei to.
and lie sttsid In not a Utile awe ot ,tli
solemn persou wUo was assigned t"
act as .teuiMirary valet to bltii. .. The
climax euttie' when this functluiiHry
tapped at his dmir on Sunday uiornutu
and told him it was H tu-us-k
"All nghi. i'll get up. sjiid the vs.
Itof. and the noleuin ma it tiistippearei
into the tuilhriMiui. tn.tu viii--h ite
etuly the notse ot water running ti
the ttnthtub was audible' .In hair, a
minute more the aoietuu persoti einerg-
hiiiinn a lro allrer hnwl ftlll f
w-iter,. with whl
"lie must hae .oen the astonish-;
OjimiI In my. fai-e." snia the New VorK
t-r. "I couldn't enrienii tt' . If V.i'
ivliollv new game to ni" . ind t rl'dn't
j know whether was "tt in dtp
my beau In it or to ;.. it, it was
an awful moment, tmt ttmt man was n
diplomat. He- realised my embarrass
ment, and he Just let drop In a cold and
lloof tone, as if he had outsiders to
deal with every day. the simple ex
planation: : '
. " 'The temperatnre of your bawth.
sir.' "New York Sun.
J. W. LOUQHLUi, M. D. k
Drs. Richardson It Loughllzr,
Pbyslciasa and Surgeons. .
and tbe hunting of tbero ta someUmes ptotts Office' Elack 1362; lnd. SS3L
an exciting sport
Office Houra to 11; J to 6; 7 to 8.
Maid If. luX,
7S7; ina
ilch he'npp'rom-hea the I dFrr"d
,'. ' r''1?wr,vf
i Dr. Richardson's Res.-
' ' 311.
0TIf E OF STREET IMl'ROVEMEM Dr. Loughlin's res.-Main
:te is hereby given that in purv.tance " " "
of a resolution adopted by tin co:nrron C H. UPTON, Ph. G. M ... - r'h..slb
council of the cl y of Ia Grande, Ore-. and surgou. t(etiai 4ne.i;:ioi o
gon, on the fifth day of Augus'. 11UI9, Kye. Kar, Mw n1 itnoai. Otttc
creating Improvement district No. 2,,
and designating Thirdstreet as suchj
dlstr'ct, and In pursuance of a reso-l
lotion adopted by said common coun-i
til on the firth day ot July. 1911.
whereby said council dc eririined and
declared its Intention to improva all !
that portion of Third street, in said
Improvement district asboielnafUr
in La GiftLde Nstiuinii laua UottA-
Ing. Phooes; Uiik iUiu . H-nl-
by laylntf thereon-cetwnt
n nn e"''o gir.e vi tne sirve.,
the council will, ten days after the
1 service of this notice upon the owners
I ; . ' I. -i -"in aitn ud and benet'ttnl
I h'- sc'h-'ti'ivovfenj. orer that said
above described imijrovnmenf bs mad-;;
that t'ae boundaries of said ols'rlct to
be so improved are as, follows:
i All that portion of Third street, from
the south curb . line of Jefferson ave
nue, to the north curb line, of Main
i avenue. ' , ' ' - ? v ' '
(A) And the property affected or
benefitted by said improvement is as
I follows: .'.:;';
S East half of blocks 7. 8 9 and west
Vsrv Annovino Indeed It Was Before i ha of blocks 1. 2 and 3. all in Gran-
They Were Numbered. - I dy's addition to the city of La Grande,
People who . nowadays book their j Oregon.
seats beforehand tor tne play cannot i Notice is hereby further given that
conceive of the discomfort of other j the councn wln i8vy R speclal assess
days. an lnstau-e of which la given by , h , ff , fl tf
John Kvvte in "Comedy Queens of th , . 11
benefitied by such improvement for
Georgian Bru... ;. v I.. . , , . ,
"One ot Charles Matthews' newspa- the purpose of paying for such Im
per cnttlugs." he says, "contains a let- j provemenf. That the estimated coat
ter from u disgusted playgoer dated j of such improvement- ig the sum of
January. I77U, protesting against this ' jt oifl'fiO. That tha council will, on the
custom of -permitting a tmitmiin to fPf.or drv c' Anm'. 1!11. meet fit
' ""' '"' ,,r nvu,,t " ,m,v ""x' lw: retmtft; f-r! -fh: Wof
a woiniii) ot the first qumilv ly whv. .. . ' . -j ...
ot securing a ,ace for ins hos m.s , " m "
Ipr. .-..';; mated cost, and the levy nf.mM. a
The Imlei-ency of the prtctlce Is , eersmert, when , n ' hearing w'M he
su la to le aggravated ny tiie usual ' rar,t?d to eny nersrtn feeling aggrfev-
cboice of the dirtiest servant ot the j by such assessment. V " - h
;UR. H. L. I NtUCP.WOOl v - Hiytctasl
and Surgeon.. Special aiunuon to
disease aou auigeiy of the eye..
Phones: OtTtce-Matn '.'2.;. Reto-iWiu-ia.
j lud. twl. .........
EO. W. VIMMKII.MAN rseoptls
Physician. BMt ifoom7
8. 9 and 10. Phones: Hume 1533
, Pacltic, Main Retldence pbon
Black Kri. erttvueeaor to Or. C. E.
not drugs, not surgery, not osteo
pathy. Consultation free. Room 20.
La Grande National bank.
J. C. PRICE, D. M. Ii.Dentlst. Room
23, La Grande National Rank Bully
ing. Phone Black 399.
DR- P. A. CHARLTON .Veterinary 8uv
geon. Office at Hill's Drug Store
La Grande. Residence phone, Rai
701; Office phone, Black 13C1; In
pendent phone C3; both phones at
tOCHRAN & ('OiiytAN Attorneys:
Cbas, E. Cochran and Geo. T. Ct Ju
ra n. I Grande National Bam
Bldg., La Grandft, Oregon.
family for this duty.f or tite men f
parade and dgure are to prarne he
fore the lady's chair wlin lighted
tliimlieiiux or hang like a roe of un
ions behind her coach.
"As a remedy for this nuisance the
writer ot this letter ' marie, the revolt!-;
tionary suget ion that the sittings ltii
, Ia Grande. Oregon. JnTy 21st. 1911.
' OREGON. ',,
: ; By C. M. HT1MPREYS.
Perorder of the City of La Grand-.
Oregon. . .
- 7-21-10f ' ' ''
I'. H. CRAWKOltD Attorney i ?.". .
Practices in al ltbe courv iA
Rmt n4 TTnit-i Office ta
La, GrHtiiii. isstiuiiAi bAUt Bldg., IA
; Oranrta, Oregou.
Attorneys, over Sllverthome'a Ami.
tore, La Grande, Ore. R. Jo.
Green and Cbas. A. Small. Rooraav
IS and 16.
n w. v. NTl fn.vMinng Engnmer.
,,.aliA,.. iimiJt 'atiaa-y-i'ir
tjt y
aUL iJfe'': aLi iW O
We are offering these lots at from $160. to $200. each, on
I ; We furnish-. you; an :absfrati ofliil e j Wlien yov have paid
for. these Jots; : .jNola poor lot in our whole offering
Better call al our office and learn more about these tots.
Bell Phone Main 752. . -Independent
phone 262.
Foley Hotel Block.
LaGrande Oregon
)t- iijr-iji 'Li - im- mir-ir-Tf 4 y'T f -f