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TlttJItSbAY, JUNE 8, 1911.
Editor and Owner.
Entered at the postoffice at La Grande
as second-class matter.
afl, single
Dally per week
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1 '.
copy ...?...
,. f , 1
351 JUNE 1311
I I 1i2l3
Last evening there was a sensation
al array ot the paving company by
Councilman Logsden. He is convinc
ed that the proper stone Is not being
hhi in xattranae, ana to prove nis as
aertion he produced some very Inter
com steps taken In the matter. But
does it not seem that the time for ob
jection Is late when the amount ot pav
ing already kid la considered? If the
contentions are well founded is It sot
eity owners -git off In the end?
,Aa a mattor"bf fact the Evening Ob
server believes the rock base for the
paving done lure ig first class, for
there la the best rock obtainable for
paving and eo far as most of ns have
observed good rock has been used.
But there are things about paving that
the layman does not understand, the
most Important of which is tjie mix
ing of what is termed the ''hot stall''
ana me spreading cine aaiae com
modity. It would seem if a company
wanjed to slight a piece of .work it
would not slight , the rock base which
is easily obtained but the slight would
come in applying the mixture that is
expensive and very costly to trans
pott here. , Understand,' we are not
saying such a thing has been done, for
we are ignorant of the process of pav
ing Just as most of the property own
ers of La Grande are ignorant 1
What we do contend Is that the "hot
stuff" would be the logical place -!to
slight if it was Intended that a slight
should exist. : 5" V
The essence of ' thia whole "matter
might be stated In a few words: What
kind of inspection has been done to
this public work? Possibly, all right,
but if so why is this feeling of un
rest and uncertainty. As the Evening
Observer has often said, the man who
stands between the taxpayer and loss
when an improvement era Is on is the
man whom the city employs to inspect
and pass on the work being done. If
he is capable and sincere there is no
chance for cheating, even'lf a' com
pany was disposed to cheat. y ;,
No office In La Grande has been so
lor rock as samples. If the council'
man Is correct there should at once heji;jportant as the Inspector since pub
lic, work began, and no office will be
as Important in the future as the In
spector. Councilman Logsden,,- nor
any other member of the city council,
can afford to stay on any Job of city
reasonable to suppose such a condi-' vort an 0f the time to see it is prop
tlon of affairs has existed from the eriy done And in most instance?
arst yara o.' paving taiai men, ir; COuncllmen do not know when a Job,
this is true where do La Grande prop-' lg peIng done right unless they have
. . . - technical knowledge of the particular
work in progress.
"Italian Coast Scenes" (Gau
mont) Like all; ef this ; com
pany's out- door pictures this
leaves nothing to be desired.
The view points selected could
, not be Improved upon and the
photography is beyond criticism
"The Winning of the Stepchild
ren" '(Vltagraph) ' Showing
how a step-mother undertook
to win the love of the children
'of the man she was to marry
and how well she succeeded. It
to a simple home play that will
please you, and Its a Vitagraph.
"The Attonement of Thias"-A
very strong dramatic picture
with Egyptian settings. ;y
The Hoyden" This film tells
the story of a tomboy girl who
developes Into a woman in
three short years. The comedy
Is lively and the theme is dif
ferent from any worked out in
a picture story so far, 1
Song "Hurrah For - the Sum
mer Time" by Mr. Bernie,
Mr. Greenaway, drums and ef
, fects. : y,- ; i
atinee every day at 2 p. m. '
- A tribute to the life of Jasper G.
Stevens, who recently died In Port
land, is paid by ex-Governor T. T. Geer
In the Oregonian of Wednesday as fol
lows:; ,"y,yy'..y yy ;'., ',.';' y V:
"Jasper G. Stevens, who died at his
home in this city last Thursday morn
ing, was one of the successful business
men of- Grande Rbnda valley whos?
