La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, May 18, 1911, Page PAGE 8, Image 8

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T costs $1,000 sometimes for
pository for, money than a Hand
a Ilady recently to learn this" bit-Tr
ter lesson .. , " ;
..f'lfl'enferprsflgcrrylar who was aware of her
foolish distrust of banks watched his opportunity i
and the money was gone. The savings of almost -
a ifefote were lost merely because of-ffce fool
; ; 5 sft few Aaf he hanfc woud break. Think of the
: r millions and millions of dollars In banks every
day and night and the loss by the breaking of a
" bank is not 'one dollar In a hundred millions.
J -. : J '
'n ;r.n
1 J ' unninii ni urn
sanations by Ctfy of Site aW a Small
Tax Uij Only Requirements,
Procedure necessary to acquire ac
wss to Andrew Carnegie's exchequer
A tue building of a public library i
lefng discussed by local adherents of
. Ae.get-a-llbTary ranks. In a quiet
- , irt of way th promoters have been
' Jfscusslng the proposition pro and con
- " - d have about reached the focus of
- Sbefr study with the result that 'It vis
.... , .bw known about'tb what extent x-
, jirfitiires nuiBt bp'made if the great
, ' JSr e?ded adjunct to the city's neces
ry equipment, shall be , realized.
Jrw'rred to action by the elgnal suc
cess of the Union Indies, La Grand?
- Ko'pte are looking abctnt for ft manna
Jo.ittijulre a Carnegie library without
' (xceftslve burden, or practically any
t' at all. There are several ways
open hat one plausible method In fnr
1-eciry to donate Its propert.cornpr
Mterth and Pennsylvania for library
aurnorBesi and the Cnrnpgle library
find nlao requires that the city council
lir a small tax to raise the malnten-
niice money, suy $1,000 yearly, m-evW
feMS,, Thft tax levy i required but In
ridontats and a part of the general
tiathtenance can be gleaned from us-re-of
books who, Ufcela'drjii In many
wwns, could pay a small fee-say a
.dalTar. for one year's Tights to!' use
f books. In thls way the'odds1 and
. mtjMutL. part of the malntsnance
projwr could te"" relraburted to the
v - ., It. la believed that MrCarnegie will
iflpplyt the needed funds to build the
: ; rtnicture, when he is apprised 6f the
i . , , Ifnttin Gio case. The construction of
, jj- (- r mrary without a cent of expense to
ucuranae people epuid be thus attaln-fc-tB
city donate te site -and Mf.
nM-iregie ouua me structure.
, 1110 rank' r ,,brary boosters are
i I '.fWwft't &Uy nd It seems positive
eue nor in levying me email tax for
the maintenance. The rest would ap
parently be a matter of detail and time
only. .' 1 i;i
"The urgent need of a library Is self
evident and needs no elucidation but
the best way to attain the desired end
Is what Is light now 'before, the pub
lic," asserted one prominent factor In
the library campaign today, and he
voices the sentiment of the public In
Protested (Janie Anions the Matters to
Be Considered. .
JBaf slepa to bring about th trpitmi
r try necefsary conditions will be W pltal badly Injured but may live.
t boo. The public opInon ;expresseV dead, wprkmen; ar .W, Parrlsh,
' - from m&nr souroea is thnf v.a .vnn'i .-
... . . ,7 w ' . . -mv ivuuvil
For the first time since the Eastern
Oregon league has been-set in motion
there will: be a meeting of .the direc
tors of these fonr cluba.., This, meet
ing has been called for Friday at 2:30
O'clock ."when the four men will meot
with the "president of the club In this
city to discuss Important routine mat
ters and also to act on the appealed
game of last Sunday, protested by El
gin. . . ,. ' .., - '
This will be the first time these di
rectors have been together, for they
were elected by the meeting of mana
gers In Baker Jast spring. Dr. J. C.
imce wine uo, orande director in
the club. '
J. L. Hlndmah will ronrostont 'na'lro-
knd'Thbnias Brasier. of Union U the
IJnlon director," ' .
' . . "
J ''''nl..;-t.
xatal dit to have old fash-
- " '
Hip, Dip Hurrah Tme lVlth Lots of
Judical Amendment Has Bearing on
r . . - . On Case. ' "r'-
The supreme cpftrt of Oregon Las
and In each the lower court t'as been
Yes, Jtjls to be a greasy pig and a
greasyolxelebrat'lon ,wltj uckaroo
contest attachments carrying a side-!
mt. . "wu ucai was uec
l Ifid ! AT ' fw ntUM Alrt tw Irvfa r9 liinMn 19 I
7 - t r f 7;55Z v V : ? .Cochmn were attorneys
toy baloons galore Tha s .what La JJ andenator Oliver rel
ario-VPheldt- of Brown vs. Truax
sldfwhere B aouf ?48 as in79Ivod ?n a
aecioea ror Brown.
