La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, March 07, 1911, Image 1

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Washington, March 7. A great nat
al and military demonstration Involv
ing 20,000 troops, and four armored
FcYntsers has been ' 01 dered by the
United'States government today to b
mado Immediately on the " Mexican
frontier. Though officials refuse tQ
discuss the possibilities of the troops
being sent across th.internattonal
line, It is known the Btate department
has been consderlng the possibilities
for several days. As the state depart
ment piactlcally admits its support of
j president Diaz and American- capital
ists nave investments aggregating
1100.000,000, largely , concessions, it is
ellved here that the demonstration
Is directed against the Mexican rebels,
j The, action fol!ow:d the return of
Embassador Wilson from Mexico, and
I coincident with the cabinet meeting
I attended by General Wood, who later
tnnunced that the sudden dispatch of
jne-fouith of the army to the border
was merely a war gam;. This is not
redlted here. ' v
General Wood announced that the
oiftt maneuvers will be held immedi
acy, at Evgl;thrope,, Ga the seventh
infantry from Fort Mcpherson, Atlan
ta." nrrt fllraflriv en r-.iit in tha annth
and preparing to,' start Texasward. !
Others will be rushed borderward to-
day, tonight and tomorrow if the ru-t
mors of disorders along' the .frontier
continue. '.-; '.'
Secretary, of . War Dickenson has
officially asserted that the troops at e
asserting for the purpose of maneuv
ers, ,but it Is rumor. d that the Ameri
can troops will be sent into Mexico
and Dickenson does not deny this yet
such may become; the. intention of the
government. ! :: '
Americans -Appeal for Help,
i The state department has been re
ceiving frenzied appeals for heln from
Americans" In the Imperial valley ,: ir
California, for protection ugalnst the
Mexican brigands who have been pur
loining food, money and clothing and
wltn no protection offered fro melth
o the Mexican troops nor the ln
surgents.' '
Headed for Mexico, Xo Doubtv
There continues this afternoon, to
itrly at San Antonio, Galveston and be a constant. well-founded rumor. in
ian Diego. He .said .the maneuvers army circles that; the troops being
were for the purpose of trying out the iushed from Fort Meyer especially
t.'tit..... -v t . i . , , , , ' . ' . . '. T M .,
uave Deen oraereu 10 proceed 10 Texas
towns where they will snt to some
town along the 'Mexlean bordir a;nd
that they" will eventually be sent Wto
; ; ...
: ' l
pillltary organizations and Its equip
pient. He would not comment on the
Rl: xlcan situation. . .
. ''Boise Troops Called.
Denver, March ' 7. Among the
troops to go south are the famous col-
lored regiment here and Several troops
1 '" :y?:'
'. Washington, ,March , ". 7. President
plat lies on nfs"death toedybejlfg i?t
; allv-? only by the use of Btrong heart
stimulants, according to authentic re
ports today. The messag ewas receiv
ed from secret agents. "Should Diaz
die,' as he may at any moment, only
American rule can save Mexico from
Diaz's own. soldiers," says the mes
sage. This may hold the keynote to
the hasty mobilization of a vast army
of American soldiers on the border.
; Many Soldiers on Way.
Washington. March 7. Secret mili
tary Information was today received
by the war department, ordering mo
bilization of six thousand troops along
the Mexican border. The eleventh cav-
Mexlcan territory.
Fifteenth Called to Arms.
Salt Lake, March" 7.--The fifteenth
Infantry Is under, rush orders to go
to the Mexican frontier and has tak
en -Its departure at noon today.
J. orders have been. Issued for. $6cf
marines at Philadelphia to pr: pare to
board th Prairie for ; Guantanamo,
Cuba, the government ' naval base
which is within ttasy striking distance
of San Antonio where It is expected
that s General Wood and Secretary
Dickenson will inspect the warriors. '
Washington, Mar. 7. American arm
ored cruisers Washington, Tennessee,
Montana, Wet Virginia, Rhode Island
and Kansas are being held under' or
ders today to sail for the Texas "coast.