passing at the age of 54 .years Is what
may be appropriately tefned untime
ly. He was comparatively young, had
applied himself to business affairs for
30 years so faithfully that he had
amassed a comfortable fortune and
had retired to a home In Portland to
enjoy the fruits of his labors. He
was especially happy in his domestic
relations' having a devoted wife and
two children, a boy who is attending
the state university, and a girl, Just
in her teens, who is in high school,
jasper C. Stevens was born In Sil
vertony Marlon county, July 1, 1857,
his father maving there in 1856. About
1861 the elder Stevens located In Eu
gene where Jasper attended the state
university, being a member of its first
graduating class. In 1882 he raoved to
Cove, Union county, where he opened
a drug store and tor 25 years he fol
lowed his 'business closely earning a
reputation for strict attention to his
duties, to the exclusion of almost ev
ery other consideration. During most
of this time, be was the postmaster at C
that place and was known to practical-, 0
, cin; uinil, ivuuiun 0.1111 I'DUU in IDC
Grand , Konde vall y "and esteemed
very highly.' He established a home on
Irving street, this city, about five
years ago, since when be has divided
uib iiuic ueinrea uueuuing 10 niS ai- j j
fairs In Union county and enjoying 1
the change afforded by life In a'largejl
u' uo U4v laiiea st (
ral auto trips over, the Wlll&mate '
valley, to the Wallowa valley ami j
speLt two months of the last winter ia j
Lower California. '. - . ' , '.;.
; At the time of his death Mr. SteWnsi
was president of the state bank at j
Cove, president of ..the bank' at Wal-j
Iowa, Wallowa county, and vice presl- i
flnt of the First National bank nt
Union; He also had large landed in
terests In Grande Ronde valley. His
father, Mark Stevens, died at Cove in j
1898,. having been, preceded to ; the
o'.her world by his v wifei Frances
(Clark) Steven i. t pine years. One!
of his sisters, Miss Nellie Stevens, was i
for several years one of the teachers j
In the public schools In Portland and j
Is now the principal of the St. Johns!
school. For four years and a half she j
was superintendent of schools for Un-!
ion county. Another sister, Miss May,
Is a teacher . of music in Portland.
His only brother, Earl, Is' living on a
farm near Sherwood, a few miles west
of Portland. ' , ,,. . :.y :-" ,
On behalf of his Immediate family
i and rlatlvp. wrt u
friends at Cove, where I first made his ;
acquaintance in the days long, gone by I
I desire to give this testimonial to !
Jasper G. Stevens' worth as an up
right citizen, whose conspicuous ex
ample of the value of strict applica
tion to businesses worthy of emula-1
tton . by all men and whose Uniform
kindness of disposition won him;
friends wherever toe was known, r- , I
j vvio tvuaq vicy wuu; vaucu
him "Jap," will miss him, perhaps
more than any other man who could j
hav been called away, but his wife;
and children, - brother, and sistesrs,
have the happy consolation that he liv
ed in a 'well spent .life, that he was
active in developing business matters
In his sphere, that he passed on with '
the respect of all who knew him and,
that all his acquaintances were his
warm friends,' '
T1 O
- i
Our Dry .Goc ds Department
Replete with aii the neweet thade and pat
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Summer Dress.
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i isnnr nminin
UttibL UUUbHli
the theatre, for the man In which this
beautiful song has bem'arranged to
suit Mr. Ferrln'a beautiful voice.
! .1. lAJLJnlXl M, iti lilllA
Old Friends arid New
V v,5 1 Winning'" permanent, lasting friends is the work; j
Nff of :,tirrie,v' and this bank numbers among its ' clients (
hundreds of banks and .business houses with whom .
it has had close relations for a great part of the
j," twenty-four years of its existence. . ; : ' ; ' 1
v Our friends have helped to make this one of the
! larirest and strongest banks' in the West. We have
helped in their making, too. " ; " : . : '.V':
We welcome new friends and will attend to their v
wants with' the same, fidelity which has. cemented
our relations with our older ones. ,
La Grande National Bank
, CAPITAL. . ..,$ 100,000.00
. SURPLUS . I- . :100,000.00
; ; RESOURCES . . . . 1,100,000.00 v .
Fred J; Holmes," A es; ' ; W. J. Church. VO'ce Pres.
F. L. Meyert, Cashe; : Earl Zundel.w4ss'f. Cashier
John Fruits of Joseph was the maa
who shipped stock the greatest dis
tance, to the Unfon stock show last
week. He Is a breeder of the Hamp
shire swine, and to shqw . the largo
crowd of people his stock he shipped
several head from Joseph to Union.
That he has a splendid strain of
hogs no one questions and the general
feeling expressed by those who ook
an interest In the pen was that John! Tom Brannon today, brought In an
Fruits Is doing a great deafor this immense cougar, meaiuslng 9 feet and
section of country. " ' 6 lnche3, v hlch he killed Sunday on
Said to be One of the Largest of
Kind Measured 9 1-2 Inches.
The hog Is a wealth producer, as
safe as a wheat field and a commodity
that can always be cashed. The man
who sticks to hogB year in and year
out never goes broke, never has his
credit mutilated and when a crash
comes usually he is the man who can
get the ready money when others fall.
