La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, March 09, 1911, Page PAGE 8, Image 8

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. .
Export of the Condition of the -rITED
at La Grande, in th: date of Oregon
aft close of business, March 7,
. Eesoams. : . . ?
Leajr and Discounts ..... 1241,662.57
Owrjrafts secured and un-
- cnred ....... t. ........
71. SL Buds to secure cir-
.ritfon '
3C5tpmse ..................
rstslssyr 02 U. S. bond. .
Boots securities, etc. . ....
&nkfa house, furniture
arc? fixtures ...........
Do from national banks
fast reserve agents) .v..
Zfoe from state and private
; 1 taakft and bankers, trust
ftKupanfts, and savings
fkn(t8 , . . .
Dh from approved reserye
SCBt8 ............. .
Cherts and other cash
Botes of other national
lualtH . ....
Jlaretional paper currency,
nickels, and cents... ....
Lawful money reserve in
lasakt ;. .... ..... . . ". .. .
EIeimptIon fund with IT.
S. treasurer (5 per cent
'." circulation) . . .... . ,
. 181.96
; 554.69
: 1,766.54
f. AO 4 f 4
TAsr stock paid in ,,.,..$100,000.00
'Sarpfus fund . 7,000.00
Battau! bank ' notes out-
sfsndlng .....I... ...... 25,000.00
Da f other national banks 2,493.98
"3w?Wtral deposits subject -
. to check . , 152,826.10
TJcBrjrnJ eertiflcates of de
. -jmsit ................... 47,354.81
na eertiflcates of deposit 44,539.06
tertffTed checks 10.79
Total .......... ..'...'.$379,224.74'
State of Oregon, county of Union,
: ' '.''.V;,-.;;?' ..
i f, It I. Scroggln, cashier of the
it rre-named bank, do solemnly swear
Hvi't m above statement is true to the
Kf'yt-my. knowledge and belief.
:" ' ' .Cashier.
: litres-.- Attest: -. ""
. ' C. T. BACON.
. f Directors.,
Subpcrlbed and sworn to before me
Ma tb day of March, 1911. -.
'(n Notary Public.
O ' -
has returned
For Weeks dnd Weeks we Hare Been Preparing for this Spring's Trade
, You will find here the Most Distinctive-
Wash oods
Buy your wash goods early. Our
Stock is not Surpassed in Sondan
l'ongee, Pongee Cords, Poplins, Flax.
, on, Guloteas, Organdy, Superb, Para
xon Pongfc, Linen Finish Suitings,
. Ginghams, Percales, Dimities, Persian
Lnwns, Nainsooks, tte.
For Suits,' Dresses and Coats, In Pop
lar Cloth, Serges, Fancy Mohairs, Sack,
lings, Checks, Batists, Pencil Stripes,
. Henriettas, Voiles and the Dainty,
Sheer Materials. .
This Season's 3Iot Potiular SUV
Dress Patterns, In' Exclnshe lengths
only, In Foulards, Messnllnes mid Tnf.
f tas. , ( , '
' SELECT 'OW while the sock is
conivlete. ,
New Idea Patterns
Chas. TanBlg, Geo. Shirley, David Temple, and also attend to -business
Sullivan, Ed Foster, Frank W. Corty matters. Mr. Wdls says snow is
and H. M. Rouse are registered at the gradually disappearing around Joseph
Iter J. D. Ginilan
tana a trip to Ontario.
ITra J. W; Clarke of Durkee is reg
'6Vert4 at the Foley.
CBet Hamilton of Summervllle Is In
"& titr.
J. P. Welch 'of Union Is at the
Orintfe Ronde Valley house'.
f J.'T. WllHamson left this momln2
m inafiiug tr)4 Into- the interior.
A. L Fisher of Joseph Is at the Sa
M K. McPlierson Is in the city from
W-aavr unction and Is at the Savoy.
.ITr. F. and F. K. AVilell of Sum
wcrTflle are gu sts of the Savoy,
IX C. Babbidge of Baker is regis
tered at the Summer.
ILE 'Wlioon of Sar. Francisco is at
the Sommer.
If. A. Ackert, a proinliient citizen of
Xnrtteir la-registered at the Foley.
C W." Jolly of San Francisco la a
taest of the Foley.
fXfb Wm. F. Wade of Unton Is stop- j
pitig- at the Foley.
Blanch GUtmers of Perry Is In the
y rod is stopping at tlie Foley.
C T. Peterson, a commercial man of
ftsKro, Is at the Foley.
J. M Chamberlain, of Portland, Is
crrgidflred at the Foley. Mr. Cham
Brrfaftr Is selling electrical good.
K. ft Moore and Wm. H. Brown, of
Iftirfrroft. Neb., are registered at the
ffrantfe Ronde Valley house.
' t. R. Hlbbard is home from Buehl,
nnfta. whore he transacted business
! Jffhr Wood of thei Golden Rule com-
lny leaves tonight for a business vis
;it tm Ssi Francisco.
WT J. Townley of Union is register
tH at the Foley. Mr. Townley la heav
ier ftferested In the igeneral merchan
"&mt amf atock business.
Blue Mountain hotel.
J. A. Russel, the local meat retailer,
returned this morning from a business
visit of several days' duration In Port
J. S. Kees, a prominent life Insur
ance man of Pendleton, is in the cUy
working the Grande Ronde valley
with headquarters at the Savoy.