Secretary oMhe Navy Meyer said the
purpose waito'show the south what
sort of warships Uncle Sam main
tains. '.
A v. i
v,yU . j-. .. j
Mm- - ! .
Rhode Island and to the Right C Jr
Badger la Command' of the Kansas.
These. Two Ships Are Among Those
Detailed for Smice In Big War
Game, and Will See Ri al and Active
Service If President Dins Dies as Is
Carries Five Suit Cases Fill. d - With
Books and Clothes.
San Francisco, March 7 Abe Ruef's
long fight for freedom end:d this af
ternoon when ha was tal:en to
Quinten for a term of 14 yenrs. His
stay of execution expired this after
noon. -.
Smaller I olice ;Force, Xo Health Offi
cer and All Street Lights Go, ;
Everett, Wash., March 7. Because
the- city'; must get along without 70,
000 usually received from lliiuor 11
cenes, because the town has just gonj
dry, th? city council announced today
that there will be no street lights, no
Ru;f was taken away in a taxlcab health officer and there will be a big
which placed hlb aboard tin ferry reduction in the police force. The
iboat and after landing again tnd trip council will also ' prune '.expenses
was completed in an automobile, lie along other lines,
carried five suit cases containing All this they say Is Wcanse there Is
books and clothes. He will have two no law to permit the taxes covering
'Anita nf afrlruia ot fhft ninltAntfliv th;RO PYllPnHPR
... .Xavy League in Sisslon. , ,
Ios Angeles! March 7. The Navy
league of the United States, which has
;for Its object the awakening of public
.interest and co-operation In all mat
ters tending to Improve and develop
Jhr naval forces of the United States,
1egan Its annual convention In this
jolty today with many delegates In at
tendance. The convention will di
rect special attention to the needs of
he Pacific coast and the naval prob
lems which will arise on the compW
tton of the Panama canal.
To Probe Alaska Coal Land Frauds.
. Chicago, March 7. Evidence of al
leged 'frauds in connection with the
coal land entries in th Matannska
and Vook Inlet fields in Alaska, is ex
pected to be laid before the federal
grand Jury which convened here today.
-Agents of the United .States land
office have' been Investigating the al
leged illegal entries for more than a
year and have summoned a number of
business men of Alaska to testify be
fore the grand Jury.
' UTb become a part and parcel of 1
the monumental fruitgrowers' 'union
organized at Walla Walla last week.
It . will become necessary' for La
Grande and Grande Ronde , apple
growers to perfect a district organi
sation immediately, that, this section
of the state may realize th? benefits
accruing to the union, for without a
district organization, the community
does not become eligible to participa
tion in the union. By district is meant
the entire eastern half of the state al
mostat least everything as far west
as Hood River. While the plans for
handling the fruit Judiciously : have
been well prepared, it is absolutely
necessary that the vast district repre
siented in the union, nearly a half-dox
en states in all, bi subdivided into
districts and the districts In local m
ions. There is already one local union
In' this valley but it Is not eligible to
the benefits and privileges of tlu big
uijion until it has first amalgamated
wth a district which has its own off!
cers. -. : - v -.-''
- To do this then, , will be the. aim of
local promoters of better apple ship
ping facilities. Shirwood Williams
hoIBIng the secretaryship of the by
laws committee and . the differ; nccH
cojnmlttee as well, has returned .from
the Walla5Valla meeting loaded with
facts and Information and he has be:n
nn. encyciopeaia to local rruit men
since his return. There Is a great deal
of Interest manifest In the nrolct.
but, the formation of a district, geo
graphically described by the commit
tees at Walla Walla must first be per
fected. ,
Ittally tue.. Is little interest In the
proposition .outside of Grande Ronde
nllfr. , Umatilla, Baker, Wallowa,
Ma'heur and the other Eastern Ore
gon counties have HttK to do with
commercial orchards, so that what
may be don? this spring will no doubt
have to be engineered . by . Grande
Rond:- valley people. That here Is dire
necessity of extreme haste In complet
ing such an organization Is the opln
of Mr. Williams.
