La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, July 18, 1911, Page PAGE 3, Image 3

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TUESDAY, JULY 18, 1911
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I Kagoshima, because ol the attack upon hia own command. Most of these, horr
I some British merchants by the Sat-! ever, he concealed from the entire.
suma. - ine batsuma fleet returned wold, and not even Tokyo knew that
the bombardment and young Togo, hir naval -ham w flii.tinr
crippiea torce.
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Washington, July 18. Admiral
Togo, of Japan, who will be the guest
of the United States for 17 days next
month. Is regarded as the greatest, liv
ing sea-flghWT in the world today.
Ho bears the distinction of having
won a brilliant, unqualified victory in
the greatest naval engagement of mod
ern times. He Is the only comman
der in chief in any navy who has sue
cessfully directed a Titanic conflict be
tween great fleeU of warship of the
20th century. Tae erla of victories of
Admiral Togo, in the war between
Russia and Japan, in 1904-05, culmin
ating in the battle of the Japan Bea
were the Justification of the present
tvnn of ea-flehtinK craft which has
revolutionized naval warfare. ' ,"
Since the war with Russia, Admiral
Togo has held the position of Chief
of the naval staff of Japan, a position
corresponding to that conferred upon
George Dewey, who is the admiral of
the United States navy and president
of the general board. - Togo is the pop
ular Idol of his nation.
He comes to the United States from
England, where he represented the
mikado at the coronation of King Geo.
V last month. When the Japanese
foreign office broached , the- plan for
the Nipponese hero to visit the United
States on his way home from England,
I the suggestion was most cordially re
ceived by President Taft and Secretary
I mi 4- 1 1 -t l L '
I state, all arrangements for his visit
are being made, and the plana thus
far. decided upon assure the disting
uished admiral of one of the most cor
dial and elaborate receptions ever ac
corded a foreigner by the American
nation. ,
The tentative program for his visit
includes entertainments at New York.
Boston, Philadelphia and Washington.
The official functions will culminate at
Washington, where elaborate prepara
Rons are being made. Dinners and
lunches at the white house, the home
of the secretary of state, and the Japa
nese embassy are already decided upon
and other entertainments of a semi
public nature are being arranged. Ad
miral Togo will also go to Niagara
Falls, thence' inio Canada and to Van
couver, where he will take the steam
er for home.
American naval officers and diplo
mats who are acquainted with Admiral
Togo declare that modesty and reserve
are hl most striking characteristics.
He is described as a man of Gew words.
almost never mentioning his own
deeds. He Is small in stature, even
for a Japanese, though etocklly built
He wears a beard, which', though trim
med close, almost wholly conceals his
features. He is said to be exceedingly
simple in his tastes, and a man de
lighting in his family, which consists
of two sons and a daughter. Hunting
is said to be one of his favorite pas
times when on shore. ' Hunting and
times when on shore. Togo la a mem
ber of the nobility, with the rank of
count, and bears the decorations of
the Japaneae orders of the Golden Kite,
First Class, and the Grand Gordon
of the Chrysanthemum. He was dec
orated with 1 be order of Merit b
K,ing jsawara.. . v :
iTogo Helhachlro it being the cus
torn in Japan to place the given name
second was born in 1847,. the son of
a! petty retainer of th Lord of Kag
oshima, one of the famous nobles of
the Satsuma. In Togo's youth, the
Satsuma contested with the Shogun
or council, whlch surrounded the em
peror, the supreme power In Japan
The Satsuma were famous for the mili
tary prowess or tneir young men, ana
It wa In the SatautBa navy that Togo
began his career. It was from the navy
of the Satsuma, victorious over the
Shogun forces, that the Imperial navy
of Japan was created. The story of
stripped to the waist, passed ammuni
tion up to the gunners.
In the civil wars of tha next few
years, in which the Shogunate was
overthrown, Togo fought in many of.
the naval ba'tles, but without especial
distinction. With the triumph of the
emperor, and the forming of an im
perial navy out of the victorious aSt
suma warships, Togo saw his oppor
tunity. He applied for and received a
commission to go to England to study
for a naval career,
Hie went to London In 1871. and
soon after to Plymouth, where he be
gan a course in naval apprenticeship
on board N. M. training shin Worcea
ter. While there, he received his com
mission as second lieutenant' in the
new imperial navy.
In 1876 his course was finished, but
Togo remained in England to super
vise the construction of the new Japa
Whea the ruin of the Russian fleet
in the Pacific was complete, Togo ap
peared at Tokyo for a few days to re
port to the emperor. One day he dis
appeared. He remained hidden from
the world for four months. Then be
reappeared with his fleet and annihi
lated the Russian armada sent around
I tie, he estimated that the battle would?
