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Union, March 13.(Specla Un-j
Ion's business center was serlouBly ;
threatened with complete' destruction j
by fire shortly after 3 this afternoon !
which for a time Beamed bevond con
trol of three streams of water from
the fire department, gutted the Centen-1
nial hot.l, soaked and ruined much of j
the stock belonging to the stores own- j
ed by Mr. Lucas and Mr. Bolles. Th:j
fire broke out in the Centennial hotel, j
an old landmark in this county, com-i
lng! presumably from the kitchen, but
Us origin Is undescrlbed. .With a
heavy wind blowing the entire block
was doomed, until by , diligent work
the department gained the uppeihaiid
and at 4 o!clock the fire was complet.
ly under control. The department ke;t
the blaze within the walls of the old
hotel huilding. Tx . :
Confectionary goods In the Lucs
store, and th& cigar stock In th5
Bolles Btore are out In the street,
tadly damaged and losses will be very
heavy to them.v. -
It was by, the narrowest marein thit
the nt!re business section of the town
escaped, for once beyond the Centen
nial building, the rest, would have fc- en
hnvnnrl rescue. j '
mxm i nmn crccihu orprtrinp
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Washington, March 13. These days
are sad days for th? new democratic
ways and Means committee.. All they
are supposed to do in the next two
months is to change the entire system
of tariff framing, grant, hearing to
Interested parties that is, construct
ively speaking, raza the tariff wall,
build a careful revenue only struc
ture In its place; "bone" iip on dreary
piles of statistics of Imports, manu
factures, cost of labor and transporta
tion and finally bring into being a
bucc ssor of the Payne-Aldrtch tariff
law. I "' "'
It took the republican .ways and
tr.ans committee practically a year to
acmiuplish tin present , tarifi law
and the democrats must do Jthe aame
wcrk In two months,' If they can; But
they lack a majority In the senate, and
are handicapped by a republican ad
ministration In charge of the executive
departments, and there ia a big chance
-that.Taft, a strong proponent of the
present tariff, Mnay veto their meas
ures even if they succeed fn Jamming
the proposed schedules through1 con-
In light of these obstructions, lead
ers on both sides .are almost unani
mous In the opinion that the extra
session will not end before October.
It la known that "Uncle Joe" Cannon
has made arrangements to remain in
Washington until November. There is
too, a strong possibility 'that the
oiaing session may establish a rec
ord, .The extra session of 1909 lasted
144 days ;and . the present record of
166 days made In 1841 may go by the
boards in 1911 with a 200-day ses
sion.' . . ,' , ':' -frf-'.. 1
A democratic caucus has - already
determined in favor of a ftchedule by
schedule revision of th Payne law.
This means that the ways and means
committee, can concentrate their ener
gy by taking, up a Bchedule at a time,
and get. each schedule through con
gress before tackling another.- '' By
this system will delay the final repeal
of the Payne law, it is believed that it
will have a less drastic effect on the
Industrial : world -than a brand new
tariff; law, - . : .' .
. . It la probable that the democrats
will hold Taft's pet measure-the Can
adian reciprocity In abeyance or will
tack It on to thefr schedule by sched
ule program, ia argued, will
gain . Taft'B Bupport to revision and
prevent him from vetoing the demo
cratic tariff,' measures. Should the
latter propoeltlon obtain It Is prob
able that reciprocity will be held up
until a few new tariff propositions
have been put up to the president and'
the republican senate. , i .,
All in all, the democrats are pre
paring to make things Interesting for
Taft and the senate. They hope to
widen the breach between the Old
Guard in the senate and. the progres-
' slves, and in other ways to embarrass
the republican leaders. .
i.:.RjQrJS c. c;:au
as reporlcd, a successor to. the aged
ruler fs found 1t many In Mr. Creel.