Of course It Is conceded that It will
take months to right every detail In
conn ctlon with the union and It Is
for this reason principally that the
district be organized at once. It Is
the plan of the promoters of the big
central association that the summer
II (I! 110
WashingtonMarch 7. After two
years of stormy politics and a r;gime
marked by senatorial investigation
and mud slinging and counter attacks,
Richard A. Balllnger today resigned
as secretary of the interior. He first
resigned on January 19 but on Presi
dent Taffs request postponed It until
the adjournment of congress. Yester
day he, wrote his second formal letUrJ
or resignation which was. accepted by
President Taft today. This action fol
lowed announcement that the next
congress would imp.ach him. ,
Fisher Will Sne'refd Mm."
It is announced that Walter L.
Fisher' of ChlcaHO will .be his succes
sor. Plnchot. the original Instigator
of troubles against Balllnger, will see
hlB policies tnacted, in a measure, for
in Fisher, If that appointment is made,
will be found a Plnchot conservatlon
t. ; His alleged appointment Is re
garded as an attempt to placate the
progressive element and restore peace
In the conservation war'; Fisher Is
president of the National Conservation
association which was organized In
opposition to Balllnger's public land
policies. .; " ' : . ' . ..
Balllnger saysy Will, return to Se
attle, his home cy 5pon. '.'.''..,' .
Walter Fisher, Y Secretary of the
interior to be, la aW yer and a mem
ber of many clubs and reform associ
ations. For the last a', months ne has
been "sitting as a ' v f r of Taft'a
JTjssIou Investl-
tlon of Amer-
lallroad securlUc
gating the finiJ s
lean rallro
If .O' : - acceptance to Ballln-se-.'
. sident Taft roasted the
mucT jx and praised Balllnger.
He. sa.: '
"I do not hesitate to let you know
that I think, you have been an object
of unscrupulous conspiracies, one of
tu wuiBt m .ulstory. . i deem It my
duty to stand, by . you to th end and
tb say that those who attacked you
were unscrupulous conspirators."
To Eastern Oregon the retirement
of Balllnger and his policies and the
probable inauguration of the Plnchot
theories will come as a. debatable"
question of right and ; wrong. Both
theories have firm adheients in this
section ot the state, and on account of
the fact that the land office is located
here, the probable switch in, policies
to be incurred by the change will be
manifested la many ways, Even thj
brief announcement of Balllnger's re
tirement today has set politicians agog
wondering where and when thj first
effect of the new policy will "show It
self, especially In the matter of power
Sites. 'T-X.' :y; .
... ; . .... '
be apent In settling differences so that
when the marketing time arrives the
scheme will have pretty well attained
plausible working plans. A year or
more will be required to perfect It, of
course, for when hundreds of local
and district unions attempt to main
tain a central selling agency from or
chards scattered , all over Oregon.
Washington, northern California,
Montana and Idaho, it can be seen
that the scheme Is monumental In Its
Local apple men express the belief
that the district organization will be
perfected quickly and that the first
year of the big association's existence
will bs beneficiary to Grande Ronde.
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Local Parsonage Scene of Wedding
Class as Hobble Skirt's Debnt
Long Jaunt for Roosevelt
Nc w York, March 7. Theodore
Roosevelt has packed his trunk and
completed other arrangements' in anv
tlclpatlon of his start on the longest
trip he has taken since his return to
this country from his famous trip to
Africa. He will be gonr'slx weeks
or longer and will travel , over many
states. His first stop will be at At
lanta, where he will address the mem
bers of the Southern Coram rclal Con
gress next Friday. From Atlanta he
will strike out for the west and ex
pects to reach San Francisco late In
the month. After delivering a series
of lectures at the University of Cal
lfc:n!a he will visit Portland, Spok
an; and other cities of thv Pacific
; ('bnaressme n to. Tlrflt Panama. '
f New York, March 7. A number of
the members of congress and their
wives were Included In a large party
of tourists sailing from this city to
day for Panama. After viewing the
cpnal work and. other sights on the
Isthmus the party will return home
by way of Porio Rico and Cuba.