I begin at 2 o'clock the following af-
It wag 1:53 when he signalled to
his fleet, just as the firing was about
to begin:
"The riae or fall of the empire de
pends upon the' result of this engage
ment; do your utmost, every one of
For two days, during May 27 and'
May 23. the battle continued. At iu
concluefon, Togo sent the following
I mesaaffe. fnarked hvth iYllplmia nlr.
from the Baltic. The, exact hiding. If uifc k .,.., lt
i vtuiiu is vjjai a;t,oi 10111; ui kut uJitu;
'By the grace of heaven and the
place of Togo and his fleet during
those months is not yet generally
known. With infinite patience he
waited, and prepared to meet the great
fleet he knew was coming.
Admiral Togo chose that the battlj
should be fought on his terms, and no;
those of the enemy. He deliberately
staked everything on the chance that
the RussTans would pass through the
straits of Tsushima on their way to
Vladivostok. Just without this pas-
1 sage he awaited the arrival of Ad-
"va BU,P ye' on w"lcn net returned mirai jojestvensky. So accurately
to Japan in 1878. was he Informed by wireless messages
While In England he spent some from his scout ships of the Russian
months at Cambridge. His tutors have advance, that 24 hours before the bat
since said that he learned Fngllah ; -
with difficulty and was considered a
help of God our combined squadron
succeeded la nearly annihilating the
first, second and third squadrons of
the enemy."
From this battle ha returned, to re
ceive' unprecedented honors from the
emperor and the nation. Rewarded
with the post of chief of staff of the
Japanese navy, his mind and genius
have been the controlling spirit of the
advance of the Japameea navy ever
since. Hl popularity has neer waned,
and he Is today a greater hero in Jap
an than when he returned to Tokyo
fresh from the greatest naval victory
of modern times. " '
BUB. Hhtfli... '
--.- w
In 1882 Togo, then a vice captain,
won a present from his government
for his services and gallantry In lead
ing a landing party to quell disturb
ances In Seoul, where the Korean king
had permitted insults to the Japanese.
In ' 1884 he was sent to observe the
progress of the Franco-Chinese war,
after which he made a special report
to his Imperial majesty.
In 1891 he was placed in ommand
of the Naniwa, the warship from which !
three years later Togo struck the first
blow of the Chinese-Japanese war.
An incident during his first command
nearly closed hlg career. ;
' At a time when war was expected
but not yet declared, the Naniwa fall
in with a British steamer, loaded with
Chinese troops. Togo ordered the
Er.tlbh captain to follow, him. , The ,
Chinese officers on board the trans-
tort prevented the captain from do
ing so, whereupon Togo sunk the ves-
sel with a single shol. Togo's action
caused a controversy among the au
ihor'tieu on international law, it beivg
c'w.raed that his act was nothing
short of murder, Threats of reprlsa's '
by England were made, and Togo' alt- !
ua ton was critical. '
Fearful lest his government be un
able to support his action, Togo made
this public announcement: ' v
"If my action should prove fttnl to
the imperial policy, and hrin my
country into difficulties, I ; will .. at
once commit harlkarl (suicide)."
However, it was finally held that he
was Justified by the rules of war.
Togo came out of the war a rear ad
miral, and received many honors from
his. i-overe-ign.' When Russia interfered
in the peace negotiations and Japan
became convinced that she was being
robbed of the fruits of her splendid
victory, her rulers foresaw that their
nation must inevitably clash with the
czar in the orient. To Admiral Togo
was entrueted the task of preparing'
the Japanese navy for the struggle
which was to come at the end of a de-
cade. The Japanese statesmen were
convinced that Japan must fight for
her life on the sea.
Most of the next ten years Togo
spent on shore, preparing for the war,'
A good part of this time he command
ed the Malzuru naval station, which
became the cradle of the Japanjeee
navy. He devoted himself Uy building
an organization; and etudylng nataf
tactics. When the war clouds appear
ed,) he was appointed commander In
chief of the united squadron, com
prising practically all of Japan's nav
al strength. As he left for his com
mand, and was asked If he had any
messages for his family ha replied
"Nothing in particular tell them I
am well and happy and not to distract
me by sending me letters." " ;
1 He proceeded to Port Arthur, and
two days after the delivery of the Jap
anese ultimatum to the Russian mhv
'IsW- he had successfully1 attacked,
with great damage, the Russian squad
ron lying tinder the shelter of the for
tification at that place. Then followed
the nerve-racking watch of month be
fore the mouth of the harbor In which
he had the Russian -fleet bottled up.
It was there that the commander in
chief won the name'of "Father Togo"
from tho sailors, and It was there, too,
that he showed the naval officers of
the world how to use torpedo boat
destroyers. Though victorious In re
peated engagements with the Rua-
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Togo's career Is. coincident with the
birth and growth of the imperial Jap
anese navy.
The young cadet had hardly entered
the Satsuma navy when he got his first
taste of sea fighting. Strangely
enough, his first engagement was dl
rected against ships of the English
navy, which bombarded the town ofjslans, Togo suffered tewt losses la
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