During the past few days this gen.
tlenianl)i9 suddenly come Into the
limelight, and to stay, if Mexican
, press reports have the right conclu.
slons. , ; -
Detail cf Administration's Ttrsion of
Mobilization VIII Be Forced Into
Publicity to Forestall Congressional
s Inqnlry, Say Rumors Today Money
Interests Thought to Have Planned
the Mobilization. . : -
Procuring. Water Fcliltlcs and Plant
ing Trees to Start Soon,
Grandvlew addition Is .to be planted
to orchard at once. A good water sys
tem Is to be put Into working order
simultaneously. This addition 1b lo
cated just , east of town at the , end
of the macadam road. ' I ":
Lizzie Pugh and Lester Chapman Unit.
.j ra in Marriage Yesterday.
Miss" Lizzie Ptigh and Lester E.
Chapman, hoth of this city, were mar
ried quietly yesterday at the home ofl
George O. Chapman, 2212 First street.
Rev. L W, Gowen officiating. v Mr.
and Mrs. Chapman have a large num
ber of intimate friends and acquaint
ances in this city. '"?t .
. ', '- 't- ":- . .'
Washington, March 13. Plans to
ivmi a vuulmiuuueit ttllttCK on
President, Taft as the result of the
maneuvers in the south are being con
sidered today by the administration
supporters. In order to avert a reso
lution of inquiry, the war department
will probably announce the details cf
the administration's version of .the
causes of the mobilization. ' It is un
derstood La Follette Is preparing a
resolution .Inquiring . whether or not
thj' tro.:n3 are mobilized to aid Wall
street. ;' . . ., .
.-llowsfvett at Big Cam. -San
Anlnirio. March 18. Feverish
haste, shown In recruiting the 9th and
11th cavalry regiments and the visits
of Colonel Roosevelt, made plenty of
excitement In camp here today. Regi
ments are below normal strength and
each will be loined tomorrow by BOO
recruits en route from the north. Of
ficers predict both regiments will
start southward soon after the arri
val of the recruits and start scout
work soon after the arrival of General
Wood tomorrow or Wednesday. ',.
v- Presidential Salute Fired.- m
Roosevelt visited the camp "shbrtly
after midnight and wag welcomed by
Major, General Carter, commanding.
The presidential salute was fired In
the colonel's honor after which be in
spected the camp. Before leaving for
Austin Roosevelt addressed the school
children of 6an Antonio.
Xo Quarter Will Be Shown Fed,ral
' Troops, by Insnrrectors and DIuz's
Men .'"f hoot'Eehels'VIthont a
Trk' 7 ity-One Federal Troons
Yesterday where (Only
s Met Their Death. ,
Washington, March IS. The eonstl
tutlouality of the cornoratlon tax law
iras upheld by the United Stat.s su.
preme court today. Justice Day read
the decision.
It affects 15 different ftderal court
cases throughout the county, nffectlng
corporations engaged In real estate,
mining, manufacturers, insurance and
AH Jmfirps concurred In the decision, merchandising.
William Lt-p, Mlsonrlan, Shoots Him
self ia Paris Hotel,'"'
Paris, March 13. William Lee. of
Missouri, and a millionaire shot him
self in the hip thla morning In a
crowded cafe In a fight with a man
named Morris who said something
about Lee's woman companion, an ac
tress. Lee drew a revolver and fired
twice, tin second shot entering his hip
when Morris forced Lee's hand down.
British Columbia Labor Federation.
Victoria, B. C, March 13. Repre
sentatives of the various trades un-
' Ions throughout the province assem
bj d in this cltv today for the first
annual convention of the British Col
umbia Federation of tabor. The ses
sions will last several days and will be
devoted to the consideration of numer
ous matters of Importance to the- cause
of labor.
Tw Men Hold Six Fellows at Bay
While Safe Is Rifled by Them.
Csrden. Utah., March 13. After hold
ing six men at bay, two masked ban
dits rilled th; safe of the Reed hotel
at . daybreak and escaped wlht $700.