Grffnde Is sroln to do on the Fourth of
July H Jtha&sen't plans pt a nymber
of the business people carry; arid in
dications ar,e. yery , strong they wliL
, It Is argued that severaf years lave
elapsed ' since the good old bird .Has
had her tall feathers plucked in col
onial 'style, and Just to show fce re
mainder of the country that patriot
Ism ' hat not reached. : a stagnation
stage, and that the, young urchin ofj
La Grande has not forgotten how to;
louch off a cannon cracker. It is con-!
sidered the year nineteen hundred and
eleven is the proper time to get in the
ganie In real earnest
Fun, why there will foe nothing to
It but fun and waving the star span
gled banner. La Grande la going to
hav the celebration of her life the
kind that brine bnoV th mmntnfc '
Bunker hill; that causes one to re
member the- continental congress and
th stirring words of Patrick Henry.
Wallowa and Baker counties want
to send their (best riders for the buck
aroo contest and according to local
men they will get a'cMon, for the hilla
of Union county still hold a few of
t n.Oi nntf a yv a. .
norse ioo .statements or errors are made, the
.elS !S n 8Ut' brief and to the point and doe,i not
gested and. the buslnes .men may j enumerate or even mention such a
n h?r 'J gm8, , ,BdIir0f h thing as an error in the trial court,
other prom nent citizens into service Effect of Amendment,
to make ew speeches and read the According to the views of many
ever respected declaration of indpend- learn,Ed ffien the people were anxloua
,.': t. . . ' '4, I to Put an end to long drawn out litl-
,. is a sure go ; eation and tha mnroa tv. ...
w 'vmw i w Vii7 OU
resented Mr. Truax.
: t. ' Jndicfal Amendment Enters.
In' the case of Jos. 31 Wills vs. the
Palmer Lumber comnanv for alleeed
damages-? to th - extent, pf 1,20
through injury, to pne hand, the su"
of tji lower court; Btatjngr briefly in
asmuch as there' va. some evidence
tp support the yerdlct tha higher court
sustained the verdict of the lower,
j iji nieans hat errors in trials wtll
nd longer have" weight with the su
preme court when there is revEIance
to support the verdict of a lower, tri
bunal, and this follows from the Ju
dicial amendment adopted by the peo
ple last fall. Heretofore It had been
possible to carry , up a case when
errors had been -committed in trial
and at least have the case remanded
back for trial on account of such er
rors. But the people put aji end to
that when they 'instructed the su
preme court that errors were not to
be considered wbea evidence support
ed the verdict of the lower court. In
stead of a lnethy opinion now rela-
i tive to a case carried uo In which
$0 H. Pv 5-Passeiig9r Touring Car
: - ISy used; Excellent car.
Aay'g Portland Telegram. ; ' N
. . .- ,-,-. i -i ,'
There was a contest over only one
. -1 : . i ' .
office, that of warden, which was set
tled on the ilrst ballot, Mrs. Charlotte.
Woodman of Portland being the as-
. Baker to Attend Horse Show.
Baker 'has been invited to take an
active part in the horae. show that
will be. held ftt Union next month, says
the Bakei' Herald. -
An Invitation has been sent to the
sembly'a choice'. :Other' offleera elected Commercial club to have a Baker dav
.were: -Vice president, Miss May ndthat"Uiis''cltr-Hend.e delegatlonr
Greer, Hlllsboro; secretary; Mrs, Ora inre lo WK Parr m ine evenl- Tna
n tv 1'j 1 ! ,r : day will be turned over to Baker peo
Cosper, Dallas, and treasurer. Misa : . l ' :
i- , Pe ana very eaon win ds maae to
Edna Jacobs, Coryajlls. The secre- miAf the occasion worthy of the city
tary and treasurer were re-elected. after which" it Is named.
The newly-chosen "officers will be ThO horse show will be held ; on
JnatoiiLi .inmnrmm .mm.. k. f. I w V t and $ nd Baker has the
Addie.M. Grout. th reUring presl-iChCe offtne da "j1- t0 des!f'
w CM1,U8 vrvBl inate as its own. The Union people
dent, and a corns of past presidents. Bre not going to wait for Bfier to
Mrs.. Templeton Mrs. 'Roadruck and i visit them, however, , for , th mer-
Mrs. Burch were named as assembly j chanta there expect to make this city
year.,, airs. Lizilo Hall, of Oregon
city, was added to the assembly rep
resentatives on the board of trustees
of the Odd Fellows' home, the hold
over'members being Mrs. Galloway, of
McMInnville, and Mrs. Tomlinsori, of
Portland.-' ' '
weeas, coming over in automooua lnr
a tody: v ';,'' -. " :.;"':,
Th matter of going to Union and
the reception for the guests from that
pity will be taken up at the meeting
of the Commercial club. -. . '.