Hobble .skirts as wedding gowns
made their debut in La Grande yes
terday when . Dora . Hart bf Council.
Idaho,, was married to .Arthur "W, De
Walt of Einmitt. Idaho, Rev.' J. D. Gll
Ulan performing the ceremony at the
MjSthodlst parsonage,; here. Now, it
may oe as 'Well to understand, the
gown was not a near-hobble, or some
thing akin to ; the fad now being
crowded Into oblivion by the Harem
skirt or trousers but was a dyed-in-the-wool
affair that left no doubt as
to;its reality. Incidental to being the
first time marrlaga gowns have been
patterned after the extreme In the
hobble line In this olty, It was alsp
the first time that tha doctor who offi
ciated had been called upon to tie the
matrimonial knot In front of the last
year's craze. ' r ? "
There were no friends' tq witness
the ceremony and no formality eith
er and for this reason all the mote the
peculiar and big-city attire made dis
t'ncUve appearances.
The hobble skirt disappeared soon
after the wedding had been solemn
ized, leaving the Impression that It
had been prepared for the special and
auspicious occasion. -
.Whence the couple went after the
ceremony Is not recorded.'
Wo Retail Shoe Dealers.
Colunjbus, Ohio. March 7. The Ohio
rtetall Shoe Dealers' Association be
gan Its second annual convention In
this city today. . The attendance In-!
dudes nearly 200 prominent repre
sentatives of the trade from all parts
of the state. The sessions will con
tluue over tomorrow and Thursday.
Plumbers Meet In Rochester. '
Rochester, N. Y., March 7. The New
York State' Association of Master
Plumbers, which has a membership of
nearly 1B00, met In Rochester today
for Its twenty-third annual session.
The program of the Initial session
this morning Included a speech ' of
welcome by Mayor Edgerton and the
annual address of President Frederick
E. Fladd. The convention will con
clude Its business tomorrow.
Haines Anthoritfts Will Now Ben
Their Rant to the Westward.
HainesMarch 7. (Special) Men '
arrested In Idaho Sunday as suspects.
In the Haines murder case have been
released; following conciuslve evi
dence of their, innocence jf the chaf
es 'preferred against them.
While this Ihis has bef& done it Is
said thatthi work will go westward
again and.' that ctye . now held at
Haines will be taken ,up at pnce,'andv
will Ieaf the seartHers westward.
The evidence; produced by the men
arrested in. Id.ahp points Saturday and
Sunday was so, conclusive that there is ;
no possible chance for their guilt and
they have. be:n given their liberty,
i The .-yhonif talent'v theory advanced
some few days ago, is adherred to bv
Lrelatlves of the dead man, according
to the following In the . Herald last
night: ' r; , v. ' -
Fully two 'minutes, elapsed affr
the masked man pulled the gun on" f
Ed before the shootlne occurred. "'
during which time Ed turned around
and secured a spoon for' a patron to -;
stir some beef tea. V The bandit kent
the gun on Ed all the time and did '
not believe he was In any danger,
Another suspicious incident Is the '
complete disappearance of . the two
men without leaving a trace. The
tracks east of' Haines were found to '
have beeA made , before the crime "
occurred, so the men could not have
escaped that way. It would have been :
possible for the men to l:ave the sa
loon and Join the crowd later wlrhnnr
arousing suspicion.
Mr. McCtillough Is sparing neither
trouble nor expense to find the per- k
petrators of the d?ed. and will run '
them to earth If possible. '" '
Harvey McCulIough, father of the