Half an hour .later two suspects were
iillort Knt tha mrrn pv vm not InrfttPrl.
" The holdup was In the heart of the
EMn Man on Way to Recovery With
Half of Lower Jaw Gone. '
With half of bis lower jaw cut away
by the,r inoval of 'a cancer, Herman
Miiller of Klgin returned to his home
today. Mr. Muller Is 71 years of age,
and has been at the Graxula' Ronde
hospital for about three We. ks, hav
ing undergone an operation for cancer
of the face in which It was found to be
necessary to remove one half of the
lower Jaw as well as a large growth.
Perfect healing has taken place and
his physician. Doctor Hall suites that
there Is good reason to Ikou that a
permanent euro irlll result.
S. Tales Recess In Reicct to
Late Circuit Court Bailiff.
A recesa was taken this afternoon
from noon until 2.30 by the circuit
court now In ses'on. out of respect
to the late L, B. Stearns, the court
bailiff who died suddnlv Fridav
morning. Th session was resumed
after the funeral serviced had been
held at Cove this afternoon. The cas
of three alleeei box car robbers oc
cupld thu Dttcntlon of in i court today.
Land Office Will Hold Proof Pending
Decision of Department.
Another chapter on the famous
Townley-Loudermtlk dlsouta over, the
80-cre tract of land near Hot Lake,
Oregon, claimed by each, was enacted
todav when Cochran & Cochran, as at
torneys for the state of Oregon, and
also W. J. Townley, filed with the off!
cers of the local land office a written
protest against the reception from
Loudermllk on tomorrow of a commu
tatlon proof, adv.rtlsed for that date.
Announcement was made at the land
office that the nroof would be received
and held here, pending the decision of
th; secretary of the Interior on Lou
dermllk's appeal from the decision of
the commissioner of the general land
office, which was adverse to the home
stead claimant. If Loundermllk los s
before the secretary the proof will
not he of any benefit to him; but if
he should be able to "finally win his
case in . the land d partraent, It Is sup
nnserl thnt he exnerta tn stnnrl nn tha
.proof, so that he can leave the 'land
occasionally to work out.
March , Ma-
- - lauumg tne tnsurrectoB, es-
v Shof
pe ' .;.ie eastern division, has iv
en;:Ct';i to give the federal troops
nf" y it, according to couriers from
0-. indes, and the dictum comes
a. Li Ult of President DIaz'B orders
to Bhoot down the rebels on fclght. '
Another reason advanced for this
stringent order ia the suspending of
President i Diaz's personal guarantee
of provisions of the Mexican constitu
tion. ,. :.' .r ' '.. ;
Tbs- entke Fourth cavalary is now
encamped near here and two troops
arrived last nl"ht. Scouts report in
surrectos are gathing on the hills
south of Juarez.
Drastic Orders Ineffective.
Mexico City. i March 13. That - tha
dettTninatlon of President Diaz to ex
terminate ' the revolution," will result
in even more drastic steos that mere
suspension of a personal guarantee of
provisions of the. constitution was the
general belief here today. It was ex
pected that the order refuslngi civil
trials to persons charged with de
struction of property would end depre
dations," but report aaytoday -that
lawlessness still exists, despite it.
Mountaineers Behind Firemen In The
Demands for Recognition Over Ne.
gro Firemen Two Deputy Sheriffs
'Already KlilcdSharitsooters Tick
Off Colored Men Who Take Out
Tra!ns. - ..,.
Politics Hare, Entered In and Yollva
May Go Tomorrow.
Liimlvrmtin YMts Elgin.
P. S. Poblnson of the Wer.aha Lum
ber company, returned today from El
gin where he has baen on a busijrs
UrS for his comi.any.
Ondleton Man Excels to Take Up
Work Jn Durkee District.