Mrs.' Grout of La Grande is the re
tiring president.' ".' "
seems certain from the tone of senti
ment on the streets today, and every-
Hill t liMHHW
Eagle Valley,! I
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roonvmates at college. "While of op-
preme cout as . alreadv sfatprt Rut
r a-rmvi ow uav wa.
O f tfta oama tlwtA mam V 11 1. a . naUn nrvlUtM fl T ' ' a.
mi rtu a it 'i j . - v time ouuiu uoiieve ic pui (" inmwvB,. oruwn says, "iney en-
SL7l ' ? m US Cf1 the attorney who makes many errors : ted into a boyish pact to meet again
shooting off a big one th s year that on a Dar wIth th. fttfnrnAV whn , '!n aft6r ,Iffl , mJPM. .
not. This is not applicable to the case j - Benito Legarda, one -of the Phil Ip
mentloned but applies to legal work Pine commissioners, was formerly one
as a wnoie.
''.''- - :. 1
will resound from Snake fiver to Uraa
tllla and from Sumpter to Imnaha.
Events VPtll Not Conflict
There is little danger of conflicting
with the program of the chautauaua
association, although the dates of thai
meet'nz cover the Fourth of Julv. Tim' ' V !
Rpeakers of the chautauoua will hUa. ! Mrs Grou' Retires as President of the
ly be dated for the evening session,
which will give the tremendous crowd
m La Grande on that day a chance fo
celebrate the Fourth, and attend th
Oregon Assembly tit, Portland.
of Agulnaldo's rebel cabinet at iMalo- vAliA UttJN 1A
los and-vice president of the Phllln- I - OlxtAlJNliD
I X. t i t m
plna congress. , ' ...., ', I HONEY I
J. Kuhlo Kalanlanole, the Hawaiian! '. , t', . .. t
delegate, is the only member of the I "mt ""laSS JarS.S 35 X
I house who has the nerve to stvle him-! t Half Gal. Tins .90 i
seir a "capitalist. " He is likewise, ' ' One Gal. Ting . 1.50
the only member of a royal family in :! '
20c a cake, 3 for 50c. X
Made en firel v'hv Vipps X
from flowers, producing
ine nnest navor. ;
By acclamation Miss Belle BeIcher..-thA Yintinnnl k, A '
' ; n 0-'"'- a .'
Of Lafavette. on of tha mint nmU'i. iv..'i.i. -,r.... . . ' 4.
. I . ' . r rv-, , am. iu mo iaio jving; jaiaKaua and c
lectures in th? evening.. Those who nent workers of tha 0m.n. 1 T ...,-I.. ' ..u'uit
u . , - - , . t "p-r" iutoi juiiiuwnuiuuiai. ot Hawaii.
JtanfTffirj; i 8e!vn I ar' t0 th6 0dd Fe,,W di83 f i Three Jn members of coiT
cnance to conflict, and on the otvA. ffnn '..nun .o.. i. -Ti. v .
v.woCl. t 0C1.0 a iuroiucui.ifres3 jacKsoRor Kansas, Lafferty of
of the Rebekah assembly, foe. the en-! Oregon, and LaFollette, of Washing
suing: year at this morning's session tpn,I describe themselves as "progres-
uiiuo ouuuiii convention: says yesrer- sive reDubllcans.''
For Sale by
timiit-e io connici, ana on tne ot,-r
hand believe tnnt one w!U aid the
other "' '-' ' J';. ', '.
; Pattison Bros, i
Phone Black 81.
The largest of
pjin.Mwy; ' j Ijiiiij1..! ll,''''' ''' '' , 1 ' ' ' - ''''' ' ' "' " ' ' ''' ' ' ." . ' ' '
Tito of Dead Recorered and Workmen
;V'f Search for Horn ,
Portland, May 18. With two' bodies
recovered, workmen today began dig
ging for two more bodies of men who
were caught In the land slide on the
railway 25 miles east of Portland Four
men are In the Good Samaritan hospl
from many .sources Is that the council lltint, -Ed Togaasen and. William Stran
would nethef hesMatsniaaUiijtli.iey, ' ' " '
I !
that has ever been shown on tKe criasH
Haddad Bros, wu
' C I .i f' ! .
a complete line ofieAtal.Sfe
cordially invite your inspection.
'., i
MAY 19, 1911
" - ' l"'''l'.".fre..;... . v ' '"