Mrs. E. A. Erlcson and baby arrived
last night to Join the husband and
father, who Is the Observer linotype
operator. !
C. H. Hankel of Bobe, S. H. Bar
rows, Chicago, George Younmans, of
Portland, J. W. Ross, Seattle, C. U.
Barnes. New York and J. E. McCarty
Portland, nr: registered at the Foley.
Alex Slushclmer, with Mason &
Khrman as special cigar and tobacco
representative Is at the Somnwr. Mr
Sl!!She!mer la pushing "Carabana" ci
gars, Wm. M. Coughanour of North Pow
'li r l In the city today on business.
Mr. Coughanour Is Interested In hog
raising In the Powder River valley,
also an extensive hay grower.
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Choate- of Sum-
nierville cam- In on the Elgn branc"
today. Mr. and Mis. Choate are on
their way to Durkee to make it their
future home. They are stopping at
the Foley.
Mr, and Mrs. C. A. Nordlne of Ka
iiipla are In the city on a business
trip. Mr. Nordlne Is with the O.-W.
and Mrs Nordlne runs a boarding
house. They are registered at the
S. L. Brooks, a retired wheat grow
er of F.lgln. was In the city today and
' very much elated over the big or
chard sale there yesterday. and says
and spring work will soon commence.
John Hacker, one of the moat pros
perous fruit growers of the Summer
vllle district. Is in the city today
dows displayed In this city, Is shown
by Toney & Scranton, with a gents'
neckwear display which Includes all
the fashionable shapes, color and
shades to suit any complexion and the
many styles of silken texture Is a
revelation. Mr. .Scranton of the firm
calling on the grocery men trying to announced this morning that the nec!
place some very fine quality apples. wear department would pe a atron;
Mr. Hacker is also largely Interested feature of their store.
In dairying and gardening. I
f .
Carl Glllilau, lately discharged from
his three-year enlistment in the regu-' . I0it1,
lar army, . returned this morning; to Between Gedder Bros, store and Is-
Portland where he is employed by the land City, a ladles' gold watch. and a
that his prediction of five years ago
has proven true.
B. F. Wells of Joseph came In to
day and will go to Pendleton tonight
to visit with his daughter, Mrs, Dr.
3-W as passenger brakeman, after a
visit with his parents and other. rela-
fives in this city.
Oscar Lund, one of the prosperous
fruit growers of Cove was In the city
today. Mr. Lund says that the pros
pects of a big fruit crop an good and
that laud values are Increasing in
and around Cove. He was offered
$"G0 per acre for his 10-acre' tract.
W. S. Houghton, manager of th;
Warren Construction company, Is in
the city today . looking after the de
tails of the business here and says that '
Just as soon as the frost gets out of
the ground work will commence. From
here Mr. Houghton goes to Baker and
Twin Falls to look after work that Is
In course of construction In those cit
ies. Editor George Sciblrd of Union pas
sed through the city this morning en
route home after a month's stay in
Southern California, with San Diego
and other extrem- southern nrin- - '
his destination. The return trip wa:
marked by the severest kinds of rain
he reports, and the old reputation o
Wllhmctt: valley showers wer mads
Inp'gnlfkant. lie had a very Pleasant
trip, the first of Its kind in many vpbic
s'x-nt In building up his newspaper
field at Union.
sack of Blue Stem flour branded La
Grande Milling. Co., on the sack; the
finder can keep the watch, but return
tha flour to (his otTIce, as'I wish to
get my Blue Stem flour back. All
grocers sell It. Fully guaranteed. Ask
the ladles who use It. Resp., Mrs. R.
J. Nordensen. :
A Bratttf ul Window.
One of the mo3t striking Bhow win
' Your Water Xteut Is Dae.
Tomorrow is the last day. to pay
water rent, and to save that fine of
one dollar it will be necessary to meet
the water supeilntendent before ths
sun goes down tomorrow' evening.
bla. It is as safe for your children
u yourself, and should be used in afl
ras of croup, whooping cough and
measles cough. Refuse substitutes.
Hill s drug store.
cure any case of Itching, Blind, BJeed
Ing or Protruding Piles in 6 to 14 days
or money refunded. 50c.
Piles Cured in to H Days
PA30 OINTMENT is guaranteed to
With night riders in Idaho and a
fist fight In the legislative halls at
Boise that state Is fast coming Into
the ranks of the reformers.
1' TTn
You want to prosper, just
try this recipe chce. It is
bound to give satisfaction,
as well as save you money
Social Friday Sight; ;
The Ladles' Aid society of the
Methodist church will give a social at
the church Friday night. Novel fea
tures will characterize It Everyone
is welcome.
A Cold, Lafirlp-x-'t then Pneumonia
Is too often the fatal sequence. Fol
ey's Honey and ,Tar expels the cold,
checks the lagrippe, and prevents
pneumonia. It ts a prompt and rdla-
hie cough medicine that
narcotics. "Foley's Honey and Tar la .
the best corsh remedy I ever used as
It quickly stopped a severe cough that
had long troubled .me,", says J. W.
Kuhn, Princeton. Neb. Just so quick
ly and surely It acts In all cases cf
coughs, colds, lagrlppe and lung troa
IX one pound of cemmon tense with a
good big grocery order. Stir gently
to see that nothing is missing. Use
just enough and not too much of
everything. Flavor and sweeten to taste,
before cooking see that everything is from
The Grocers Who Give Prompt Delivery
Stick Always Clean, Fresh and Complete
v. I