;T. W. Ayers of Pendleton passed
through yesterday on No. 6 on his way
to Durkee to look after the Gold Coin
mine ,nf which he Is manager. The
Gold Coin is placer 'and Mr. Ayers
thinks that water will be plentiful this
season as th:re was plenty of Bnow
at, the head of the ditch. The giant
Iiirnv.ii are in readiness for oneration,
aH if thirds rrovc favorable this
cfpanv will make big cleanups this
yenr. The Gold Cd'ii stock Is princi
pally owned fcy P.ndleton parties who
are very wealthy and If other money
is needed to operate the mine or
build more water ditches th jsame can
readily bo secured. '
Chicago, 111., March 13. When Zion
City passed from the hands of the fed
eral court Into the control of Wilbur
Glenn Vollva last week it was believed
that the trials and tribulations of tha
famous community founded by th; late
"Elljnh" Dowle were about ended. The
ending of the receivership through the
payment of 1700,000 by Vollva's brok
ers was accepted as the beginning of
the long promised "new era," undar
which Zion's factories and buslnegs
enterprises are to yield great divi
dends to the citizens. ':
. !Titit Overseer Vollva,' whom Dowie
designated as hTs-successor shortly be-1
fore his death, has' found his path a
thorny one. Ousted from Zion City,
sued for debt and thrown Into jail
have been Included among his experi
ences since he assumed the leader
Overcoming all obstacles and
rising superior to all difficulties. Vol
lva finally succeeded In gaining finan
cial control of the $1,350,000 prop ill
of the community. '
: And now he has to battle for politi
cal control of the little city, without
which his spiritual leadership and fin
ancial authority will avail him little.
The matter wll be s. tiled in the pri
mary election In Zion Cltv tomorrow.
l':on the result depends the question
of Vollva's supremacy. The political
campaign between Vollva and his oo
pon nls has been orte of extreme bit
terness. Vollva is charged bv his po
litical foes with having, threatened ter
rible punishment to all members of
Zion who voted asralnst him. Despite
the all ied threats the opposition- Is
keeping up Its flght to the. lost and
excesses confidence. In bringing about
VoHva's overthrow at the to!!s tomorrow.
Relel Loss Light in Fight Yesterday
More .Fighting Promised, "u
Huchuta, Ariz., March 13. General
Blanch today said the battle at Agua
Breltta yesterday was merely a test of
strength 'and that the real battle
would coma today or tomorrow. Am
erican physicians who attended the, In
jured yesterday, 'this morning place
the casualties at 21 dead and 15
wounded on the federal side and a
rebel loss of two killed and three
wounded. , The United States troops
were lined up on the border yester
terday watching thg. fight and werye In
readiness for an emergency.
Hunger Fired Upon.' .
Captain Wheeler of the Texas ran
gers reported today that he had been
fired upon by Federal troops while
rounding up horses on the Mexican
side. He escaped to Douglass.
death toll Is. 11 and near a score are
Injured as a result of a strike mn the
Queen & Crescent railroad. Traffic
here find at Chatanooga la at a stand
still. The strike, resulted from refu
sal of the railroad to give assurance
to white firemen tha they .would have ;
preference over negroes In promotions
The dead included nine negro firemen
and two deputy sheriffs.
Five negroes were flilled yesterday
in an engine cab .by sharpshooters
who iitlcked the men off as Bin- passed
along the road. - Four negroes and
two deputies were killed last night In '
a battle " near denary, Tertn. The
mountaineers today 'aeryed the rail
road with an v.Ulmatim that unless
the negroes wera discharged, officials
will be killed and 'bridges dynamited.
' Mountaineers Hold Un Train. , ,
' Cincinnati, March 13 Armed uiun
talneers held threo Queen & Crescent, ,
freight trains near Kings Mountain,'
Xy., at 1:20 this afternoon. The tele
"lams staling the hews ask for depu
ties to come to tha scene and run th
mountaineers ' down. :V -i .