Again the Evening Observer wlshe3
to call attention to what the word "re
sponsibility" means In municipal, af
fairs. The Second street ' pipe line
was put in by men who cared nothing
for the welfare of La Grande. Tha
Five Points about four miles from
Hllgard. ": ' ; '; 'V; ' '-' .
Mr. Brannon and Louis Gassct were
going through the brush, near the
range where J. n McKennon has a
large band of sheen when the bis cat
was started. Ir, Brannon aalrt tbt
the huckelberry brush was Over wait
deep where the cougar was first seen.
It made long high leaps up over the
brush coming all the timo, toward the
men. YvTwn it was within five feet ot
Mr. Brannon he fired sending a 30-30
ball into the body of the animal. . Af-
j ter being hit It ran about twenty-five
yarag Dcrore it reii.
Mr. Brannon and others who saw
threat today say that It Is one of the
; -Notice of Annual School Meeting
Notice' is hereby given to the legal
voters of School district No. One of
Union . county, State of Oregon, that
the annual school meeting of said dis
trict will be held at the old high
school building in said (distrlct to be
gin at the hour of 2 o'clock p. in. on
the third Monday of June being the
19th day of June, A. D. 1911. :
This meeting is called for the pur
pose of electing one director and the
transaction of the business usual at
such meetings.
There will also be submitted, to the
legal voters at said election the fol
lowing questions :y , : i
Stain school district No. One ot Un
ion county, reimburse Arthur C. Wil
liams, clerk of Bald district for money,
amounting to $1,578.34, lost by him in
the failure of the) Farmers and Trad
ers National bank of La Grande, Ore
gon, and by him forthwith paid to the
proper check valve of thorough Inspec- j largest ever seen. It has a mate and
tlon Was not fnrthmmlnw . and na a i. i .v.. .1. '
. . o - j it J8 ucil
rfsuu me city paid an enormous ex- kittens in the brush
pense. " . - ':- '-, ..''.."-
; But what we wanted to call atten
tion to is the "responsibility" of pub
lic officials and Its true meaning
When the company that laid the Sec
ond street pipe line' became defunct j
and would not come back and make
good; when La Grande was up against
a water problem that was really seri
ous a home man, a man' who lives
here, was called upon to make' tha re
pairs. He laid no claims to being an
expert but he fully ; realised the "re
sponsibility" of the work imposed up
on him. He made no promises but
said, "I'll do the best I can." The
Second street pipeline Is now repair
ed and is carrying the wattr supply of
La Grande. L. M. Hoyt ,ia the man
who made good without a fuss, but on
the plain principle of trying to do the
work right V
That Is the kind of work this city
needs and needs It very badly. -
I u jo ucuetcu. luai lueio are uuuia
near where the
cat was killed. Mr. Brannon heard
them crying but the' brush was too
thick and darkness was comming on
so was unable to make a seajrch for
them. ' .) '-y'-
He received yesterday the regular
ten dollar bounty paid by the county
on cougars,
- Siali ettol d!stri:i 'N. One of Un
ion coun y, st-t? c: Oregon, purchase,
block, 82 of Chaplin's addition to thei
town pf La Grande Union county, Ore- '
gon, at the price of $3,600.00 for a play .
ground? V - v;-r'''':'"''.. . :';:'' i):
Said election shall be held from 2 p.
m. until 6 p. m. and it shall be by bal-
Dated this 8th day of June, A. D.
1911. :-
T ." '.. HENRY HENSON, -'Chairman
District School Board.
., , District Clerk.
6-8-19. '
, ; ;- 7; At the.Isis,' ."'
In response to 'repeated requests
from4he patrons of the Isis theatre
and other citizens, Mr. Sherwood, the
popular manager of the Isis has again
secured the beautiful song, "Those
Songs My Mother Oed to Sing." Mr
Ferrin, the ever popular tenor, is en
gaged at the Isis to'slng this song an 1
music critics and the public both join
in the opinion that nothing so beauti
ful Jn melody and pathos has tver
been rendered In La Grande before
This song some two months.ago fill
ed the np-to-date picture house every
1 v j performance and we are sure the pub-
LOSTA bay horse, weight about l.-jUc will appreciate the attention which
030 pounds, branded O on left shoul- i the management gives to the peoule of
der. Anyone finding him call the La Grande. Some mensurenf credit is
Newlin Drug company. 6-8-tf ' due Mr. King, the musical director of
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