Official eiul civil attthiirjtles fo.-eaee .
a great amount of bloodshed as a re -suit
of the trouble;. Th mountaineers
think little of the road; in any event '
and local officials along the route are
In great alarm lest they, be shot down
In revenge fo what the. higher ups of
the road order carried out In the way -.
of employment policies. Th fireman
nave liberal support from backwoods
men who have come to the. stations
and are ready to carry on the ifight to
theflnlBh, 1:: -,; v V:L-:-.
Files on Homestead.
Frank Brown of th's city today filed
on a homestead, making the applica
tion at the lecal land office.
Referee Ilodgln Presented W'lth Peti
tion In Rankin Proceedings.
A petition to abandon certain mort
gage .property In connection with the
W. F. Rankin estate of Enterprise
bankrupt, was presented to Referee in
Bankruptcy John S. Hodgin today by
several of tin e. editors In the pro
ceedings. The amount involved by 1 1lls
petition is about ?8,()00 and the mort
gage reads $9,500. Rankin, who is a
sawmill and. plaining mill man of En
terprise went Into bankruptcy last
November, .
Prominent Business Man Visit Union
. . ' und Wallowa Counties.
Wr H. Lake and wife, 'of Bedford,
Iowa, and L. B. Payne came In yester
day on the branch from Enterprise,
Mr. Lake is a prominent business man
In his home town and this Is his first
trip west of the Rocky-Mountains to
visit with Mr. Payne and he said yes
terday that he was awfully disappoint
ed on account of being called home on
account of slckn'as as ha was very
anxious to see more of the northwest
and study conditions 'as eastern peo
ple looked on this country as the place
to build homes and no doubt In the fu
lure his state will furnish some very
desirable citizens to Union and Wal
lowa counties. He and hla wife were
accompanied home by Miss Delia Carr
of Colfax who Is In poor health. Mr.
Payne will return horn;, this morning
to Knterprise as his large real estate
business keens him very busy at this
time of year. . ., , . .
Local Commandery Invites Pendleton
ana naiter jieigunors ror Event,
Commanderies V of . Pendleton and
Baker have been Invited to be guests
of special honor at n Easter day pro
gram to be arranged by the local com
manderv. Eastern Oregon Command
ery No, 6, Knights Templar. A com
mittee consisting of W. J. Church. C.
E. Cochran. C. T. Bacon. N. Molltor
and Howard Davis has been named to
prepare a program for the occasion.
Nothln" will b?) snared to make the
event attractive In every way. i '
The place of conducting it. and the
details of the program have not been
worked out up to date, but will be
consummated In time to be glen due
nubllcltv in time for tha ratharlnir nt
Wtthowt Seeing Tract St Panl Man
Ivh Ten Acres at A Heel. seeing the land or surround-in-
territory and. buvlng entirely oif
rcHommnndatiuns of a friend who had
hapn ned across - the orchard trtcc
planted on What was the Penlnttin
rancl n?ar AllccJ, a man named John
P. Drews has purchased ten acres or
orchard through the La Grande In
vestment company. Three 1: tiers clos
ed the deal. Mr. Drews Is coming out
to ee what he has purchased a little
later on. , ?,h :.
Balllnger 17111 Shy In Office Fnfll New
- Man Familiarizes Himself. '
Washington. March 13. --. Wall'.r
Fisher, the Chicago attorney, took th
oath of office as, secretary of the In
terior today. Balllngcr will .remain
until Klshir la familiar with the duties
and he will then no to Seattle for the
ourpcsri nf -preparing his suits fpr
s'ander. '.. y
Cruisers Reach San Diego.
Ban Diego, March 13. The ituIsts
Maryland and West Virginia arrived
today. This, planes tho Callfrrn(a.
Pennsylvania, South Dakota. Troop
Shlo Buffalo, Maryland and West Vir
ginia nnder Admiral Thomas' com
mand ber. '